The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume II, Issue XI: November 1998

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Sun Nov 01 <Nathan_Roberts>
"Why are you still awake?"- My dad
"Because I haven't gone to sleep yet"- Me
Sun Nov 01
*** Signoff: Theta-G (Quit: I shall enter. Uh, newline. Return, whatever.)
Sun Nov 01
<CrowTRobt> yads called random a "Scotch whishey pound drunk" yeah
	    whishey that's how he spelled it...
<TheProf> That is the way you spell it and pronounce it Crow after having
	  four of them.
Sun Nov 01
 * MegL wonders why Alden isn't HTMLing in notebook, like a good geek?
<random_C> No, true geeks write their HTML on a pad then OCR it in
Sun Nov 01
 * TiredAnti just walked in the door from the drive back.
<AldenB> And you immediately logged on.  Sounds like something I'd do. :-)
Mon Nov 02
*** azafata has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by
    Nathan_Roberts (Nathan_Roberts)
<Shel> uh what was that?
<Nathan_Roberts> "it" was a spammer
<Shel> how did you know?
<Nathan_Roberts> Had a URL for its real name, and garbage for its info
<Nathan_Roberts> Dead giveaway
<Shel> well, the url is a dead link...
Mon Nov 02
 * Bob01 hands Nathan a brand new 44mag gold plated
<Bob01> Think your going to need that in the next week nathan for the
	impatient people around here:)
Mon Nov 02
<Bob01> Do you things really care that John Glenn went back to space?:)
 * Lyssie blinks.. well, the old bugger is now off the planet.. Just have to
   start working on the rest of them.... Congress...The house.... Parliament...
Mon Nov 02 <Bob01>
My fellow americans as your president im going to space to see a whole new
world, and remember to inhale and cheat on your wives and rember god bless
you and god bless america:)
Mon Nov 02
<Nathan_Roberts> I shall \0x0D
Tue Nov 03
 * Nathan_Roberts just discovered an interesting crash mode
<Nathan_Roberts> I just had to reboot my Linux Box to stop a runaway CD-ROM
		 drive :P
<Nathan_Roberts> Actually, I had to actually _power down_ the system to stop it
<Lyssie> Ack
<Nathan_Roberts> The thing was playing a CD and even hardbooting the system
		 didn't stop it
 * Lyssie looks around for the hatchet..
<Lyssie> AHah! There it is! Wondered where it had gotten to!
 * Lyssie digs under the couch cushions and pulls out several hundred dollar
   bills, a keyboard to a Commodore 64, four 5 inch floppies and a hatchet
 * Lyssie then offers the hatchet to Nate
<Nathan_Roberts> Danke
 * Nathan_Roberts smashes his computer
<Lyssie> We really need to clean under this couch...
<Lyssie> I mean look at this-- a Commodore keyboard? And 5 inch floppies???
	 Hmm.. the hundreds are a nice thing.,...
 * Nathan_Roberts digs deeper and finds... A film can!
<Nathan_Roberts> It's The Space Pirates part two!! AARGH!!!
Tue Nov 03 <CrowTRobt>
last yeer I didend no enything about komputers but now i rite
sofware docyoomintashun
Tue Nov 03
<Nathan_Roberts> Looney theory of the week... Yads is an AI...
<AldenB> Nathan: That's an old theory.
<CrowTRobt> I would be inlined to believe you Nate but there is a human
	    that calls itself Dave Yadellee
 * AldenB wanted to get a defective AI and feed in lots of popaganda so
   he could predict Yads' posts for the next 6 months.
Wed Nov 04
 * random_C now has an image of Nate in tights and a red cape with
   "SuperGeek" on his chest
Wed Nov 04 <Theta-G> 
When John Glenn gets back, everyone dress in Ape suits. Pass it on.
[This is apparently an EMail that was going around]
Wed Nov 04
<TheProf> Oops.
<TheProf> I have to go.
<Jondar> bye Prof
<TheProf> The wife is going to kill me being up so late.
*** TheProf has left IRC (Quit: I tell you Y2K is blown out of proportion.
    Watch, I'll set my computer clock for Jan 1 2000 and nothing will hap)
<Blor> No she wont. There 846 more years of suffering to go.
