The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume II, Issue X: October 1998

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Sun Oct 04
 * Nathan_Roberts just deleted a good chunk of his home directory
 * AldenB applaudes
 * Nathan_Roberts bitchslaps Alden
 * AldenB nerdslaps Nathan.
Sun Oct 04
 * dse hopes someone will say re doug back so everyone will know that I was
   here earlier
<AldenB> Doug: Does it matter?? :-)
<dse> coz if no one does I'll start suspecting that I was hallucinating
      about being here before
Sun Oct 04
 * AldenB thinks if he gets used to Linux at work, he might end up switching
   to it at home. Argh! :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Whahahahahahahaha!
<AldenB> Mind you, I could probably crash Linux with a three-line
         batch file. :)
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<Nathan_Roberts> Don't be so certain
 * AldenB managed to do that with the Sun machines at University...
<AldenB> Pissed the admin off no end. :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> You know I'm the CrashMaster, and it took me 3 weeks to
		 crash Linux!
Sun Oct 04
 * AldenB wonders when someone is going to make an operating system which
   has a front end like a 3D game.
Sun Oct 04
 * Nathan_Roberts sighs, looking at yet another English assignment that
   isn't going to get done
<random_C> do an american one, then
Sun Oct 04
<TheProf> Is Alden here?
<TheProf> I have my wallpaper to show him.
 * Nathan_Roberts prods Alden with a 3.048m pole
[BIG gun sound!]
 * TheProf tries to wake Alden.
<Alden_fanficking> Yargh!!!!
<TheProf> The next shot goes right between his eyes.
 * Alden_fanficking peels himself off the ceiling.
<TheProf> I have something for you alden
<Alden_fanficking> Another shot between the eyes?
<Nathan_Roberts> An apology?
<TheProf> Never! I only apologise to the wife and then mean it only 1/3
          of the time.
<TheProf> He better mean 2/3 at the very least or it's couch time--theprofess
Sun Oct 04
<Alden> I just tried to do an undo, and PSP died.
<Alden> Oh well.
<Nathan_Roberts> Do edit | undo again, maybe you can undo the crash :)
Sun Oct 04
<Alden_fanficking> BRB, gotta kill someone.
 * Alden_fanficking comes back, covered in blood, and puts the axe next
   to the monitor.
<Alden_fanficking> damn hippies.
<Alden_fanficking> Sorry, my sister's dating again. ;-)
[/me wonders about Alden...]
Mon Oct 05
<Nathan_Roberts> Hi all
<random_C> nathan, there's two of us. Two does not constitute an all.
<Nathan_Roberts> Now you tell me...
Mon Oct 05
<Nathan_Roberts> We got some SCSI cards donated to the school, and I took
                 a couple of them
<CrowTRobt> took?
<CrowTRobt> quietly borrowed?
<CrowTRobt> midnight requesition?
Mon Oct 05
 * CrashMaster notes that females are attracted to him whatever hsi hair
   length.  Never figured out why
 * AldenB wants whatever Nathan has.
 * Jondar wishes he had Nate's secret... :(
 * CrashMaster wishes he knew what his scret WAS
<AldenB> Linux? :-)
Mon Oct 05
<NathanR> D'oh!  I wanted to tell Quark about how I saved my 486's butt
          with Linux...
<AldenB> Computers have butts now?
<AldenB> What drivers do you need to install them?
 * NathanR bookshops Alden
<AldenB> Thank you.
 * AldenB can't get by without a nightly bookshopping.
<Jondar> Nate: I thought you already did tell him
<NathanR> I did?
<NathanR> My memory must be worse than I thuoght
<NathanR> I'm losing my mind!
<NathanR> Losing?
<NathanR> Present tense?
 * AldenB points at Nathan!
<NathanR> I've lost my mind!
 * NathanR goes mindlessly searching for it
 * NathanR trips over some marbles!
<NathanR> I think I found it!
<NathanR> Damn.  These are Prof's.
 * NathanR tosses them out the window
<NathanR> Oops, maybe I should have saved them
<AldenB> Nah, he never uses them anyway.
<NathanR> Oh well... I think he can get by without them, don't you agree? :)
<AldenB> BRB, time to explode violently in the living room
<NathanR> Hmmm... Last night he kill someone with an axe, this night he
          explodes violently.  What's up with Alden anyway?
 * NathanR trips over some more marbles
<NathanR> Ah, that would explain it
 * NathanR tosses Alden's marbles out the window as well
<Jondar> :)
 * AldenB comes back
 * Jondar thinks he's using euphemisms :)
<AldenB> Hey, has anyone seen my marbles?
 * NathanR whistles innocently
<AldenB> I'm sure I left them just here....
 * NathanR gives up, seeing as he can't whistle
 * AldenB can. :-P
 * NathanR never could
<AldenB> Oh well, it was time for an upgrade to bigger marbles anyway.
 * AldenB wants some of the MMX capable marbles.
Mon Oct 05
 * AldenB watches Psi-Factor and tries to work out which cast member has
   the turn with the acting ability this week.
Mon Oct 05
*** Mr__Clean has joined channel #drwhochat
*** Mr__Clean has left channel #drwhochat
 * Jondar sees that Tim Archer appeared again
<AldenB> Didn't stay long, did he...
<Jondar> nope :)
<Jondar> prolly because he knows I'll kick him :)
<AldenB> >:-)
*** Guest49955 has joined channel #drwhochat
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 * Jondar wonders when they installed the revolving door as the
   channel entrance
 * AldenB surruptitiously sticks Nathan's shoelace in the door...
 * Jondar accidentally spins the door....
 * AldenB watches Nathan go around and around and around....
 * Jondar waves a mediscanner over Nate...
Tue Oct 06
 * AldenB notes that the Yankee doodle web page now has his Tom Baker
   AVIs on it...
<Jondar> heehee
<Jondar> something has to be done about that page
 * AldenB readies the nuclear warhead.
Tue Oct 06
<CrowTRobt> hey Nate
<CrowTRobt> how ya doing ol' buddy
<CrowTRobt> everything going ok with you Nate my pal?
<CrowTRobt> oh uh say HTQF?
[BIG gun sound!!]
 * Nathan_Roberts blasts away Crow
<CrowTRobt> ugh
[Some people...]
Tue Oct 06
 * AldenB stabs in the dark repeatedly.
<AldenB> Ooops, sorry, didn't see you there, Nathan
 * Jondar calls the police, saying that Alden's murdering the dark...
Tue Oct 06
*** NathanR has left IRC (Autoquit)
*** Blor has joined #drwhochat
<Blor> morning people
<AldenB> Hello Joachim.
<Jondar> Hi Joachim
 * Jondar thinks Prof's going to show up soon... should we hide? :-)
 * AldenB bagses under the #sofa
<Jondar> Erm... erm... I'll take the #closet :)
 * Jondar goes to the #closet, opens the door, and a Wirrrn falls out...
<Jondar> Hmmm... I wonder who put that there...
 * AldenB screams!!!!
 * AldenB stands on the #table.
 * Jondar checks the Wirrn...
<Blor> Ooooooo!
<Blor> A wirrn!
 * Jondar kicks the Wirrrn
<Jondar> it's OK, it's quite dead
 * Blor likes huge lumps of rubber
 * AldenB wimpers as bits fall off.
<Blor> Give it to me!
<AldenB> Well, if it's all the same to you.  I'll just stay up here...
 * Jondar gives the Wirrrn to Blor...
