The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume II, Issue VIII: August 1998

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Sun Aug 02 [06:00]
 * Nathan_Roberts did something neat with his shell account today
<TalusElf> took over the world?  no wait, that's *my* ambition
<Blor> Too late, Talus...
<TalusElf> it's never too late, Blor.
<Blor> Talus: It's mine already...
<TalusElf> Blor: that doesn't mean you can't be deposed.  the world's
           greatest conquerers couldn't build permanent empires.
<Blor> Talus: Remember, I'm Evil incarnate. This world belongs to me.
<Nathan_Roberts> Ego war!!
<Blor> I have always owned it. The puny little mortals who believed they
       were rulers were the greatest of fools.
<TalusElf> Blor: yes, but according to the Hindus this is a middling world
           where good and evil are essentially in balance.  If Evil rules
           for a time, then it must eventually step aside in favor of Good.
           I may not rule in this incarnation, but I'll get my turn
           eventually.  I can wait.
<Blor> I have always owned it.
 * TalusElf now needs to find himself a Pinky-like sidekick. "What we gonna
   do this reincarnation, Talus?" "The same thing we do every reincarnation
   Pinky, try to take over the world."
<Blor> I am Blor. Resistance is useless. Give me all your scifi related
       video material or you will perish.
 * TalusElf hands over his Trek crap and hides his Star Wars and DW.
<Blor> Ooooooo! That was evil!
<Blor> You want a job?
<TalusElf> no thanks, I'm your competition remember?
<TalusElf> tho actually I'm more of a Neutral type than a Good type when
           the day's really over
<Blor> No extra money on the side? No one will ever find out.
<Blor> Nathan will "Vanish".
<Blor> Mysteriously.
<Blor> Never to be seen again.
<Blor> In fact,
<Blor> It will appear as he had never existed.
<Nathan_Roberts> Until the Doctor Who episode, "The Mysterious Person"
<TalusElf> nah, I've got stuff to accomplish.  I'm due to buy Microsoft in
           another 20 years and move it off the Dark Path.
<Blor> Sorry. I own all the stock.
<TalusElf> Not according to these hackers you don't.  :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFLMAO!
<Blor> Hmmm...
*** TalusElf changes topic to 'Neutral versus Evil in the grudge match for
    rulership of the world.'
<Blor> Ok. So who's the good guy?
<TalusElf> hmm, I dunno anyone who's Good
<Nathan_Roberts> I am.
<Blor> Gimme a break! ;)
 * TalusElf thought Nate was an employee of Blor, Inc.
<Nathan_Roberts> It's only a front!!
<Blor> Yeah, right!
<TalusElf> ahh, spying on the enemy from within.  Luke Skywalker tried that.
           I don't think it worked too well.
<Nathan_Roberts> Yeah, but he won out in the end, didn't he?
<TalusElf> I don't remember.  I just seem to recall that the whole thing
           was eventually purged from SW canon.
<TalusElf> We interrupt this channel for a word from our sponsor.
[Various sound .WAVs]
<TalusElf> We now return you to your regularly scheduled chat program.
 * Nathan_Roberts considers kicking Talus for spam ;)
<Blor> There's no way in hell you could convince anyone of us that you're
       a good guy, Nate...
<Nathan_Roberts> Nope.
<Blor> Not after the Hindenburgh "incident"
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmm?
<Blor> and Hiroshima...
 * TalusElf thought Hiroshima was Nathan *Rogers*, not Roberts.
<Blor> Nope. That was Nate allright...
Sun Aug 02 [06:37]
*** Dewuy was kicked by Nathan_Roberts (Bad word detected)
<Nathan_Roberts> Knew he was going to be trouble.
 * Nathan_Roberts pats K9
<TalusElf> Yeah, I almost kicked after the little weirdo routine
<Blor> He started out somewhat normal... :)
<TalusElf> Blor: that was the tipoff right there.  No one in a DW channel
           is ever normal.
<Jefferys> Talus: The we should all be kicked :)
 * TalusElf kicks himself.
<TalusElf> ow, that hurt
*** TalusElf was kicked by Nathan_Roberts (Weirdo.)
Sun Aug 02 [15:28]
<Jefferys> is nickserv dead?
*** Quits: Jefferys (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by Wolsey)))
<Nathan_Roberts> No, but you are now!
[In comedy, timing is everything. - TheProf]
Sun Aug 02 [18:19]
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at his manuals printed in Flyspec 3
<Nathan_Roberts> I can condense a 25-page document down to 2 pages
<Nathan_Roberts> Of course, if you don't have really good eyes, you need
                 a magnifying glass to read it :)
<Nathan_Roberts> I can fit almost 12 pages onto a single page
<TalusDwarf> damn Nathan, what's youre eyesight, 20/-500?
Sun Aug 02 [18:38]
<Nathan_Roberts> This is interesting here...
<Nathan_Roberts> [18:37] <ServHelpBot> <Dakal> Just a note, MemoServ is
                 a truly unique DALnet creation.
<Nathan_Roberts> [18:37] <ServHelpBot> <Dakal> People try to duplicate
                 it, unsuccessfully.
<Nathan_Roberts> Memoserv can't be THAT hard to duplicate
 * TalusDwarf sees Nathan's eyes light up as he's presented with a Challenge.
Sun Aug 02 [18:51]
 * Nathan_Roberts finds that reading Flyspec 3 hurts his eyes!
<TalusDwarf> well, that's what you get for trying to read 1/2 point type.
Mon Aug 03 [05:49]
 * Alden does a /who on all the NZers online.
<Alden> Heh, I like this whois: for secret information om me type /who
*** Blor has quit IRC (Dead Socket)
*** Blor has joined #drwhochat
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Blor
<Alden> ROTFL!
<Blor> Heh...
<Blor> dumb!
<Blor> dork!
<Alden> You just had to try that, didn't you. ;-)
<Blor> Yeah...
<Blor> I knew what was going to happen, had it in the back of my mind,
       but what the heck!
<Blor> Anything to amuse the crowd!
*** Blor was kicked by Blor (Blor)
[I'm starting to worry about MrB... first he changes his nick to a 4 letter
one, and now he starts kicking himself... He's turning into Grek!]
Mon Aug 03 [07:06]
<Nathan_Roberts> /who alone blows you off?
*** Quits: Nathan_Roberts (Dead socket)
*** Joins: Nathan_Roberts
<Nathan_Roberts> I'll take that as a yes.
Mon Aug 03 [07:06]
 * Nathan_Roberts reads Alden's submission and wonders if Blor is
   really Grek in disguise...
<Blor> Nate: Are you insulting me?!?! ;)
 * Nathan_Roberts brings out the evidence.
<Nathan_Roberts> [21:50] <Blor> Anything to amuse the crowd!
<Nathan_Roberts> [21:50] *** Blor was kicked by Blor (Blor)
<Blor> Nathan: Notice the capital B in Blor...
<Blor> AND The capital A in anything.
<Blor> Nathan: Grek would never use a capital A...
Sun Aug 02 [07:25]
*** Quits: TalusElf (Quit: I'm on a quest for the Holy Grail of quit lines.)
Mon Aug 03 [07:20]
*** Quits: Jefferys (Quit: I'm off on a search for the Holy Grail of quit
    lines. Until I do find it, I stuck to using this lame message. How
Mon Aug 03 [07:33]
<Nathan_Roberts> Dial-up adaptor is screwed up, BRB
*** Quits: Nathan_Roberts
*** Joins: Nathan_Roberts
 * Nathan_Roberts discovers that the reason Direct Cable Connection wasn't
   working was because he didn't have it running
<Bob01> thats a good reason:)
<TalusElf> ahh, Nate, I'd wondered where my absent-mindedness went.  You
           appear to have it.  May I have it back please?