<Jondar> Muahahahaha!
<Blor> We've made a special deal.
Thu Nov 05
<Alryssa> Her room is like a bomb test site
<Whomiga> A Successful test, I take it?
<Alryssa> if you mean success going by amount of destruction and chaos,
	  then yes!
<Whomiga> hehe
<Alryssa> I think the French must have used it ;-)
Fri Nov 06
<Drake> there should a Dr Who monopoly game
<Drake> and you'd have a little tardis,k9,dalek etc
<Shel> i don't think they could let tom baker be a figure, too many people
       would fight over it...
<TheProf> I would Kill for a DW Monopoly.
 * TheProf would fight over Sarah Jane's token.
<Shel> what would the hotels and houses be?
<Nathan_Roberts> Well, planets, naturally!
<Shel> i think the penalty card for having them could be the mining planet
<Nathan_Roberts> Jail would be Shada
<TheProf> Nate: I prefer the Death Zone for jail.
<Shel> so hotels would be a galaxy?
<TheProf> The tokens could be cool. The Tardis, K-9, perhaps the Doctors.
 * Shel thinks maybe making aboard on her own someday when she has time,
   like the day my internet connection is gone... :)
<Shel> okay, what would the money be?
<Shel> gold?
<Shel> but then no cybermen could be figures
<Drake> Arrrgh goes the cyberman player
<TheProf> Maybe the Luxery Tax thing could be fashion felony and have a
	  picture of Tegan in that horrible dress from 5 Doctors.
Fri Nov 06
 * TheProf is away (To contact me, please fwap Nathan.)
*** TheProf is now known as TheProf_Away
 * The_Anti fwaps Alden
*** TheProf_Away is now known as TheProf
 * TheProf is back.
<TheProf> I'll come back for an Alden fwap too.
Sat Nov 07
 * Nathan_R looks at Prof
<TheProf> Nathan I am making a Christmas Beanie theme.
<Nathan_R> Prof, do you know what day it is?
<TheProf> Yes.
<TheProf> Like working on this on Dec 22nd will do a lot of folks good?
 * Nathan_R tells Prof to go look at the birthday listing
<TheProf> I want this out before Christmas Nathan.
<TheProf> What Birthday list?
 * Nathan_R slaps Prof around a bit with a large Linux penguin
<TheProf> NOT THE PENGUIN!!! NNNNOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
<Nathan_R> I am exatly 20 years, 0 months, 0 weeks, 0 days, 0 hours,
	   30 minutes old.
<TheProf> Happy birthday Nate!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<TheProf> Next year on this date I'll buy you a drink.
<TheProf> Until then I have no plans to commit any crimes....that I will be
 * TheProf still can't believe Starr hasn't found out about him yet.
<TheProf> D'oh!
 * TheProf sees a sapena slipped under the door.
Sat Nov 07
<Nathan_R> Oh god... Dr. Laura Drinking Game!?!?
<TheProf> It's a great game. Every time she is a hypocrit you take a drink.
	  You can get blasted really quick.
Sat Nov 07
<TheProf> Nathan you know you share your birthday with Colonel Sanders? You
	  can tell because this is the day chickens hold what they call the
	  Festival of Skulls.
Sat Nov 07
<Jondar> BRB - getting a drink
<The_Antiwesley> Jason: Rum and Coke for me,please...
 * The_Antiwesley grins eviiiiillly.
<CrowTRobt> Moonshine for me
 * Jondar doesn't have any alcohol in the house - so there *nyah* :)
<CrowTRobt> darnit
 * CrowTRobt trudges out to the still...
<Whomiga> Hmmm....Missisippi is far enough south for Bill to actually
	   have one...
 * Jondar mutters about getting rounds of drinks, and trudges off to
   repair the #DWC food and drinks machine
 * CrowTRobt comes back with two clear jugs of Misssissippi sipping whiskey
<CrowTRobt> anyone want a cup?
