The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume II, Issue VII: July 1998

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Wed Jul 01 [0:15]
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof, what brand of disks do you use?
<TheProf> Imation.
<CrowTRobt> I use Genuine AOL Trial Disk brand
Wed Jul 01 [11:26]
<EatAtJoes> Howdy Y'all, what's shakin'?
 * Nathan_Sorta_Away goes over to check his siesmegraph...
   No, not the Earth.
Wed Jul 01 [12:59]
<CrowTRobt> coming to IRC for a reality check is not a good thing
            I would guess
<The_Talus> yeah, any reality check you get here is way likely to bounce
Wed Jul 01 [18:31] <jondalin>
You can about garantee that if trinain  is talking about something
obscure, it has to do with some actor she has a crush on :)
Sun, Aug 02 [03:51] <TheProf>
I had public transportation from Hell today on the way to the races.
It was 100 degrees and sinse my wife was coming from work we decided it
would be best if I took the train instead of taking a second car over. I
missed the bus so I walked a mile to the train station. I'm then waiting
for my train and some wino comes up with a beer in hand and a sixpack in
a bag and asks me for money. Should have told him to sell one of his beers.
So I take the train to the station I was told to get off to take
my bus. I get off and am told I got off at the wrong station by a security
guard and have to get on the next train and go two more stations to catch
the bus. So I wait 15 minutes in the heat for the next train. I go to
the correct station and find my bus sand get on it. Where does it go?
It goes strait to the train station I was just at! I just missed the
earlier one. It was the bus pulling up as my train left!
So I am finally on the correct bus and this lady gets on and sits in front
of me and I think her last bath was November. I moved to the back of the
bus as did three other people around her. I think it was rather obvious as
as the bus is moving everyone next to her gets up and moves.
I was successful in not strangling the wife when she showed up and said
"Did you have a nice train ride?"
Next time I think I will take the other car.
I forgot to mention at the second train station I was at had this trailer
trash couple with two kids. The wife kept calling her two kids "Bitch" and
asshole". I mean these were slimey people.
I tell you. I am ready to get out of the gene pool right now.
Next time the wife suggests I meet her somewhere after work and take the
train I will have her take the csspool train and I'll take the
airconditioned car.
I now know why some folks become hermits.
It was an amazing cross section of the lower classes on that train trip.
I met Willy the Wino, Trash couple from Hell and the lady of 1,000 odors.
I wonder if I give them all a bus ticket to Montana and $5 if they will
leave my city?
Thu Jul 02 [12:29]
<Nathan_Roberts> Eek, I need to be working on the quotefil!
<Nathan_Roberts> +e
<Janet1> *laugh*  excellent editting, Mathan  :)
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Mathan_Roberts
 * Mathan_Roberts now registers this nick to go along with Janer >:)
Thu Jul 02 [20:02] <TalusElf>
you.  need.  to.  make.  every.  word.  it's.  own.  sentence.  when.
doing.  Shatner.
Thu Jul 02 [22:27] <CrowTRobt>
a bird can fly but a fly can't bird
Thu Jul 02 [23:27]
<CrowTRobt> Nate WTQF
<TalusElf> hmm, if that didn't get him, he really is away
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away shoots Crow
<CrowTRobt> ugh
 * CrowTRobt falls dead
<AldenB> OK, who wants to volunteer to perform mouth-to-mouth on Crow?
<TalusElf> oh my God, they've killed Crow!
 * TalusElf will just let him regenerate, or whatever TimeLord robots do....
*** CrowTRobt is now known as dead_Crow
 * dead_Crow has rigor beginning to set in
 * dead_Crow is carried away by little rats
 * AldenB has fun by sticking Crow's dead body in humorous positions.
*** dead_Crow is now known as CrowTGhost
<CrowTGhost> I will now haunt you all
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away calls the Ghostbusters
<CrowTGhost> OoOoOoOoOo
 * AldenB sucks Crow up with a vacuum cleaner.
 * TalusElf checks the tables in the rooms and calls the Dustbusters.
<CrowTGhost> BOoOoOoOo
<CrowTGhost> aahhhhhhh
 * CrowTGhost rattles chains
<CrowTGhost> Scrooooge
<CrowTGhost> It is I Marley
<TalusElf> Bob?  When ya gonna put out another album?
 * CrowTGhost fwaps Talus with his chains
<CrowTGhost> Scroooooooge
*** AldenB is now known as Scrooge_McDuck
<Scrooge_McDuck> What is it, Marley, me lad?
<CrowTGhost> Jacob Marley
<CrowTGhost> SEE this chain Scrooge
<CrowTGhost> there is one twice as big and heavy for you
<Scrooge_McDuck> Aye, lad.  I paid good money for them chains.
<Scrooge_McDuck> Best gold money can buy...
 * TalusElf blames his ignorance on Disney.
 * CrowTGhost Fwaps Talus with his chains
<TalusElf> ow
<TalusElf> hey, wait, ghostly chains don't hurt
<CrowTGhost> Read Dickens
<CrowTGhost> Achristmas Carol
 * Scrooge_McDuck goes to look for his nephew Donald.
*** Scrooge_McDuck is now known as AldenB
 * CrowTGhost floats around
<AldenB> Gotta stop taking those drugs, Crow. ;-)
 * TalusElf is actually more interested in watching Citizen Kane again.
 * CrowTGhost lights a joint
<CrowTGhost> coff coff
<CrowTGhost> ooo good sh*t
 * AldenB puts out Crow's elbow.
Thu Jul 02 [23:41]
<CrowTRobt> WTFQF Nate
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away shoots Crow
<CrowTRobt> ugh
<CrowTRobt> ouch
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Some people never learn
Fri Jul 03 [0:12]
 * AldenB starts juggling pitchforks. Have to be careful not to miss one,
   or they have to surgically remove it from your foot.
Fri Jul 03 [13:26]
*** Joins: Mary_Whitehouse
 * Mary_Whitehouse has come to pull the plug on #dwc.
Fri Jul 03 [13:38]
[Nathan has just returned from a failed attempt to put his laundry in the drier]
<Nathan_Roberts> Crap.
<Whomiga> Hmmm....
<Whomiga> What's the problem?
<Nathan_Roberts> No free driers
<Whomiga> IC
<Nathan_Roberts> I never understood why they installed 14 washers and only
                 enough driers to dry 10 loads
<Whomiga> Sale on Washers?
Fri Jul 03 [23:29]
 * Nathan_Roberts has never heard of someone formatting their computer...
   Hard drives yes, but computers?
<Nathan_Roberts> Don't mind me, I'm just making pathetic attempts to be
*** AldenB changes topic to 'Pedants anonymous'
*** Nathan_Roberts changes topic to 'Pedants anonymous (AldenB) Souldn't
    the A be capitalized?'
*** MistressTerisa changes topic to 'Ping! Not -Pong-!'
*** Nathan_Roberts changes topic to 'Ping, the forgotten computer game that
    predated even Pong'
*** Nyssa changes topic to 'Pedants anonymous (AldenB) Shouldn't the A be
    capitalized? (Nathan_Roberts) That "A" should be in quotes.'
