The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume II, Issue IX: September 1998

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Tue Sep 01 [00:20]
 * TheProf looks around the room with caution for any cars in it.
<NathanR_Away> Prof... You didn't get in another accident did you?
<TheProf> I was in another accident. Was on the bus to class and it was
          in a fender bender. Nothing bad but this is getting scary.
<NathanR_Away> Great Crap!
<TheProf> Bus side swiped a parked truck.
<NathanR_Away> That makes, what, 4 ::watches a car come along and mow
               down Prof:: 5 accidents?
<Whomiga> Doctor Prof? - On the 5th Regeneration?
<Whomiga> Or is that Professor Who?
Tue Sep 01 [13:48]
<Bob01> how many fools have died today:)
<Bob01> me and blor were wondering cause the room was empty when we came in:)
Tue Sep 01 [14:12]
<Blor> rec.arts.ducttape.hamster
<Blor> My fave.
<Brigadier> lol
<Brigadier> rec.arts.blor.god isnt?
<Blor> rec.arts.blor.ultimate.evil
<Brigadier> rec.arts.htqf.drwho?
Tue Sep 01 [14:15]
 * Brigadier steals nr's computers, except for the 286
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away gets on the internet with his shell account
   on his 286 >:)
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Unix!
 * Brigadier replaces nr's modem with a 1200 bps modem
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away is unphazed
 * Brigadier goes back in time and replaces Bell UNIX with Microsoft
 * Brigadier puts his system in a time bubble to protect it as all others
   fade out of existance
 * Brigadier puts a protective bubble around nr's computer too, just to
   be nice
<Brigadier> look you have microsoft unix 98!
<Brigadier> i just replaced unix with microsoft .. no more bell labs
            early unix :)
<Brigadier> everything from 60s on is now microsoft ...
<Brigadier> now it is time for all of us to bow before our emprorer,
            Sir Gates
Wed Sep 02 [18:43]
*** Jefferys is now known as Running_Water_Jeffeys
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Walking_Water_Nathan
Thu Sep 03 [11:13]
<CrowTRobt> I cant get the mIRC on the proxy to use the ident sever. Is
            this normal?
<Nathan_Turtle> It might well be
 * CrowTRobt broans
<CrowTRobt> b=g
 * Nathan_Turtle thinks he liked broans better
<CrowTRobt> how about croans
<Nathan_Turtle> Hmm... no, doesn't have that ring to it...
<CrowTRobt> combo of cry and groan
<Nathan_Turtle> How about broans = combo of bawls and groans?
<CrowTRobt> yeah
<CrowTRobt> that works
<Nathan_Turtle> I invented a new word for these things
<CrowTRobt> oh?
<Nathan_Turtle> "Crypticisms" :)
<CrowTRobt> haha
<CrowTRobt> ha
<CrowTRobt> how about a new word for premature enter key strikes
<Nathan_Turtle> I'll have to think about that one...
<CrowTRobt> Premature estrikeulation?
<Nathan_Turtle> LOL
<Nathan_Turtle> Why not crunch it even further into: Prestrikeulation?
* Nathan_Turtle sees that we're beginning to develop 1984ese (I.e. Newspeak)
<CrowTRobt> lol
<CrowTRobt> hahaha
<STLock> Eeeek, go away to read email for a few minutes & they invent a
         new language!
 * Nathan_Turtle is going to to try to suspend ircII, which will probably
   kill it...
*** Nathan_Turtle has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<CrowTRobt> and he is now able to predict the future too
<CrowTRobt> Nate *is* a wizard
<STLock> Wow, definate magic :-)
<STLock> Does he have a pointy cap with it wizzard written on it?
<CrowTRobt> no it has all kinds of planets and stars
Fri Sep 04 [14:21]
 * TheProf looks Nathan strait in the eye and says the Q word.
 * Nathan_Roberts looks Prof straight in the eye and says the B word.
<TheProf> Bird?
<Nathan_Roberts> Bang.
Fri Sep 04 [14:57]
 * TheProf can't wait for Sunday and FOOTBALL!!!!!!
 * TheProf plans to watch 2 games Sunday and one Monday night.
<Nathan_Roberts> Football, blah
<TheProf> Nathan your a dweeb.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: I try.
Fri Sep 04 [15:00]
<Nathan_Roberts> Anyway football is boring
<Nathan_Roberts> It's just a bunch of guys running around throwing a
                 ball at each other and crashing into each other
 * TheProf gives nathan a straitarm!
 * Nathan_Roberts takes the straitarm, works his destructive magic on it,
   and returns it to Prof a brokenarm
Fri Sep 04 [16:00]
<Bozzie> Hmm, I want to know if the iMac has a 3.5" disk drive
<Bozzie> I only see the CD drive in commercials
<NateServ_> It doesn't
<Bozzie> It doesnt?!
<Bozzie> That's stupid
<NateServ_> In theory you can get USB drives that you can plug in.
<NateServ_> In practice, none are available yet
<Bozzie> What are Mac's trying to do, immitate MicroSoft's intelligence?
Fri Sep 04 [16:20]
<TheProf> Nateserv? That is one scary nick.
*** TheProf is now known as Profserv_
<Profserv_> Does this mean with this nick I can do stuff that makes
            no sense?
*** Profserv_ is now known as Stupidityserv_
*** NateServ_ is now known as ChezWhoServ_
 * Stupidityserv_ sets mode +stupid chezwhoServ
 * ChezWhoServ_ is away (Happy pill time)
Fri Sep 04
<Nathan_Roberts> )&$#@)@*&#($*&)@&^#%
 * StupidityServ_ sets mode to +profane language Nathan_Roberts
 * Nathan_Roberts sets mode: -spelling TheProf
 * StupidityServ_ sets mode to +quotefile finished Nathan_Roberts
Fri Sep 04 [16:55]
* Nathan_Roberts is back.
<DarthProf_Jedi_Weenie> Back from the dead and ready to party Nathan?
 * Nathan_Roberts is not ready to party
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm STILL fighting with that damn 486!
 * DarthProf_Jedi_Weenie wonders if nathan ever was taught in
   kindergarden how to play nicely with others and not fight?
Sat Sep 05 [09:54]
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> I'm working, stop pinging me! :)
<Jefferys> Who's pinging?
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> (That's a direct quote from MrB from sometime
                      last year...)
<Jefferys> I think the Quotefile has gone to your head, Nate :)
Sat Sep 05
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away shoots Bob
*** Quits: TheProf (Connection reset by peer)
<IsraelBeta> Nathan: You shoot Bob and *TheProf* dies?!
<Alden> Nathan has shoddy aim.
Sat Sep 05 [18:58]
 * Alden finishes reading the Quote file. That thing is too long....
   Everyone stop being funny!!! :-)
Sat Sep 05 [19:00] <Alden>
The Quote file is overrated; Prof gets in there just by breathing. :-)
Sun Sep 06 [10:32] <Bozzie>
Myst on 5.25 disks..