Mon Aug 03 [09:28]
<Random_C> Er...what are you doing online at 9:30 in the morning....
<Nathan_Roberts> Wondering what I'm doing awake at 9:30 in the morning...
Mon Aug 03 [10:04]
*** Joins: Random_C
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Random_C
<Random_C> Wha!?
 * Random_C runs from Chanserv
<Random_C> IMPOSTOR!
<Random_C> It's WORKING, it can't be the real thing!
Mon Aug 03 [10:33]
*** Jefferys changes topic to 'Inquiring minds want to know:  Is the
    Quotefile up yet?'
*** Nathan_Roberts changes topic to 'NO IT IS NOT!!'
Mon Aug 03 [13:02]
<CrowTRobt> WTFQF?
 * TalusElf goes to the moon to avoid the fallout from the nuke which is
Mon Aug 03 [14:12]
<ElflikeTalus> hmm, my SimCity is broke, crime-ridden, and no one wants
               to live in my slums.  What did I do wrong?  :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Talus, if we had the answer to that, the world would be
                 such a better place :)
<ElflikeTalus> hehe Nathan, that's very true.  Maybe I could get good at
               this and start my world conquering by getting elected mayor
 * ElflikeTalus sees his entire mayorial campaign being based on the slogan
   "He's really good at Sim City."
Mon Aug 03 [14:22]
<Brigadier> computers run on hamsters
<ElflikeTalus> hamsters? bah.  I never heard anything so rediculous.  Next
               you'll be saying the earth's not flat and the moon ain't
               made of green cheese.
<Brigadier> the moon isnt made of cheese
<Brigadier> its made of spam
<Nathan_Roberts> And the earth's not flat.  It's cubic
<ElflikeTalus> Nate: Rubic's or zirconia?
Mon Aug 03 [14:26]
 * Brigadier hits elf with a canon copy of The Pit
<ElflikeTalus> ow
<ElflikeTalus> well, if you're gonna play mean then....
 * ElflikeTalus thwacks Brigadier across the face with the Trial of a
   Timelord video pack
<CrowTRobt> play nice boys or peri get breast reduction surgery!
Mon Aug 03 [17:42]
<Whomiga> What is the server for tonight?
<Nathan_Roberts> Barovia I thihkn
<Whomiga> You thihkn?
 * Nathan_Roberts grabs his keyboard and bashes it against the wall
<Whomiga> Maybe Nathan's fingers are at fault
 * Whomiga pounds Nathan's fingers with the sledge-o-matic
 * Nathan_Roberts yelps!!
<Whomiga> Oh, sorry - were those your fingers? :^/
 * Nathan_Roberts hires someone to type for him since he no longer can
 * Whomiga pulls out instant regenerator and uses it on Nathan's fingers
 * Nathan_Roberts dismisses the professional typist.
<Whomiga> Just wouldn't be the same without the typos :^)
Wed Aug 05 [13:38]
*** Joins: The_Sentry
<CrowTRobt> re ante
<The_Sentry> Re rcow
Wed Aug 05 [15:31]
 * Borusa digs his grave.
 * Borusa gets into his coffin.
<Borusa> Nathan: Is the QF ready?
 * Nathan_Roberts shoots Borusa with the Demat gun
<IsraelBeta> Nathan: Ooh, no coffin needed.:)
<Noo-Noo> That wasn't nice, Nathan.  Not after he made all the effort with
          the grave...
Thu Aug 06 [23:17]
 * AldenB gets out the juggling aardvarks again and sets them up juggling
   statuettes of Paul McGann.
<Starfury> Ooooh!
 * Starfury sees Alden finally gave up trying to get her to quit
   misunderstanding and just taught the Aardvarks how to juggle
<AldenB> Becky: Yup, I figured it was easier in the long run. ;-)
 * AldenB starts juggling the juggling aardvarks.
<data-umph> Now that's gotta be a spectacle.
 * Nathan_Roberts is learning how to do Unix scripting
<data-umph> Now, UNIX-scripting Aardvarks?  THAT would be a spectacle!
 * Jondar throws in a couple of working chainsaws for Alden to juggle
   as well as the aardvarks
 * AldenB arghs and tries not to accidentally chainsaw his hand off. :-)
 * Nathan_Roberts tosses in a flaming torch
 * Nathan_Roberts tosses in a sword
 * Nathan_Roberts tosses in a bowling ball
 * data-umph tosses in a flaming aardvark
 * AldenB is now juggling seven objects at once.
<AldenB> If anyone adds a chevy, I'm leaving. :-)
 * data-umph throws in a flaming chevy
 * Jondar tosses in a kitchen sink
 * data-umph sets the kitchen sink on fire
 * Jondar throws in a Chevy Chase :)
<data-umph> Jondar - is it flaming?
 * AldenB steps aside and lets the whole lot fall to the ground. Ooops!
Fri Aug 07 [22:45] <Cyberprof>
The Monarcs won big tonight and our point guard threw her game shoes to
the croud. Un fortunately My head was in the way of the second one and I
had my back turned. She apologiesed all over the place.
Now had I been single it would have been a perfect time to ask her out.
Fri Aug 07 [23:24]
<Nathan_Roberts> Becky is going on Vacation, and I'm seeing a comedy show
                 with Random Companion.  Ok, who's next to get a life?
<Starfury> Nathan: you got a life? *gasps* Get out of here right now!
<Nathan_Roberts> Becky: Anyway, I can't be getting a life just yet.  I'm
                 starting to learn Unix now, and the two are mutually
Fri Aug 07 [23:45] <Bozzie>
Actually, when I installed [Windows 95], I started with 100 megs free and
it needed more room (like 120) I made 150 available, it needed like 160,
I made 200 available, and it installed and took up lless then 100
Sat Aug 08 [00:40]
<Nathan_Roberts> Eep!  It's 12:42!
<MarcusD> No it isn't. It's 8.40am and Bill's on in 20 minutes.
<Alden> Gates?  Clinton?  Thompson?
<TheProf> I hope it is the third.  I don't like guys with bad haircuts
          or perverts.
<MarcusD> Hartnell
<TheProf> Or dead bodies.
Sat Aug 08 [00:48]
*** Joins: Blor
<Blor> Greetings humans
<Nathan_Roberts> Hi Blor.  What do you want this time? :)
<Blor> Nathan: Give me all your icecream. Preferably chocolate.
<Bozzie> I scream. You scream, we all scream cause we're companions.
<Nathan_Roberts> Err... I'm afraid I don't have any...
<Blor> Nathan: Then I will have to annihilate you.
 * Nathan_Roberts prepares to take his punishment like a wuss.
                 TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Blor> No youre not.
<Bozzie> Your punishment is to use windows 95 forever.... hahahahah!
<Bozzie> (much worse than annihilation)
 * Nathan_Roberts runs screaming into the night!
 * Blor EXT-ER-MI-NATEs Nathan_Roberts
<Nathan_Roberts> erg... i'm not dead
<Nathan_Roberts> if you exterminate me, you know there will never be
                 another quotefile!
<Blor> Nathan: Would you prefer using Windows 95 for all eternity?
<Nathan_Roberts> Blor: Like I have a choice to start with?!?
<TheProf> Nathan since you are so late this month that will not save you.
<Nathan_Roberts> Shut up Prof!
<TheProf> Kill him Blor.