<Jondar> just as long as you don't try to reanimate it...
 * Blor puts the wirrn in his Rubbermonster-collection
<Blor> Hmmm... I wonder if it laid any eggs in someone
 * Blor looks at Jondar
<Jondar> Blor: exactly my thought...
 * Blor looks at Alden
 * Jondar looks around for cyro-chambers...
 * AldenB thinks NAthan left in an awful hurry....
<Blor> Hey Alden, what is that green stuff in your face?
<AldenB> That's dinner.
 * AldenB gets a napkin.
<Blor> oh
<Jondar> Shh! listen
 * Jondar hears something whispering "Vira.... Vira..."
 * Jondar finds a cyro-chamber... and a trial of green goo...
<Jondar> trial = trail
<Blor> The Trial of green goo : The state vs the Krynoid
 * AldenB screams as ICQ goes off.
<Jondar> Alden: let me guess, Prof >:-)
<AldenB> Jason: You guessed it...
<Jondar> Muahahaha!
 * Jondar uses his talents again... he's asking about that Master theme,
   either wallpaper or cursors
<AldenB> Yeah...
<AldenB> He wants to know how to make a vanishing TARDIS.
<Jondar> Hmmm...
<Jondar> well, you just go to Gallifrey and study TT engineering
         at the Academy.......
 * AldenB thinks it would look better revolving, but that's just him.
<AldenB> Heheheheheh.
 * Jondar follows the trail of green goo to the cyro-chamber and
   sees "NathanR" written above it...
<Jondar> Alden: you were right, it is Nathan...
<Jondar> [cue spooky music :)]
<AldenB> Dun-dun-duuuuuuuun!
 * Jondar hands Alden a titanium hat :)
<AldenB> Actually,  I'm starting to think about getting a big lead safe
         to log in from. :-)
<Jondar> Muahahahaha!
<Jondar> actually, there's a nice Gallifreyan redecorator that has a nice
         line in lead-cog lined rooms :)
 * AldenB checks his Netscape history. Apart from my page, most frequently
   visited site is Hmmm.....
<Jondar> "Quasar 349 period" he said it was....
<AldenB> Heheh.
<Jondar> Hmmm...
<AldenB> 89 hits??  I must really like thhat site. :-)
 * Jondar makes a note to stop the subliminal telepathic advertising... :)
Tue Oct 06
 * AldenB notices something...
<AldenB> FAT32 doesn't support compression...
 * Jondar nods
<Jondar> when you've got a large enough Hard Drive to use FAT32, why
         would you need compression? :)
Tue Oct 06
<Jondar> Nate: you seen Blor lately?
<AldenB> Jason: Wasn't he on late last night?
<AldenB> I thought you were here...
<Jondar> Alden: he was :)
<Jondar> and I was :)
 * Jondar is asking Nate if *he's* seen him lately
<AldenB> Jason: Oooh, I gotcha. :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: Not recently, that I remember
<Jondar> Nate: oh OK...
<Jondar> Blor's prolly forgotten about the fun last night anyway... so
         you're safe :)
 * Jondar looks at Alden
 * AldenB look innocent...
<Nathan_Roberts> ummmm
<Nathan_Roberts> fun?
<Jondar> Nate: just a bit of improv acting on my part, which grew slightly
         out of control... not helped by you autoquitting soon after Blor
         arrived :)
 * AldenB sees Jason now expecting him to remember something that happens
   in the late hours of last night....
 * AldenB 's brain finially comes up with the goods...
 * AldenB sees that someone has cleaned the table since then.
<Jondar> Alden: so you remember now :-)
<AldenB> Yup. ;-)
<Nathan_Roberts> I'll find out soon enough... when I go through the quotefile logs :)
<Nathan_Roberts> If I ever get that far :/
<Nathan_Roberts> If you people were sharp, you'd be yelling at me, "Oh
                 god, something really great happened last night after
                 you fell asleep that you JUST GOTTA SEE" to prod me
                 into getting on the ball on the quotefile
<AldenB> Heheheheh.
<Jondar> Muahahahaha!
<Jondar> Damn! and here I was trying the subtle method :)
Wed Oct 07
<Jefferys> I just got a very unwatchable copy of Gunfighters in the mail today.
<Nathan_Roberts> Isn't that redundant?
Wed Oct 07
<MegL> it was the very last one I ever saw first run for Davision
<Whomiga> Meg going for two i's in Davison now?
<MegL> LOL Richard
 * MegL knew something was wrong with the spelling but also knew she had
   the right amount of d's ;)
<Whomiga> LOL Meg
<Whomiga> Dabcefghjklmpqrtuvwxyzison?
Wed Oct 07
*** Nathan_Roberts has joined #drwhochat
<Nathan_Roberts> God disconnected
<Nathan_Roberts> Got rather
<Nathan_Roberts> Althogugh "God disconnected" might be believeable...
<Whomiga> God disconnected you? - probably had a good reason :^)
Wed Oct 07
*** AldenB has joined channel #DrWhoChat
<LtJg-Jefferys> Hey Alden
<AldenB> Afternoon
<LtJg-Jefferys>'s evening here
<AldenB> Yeah, and it's afternoon here.  Your point? :-)
<LyssJean> Wow. So, Alden it's tomorrow there?
<AldenB> Yup, it's Friday....
<LyssJean> Oooer.. Wiiieeeerrrdddd....
 * AldenB waves to the people who are still in yesterday.
<AldenB> It's nice here in the future. ;)
<Lt-Jefferys> Yeah, but alden, you're on a server that still thinks it's
Thu Oct 08
 * Whomiga saw a full size Boba-Fett in a sales magazine - Would that
   help people with a Boba-Fetish?
Thu Oct 08
<TheProf> Kaledo is no longer an ircop
<TheProf> Mittens told me the other day.
<Nathan_Roberts> Heh... Mittens has her own channel :)
<AldenB> mittens on @#mittens
 * Nathan_Roberts dons tinfoil cap
<AldenB> Should'nt it be #kittens?  mittens on #kittens :-)
 * Nathan_Roberts thinks of joining #drugs so his whois will say "Nathan
   on #drugs"... Nah, better not
 * Nathan_Roberts thinks of darting in, inviting some people in, then
   darting out, then telling people to do a whois on them
Thu Oct 08
<TheProf> Nathan how do I turn off the K9 splash again?
<AldenB> K9 splash?!
<TheProf> He swims, yes.
<TheProf> Nathan doesn't know I bet.
<Nathan_Roberts> No, he doesn't
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh wait, there it is
<TheProf> ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!
<TheProf> I knew it!
 * TheProf slaps Nathan_Roberts around a bit with a copy of Windows 98.
Thu Oct 08
<TheProf> Hey wait a minute! Nobody move!
<TheProf> One of my Beanies is missing and he might be the one that
          has rabies!
 * Nathan_Roberts stands frozen in space
 * Jondar levitates 4 feet
<AldenB> Jason: Beanies can jump 5 feet, you know.
<TheProf> Yep 5 feet. Can clear Alden in one leap.
 * Jondar thinks that if I said "levitates 8 feet" you would've
   said "Beanies can jump 10 feet"
 * TheProf looks around and sees the Beanie attatched to Alden's butt.
 * AldenB hides his beanie net behind his back.
<TheProf> There he is.
<AldenB> Ow!!
<AldenB> Lucky I've had my shots.
 * TheProf blows the beanie to bits along with bits of Alden's rear end.
<AldenB> Argh!!