*** MistressTerisa changes topic to 'The Ping that Ate the Pong.'
*** Nathan_Roberts changes topic to 'Pedants anonymous (AldenB) Shouldn't
    the A be capitalized? (Nathan_Roberts) That "A" should be in quotes.
    (Nyssa) Pedants "A"nonymous?'
*** MistressTerisa changes topic to 'Someone needs to get out more. And it
    ain't me. ;-)'
*** Nathan_Roberts changes topic to 'The Someone-needs-to-get-out-more
    topic that ate the pedants-anonymouse topic that ate the
    ping-that-ate-the-pong topic'
 * MistressTerisa is waiting for someone to change -that- once again. ;-)
<MistressTerisa> Yep, I knew it.
<Nathan_Roberts> Hey, and I even linked them all up!
Sun Jul 05 [15:02]
 * CrowTRobt subtley asks Nate what the hold up on the QF is...
 * Nathan_Roberts shoots Crow
<CrowTRobt> ugh
 * CrowTRobt puts on a bullet proof vest
 * CrowTRobt gives Nate a raspberry :PPPP
 * Nathan_Roberts shoots Crow (with the Demat gun)
*** CrowTRobt is now known as Non-existant_Crow
Sun Jul 05 [16:31]
 * Whomiga considers bothering Nathan on ICQ - but that's just a quick
   way to get ignored...
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Ignore!  Now THAT'S how I should deal with Crow! >:)
<CrowTRobt> That is fate worse thatn death
<CrowTRobt> noooooooo
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Ahh, a new way to threaten Crow!
Sun Jul 05 [16:33]
<CrowTRobt> so WTQF?
<Whomiga> Crow - probably on his computer - possibly in ram being edited
          at the moment :^)
Mon Jul 06 [0:27] <dse>
[We're talking Star Trek Voyager scenes that should have been...]
EMH: "I am the Doctor."
Alien: "Doctor? Doctor who?"
EMH: "Hm, there's a name I haven't considered..."
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> And Paramount immediately gets sued by the BBC...
<AldenB> Doug: Personally, I'd like to see: EMH: "I am the Doctor."
         Dalek: "Arrrgh!! Run away!"
Mon Jul 06 [12:10]
<panatropic> My baby is dying!
<Nathan_Roberts> What?!?
 * panatropic hugs her precious powerbook
<Nathan_Roberts> What's wrong with your powerbook?
<panatropic> The hard drive's shagged
<Nathan_Roberts> !!
 * MegL thinks if the hard drive was shagged you'd have a bunch of baby
   hard drives running around
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Meg
<MegL> Nathan, I wish that actually worked. You could raise Hard Drives and
       sell them to make a living if it did :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Hahahhahaha
<panatropic> *g*
<panatropic> For some reason I now have an image of Leela and Brett with
             a hardware farm...
Mon Jul 06 [16:44]
<Borusa> Nathan, I am shocked.
<Nathan_Roberts_Away_Away> Hmm?
<Borusa> It's been nearly a week and the QF is STILL not done.
 * Borusa runs as far away from Nathan as possible.
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away_Away hunts down Borusa and murderizes him
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away_Away grabs Borusa by the head and turns it towards
   the topic
<Nathan_Roberts_Away_Away> -------> NATES NEW QUOTEFILE IS UP! <--------
<Borusa> Thanks.
 * Borusa pulls his broken body into hopsital.
 * Borusa gets a "Sorry" card for Nathan.
 * Borusa gives it to Nathan.
 * Borusa reappear back to normal.
<Borusa> That was close - nearly had to regenerate then........ 8-)
Mon Jul 06 [16:53]
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away_Away sees that he's away twice
*** Nathan_Roberts_Away_Away is now known as Nathan_Roberts
<TalusElf> Nate: I was just gonna comment on that.  I wondered if that
           meant you were really far away or what.
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as NathanAwayAwayAwayAwayAwayAway
<TalusElf> rofl
 * NathanAwayAwayAwayAwayAwayAway is now on Mars.
*** NathanAwayAwayAwayAwayAwayAway is now known as NathanAwayAwayAway
 * NathanAwayAwayAway is now on the moon
*** NathanAwayAwayAway is now known as NathanAwayAway
 * NathanAwayAway is now on the Mir
*** NathanAwayAway is now known as Nathan_Roberts
 * Nathan_Roberts is now on Earth.
Mon Jul 06 [16:58]
<TalusElf> I think it's scheduled to come down as soon as the first two
           modules of the ISS are deployed ;ate this year and middle of next
 * TalusElf ate=late
<TalusElf> huh?
 * TalusElf test
<TalusElf> hmm, prefacing a sentence with a ; is the same as /me
<Nathan_Roberts> Ah!
 * TalusElf discovers a new shortcut by accident
<Nathan_Roberts> A little unlisted feature of K9
<TalusElf> cool
 * Nathan_Roberts hardly ever uses it, personally
<Nathan_Roberts> You can also type commands into the status window
                 without using a /
 * TalusElf will now be trying all sorts of keys to see what happens. You
   don't have one that summons Belgian troops do you? I'd like to avoid that.
<TalusElf> cool
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm...
<Nathan_Roberts> 'test
<Nathan_Roberts> \test
<Nathan_Roberts> =test
<Nathan_Roberts> .test
<Nathan_Roberts> ~test
 * Nathan_Roberts now has Belgian troops at the door
<Nathan_Roberts> Ahh... It's the ~
Mon Jul 06
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away is watching the Krotons
<TalusElf> Nathan: what medication are you using to avoid the sedative
           effect of the Krotons?
Mon Jul 06 [22:21] <Whomiga>
Rusty, Dalnet has been pretty unpredictable (Unless you simply
predict problems)
Mon Jul 06 [22:45]
 * TalusElf_Away wonders if watching all the Krotons in one sitting
   qualifies as a Stupid Human Trick.
<Whomiga> Talus - depends, is Nathan human? :^)
<TalusElf_Away> Whom: ahh, good point.  Tho I don't really wanna be the
                one to do the DNA tests, organics are so messy.
<Whomiga> Stupid Sentient Tricks? - But then we have to prove
          him Sentient... :^/
Tue Jul 07
 * Nathan_Roberts kicks ICQ
<fuzzyoctopus> *** ICQ was kicked by Nathan_Roberts (Nathan_Roberts)
Tue Jul 07 [17:46]
 * TalusElf suddenly realizes there's a certain appropriateness to him
   grumbling about people while wearing a nick that proclaims him to
   be not human.
Tue Jul 07 [19:49]
<BitterSpice> Actually there are only 4 Spice Girls now.
<Nathan_Roberts> 1 down, 4 to go :)
Tue Jul 07 [22:06]
 * Nathan_Roberts is away (Cleaning up hard drive)
<Whomiga> With Nathan's computers - I almost imagine him using Windex
          to clean it :^)
Wed Jul 08 [1:00]
<dse> it is 1 AM on the West Coast
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Doug the Talking Clock? :)
Wed Jul 08 [1:10]
 * MegL is going to be in and out of the room for awhile nathan
<MegL> so if I don't answer right away, don't get upset :)
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away picks Meg's pockets while she's out.................