 * AldenB will pass and stick with his orange juice. ;-)
 * CrowTRobt gives out cups to all takers
*** Bob01 has joined channel #drwhochat
<Bob01> HELLO
 * CrowTRobt pours Bob a cup of Mississippi sipping whiskey
<Bob01> thanks Crow, here have a Cuban cigar
 * Jondar takes a sip of the Mississippi sipping whiskey... opens his mouth
   and breathes a stream of fire....
Sat Nov 07
 * Nathan_Roberts comes back from playing with a balloon in a most
   destructive fashion
<Whomiga> Nate - sticking pins in it?
<Nathan_Roberts> No, this one didn't die so quickly
<Whomiga> It helps if you stick tape on it and then stick the pin through
	  it - kinda cool actually
<Nathan_Roberts> I took in in the bathroom, where we have a detachable
		 showerhead, took off the head, attached the balloon to
		 the hose, and started it up...
<Whomiga> Nate - IC
<Nathan_Roberts> It's supposed to inflate to 12" in diamater.  This one got
		  twice as big
<Whomiga> 2 feet!?!
<Whomiga> BOOM?!?
<Nathan_Roberts> Yes.  Boom.
<Nathan_Roberts> Took about two minutes, and it finally exploded
<Nathan_Roberts> Just shattered...
<AldenB> Nathan: Stop me if I'm wrong, but... you're slightly bored, aren't
	 you. :)
Sun Nov 08
 * Nathan_Roberts blowdries his feet
 * LyssIeHTML giggles at Nate blowdrying his feet
<Nathan_Roberts> Feet are gold
<Nathan_Roberts> cold
<random_C> gold feet *would* be cold
*** random_C has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to Nathan Midas
    has touched his feet
Sun Nov 08
<Nathan_Roberts> err... what's the real-life equivalent of /ignore?
<random_C> sticking cotton wool in your ears
Sun Nov 08
<TheProf> Of course if my mom came in here I would run screaming.
<Whomiga> If my mom came on right now - I'd drop dead - her computer is
	  sitting right here beside my Amiga...
Sun Nov 08
<Louisa1> Have you all gotten together and written lots of letters, asking
	  for a return [of Doctor Who]?
<Whomiga> As far as I know - yes
<Nathan_Roberts> Not all of us in the chat room, but there's already been
		 letter-writing campaigns
<Drake> i think i sent my letters to the wrong network.......and the Love
	Boat came back
Sun Nov 08 <FredtheSnail>
Due to budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel will be turned off.
Effective immediately.
Sun Nov 08
 * Nathan_Roberts screams!
 * AldenB rates Nathans scream: 3 on a scale of 1 to Mel.
<AldenB> Not bad for a beginner.
Mon Nov 09
 * TheProf works on his wallpaper and makes a curse for the wife. "May
   she forever be short" he mutters. Don't knock it. It is the one curse I
   know will work.
Mon Nov 09
 * TheProf thinks the wife is trying to get him killed.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: what's she doing now?>
<Alryssa> the same thign she does every night, Nate...
<Whomiga> She tries to take over the Prof?
<Alryssa> Tries to take over the WORLD!
<Nathan_Roberts> Today TheProf, tomorrow TheWorld?
Tue Nov 10
 * CrowTRobt is starting to feel stonnedd
<Nathan_Roberts> Nyquil never has that effect on me...
<IsraelBeta> Nathan: Industrial grade hallucinogenics don't have that
		effect on you.:)
<Nathan_Roberts> I take it the Krotons falls under the category of
		  industrial strength hallucinogenics...
Tue Nov 10 <TheProf>
My wife had a new challenge at work today. Today was dress down day at her
work and one of the men there came in drag. She had to send him home and
spent an hour writing up a new dress code to include cross dressing.
Tue Nov 10
<MegL> does anyone have k9 on right now?
<TheProf> yes
<TheProf> I never leave home without it.
<Nathan_Roberts> Great.  K9 has been lowered to the level of American Express
Wed Nov 11
 * TheProf notices his walls are bleeding. I think my house is possessed
   again. I wonder if exorcists are listed in the phone book?
 * TheProf breaks out the Yellow pages.
<TheProf> Damn. They don't take American Express.
Wed Nov 11
<Theta-G> Microsoft Trial: Gates Testifies: "Nathan made me do it"
 * AldenB is just waiting for Nathan to write his own OS.