<TheProf> Sorry Alden but it was for your own safety.
 * AldenB does not sit down.
 * Nathan_Roberts sees that Alden is now Half-Assed
Thu Oct 08
 * Nathan_Roberts wonders how Jondar levitates then...
<Jondar> Nate: telekinesis... :)
 * Jondar discovered he had it when he raised Alden's tinfoil hat 3 feet
   off his head, and then read his mind :)
 * Nathan_Roberts will now have to invent an anti-telekinesis device
<AldenB> Nathan: It's called a low ceiling.
Fri Oct 09
<NathanR> The good news is my ISP is upgrading all their modems to V.90,
          so I shouldn't have these connection problems
 * NathanR stops and ponders
 * NathanR adds that to his Famous Last Words file
Fri Oct 09
 * AldenB giggles at Simplenet.
 * AldenB was sitting there with an FTP connection, and it just said
   "Disconnecting you because you didn't do anything productive for
   900 seconds"
Fri Oct 09
[The Quark has just come in cursing Congress...]
 * AldenB wonders what congress did...
<Nathan_Roberts> ...this time...
Fri Oct 09
<chrisk> Nathan's not paying attention
 * Shel thwaps Nathan_Roberts with a copy of War & Peace (unabridged version)
<Shel> that should wake him up...
<AldenB> No.. to wake Nathan up, kick him.
 * Jefferies fwaps Nate with a copy Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment
   (special edition with added pages and better binding)
<Shel> problem is k-9 will ban me or un op me if i kick him!
<AldenB> Shel: It'll only deop you/
*** Nathan_Roberts was kicked from #drwhochat by Shel (for not answering
    a thwap! :))
*** Nathan_Roberts has joined channel #drwhochat
<Shel> he's still sleeping....
<Nathan_Roberts> <blor>Thwap me... AND DIE!!!</blor>
Fri Oct 09
 * AldenB is back
 * Whomiga is front (What the heck :^)
 * Shel is side (Why not?)
 * IsraelBeta is rear (oh, what the hell)
 * TomFDW is fat (well, it's true, even if irrelevant)
Fri Oct 09
 * Gypsy discovered her brother doesnt know who the vice president is..
<Gypsy> and  he thought christopher columbus was english!
<AldenB> Kim: Why?  Who's the vice president?
<Gypsy> is this normal for a 10 year old?
<Jefferys> Al Gore's our present VP
<Gypsy> I mean,, I was a book worm at his age, so I'm not perhaps the
        best comparison,, but that doesnt sound normal..
<Gypsy> well especially since we bloody well live 30 minutes from
        St Augustine.. the oldest city in the US..
<Jefferys> Tell him that Christopher Columbus got tired of pizza so he
           went out for Spanish cuisine instead
Fri Oct 09
[Discussion about biblical events ensues]
<dse> you find the idea of an entire city with only 1 righteous man a
      little difficult to believe?
<Nathan_Roberts> Doug: No, actually... sometimes I feel like I
                 LIVE there... >:)
Fri Oct 09 <TheProf>
You know in my heart of hearts when I started that threat on sadwank
about companions in bikinis, I was hoping someone would pop up with a
pic of Lis.
 * Nathan_Roberts takes note.  "Prof never gives up."
Fri Oct 09 <Nathan_Roberts>
You know something... I once got into this conversation with my mother,
and I ended up asking her, "Do you believe in God?"
And she says, "yes.. well, no... well, yes..."
And I said "You're agnostic then?"
<Nathan_Roberts> And she says, "Yes... well, no... Well, Yes.."
<Nathan_Roberts> And I ask er, "So you're agnostic about being agnostic?"
Fri Oct 09
[Mathematical discussion about division by zero ensues...]
<Shel> let's see, you have 1 pie, and you cut it into 5 pieces, each is a
       fifth, right?
<Shel> take that 1 pie, and divide it into zero pieces what would you have?
<Shel> no pie or 1 pie?
<Nathan_Roberts> Shel: Tilt.
<Shel> lol
<Nathan_Roberts> Shel: No, really, Tilt is the answer!
<Shel> a tilt pie?
<Nathan_Roberts> You wouldn't have 0, 1, or anything pie
<Shel> but if you wouldn't have anything pie, wouldn't that be no pie? ;)
<AldenB> Divide it into 0 pieces... and you'd have no pie.
<Nathan_Roberts> No, because you wouldn't have that either
<Nathan_Roberts> You can't devide something that already exists into nothing
<Shel> nathan, yes you can! you eat it!
Sat Oct 10
<TheProf> I didn't see Jason come in!
 * AldenB cleans Prof's glasses.
<TheProf> This ugly hand came out of my computer with a handy wipe!
<AldenB> Sorry, I didn't know Nathan was going to clean them too. ;-)
<Jondar> Prof: Oh... I have ways of sneaking in... after all, I can
         read minds and levitate... why not teleportation as well? :)
 * AldenB emails a message to the Psi Corps to tell them about Jason. ;-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: Hell, you might even be able to project
                 into people's minds and make them think you're not
                 even here!
<Nathan_Roberts> Hey, where'd Jason go?
Sat Oct 10
 * AldenB feels himself once again being pulled towards the computer
   store to get Win98.
<AldenB> Must... buy... Win98...
<AldenB> Must... upgrade...
 * AldenB grabs a door knob as he is pulled past, and hangs on.
 * Nathan_Roberts saves Alden by installing Linux on his computer >:)
Sat Oct 10
<TheProf> Boy! A dcc from Alden over 1,000 cps! Will wonders never stop?
Sat Oct 10
<Leeloo`> heh.. reminds me of the maxim:
<Leeloo`> Trekkers wonder what sex in zero_G would be like. Trekkies
          wonder what sex would be like. ;-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Hahaha
<Nathan_Roberts> You know, that's actually very true...
<Nathan_Roberts> The reason being, Hackers are the ones that typically
                 call themselves "trekkies"
<Nathan_Roberts> According to them, calling themselves "trekker" is
                 considered being anal/politically correct/whatever
<Nathan_Roberts> And Hackers are notorious for not having sex :)
Sat Oct 10
 * Shel fwaps herself silly for falling asleep 10 minutes before
   fantasy island and missing almost the whole damn thing...
<Jefferys> I caught all of it.
<Nathan_Roberts> I dropped all of it.
Sat Oct 10
 * Jondar ROTFLs at the tagline: "Pentium's melt in your PC, not in your hand"
Sat Oct 10 <TheProf>
The Internet is a scary place. Some folks get so scared they download into
their shorts.
Sat Oct 10
[I'm talking about the time I was (falsely) accused of screwing up the
 computers at the middle school]
<Nathan_Roberts> and [the teacher] said, "I'm going to call such-and-such
                 other teacher that I (me) had worked with before... and
                 I'm going to call the high school..."
<Nathan_Roberts> "Oh, and I'm calling your dad."
<Nathan_Roberts> Funny.  My dad took my side the whole time.
<CrowTRobt> I would have said "you need his number?"
Sat Oct 10
 * Shel woke up this morning and checked the freezer and yep there really
   is a shoe in there...
<Nathan_Roberts> Whaaat?
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at Shel slightly ascance
<Nathan_Roberts> I've heard of getting cold feet, but that's just silly!
<Drake> if you're missing a shoe.........check Shel's freezer........
<Shel> drake, the reason it's there is, all my friends say, if you're
       missing *anything* check Shel's freezer... :)
Sat Oct 10
<CrowTRobt> I tink a drank a six pack while on IRC one night. evaryone
            watched me slowly get drunk
<CrowTRobt> my typing actually went from bad to worse to worst
<Nathan_Roberts> ... to beyond...