 * MegL watches Nathan get his fingers snapped at by a mouse trap >;)
Wed Jul 08 [1:22]
 * MegL printer just jammed up
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> What flavour?
Wed Jul 08 [22:27]
<Nathan_Roberts> Windows isn't a real OS... it's just a sorry excuse for one
<chrisk> A pain in the OS?
Thu Jul 09 [0:05]
 * TalusElf realizes this horse is dead and decides to stop beating it
 * Nathan_Roberts sends the animal control to Talus's door
 * TalusElf chases off the animal control with his globe.
<Nathan_Roberts> Globe?
<TalusElf> Nate: I've got this little globe that chases people around
           and kills them if they don't run away from it.  It's elfish
           technology.  Highly effective against Daleks, door-to-door
           salesmen, and Belgian troops.
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm... that pretty much covers anything...
<Nathan_Roberts> Cybermen?
<TalusElf> Nate: I've not tested it on Cybermen yet
 * TalusElf has had trouble finding any in wake of the destruction
   of Cyberfleet.
 * Nathan_Roberts sends Cybermen to Talus's door
 * TalusElf sets the globe against the Cybermen.
 * TalusElf watches as the Cybermen are not impressed.
 * TalusElf wonders where he put that Raston Warrior Robot that shoots
   the gold arrows.
<TalusElf> oh yeah, I gave it as a present to someone.
 * TalusElf puts on a Stevie Knicks CD and selects "Gold Dust Woman"
   from the track list.
 * TalusElf watches as the Cybermen run in fear.
<Nathan_Roberts> Ok....
 * Nathan_Roberts sends the Borg to Talus's door
 * TalusElf looks at the Borg. "You're not from my reality, go away!" And
   then slams the door in their face.
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmm... that was too obvious...
 * Nathan_Roberts sends Darth Vader to Talus's door
<TalusElf> wow, a vistor from another time and another Galaxy!
<TalusElf> Hey Darth, how's your son?
<Nathan_Roberts> Ahh, I know what I'm forgetting to try...
 * Nathan_Roberts sends Prof to Talus's door >:)
 * TalusElf runs in terror and hides all sources of fire in the house.
 * CrowTRobt watches as Prof destroys Talus' computer wit one key punch
<TalusElf> not my computer!
<CrowTRobt> tsk tsk tsk
 * CrowTRobt hears prof say, "did I do thaaaaaaat?"
<TalusElf> kill my family, kill my friends, kill my enemies, but not
           my computer!
<TalusElf> oh wait, saying kill my family and kill my enemies is redundent.  :-)
<TalusElf> so it's UrkelProf?
 * TalusElf uses the globe on UrkelProf. He doesn't stand a chance.
 * TalusElf watches the globe chase down and heinously kill UrkelProf.
   who vainly tries to run high-stepping away.
 * Nathan_Roberts suddenly realizes that Talus's Globe must have the
   Essence of Prodigy in it...
<TalusElf> Nate: it's got a lot of stuff in it but no cologne/perfume :-)
 * TalusElf recalls and deactivates his globe and stows it away safely.
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm impressed.  It's even effective against Prof...
<TalusElf> no, only UrkelProf, I think the real Prof is at
           least partially immune
 * Nathan_Roberts stores Prof away for possible future use...
 * Nathan_Roberts sends Godzilla himself to Talus's door >:)
<TalusElf> The globe isn't gonna work on anything larger than
           Shaqulle O'Neil.
Thu Jul 09 [1:33]
 * CrowTRobt begins to yawn uncontrolably
<CrowTRobt> hohohum
 * ChatterFormerlyKnownAsNathan slips Crow an ultra dose of Caffeine
 * CrowTRobt is so sleepy it don't effect him
 * CrowTRobt begins to laps into a coma...
<CrowTRobt> ioilorjil
 * TalusElf ponders sending the globe after Crow to wake him up, but
   is afraid if it doesn't work he might accidentally kill him.
<CrowTRobt> sorry
<CrowTRobt> my head hit the keyboard
<CrowTRobt> I
<CrowTRobt> must
<CrowTRobt> go
<CrowTRobt> to
<CrowTRobt> bed
<CrowTRobt> night all
*** Quits: CrowTRobt (Quit: Goodbye. It's good isn't it. Hmm?)
<TalusElf> wow, he was so tired he went into Shatner mode, now *that's*
Thu Jul 09
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away wishes he wasn't falling asleep...
<TalusElf> Nathan: put on Krotons, since you seem to be the only human
           being on the planet for whome it has an anti-sedative effect.
Thu Jul 09 [19:47]
*** Joins: IHateWindows
 * IHateWindows !
*** IHateWindows is now known as IHateLag
 * IHateLag !!
*** AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH is now known as Nathan_Roberts
*** Jefferys is now known as WindowsHatesYouToo
 * WindowsHatesYouToo !
Fri Jul 10 [12:23]
 * Nathan_Roberts cleans out a multitude of crap from his hard drive
<Drake> multitude of crap???? not the #DWC quote file!   ;)
Fri Jul 10
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away has been cleaning out his hard drive
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> I've deleted several hundred megs over the
                      past few days
 * MegL refrains from making a joke about you doing in all her clones >;)
[KNEW that was coming.]
Fri Jul 10
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm not the brig!
 * Borusa looks close at Nathan.
<Borusa> So what's that uniform you are wearing then Nathan?
<Aka_Raine> Hey, leave Nathan alone. I think he happens to look very good
            in that little french maid number..
Fri Jul 10
<Nathan_Roberts> I need something I can install over the internet
<Nathan_Roberts> Now, I know that I can do that with FreeBSD.  In
                 theory anyway
<Nathan_Roberts> Although I'll probably have to install it overnight.
<Nathan_Roberts> Or, in my case, overday :)
Fri Jul 10
<Nathan_Roberts> I have been spacing out actually
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm about to go to sleep here...
<Shel> what you sleep?
Fri Jul 10 [23:13]
 * TalusElf notes 98 doesn't like it when he turns his scanner on
   mid-session either :-(
<CrowTRobt> Talus you should know that from Bill's folly at Comdex!
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Yeah, what Crow said :)
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Beat me to it.
<CrowTRobt> for a change eh Nate
<TalusElf> Crow: yeah, but my scanner's not PnP, it's SCSI, which
           is supposed to be better :-)
<Vila> Oh noooooo! Someone actually BOUGHT Win98???? You poor soul!
<CrowTRobt> Talus uninstall now before it is too late
<Vila> Save yourself, Talus! LOL
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Taaaaaaaaaaluuuuuuussss!!  It's not too late to
                      save your souuuuuuuuuuuul!!
<TalusElf> Nate: my soul is secure, it's my computer I'm worried about :-)
 * CrowTRobt hides the contract signed in Talus' blood...
<CrowTRobt> I'll just forward this to Joachim...
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Taaaaaaaaaaluuuuuuussss!!  It's not too late to
                      save your compuuuuuuuuuuuuuuter!!!