<Nathan_Roberts> Muahahahaha!
 * Theta-G I installed NateOS 4.2, but it made smoke pour out of the
   exhaust fan
Wed Nov 11 <AldenB>
Sad is when you see a joke URL on TV and just _have_ to type it into your
browser to see if it actually exists...
Thu Nov 12
 * TheProf has the sudden image of Alden walking in his front door to see a
   bunch of little mother boards jumping up and down yelling
   "Daddy!!! Daddy!!!!"
Sat Nov 14
<Blor> Hey Nate
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh good, I won't have to poke you :)
<Blor> Thank you! :)
<Blor> Then I wont have to kill you.
<Nathan_Roberts> Precicely!
Sat Nov 14
<TheProf> The wife doesn't know about the power of K9. :o)
<Nathan_Roberts> Muahahahaha!
<Nathan_Roberts> Ah, she's there now?
<Nathan_Roberts> Now's my chance to demand that apology... >:)
<TheProf> What apology?--Theprofess
<TheProf> Like you have a chance in Hell Nathan. I'm still waiting for my
	  first after 6 years of marrage.
<Nathan_Roberts> Didn't you say something about me and the sadwank
		 mailing list?
<TheProf> i was misquoted--the pf
<TheProf> No she wasn't!!!!
<Nathan_Roberts> Let me finish! :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Something like, "I can see Nathan and Bill being on it,
		 but Alden?"
<Nathan_Roberts> Anyway, the bottom line is, I'm NOT on the sadwank list!
<TheProf> nathan, you are absolutely right.  and i sincerely do owe an
	   apology.  alden, i'm sorry
 * TheProf faints and the sight of the wife apologising.....even if it is to
   the wrong person.
<TheProf> oh my wicken, wicken ways
<Nathan_Roberts> Seriously though, I wouldn't be caugt dead on the sadwank
 * TheProf drags a dead Nathan into sadwank.
 * Nathan_Roberts through a miracle of God is mercifully exploded into
   bits as he's dragged in
<TheProf> LOL
<TheProf> Hmmmm. I wonder if we can find a maid to clean that up?
<TheProf> Then again Nathan does make a rather amusing conversation piece on
	  the walls. Sort of art decko.
<TheProf> On the walls and ceiling and chairs.................
	  lamps...................and a huge piece right on
	  Lis Sldaen's.....Nathan get off that!
Sat Nov 14
 * dse once saw two books in the bookstore that were right next to each
   other: "How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found" and "How to Find
   Anybody Anywhere"
Sat Nov 14
 * The_Anti saw the book "Beer for Dummies" in the religious section in a
   campus bookstore
Mon Nov 16
 * The_Anti looks up the recipe: QUOTEFILE: Best served after chilling for
   2 weeks...
Mon Nov 16
 * Nathan_Roberts uuencodes Lyssie
 * Nathan_Roberts bzip2s becky
 * The_Anti MIMEs Nate
<random_C> you people are weird
<The_Anti> Random... Thaaaaank you.  :)
<Nathan_Roberts> And this is news?
 * Lyssie htmls Nate
*** random_C has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to Cruel and
    unusual forms of file encoding performed here
Wed Nov 18
<Jondar> there are a few beaches and headlands that make for quite
	 spectacular photos though
<TheProf> Bikini clad women?
<Alden> Yes!
<TheProf> Can't hurt.
<Jondar> LOL!
<Jondar> next thing I know, you'll be wanting me to find Lis Sladen pics :)
<TheProf> Not next thing, FIRST THING!
<Jondar> Eeek! I've got to get the VCR ready to tape a movie... BRB
<TheProf> Joke is he is recording "Bikini Beach".
Wed Nov 18
 * Jefferys pokes Blork
 * Blor goes to fetch the _Really_ old crate of monkeywaste
 * CrowTRobt puts up a monkey waste sheild
 * Jefferys hides behind Crow's shield.
<CrowTRobt> GEt out!
<CrowTRobt> their is only room for one
 * Blor empties a crate of ancient monkeywaste in Jeggreveloiks trouser
 * CrowTRobt shoves jegg out just intime for his pants to get filled
*** Blor changes topic to 'Poke me and prepare to REEK!'
<Jefferys> Ewwww!