Sat Oct 10
<Nathan_Roberts> People who can't deal with reality turn to drugs.  People
                 who can't deal with drugs turn to reality.
<Shel> i think you're more the People who can't face drugs or reality turn
       to IRC.... :)
Sat Oct 10
<Drake> family BBQ here today...........................
<Jondar> Drake: you're barbequeing the family?
Sat Oct 10
 * Jondar drags his taskbar to the top... instant Mac! >:-)
Sun Oct 11
<CrowTRobt> I got a question O' Nate Guru of DALnet
<Nathan_Roberts> hm?
<CrowTRobt> is a legitiamte server
<Nathan_Roberts> I think it's an ircop-only server
<CrowTRobt> I thought so
<CrowTRobt> I typed /links and ther it is but I have never tyed to get onit
<Nathan_Roberts> I've seen Mittens on it, but I don't think regular
                 users can get on it
<Nathan_Roberts> It also doubles as a router I think
<CrowTRobt> I'm gonna try to get on it and see what happens
*** Signoff: CrowTRobt (Quit: Famous Last Words #33: I found the
<Shel> how ironic to have that last words to come up!
Sun Oct 11
[Shel is trying to install K9]
<Shel> okay, now what?
<Nathan_Roberts> Shel: In mIRC, type "/load -rs k9\k9a.mrc".  Don't type
                 the quotes, and make sure the -rs is lowercase!
 * Shel crosses her fingers...
<chrisk> /load -rs k9\k9a.mrc
Sun Oct 11
 * Jondar starts pondering if he should get the latest version of K9,
   tear it to bits and claim some source code idea was his and not Nathans :)
Sun Oct 11
[Shel is trying to figure out some stuff on K9]
<Shel> okay, what's this pop up stuff, with target, etc?
 * Shel is afraid of that nuke word in there...
<Nathan_Roberts> Shel: Boot is a kick/ban, Punt is a 3-second kick/ban,
                 Nuke is a kick/ban from all channels you're on
<Nathan_Roberts> Plus an ignore
<Nathan_Roberts> Nuke is for kicking someone so hard that they can't come
                 back and harass you :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Target targets someone, but doesn't kick until you hit F10
<Jondar> arcane jargon too... yep, he's a programmer alright :)
Sun Oct 11
 * Jondar is waiting for a server called since we have now :)
Sun Oct 11
<ServerKiller> Damn it, that's the second time I've deleted the entire
               quotefile work in the process of trying to delete a single
<ServerKiller> Fortunately I was able to just reload it
<Whomiga> Nate!?!
 * ServerKiller thinks he better back this up before he deletes it
<ServerKiller> Crap.  Now I accidentally rebooted the computer
<Whomiga> Nate!?!?!?!
<Jondar> so, we have to wait another 10 days for the quotefile?
<ServerKiller> Don't worry, I haven't actually lost any work
 * ServerKiller thinks he better upload the work to this machine right
   about now...
 * Whomiga thinks Nate should should farm out copies of the Quotefile to
   as many servers as he can find before he deletes or crashes them all
Mon Oct 12
<CrowTRobt> back
<Shel> and forth
Mon Oct 12
<Bob01> I have a scary thing to say:)
<Shel> uh oh, what?
<Bob01> In 17 days Im a legal person :) (ill turn 18)
Mon Oct 12
[A known asshole has just been kicked]
<TheProf> <soulsaved2> why did i get banned?
<TheProf> LOL
<TheProf> What should I say?
<random_C> you're a buttmunch? *G*
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Clearly he knows... He said "pheenious" so it must
                 be the same guy that tried to hack the channel a while back
<Nathan_Roberts> Just put him on /ignore :)
<TheProf> <soulsaved2> was my old nick.....i was just seeing
          who would remeber it
<TheProf> <soulsaved2> hack?
<TheProf> <soulsaved2> i don't know that much about pc's to do that
<Nathan_Roberts> Hack.  Tried to get in on the other side of a netsplit
                 and tried to ban me and drake
<TheProf> <soulsaved2> i became save d by the lord and wanted to make amends
<TheProf> First he denide he did it and now he is saved. The Lord
          works quickly I guess.
Tue Oct 13
*** Theta-G is now known as Peter_Butterworth
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Tue Oct 13
<Nathan_Roberts> I think i"m going to set up my computer to play biggun.wav
                 in the morning at full volume.
<Nathan_Roberts> THAT'LL jolt me awake and scare the shit out of me, and
                 leave my heart racing..
<Nathan_Roberts> No going bcak to sleep after that...
<TheProf> Nathan: And your left arm tingling.
<Whomiga> Nate - I had a program on my Amiga that played various tones at
          max volume - drove my roommates absolutely batty (Had a strange
          Key-combo to turn it off - had to be fully awake to remember it)
Tue Oct 13
<Nathan_Roberts> I have an idea... instead of setting my radio to play the
                 beeper, I should set it to play the radio.  At full volume.
<Whomiga> Nate - Get a recording of a half a dozen computers falling on
          to the floor with monitors exploading and such - that should
          wake you up
Tue Oct 13
<TheProf> With me the best way to get me up would be the sound of
          a Ding Dong being unwrapped.
 * Nathan_Roberts gets Prof a WAV of Liz Sladen saying "Brian It's time
   to wake up!" to wake him up >:)
<TheProf> I'd hurt myself getting up so fast with that one.
<Shel> don't forget to say "and were going to the beach today, i got
       my bikini"
<Nathan_Roberts> Muahahaha!
<TheProf> LOL!
<Whomiga> How about a wave of "Hey, Brian quick. It's Lis in a Bikini!!"
Tue Oct 13
<TheProf> Theta I have dedicated my life to finding just one picture of
          Elisabeth Sladen in a bikini.
<TheProf> I will not rest until that happens.
 * Whomiga will have to find that picture and present it to Prof on
   his deathbed
<Nathan_Roberts> What is your name?
<Nathan_Roberts> What is your quest?
<TheProf> Ten years I have been on this quest if not longer.
<Nathan_Roberts> What... is your favorite actress?
<TheProf> Loui no Elisabeth Sladen.....shit!........
Tue Oct 13
 * TheProf is back.
 * Shel is forth
 * Whomiga is basic
Wed Oct 14
<TheProf> Of course I have been told I have a thick California accent.
<TheProf> But truth is I never say the word dude.
Wed Oct 14
[Prof is talking about his Computer Science assignment]
<TheProf> I also had to find three websites. The first was
          The second was I needed to find out where the Sacramento Singles
          Club was having their October potluck.
<TheProf> The last web site was easy for someone who has had three cars
          in accidents in two year. I had to find the price for a 1991
          Toyota Camry in excellent condition. Easy as while I was car
          shopping I had the Kelly Blue Book site bookmarked.
<TheProf> Might as well given me as what to find.
Wed Oct 14
 * Nathan_Roberts is back
<TheProf> You always do back. How about something else for a change?
<TheProf> Lets gang up on Nathan!
 * Nathan_Roberts looks sternly at Prof
 * TheProf proceeds to pummel Nathan for no reason other than senseless
<Borusa> How about "Run for your lives - Nathan is back!" or "Oh God! - It's
         Nathan_Roberts II" 8-)
 * Nathan_Roberts fights back with force!