Please insert disk #537
Sun Sep 06 [23:15]
<AldenB> back
<AldenB> front
<AldenB> side
<AldenB> up
<AldenB> down
<AldenB> left
<AldenB> right
<AldenB> horizontal
<AldenB> vertical
<AldenB> Have I covered everything?
 * Nathan_Roberts shoots Alden multiple times
 * AldenB is deceased.
[He has now.]
<Nathan_Roberts> You forgot Isoenglish
 * Theta-G shoots Nathan
 * Nathan_Roberts begins to bleed
 * Nathan_Roberts requets these words be on his tombstone:
   "opened mouth one too many times."
<AldenB> Isoimperial?
<DoctorBun> Isolinear
<Nathan_Roberts> Isoquadratic?
<Nathan_Roberts> Isoexponential?
<Nathan_Roberts> Isologarithmic?
<DoctorBun> Isolation - Something we're all going to need after this
            is over
<Nathan_Roberts> Isosinosoidal (sp??)
<Jondar> Isotriangularithmic
<DoctorBun> ISoSorry
Mon Sep 07 [15:17] <Nathan_Roberts>
[Talking about a cat I once had]
My mom said once he actually cornered 4 dogs.  4 BIG dogs...
This was a big cat too. Great big siamese
Fat too
Or is that fat thirty too?
Mon Sep 07 [15:39]
 * NemoDream wonders if Nathan's baby rattle was a Commodore ?
[It was!]
Tue Sep 08
 * Jondar now wants to try Linux... just need time, money, a copy of Linux
   and a good book about installing it :)
<Starfury> Jason: RedHat has very easy installation
<Jondar> Star: I just need to get RedHat... US$50 is a bit too much
<Starfury> $50??
<Starfury> why so expensive? shipping?
<Jondar> Star: that's the price that RedHat's site says for RedHat 5.1
<Starfury> ouch
 * Starfury wonders why it's so expensive
<Jondar> that doesn't include shipping at all
<Starfury> Jason: you could always download it from their ftp site or
           somethin and get it free =)
<Starfury> that'd take years though.
<Jondar> Star: I don't have the time or a stable connection to do that :(
<Jondar> I'd also prefer a bound manual :)
<Starfury> manual schmanual, if you have problems just go to #linux and
           get your head bitten off by some linux guru who's sick of people
           who don't RTFM =)
Tue Sep 08
<DoctorBun> So, is everyone here switching to Linus?
<Starfury> YEAH!
<NathanR> Becky: Have you actually seen 95 in action?
<AldenB> I might switch to Charlie Brown...
<Starfury> Linux rules man!
 * NathanR fwaps Alden
<Whomiga> Snoopy would be my choice
 * RustyShock chooses Woodstock
<DoctorBun> Time to sue the whole computer industry
<DoctorBun> Ah, well.. Linus.. It's a great OS.. has a wonderful security
Fri Sep 09
<Jondar> Hmmm... according to FirstLink's stats page, I didn't exist during
 * NathanR wonders who he's been talking to for the last month,,,
Fri Sep 09
<Jondar> Eeep! 31 seconds to Alden :(
<AldenB> Jack: Ack!!!!!!!
<Jondar> and 0 seconds to Blor... does this mean that I'm not lagged
         to hell? :)
Fri Sep 09
 * Starfury needs food
<Starfury> our fridge has eggs and milk and celery in it.
<Jondar> Star: there you go... celery smoothies! :)
<Starfury> eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew
<AldenB> celery smoothies?  Blech!!!!
<AldenB> Jason: Do you have taste buds? :-)
<Jondar> Alden: I didn't say I drank it... I just gave Becky an item she
         could make using celery, milk and eggs :)
<AldenB> Jason: Yeah, but if you have taste buds, the very thought should
         have made your tongue curl up in your mouth. :)
Wed Sep 09
<TheProf> It is coming down in buckets!
 * TheProf quickly runs out and grabs some buckets to sell them.
<AldenB> Prof: Is that why you're looking a little pail?
Wed Sep 09
<TheProf> Jason a great joke also would be the Doctor complaining because
          he used microsoft programming in K-9.
<Jondar> Prof: K9 running Win95? LOL! thanks!
 * TheProf can see it now. K-9 saying "Bill Gates sucks Master."
<Jondar> Prof: even better would be "K-9 unit GPF: Please reboot" with
         Romana II saying... "You installed Windows 95 in K-9? How could
         you Doctor!"
Wed Sep 09
<NathanR> bozzie: Aren't administrators just DENSE at times?
<Bozzie> NR: Aren't Administrators just dense period? :o)
Wed Sep 09
 * Shel hates that she judges people on irc by their spelling skills...
<NathanR> Shel: You must really hate Prof...
<Shel> no, his are mainly typos...  but "licein" is in no way   "listen"!
Thu Sep 10
 * CyberProf is web browsing at:
<CyberProf> Neat site.
<Jondar> Damn! he found the secret directory!!
Fri Sep 11
<CyberProf> test
 * CyberProf now has Belgian troops at the door!
<CyberProf> test
 * CyberProf now has Belgian troops at the door!
 * CyberProf test
<AldenB> test?
<CyberProf> test
 * CyberProf now has Belgian troops at the door!
<CyberProf> K9 wierdness.
<AldenB> It's not the script that's weird.... ;-)
 * CyberProf thinks it may be a loose nut on his keyboard.
<Whomiga> Yep!
<Whomiga> Somebody needs to lock that loose nut up!
Sat Sep 12
 * NathanR sits in bed working on his laptop :)
<NathanR> Now this setup is just silly...
<NathanR> I think I would call this, "Exploiting a feature to death..."
<Jondar> Nate: it may be silly, but you'll do it anyway, right? >:-)
Sat Sep 12
 * NathanR thinks of going to bed too...
<Jondar> Nate: you know you don't want to... :)
<NathanR> Actually I'm already in bed...
<AldenB> Great, we're all in bed with Nathan.... Just the way I didn't
         want to spend Saturday night. ;-)
Sat Sep 12
 * NathanR realizes that he can make his computer do just about anything
   from all the way across the room...
 * NathanR wonders what the command is to make the computer explode...
 * Jondar pictures Nate controlling the computer like a remote
   controlled car :)
Sun Sep 13 [14:14]
[Nathan is having an argument with Windows...]
<Nathan_Roberts> Start | Control panel | System | Device manager |
                 Properties: "This device is working properly."
                 The hell it is!!
<Random_C> Nathan - this is 95 we're talking about.
Sun Sep 13
<Nathan_Roberts> I need to modify my favorite Microsoft Joke...
<Nathan_Roberts> How many Microsoft Programmers does it take to make
                 a working operating system?
<Nathan_Roberts> Only 1, but Microsoft doesn't appear to even have
                 that many
<CrowTRobt> an infinate number of monkeys?
<Nathan_Roberts> Crow: That's what Microsoft currently has...
Tue Sep 15
<NathanR> Ah christ, I'm an idiot...
 * Doc8 looks at Nathan... an idiot?  No, no, that's my job. :)
 * Borusa looks at Nathan closely.