Fri Jul 10 [23:31]
<TheProf> Nathan guess what the count on my Beanie icons is?
<Nathan_Roberts> 1,432,623,692,189?
 * CrowTRobt calls the asylum about Prof
Fri Jul 10 [23:58]
<Vila> Oh gee thanks Nathan, now I have a scene from "Airplane" running
       through my head!
<Vila> Sheesh!
<Vila> LOL
<Nathan_Roberts> What'd I do??
<Vila> You just jogged my weird memory. Not your fault.
<Vila> My memory is like an old hard-drive; full of odd stuff that you
       thought you deleted long ago, but it keeps popping stuff up when
       you least expect it.
Sat Jul 11 [22:49]
 * TalusElf is watching a swimwear "documentary" on The Learning Channel.
   I'm not sure exactly what I'm learning, but I like it.
Sun Jul 12 [1:05]
 * Nathan_Roberts has managed to avoid getting a bigger HD thus far
   by purging a great amount of crap
<TalusElf> Nate: tried purging the crap from my system, but I'm unwilling
           to go back to Win 3.1 & DOS 6  :-)
Sun Jul 12 [1:43]
<TalusElf> Quark: and when do computers ever do what they're expected to do?
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Talus: When they crash. >:)
<TalusElf> Nate: you *sure* you're not running 98?!?
Sun Jul 12 [2:41]
 * TalusElf proposes a Constitutional Ammendment guaranteeing every American
   the right to an Intenet-usuable phone connection. Hey wait, did I all
   ready propose that Ammendment the other night, or what that something
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> I think the one last night was an amandment
                      guaranteeing every Americal central air conditioning
<TalusElf> yeah, Nathan, that's right.  I knew I'd proposed another
           Ammendment recently
<Jondar> Talus: perhaps you should provide a list of your Amendments on
         your page?
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Yes, it's the Modern Day Bill of Rights
 * TalusElf outta sit down and make up his Bill of Rights 2000 list
 * TalusElf makes a note to Bester to increase his training in the area
   of not transmitting his own thoughts.
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> You're just so.... predictable :)
<TalusElf> Nathan: I've been called that (and worse) before....
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Yeah, that too!  You're the most worse person
                      I've ever met!
Sun Jul 12 [14:33]
 * Nathan_Roberts kicks Chanserv
<Nathan_Roberts> *** ChanServ was kicked from #drwhochat by
                 Nathan_Roberts (Nathan_Roberts)
Sun Jul 12 [23:47]
*** TalusElf_Away is now known as TalusElf
 * TalusElf returns.
<dse> TalusElf forever
<dse> TalusElf and Robin
<TalusElf> huh, Doug?
<dse> a reference to the Batman films
<TalusElf> oh, I put them on /ignore after Keaton /quit
<AldenB> You know you've been IRCing too much when...
Mon Jul 13 [2:26] <TheProf>
Pitty the babelfish doesn't translate moron. We get lots of them in here.
Mon Jul 13
<Nathan_Roberts> You must really be bored
<TheProf> I'm here with you aren't I?
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Prof
 * TheProf takes a piece of chalk and marks one point under his name on
   the wall.
Tue Jul 14 [1:20] <TalusElf>
okay, I'm going into the Danger Zone.  I'm gonna try to close Wave Studio.
Odds of this causing a system crash: 85%
Tue Jul 14 [15:11] <TalusElf>
ladies and gentlement we have a consensus
Wed Jul 15 [3:15]
*** Joins: Nathan_Roberts
<Nathan_Roberts> GOD &@^#$@&*^@*&# @(&$^*^#*&@^ IT!!!!!!!
<AldenB> Anyone else get the vague feeling Nathan isn't happy?
Wed Jul 15 [3:16]
*** Brian_Morris is now known as Brian_of_Morbius
<Nathan_Roberts> You know I think that's the first time I've seen Prof
                 use his real name as his nick
<Brian_of_Morbius> It is.
<CrowTRobt> come to think of it yeah
<MegL> you never hit me as a Brian
<AldenB> Meg: He hits me with a piece of wood occasionally though.
<Brian_of_Morbius> it's because he is feeling the need for an alias, and
                   since prof is one he is trying to confuse the
                   issue__The Profess aka Judi
Wed Jul 15 [3:40]
 * AldenB is goofing off at
<TheProf> I'm not falling for your cheap New Zealand tricks.
<TheProf> Or your expensive ones either!
 * AldenB paid lots of money for that trick!
<TheProf> You been robbed.
Wed Jul 15 [3:45]
<TheProf> I need to stay up later and see what he tells you all--the p.f.
<TheProf> No she doesn't!
Thu Jul 16 [2:05] <CrowTRobt>
When I was a kid when no one could afford air conditioners every one stayed
outside all day in the shade cuz the house was like an oven.  Then when we
did get an aircondtioner the old folks would crank it up and lock us kids
Thu Jul 16 [2:14]
[Talking about the Profess' new gumball machine]
<CrowTRobt> Prof you can reguate how many it gives out
<TheProf> How?
<CrowTRobt> you have to take the globe off and set a switch inside the
<CrowTRobt> that is if it works like a regulat machine
<CrowTRobt> -t-r
<CrowTRobt> =r
<CrowTRobt> arrgh
<CrowTRobt> -t+r
 * CrowTRobt falls into a coma
<TheProf> What Crow doesn't realise is last night I snuck in and repainted
          some of his keyboard keys.
Thu Jul 16 [2:23] <Nathan_Roberts>
[Update on the summer heat in my area]
75 degrees and falling!
Or 1.30899 radians and falling
Thu Jul 16 [3:36]
 * Nathan_Roberts kicks the crap out of Windows
<TalusElf> Nathan: I assume you've tried from the Run box?
<Nathan_Roberts> Talus: Windows seems convinced that the keyboard driver
                 sepcified in SYSTEM.INI is incompatible with the current
                 version of Windows
<TalusElf> Nathan: oh, well, then it probably is.  Afterall, Windows is
           always right, isn't it?  I mean, it knew what it was talking
           about that time it told me to format C: on that CIA hard drive.
<AldenB> Nathan: How are you typing in mIRC? :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: Beats the hell out of me
<TalusElf> Nathan Roberts is running: Psi-DOS 6.8, 1998 Psi-Corp
<TalusElf> No Keyboard Required is their slogan, IIRC
Thu Jul 16
<Nathan_Roberts> I live under a rock, remembner?
<AldenB> Nathan: I _don't_ live under a rock.  Mine's a nice boulder with
         sliding doors and an open fireplace.
Thu Jul 16 [4:10]
<TheProf> Nathan looking over the quote file i have one question. How
          much do I have to pay you to get you to correct my spelling?
Thu Jul 16 [4:13]
<CrowTRobt> Prof just get on the email confirmation list and tell him
            to fix your spelling before he can post your quotes
<TheProf> Crow it would take Nathan days.
<TheProf> Weeks maybe.
<AldenB> Yeah, correcting every second word would be too time consuming.