 * Borusa starts to film Prof for 1999's blockbuster movie 8-)
<TheProf> Nathan Roberts in 3D
<TheProf> Nathan Roberts- The Quickening.
<Borusa> Great, I could finally get my oscar 8-)
<TheProf> Return of Nathan Roberts
<TheProf> Son of Nathan Roberts
<TheProf> Ghost of Nathan Roberts
<Nathan_Roberts> Revenge of Nathan Roberts >:)
<TheProf> Return of the Ghost of nathan Roberts
<TheProf> Return of the the son of the Ghost of Nathan Roberts
<TheProf> Nathan Roberts VII. Nathan vs Rocky
<Borusa> Or Nathan_Roberts VIII - Nathan takes Madhatten 8-)
<TheProf> Nathan IX The final conflict
<TheProf> Nathan X The Final Conflict part two.
<TheProf> Nathan XI The next final Conflict.
<Nathan_Roberts> Nathan XII The Quest for the Quotefile
Thu Oct 15
<CrowTRobt> Hello good citizen name is could be
            my assistant....would you like that??? Would you like to ride
            with Batman?
<Shel> no thanks, never really went for guys in rubber suits... :)
 * Drake cancels the rubber suit order......
Thu Oct 15
[Becky has just seen my new nick: Nathan_`SwitchToLinux`_Roberts]
<Starfury> Nathan: you're sad ;)
 * Jondar wonders what the fee is to advertise on Nathan's nick... :)
Thu Oct 15
<Nathan_`SwitchToLinux`_Roberts> Mac is the ultimate
                                 plug-it-in-and-it-works system
<Crow_Space4Rent> Windows is the ultimate plug it in and it dies system
Thu Oct 15
<TheProf> Nathan I hate to say this but Linux sucks.
 * Nathan_`SwitchToLinux`_Roberts makes a cross symbol at Prof
<Nathan_`SwitchToLinux`_Roberts> Prof: Why, Prey Tell, does Linux Suck?
<TheProf> I don't know but if you like it nathan something has got to
          be wrong with it.
Thu Oct 15
[Someone is talking about something about the UN...]
<Nathan_Roberts> Did someone say United Nathans?
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh.... sorry
<random_C> Yeah, you and Brig up to something?
 * Nathan_Roberts goes to have the wax cleaned out of his ears
<Nathan_Roberts> Me and the Brig working together?
<Nathan_Roberts> We'd end up killing each other first...
<random_C> Ah good
<Jondar> Nate and Brig working together? When the pigs start radioing
         air traffic control, I'll believe it :)
<random_C> Gatwick, you're cleared for landing, Porky.
Thu Oct 15
<LyssJean> And watch as my punctuation gets worse..
<Nathan_Roberts> Pun'tu-ati^on?  M`y punct$uation i@s ab"solu!tely pe[rfec+t
Thu Oct 15
<TheProf> What pictures are we talking about?
<AldenB> Prof: There's some pictures of Bonnie in the SFX article.
<AldenB> It's a list of the 50 worst moments in Science Fiction ever.
<AldenB> Bonnie is at Number 1.
<TheProf> Your kidding!
<AldenB> I'm not.
<TheProf> Bonnie was #1?
<AldenB> Yup.
<AldenB> They really don't like her.
<TheProf> They never saw...............well maybe................I'm
          in trouble aren't I?
 * TheProf runs for his life!
 * AldenB chases Prof with a meat hook.
<TheProf> Alden is planning a hit on a british SF magazine.
 * AldenB can't believe Bonnie is worse than Adric... or Wesley.
<TheProf> Wesley didn't even have good legs!
<AldenB> That's because he wasn't a real actor.  He was a stuffed chicken.
<TheProf> Now Adric was passable when he wore some fishnets and high heels
          but Wesley looks teribble in anything knee high or shorter.
<TheProf> I mean even Harry Sullivan looks good in the old simple little
          black dress but Wesley just looks cheap in that.
<Nathan_Roberts> I think Alden ran to the toilet to puke!
 * TheProf seems to have wandered into a very strange area here.
<AldenB> No, I have a bucket by my desk for just these sorts of emergencies.
<Nathan_Roberts> Can't think of why else he'd be this quiet...
<Nathan_Roberts> ah
 * TheProf . To boldly and tastlessly go where no conversation has
   gone before.
<Nathan_Roberts> Muahahahah
 * AldenB still can't work out why the writers of Star Trek decided
   Wesley deserved to be turned into a god.
<AldenB> And what's he the god of?  Weenies?
<TheProf> Now lets talk about The Brig. That side arm makes a very nice
          accessory for many nice outfits.
 * AldenB liked the black mini-skirt and army top, complete with beret. ;-)
<TheProf> Wesley should have been beamed abord with Adric for his final ride.
<TheProf> Nah Alden. To Monica. Looks trashy.
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: He's the god of Geekvana.  Where all Adrics and
                 Wesleys go when they die
Thu Oct 15
*** TheProf has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to
    "<AldenB> Back <TheProf> Front <Nathan_Roberts> Fwap!"- Life as it
    is in DWC.
Fri Oct 16
 * Nathan_Roberts realizes he needs a Linuxcrash.wav
<Nathan_Roberts> ...... 5 seconds of silence >:)
Sat Oct 17
[TheProf SOUND] k9&co.wav
<CrowTRobt> f2
<TheProf> Crow stop that!
<AldenB> f11!
<AldenB> f5!
<TheProf> fu!
Sun Oct 18
<Jondar> thanks goodness for touch typing - I've had to take my glasses
         off to repair them, a lens popped out :(
<AldenB> :-/
<Jondar> I've also discovered a use for my computer tech toolkit
<Nathan_Roberts> Repairing glasses? :)
<Jondar> Nate: yes :)
<Jondar> one of the screwdrivers is perfect for the screw holding the
         lens in :)
<AldenB> :-D
<Jondar> my last pair broke once, I fixed them by getting a thin piece
         of wire to hold the frame together :)
<Jondar> actually, I think it was a bent paperclip >:-)
<Nathan_Roberts> I've done just that lots of times with broken sunglasses
<Nathan_Roberts> Old standby trick
<Jondar> :)
<Nathan_Roberts> That, and scotch tape ;)
<Jondar> haven't needed sticky tape for glasses yet :)
 * Jondar looks at his monitor... it looks bigger without my glasses on :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Heh
 * AldenB takes off his glasses.
<AldenB> What monitor?
Sun Oct 18
<dse> I tell ya, there must be something in the water at church I
      attend: 3 couples there are expecting now
<dse> there's Anne and Tye, who play the music and are due in Feb
<dse> there's Pastor Martin and Karen, who were expecting when I first
      started attending back in 1995
<dse> and now there's Chip and Debbie, who teach Bible study and who
      just announced today they are expecting
 * Nathan_Roberts thinks the "something in the water" might be
   aphrodesiacs >:)
Sun Oct 18
<chrisk> Is your accent similar to Alden's? :)
<Jondar> Chris: no, it isn't
<Jondar> Australians and New Zealanders have very different accents
<AldenB> Yeah, Jason has an intelligent sounding voice.
<Jondar> Alden: thanks :)
 * Jondar doesn't know what to do with that summation though :)
<Shel> lol
<AldenB> Remember: Aussie accent: "Gudday mate, grab a Fosters from the
         fridge!" Kiwi accent: "Where's the sheep?"
Sun Oct 18
[Jondar has just been informed that you can use a headphone set as
 a microphone]
 * Jondar starts talking into his headphones just as his sister walks in...