<Bozzie> bad move, prof
<Bozzie> now he'll cut out all quotes from you (or keep them
         in purposefully :))
 * Nathan_Roberts goes to collect all the bad things Prof said about
   the Profess before he dies!
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh, blackmail!
 * Nathan_Roberts begins addressing an EMail to
<TheProf> Nathan blackmail will get you ..............exactly what you want.
<Nathan_Roberts> Wahahahahah!
 * Nathan_Roberts pauses...
<TheProf> The pause that refreshes?
 * Nathan_Roberts hovers over the Send button...;
<TheProf> Scary thought with Nathan.
 * Bozzie pushes the unpause button
 * TheProf changes ISPs quickly.
 * Nathan_Roberts hits send quicklyer!
<Bozzie> faster than a speeding e-mail...
<TheProf> That's not a word! No fair!
 * Bozzie presses send quicklyerly than thou.
 * Nathan_Roberts submits his suggestion(s) to webster quicklyerlyer!
 * TheProf blows up Nathan's thesorus leaving him helples and knowing
   only 34 real words.
<Nathan_Roberts> nathan pissed
<TheProf> That's two.
<Nathan_Roberts> nathan kill prof
<Nathan_Roberts> nathan attempt to remember other 24 words
 * Nathan_Roberts shoots Prof with the Demat gun
Sat Aug 08 [0:55]
 * TheProf hears Bill Gates is going into the toothbrush line. He bought
   out Crest and made it so their toothpaste only works on his brushes.
Sat Aug 08 [21:33]
<Bozz> Nathan, are you still pissed?
<Nathan_Pissed> Hmm...
<Nathan_Pissed> No, but if I change my nick Dalnet will probably kill
                me again
<Bozz> ah, ok
<Nathan_Pissed> (Although if it's in a killing mood it probably will anyway)
<Nathan_Pissed> Like it did earlier
*** Brigadier is now known as Guest52621
*** Quits: Guest52621 (Killed (
    ( <-[])))
<Nathan_Pissed> Like I said...
Sat Aug 08 [23:57]
 * AldenB pokes Nathan. HTQF? ;-)
 * Nathan_Roberts shoots Alden with the Demat gun
<AldenB> Ah, Nathan _is_ awake. :-)
Sun Aug 09 [00:27]
*** Joins: TheProf
<Nathan_Roberts> Hi Prof
<TheProf> I want a cookie.
<AldenB> Hello Prof.
<Jondar> Hi Prof
<TheProf> I want a cookie.
 * TheProf demands a cookie as tribute.
 * AldenB fishes a cookie from under his bed.
 * AldenB tosses it to the Prof.
<TheProf> Yum! Cookie!
 * TheProf is now happy.
<Jondar> cookie?
 * TheProf is actually the Cookie Monster in discise.
<Nathan_Roberts> For a Sesame Street character, you sure teach lousy
<TheProf> I spell as good as any 5 year old you can find.
<Nathan_Roberts> No you don't :)
 * TheProf has been brought to you by the letters I,N,S,A,N and E.
   Also by the numbers 4 and 2.
Sun Aug 09 [00:53] <TheProf>
Jason you will notice on the wallpaper for the Mars theme proof that
Sojourner was the first vehicle to do donuts on Mars. Either that or
my wife was driving the thing. Notice the bad parking job in the cursor?
That really looks like my wife's parking.
Sun Aug 09 [01:19]
 * TheProf asks the question. New Zealand: What went wrong?
 * AldenB tells the answer: the government did. :-)
Mon Aug 10 [00:23]
<Theta-G> Now let's see, what's the most nonchalant /nick to be
          discovered in...
*** NemoDream is now known as nonchalant
Mon Aug 10 [01:03]
<Nathan_Roberts> Erk... I think my mom got blown off her ISP yet again
<Nathan_Roberts> I think CRL/PlaNET/GMI/Whatever syndrome has expanded
                 to include Concentric...
<Jondar> Why does the phrase "You can run but you can't hide" seem
         appropriate now? :)
Mon Aug 10 [11:38]
 * Jondar shouldn't really be here :)
<NemoDream> Are you all shirking class or work?
 * Jondar is shirking sleep >:-)
Tue Aug 11 [12:47]
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Javascript is a piece of crap
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> It's heavily abused
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> If it were a drug it would be illegal
Tue Aug 11 [17:44]
*** Quits: Whomiga (
*** Quits: Lord`Jerec (
*** Quits: dha (
*** Quits: Alryssa (
 * Nathan_Roberts looks around, hankerchief to his nose...
<Nathan_Roberts> Oops...
Tue Aug 11 [17:52]
*** Quits: Leela (Quit: shower, food.)
<Nathan_Roberts> Does Leela have "shower, food" for her quit message
                 because that's the only time she goes offline? ;)
<yatesy> nathan: your one to talk:)
Tue Aug 11 [21:44]
*** Nathan_Roberts changes topic to 'Let's all pester Nathan about the
    QF - 11 days late and counting (chrisk) On second thought, let's not
    and say we did'
<NemoDream> If we all pester Nathan too much he might suspend it for
            this month
<NemoDream> He has the powah u know
 * Nathan_Roberts thinks... "July/August quotefile" >:)
<Whomiga> BEFORE the end of August!?!
<Bozzie> Whomiga: It might take longer than Avalon! :0
<Whomiga> Bozzie - He better hurry, looks like Avalon is starting to
          come around :^)
 * Nathan_Roberts thinks... "Next person that asks will make it the
   July/August/September Quotefile, and will have their names prominently
   mentioned..." >:) >:) >:)
 * Nathan_Roberts thinks... "And if that doesn't work... 1998 quotefile!!!!"
<Nathan_Roberts> Muahahahahahaha!
<Bozzie> 20th Century Quotefile? :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Bozzie: That was coming next >:)
Tue Aug 11 [21:47]
 * chrisk looks at Nathan's smiley >:) What *is* that thing?
<Nathan_Roberts> Evil smiley >:)
<NemoDream> smiley with horns
<NemoDream> or vulcan smiley ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Or, MrBubonic smiley :)
*** chrisk changes topic to 'Odd smiley night.'
<RedQueen> Nemo: no, a vulcan smily is :|
<NemoDream> >:|
<Bozzie> trick smiley! Vulcans dont smile!
 * Whomiga just has :^)
<Bozzie> :)----  : Miss Ana Rexic Smile...
<NemoDream> }}}:-) klingon
<Bozzie> Or the original series klingon smiles... {:-)>
<chrisk> Don't the ridges face upward? {{{:-)
<NemoDream> no-- they loop up
<NemoDream> they face upwards and loop up too
<chrisk> Oh yes
 <chrisk> }}}:-) looks better...
 * Bozzie thinks {{{ looks better, myself
<Theta-G> :-{+} Haemovore smiley
<NemoDream> (  :|)  Mr. Homn
<Bozzie> ( -@ )))[*]  Dalek... smiling?
<NemoDream> %%%%% :O   mel smiley
<Theta-G> X_X  Adric smiley
<NemoDream> {= :|]  Frankenstein
<Bozzie> % 8-) ))==== 4th Doctor Smiley
<Nathan_Roberts> |-O-<-<  Hung smiley
<NemoDream> {:)<+****]<|   2nd doc
<NemoDream> =^. .^=
<NemoDream> =^- -^=
<NemoDream> =^. .^=
<Nathan_Roberts> Meow?
<NemoDream> a cat blinking
<NemoDream> This is Ruthie-- =^..^=     @@@@@    =^--^=  *purr*
<NemoDream> Cotton:      =^.\/.^=
<Bozzie> =^..^=    %% @%%% // %%% <- Cat shedding hair
<Bozzie> #[8-<)  Cyberman
<NemoDream> Cyberman on Prozac [(8->]
<Theta-G> silly rabbit, cybertechnology is too advanced for ASCII.