 * TheProf slaps AldenB around a bit with a large Beanie Baby
<TalusElf> hmm, due to Prof's insistence on being spell-checked, the July
           QF will not be available until August 15th.  Of 1999.
Thu Jul 16 [4:47]
<TheProf> Nathan we have had 5 kick/bans in the room tonight. Someone
          must have left the gate open in #sickosandperverts.
 * MrBubonic looks at Prof
<MrBubonic> I closed it. Did you?
<TalusElf> Sorry, Prof, I meant to close that before I left earlier, but
           when the B5-bashing started I decided to leave in a hurry
           and forgot.
 * TheProf looks out the window and sees hordes of perverts running out the
   next room.
Thu Jul 16 [13:23]
<TheProf> Nathan I knew it!
<TheProf> Look at this.
<TheProf> God is * NickServ enforcement
<TheProf> God using [] DALnet services home base
<TheProf> God End of /WHOIS list.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: What did you do, put God on your notify list?
<TheProf> Yep. Always wanted to ask him a few questions.
<Nathan_Roberts> Even I didn't put God on my notify list
<Nathan_Roberts> Just the Devil.
<MrBubonic> Me?
<Nathan_Roberts> MrB: Well who else? :)
<TheProf> God is * The-Enforcer
<TheProf> God using [] DALnet's very
          own rent-a-cow serv
<TheProf> god End of /WHOIS list.
<TheProf> We need to switch to Hebron. The holy server.
 * MrBubonic isnt allowed on that server
<TheProf> Too evil?
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Is the Pope catholic?
 * MrBubonic is evil incarnate. Take a guess...
<TheProf> No Nathan. He's Polish. Everyone knows that. :o)
Fri Jul 17 [0:25]
<CrowTRobt> How can a starfighter have a gender?
 * CrowTRobt ponders...
<Starfury> I'm not REALLY a starfury... but I play one on TV.
<AldenB> I know someone who's played a guitar on TV.
Fri Jul 17 [2:08]
 * MegL can't sleep
 * TalusElf DCCs Meg a tape of the Krotons. That should help, unless you're
   like Nathan and have an imhuman tolerance to such things.
Fri Jul 17
<Nathan_Roberts> Somebody tell me again why I upgraded to Windows 95?
<CrowTRobt> Cuz I sent you a free copy? :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Ah yes, that's right...
 * Nathan_Roberts goes after Crow with a chainsaw!
<CrowTRobt> BTW if you ever really decide to abandon it please send
            it back :) don't destroy the CD
<Nathan_Roberts> Now that you mention that, I'm sorry I don't have
                 a shredder...
<CrowTRobt> you would shred the CD?
<Nathan_Roberts> No, not really
<CrowTRobt> tsk tsk tsk
<TalusElf> besides, a CD would destroy anything short of an industrial
           strength paper shredder. MS ain't worth it.
<Nathan_Roberts> Ah, microwave! :)
<TalusElf> plastic releases toxic fumes, so unless you're feeling suicidal....
<TalusElf> uhh, I should've mentioned in there somewhere that platic only
           does that when heated
<AldenB> Talus: Ah, good.  I almost threw my keyboard out of the
         window then.
 * AldenB sniffs a pen cautiously.
<TalusElf> it's safe Alden, unless you leave it in your car on a warm day....
Fri Jul 17 [3:32]
<TalusElf> I wonder which is worse, being a smart ass or being a dumb one?
<Nathan_Roberts> Better to be a doneky with an IQ of 138 than an donkey
                 with an IQ of 73
<AldenB> What about being cool-ass?
<TalusElf> lol
<TalusElf> I guess all three options beat being a jackass.
<Nathan_Roberts> jackass and jillass went up the hill........
<AldenB> Or there's bad-ass....
<TalusElf> nah, that takes more muscles and attitude than I'll ever have
<AldenB> Ditto.
<TalusElf> tho if I'm like my dad, I'll eventually turn into a tightass
<AldenB> Heh.
<TalusElf> hmm, I wonder if we've gotten all the carreer opportunities in
           the ass field now.
<AldenB> A smooth-ass?
<TalusElf> we didn't mention "nice ass" or "cute ass", but those aren't
           usually used the same way the others are.
<AldenB> Or there's sad-ass.
<TalusElf> I've not heard that one before, Alden.  I like it tho.
<TalusElf> or that one either
 * AldenB has heard sad-ass before.
<AldenB> Probably on South Park, actually.
<TalusElf> I've heard the phrase "get your sorry ass moving", but again
           that's not the same being called a smartass or whatever.
<Nathan_Roberts> Did we mention wise-ass?
<TalusElf> no, I think we missed that one
<TalusElf> ya know it just occurred to me that only we could have a five
           minute conversation about asses and it not involve
           anything erotic.
 * AldenB snickers.
<CrowTRobt> Sad assed isn't it
Fri Jul 17 [3:52]
 * CrowTRobt pops in the 70's hits
<CrowTRobt> 25 Screamers from the 70's
<CrowTRobt> Artist: various
<CrowTRobt> I never heard of them
Fri Jul 17 [4:05]
 * TalusElf once used all of "I'm Only Sleeping" as his outgoing answering
   machine message. No one left any messages until I took it off.
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> ROTFL
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Talus: Don't tell me that WASN'T the entire point
                      of the excersize ;)
<TalusElf> Nathan: no, actually it wasn't.  I wanted people to quit
           calling in the daytime when I was sleeping.  *That* didn't work.
<CrowTRobt> hahahaha
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away craughs
<CrowTRobt> combo of cry and laugh
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Correct, Crow.  You're getting good ad decoding
                      my cryptic talk :)
Fri Jul 17 [4:26]
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Well, that proves that Yahoo's banner ads are
                      synchronized into the search query.  I did a search
                      for laptop batteries and got a banner ad for exactly
<Alden> Hmmm...
 * Alden goes to Yahoo and does a search for Bonnie Langford.
 * Alden is disappointed not to get a banner advert for gorgeous redheads.
Fri Jul 17 [18:44]
 * Nathan_Roberts throws a shit fit
<yatesy> nathan: problem?
<Nathan_Roberts> yatesy: Yes.  It's called Pacific Bell.
<Borusa> Ah, the old foe of the internet user - the phone company 8-)
Sat Jul 18 [0:30]
[Upon someone asking where everyone was from]
<CrowTRobt> Hell
<MegL> Which is spelled Mississippi >;-)
[Crow lives in Mississippi, and is known to bitch and moan about it]
Sat Jul 18 [0:57]
<MeltedProf> Natyhan I have noticed that the pervs only seem to come in
             here when you are around. What cologne are you using?
             Pervert #5?
<PervertExterminator> Essence of Condom
 * PervertExterminator takes the bottle and sprays it outside the door to
   attract the perverts
<TheProf> We could do a big invite in #sex and have fun watching them
          roll in and K-9 kicking them out.
<Jefferys> Nah, on second thought, Prof, let's not and say we did.
<TheProf> I can see now Nathan's computer smoking as K-9 goes into
          overdrive from the mass of perverts.