<Shel> lol
<Nathan_Roberts> "Jason, what the hecka are you doing?!?"
 * Jondar watches his sister walk out probably thinking he's mad
<Jondar> Nate: something like that :)
<Nathan_Roberts> And she doesn't think so already? >:)
<AldenB> Jason: If that was me and my sister, it wouldn't change her
         opinion of me. :-)
<Jondar> Nate: yes, but I think I've confirmed it for her :)
 * Nathan_Roberts puts on tinfoil cap
<Jondar> OK, should I try the line in or the mic in first?
<Nathan_Roberts> Mic in I think
<Nathan_Roberts> Which DID you try?
<Jondar> Nate: no idea what I tried first... but it didn't work :P
<Jondar> good grief it actually works
 * Jondar sees his sister outside his window with a camera... Oh-oh
 * Jondar tries again... and notices a camera flash go off....
<Jondar> Oh-Oh....
<Shel> lol
<AldenB> That's just the computer's power supply shorting out. ;-)
<Jondar> Alden: no it isn't... it's Rebecka (my sister) with a camera...
<AldenB> Ah, taking pictures of her brother talking to his headphones.... :-)
<Jondar> Alden: yes
<AldenB> Are you going to put the pictures on the Internet? :-)
<Jondar> Alden: Hmmm....
<Jondar> I'll have to find the film first :)
<AldenB> Heheheh.
<AldenB> If you're lucky, she'll do like my brother...
<AldenB> After taking a photo of me, he promptly opened the back of the
         camera to look...
<Jondar> Alden: hahahaha!
* AldenB was happy, since he doesn't like being photographed. ;-)
<Whomiga> Wonder how much Rebecka will want for the film
<Jondar> Whomiga: that's what worries me.... :)
 * Jondar grabs the camera from his sister and discovers that she had the
   lens cap on while she took that picture
Sun Oct 18
 * Nathan_Roberts ponders where to store his CDs
<Whomiga> On top of the pile of computers?
 * AldenB keeps his in the microwave.
<Nathan_Roberts> I should hope you remember to take them out when you
                 use it... :/
<Nathan_Roberts> Who: That's what I was about to try actaully
<AldenB> Use it?
<AldenB> You can use it?
<AldenB> I thought it was for warping CDs.; -)
 * Nathan_Roberts sets them beside the mono monitor under the two
   PS/2's, not entirely satisfied...
 * Jondar bought one of those cheap CD rach things that collapses if you
   sneeze :)
<random_C> When I have this problem, I buy more furniture.
<Nathan_Roberts> I wish.... I don't even have floor space for it if I
                 could afford it
<random_C> screw it to the wall then
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at his wall
<CrowTRobt> uh oh...
<Jondar> Random: you've given him an idea... hide! :)
[I've just gotten the bright idea to move my whole setup around]
<Nathan_Roberts> Ok, if I suddenly disappear it means moving my computer
                 desk with it on wasn't such a good idea after all
<Nathan_Roberts> Halfway there...
<Nathan_Roberts> 3/4 there
<Nathan_Roberts> **ZOLT!!**
<AldenB> *** Nathan_Roberts has quit IRC (Disconnected by furniture)
<Nathan_Roberts> WHUMP
<Nathan_Roberts> Maneuver complete.
<Jondar> Nate: you make it sound like TNG Enterprise saucer
         separation/reconnection >:-)
 * Nathan_Roberts sneezes
<Jondar> there goes my CD rack
<Jondar> it just collapsed as Nate typed "/me sneezes"
<Whomiga> For real?
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<AldenB> That was some sneeze...
<Jondar> Rich: yes, for real
 * AldenB cowers as Nathan turns his way.
<Whomiga> Wow - Nate has the butterfly beat for cause and effect
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFLMAO
<Jondar> I did say that the rack was cheap, and often collapses
         when I sneeze...
 * AldenB battens down the hatches.
<Nathan_Roberts> Yeah, but when someone sneezes over IRC?  That's
                 pretty flimsy
<Jondar> :)
<Whomiga> Nate sneezes in California - causes a CD Rack in Australia
          to collapse - wow
<Jondar> the CD rack can actually stay collapsed for all I care at
         the moment.
 * Jondar actually considered submitting it for a science fair, as proof
   that earthquakes are bad :)
 * Nathan_Roberts would try submitting it to a science fair as proof
   that sneezing is bad
<Nathan_Roberts> Ok, this is gonna need rethinking... The cable for the
                 mono doesn't reach
<Jondar> Nate: is the cable built into the monitor?
<Nathan_Roberts> Naturally
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm gonna need to get some extenders
 * Jondar nods
 * Nathan_Roberts has had to use his monitor extender here...
<Nathan_Roberts> Wait... Who said the Mnemotron has to be over there?
<Nathan_Roberts> >:)
<Jondar> Oh-oh, two ideas in one night... Nate's gone mad!
 * Jondar goes into the fallout shelter and raises the tachyon shield
 * AldenB calls the press.
 * Jondar tries his telepathy under the tachyon shield, discovers it doesn't
   work, and decides not to tell anyone...
 * Jondar looks around... Ooops :)
 * Nathan_Roberts puts on tachyonfoil cap
 * AldenB discovers the ultimate way to prevent telepathy and turns his
   brain off. No one notices.
<Whomiga> lol
<Nathan_Roberts> Your right, I didn't notice a difference!
<Jondar> LOL Alden
 * Jondar wonders if Alden is communicating with us using his heart
   beating Gallifreyan Morse... :)
<Whomiga> Not sure which would be harder - communictaing with the heart
          in Gallifreyan Morse - or getting the keyboard to understand it
*** Signoff: AldenB (Connection reset by peer)
<Jondar> Hmmm... seems that Alden switched his computer off when he
         switched his brain off :)
<Whomiga> He mistimed the Heart beat and told the computer switch off
          rather than saying hello
<Jondar> heehee
<Whomiga> Obviously, he's having trouble getting his Brain started to
          turn the computer back on
*** AldenB has joined channel #DrWhoChat
<AldenB> re all
<Whomiga> re AldenB
<Jondar> Ah, he got his brain rebooted :)
<AldenB> It seems my brain was supplying power for my internet connection.
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh good, everything is working to specification
<Whomiga> Specifications? - who's?
<Jondar> Nate: you actually have specifications? >:-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Perfect!
<Whomiga> Oh, no!
Sun Oct 18
<CrowTRobt> Wife is bitching me out
<CrowTRobt> I have been up too long
<CrowTRobt> Wonders what in the heck we could possibly be taling about...
<CrowTRobt> her answer... Bullshit my answer to that: yes
Sun Oct 18
 * AldenB better hit the sack.
<AldenB> Right, now I'll go to bed.
Mon Oct 19
<Blor> 97 people in queue....,.
<Blor> To talk to me... :)
<Shel> wow, quite a busy day for you...
<Blor> Moi's in internet tech support.....
<Shel> blor, maybe they just want to talk to the evil incarnate, and don't
       need internet help?
<Shel> which brings up the point if you had the devil's phone number,
       would you call him? and what you say?
<Nathan_Roberts> Yes.  I would, and I'd say, "Stop putting out that
                 crappy excuse for an operating system!!!'
Mon Oct 19
<Shel> so, what makes linux so much better?
<Nathan_Roberts> It works >:)
Tue Oct 20
 * TheProf sees Nathan and his evil Linux. He holds up a copy of
   Windows 98 and screams "I have faith!"
