The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume II, Issue VI: June 1998

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Mon Jun 01 [1:15]
 * Jondar 's trick to making soggy fries normal: put them in a microwave
   at a low setting for 10-15 seconds
 * AldenB 's trick: Give them to his sister and nick her's. ;-)
Mon Jun 01 [1:37]
<AldenB> Or there's Brain of Moribus.  Purre B-Movie!
<AldenB> A mad scientist keeps a brain in a jar and builds a body to
         stick it in.
<AldenB> "Igor, bring me a head"
<dse> the lesson from that story: a brain is a terrible thing to waste.
Mon Jun 01 [2:03]
<TheProf> No difference on the page.
<Jondar> Prof: did you refresh?
<TheProf> Yes.
<TheProf> I showered and even shampood.
Mon Jun 01 [2:17]
*** Joins: Suzy3
<Suzy3> Hacked XxX Site : blah blah
*** Nathan_Roberts sets mode: +b *!*Suzy3@*
*** Suzy3 was kicked by Nathan_Roberts (Bad word detected)
<Nathan_Roberts> Jerkoff
*** TheProf changes topic to "Kicked Perverts for today 1."
 * TheProf leaves a trail of condems out the door to attract more perverts
   for K-9.
Mon Jun 01 [4:30]
<AldenB> "Message Reader"
<AldenB> Designed to give you the ability to decode any message you
         receive in oral or written form by finding "hidden messages" via
         Numerological and Astrological calculations as well as the
         Egyptian Book of Dead and Cabala. Numerology has been used for
         centuries to decode "hidden messages". Now, the power of that
         knowledge is finally at your fingertips.
<AldenB> Who wants to run the quotefile through it?
Tue Jun 02 [2:24]
 * Nathan_Roberts gets these mental images of setting up an alarm system
   and connecting it to full-blown, 6-foot stereo speakers and turning the
   volume all the way up...
<Nathan_Roberts> You'd be wide-eyed awake
Tue Jun 02 [2:43]
 * AldenB wished he taped that quote from DS9
<Nathan_Roberts> What quote?
<AldenB> Someone asked Worf what Klingons dream about.
<AldenB> He said something about "things which would send chills down
         your spine"
<AldenB> That's just begging to have a teletubbie wav tacked on the end.
Tue Jun 02 [3:24]
<The_Talus> Jondar: yeah, but that does beg the question what does give
            the tubbies nightmares?
<The_Talus> besides cancellation
<AldenB> Talus: That isn't logically sound.
<The_Talus> Alden: I had something in mind that would frighten them
            terribly and do permanent damage to their child-like psyches
<AldenB> Talus: Barney!!!
Tue Jun 02 [3:33]
*** Quits: MrShift (Quit: Quit Messages:- Genius's write them, Idiots
    read them.)
<Jondar> if Shift was such a genius, he'd spell "Genius's" properly
<The_Talus> maybe he's one of those new semi-literate geniuses who's too
            busy learning quantum stuff to bother to learn to read
Tue Jun 02 [3:41]
<The_Talus> hmm, Jondar remember earlier when I was wondering if one of
            us was hallucinating?  Well, I'm beginng to suspect you might
<Jondar> Talus: Hmmm... it's possible
 * Jondar waits for the fwaps by proxy to come in...
<The_Talus> Jondar: well, the green cat that's sitting on your shoulder
            tells me you're hallucinating, and I believe her  :-)
Tue Jun 02 [3:47]
 * Jondar wonders how he can get AltaVista to find me pages with
   Teletubby wavs on them, and not 300000+ wav pages :(
<AldenB> Jason: Add "wav" to the search? :-)
<AldenB> Whups, I guess you did that. :)
<Jondar> Alden: no, that's how I got 300000+ pages
<Nathan_Roberts> +"teletubby" +"wavs" ?
<The_Talus> once again the great Nathanini reads my mind before I can
            finish typing
 * Nathan_Roberts tries to do it again
<Nathan_Roberts> No, you can NOT borrow $100!  Buzz off!
<Nathan_Roberts> Ewww, I'm not even gonna say THAT one in the channel!
<Nathan_Roberts> Watch what you say about my mother!
 * The_Talus looks around the #DWC consoles and tries to figure out how
   to turn off the mind reading mode.
 * Jondar tells Talus to check the 7th panel from the east wall
 * The_Talus follows Jondar's directions and begins flipping switches
<Nathan_Roberts> ::zap:: Hey, what happened to my light?
 * The_Talus sets mode +mindprobe
<The_Talus> owww!
 * The_Talus sets mode -mindprobe
<The_Talus> hmm, let's try this big grey switch, grey's my favorite
 * Jondar falls through a trapdoor.....
<The_Talus> whoops.
 * The_Talus tries another.....
<Jondar> Talus: see that button that says "Do not touch"?? - press it
 * The_Talus presses the button Jondar indicates....
[sound of cloister bell]
 * Nathan_Roberts is unexpectadly blown out a nearby airlock
<Jondar> ...gnorew eb ot smees gnihgton ...mmmH
<The_Talus> uhh, I don't think that was the one.....
<Jondar> ...seod nottub der eht tahw s'taht ,raed hO
 * The_Talus tries a small black button
 * AldenB flies up to the ceiling.
<The_Talus> ut oh, this is getting worse all the time.
 * AldenB bounces off the walls.