<Borusa> Really, Nathe?  I thought that you were a moron at best 8-)
<NathanR> You give me more credit than I deserve :)
Tue Sep 15
<LordFizban> finally got rid of the pest, physically
<NathanR> What pest?
<LordFizban> a unwanted visitor at home
<NathanR> Ah
<LordFizban> he wouldnt leave so i had to uh, persuade him :)
<NathanR> Define "persuade"...
<LordFizban> i twisted his arm back on itself and propelled him out
             the door = persuade
Tue Sep 15
 * AldenB switches onto channel 3 and watches two people host a bloopers
   show, while impersonating the two major political leaders...
<Random_C> you have politics?
<Random_C> And *two* politicians?
<Random_C> wow.
<AldenB> Yeah, we got 120 of the buggers.
<Random_C> Wow. How many of them are sheep?
<AldenB> Random: We don't know.  They're wearing really good disguises.
<AldenB> It's always difficult to tell politicians from the regular sheep. ;-)
<NathanR> Sheep in wolves clothing?
Wed Sep 16
*** CrowTRobt has joined channel #drwhochat
<CrowTRobt> hello
<CrowTRobt> Hi Nate, Betsy, Bubonic
<NathanR> Hi Crow
<NathanR> Welcome to IdleMaster and company...
 * CrowTRobt sneaks up to Blor and nicks his pitchfork
<Blor> Crow: It's only the rubber one...
<CrowTRobt> Blor: arrgh!
Wed Sep 16
<CrowTRobt> Question: do you walk to college?
<NathanR> Yes
<CrowTRobt> wow
<CrowTRobt> it must be close
<NathanR> It's practically in my backyard
<Borusa> Nice.  What are you studying - "How to kill Bill Gates and
         Destroy Microsoft in 1 easy lesson"? 8-)
Wed Sep 16
<CrowTRobt> we were talking about the best Linux app to do web pages in
 * Random_C personally thinks you should get a mac and BBedit.
 * CrowTRobt doubts it is in Nate's budget
<CrowTRobt> Nate's pitiful budget
<Random_C> budget?
<NathanR> Yeah, WHAT budget? :)
Wed Sep 16
<Jondar> something happened
<Jondar> when I tried it
<Nathan_Roberts> What happened?
<Jondar> connection refused
<Nathan_Roberts> What did you tell it to connect to?
<TheProf> Try connecting to
Wed Sep 16
 * TheProf thinks we should have an official #drwhochat desktop theme. I think
   the wallpaper could be a shots of all of us from the rouges gallery but
   we would have strait jackets on.
<AldenB> Windows startup would be "They're heeeeeere"
<TheProf> We could use dalekfly.wav for the recycle bin sound.
<AldenB> And rotofwap for the error message.
 * Jondar thinks dark charcoal grey color scheme for the official #DWC theme :)
<TheProf> The cursors can be a little screen with things like ROTFL or other
          stuff scrolling along.
* TheProf wonders who will now volenteer to make this theme Alden?
<Jondar> Prof: I'll make it, if you really want it made :)
 * TheProf looks at Alden and Jason expectently.
<Jondar> we need a background though
<Jondar> the straightjacket idea I don't think will work
<AldenB> Why not, we can just take pitcures of oursoelves as usual.
<AldenB> We all wear them anyway. ;-)
<TheProf> Jason take a bunch of the pictures and put them on bodies of folks
          in strait jackets.
<Jondar> how on earth am I going to find images of people in
         straightjackets?? :)
<AldenB> Jason: Visit Prof. ;-)
<TheProf> I'll have you know Alden I haven't had to wear that jacket since
          that elevator incident a while wasn't my fault.
          The guy had a chipmonk and I know he did!
<TheProf> How about this? You show a screen of a building that says #drwhochat
          Mental institution and have windows with folks faces looking out.
Thu Sep 17
*** TheProf has joined channel #drwhochat
<Nathan_Roberts> Re Prof
 * TheProf kicks K-9.
<Nathan_Roberts> What's it doing?
<TheProf> The splash wouldn't go off.
<TheProf> Ad to that it is plotting against me.
<Nathan_Roberts> Plotting?
<TheProf> Yeah. It is talking to the wife. I know it.
Thu Sep 17 <AldenB>
Anyone know what I can do for a corrupted registry?
Other than shoot my brother, that is.
 * AldenB beats his head against the wall.
 * AldenB thinks for a minute and then beats his brother's head against
   the wall instead.
*** AldenB has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to "Alden's
    Windows95 tip for the day: To avoid a corrupted registry, don't
    let your brother use the computer."
Thu Sep 17
 * TheProf is running: K-9 Mk. II Beta8910 1998, an abomination
   by Nathan_Roberts
Fri Sep 18
<AldenB> BRB, have to wax the cat.
                              * * * * *
<AldenB> Back.
<Nathan_Roberts> Why are you waxing the cat?
<AldenB> Nathan: Well, that cat wasn't going to wax itself, was it now?
<Nathan_Roberts> Ummm
<Nathan_Roberts> Why did it NEED waxing?
<AldenB> Cat's _need_ waxing!
<AldenB> Otherwise their ears fall off.
 * Nathan_Roberts looks strangely at Alden
 * Nathan_Roberts slowly approaches Alden
<AldenB> Wait, that's hamsters.
<Nathan_Roberts> Come on now, Alden, it's time for your medication
 * AldenB goes and apologises to the cat.
<AldenB> No, that was half an hour ago...
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh...
<Nathan_Roberts> Well you must have missed it then
 * Nathan_Roberts approaches Alden with a very large syringe
 * AldenB approaches light speed.
<Nathan_Roberts> Damn, he's quick!
 * TheProf watches Alden defy Einstein.....Good going Alden! I always
   hated Albert!
[Good God!  Prof spelled Einstein right!!]
Fri Sep 18
<dse> Leela has been idle 2hrs 30mins 4secs
<Nathan_Roberts> Going for a new world record...
<dse> Blor has been idle 1hr 14mins 29secs
<Nathan_Roberts> Leela's ahead of Blor by a factor of 2
*** Leela has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by TheProf (TheProf)
<Nathan_Roberts> Was ahead.
<Blor> hmmm
<Blor> No kicking please.
*** Blor has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by Nathan_Roberts (And why
Fri Sep 18
 * TheProf is running: K-9 Mk. II Beta8910 1998 (aka the Beast),
   an abomination by Nathan_Roberts
 * Nathan_Roberts sees Prof has learned how to hack script files :)
 * TheProf learned that in class. I also got a verbal warning for
   accidently trying to hack a teachers computer.
<Nathan_Roberts> Bad Proffie.  No biscuit,
<TheProf> I was fooling around with the networking stuff for an assignment
          and seeing what was what and I accidently got the Vice Deans
          computer somehow and set off some bells and a teacher came over
          to my station going "What are you doing?"
<AldenB> Prof: At least you're not as bad as my brother.  He buggered the
         family computer for the 100th time today.  They're going to have
         to reinstall Windows.