<NemoDream> () () () () ()   - - wabbit pellets
<NemoDream> -------------0-?    Fishing hook
<NemoDream> -------------0-<*)<<<<<|<
<NemoDream> ---------0-<*)<<<<<|<
<NemoDream> ----0-<*)<<<<<|<
<NemoDream> -0-<*)<<<<<|<
<NemoDream> *splash*
<Bozzie> ===== O         o8  Pool table
<Theta-G>   +(^_^)+  Adric in earrings smiley
<Bozzie> %$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%%$%$% <-Adric in anything...
<NemoDream> %%%%%%%++%%%%%%   kitty litter
<NemoDream> o(^_^)o  Adric in hoop earrings
<NemoDream> O(^o^)O  Ernie    O|^O^|O   bert
<NemoDream> #_:o<__}+++        Beaker..  meep!meep!
<NemoDream> (  )=  THis is your brain.    (%0%)  This is your brain on drugs.
<NemoDream> (  )=  THis is your brain.    o(^_^)o  This is your brain on drugs.
<NemoDream> ( |'  )+   snoopy
<Theta-G> ========== ===========
<Theta-G> |||||||||[ ]||||||||||
<Theta-G> |||||POLICE BOX|||||||
<Theta-G> ((((((((((O)))))))))))
<Theta-G> {{{{{{{{ O_O }}}}}}}}}
<Theta-G> <<<<< DOCTOR WHO >>>>>
<Theta-G> <<<<<<<< < > >>>>>>>>>
<Theta-G> <<< BY PETER THETA >>>
<Theta-G> <<<<<< PART ONE >>>>>>
<NemoDream> =====()_)
 * NemoDream tosses marshmallows =======()_)
<Theta-G> -----------()_)
<NemoDream>  =======()_)
 * Theta-G toasts a marshmallow
<NemoDream> [(+++)[ ](|================================-
 * NemoDream isn't afraid to use a light saber :)
<Theta-G> The Disintegrator Gun!
Tue Aug 11 [22:16]
<NemoDream> Nathan -- what day are u up to in the QF?
<Nathan_Roberts> 28
<NemoDream> not bad
 * NemoDream retracts that
<NemoDream> that was like telling a guy who had run across the Sahara
            with no water "Not bad"
Tue Aug 11 [22:59]
 * Jondar is looking for prices of 56k modems. This 33k6 one at this ISP
   is beyond a joke :(
<Jondar> I'm now only getting 21k6 connect maximum
<Nathan_Roberts> ugh
<Alden> Jason: Have you rung your ISP?
<Alden> Perhaps even shot?
<Jondar> Alden: yes, done that.
Tue Aug 11 [23:40]
<Anduril-> what are the layers of the atmosphere called, from bottom/lowest
           to top?
<Alden> Frank, Jeff and Mavis.
<Alden> Next question? :-)
Wed Aug 12 [01:46]
 * Alden sets his jock strap on fire. Men of the world! Rise up and
   throw off the chains of penguin oppression!!!
 * Jondar looks at Alden oddly
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at Alden like he just sprouted three heads
   and feathers
<Blor> Can someone please give alden his medication?
 * Alden sprouds three head and feathers for good measure.
 * Nathan_Roberts gets straightjacket
<Jondar> Come here Alden, the nice men want to take you on a trip....
Wed Aug 12 [02:35]
<TheProf> Alden I know a guy who has a ping reply that plays wav sounds in
          msg for his ping responce. That would be perfect.
<Nathan_Roberts> You misspelt "annoying" :)
<TheProf> You misspelled misspelled Nathan.
<Nathan_Roberts> Bugger!
<TheProf> LOL
 * Nathan_Roberts thinks it's sad when Prof is correcting his spelling...
<Nathan_Roberts> That's like, the blind leading the blind... Hell, that's
                 the deaf, dumb, and blind leading the blind...
<TheProf> Bad is really my wife coming along and scrolling up the screen
          going "You misspelled that and that and.............
 * Nathan_Roberts waits for Prof to misspell "that"
 * Nathan_Roberts waits for Prof to misspell "I"
<TheProf> A never misspell that.
Wed Aug 12 [17:37]
<Borusa> Are you still there?
<Nathan_Roberts> No
Wed Aug 12 [17:39]
<Borusa> Is it safe to ask the normal question 8-)
<Nathan_Roberts> No :)
<Whomiga> Ummm, can I plead the 5th?
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFL
<Borusa> I mean for Nathe.
<Borusa> And no you can't use the 5th.
<Whomiga> Nate - you are getting pretty good stuff for next month
          from being late this month :^)
<Borusa> If the QF done.
 * Borusa dives behind a rock.
 * Nathan_Roberts shoots Borusa
<Borusa> I was behind the rock.
<Borusa> So you missed.
 * Whomiga just checks Nathan's page before coming in (That way I know
   not to ask :^)
<Bozzie> Nathan: couldnt you put up what you have gotten done?
<Nathan_Roberts> Actually, I almost am done
<Whomiga> :^O!!!!!
<Bozzie> Whomiga: He'll beat avalon.
<Whomiga> Looks like it
<Borusa> Hooray!
 * Borusa phones the world inviting everybody for a party.
<Bozzie> (There is a cloaking device to prevent NR from reading this... ;-))
         /me wonders how long "almost finished" is...
<Whomiga> And the rest of us have cloak detectors?!?
 * Nathan_Roberts shoots Bozzie with the Demat gun
<Nathan_Roberts> As do I, I'm afraid >:)
<Bozzie> yup :)
<Whomiga> Bootlegged, I suppose :^)
Wed Aug 12 [23:41]
[I'm running both mIRC and ircII at once]
 * panatropic looks at Nathan
<panatropic> Show off
<Nathan_ircII> lol
<Nathan_ircII> Believe it or not, this is a Windows version of ircII
<panatropic> oh well in that case..
<panatropic> get it running ircle and then I'll be impresed
 * Nathan_ircII scrambles to find a Mac emulator
Thu Aug 13 [22:39]
<IsraelBeta> Meg: The TV Companion's ISBN turned up *jack* on
<Nathan_Roberts> What's SupremeDalek got to do with it?
 * IsraelBeta fwaps Nathan as badly as he would fwap someone for asking
   him about the.....aah, you know.
Fri Aug 14 [00:08]
<DoctorFred> Alden i know what you look like too
<AldenB> DF: It's all a lie.  Those pictures of me and Katy Manning
         are fakes.
 * Nathan_Roberts didn't know Alden looked like a Dalek >:)
Fri Aug 14 [01:19] <TheProf>
This by the way is our third auto accident in two years. None were our
fault although we can't get anyone to get in a car with us anymore. Even
the hitchhikers hide their signs pretend to not see us when we drive by.
I offered my brother a ride today and he told me he needed the exercise
so he was going to walk. He said "Don't worry, it's only 10 miles."
Fri Aug 14 [01:49]
*** Joins: TheProf
 * TheProf thinks it might be easier to write a script that has a generic
   welcome back for folks nailed by Peer.
<Jondar> Prof: you weren't nailed by peer though this time :)
<Jondar> [QUIT] TheProf - Ping timeout
<Jondar> Prof: you were naughty and got sent to the time out chair :)
<TheProf> I'm a good boy. Ask the wife.................actually don't.
Fri Aug 14 [02:49]
<TheProf> Hey! I found my marbles!