 * Nathan_Roberts is pulled back inside, coated with ice
<The_Talus> hmm, wait, maybe it's this large red lever with the label
            that says "mind reading mode"
 * The_Talus pulls the lever....
 * The_Talus sets mode -mind reading
 * Nathan_Roberts goes blank
<The_Talus> ahh, there we go.....
 * Nathan_Roberts suddenly can't read anyone's mind
 * Nathan_Roberts unfortunately can't read his own mind either now
<AldenB> Nathan: No loss there then. ;-)
 * AldenB ducks!!
<Jondar> Just three small points: Where am I? Who am I and Who are all
         of you?
 * Jondar ducks
 * The_Talus begins to modulate the anti-mind reading field so that it's
   localized outside everyone's body
 * Nathan_Roberts comes back to his senses
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps the crap out of Alden!
 * AldenB dodges Nathan_Roberts's attack by hiding behind a stick of celery.
 * The_Talus notes the location for future reference.....
<The_Talus> .... along with that ones labelled "self destruct" and
            "other destruct"
<Jondar> Talus: and there's Omega Destruct and Rassilon Destruct :)
Wed Jun 03 [2:38]
<The_Talus> hmm, Bill's on Nickelodeon
<The_Talus> I hope I don't get too engrossed in this show and wind up
            burning my food
<The_Talus> Bill's actually answering questions from kids.  I wonder if
            this is scripted....
<Alden> I thought Crow was hitting the sack, not the small screen.
<The_Talus> Alden, no, Bill Gates
<Alden> <kid stands up> "Why does Windows crash all the time?"
        <Bill> "Uhhh...."
Wed Jun 03 [3:31]
 * The_Talus finishes his milk and realizes he's actually eaten breakfast
   food at the time most people eat breakfast, even tho it's not breakfast
   time to him since he's been awake for the last 12 hours.
Wed Jun 03 [3:43]
 * Jondar 's just got an email from someone he doesn't know with the
   subject "Hot Mel"
<The_Talus> that's redneck spelling for HotMail
<Jondar> Alden: did you receive anything like that at all?
<AldenB> Jondar: No, but I really wish I did... :-)
Wed Jun 03 [3:54]
 * MrBubonic EXT-ER-MI-NATEs Brig1963
*** Brig1963 is now known as Guest85452
<Jondar> MrB: I didn't know that your EXT-ER-MI-NATEs script was in
         cahoots with NickServ :)
Wed Jun 03 [6:37]
<MrBubonic> I suppose it is light outside now over there in California...
<Nathan_Roberts> Yup.
<MrBubonic> Imagine the horrible possibility if you should land yourself
            a normal daytime job...
<Nathan_Roberts> Two words.  Night shift. :)
<MrBubonic> You wouldn't know how to survive outside during the day... :)
<Nathan_Roberts> :D
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Nathan-The-Vampire
 * MrBubonic brandishes a cross
<MrBubonic> Begone, you foul thing!
<Nathan-The-Vampire> That only works if you have faith >:)
<MrBubonic> Oh...
 * MrBubonic pulls out a sharpened stick out of his trousers *ow* *ouch*
<MrBubonic> Eat this!
 * MrBubonic starts hammering away
 * Nathan-The-Vampire takes the stick and begins to munch on it
<MrBubonic> *sigh*
<MrBubonic> I give up...
<MrBubonic> Here, have a cola.
 * MrBubonic gives Nathan a can of cola
 * Nathan-The-Vampire bites fangs into the can and begins to suck on it
<MrBubonic> So, how does the garlic-cola taste?
 * Nathan-The-Vampire chokes!
 * Nathan-The-Vampire begins to dissolve from the inside out
*** Nathan-The-Vampire is now known as Nathan-The-Puddle
<Nathan-The-Puddle> You are utterly sadistic
<MrBubonic> Thank you
Thu Jun 04 [0:09]
 * TheProf has 18 years driving experience with no tickets.
<TheProf> And I have only once been pulled over and arrested at gun point.
<TheProf> I was on my way to work. I was dressed in a suit and as I leave
          and start down the road I get pulled three police
          cars. They come out of the cars with guns drawn and ask me to
          get out of the car. With my hands up and told me to get on my
          knees and put my hands on my head. They cuff me and put me in
          a police car and begin to search my car. Finally one officer
          comes back and asks me if there is anything I want to tell
          them. I said "Please release me. Let me go?" I had no idea what
          the hell was going on. Finally one guy comes back and explains
          to me. He points out my licence plates are missing. Seems someone
          the day before stole my licence plates. He put them on a car
          very close to mine and then robbed a store with a shotgun.
          I also had the misfortune of looking slightly like the robbers
          genral disciption. White male, same age. Problem was the car was
          registered in my wife's name.....her maden name. Took about 30
          minutes for them to be sure and they let me go. Truth is they
          were rather nice to me concidering. I think they thought I was
          not their man but had to take no chances.
<TheProf> Now here is the kicker. Try to use that as an excuse for why
          you are late for work.
<TheProf> I called work and explained why I was late. The first thing my
          boss says is "If it was anyone else I wouldn't believe it."
Wed Jun 04 [4:05]
 * The_Talus just had a new idea for a web page award. The Nathan
   Roberts Browser Trick of Rassilon Seal of Approval
Thu Jun 04 [23:09]
 * The_Talus prefers to save his cussing quota for idiot drivers in traffic.
Thu Jun 04 [23:48]
<TheProf> I collect Beanies there for I am.
<TheProf> I actually figured out how many Happy Meals I bought.