Sat Jul 18 [2:32]
 * Alden listens to a song via RA.
<Alden> Smeg that's crap...
<Alden> Sounds like they're playing it at the bottom of a swimming pool,
        in the next room, over an intercom with a handkercheif over
        the speaker.
 * Alden listens to Orinoco Flow. Poor Enya. Sounds like someone is
   trying to suffocate her with a cat.
 * TalusElf wonders how Alden found out about that particular fantasy
   of mine.
Sat Jul 18 [7:28]
*** Quits: Blor (Connection reset by peer)
[Final proof that Peer is all powerful; even Evil Incarnate is not immune
to his tyranny]
Sat Jul 18 [7:34] * Blor EXT-ER-MI-NATEs Nathan_Roberts_Away
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away is dead (Auto-dead)
 *** Nathan_Roberts_Away is now known as Nathan_Roberts_Dead
 * Blor starts pouring acid all over Nathans body to destroy all evidence
 * Nathan_Roberts_Dead is dissolved (Auto-dissolve)
*** Nathan_Roberts_Dead is now known as Nathan_Roberts_Dissolved
 * Blor digs a hole in #drwhochat and buries the foul-smelling puddle
   formerly known as Nathan_Roberts
*** Blor changes topic to 'Perverts EXTERMINATED for tonight: 4 Oh, and
    Nathan too.'
Sun Jul 19 [13:50]
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as DreadedBlackBeastOfAargh
 * DreadedBlackBeastOfAargh runs around looking like a cheesy animation
Sun Jul 19 [18:17]
*** Jefferys changes topic to 'Welcome to Dwchat.   We're talking
    about Canon Fodder.'
Sun Jul 19 [23:56] <TheProf>
Type /nickserv die you miserable bastard.
Mon Jul 20 [0:21] <TheProf>
Hmmmmm. Interesting message on my status screen.
*** Nathan_Roberts is on IRC--May God have mercy on your soul.
<Nathan_Roberts> Ummm... Notify messages don't look like that.
<Nathan_Roberts> They look like this:
<Nathan_Roberts> [0:22] *** TheProf is on IRC (Run!  Hide!!)
<AldenB> Nathan: How did you know what my note for Prof was???
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof, did that message really show up?
<CyberProf> Of course nathan. Would I lie to you? :o)
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: I didn't say anything.  (yesyesyesyesyes)
 * Nathan_Roberts sets the note for Chanserv to "for once" so it'll
   look like "*** chanserv is on IRC (for once)"
<CyberProf> *** chezwho is on IRC (Poster child for the National
            Fruitcake Association.)
Mon Jul 20 [0:52] <TheProf>
[AldenB PING reply]: 34 seconds
[New Zealand PING reply]: None of your buisness you Yankee impirialist!
Mon Jul 20 [0:55]
[AldenB SOUND] mysheep.wav
<TheProf> Alden I know that is the same wav as MyWife.wav!
<Nathan_Roberts> hahahaha
<AldenB> Prof: It isn't!
<TheProf> Yeah right!
<TheProf> Do I have stupid written on my forhead?
 * TheProf looks in the mirror and seeing he does proceeds to get the wav.
Mon Jul 20 [2:03]
<Jondar> does anyone mind a 6 line flood from a humorous hurricane quiz
         I was just sent via email?
<TheProf> Go for it.
<Nathan_Roberts> Flood away.
<Jondar> OK...
<Jondar>   7. How can you protect your house in the event of a hurricane?
<Jondar>     a. Sell it - QUICK
<Jondar>     b. Bury it and dig it up later
<Jondar>     c. Cover it with leaves and pretend it's a big bush
<Jondar>     d. Two words -- Duct tape
<Nathan_Roberts> That was only 5 lines!
<Nathan_Roberts> I got cheated!
 * TheProf demands another line!
Mon Jul 20 [3:42]
[Yet ANOTHER new nick for MrBubonic]
*** Joins: Blor
<Blor> Greetings humans.
<Blor> I am Blor.
<Blor> Give me all your females.
<Nathan_Roberts> You've come to the wrong place for that Blor :)
Mon Jul 20 [4:10]
<Nathan_Roberts> Ugh... ANyone know a good cure for a sore neck?
 * AldenB wheels out the gillotine.
<TheProf> Perhaps a strait jacket then or some strong anti psycodic drugs?
Mon Jul 20 [4:26]
<Blor> HoneyGirl was kicked by ChanServ (User has been banned from
       the channel)
<TheProf> Who would ban a woman with that nick?
<TheProf> Like I told nathan so many times, don't kick the female perverts.
*** TheProf was kicked by Nathan_Roberts (Pervert detected)
*** Joins: TheProf
<TheProf> Only when the wife is not around.
Mon Jul 20 [4:47]
[In another channel...]
 * Nathan_Roberts screams out loud, "IS THIS ENTIRE CHANNEL COMPOSED
   OF BOTS?!?!?"
<TheProf> Kill the human.
Mon Jul 20 [9:50]
<CrowTRobt> [Mrs. Crow] won't let me get a Talus Table of Shit(TM) though :(
<Blor> You dont "get" those. They create themselves...
<CrowTRobt> well I have the natural ability to create one but she won't
            let me put a table in here to do that with
<Blor> Nice. I had one of those before. Unfortunately women are allergic
       to them, and they dont see the coziness in them...
Tue Jul 21 [1:14]
<Nathan_Roberts> I can't get the 486 and the Pentium to talk to each other
<TheProf> Nathan make them make up and play nice.
Tue Jul 21 [1:47]
 * Jondar has just been sworn at for visiting that site, because it
   checked that I was using the AOL browser :)
<Nathan_Roberts> What site?
<CrowTRobt> Jondar be careful! visiting that site is a TOS violation
 * Nathan_Roberts watches AOL terminate Jondar's account
<Jondar> :::fizzle:::
<Jondar> :::zap::
<Jondar> hhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!
Tue Jul 21 [7:05]
*** Loloo85 is now known as Janer
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Mathan_Roberts
<Janer> Hehe....  :)
<TalusElf> cool
<Janer> Typo's reign...<g>
<TalusElf> well, if we're gonna play that game, I'm gonna go for the #1
           mis-spelling of my name....
*** TalusElf is now known as TalisElf
<Janer> Hehe....
<Mathan_Roberts> How about the #1 misspelling of my name...
*** Mathan_Roberts is now known as Nathan_Rogers
Tue Jul 21 [7:23] <TalisElf>
[Referring to the TV Guide King of Space poll...]
moral quandry alert.  Skywalker vs Solo?  That's like asking a mother to
say which of her children is her favorite.
Tue Jul 21 [7:36]
<Janer> GAG - the picture of Claudia Christian is AWFUL!
<TalusElf> Janet: didn't I just say that a few minutes ago?
<TalusElf> or maybe I just thought it real loud, sometime I can't tell
           the difference :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Talus: Knowing the mind-reading tendancies some of us
                 exhibit, you never know :)
<TalusElf> Nathan: that's true.  Maybe I don't really need to type, I'll
           just sit here and think and let everyone else make my
           comments for me.