<TheProf> Is this the same kid who tried to play a 3.5 floppy in a cd player?
<AldenB> Prof: Yes.
 * TheProf sees he was mistaken. Alden's brother, not Alden, will be the
   end of life as we know it.
<Nathan_Roberts> rm -r /universe
<TheProf> Alden have you concidered adoption?
<TheProf> For you or him.
<AldenB> Prof: I've been thinking retroactive abortion, actually...
 * TheProf hands Alden a gun.
<TheProf> How old is this kid?
<AldenB> He's 19 in November.
<TheProf> This is scary. He could vote.
<Jondar> Alden: what did he do?
<TheProf> Breath?
<AldenB> Jason: Tried to install a golf game apparently.  Corrupted
         the registry.
<Jondar> Ack!
 * TheProf once again conciders sentietcy overated. I mean if Alden's
   brother is sentient........
<Jondar> further proof of my theory that people should be given IQ tests
         before they touch a computer :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: But what would we do without Prof? >:)
 * TheProf slaps Nathan_Roberts around a bit with a large Beanie Baby
<TheProf> Hey! I'm better than most.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof's test results would be negative
 * TheProf has a 141 IQ actually. :o)
<Nathan_Roberts> Wow
<Nathan_Roberts> Where did you get a copy of the answers beforehand?
 * TheProf actually did well in spelling in grade school.
[Who here believes that?]
[Don't all answer at once!]
Fri Sep 18
 * AldenB creeps up on Nathan with a 2x4
 * Nathan_Roberts creeps on on Alden with a 2x2x2
<Jondar> :)
 * Jondar creeps up on Nate with a 2^4
 * AldenB creeps up on Proff with a googolplex.
<TheProf> Creep is right.
 * Nathan_Roberts creeps up on Jondar with a log 10000
 * Jondar slaps a pi in Nate's face >:-)
 * Nathan_Roberts drops a differential equation on Jondar's head
<AldenB> e!!
<Nathan_Roberts> You can't take the factorial of e!
<Jondar> Nate: ouch! :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Or the factorial of e for that matter
<Nathan_Roberts> Can't take the factorial of ouch either
 * TheProf can't factor Nathan half the time either.
<Jondar> :)
 * Nathan_Roberts plugs Nathan into the quadratic formula
<Nathan_Roberts> And gets an imaginary solution.  This explains muchh
 * Nathan_Roberts starts trying to visualize imaginary number graphs
 * AldenB watches NAthan's mind go vacant.
 * Nathan_Roberts goes Beyond...
 * Jondar watches as Nate's mind zaps itself into the next dimension
<Nathan_Roberts> Whoa
<Nathan_Roberts> Everything seems so... flat from here
 * Jondar sends a hypercube liferaft to Nate
 * Nathan_Roberts grabs hold
 * Nathan_Roberts drifts away again
<Nathan_Roberts> You did't try to attach the rope with a knot did you?
<Jondar> nope
<Nathan_Roberts> Hm
 * TheProf thinks this is the weirdest conversation since...........
   last night here.
<Nathan_Roberts> I was actually serious when I was talking about
                 imaginary graphs
<Nathan_Roberts> I've played with them as a mental excersize
<TheProf> That is very scary Nate.
 * Nathan_Roberts watches his IQ jump up 5 points
 * Jondar watches Nate's sanity level drop 15 points :)
Fri Sep 18
<TheProf> How is this for a news story of man bites dog?
<TheProf> FORTUNA, California (AP) -- An Earth First! activist was killed
          Thursday when he was struck in the head by a falling tree while
          trying to block logging in a redwood grove.
<AldenB> :-/
<TheProf> Don't cut down that tre(Thud!)
<Jondar> :( at the accident
<Jondar> LOL at the circumstances though :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Only we could find humor in that...
<Jondar> that's a candidate into the Darwin awards
<TheProf> I'm sure now the guy may have a different opinion
<TheProf> I like the headline.
<TheProf> Logging protester killed by falling tree
<TheProf> Sort of like a protester for saving mountain lions getting
          eaten by one.
Fri Sep 18
 * TheProf finds the list of Emmy award winners. I can never wait to see
   who wins the all important sound editting award.
<TheProf> They don't show it! Just shows best show and actors. Like folks
          care about those catigories.
<TheProf> I think folks would watch the emmys if they had better catigories
          like best jiggle program (Baywatch) Worst acting (Baywatch)
Fri Sep 18
<Blor> Hmmm... Can anyone recommend a good virusscan-program?
 * AldenB waits for Nathan to suggest
Fri Sep 18
<Jondar> Hmmm... odd
<AldenB> Odd with a capital Od.
Fri Sep 18
<TheProf> How about this for a posting in a news group?
<TheProf> FREE RENT for FEMALE roomate who is single and likes to walk
          around the house nude alot. Luxury uptown Dallas apartment, near
          Oak Lawn and Lemmon.
<TheProf> Rather forward don't you think? Should have included the words
          "I can't get a woman to save my life!"
Fri Sep 18
<Brigadier> bill gates is coming to my school
<Nathan_Roberts> OH GOD NO!  THE HORROR!!
<Brigadier> what evil things can i do during his speech?
<Nathan_Roberts> Throw pies at him! >:)
<Brigadier> BUT i am going to get a big Linux banner
<Brigadier> someone else is getting a sun sign
<Nathan_Roberts> Get a Netscape sign!
<Brigadier> rotfl
<Brigadier> i'll get netscape now shirt and throw it on stage
Fri Sep 18
 * Brigadier has an idea
<Brigadier> when i want to demonstrate entropy
<Brigadier> i will show everyone a copy of windows
Fri Sep 18
<Nathan_Roberts> Well I'm surviving my Calculus class (I think) just 
                 due to sheer genious.,..
<Nathan_Roberts> If a normal student neglected it the way I did they'd
                 crash and burn
 * AldenB makes a note of Nathan's extreme and unwarrented modesty.
Sat Sep 19
<AldenB> You only need to do it if you're running low on disk space
         or something.
<AldenB> I usually just type format c: if that happens though.
<Nathan_Roberts> Hahaha
<Nathan_Roberts> 100%  disk compression!
<Nathan_Roberts> Instead of doublespace, triplespace, or quadruplespace,
                 it's infinispace!
<AldenB> The only problem is decompression....
 * TheProf compresses his hard drive down to 5 bytes. Now I have lots of
   room but nothing seems to work right.
Sat Sep 19
<TheProf> My Mars theme got reviewed on DreamTheme!
          I got four stars!!!!!!!!!!!
<TheProf> They loved it!!!!
 * TheProf puffs out his chest and puts pins his award onto his chest. As
   you watch his ego explodes!
 * TheProf has his ego fill the entire room. I get to have an ego for
   one more hour and then when the wife gets home she's going to kill it.
Sat Sep 19
 * AldenB beats his head against the wall
 * TheProf grabs Alden's head and helps him.
<TheProf> Should I stop? I mean his head is now leaving a red mark on
          the wall.
Sat Sep 19
 * AldenB starts doing the unthinkable and CLEANS UP HIS DESK!!!!