<TheProf> Nathan guess how many happy meals I bought all told.
<IsraelBeta> Prof: We have no desire to indulge your sick obsession.:)
<TheProf> Over a three day period I bought 40.
 * IsraelBeta dccs TheProf the instant angioplasty kit.
Fri Jun 05 [0:19]
*** TheProf changes topic to "IRC in the nude. Tonight in #drwhochat"
 * The_Talus looks at Prof. Are you trying to attract more perverts to
   pick on?
<TheProf> LOL.
<TheProf> Nathan has K-9. We must keep K-9 fed.
Thu Jun 05 [0:44]
<TheProf> Alden I married my wife because it was cheaper than dating her.
Thu Jun 05 [1:09] <The_Talus>
this isn't really a DW channel, it's an insomniac support channel
Thu Jun 05 [1:17]
 * NemoDream finds a neat little page called Nemo's mIRC scripting
 * NemoDream hmphs as she finds little else than graphics on it
 * CrowTRobt finds a neat little page called Crow's Godzilla Emporium
 * CrowTRobt hmphs as he finds little else than text on it
Thu Jun 05 [2:45]
 * BeanieProf slaps Brig1963 around a bit with a large Beanie Baby
<Brig1963> damn thing, keeps regrowing.
<BeanieProf> It's alive!!!!!
 * Brig1963 has created artifial life.
<BeanieProf> Call it Bob.
<BeanieProf> Or nathan.
<abates> Or Brian
<BeanieProf> I have never thought nathan could be the result of
             natural evolution.
<abates> Prof: humans evolved from apes, Nathan evolved from
         web browsers.
Fri Jun 05 [5:59]
 * The_Talus thinks it's time someone develop an extreme version of
   golf. Maybe play it in the woods and combine it with wilderness
   hiking, orienteering, and camping.
<Jondar> Talus: you obviously haven't seen me play :)
<MegL> they do that already I think, Talus >;)
<The_Talus> I realize that doesn't seem "extreme" to most people, but I
            guarantee you to golfers it would :-)
<The_Talus> oh
 * MegL does point out, a bit more seriously, that most golfers will
   play in snow, rain, wind and sleet and if they weren't afraid of
   getting electrocuted they'd play in thunderstorms
<The_Talus> <Ed McMahan> I did not know that </Ed McMahan>
<The_Talus> I guess now I've gotta at least respect their dedication.
            Sometimes it sucks to know things.
<MegL> Yes, but is it dedication or addiction?
<Jondar> addiction
 * MegL thinks so also Jason
<The_Talus> Meg: I don't wanna explore that question on the grounds that
            it may make me question my use of IRC
Fri Jun 05 [6:25]
 * abates wonders if ICQ is safe.....
<The_Talus> Alden: no, studies have shown ICQ causes cancer in lab rats
            who use it to contact other lab rats.  :-)
Thu Jun 05 [16:26]
 * TheProf plays a song for Charles Manson. "Still crazy after all
   these years."
Thu Jun 05 [18:06]
 * Whomiga has given packages to the Mailman before - usually after
   chasing him down the street because I forgot to put it out for them...
Thu Jun 05 [19:00]
*** Quits: TheProf (Quit: I've given up on a pic of Lis in a bikini.
    I'm settling for shorts and a tanktop.)
 * Jondar wonders if Prof is feeling OK, it's not like him to give up on
   a Lis bikini picture :-)
<Whomiga> Probably saw it as an impossible task and didn't want to be
          like Don Quixote
Thu Jun 05 [19:09]
 * TheProf rips the tag off of a pillow and promply has 10 police
   officers raid his home and throw him onto the slammer.
<Whomiga> Prof - they do say "Except by the consumer" - you as a consumer
          can eat the tag if you feel like it
<TheProf> Do you think the cops will care if they think they can finally
          convict me of something? They thought they had me on that jay
          walking charge but I showed them. Ever since then they have had
          a taskforce waiting to nab me in the act.
<TheProf> They even have tried entrapping me but the dna resuts proved
          that the spit on that sidewalk was planted!
Fri Jun 05 [20:29]
*** littleShar has joined #drwhochat
<AldenB> Hello littleShar
<Romana162> 'ello littleShar
<NemoDream> Hi Shar
<Whomiga> Twinkle, Twinkle, littleShar
<Whomiga> Hi Shar
 * NemoDream can't resist singing "Twinkle twinkle little shar"
 * Whomiga didn't resist
<NemoDream> Makes me think of a kid with moon eyes and a gap in her
            teeth singing that ..
<NemoDream> tinkle tinkle widdle shar
Fri Jun 05 [20:33]
*** NemoDream has quit IRC (Quit: **ahh the beach calls!!**)
<Whomiga> Hello, I have a collect call from the beach for you, will you
          accept the call?
Thu Jun 05 [20:37]
<Nathan_Roberts> Is anyone still on Spider?  I think we've officially
                 abandoned it for the night
<Jondar> Nathan: I don't think anyone is still on spider, but yatesy is
         on liberty and is lagging by 50s
<CrowTRobt> lets see first hebron, then Gothic/Wtnet, and now Spider.
            I think I see a trend... We kill servers!
<Nathan_Roberts> Crow: My luck, it's probably more like *I* kill servers :)
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as ServerKiller
<ServerKiller> I've graduated from Computer Killer to Server Killer!
Fri Jun 05 [20:40]
<fuzzyoctopus> =); what you up to tonight?