Tue Oct 20
[I've just sent Prof an .MPG video clip of someone literally beating the
 crap out of their computer...]
<TheProf> Nice video Nathan
<TheProf> Another satisfied Linux user?
Tue Oct 20
<TheProf> Newsflash: British Airlines aircraft makes an emergency landing
          in Halifax after fire in the cockpit.
<TheProf> Sound familiar as Hell?
<Nathan_Roberts> Yeah actually
<Jondar> Hmmm... maybe there's a Halifax triangle in the North Atlantic
         off the Nova Scotia coast?
<TheProf> Next plane I get on I am personally going to the cockpit and
          checking the insolation with a lighter.
 * TheProf suddenly sees himself in handcuffs being led away with his
   lighter in a nice plastic evidence bag.
<TheProf> I can always tell the judge I listen to Art Bell and plead
          insanity. The judge wouldn't believe me though because if it
          was true I would have tested the piolets to see if they were human.
Tue Oct 20
 * AldenB remembers the story about the US spending millions of dollars to
   develop a ball point pen to write in space. The Russians used a pencil.
Tue Oct 20
 * Nathan_Roberts wonders about erasable pens...
<Jondar> what's to wonder?
<Nathan_Roberts> Well... They don't work like normal pens
<Nathan_Roberts> As near as I can figure anyway
<Nathan_Roberts> The Erasermates anyway, never used any other kind
<Nathan_Roberts> You break one open... and there's no ink ini t!
<Nathan_Roberts> But if you puncture one, you hear the sound of escaping
                 compressed gas.  Then the pen stops working
<AldenB> Ooooooeeeeeeooooooo!
<AldenB> It's magic!
<TheProf> You sniff the gas and then you can die a stupid death.
<Jondar> :)
<AldenB> It might have halucinagenic properties...
 * TheProf looks at the other folks in the room. I may have sniffed some
 * TheProf looks at nathan. I know I did.
 * Nathan_Roberts looks back at Prof, focusing all 3 eyes on him
<TheProf> Nope. You have 5.
 * Nathan_Roberts looks in the mirror
<Nathan_Roberts> So I do.
<Nathan_Roberts> I never realized that
 * TheProf decides to test nathan for flammability as well.
*** TheProf is now known as FireChiefProf
 * AldenB tests Nathan for black hole resistance.
 * Nathan_Roberts instantly goes Poof and crumbles to the floor
<FireChiefProf> Faker. You are a black hole.
<FireChiefProf> Maybe that is what is wrong with Chezwho? He has
                a black hole in his head and it is so strong no
                intelligence can escape.
<Nathan_Roberts> Muahahahahahahahahhahaa!
<Jondar> Muahahaha!
<FireChiefProf> Just a theory. I would have to crack his head open to
                prove it..........can we invite him in?
 * FireChiefProf gets a wrench
<Jondar> "DWC astronomers today discovered a new black hole today, when
         it appeared in their channel and started to talk gibberish.
         Preliminary names of 'Chezwho' have been bandied about as the
         new name for this black hole.  The significance of this name is
         yet to be determined."
<Nathan_Roberts> Hahaha
<FireChiefProf> LOL!
 * Nathan_Roberts watches Prof open up Chezwho's head and get sucked
   into the black hole within
Tue Oct 20
[Robert (LordFizban) and I have just gotten a 486 working, running Linux,
 with an *APPLE* SCSI CD-ROM drive, and a 600mb internal SCSI hard disk.
 We ripped apart a giant Bernoulli 8-inch cartrige drive in the process.]
<LordFizban> heh we should email this to microsoft programmers...
<LordFizban> just to SPITE them
<Nathan_Roberts> Muahaahaa!
<Nathan_Roberts> Tell them, "We have this working under Linux!"
 * LordFizban grins impishly
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<Nathan_Roberts> Now, the next challenge.......
<Nathan_Roberts> Is to get that Ethernet card I have working...
<LordFizban> hmm
<LordFizban> what would we use it with anyway?
<LordFizban> theres nothing to connect it to :P
<Nathan_Roberts> Well, when (if...) the room ever gets ethernet drops...
<LordFizban> oh youre kidding
<LordFizban> to the NT net?
<LordFizban> can you say "EXPLOSION"?
<LordFizban> who uses something like that freakin Bernulli anymore?
<LordFizban> THATS what I want to know
<Nathan_Roberts> Someone that wants spare parts :D
<LordFizban> LOL
<LordFizban> like us
<Nathan_Roberts> So I guess the answer is, "We do!"
Tue Oct 20
<Theta-G> anyone know how to generate a star field?
<Theta-G> one better that AfterDark's "Warp!" screensaver
<Whomiga> Take God's approach and explode an infinitely dense spot in
	  the Universe?
Tue Oct 20
<random_C> Alden -give up. install LINUX. You *know* you want to.
<AldenB> Random: I may want to, but my parents don't :-)
<Jondar> Random: this is on his families computer, I don't think they'd
	 appreciate it
<random_C> give em an etch a sketch, then
 * TheProf likes Windows 98. Works great.
<random_C> There must be sommat wrong with your copy then. Has it not
	   deleted any of your files yet?
<TheProf> Nope. Never crasses either.
<random_C> Anyone else here think the Prof is living in an alternate universe?
Wed Oct 21
<AldenB> BRB.
<AldenB> back
<TheProf> Fro.................sorry
 * AldenB shoots Prof!
*** TheProf is now known as RIProf
<Blor> OOOOOOO!!!!
<Blor> A soul to claim!
<Blor> Giveittomegiveittome!
<Jondar> :)
<RIProf> Back off Mr Horns.
<RIProf> My wife owns my soul.
<RIProf> She has mentioned hocking it from time to time though.
*** RIProf is now known as TheProf
<Blor> Prof: Uhm... well... your wife and I have made a special deal...
 * TheProf often wonders if Blor and Bill Gates are the same person.
<TheProf> Nah. Even Blor is not that evil.
<Blor> Nah... I'm only evil for the fun of it...
Thu Oct 22
*** Nathan_Roberts has quit IRC (Quit: Autoquit)
<TheProf> About time he left. Alright. I'll call the girls in from #sex
	  while Alden you get the beer.
<AldenB> Goodness, MSIE 3.0 has trouble with Java.
<AldenB> Maybe I should upgrade.
<TheProf> IE 3.0 has trouble with just sitting.
<AldenB> What's Blor getting? :-)
<TheProf> Blor is to scary to ask him to get anything.
Thu Oct 22
<Nathan_Roberts> New motto... "Linux: More for your money!"
<Jondar> :)
<Jondar> another thing I noticed today: Every Australian computer magazine
         that had a CD-Rom available: had a "AOL 100hours free CD" or files
         on their CD
 * Jondar counted 9 magazines that had it.
<Nathan_Roberts> Read: Free coasters for all!! :)
<Nathan_Roberts> hmm... New AOL Motto :)
Thu Oct 22
<CrowTRobt> I would hazzard a guess that Shel looks better than everyone
            in here
 * TheProf looks in the mirror and after thought agrees.
<CrowTRobt> It took some thought?!
<Whomiga> People in here right now? - No question at all :^)
<Nathan_Roberts> Damn, you really have an ego, Prof!
*** Shel has joined channel #drwhochat
<Whomiga> Hi Shel
 * TheProf likes his ego.
<TheProf> LOL!!!!!