Sat Sep 19
 * Nathan_Roberts thinks he should probably uninstall most of what he has
   on his windows partition...
<Nathan_Roberts> Free up that extended partition and use it for Linux
<Nathan_Roberts> My Web Browser Collection days are over at any rate...
<TheProf> Thank God.
<Nathan_Roberts> Don't thank me!
 * TheProf slaps Nathan_Roberts around a bit with a large Beanie Baby
<TheProf> Talk about ego!
Sat Sep 19
*** Signoff: TheProf (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by Cyberprof)))
*** TheProf has joined channel #drwhochat
<TheProf> Connection reset by crappy browser.
Sat Sep 19 <TheProf>
I asked my teacher the other day since we were not aloud to go to porn sites
on the college computers, did that mean we couldn't read the Starr Report?
I cracked up most of the class.
Sat Sep 19
<Nathan_Roberts> Where was I? Oh, I was bragging about this high school
<Nathan_Roberts> I've got EMails from high school teachers and _college
                 professors_ asking if they could use it in class
<Nathan_Roberts> One even asked if it was available in stores; he thought
                 it was such high quality that it was a professional work
 * TheProf watches Nathan's ego expand and suddenly Nathan's and theProf's
   ego battle to the death for ego supremisy!!!!
 * TheProf and Nathan's ego do a battle royal and in the end kill each
   other leaving both men without egos.
Sat Sep 19
 * AldenB watches his Dad go to format C:
<trinalin> Alden - is this something he wants to do????
<AldenB> Trina: No, not really...
<AldenB> But my brother trashed Window's registry yet again, so the only
         way to fix it is to reinstall windows.
<IsraelBeta> Alden: Inform your brother that the next time he touches the
             computer, you'll cut off his hand at the wrist.
<AldenB> Dan: My parents are already planning to do that. :-)
Sat Sep 19
 * NathanR pokes Blor
<Blor> Hey!
<Blor> Stop poking me!
<NathanR> That always gets him to respond :)
 * Blor puts on his best movietrailer voice
<Blor> Poke me... and die!
Sat Sep 19
*** Signoff: TheTardisPentium (Quit: Sorry, must dash. ::click::
    ::click click:: Damn.)
Sat Sep 19
<Alden> If I go idle, it means I'm waxing my cat.
<Blor> Alden: That sounds very naughty you know... :)
<Alden> Yes... I do.
 * NathanR sneaks up on Alden with the syringe again...
<Alden> Everything I say sounds naughty.  It's not my fault. ;-)
 * NathanR prepares to inject Alden with the sedative
 * Alden ducks and runs,.
*** NathanR is now known as DoctorNathan
 * DoctorNathan takes note... "Patient has eyes on back of head."
 * Alden mallards and dodges.
 * Alden parakeets and takes flight.
 * DoctorNathan takes note... "Patient has lousy sense of humor"
 * Alden takes note: Doctor is slow to pick up on facts.
Sat Sep 19
* NathanR pokes Blor
<Blor> Poke me... and die!
<NathanR> Yup, he's still there
Sat Sep 19
 * TheProf grabs his ankles and kisses his keyboard good bye as his
   computer crashes bigtime.
*** Signoff: TheProf (Quit: connection reset by crappy browser.)
 * NathanR wonders if we might have another Linux convert in the making >:)
 * NathanR goes up to Prof saying, "Hey Prof, I have something here that
   would solve all your browser crashing problems..." >:)
<NathanR> Of course, I may have to commute to Sacramento daily just to
          keep it  running for him... >:)
 * NathanR wonders if installing Linux in his car would help his
   crashing problems...
Sat Sep 19
 * Blor departs on a nice, nutritious lunch.
<Blor> Coffee and cigarettes
<NathanR> You SURE Sweden isn't a subterritory of the U.S.?
<Blor> Oh yes.
<Blor> But I see your point.
<NathanR> YOu j ust named the "All American Breakfast..."
<Blor> Now, if I could throw in 3-4 chocolate doughnuts...
Sun Sep 20
 * nathanr woke up and couldn't go back to sleep
<nathanr> So I turned on my Bedside Terminal (laptop :) and logged on...
<Jefferys> convenient
<nathanr> I happened to leave it plugged in from last night
<nathanr> Now if I had just left the Pentium on so I didn't have to get
          up and turn it on...
<Jefferys> hehe
<Jefferys> Just get the Clapper :)
<nathanr> Hahahahaha
<nathanr> *** Nathan_Roberts has left IRC (Connection reset by loud noise)
<nathanr> Someone walks by and slams the door and the computer shuts off...
Sun Sep 20
 * Jefferys pokes the Myrka
*** Signoff: Magic_Myrka (Ping timeout)
<nathanr> Jeez, that was a violent poke!
<Jefferys> I didn't mean it.
Sun Sep 20 <Brigadier>
[Blor PING reply]: 666 Seconds
Sun Sep 20
<dse> that reminds me, I've got a question for all of you
<Toni_R> Quiet everyone -- Doug's got a question!
<Drake> the answer is 42
Sun Sep 20
 * Nathan_Roberts throws away a load of crap he cleaned off the table in
   the living room
<Alden_on_toast> Nathan: you're not supposed to throw out the remote controls.
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh whoops...
Sun Sep 20 <Nathan_Roberts>
[The room is ghostly quiet]
geez, could you people stop talking so much? I don't have a scrollback here!
Don't all talk at once!
Don't all talk at twice either
Sun Sep 20
[Alden is working on a web page, less than successfully]
<AldenB> Argh!  You pile of #$%!!!
<AldenB> Mind you, my crap coding isn't helping.
<AldenB> Still, it would help if Opera didn't ignore width and height
         tags on <td> elements.
<AldenB> Great, now I've got it looking crap in netscape too.
<Nathan_Roberts> Some days you just can't win :)
<AldenB> OK, how do you get it to right align text?
<Nathan_Roberts> <td align=right>
<AldenB> :-)
<AldenB> Hallalujah!!!
<AldenB> It works!
<Nathan_Roberts> What were you doing before?
<AldenB> Beating my head against the wall.
<AldenB> Oh, before that. :-)
Mon Sep 21
<Nathan_Roberts> Kick me please/load
<Nathan_Roberts> erk
 * AldenB reachs for the kick button. ;-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Go ahead, I need a test :)
<AldenB> OK. :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> That clearly didn't work...
<Nathan_Roberts> Do that again...
<AldenB> OK, Grace.
Mon Sep 21
*** Ashford has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to "Netscape has
    unexpectedly quit" You'd think the machine would be expecting it by now!
Tue Sep 22 [12:07]
 * The_Sentry_Away ctrl-alt-deletes a runaway program
 * Brigadier ctrl-alt-deletes welfare
<Brigadier> wow
<Brigadier> the way to cut the budget
 * Brigadier ctrl-alt-dels the express
 * Brigadier ctrl-alt-dels Microsoft
Tue Sep 22 [12:22]
*** Nathan486 is now known as StudentAtKeyboard
<StudentAtKeyboard> hi blor
*** StudentAtKeyboard is now known as LordFizban
 * LordFizban pokes Blor
*** LordFizban is now known as Nathan486
 * Nathan486 pokes Blor
<Blor> You are delving into domains better left unseen, Nate... Do not
       provoke me!!!