 * The_Talus is up to about 5'10", and you?
 * AldenB is up to 6"
<AldenB> er 6'
<AldenB> Damn imperial measurements. ;-)
<The_Talus> 6" Alden, that's after you were messing with the TCE right? :-)
Fri Jun 05 [21:39]
*** Drake has joined #DrWhoChat
<Whomiga> Hi George
<The_Talus> hiya Drake
<Bob01> hey george
<Drake> Hi Richard
<Drake> Hi Talus
<Drake> Hi Bob
<MegL> hi Drake
 * MegL hugs George
<Drake> Hello Meg
 * Drake hugs Meg
<Jondar> Hi George!
<Drake> Hey Jason!
<Drake> Hi Alden
<Drake> Hi Crow
<Drake> Hi leela
<Drake> Hi Prof
<CrowTRobt> Hi Drake
<Drake> Hi Drake............oh wait.
Sat Jun 06 [1:05] <The_Talus>
you know you've been on IRC too long when you right click on a HD folder
to find information about it and look for the "Whois" option
Sat Jun 06 [2:25]
 * AldenB considers not coming back from Visions.
 * TerisaDr7 thinks Alden would get tired of Chicago in mid-winter
   after about two days
<AldenB> Terisa: I'll have to get some PMEBer or other to take me home with
         her then.
Sat Jun 06 [2:37]
 * IsraelBeta blinks. I just put in Eva, Terisa, Becky, and Meg as the
   Sex and The City women. I'm gonna go slap myself now.:)
 * MegL wonders if Issy is taking allergy meds or what?
<AldenB> Issy: Er... what?!
 * TerisaDr7 blinks at Israel. Huh/
<IsraelBeta> Meg: Sorry, I tend to free associate late at night.  Sex
             and The City is a new show starting on HBO.
<TerisaDr7> Israel:  I do hope you're not going there.....
 * MegL knows that - she gets HBO in four different formats ;)
<TheProf> I prefer sex in the countyr.
<IsraelBeta> Meg: I just noticed that there were four women in the channel,
             four women in the show, and realized I could match up you,
             Eva, Becky, and Terisa with the main characters in the show.
 * AldenB is frightened by Issy's mind. :-)
<IsraelBeta> Alden: It's late, i'm free associating, leave me alone.:)
 * Starfury is rather worried about Dan =)
<TerisaDr7> Alden:  That must be a scary thought, someone's mind is
            scarier than yours.  ;-) <just kidding>
<IsraelBeta> Star: See what I just said to Alden.:)
<AldenB> Terisa: I thought that was supposed to be impossible. :-)
<TerisaDr7> Alden:  Obviously not.  ;-)
Sat Jun 06 [3:10]
<TheProf> Alden are you German?
<CrowTRobt> Ja Herr Prof
<AldenB> Hmm...
 * AldenB checks
<AldenB> Nope, not German
 * TheProf thinks Alden is a German spy. We must test him.
<AldenB> Uh oh....
<TheProf> Alden who won the 1968 World Series?
<AldenB> Zer 1963 vor... er, world series?
<CrowTRobt> If he answers correctly we Know he is a spy
<AldenB> umm....
<AldenB> What's the World Series?
<TheProf> You pass. No American really cares who wins the World Series
<CrowTRobt> lol
 * AldenB doesn't think he's American either...
 * AldenB checks.
<AldenB> Nope. :-)
<TheProf> LOL
<TheProf> True. Only a spy would know the answer because he knew he
          would be tested.
<TheProf> The Profess is German.
<TheProf> Very scary when I think about it.
<TheProf> Actually she is 1/4 German but that is the part that
          terrorises me.
<AldenB> Ah, so that's where she gets her liking of leather from. ;-)
Sat Jun 06 [3:36]
<Starfury> I've got the zip one in my file
<Starfury> oops mischannel
 * Jondar would like to meet Miss Channel some day, and Mr Channel too :-)
Sat Jun 06 [4:58]
 * CrowTRobt is web browsing at :
<CrowTRobt> I just finished a major face lift to the godzilla pages
 * AldenB remains oblivious to Crow's subtle plug.
<AldenB> Oh, you changed it. :-)
<Jondar> Crow: what alias did you use to do that web browsing thing?
<CrowTRobt> $url
<Jondar> Crow: Ah thanks
 * Jondar is web browsing at:
<Jondar> Ah! it works!!
<The_Talus> hmm, I'm gonna have to be careful with this url thing, some
            of the pages I visit I don't wanna admit to being on :-)
 * The_Talus is goofing off at
<The_Talus> whoops, see what I mean? :-)
[Even Later....]
<The_Talus> hey guys, ya know what? isn't even a
            Spice Girls site, it's for like actual spicy food!
 * The_Talus didn't bother to check this first :-)
[Likely story. >:)]
Sat Jun 06 [5:21]
 * AldenB wants to have the nick "box", so when he comes back in,
   people say "re box"
Sat Jun 06 [5:37]
 * The_Talus is goofing off at
 * TheProf checks the site just in case.
<TheProf> Nothing.
 * The_Talus cackles evilly as Prof falls victim to his /urlfake alias
<The_Talus> Sorry Prof, I just couldn't resist
<TheProf> I knew it was but I had to look.
<TheProf> On the one chance in a thousand it was real i had to look.
Sat Jun 06 [5:47]
<TheProf> What is with this fake Shel?
<AldenB> Prof: Fake Shel is obviously terminally stupid.