<CrowTRobt> uh Brol can I ask a question of you?
<Blor> yes?
<CrowTRobt> where do you get all this monkey doo you keep dumping around?
<Blor> You know the story about all those monkeys, their typewriters and
<CrowTRobt> yes
<Blor> Well... I tried that once...
<CrowTRobt> ah
<Blor> Didnt work out as good as I wanted it to...
<Blor> We came up with 4028 Barbara Cartland novels, 6 sequels to Stephen
       Kings books and one NA.
<CrowTRobt> and they pooed the whole time?
<Blor> yeah
<CrowTRobt> and you saved it all for just these kinds of situations?
<Blor> Yep
<CrowTRobt> you are a nasty individual
<Blor> Thank you
 * Jefferys is away (Cleaning out monkey waste)
*** Jefferys is now known as Jefferys_Away
<CrowTRobt> You're quite welcome
Thu Nov 19
[Nathan uses K9's Pager feature]
<TheProf> That got my attention!
<TheProf> How do you page someone like that!
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: If they're running K9, /ctcp nick page
<TheProf> I like that page thing. I was writing an e-mail and suddenly I
	  thought my computer was having a melt down. I worry about that
	  but otherwise having a nuclear powered computer works great.
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
 * TheProf shovels more plutonium into his reactor.
<TheProf> It's easy to find the shovel now. That sucker glows like you would
	  not imagine.
 * Nathan_Roberts sees his computer running out of steam, and shovels some
   more coal into it
<TheProf> Go with nuclear power. Works great and you can just dump the waste
	  into any local river.
<Nathan_Roberts> And the computer doubles as a nite-lite too... Nice concept
<TheProf> Fishermen love it because they can then see the fish glowing under
	  the water and makes it easier to find them.
Thu Nov 19
 * Alden finds his driver's licence. Woohoo!
<Shel> alden, you have a driver? :)
<Shel> won't he be upset that you have his license?
Sat Nov 21
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: Your brother is getting himself a computer?
<Alden> Nathan: He's saving for one.
<Jondar> Alden: is this the same brother that wrecks computers just by
	 looking at them? :)
<Alden> Jason: Yes. :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> The logic I take it is , get himself his own computer
		 to screw up? >:)
<Alden> Nathan: Uh huh. :-)
 * Jondar bets the poor, defenseless computer won't last 5 hours in it's
   original condition with your brother around :)
<Nathan_Roberts> He should get a Vic 20 or something...
<TheProf> Alden I recommned a computer for him. It's a brand called
	  Fisher Price.
<Nathan_Roberts> Muahahaha!
<Nathan_Roberts> Even better!
<Alden> No good, he can't install Quake II on a Fisher Price machine. ;-)
<Nathan_Roberts> He can't install it on a Pentium either apparently.
<Nathan_Roberts> Not without screwing it up beyond repair anyway :)
<Alden> LOL!
<TheProf> lol
 * Alden thinks the computers been working... oh, a good three weeks now. ;-)
<Jondar> Alden: Gee... a record! :)
Sat Nov 21
<CrowTRobt> glasses?
<CrowTRobt> I was 17 when I got my first pair
<CrowTRobt> Army birth control glasses
<Nathan_Roberts> Army Birth Control Glasses?
<CrowTRobt> yeah
<CrowTRobt> you wear them and there is no chance of you increasing the
<CrowTRobt> you look so geeky you repel the opposite sex
Mon Nov 23 [Paraphrased from memory]
<Nathan_Roberts> "Dr. Laura" is an oxymoron >:)
<Shel> no, dr. laura is a moron!
Mon Nov 23
*** Leela has joined channel #drwhochat
<Theta-G> halloleela
<Alden> Ah, it the Halloleela chorus.
Mon Nov 23
<Jondar> TP?
<Whomiga> Toilet Paper
<The_Anti> Loo paper
<The_Anti> or whatever you foreign typess call it
 * The_Anti grins
<Alden> Over here, we call it "Tabloid Newspaper"
<Alden> Or, occasionally, "Head Games"
Tue Nov 24
 * CrowTRobt sits in Nates lap "Santa, I want Linux for christmas and a box
   to run it on. thanks, Santa."