<Blor> or something :)
<Nathan486> That wasn't me!
<Nathan486> was too!
<Nathan486> Was not!
<Nathan486> was too!
<Nathan486> Was not!
<Nathan486> was too!
<Nathan486> Was not!
<Nathan486> was too!
*** Nathan486 was kicked by Nathan486 (flood)
Tue Sep 22 [12:28]
<Blor> Hey Nate, who was that?
<Nathan486> Robert
<Nathan486> LF
<Nathan486> LordFizban
<Nathan486> Just some weirdo in this class ;)
*** Nathan486 is now known as StudentAtKeyboard
<StudentAtKeyboard> weirdo!
<StudentAtKeyboard> i resemble that remark!
*** StudentAtKeyboard is now known as Nathan486
<Blor> Umm... Nate, have you by any chance forgotten to take your medication?
<Nathan486> You're think of Alden, Blor :)
<Blor> Ok... Have you by any chance neglected to see your psychiatrist..?
<Nathan486> WHAT psychiatrist?
<Nathan486> Oh... I see... maybe that's the problem...
<Blor> Uh oh! Have you done something nasty too him?
<Nathan486> damn i thought i hid all the evidence!
<Blor> Never ever play with knives and human flesh Nathan.....
 * Nathan486 hides the bloody head under the desk
<Nathan486> But they mix to well!
<Blor> Tell me about it!
<Blor> Uh.
<Blor> I mean.
<Blor> Shame on you
<Nathan486> I killed my sense of shame long ago.
<Blor> Along with part of the community I suppose...
<Nathan486> Part?
<Blor> oh
Tue Sep 22 [13:14]
<Blor> Hmm... Have you played Shadow Warrior?
<Blor> Its based on the same 3d engine as Duke3D... You are a Ninja.
<StudentAtKeyboard> I know ninja lingo.....
<StudentAtKeyboard> Kawasaki! Honda! Mitsubishi!
<StudentAtKeyboard> MAAAZZZDAA!!!
 * StudentAtKeyboard grins impudently.
<Blor> o...k....... :)
Tue Sep 22
 * Nathan_Roberts believes that Susan is the Doctor's granddaughter.
   Occam's razor.
<Jefferys> Occam's razor?
<AldenB> What he uses for shaving.
Tue Sep 22
*** London__Guy has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to What IS
    a summer sausage anyway?!
*** Nathan_Roberts has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to What IS
    a summer sausage anyway?! (London__Guy) The opposite of a winter one
Tue Sep 22
*** Jondar has joined channel #DrWhoChat
<Nathan_Roberts> Hi Jondar
<Jondar> Hi all
 * Jondar finally gets back online after 48 hours with a phone line with
   no dial tone :(
<Nathan_Roberts> Ack!
<Nathan_Roberts> We were starting to wonder what happened to you...
<Jondar> No, I didn't jump off a cliff... though, I wanted to throw the
         telco off the cliff :)
 * AldenB turns the whitenoise teleptahic blocker up.
Tue Sep 22
<AldenB> I have a question....
<AldenB> When my monitor's turned on, it interferes with the TV.
<AldenB> Anyone got any idea how I can remidy this? :-)
<Ashford> Turn off the telly.
Tue Sep 22
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: Stop reading my mind! :)
<Nathan_Roberts> I was thinking the exact same thought
 * TheProf reads Nathan's mind and sells all his stock in Microsoft at once!
 * TheProf reads Nathan's mind again and is shocked, horrified and tries
   to find that site nathan is thinking about.
<Nathan_Roberts> How did you know I was thinking of
<TheProf> Actually you were thinking about a hard drive in a skimpy
          bikini Nathan. Very odd.
Tue Sep 22
<Jondar> /me looks through his tagline file... "I want to die peacefully,
         in my sleep, like my grandfather, not screaming, terrified,
         like his passengers.
<TheProf> LOL!!!!
<Jondar> Huh? how did that last thing not turn into an action?
 * TheProf doesn't know.
<TheProf> You probibly hit space bar first.
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: You hit ctrl-enter?
<TheProf> You hit the wall.
<AldenB> ]/me hits theProf
<AldenB> Well, it's obvious why _that_ one didn't work.
 * TheProf looks up in the dalnet rules and sees you are limited to 6,000
   actions a year so jason you must have hit your limit.
Tue Sep 22
 * TheProf is running: K-9 Mk. II Beta8910 1998 (aka the Beast), an
   abomination by Nathan_Roberts
<Jondar> so... there has been 8909 beta versions before that one? :)
<Jondar> the next question, is this more or less than Microsoft in
         making Win95? :)
Tue Sep 22
 * TheProf sees that nathan found the underline button.....Doh! That was
   my last action for the year!
Tue Sep 22
 * Jondar wallops the enter key *this action has been co-funded by
   mIRC actions PLC*
Tue Sep 22
<KingSpyder> What _is_ the underline button?
<Nathan_Roberts> On mIRC it's Ctrl-U
<AldenB> What is it in ircii?
<KingSpyder> Oh...
<Nathan_Roberts> Ctrl-_
 * Jondar thought it was Ctrl+F4 ....
*** KingSpyder has left channel #drwhochat
[At least one person ALWAYS falls for it]
 * Jondar goes to the wall and puts another mark on it...
Tue Sep 22
 * TheProf consults Websters dictionary.
<Jondar> Prof: Webster is looking for his dictionary... better give it back :)
<TheProf> I was only borrowing it. I'm sure he has lots of unsold copies.
          The plot is hard to follow.
<Jondar> hard to follow? The plot is amazingly simple, it goes from A-Z!
Tue Sep 22
 * TheProf is getting an A in both of his computer classes by the way. I
   even got a B on a test I read the wrong chapter on. :o)
Tue Sep 22
<AldenB> 790 posts to alt.binaries.drwho??
<AldenB> What have people been doing?!?
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: Is the Brig posting WAVs again?
<AldenB> Oh, Christ!!!
<AldenB> Someone's posted the three Doctor's episode 1 as a massive zip!!!
<Nathan_Roberts> Say WHAT?
<AldenB> And mindrobber, doesn't say which part.
<Nathan_Roberts> Sounds like somebody needs to get a clue... or their
                 internet access revoked
<Jondar> or the BBC onto them
Tue Sep 22
 * TheProf is allpowerful.....especially his breath.
 * TheProf searches for a Certs.
 * Jondar rips off the Prof mask and reveals Blor... :)
<TheProf> I'm no Swede!
 * TheProf is as American as the car he drives......oops that is a Toyota.
Wed Sep 23 <Jondar>
Third Law of IRC thermodynamics: Lag increases
Wed Sep 23
*** Random_C has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to
    "Application Netscape has Expetedly Quit."