<AldenB> I can see them repeatedly getting onto the traintracks, even
         with all the warning bells sounding...
<TheProf> But persistant. I love persistant stupidity.
<Jondar> yeah, that NickServ Enforcement must be really stupid :)
<AldenB> Prof: There are new laundry detergents to deal with
         persistant stupidity.
<AldenB> Oh, wait, that's persistant _stains_
Sat Jun 06
<The_Talus> hmm, it didn't work :-(
<The_Talus> but then my scripts *never* work
<TheProf> Talus you need a plot first and then find a good director and
          a big named star.
Sat Jun 06 [7:05]
<Ash-Man> what do you think of the comic strip.....
<AldenB> It's not bad.....
 * AldenB doesn't like the new Doctor though........
 * TheProf doesn't like the new Doctor either. I still prefer Hartnell.
   Who is this troughton guy anyway?
Sat Jun 06 [7:12]
 * Jondar hits his keyboard with a large wooden mallet
 * The_Talus notices Jondar filling in for Nathan in the mallet department.
   That only leaves Quotefile and tech guru in resident slots to be filled.
<Jondar> Talus: I could play a good tech guru part quite well :)
 * TheProf grows his hair and becomes just plain guru speaking giberous
   nobody understands so they think it's brilliant.
<The_Talus> hmm, well, I *do* log everything all the time, tho I'll
            be damned if I'm gonna take the kind of abuse Nate does
            compiling the Quotefile :-)
[Trust me Talus, you're not interested.]
Sat Jun 06 [12:06]
<CrowTRobt> I got my first piece of hate mail from a 12 year old
            New Godzilla movie fan. :)
<CrowTRobt> I feel so good
<The_Talus> uhh, I remember being that age.  I was a holy terror on the
            BBSes :-)
<CrowTRobt> Dear Crow, the new godzilla rulz and you suk
<The_Talus> that's all he could come up with?
<CrowTRobt> ah yes
<CrowTRobt> I'm gonna have to put a few more rants about that crappy
            movie now
<CrowTRobt> This kind of stuff only encourages me
<CrowTRobt> sigh
<CrowTRobt> oh I got some more fan mail
<The_Talus> I hope this one actually has more intelligence than the
            monster he's discussing
<CrowTRobt> Dear web freak, Don't you know that the old godzilla was
            so slow that new godzilla could kick his ass before he could
            even know it
<The_Talus> well, it is a complete sentence, your hate mailers are
            slowly moving out of the Cro-Magnon species.
<CrowTRobt> Dear stupid kid, old godzilla would toast new godilla with
            his fiery breath end of fight
<The_Talus> ROFL!!!!
Sat Jun 07 [0:57]
 * AldenB is collecting information for a Bonnie Langford biography.
<TheProf> Alden she has red hair.
 * The_Talus wonders whether NZ has anti-stalking laws :-)
 * AldenB smirks at Talus. I'm not including the colour of her underwear,
   you know.
<AldenB> It's red, BTW.
Sat Jun 07 [1:48]
 * Jondar looks around cautiously and drops a pin...
<AldenB> A tie pin? :-)
Sat Jun 07 [2:50]
[Nathan is working on a partyline script, and has just discovered that
 he "accidentally" made it networkable]
<MadScientistNathan> Hmmm... Can we get some volunteers for another few
                     minutes? >:)
<MadScientistNathan> Crow?  Alden?
<CrowTRobt> yeah ok Nate
<MadScientistNathan> Jondar, load the partyline script and type
                     /PARTY CrowTRobt
<Jondar> Nathan: OK :)
<MadScientistNathan> Oh, and type /PARTY MadScientistNathan too
<MadScientistNathan> Otherwise it won't be bidirectional
 * CrowTRobt says lets party
<MadScientistNathan> Crow, can you see what I'm typing in the party line?
<CrowTRobt> no
<MadScientistNathan> Crap
<The_Talus> Nathan's living up to his nick with the partyline thing :-)
<MadScientistNathan> Alden: Wanna join in?  It's really cool :)
 * The_Talus notes that Nathan setting up a network while his nick initials
   are MSN is just begging for lgeal trouble :-)
Sat Jun 07 [4:30]
<The_Talus> yowsa: weird stuff happens on this channel all the time,
            we seldom notice it anymore :-)
 * Nathan_Roberts sees a flock of pigs flying overhead
 * The_Talus yawns at the flying pigs, grabs a stun rifle, and shoots
   them out of the sky.
 * Nathan_Roberts sees Satan going by with a snowplow
 * Jondar sees a speeding hamburger: Oh look! Fast Food! :-)
Sun Jun 07 [5:13]
*** AldenB has quit IRC (Dead Socket)
<Nathan_Roberts> Heh...
<Nathan_Roberts> Nite all
*** Nathan_Roberts has quit IRC (Dead Socket)
<Jondar> how on earth are they getting those Dead Socket messages?
[Talus tries some something and accidentally quits IRC]
<The_Talus> like that
<Jondar> Talus: what did you do?
 * The_Talus himself for forgetting to hold down <control>
<The_Talus> /who * I think
<Jondar> Ah!!