*** Nathan_Roberts changes topic to 'Talus: Telepathic, or predictable?
    You be the judge.'
<TalusElf> one of these days I'm gonna buy me a Psi-Corp badge, then we'll
           see who's laughing when they carry me away, disocver I'm a
           P 0.01 and force me to join Psi-Corp.
Tue Jul 21 [12:10] <TalusElf>
I just either heard thunder or the high school blowing up
Tue Jul 21 [22:04]
 * trinalin doesn't press red buttons unless they say "don't touch" -
   preferably in really big letters and with several exclamation points
 * Whomiga will have to remember to relabel all his Red Buttons befor
   inviting Trina over...
Wed Jul 22 [0:11]
<Nathan_Roberts> 1/4 is your birthday?
<panatropic> No, my birthday is 4/1
<Nathan_Roberts> Bloody british date system :)
<AldenB> Nathan: We use it too.
<Nathan_Roberts> Bloody british/new zealand date system :)
<AldenB> Nathan: Australia uses it too...
<AldenB> As does France, Germany... um...
<Nathan_Roberts> Bloody british/new zealand/au... Ah, hell with it, Bloody
                 American date system
Wed Jul 22 [2:07] <TheProf>
I just got a spam about someone trying to sell me something that will
show me how to stop being spammed. If even talks about how annoying spam is.
Can you say hypocracy?
Wed Jul 22 [2:36]
 * TalusElf decides to have cookies for breakfast and adds this to his
   list of reasons why he shouldn't have children.
Wed Jul 22 [4:43]
*** Quits: TheProf (Quit: Sorry but the guys with the white coats and
    the net are here so I need to go now.)
<Jondar> Oh, TheProfess called for the cavalry? :)
Wed Jul 22 [23:25]
<TheProf> What company was talking about last year of putting up a huge
          billboard in space?
<Nathan_Roberts> One with an idiot CEO?
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh, must've been Microsoft.
Wed Jul 22 [23:37]
<Nathan_Roberts> Ack... CRL's mail server is insisting my mail password is invalid
<TheProf> Try the female one.
Thu Jul 23 [0:21]
<AldenB> What is PST?
<AldenB> The time given back by nickserv, that is.
<TheProf> Pacific standard time.
<TheProf> My time.
<AldenB> OK... anyone know the conversion to NZ time? :-)
<TheProf> Alden take away 20 years.
Thu Jul 23 [0:34]
 * Nathan_Roberts finally found something to munch on
<AldenB> Nathan: AOL CD?
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmm... Needs salt.
Thu Jul 23 [8:31]
<Drake> told you my mind is absent today
<Nathan_Roberts> Roll call... "Jondar's mind." - "Here!"
                 "Nathan's mind" - "Here!"
                 "Bob's mind." - "Here!"
                 "Drake's mind" ...... silence
Thu Jul 23 [21:45] <Bozzie>
Theres an underworld blooper reel?
Oh, wait, that must be Underworld ep 1-4...
Thu Jul 23 [23:52]
<Nathan286> I set that as my default nick bedcause when I log into IRC from
            my shell account it's usually from the crappy 286 laptop i have
<TalusElf> well, the ISS is gonna use 386s to run it's main computers, so
           Nathan's only one processor behind NASA
<Nathan286> (I feel so state of the art now :)
<AldenB> Nathan: More like state of the ark.
Fri Jul 24 [0:11]
 * AldenB wants to tell Crow about the Godzilla dream he had last night.
<Nathan_Roberts> Godzilla... dream?
<AldenB> Yeah, I had a dream about Godzilla...
<trinalin> Alden - now you're scaring me
<TheProf> New or old Godzilla?
<AldenB> The new godzilla.
<AldenB> Gave him a couple of good punches on the nose too. :-)
 * AldenB went two rounds with new Godzilla and won by a knockout. %-)
<trinalin> Alden - I knew you were a stud :)
<AldenB> Trina: I'm used in holding up walls? :-)
Fri Jul 24 [1:46]
 * Nathan_Roberts pushes a faceful of hair out of the way and deicdes it's
   time to cut some off
 * TheProf watches as Nathan lops his head off.
 * Nathan_Roberts sprouts two new ones
Fri Jul 24 [1:50]
<Jondar>  ---> I wonder who that person could be
         accessing my site >:-)
 * Nathan_Roberts sticks up a mirror in front of Jondar's face
Fri Jul 24 [2:26]
<AldenB> Trev says hi. :-)
<Ctrl-K-0-Nathan> Who?
<AldenB> My brother. :-)
<Ctrl-K-0-Nathan> Stop bugging your brother, Trev :)
<AldenB> Trev says I deserve it. :-)
<Ctrl-K-0-Nathan> Hm, good point
Fri Jul 24 [2:55]
<AldenB> Crow: I had a dream last night in which I beat up the new Godzilla.
<CrowTRobt> I knew that new Godzilla was a wimp
Fri Jul 24 [3:04]
<Jondar> "Sam Sneed"??
<AldenB> Isn't Sam Sneed a Dr Seuss character?
<Jondar> Alden: well, it rings a bell with me, but I'm not sure where
<AldenB> Notre Dame?
Fri Jul 24 [5:51]
<Jondar> a few beers short of an Esky [Esky = Australian portable
<Alden> A few bytes short of a data packet.
<Jondar> A few coral short of a reef?
<Alden> Missing a few DLLs. :-)
<Jondar> Alden: how about "A few .DLLs short of Windows" :)
<Nathan_Roberts> A few system crashes short of a reinstall? :)
Fri Jul 24 [7:17]
<Jondar> evacuate the area, I'm tinkering with the computer again :)
 * Nathan_Roberts runs off to the nuke-proof bunkers
<Jondar> :::steam starts pouring out of Jondar's ears:::
 * Bob01 runs to his TARDIS and leaves to some remote planet and sets up
   a chair grabs a beer and watches Jondars fireworks
<Bob01> oooohhhhhh prreeeettty lights:)
Fri Jul 24 [7:32]
<Bob01> Crow you get those bootlegs yet?
<CrowTRobt> Bob you ask me that one more time and I will kick the hell
            out of you. it will be four weeks until they get here
<Bob01> ok
*** yatesy is now known as bob02
<bob02> are thre bootlegs in yet crow?
*** bob02 is now known as yatesy
*** yatesy was kicked by CrowTRobt (CrowTRobt)
*** Joins: yatesy
<Jondar> LOL! she even had the Bobonics right too! :)
<yatesy> hahahaahahahahahahahahahaha
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Bob03
<Bob03> crow the bootlegs in?
*** Bob03 was kicked by CrowTRobt (CrowTRobt)
Fri Jul 24 [9:52]
 * Brigadier hits NR with the South Park budget
 * Nathan_Roberts recoils from being struck with a foam brick
 * Brigadier hits Nathan_Roberts with Bill Gate's wallet
 * Nathan_Roberts is splattered across the state
 * TheProf scrapes some nathan ooze off his front door.