Wed Sep 23
 * TheProf plans to live to 100 or die trying.
Wed Sep 23
*** TheProf has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by TheProf
    (Less punishment! More disiplin!)
*** TheProf has joined channel #drwhochat
*** TheProf has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by Nathan_Roberts
    (Less discipline!  More senseless violence!)
Wed Sep 23
*** Mode change "+o TheProf" on channel #drwhochat by ChanServ
*** Mode change "+o TheProf" on channel #drwhochat by ChanServ
*** Mode change "+o TheProf" on channel #drwhochat by ChanServ
*** Mode change "+o TheProf" on channel #drwhochat by ChanServ
*** Mode change "+o TheProf" on channel #drwhochat by ChanServ
<Nathan_Roberts> Whoa!
*** Mode change "+o TheProf" on channel #drwhochat by ChanServ
<Nathan_Roberts> Down, K9
<Nathan_Roberts> Down boy
*** Mode change "+o TheProf" on channel #drwhochat by ChanServ
<TheProf> Chanserv loves me!!!!
*** Mode change "+o TheProf" on channel #drwhochat by ChanServ
*** Mode change "+o TheProf" on channel #drwhochat by ChanServ
 * TheProf has a feeling chanserv is kissing up to him and if his
   theory about Chezwho actually being chanserv is correct TheProf
   is getting very, very afraid.
Wed Sep 23
<Nathan_Roberts> You're not sitting on the F11 key or something are you?
*** Mode change "+o TheProf" on channel #drwhochat by ChanServ
<TheProf> Nope. I didn't know f11 did that.
 * TheProf looks and sees he has an F13 key on his key board.
 * TheProf presses the button.
<TheProf> Interesting. I causes a message to pop up that says  "Press
          that again and you'll pull back a stump"
 * TheProf presses it again.
*** TheProf is now known as Stumpy
Thu Sep 24
 * TheProf sees there are now 3 hurricanes in the Atlantic. Did we piss
   off mother nature or what?
 * Nathan_Roberts goes over to have a friendly talk with mother nature...
 * Nathan_Roberts comes back with a black eye, broken nose, and cut lip
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: I'd say, very probably
Thu Sep 24
 * TheProf is away (And I mean totally away like bonkers in the extreme.)
Thu Sep 24
 * TheProf is sure if he keeps fiddling with K9 it is going to bite him.
<Jondar> Prof: don't you mean, stun :)
<TheProf> Jason you forget who made it. I mean kill.
 * TheProf often thinks Nathan will either save civilization or be the
   end of it.
Thu Sep 24
 * Jondar acks as he realises he can't send email with his FirstLink
   account while he's on AOL :(
<TheProf> My e-mail is down for another hour. They are doing some
          system maintanence.
 * Nathan_Roberts thinks he can send mail independant of his ISP's server
 * TheProf thinks it is great to see Nathan asserting his indipendance.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Behold the wonders of Linux! >:)
 * AldenB thinks it's nice seeing Prof not exercising his spell checker. ;-)
 * TheProf asserts his indipendence only to have theproffess squash it.
Thu Sep 24
<TheProf> 2 Doctor Who Annuals.1978 & 1979. UK issued.
<Nathan_Roberts> Wow.  One of those is the year of my birth
<Jondar> it's one of my birth years too
<Nathan_Roberts> You mean you have more than one? :)
<Jondar> Nate: yes, I do :)
<Nathan_Roberts> ummmm
<Nathan_Roberts> tilt
<Jondar> that sentence didnt' come out right, did it? :)
Thu Sep 24
<TheProf> The wife gave me $60 today. :o)
<Jondar> Prof: oooh... what nice thing did you do to deserve that?
<Jondar> or should I say, what's TheProfess doing to do that entails you
         being given $60 to get out of the house :)
Fri Sep 25
<TheProf> Nathan your K9 did me in earlier.
<Nathan_Roberts> What?
<AldenB> K9 knows who's master... and it's not the Prof!
Fri Sep 25
<Jefferys> How's [Hurricane] Georges?
<TheProf> Heading twords my wife's folks right now.
<Nathan_Roberts> Hey, Prof, you could finally be rid of your mother-in-law!!
 * TheProf actually likes his mother in law......that may be because she
   is 3000 miles away but that is not the point.
Fri Sep 25 <Alden>
Make a sentence out of these words: Celeron, avoid, plague, like, the.
Fri Sep 25
 * TheProf refuses to typ another word.
<Alden> Would you care to rephrase that? >;-)
<Nathan_Roberts> You just did.
<TheProf> Not one.
<TheProf> I did not.
<Nathan_Roberts> That was 8
<Nathan_Roberts> 11 now.
<TheProf> It was your imagination.
<Nathan_Roberts> Not including the original No
<Nathan_Roberts> 12.... 13... 14... 15
<Alden> You did too!
<Alden> Is this the five minute argument, or the half hour?
<TheProf> Your halusinating again Nathan. Last time remember you thought
          you were Farrah Fawcett. The neighbors had to call the police.
<Nathan_Roberts> 35
<Alden> Yeah, it was obvious he was Judi Dench.
Fri Sep 25
 * Alden feels his brain freeze up.
<Alden> Damn writer's block.
 * TheProf opens Alden's brain and puts an ice tray in for later.
 * TheProf checks to see if his ice cubes are ready so he can put one
   in his soda.
 * TheProf accidently spills his soda inside Alden's brain.
 * Alden sticks his head in the microwave and puts it on defrost.
 * TheProf watches Alden's head explode across the room.
 * Alden collects the bits o his head and puts it together.
 * Nathan_Roberts hands Alden some tape and bailing wire
 * Alden flashes some passing people and records their reaction for Prof.
[TheProf SOUND] biggun.wav
 * Nathan_Roberts jumps out of his skin
<TheProf> LOL!
 * Alden hands Nathan his skin.
<TheProf> I was wondering who I would get with that one. :o)
 * Nathan_Roberts goes to reattach his skin
<Nathan_Roberts> Can I have my tape back for a moment, Alden?
<TheProf> My wife one night was on here and she had taken over the
          computer but not left irc. So she is surfing the web on
          the computer she stole from me and Alden does Biggun.wav and
          my wife almost fell completely out of the chair and it
          startled her so much my sweet mouthed wife yells
          "What the f*** was that!"
Fri Sep 25
 * Alden doesn't see what's wrong with him being on sadwank. I have
   fantasies too, dammit! :-)
<TheProf> I loved her one comment "I can see Crow and Nathan being on
          this but Alden?"
<TheProf> The thing is Nathan isn't on it.
<Alden> Nathan?!!
<Nathan_Roberts> The irony is that I'm NOT!
 * Alden can't see Nathan being on it at _all_!!!
<TheProf> I know but she can believe your on there rather than Alden.
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm the Algelic-Schoolboy type she thinks Alden is...
<TheProf> Alden is Mr Beanie cursor man.
<Alden> Crow, yes, Prof, yes, Nathan...
<Alden> Oh, the Beanie Cursors threw her off. :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Jeez, I don't even know what's ON that list...