<The_Talus> if you scroll up, either Alden or Nate referenced it before
            they left, but I'd have to check my log now
 * Jondar sees Anmarc's poor Dead Socket
<CrowTRobt> * AldenB types /who*
<The_Talus> it tries to list everyone on the Dal-net in your status window,
            and apparently then disconnects you for flooding
 * Jondar files that command under "DALNet Information, Useless"
*** CrowTRobt has quit IRC (Dead Socket)
*** CrowTRobt has joined #drwhochat
<The_Talus> re Crow
<CrowTRobt> hee hee
*** Jondar changes topic to 'So _that's_ what /who * does :-)'
<Jefferys> Jason - what's with the topic?
<Jondar> Jeff: something we were doing earlier
<The_Talus> Jeff: you can try it out yourself if you'd like.  <veg>
<Jefferys> Jason - Oh....I don't want to know...<smirk>
<Jefferys> Talus - What does it do?
<The_Talus> Jeff: I'm not telling.
<Jondar> Jeff: I'm not going to say, try ityourself :)
<CrowTRobt> do it jeff
 * The_Talus is feeling evil this morning.
<Jefferys> How do you do it?
<Jondar> Jeff just type /who * in the status window
<CrowTRobt> do it jeff
*** Jefferys has quit IRC (Dead Socket)
<CrowTRobt> hahahaha
<Jondar> HAhahahahahaha!!!!
<The_Talus> lol!
<Jondar> The first victim!!!
<The_Talus> Lemming_Jeff shall we call him?
<Jondar> Talus: yes :)
*** Jefferys has joined #drwhochat
<The_Talus> re Lemming_Jeff
<CrowTRobt> hee hee
<Jondar> re Lemming_Jeff :-)
<Jondar> Jeff: so, what does it do??
 * Jefferys has to fwap you all with the Fwapper of Rassilon (tm)
<The_Talus> Oh come on Jeff, now you can try it on someone else.
            It's great fun.  Kind of an initiation into the dark side of
            the #DWC.
<Drake> oh what was that thing that killed people on IRC,alt something?
<Jondar> Drake: "press Alt+F4 for ops"
<Drake> that's it Jason!,i remember seeing people fall for that all
        the time :)
<Jondar> heehee Drake - I managed to catch TopCat out with that once :)
<Drake> it's great for Op beggers :)
Tue Jun 09 [1:41]
<Nathan_Roberts> I think I have the Leek script set up now
 * TheProf impersonates a Leek Geek to test the script.
*** TheProf is now known as LeekGeek
*** LeekGeek was kicked by AldenFanficing (AldenFanficing)
*** Joins: LeekGeek
<AldenFanficing> Sorry, ichy trigger finger. ;-)
<LeekGeek> You should have seen it from my end. The second I changed
           nicks BOOM I was gone.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: That's what it looked like from here too!
*** LeekGeek is now known as TheProf
<TheProf> Alden, in comedy timing is everything and that was perfect timing.
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: Fastest kick in the west.
Tue Jun 09 [2:05]
 * AldenFanficing hugs Meg
*** AldenFanficing was kicked by TheProf (Hug all you want. I will have
    my revenge!)
*** Joins: AldenFanficing
<TheProf> Well Hell.
<Nathan_Roberts> WTF?
<AldenFanficing> Err.....
 * AldenFanficing blinks.
<TheProf> Alden insulted me. I get 2 seconds of revenge.
*** TheProf was kicked by MegL (You can, but so can I!!! >;-))
*** Joins: TheProf
<MegL> hehehe
<TheProf> LOL
<CrowTRobt_Away> what the hell was that
<CrowTRobt_Away> god damn
*** CrowTRobt_Away sets mode: +o TheProf
<MegL> Crow, we are just goofing off I think :)
 * MegL hugs Prof
<Nathan_Roberts> I hope we are...
<TheProf> We are just goofing yes.
<AldenFanficing> Meg: Actually... I'm the one who needs revenge....
*** TheProf was kicked by AldenFanficing (rewenge!!!)
*** Joins: TheProf
*** AldenFanficing sets mode: +o TheProf
 * AldenFanficing dusts off Prof.
 * TheProf bends over for who is next.
<TheProf> (_|_)
*** TheProf was kicked by Nathan_Roberts (Well who else did you expect?)
*** Joins: TheProf
<MegL> oh dear
<TheProf> LOL
*** CrowTRobt_Away sets mode: +o TheProf
 * AldenFanficing thinks Prof is getting borderline kinky. :-)
<MegL> this wasn't suppose to start off Kickfest 98
<TheProf> ROTFL
<AldenFanficing> Meg: I think we're done. :-)
<TheProf> I hope so for my sake.
 * AldenFanficing goes back to fanficing.
<Nathan_Roberts> Might I remind the room who started it? :)
<AldenFanficing> Nathan: Point noted. :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> I think that person should make a note for future
                 reference ;)
Tue Jun 09 [2:10]
 * Starfury ponders the meaning of life and whether or not sleep exists.
 * The_Talus thinks sleep is a myth perpetrated by the bed making
   companies. :-)
Tue Jun 09 [2:25]
<MrShift> Alden: What are you writing about ?
<AldenFanficing> Shift: The same thing I write about every night, Shift.....
<TheProf> BONNIE!
<AldenFanficing> Starts with S, ends with X and has E in the middle.
<TheProf> Soloflex?
[At this point, I should include something that I managed to leave out of
the May quotefile]
Tue May 26 [0:59]
 * Nathan_Roberts is away (Auto-Away)
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Nathan_Roberts_Away
 * MrBubonic is not away (Auto-not Away)

[We now return you to your regularly scheduled quotefile]
Tue Jun 09 [3:24]
 * Jondar is away: Auto-Away activated
*** Jondar is now known as JondarAway
 * AldenB is insane: Auto-Insane actived
Tue Jun 09 [3:25]
<JondarAway> ROTFL
*** JondarAway is now known as Jondar
 * Jondar has returned
<TheProf> Quiet Jondar. Your not here.