Tue Nov 24
<Shel> 36 hours til road trip to hell begins!
<Shel> err i mean chicago
<Whomiga> Going to Blor's?
<Shel> nah, satan's got a girlfriend, so hell would be a little crowded for
       me... ;)
Tue Nov 24
*** Signoff: CrowTRobt (Connection reset by peer)
 * Shel tries to resurrect drcrowenstein
<Shel> arise i say!
 * Shel shoots 100000 volts into him
*** CrowTRobt has joined channel #drwhochat
<CrowTRobt> re
<Shel> he's alive!
<Nathan_Roberts> Shel that's amazing!
<Shel> lol
 * Shel bows... thank you...
Tue Nov 24
 * TheProf once layed down his coat over a puddle for a lady......she then
   triped me and walked over me to get over the puddle.
<Nathan_Roberts> Ah, the story of how you met the Profess...
Tue Nov 24
*** Whomiga has changed the topic on channel #DrWhoChat to The VISIONS are
    coming, The VISIONS are coming!!!! - Ok, who's been taking Hallucinogens?
Wed Nov 25
<TheProf> Crow's to cheap to even pay blackmail money!
<CrowTCheapBastard> you got it
<CrowTCheapBastard> I take the consequences rather than part with $$$
<CrowTCheapBastard> consequences are cheaper
Wed Nov 25
 * Nathan_Roberts needs to go take a shower
<TheProf> I can smell you from here.
 * Nathan_Roberts bookshops Prof
<TheProf> I deserved that.
<Nathan_Roberts> You deserved worse.
Wed Nov 25
<TheProf> All in favor of mooning the Visions people say Yea.
Wed Nov 25
<TheProf> I love the night at class my teacher asked if anyone had a
	  calculator and everyone shook their heads and he goes "This is
	  stupid. We all do in front of us on the computer.
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFLMAO!!!
<TheProf> Not one person thought about that one!
<TheProf> We should have all lost 10 points including the teacher.
Thu Nov 26
<TheProf> Wonderful. My K-9 is on drugs.
<TheProf> It says when I start Mirc "K-9 is loaded.
Thu Nov 26
<CrowTVisions> I bought 3 peace bears today (SHEL)
<TheProf> Where did you find them?
<TheProf> Let me guess. Hotel gift shop?
<CrowTVisions> In the hotel gift shop
Thu Nov 26
<ShelbaMeister> they are watching the stupid hotel channel....
<ShelbaMeister> it shows how to use the tv, and instructions on how to do
		things with the cable box
<TheProf> That should keep them entertained. :o)
 * TheProf sees Bill up until 6am playing the the hotel TV.
Thu Nov 26
<ShelbaMeister> they looked up our bill...
<TheProf> $2,000!
<TheProf> Bill has been in the bar a while hasn't he.
<Nathan_Roberts> And that's just for the beanies!
Thu Nov 26
<TheProf> Only in America do folks order a double bacon cheese burger, large
	  fries and then a diet coke.
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL!
<TheProf> Truth is i am the one who orders all that fattening junk food and
	  a diet coke.
<Nathan_Roberts> As if that pitiful amount of calories you save getting a diet
		 coke makes a difference compared to the meal itself...
<TheProf> True but you save where you can.
<TheProf> Have to keep my girlish figure......if you call Rosanne girlish.
Fri Nov 27
<Shel> Ummm....Shel and Crow just left the room...
<Jefferys> So, you're Rich now...
<Shel> I've been Rich the whole time - just not on IRC - Shel was :^)
<TheProf> They are on an Alden hunt.
<Shel> Apparently...
<TheProf> He should be there now.
<TheProf> Check under all the potted plants.
<Jefferys> So, you're Rich now...
<TheProf> Actually you might want to warn Louis Jamison to check under
	  her bed at nights.