<Jondar> LOL at TheProfess' comments :)
<Jondar> Nate: I don't know either...
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm not sure I want to...
 * TheProf likes it.
<Nathan_Roberts> What IS on it?
<TheProf> It may be my best shot for a Lis in a bikini picture.
<Alden> Nathan: A bunch of guys lusting after the female companions.
<Nathan_Roberts> And the Profess thinks I'm on THAT?  I demand an apology!!!!
<TheProf> Nathan get in line. I'm still waiting for my first one.
Sat Sep 26
<Nathan_Roberts> Crap
<Alden> Nathan: Not in here you don;'t.
<Alden> Use the toilet like normal people.
Sat Sep 26
<FIGO__> bueno,me quedo
<FIGO__> no me voy
-Jondar- [OpNotice] Nate: FIGO__ speaks Spanish, and doesn't know
         much English, any ideas on how to extricate him from the channel?
-Nathan_Roberts- -OPNOTICE- /KICK? >:)
-Alden- Hasta La Vista, Figo *punt*
<FIGO__> adiossssssssss
-Nathan_Roberts- -OPNOTICE- GMTA
<Nathan_Roberts> D'oh
-TheProf- *** FIGO__ targeted. Press F10 to boot
-Alden- *** TheProf targeted. Press F10 to boot.
<Jondar> Muahahaha!
<TheProf> *** Alden targeted. Press F10 to boot
 * Alden puts on his anti-boot boots.
<TheProf> Mutual assured distruction Alden.
-Nathan_Roberts- -OPNOTICE- *** Nathan targeted. Press F10 to die.
Sat Sep 26
*** Mode change "+o TheProf" on channel #DrWhoChat by ChanServ
*** Mode change "+o TheProf" on channel #DrWhoChat by ChanServ
*** Mode change "+o TheProf" on channel #DrWhoChat by ChanServ
*** Mode change "+o TheProf" on channel #DrWhoChat by ChanServ
*** Mode change "+o TheProf" on channel #DrWhoChat by ChanServ
<TheProf> Chanserv loves me.
*** TheProf has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by Nathan_Roberts
    (But we don't!)
Sat Sep 26
*** Mode change "-bbb *!*hehe*@* *!*harvard@*
    *!*skadevil7@*" on channel #DrWhoChat by TheProf
*** Mode change "-bbb *!*1234*@195.192.176.* *!*grantr*@*
    *!*bleh@*" on channel #DrWhoChat by TheProf
<TheProf> Oops.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof has discovered the Clear Bans feature :)
<Jondar> Gee... those were bans from yesterday...
<Jondar> you mean, they'res been someone in this channel all the time for
         at least 24 hours?
<Alden> Jason: That I believe...
<TheProf> LOL
 * Jondar looks at Nate....
[What?  What're you looking at?]
Sat Sep 26
<Nathan_Roberts> Crap.
<AldenB> Nathan: I've told you before.  There are rooms for that...
Sat Sep 26
<TheProf> Jason: How about this for a guestbook entry?
<TheProf> What a great site. I especially enjoy the desktop themes. I
          think the only thing missing is an Elisabeth Sladen worship page.
          Not much really. Just 100 megs of pictures with some interviews
          and stuff. By the way, what is irc?
Sat Sep 26 [22:55]
*** Brigadier changes topic to 'NetscRape has expectedly died. Again.
    Pull Trigger Yes/No/Reboot?'
Sun Sep 27 [00:25]
 * NathanWindows_Away mercilessly guts more crap off his hard drive
<NathanWindows_Away> The Windows directory is the biggest directory
                     on the hard drive...
<Jondar> Nate: I'd believe that... though, in my case, the Windows/System
         folder is
<NathanWindows_Away> Well the directory-size-info program that I threw
                     together only tells me about the directories directly
                     off c:\
<NathanWindows_Away> I'd believe that though
<NathanWindows_Away> And I have no idea how I'd ever trim it down, short
                     of reinstalling it
<NathanWindows_Away> The next largest directory is my soundblaster
                     directory (mostly due to the WAV collection within)
 * NathanWindows_Away gets evil gleam in eyes
<Jondar> Oh-oh
 * Alden hides.
<Jondar> he's going to compress the wavs? :)
<LyssJean_of_Ni> Run for the hills!!
<NathanWindows_Away> Actually, I'm talking 100% compression here >:)
<Jondar> ROTFL Nate
 * NathanWindows_Away yanks out a machete!
 * Jondar mourns the loss of those innocent wavs files... they could've
   come and lived in sanctuary on Jondar's F Drive, but no, they
   sacrificed themselves to Nathans Machete
Sun Sep 27
 * Jondar picked up a very crappy umbrella for A$2 once... lasted 5
   minutes in a light shower
<AldenB> Did it look like Troughton's umrella in The Krotons? ;-)
Sun Sep 27
 * MicrosoftFreeNathan notices that his umbrella looks almost like
<Anmarc> Nate: all you need now is a blond curly wig and some patchwork
         clothing....... :)
Sun Sep 27
[Nathan is quoting Trial of a Time Lord]
<Nathan_Roberts> "Where we come from a woman can have as many as six
                 [husbands]"- Dibba "Where I come from we have something
                 similar; except we have them one at a time"- Peri
<Anmarc> it's Dibber
<Nathan_Roberts> Bloody accents... :)
<Anmarc> :)
<Nathan_Roberts> "Be silent!  Fat one!"- Katrinka
<AldenB> "Look who's talking"- The Doctor.
<Jondar> Katryca
 * Jondar goes over to the wall and put another mark under "bloody accents" :)
Sun Sep 27
 * Jondar received a One Nation how to vote paper in the mail today... my
   conclusion: They need a better photocopier :)
<Jondar> and the use of a decent spell checker
<Jondar> how on earth could you spell "Liverpool" wrong??
<AldenB> How'd they spell it??
<AldenB> Kidneypool?
Sun Sep 27
* MicrosoftFreeNathan hears the ICQ message soudn... Guess who it must be?
<MicrosoftFreeNathan> "I hate IE."- TheProf
<Jondar> hahahaha!
<Jondar> first it was "This is OK"
<Jondar> then it was, "I prefer Netscape"
<Jondar> now, it's "I hate IE"
Mon Sep 28
<Jondar> Argh! I've turned into "Rebecka's Answering Machine"
<Jondar> :-P
<AldenB> "Hello Rebecka isn't here right now.  Press 1 to bugger off, 2 to
         leave a message which I will screw up and throw in the bin, or
         3 to sod off"
Mon Sep 28
<AldenB> Nathan: So how many times has Linux crashed on you so far? :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Zero.
<AldenB> Gee.  You must be doing something right!
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: No, actually, the programmers are doing
                 something right >:)
<Nathan_Roberts> I couldn't crash Linux if I tried.
 * Nathan_Roberts hits ctrl-alt-delete to demonstrate
<Nathan_Roberts> *** Nathan_Roberts has left IRC (Connection reset
                 by utter stupidity)

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