<CrowTRobt> Speak of the devil
Thu Oct 22
<TheProf> I may bash Paul McGann from time to time. ;o)
 * Nathan_Roberts bashes Prof
Thu Oct 22
 * CrowTRobt is working on a web page
 * Drake is not working a webpage..........what a surprise ;)
 * Shel thinks we should start a pool for when drake will update his page...
Fri Oct 23
 * CrowTRobt is away (Working on web pages /CTCP page me to get my attention)
<Drake> working on web pages???,what ever does that mean? ;)
Fri Oct 23
 * Shel just realized and important rule...
<Shel> when the jar of salsa says shake well, they mean before opeing, not
       while opening...
Fri Oct 23
 * Jondar wonders if his home phone number spells out any words...
<TheProf> Mine spells out wart.
<AldenB> Mine does, but I'm not allowed to repeat them in public.
 * AldenB notes his phone number also contains 666...
<Lyssie> Alden and 666.. hm...... ;>
<The_Anti> mmm.. could it be?
 * The_Anti rips off a mask off Alden's head.. Alden IS Blor!
 * Shel rips the mask off anti, and realizes he's a sheep!
 * Nathan_Roberts rips the mask off Shel, and realizes she's...... exactly
   who she says she is
 * Shel rips the mask of nathan, and realizes..... he's a computer program!
<TheProf> LOL
<Lyssie> Shel: duh?
<Jondar> Shel: like that was surprising :)
<TheProf> I've always known Nathan isn't human.
<Nathan_Roberts> I am noa8&$(*&#)(*&(@*H))*(   CORE DUMP   SYSTEM HALTED
 * AldenB reboots NAthan.
<TheProf> Nathan do that in the restroom!
<Shel> he really doesn' tsleep, he has to charge up every so often...
 * Nathan_Roberts needs to port himself to Linux one of these days...
<AldenB> NATHAN stands for Non-Articulate Theoretical Humans Are Nice
 * Shel checks nathan OS.... oh my god! it's win 98!!!
<TheProf> The scoundrel!
<Nathan_Roberts> Who upgra^H^H^H^H^H^H downgraded me!?!?
 * Shel grades nathan... hmmm... A for effort, D for attendance...
Sat Oct 24
<Shel> make sure you see the zoo! or the wild animal park, or sea world! ;)
<AldenB> Wild Animal Park?  Why would I want to go there when I can just
	 walk around my house? ;-)
Sat Oct 24
<AldenB> It's when John Long gets his school Internet access back...
<AldenB> I think...
<AldenB> Those pre-schools are letting people access the net _way_ too
	 early. ;-)
Sun Oct 25
 * AldenB waits for Geocities to stop dicking around.
<Nathan_Roberts> You'll be waiting an awful long time...
Sun Oct 25
<Lyssie> Oh1 I've got a really odd question..
<JondarOnyxing> Ana: No, I don't wear ski masks and play the ukelele :)
Sun Oct 25
<DarfVader> Admiral Nate: You have failed me for the last time...
 * DarfVader reaches out and uses the Force to crush Nathan's throat..
 * Jondar uses the Force to pull Darf's underwear down to his feet :)
Sun Oct 25
*** Signoff: Theta-G (Quit: mark o' rani and cheese)
Sun Oct 25
<Jondar> Gee... and I thought people used Linux to get away from Mac-Wintel
	 wars... now they fight about which Linux distrib is best :)
Sun Oct 25
 * AldenB decides to go to bed.
<AldenB> Night Jason, Nathan
*** Signoff: Jondar (Ping timeout)
<AldenB> oops
[Timing is, once again, everything]
<Nathan_Roberts> Did you have to say goodbye to Jondar so hard? ;)
Sun Oct 25
 * AldenB notes Theta hasn't been on IRQ recently.
<Nathan_Roberts> IRQ?
<AldenB> ICQ
<AldenB> Force of habit.
<Nathan_Roberts> Are there ICQ or IRC conflicts? :)
<Nathan_Roberts> well, there's definately IRC conflicts...
<AldenB> :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> It conflicts with work, schoool, sleep, and life
<AldenB> What life? :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
 * AldenB had to remove life to install IRC. ;-)
<Nathan_Roberts> hahahahha
<AldenB> They were trying to use the same address lines...
<Nathan_Roberts> mIRC installation error: "Life detected.  remove y/n?"
Mon Oct 26
*** AldenB is now known as Guest91213
<Guest91213> Goddamnit!
*** Signoff: Guest91213 (Killed ( (
<Nathan_Roberts> NickServ with the /KILLer in #drwhochat
Tue Oct 27
 * Nathan_Roberts bets half a weeks salary Alden's copy is compressed too
 * Nathan_Roberts looses the bet.  Fortunately half of $0 is still $0.
<AldenB> Nathan: How did you know how much I make?!
Wed Oct 28
*** TheProf is now known as ET
<ET> I've come to phone home and kick ass and I'm all out of quarters.
Wed Oct 28
<TheProf> My inlaws are going to watch the launch. They can watch from their
	  backyard. My father says he wants to go. He's 15 years younger than
	  Glenn and says "If that old fart can go so can I."
<TheProf> Of course if my father got on the shuttle they would need another
	  booster rocket.
Thu Oct 29
<Drake> so......if i were to update the Master/Rani page.......what should be
	added?...............not saying i'm going to update this
	century..... ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Wow, Drake's actually going to update the page! :)
<Nathan_Roberts> He might actually beat this month's Quotefile! ;)
Thu Oct 29
 * TheProf thinks he would probibly get tossed of the shuttle if he ever got
   to go up. First thing I would do would be to look out a window and yell
   "There's someone on the wing!!!"
Thu Oct 29
*** Tall_Dark_and_Handsome has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by
    Tall_Dark_and_Handsome (Tall_Dark_and_Handsome)
<Jefferys> Heh
<Jefferys> I grekked my clone
 * TheProf wonders if short_pale_and_dumpy is planning on coming in tonight.
*** Short_Pale_and_Dumpy has joined channel #drwhochat
*** Short_Pale_and_Dumpy has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by TheProf
    (You must be this tall to enter the room.)
*** TheProf has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by Nathan_Roberts
    (Your IQ must be as high as this sign to enter the room)
Fri Oct 30
<Shel> well, sorry to say, but it's hard for me to play games on the pc...
       i'm always online when the computer is on... ;)
<Blor> hehe
<Shel> my son plays quake though...
<Blor> Good for him! :)
<Shel> most people think it's not an appropriate game for a 4 year old... :)
<Blor> That will teach him to shoot at everything that moves!
<Blor> and if it doesnt move, shoot it anyway. It might just open a secret
Fri Oct 30
<Blor> But we dont have halloween... I think it's something else...
 * Shel would love to see what the people who work with blor would do if he
   came in all dressed for halloween... :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Blor dressing up would be pretty easy... he just has to
		 cover his horns and tail and not bring his pitchfork to work
<Blor> "Hey jocke, where's the pitchfork?"
<Nathan_Roberts> "It's Haloween!  I'm dressed up as a human!"
Fri Oct 30
 * Shel begins to stalk blor...
<Blor> Oooo! My own personal stalker!
Fri Oct 30
<CrowTRobt> HTQF, Nate?
 * Nathan_Roberts upon seeing Crow's question, decides to take a 10 minute
<CrowTRobt> arrgh
 * Nathan_Roberts finally finds an effective blackmail method >:)
Fri Oct 30
 * Nathan_Roberts finally got a haircut today
 * TheProf got one last week. The wife saw it and screamed.

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