<TheProf> Nope. They're Nathan's. Rats!
Fri Aug 14 [02:51]
<Nathan_Roberts> Hey Prof, you interested in a screen saver?
<Nathan_Roberts> A Doctor Who screen saver?
<Nathan_Roberts> One that actually looks good?
<Nathan_Roberts> One that's actually impressive?
<TheProf> What does it show? Lis in a bikini?
Fri Aug 14 [04:51]
<TheProf> I love my notify list.
<TheProf> *** AldenB is on IRC (The sheepish one.)
<TheProf> *** Jondar is on IRC (I come from a land down under.)
<TheProf> *** Nathan_Roberts is on IRC (May God have Mercy on your soul.)
<Jondar> *** TheProf is on IRC (I have the silly notify notes.)
Fri Aug 14 [04:59]
 * TheProf wonders if anyone here actually uses any of his themes he made.
<AldenB> Prof: Sorry, my character outline only allows me to use the
         Mel theme all the time.
Fri Aug 14 [04:59]
<TheProf> Jason by chance did you do anything to the read me file for
          the Mars theme?
<Jondar> Prof: just edited the directions slightly, you keep on getting
         the file and theme folder thing confused :)
 * TheProf notes a rather bad spelling error in the Mars read me file.
<Jondar> there is?
<AldenB> Prof: Ah, you wrote that part? :-)
 * TheProf notes a rather bad spelling error HE didn't make.
 * AldenB hears the Hallelujah chorus.
<TheProf> The word originally is spelled origiginally.
<TheProf> Not that anyone actually reads the read me file. :o)
<TheProf> I never do. To much like instructions.
 * Nathan_Roberts will add a function to all his subsequent programs, and
   includes in the readme file, "Do it this way or else your hard drive
   will be erased."
<Jondar> Prof: you must have. I didn't touch that part of the readme file
 * AldenB hears the Hallelujah chorus crash and burn.
<TheProf> Jason I plan to blame you for this one. About time someone else
          gets the blame.
<Jondar> Prof: hahaha! but don't blame someone who is innocent though. It
         might get ugly :)
<Jondar> Hmmm... if I'd kept the orginial zip file I'd have been able to
         do check the readme file there. But I didn't keep the original
 * AldenB has the original file.....
 * AldenB grins evilly....
<Jondar> Alden: OK - send it to me then. :)
 * TheProf wonders why in hell Alden kept that.
<TheProf> Alden's computer doesn't even have a life.
<AldenB> Yup, the spelling error is in it.
<TheProf> Rats!
<Jondar> Muahahahahaha!
<TheProf> Thanks a lot Alden.
<AldenB> Prof: Much obliged.
 * Jondar _knew_ he was innocent
 * Nathan_Roberts hears the Hallelujah chorus scream and die
<Jondar> Alden: don't worry now. I've been vindicated :)
 * TheProf was grasping at a thin ribbon of hope and he knew it.
 * AldenB puts the scissers away.
 * Jondar wonders if he should be really evil and keep the spelling error
   in the distribution file readme
<Nathan_Roberts> Better yet... Change it so it says "Origiginally written
                 by Brian Morris" >:)
<Jondar> "Changes in this release (version 1.01) Changed the ReadMe file
         because Brian made a spelling mistake in the previous version"
 * AldenB sees Prof had his revenge retroactively. He spelt Bates with a
   small b in the readme.txt
 * AldenB mutters and shoots the Hallelujah chorus.
Fri Aug 14 [05:17]
 * Nathan_Roberts wonders why his left-side toolbar keeps disappearing
   and reappering
<AldenB> Nathan: Right-click, Properties, and deselect "auto-annoy"
Fri Aug 14 [07:06]
*** Topic is ' <-- New quotefile,
    and something else you might find of interest...'
<Brigadier> wheres roberts?
<Brigadier> hey NR - WTQF?
 * Nathan_Semi_Away shoots the Brig
<Nathan_Semi_Away> RTFT
Fri Aug 14 [22:28]
<AldenB> Anyone know an application for removing unused DLLs from
         the Windows directory?
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: :)
Fri Aug 14 [22:40]
 * Jondar has been getting quite a few phone calls from friends who've
   installed Win98 and have come running to me for troubleshooting :)
<Nathan_Roberts> lol
<AldenB> Jason: Yeah, it's hell being known as a computer guru. :-)
<Jondar> First two questions I ask: "Did you use custom install?" and "Did
         you install straight over Win95"
<Jondar> BRB - phones ringing...
<trinalin> LOL - talk of the devil :)
 * Jondar listens to the first few seconds of conversation, puts the phone
   on hold and bursts out laughing
<Jondar> Guess what? That's my friend, ringing me up with (yet another)
         Win98 problem :)
<trinalin> Jason - what did I say :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Trina: "Talk of the devil" is what you said. What's
                 impressive is that you said it BEFORE the fact :)
Fri Aug 14 [22:52]
 * AldenB has been in a chat with about 40-50 people, but they're
   collective IQ was considerably lower than this rooms.
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: Let me guess... AOL? >:)
<AldenB> Nathan: No... #newzealand....
<Jondar> Alden: Ah, #newzealand
 * AldenB had grave fears for his country after five minutes in that room.
Sun Aug 16
[12:39] *** Topic is '"What do you want?"- Shadows "Who are you?"- Vorlons'
[12:40] *** Nathan_Roberts changes topic to '"What do you want?"- Shadows
        "Who are you?"- Vorlons "Why are you here?"- Lorien'
[13:07] *** panatropic changes topic to '"What do you want?"- Shadows
        "Who are you?"- Vorlons "Why are you here?"- Lorien
        "Do you want fries with that?"- McDonalds'
Sun Aug 16 [13:13] <panatropic>
You might have a 56k modem, but your connection is only as fast as the
slowest part of the path. Somewhere along it, there's someone going
uphill. Along a dirt-track. In the rain. On rollerskates. Blindfold."
Sun Aug 16 [14:09]
 * Brigadier clones Bozzie and gets him to finish the quotefile
<Bozzie> Eep
 * Bozzie goes and makes the quote file...
<Bozzie> Done!
<Bozzie> The August Quotefile: nothing funny was said this month. Go away.
Sun Aug 16 [14:38]
<Brigadier> chap with beanies, five rounds rapid
*** Quits: TheProf (Ping timeout)
<Brigadier> look the bullets work
<Brigadier> the threat is over
<Brigadier> anyone fancy a drink at the pub?
<Nathan_Roberts> You must have used Prodigy bullets
 * Brigadier flings Prodigy CDs and slits NR's throat
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as BleedingNathan
 * Brigadier thinks
 * Brigadier applies a tourniqiuet to NR's neck
 * Brigadier watches his face turn blue
*** BleedingNathan is now known as ChokingNathan
<Brigadier> its working... we're stopping the blood flow
<Brigadier> LG - give NR cpr
 * ChokingNathan 's head explodes
 * Brigadier unties the tourniquet
<Brigadier> oh dear ...
*** ChokingNathan is now known as SplatteredNathan
<Brigadier> his negative emtions box overflowed
*** SplatteredNathan is now known as The_Hydra
 * The_Hydra sprouts a new head
Sun Aug 16 [19:13]
 * Nathan_Roberts is writing some programs to help him manage the DWC pages
<Nathan_Roberts> Erf... I hate it when I get stack overflows and such on
                 a printf statement
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmm... I recompiled the program as an EXE file instead of
                 a COM file and it worked...