Fri Jul 24 [9:46]
<TheProf> I'm going to go back to bed and cat nap until I have to go
          to work. We are on national TV tonight so if you tune in you
          probibly will see me. I'll be the usher asleep in the corner.
<Nathan_Roberts> What, where, when?
<TheProf> What is Basketball. Sacramento Monarchs. Where is either Lifetime
          or ESPN. When is 6pm West coast time.
<Nathan_Roberts> Pity I can't stand sports
<TheProf> It's on Lifetime and Nathan sports lovers would hate it because
          these lady basketball players suck.
 * Nathan_Roberts rolls eyes
<TheProf> The games are horrable. They can't do anything. It's pretty
<TheProf> The wmba has the wierdest crouds. Half the people are lesbians
          and the otherhalf these die hard basketball fans.
<TheProf> It is the only event I have ever worked where the women have
          far more tatoos than the men.
Fri Jul 24 [23:13]
<CrowTRobt> I'm starting to feel old
 * CrowTRobt creeps to the rocker
 * Nathan_Roberts hands Crow his cane
<CrowTRobt> thanky son
<CrowTRobt> you kids call that crap music!
<CrowTRobt> why in my day we knew what real music was!
<Nathan_Roberts> Hammering sticks against tree trunks?
 * CrowTRobt goes into a coughing fit
<CrowTRobt> cof coff shut that racket off!
 * Nathan_Roberts flips the poewr switch on the tennis racket
Sat Jul 25 [0:10]
<trinalin> Alden - as unbelievable as it may sound, I do actually go
           offline for some spans of time :)
 * Nathan_Roberts gapes at Trina!
<TalusElf> offline?  what does that mean?
<Whomiga> Really!?!
<CrowTRobt> Nate don't you go gaping! I saw you going *walking* yesterday
            so you are a radical too!
Sat Jul 25 [2:10] <TalusElf>
"Pro-lifer": someone who constantly nags you to get off the computer, go
outside and geta life.
Sat Jul 25 [2:27]
 * TheProf suddenly has this image of a New Zealand UN troops. Basicly a
   huge flock of sheep with UN blue helmets rushing across the battle field
   and being turned into mutten burgers.
 * TheProf sees the enemy going "My God! It's the kwiwis! Get the BBQs ready!"
Sun Jul 26 [0:24]
<Whomiga> BTW - dha has been added to the database - he has the same
          birthday as SupremeDalek
<Nathan_Roberts> SupremeDhalek? (Note the extra letter)
Sun Jul 26
 * Nathan_Roberts read an interesting tech support story today
<Nathan_Roberts> About someone that tried to network two computers together
                 over a barb wire fence..
 * Nathan_Roberts now wants to try to connect two computers together
   using tin cans and string.
<Nathan_Roberts> All I need is 4 cans, two strings, and two accoustic
 * Whomiga thinks it would be interesting to try using two lasers and
   photodiodes from across the room
<Nathan_Roberts> That idea is actually not entirely out in left field
<Nathan_Roberts> Fiberoptic cable works under a similar principle
<Whomiga> Nathan - I know
<Nathan_Roberts> But the tin can and string one is really out in
                 left field :)
<TalusElf> Nate: the tin can & string idea is so far out in left field that
           it's looped the world and is now out in right field
Sun Jul 26 [3:52]
 * CrowTRobt adds "hey! stop pinging me to read my ping responses!" to
   his ping responses
Mon Jul 27 [2:24]
<Jondar> Ben Aaronovitch's page reported a 500 server error, why am I
         not surprised at that?? :)
<Alden> What's 500?  Hard Drive Crash? ;)
Mon Jul 27
 * Nathan_Roberts just went to DALnet's web page and sees that they have a
   button to add the Java client to their desktop as an active desktop item...
 * TalusElf watches the idiot count on Dal.Net approach critical.
Mon Jul 27 [15:47]
<trinalin> Odd quotes from trinalin - that's par for the course
 * Nathan_Roberts wonders if we'll ever get even quotes from Trina...
Tue Jul 28 [3:40]
*** Joins: Nathan_Roberts
<AldenB> Hmm... Buffy pron...
<AldenB> porn.
<AldenB> Gee, now Nathan's going to wonder what he's walked in on. :-)
 * Nathan_Roberts has learned to just stop worrying about you weird people :)
Tue Jul 28 [4:07]
<Jondar> unedited, Trial is 5:49:21
<TalusElf> Jondar: I think it scares me that you know that
Tue Jul 28 [4:09]
 * Jondar is thinking of adding a basic cast list for each story to the
   database, but I'm not sure how long that would take me to do :)
<AldenB> Depends how many times people broke limbs while filming, I suppose.
 * Jondar thwacks AldenB with a Timelash video
Tue Jul 28 [4:43]
 * AldenB wonders what he should do now.
 * AldenB looks around in bemused puzzlement.
<Jondar> Alden: you could try to take over the world :)
<AldenB> JAson: Good idea!
 * AldenB thinks... how to do it...
<AldenB> I've got it!
<AldenB> Step one: Join the Spice Girls as the new fifth Spice Girl.
<AldenB> Step two: Implant subliminal messages in their songs.
<AldenB> Step three: Accept supreme rulership of the world!!!
<AldenB> There's only one problem; I have no singing or dancing talent.
<AldenB> Fortunately, I am joining the Spice Girls, so this doesn't matter
         too much.
Tue Jul 28 [5:25]
 * Jondar plays with one of those water timers he bought from a novelty
<Jondar> sore = store
<Jondar> though, novelty sore was a better way to describe the shop, a
         novelty eye-sore :)
Tue Jul 28 [10:46]
<random_C> There. that should do it.
<Nathan_Roberts> Don't say that!  Sylv did and you saw what happened to him ;)
*** Quits: random_C (Ping timeout)
Fri Jul 31 [3:45]
 * TalusElf wanders over to Amazon to see if they have this book on
   ancient civilizations my friend recommended, and hopes if they do that
   it's better than the Atlantis documentary that was on earlier.
<Nathan_Roberts> Which Atlantis documentary?  The Time Monster?
Fri Jul 31 [08:55]
*** Joins: Blor
<Blor> What the heck happened?
<Blor> All of a sudden mirc died...
<Nathan_Roberts> Blor: How did it die?
<Nathan_Roberts> Did you get an illegal operation error and it crashed?
<Blor> It just said: Disconnected
<Nathan_Roberts> Odd
<Blor> But I had two mirc windows open, logged onto two different servers...
<Nathan_Roberts> Did both die?
<Blor> And all the people on the other server, our work server were
       disconnected as well it seems...
<Blor> Yep
<Nathan_Roberts> Sounds like your internet connection hiccupped
<Blor> Yeah, but I could still surf...
<Nathan_Roberts> I take it you're running mIRC through a SOCKS server?
<Blor> U mean "use socks firewall"? No.
<Nathan_Roberts> How are you connecting through the firewall then?
<Blor> Dont know really... :)
<Blor> Hey man, I only work here... :)
<Blor> You know, I work with Internet tech support... How the hell should I
       know stuff like... eeh... hmm...
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFL
 * Blor whistles and looks at empty spaces

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