<TheProf> Missed. He came back while I was typing. Sneaky Australians.
Tue Jun 09 [4:59]
[Nathan is talking about switching his ISP]
<Jondar> Nathan: another advantage - your email addy will be shorter :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Hehehe
<Jondar> Nate: instead of, it'll be :)
<Nathan_Roberts> My web page URL too :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Although, chances are I won't be able to use nathanr :/
<Nathan_Roberts> It's a national service, so someone's probably already
                 got nathanr
<Jondar> Nate: how about msnate? >;-)
<Jondar> short for Mad Scientist Nate
<AldenB> Or qfboy, for Quote File Boy. :-)
Tue Jun 09 [6:44]
*** Joins: Grek
<Nathan_Roberts> Grek!
<The_Talus> Hello Grek
<Jondar> Grek!
<Jondar> Hi Grek!
<Grek> heello everybody !
<Grek> I have returned once more to make your lifes a better thing
       to do..hmm..
*** Jondar sets mode: +o Grek
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: Giving him the chance to kick himself? :)
<Jondar> Nate: of course :)
Tue Jun 09 [7:19]
 * Jondar decides to change the volume label of his F: hard disk from
   "BACKUPS" to "JUNK" --- because that's about all I store on their now,
   Junk, Audio and Webfiles
<Jondar> "Could not set the volume name (JUNK). The device is not ready"
<Jondar> that settles it... Start|Programs|Accessories|MS-DOS Prompt
Tue Jun 09 [7:49]
<The_Talus> excuse me while I register my new alternate nick :-)
*** The_Talus is now known as Pertwee
<Nathan_Roberts> Look!  He's back from the dead!
Tue Jun 09 [7:51]
 * Bob01 notes he is outta school:)
<Pertwee> congrats Bob.  Graduation or summer break?
<Drake> parole :)
Thu Jun 11 [15:06]
 * The_Talus just got this strong image in his head of curling up into
   a ball and sleeping until 2003
<Nathan_Roberts> lol... that's what I just finished doing :)
 * The_Talus checks his calendar. HOLY COW! It's 2003
Thu Jun 11 [15:27]
 * The_Talus looks at Prof. Skepticism is boring. Next player please.
<TheProf> Skepticism is always the correct thing.
<TheProf> Believe nothing.
 * TheProf does not believ you can call up a psycic on the phone, UFOs
   are kidnapping people or Elvis is working at 7-11.
 * The_Talus doesn't either Prof, but I do believe you can call Elvis on
   the phone, that psychics are kidnapping people, and that aliens are
   working at 7-11. :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<Nathan_Roberts> Talus: That version is probably closer to the truth! :D
Thu Jun 11 [15:28]
<Jefferys> I guess I'm back
<The_Talus> Jeff: you guess wrong!  thank you for playing, and we have
            some lovely parting gifts for you.  :-)
Thu Jun 11 [19:25]
<Jondar> BRB - lunch just dinged at me
<Nathan_Roberts> Lunch dinging at you?  And I thought it was disturbing
                 when people told Lunch was _calling_ them...
Thu Jun 11 [19:35]
 * Nathan_Roberts is now trying to figure out where to put
   all his computers...
<Whomiga> Somewhere other than on the bed?
Thu Jun 11 [20:50]
 * Nathan_Roberts is still trying to figure out where to put all
   these computers
<Whomiga> Nathan - Make them into Tables and Chairs?
Thu Jun 11 [21:01]
 * Nathan_Roberts begins to wonder why he's going to all this effort
<Whomiga> So you can actually sleep in the bed?
Thu Jun 11 [21:07]
 * Nathan_Roberts now wonders if he dares to plug in all 6 computers and
   fire them all up..........
<chrisk> "Fire" might be the right word
 * Whomiga tunes in CNN and waits for the announcement of the Blackout
Thu Jun 11 [21:28]
 * Shel wonders if webtv shows animated gifs... :/
<Shel> i suppose it can't be that archaic...
<IsraelBeta> Shel: Mistake number one: thinking of webtv in actual computing
Thu Jun 11 [22:29]
<Whomiga> BTW - I discover it is a bad idea to make an Alias withthe same
          name as a normal command (Nice loop until death)
<Whomiga> Actually - it really matters that the real command was called
          inside the alias of the same name....
<Whomiga> Hello?
<DoctorFred> who ya talking to Whomiga?
<Whomiga> Anybody that doesn't feel like writing a script that causes
          the system to go down in a very spectacular crash...
Thu Jun 11 [23:53]
<TheProf> I just got spammed by a pervert!
 * AldenB apologises for spamming Prof. ;-)
Fri Jun 12 [0:48]
<TheProf> I switched for a short time to IE 3.0. I hated it and found the
          netscape web site. They had a camera set up in their customer
          service center. It laso had a message board you could see from
          the cam and you could put in messages for the people their to
          see. I wrote my ISP talked me into switching to IE and now I
          hate it and want to come back. About two mintues later I see
          my message crawl acroos their board. Then someone puts a sheet
          of paper up
<Jondar> what did the paper say?
<TheProf> We could have told you that. All is forgiven. You can come back.