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmm... no it doesn't
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh, yes it is, I just forgot to pass the required
                 command-line parameter
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmm... no it doesn't
<Jondar> heehee
<Nathan_Roberts> I'll tell you what... I'll just let you know when I get
                 it sorted out :)
 * Jondar flicks the "yes it does"/"no it doesn't" switch back to the
   "yes it does" position :)
Sun Aug 16 [22:37]
<Starfury> Jason: no, only if you have a combined VHF/UHF antenna on your
           roof or something. We don't. probably because up until july 31st
           1998 we had no UHF stations.
<Starfury> oooops mischan =)
<TheProf> Oops?
<TheProf> At least Star it wasn't something embarrassing like you talking
          about Star Trek.
Sun Aug 16 [23:52]
 * Nathan_Roberts discovers just how resiliant computers are...
<AldenB> Nathan: You finally snapped and threw it out the window?
Mon Aug 17 [01:44]
 * Nathan_Roberts has himself "cabled-in" here
<Nathan_Roberts> Ow
<AldenB> Nathan: That one was live, was it?
Mon Aug 17 [06:38]
<Blor> Greetings human.
<Bob01> the evil one speaks:)
 * Romana162 is not human
<Blor> Romana: I'm sorry if I insulted you... :)
<Bob01> Blor Im a human got a problem with it:)
<Blor> This planet isnt big enough for the both us...
<Bob01> sure it is after I take your body parts and ship across the world:)
<Nathan_Roberts> Bob is living on the edge here...
 * Bob01 pulls his 44mag out
 * Blor prepares a nice, warm spot in hell for Bob
 * Bob01 packs the sunscreen
<Blor> Dont bother, we have our own brand.
<Bob01> cool what hellscreen 4000:)
<Blor> WE call it Sulphuric acid.
<Bob01> ah
<Bob01> Blor say what if I shot you with my 44mag
<Blor> It would do no damage, I'm afraid...
<Blor> AND it would condemn you to a hell in which all computer screens
       are monochrome and the fastest computer is an 8086
<Bob01> hmm
<Bob01> ah Ill dip the bullets in holy water:)
 * Bob01 shoots Blor with the holy bullets :)
<Blor> Nasty bugger!
 * Bob01 re loads the gun
<Blor> Ouch!
<Blor> Oh!
<Blor> Eeek!
<Blor> Ow!
<Blor> Argh!
<Blor> ooh!
<Blor> It itches!
<Bob01> forgot ugh:)
<Blor> Ugh!
<Blor> :)
<Bob01> wait if I cant kill you can I kill the prof he is evil as well:)
<Blor> No, sorry... The profess would be upset due to a contractbreech...
Mon Aug 17 [17:36]
<Borusa> Nathan, do you have a brother Garath?
<Nathan_Roberts> ??
<Borusa> What order to the bin Nathe 8-)
 * Nathan_Roberts just sits there looking on blankly
<Borusa> He's the script editor of a soap opera here now.
<Whomiga> THe soap doesn't run in order, I take it?
<Borusa> Don't know.
<Whomiga> can't tell, huh? :^/
Mon Aug 17 [18:35]
[I'm having trouble with my mono monitor]
*** Whomiga changes topic to 'Nathan finally got 24-bit color capability!
    (And lost the mono)'
<Nathan_Roberts> I haven't given up yet.
*** Whomiga changes topic to 'Nathan finally got 24-bit color capability!
    (And has currently misplaced the mono)'
Mon Aug 17 [19:03]
<trinalin> Anyone here have a Hotmail addy?
<Nathan_Roberts> Trina: I do
<trinalin> Nathan - can you still access it?  That is, does it not give
           you a password error?
<Nathan_Roberts> Let me try
<trinalin> Hotmail seems to have forgotten both mine and my mothers
<Nathan_Roberts> Trina: The problem is, I might have forgotten it myselfe...
Tue Aug 18 [01:32]
 * AldenB raises an eyebrow at the EMH's hair....
<Nathan_Roberts> Then and Now?
<AldenB> Nathan: I missed the title. :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> I think you people miss the titles on me on purpose so
                 I can't spring my trivia knowledge on you :)
<AldenB> No, I was reading your question when the title was on. ;-)
<Nathan_Roberts> D'OH!!
<Nathan_Roberts> talk about self-defeating...
<Nathan_Roberts> Or maybe, poetic justice
<AldenB> self-defeating?  An ejector seat on a helicopter....
Tue Aug 18 [01:39]
 * Jondar thinks Voyager won't show up here until next year... very strange
   that NZ gets the episodes first :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: I guess it's time to invade NZ now :)
 * AldenB watches Jason' launch a dawn raid on TV3.
Tue Aug 18 [02:41]
<AldenB> Anyone want to give me advice on video cards? ;-)
<Nathan_Roberts> What variety of advice?
<AldenB> I want to know if I should get a 4meg 3DFX PCI or an 8 meg AGP.
<AldenB> Given that they're roughly the same price.
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh, I wouldn't know... I'm running on ancient hardware
                 here you know :)
<AldenB> Nathan: Have you booted up that stone monolith yet? ;-)
 * Jondar wonders if Stonehenge could run Win95....... :)
<AldenB> Jason: and would Win95 support the virgin sacrific addon?
 * Nathan_Roberts watches as the box of spare parts spontaneously falls
   off the bed
<Jondar> Nate: no spontaneous combustion??
 * Nathan_Roberts watches and waits...
<Jondar> though, more to the point. You actually have spare parts in a
         _box_ ?!?! :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Did you expect anything less from me? :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Actually, no I don't have spare parts in a box.  Most of
                 them are spread out on the bed right now :)
<Jondar> yes, I expected them all littered over every available
         flat surface :)
Tue Aug 18 [02:50]
 * Nathan_Roberts looks around
 * AldenB looks asquare.
Tue Aug 18 [03:47]
 * Nathan_Roberts discovers an interesting piece of electronics on one
   of these boards.... a capacitor with a slit down the middle
<AldenB> Stylish.
Wed Aug 19 [01:29]
<AldenB> back
<Gaemil> front
<Jondar> left
<TheProf> Side
<AldenB> Starboard.
 * TheProf decides to take the top.
<Jondar> Port
 * AldenB drinks Jason
<AldenB> I was waiting for that. ;-)
<Nathan_Roberts> But to which platform?  And from which?
<Jondar> Nate: stage to railway :)
<AldenB> Pawn to Queen's pawn 4
<Jondar> King's Knight to Kings Bishop 3
<AldenB> Horsie to Pointy thing 5.
<Jondar> Alden: which one, Queens or Kings' Horsie? :)
<AldenB> Er....
<AldenB> King's horsie? :-)
<Jondar> :)
<Jondar> Pawn to King's Rook 4
<Jondar> (it's funny, I'm doing this from memory. No chess board in
         sight... :))
<AldenB> Jason: Are these actually legal moves? %-)
<Jondar> Alden: yes, they are :)
Thu Aug 20 [01:50]
<TheProf> Nathan I kicked aggrazel. He had been idle for 12 hours. A
          new record that I am sure Leela will try to break.
<Nathan_Roberts> Wow
<TheProf> aggrazel has been idle 12hrs 1min 44secs
<TheProf> aggrazel is away: for the night.
<TheProf> Who stays online in irc "For the night"?
<AldenB> Prof: Apart from us you mean?
<TheProf> Alden when you go to sleep I hope you at least get off irc.
<AldenB> Prof: Didn't you know?  I have a jack from the Internet into
         my brain. ;-)
<TheProf> Small jack.
<AldenB> Oooooo!!!
 * TheProf marks a point on the wall under his name.
 * TheProf notices no marks under the name Alden.
 * AldenB tuts.