Fri Nov 27
 * Nathan_Roberts just discovered a new way of generating random numbers
<Nathan_Roberts> Look up a Computer Science class in Diablo Valley College's
		 catalog and see what the hours are
Fri Nov 27
<TheProf> Nathan: The wife and I are talking about a day trip to the yousiums
	  in SF. We thought we might ask you along.
<Nathan_Roberts> yousiums?
<TheProf> Yeah You see thems.
<TheProf> Makes better sense than musium.
 * Nathan_Roberts sees that his motivations for going along with this would
   probably be the same as his motivation to see Eddie Izzard
<TheProf> Lunch?
<Nathan_Roberts> And don't say, "Lunch"... D'oh
<TheProf> Ahhhh. The wife and I would love to meet you. You will find both of
	  us noticably without horns and fangs.
<Nathan_Roberts> I'll believe it when I see it ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Without fangs I could believe, but I just can't picture you
		 without the horns
Fri Nov 27
*** Thete has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by Nathan_Roberts 
<Nathan_Roberts> *** Thete has been idle 147 minutes 
<TheProf> I saw him idle for 12 hours once.
<Nathan_Roberts> ouch
<TheProf> Not even Leela can touch that.
<Nathan_Roberts> Looks like he needs an autoquit script too
<Nathan_Roberts> Leela was idle for 8 hours once
<TheProf> I have never left the computer on like that.
*** Thete has joined channel #DrWhoChat
<Thete> i heard that
*** Thete has left channel #DrWhoChat
<TheProf> LOL!
<Nathan_Roberts> o...k...
* TheProf hurts himself laughing!
Fri Nov 27
<dha_visions> Crow says that nathan's uncertainty of his status as a living
	      being stems from his belonging to blor...
<Nathan_Roberts> Actually my uncertainty of my status as a living being stems
		 from the fact that I'm half human.  On my mother's side.
		 My father was a web browser.
<Nathan_Roberts> This is well-established fact.  CTQF.
 * dha_visions and company lol
Sun Nov 29
<Nathan_Roberts> Well here's a pretty useless feature for an IRC client...
<Nathan_Roberts> you can turn off the input line
Sun Nov 29
<TheProf> Having problems?
<Nathan_Roberts> No, just switching terminals
 * TheProf envisions Nates room as this massive yet tiny LAN.
<Nathan_Roberts> Not even a LAN
<Nathan_Roberts> Just a couple computers connected with a null-modem cable
<Nathan_Roberts> This one is just a text terminal to the linux box.  It's not
		 really networked.
<TheProf> Perhaps mess is more accurate?
<Nathan_Roberts> "Mess" is extremely accurate
Mon Nov 30
<Arcalian> hey, im just wondering...
<Arcalian> have i ever said anything worthy of the quotefile?
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm not sure
 * Arcalian usually only says things worthy of getting fwapped
<Nathan_Roberts> If you have, it hasn't gotten in because you've never
		 given me consent to be quoted
 * Arcalian gives consent :)
<Nathan_Roberts> thanks :)
<Arcalian> if i ever *do* say anything worthy, that is
<Arcalian> which of course is your call
<Nathan_Roberts> I don't think you had anything this month
<Nathan_Roberts> I don't remember seeing anything from you in the
		 'rejects file'
 * Arcalian nods
 * Arcalian nods again
<Nathan_Roberts> I also tend not to put in quotes from people in the first
		 place if I don't know they're in the 'all-clear file'
<Arcalian> its a sad state of affairs when you cant even make the rejects file
<Arcalian> what file is that?
<Nathan_Roberts> (Somehow I manage to keep the whole thing in my head, and
		 can tell whether or not someone's in it without looking)
<Nathan_Roberts> The rejects file is where the processor program saves quotes
		 from people that aren't in the all-clear file
<Arcalian> nothing beats the good old electrochemical computer filing system :)
<Nathan_Roberts> And the all-clear file contains the names of people that
		 have given consent
<Nathan_Roberts> lol
 * Arcalian goes ahhhh i get it
<Nathan_Roberts> I wrote a processor program that reads the all-clear file,
		 then reads the quotefile, saves the accepted quotes in the
		 'edit file' and dumps the non-consenting quotes in the
		 reject file
 * Arcalian nods some more
<Arcalian> if i keep this up my head will fall off!

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