 * TheProf marks himself another point. :o)
<AldenB> Prof: That's cause I'm a nice person who never puts anyone down. ;-)
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Alden
<AldenB> Ouch. :-)
 * TheProf looks on the wall in his home and sees countless marks under
   his wife's name and 2 under his.
 * Nathan_Roberts examines the names
<Nathan_Roberts> Hey, someone's scribbled them out and rewritten them!
 * TheProf looks outside the window and sees the Kiwis and Australians
   begin to burn him in effigy.
 * AldenB looks out the window. Sure that isn't your twin brother? ;-)
<AldenB> I was going to say evil twin, but it would have to be his
         good twin. ;-)
 * AldenB puts a mark under his name. ;-)
Thu Aug 20 [02:19]
<TheProf> Alden have we seen anyone in #dolphinsex lately?
<AldenB> Not recently.
<TheProf> I am really curious as to what that room is about.
<TheProf> I just poked my head into that room. You'll love this one guy
          and the rooms he is in.
<TheProf> It's so bad I am not sure I can even do the whois in the
          room here.
<TheProf> `BigDawg on @#zoosex #DolphinSex @#caninesex @#animalsex
          @#gaydogsex @#dogsex
<TheProf> You will notice this sick person is an op in most of those rooms.
<AldenB> Maybe he likes going to zoos and watching animals have sex.
 * TheProf lets Alden hold onto his innocence.
 * AldenB thinks he should probably just get out more. :-)
<TheProf> Or less!
<TheProf> I mean I really don't care if folks go to a sex room really. I
          mean sex is great and that is all fine but some/lots of these
          rooms are really sick.
<TheProf> The people in them I can only imagine.....try not to imagine
          what they are like.
Thu Aug 20 [02:32]
 * TheProf loves Woody Allen.
<AldenB> Hmm, I've never seen a Woody Allen movie...
<TheProf> Alden you need to get a life.......or a vcr at least.
<AldenB> I have a VCR.
<AldenB> I also have taste. ;)
 * AldenB puts a mark under his name.
 * TheProf turns the hose on Alden's name and washes off his marks.
Thu Aug 20 [02:38]
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away sees there are two tally walls in here... One for
   Prof, and one for everyone else
Fri Aug 21 [01:31]
*** Joins: TheProf
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Hi Prof
<TheProf> Nathan you know the rules! No talking while away!
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Prof: I'm working on the quotefile.  Would you like
                      me to come back instead? :)
 * TheProf thinks of the quote file being done ontime and gets wobbly.
Fri Aug 21 [02:07]
 * TheProf is very happy. He got a Princess Bear today.
<Nathan_Roberts> I thought you already had one?
 * AldenB gives Prof a cookie.
 * TheProf now has 3 Princess Bears.
 * TheProf now has over 210 Beanies.
<Nathan_Roberts> Can you say excessive?
<Nathan_Roberts> Can you spell it?  Didn't think so :)
<AldenB> Why do you need 3 Princess Bears?
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: Bragging rights! :D
Fri Aug 21 [02:51]
*** Quits: TheProf (Quit: I don't believe there will be a Y2K problem. I'll
    prove it by setting my computer clock forward to 2000. See, nothing hap)
*** Quits: TheProf (Quit: Connection reset by Y2K bug)
<TheProf> Hmmmmm. Found a French chat room.
*** Quits: TheProf (Quit: Connection reset by Piere)
Fri Aug 21 [15:04]
*** Joins: TheProf
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Hi Prof
<Shel> sure nathan, ignore me while you're away but notice prof!
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> I take special effort to notice Prof becuase
                      it annoys him when I talk while I'm away :)
<TheProf> Nathan personally I would have noticed Shel. She's cuter than me.
Fri Aug 21 [22:27] <Swanley>
 * Swanley has to go now.
I need to be shoved into a bag and taken first shopping and then to
Dr D Stone.
I'm scared.
It's dark in that bag, and it's not even a proper computer bag.
It's not got velcro and stuff to hold me in, just a t-shirt...
I don't like travelling without a safety belt.
I have to go before Random wakes up.
*** Quits: Swanley (Quit: Life? Don't talk to me about life.)
[Swanley is the name of one of Random's powerbooks... imagine it as coming
from the point of view of the powerbook itself...]
Sat Aug 22 [00:17] <Nathan_Roberts>
Joachim is idle and lagged to earth and back (I would say lagged to Hell
and back but that would be not lagged at all for him :)
Sat Aug 22 [18:14]
<TheProf> Nathan I found a use for the babelfish!
<Whomiga> Really?!?
<Nathan_Roberts> Paperweight?  Doorstop?
<Whomiga> Deadly Life Preserver?
<TheProf> A friend found an article on Beanies from Germany but needed
          it translated. Problem was the tramslation came out very odd.
<TheProf> therefore it the name -, but comes
<TheProf> animalanimal animals plastic-equipped
<TheProf> meanwhile from the United States. The Manie sloshed in the
<TheProf> meantime over the large pond to Germany.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof have you seen my BabelFish Translations Page?
<TheProf> No yet Nathan. How is this for a messed up translation?
<TheProf> Best advertising Ambassador for the Beanies, tea-sneeze
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<TheProf> What the Hell is Tea sneeze!?
<Nathan_Roberts> Wanna see more like that?  Go to
        (I think)
                 [Ed. My Babelfish Translations Page is a page where
                 I run my index page through the babelfish translator
                 (translate it to another language and back) and post
                 the results]
<TheProf> Who is this person and which is that tail with it falsely?
          [Ed. This is supposed to be the "Who is this person and what the
          heck is wrong with him?" link, a.k.a. the obligatory About Me
<TheProf> Sounds like Shakespear.
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFL
<Fenric> on crack
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<Nathan_Roberts> I see you have the same appreciation for Shakespere
                 that I do >:)
<TheProf> Makes as much sense as Shakespear.
<TheProf> And what is this?
<TheProf> National economy for blind: A manual Econ
<TheProf> As compared to an automatic Econ?
<Nathan_Roberts> hahaha
<Nathan_Roberts> That's supposed to be our Economics for Dummies page
<Nathan_Roberts> Our Highly Acclaimed (sort of) Economics for Dummies page
<Fenric> economics for dummies.. a nestene guide to business
<Nathan_Roberts> Wahahaha
<TheProf> This ring Site of the doctor Who IRC is possessed past: Nathan
          [ the following Site | ZeilensprungSite | First 5 |
          Preceding | Occasionally | Index ]
          Would like the ring to connect? Click here for info..
<TheProf> Question is Nathan will you possess future?
 * Nathan_Roberts attempts to look into the future
 * Nathan_Roberts sees Prof laying on the ground in a pool of blood
<Nathan_Roberts> (Again)
<TheProf> The French is even better!
<TheProf> Who is this person and the which pier with open-type screen
          it erroneous with him is?
<TheProf> Always knew the french language was over rated.
<TheProf> This site of loop of Doctor Who IRC is had by: Nathan Roberts.
<TheProf> [ Next Site | Site Of Jump | Then 5 | Precedent | Random |
          Increment ]
<TheProf> Please join the loop? Cliquetez here for information.
<TheProf> Nathan it looks more like you ran it through the moron translator.
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFLMAO
<Nathan_Roberts> Check the spanish translation...
<Nathan_Roberts> Who is this person and which is incorrect heck with him?
<TheProf> Here is a great one from the Spanish translation.
<TheProf> I have not left my way to make a pagination complex, eye-that
          exploded, but that I say, there I am always beauty in simplicity.
<TheProf> Now the question that needs to be asked is whose eye did explode
          and did it hurt?
<Nathan_Roberts> I like the eye-that exploded part :)
<TheProf> Now this one sounds like Nathan has cult links on his page.
<TheProf> Economy for the simulated one: A Manual De Econ
<TheProf> Question is who is the simulated one?
<TheProf> I always knew Nathan wasn't real.
<Nathan_Roberts> Hahaha
<TheProf> What I badly seem ignition a day
<TheProf> Now this next one makes Nathan sound like an alien. "You will be
<TheProf> How to enter to me contact with
<TheProf> Nathan's a Borg!!!!!!
<TheProf> This site of the ring of the doctor has to Who IRC surrounds:
          Nathan Roberts.
<TheProf> [ Following Site | Site Of Salto | Later 5 | Previous |
          At random | Index ]
<TheProf> Wish to assemble the ring? Click for the Info here.
<AldenB> surrounds Nathan Roberts?  What an ego, thinks the world
         revolves around him. ;-)
<Whomiga> Who is this salto? and isn't it the key that gets assembled?
 * TheProf thinks about running the Microsoft web site through this. Might
   make sense then.
<Fenric> no next thing you know you'll find out the micrsoft plan for
         total world domination and who gates REALLY is.. and then get
         strangled by the modem line
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFLMAO
<Fenric> the output door (left to other websites).. hmm whats to the right
<Whomiga> The Trapdoor?
[Sound of a fading scream...]
 * TheProf unfortunately finds out.
 * Nathan_Roberts peers down the trapdoor and waves at Prof as he falls
   to his death
 * Nathan_Roberts sees him down at the bottom on the ground, surround in...
   a... pool of... oh dear...
<Nathan_Roberts> Remember the prophecy I made earlier?
 * TheProf with his last ounce of streanth makes a splendid gesture to
Sat Aug 22 [19:36] <Brigadier>
[Yet another spam quote...]
<AmAndA-64> Hi, my name is Amanda, I'm 20, Go to my personnal Webpage!
            Free pics of me!!
<Brigadier> > Hi. my name is Amanda, I'm clueless. Go to my personal
            Webpage! Free brain cells since I don't need them!!
Sun Aug 23 [16:59]
 * Borusa wonders that if Nathan has started the August quotefile 8-)
 * Nathan_Roberts shoots BOrusa
<Brigadier> yeah wheres the august quo^H^H^H quota of new members?
Sun Aug 23 [19:14]
<Jefferys> It's a Broadway thing
<data-umph> Don't you mean a Boradway thing?
 * data-umph ducks
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away fwaps Datra
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Data
<Whomiga> Can't anyone speel anymore (Deliberate error)
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Shouldn't that be eeror?
<Whomiga> How about eeyore?
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away has punned himself into a cornet
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> cornetr
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> corner
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away hits his keyboard with a large wooden mallet
<Whomiga> You punned your self into a brass instrument?
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Punned myself to the wall, more lie
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> like!
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away hits his keyboard with the Mallet of Rassilon
<Whomiga> LOL
 * data-umph watches the Mallard of Rassilon wandering around the room
   and quacking
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Ack!
* Nathan_Roberts_Away shoots it
<Whomiga> A large wooden Mallard?
<data-umph> No, styrofoam.
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away watches the mallard explode into bits of styrofoam
 * Whomiga watches the ASPCSA come into the channel and take Nathan Away
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Let me guess... It's Rabbit Season..
<Whomiga> Yep!
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Take Nathan Away?
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Pun intended?
<Whomiga> Nope - but it was a good one
<Whomiga> Hadn't been paying attention to you nick
<Whomiga> your nick (Don't say "Don't call me nick") :^)
Mon Aug 24 [12:36]
<Blor> Nemo...
<NemoDream> Yes, Blor?
 * Blor waves a piece of paper with Nemos signature on it...
<NemoDream> It's a FORGERY!
 * NemoDream snatches the paper and reads it
<NemoDream> "I, Blor, promise to pamper and generously treat the
            undersigned with anything she wishes." Signed, Blor and
            NemoDream :PPP
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL!  You had her sign Prof's contract blor!!!
<Blor> Damn!!! Wrong paper! Give me that!!!
Wed Aug 26 [00:23]
 * TheProf stands by his theory that chan and nickserv is really just
   some mental patients sitting at computers. When the system goes down
   it is simply time for all the patients to get their happy pills........
   MY GOD! Chezwho is Chanserv!!!!!!
Fri Aug 28 [12:25]
<Brigadier> nr - where do you go exactly
<Nathan_Roberts> Diablo Valley College
<Brigadier> diablo?
<Nathan_Roberts> Yeah
<Brigadier> you go to the school of satan?
<Brigadier> does mrb teach there?
[More like, "Does MrB run the place..."]
Sat Aug 29 [15:07]
*** Nathan_Roberts sets mode: +o Bozzie
 * Bozzie tips his hat to NR
 * TheProf throws his hat at NR!
 * Nathan_Roberts ducks in such a fashion as to deftly catch the hat
   on his head
 * TheProf sees Nathan has talent.
Sat Aug 29 [15:37]
*** Joins: IsraelBeta
<IsraelBeta> Just Nathan and Prof in the channel....and it's still
Sat Aug 29 [16:43]
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at the date, sees Lee, and readies the shotgun
<Borusa> Not just yet Nathan, you got 2 days to go before I start on the
         QF 8-)
Sat Aug 29 [18:53]
<Tom_Baker> Hi, it is I, the actor who played the Fourth Doctor!
<Tom_Baker> (Did I fool anyone?)
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> In a word, no.
<TheProf> In a word wo no rd.
Sat Aug 29 [19:04]
<Jefferys> htqf?
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away shoots Jefferys
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away goes to the wall and puts a mark under "Quotefile."
Sat Aug 29 [19:05] <CyberProf>
I do believe it is unconstructive to bother Nate about the quotefile
before the month is even up.............mind you on Sept 1st at 12:01 am
Nathan will here me asking about it.
Sun Aug 30 [09:29]
<CrowTRobt> I t s e e m s t o b e l a g g e d t o h e l l i n h e r e
<Nathan_Roberts> Crow: For you, that's not lagged at all >:)
<Nathan_Roberts> Try "lagged to earth."
Sun Aug 30 [12:06]
<chrisk> Hi Nathan. How's Life?
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Great!
<chrisk> No Windows crashes lately?
Mon Aug 31 [11:28]
 * Nathan_Roberts grabs a stick and attempts to beat the gremlins out
   of his computer
<Nathan_Roberts> ::To his surprise, the computer grabs the stick and
                 begins to fight back!!::
<Nathan_Roberts> Ow!
<Nathan_Roberts> Ouch!
Mon Aug 31 [21:03]
<NathanR_Away> If Life was like Windows, I'd still be running DOS 1.0
<NathanR_Away> Actually, as of last Friday I would have upgraded to DOS 1.2
Mon Aug 31 [21:31]
*** Quits: Jeff_Basham (Quit: Time Wasted 13 minutes 19 seconds)
 * NathanR_Away wonders what in the name of God that was about?
<NathanR_Away> He sends me this strange program that doesn't do anything
               but installs itself in my system directory?
<Bozzie> NR: He sent you Windows95?
Mon Aug 31 [21:52]
 * Bozzie didnt se titanic
<Bozzie> Please don't ruin the end for me... I want to go see it and
         see what happens in the end... ;o)
<NathanR_Away> It sinks!
<NathanR_Away> Oh, sorry
<Bozzie> No!!!!
<Bozzie> Well, I guess thats some money I just saved in not having
         to rent it

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