Fri Jun 12 [1:08]
*** TheProf changes topic to 'Peri vs Sarah Jane in a hot oil wrestling
    match to the death!'
 * TheProf looks at the topic and goes for a cold shower.
Fri Jun 12 [1:27]
 * The_Talus needs to fix a meal and will be popping in and out for the
   next while. If you need me, /msg, /notice, or just wait. Carrier
   pigeons not recommended. :-)
 * TheProf puts his pigeon back.
 * TheProf tried that to send a file to Alden once. After two weeks the
   pigeon sent me a postcard from Hawaii and said I could carry the thing
Fri Jun 12 [1:29]
<TheProf> Crow new rule is that we must paly a warning wav when you enter
          the room. UN resolution 13285
<TheProf> Crow it seems qualifies under chatters of mass destruction.
<CrowTRobt> boy prof you keep up with the UN
<TheProf> Actually Crow the UN keeps up with me.
<CrowTRobt> I personally don't pay them any attention
<CrowTRobt> they don't have any power
 * Nathan_Roberts waits for the Belgian troops to pay Crow a visit...
Fri Jun 12 [2:54]
<AldenB> So far as I could see, Shift is the normal of the lot of them. :-)
<AldenB> the most normal, anyway. :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> I.E. Slightly less normal than us? :)
 * TheProf resents being called normal. Take that back Nathan!!!
Fri Jun 12 [3:04]
 * AldenB is several thousand miles away from America....
<TheProf> Alden lives on a rock in the middle of the ocean.
Fri Jun 12 [3:06]
<TheProf> [Nathan_Roberts PING reply]: 3 days 13 hours 24 minutes 1 second
<Nathan_Roberts> [TheProf PING reply]: 8 millenia 2 centuries 5 years
                 2 weeks 4 days 16 hours 7 min 2 sec
<TheProf> I actually had a real ping reply that was 33 minutes. I figured
          the person was on Mars or someplace in space.
Fri Jun 12 [3:24]
[Nathan is looking for the "retouched" picture of Crow lost on his hard drive]
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh dear... Crow, you may be saved due to the mess my
                 hard drive is in.
<TheProf> Nathan I told you to clean that mess up.
<Nathan_Roberts> Ah, here we go... Start | Find | File or folder...
<TheProf> Nathan it is under nerd.jpg.
Fri Jun 12 [3:26]
[Crow has just sent someone the "retouched" picture of Prof]
<TheProf> I assume Crow sent you the one where he put horns on me?
<SheLove-away> yup!
<TheProf> Way to go Bill you hillbilly $%*&^@#$(*&%^&&
<CrowTRobt> I am not a hillbilly
<CrowTRobt> I don't live in the hills
<CrowTRobt> I live in teh flat land
<TheProf> Bill you are in Alabama.
<CrowTRobt> You jerk
<TheProf> LOL
<CrowTRobt> I don't live in Alabama
<TheProf> Mississippi.
<CrowTRobt> that's better
<TheProf> Even worse Bill.
 * Nathan_Roberts watches Prof and Crow bickering
<TheProf> Crow lets call a truce and pick on Nathan. Deal?
<Nathan_Roberts> Hey!
<Nathan_Roberts> What'd I do?
 * TheProf picks on Nathan.
 * CrowTRobt picks at Nate
 * CrowTRobt spins the propeller on Nate's beanie
 * TheProf throws his cooking at nathan.
 * TheProf is promptly arrested by UN troops for using chemical weapons.
Fri Jun 12 [3:36]
<Nathan_Roberts> 2+2 now equals 5.231+8i.  Please recalibrate your
                 instruments accordingly.
<Jondar> Nate: that's about as loony as the plan I heard about to convert
         time to metric :)
<TheProf> Remember Einstein not only proved the universe was curved but
          twisted as Hell as well.
Fri Jun 12 [3:37]
<TheProf> We don't get enough Skandinavian babes in here like we should
          I just noticed.
<The_Talus> Prof: we don't get enough Skantily clad babes in here either :-)
 * TheProf just realised he is hanging out in the wrong room.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof, all this time you've been hanging out in the
                 wrong room!!
<Jondar> Nate: that explains a lot :)
<Nathan_Roberts> And it only took this long to figure it out!
<AldenB> We don't get enough New Zealand babes in here either.
<The_Talus> /invite Xena #drwhochat
*** TheProf changes topic to 'Babes from the North.'
 * TheProf types /invite allbabes #drwhochat....... bring pictures.
*** Nathan_Roberts changes topic to '#drwhochat needs women!'
 * Nathan_Roberts sees The Profess and Mrs. Crow coming towards the room....
   No, not you!!!
<TheProf> If my wife ever saw this room jnow I would be as dead as a
          husband could be.
Fri Jun 12 [3:43]
<The_Talus> Crow: after much pondering, my philosophical conclusion to the
            milkdog issue is "Confucious say /ignore" :-)
Fri Jun 12 [17:53]
<TheProf> Back. I was writing the read me file for my theme.
<TheProf> Jason is your site going to bechanging where it is at?
<Jondar> Prof: yes
<TheProf> I will leave your website addy blank then Jason and tell folks to
          look for Varos.
<Noo-Noo> They'll need a pretty decent telescope, Prof...
Fri Jun 12 [22:31]
<TheProf> Alden your setting a record for Lag on the most servers.
<talavera> more lag than the plot of "Timelash"?
Fri Jun 12 [22:35]
 * TheProf thinks he could communicate with Alden better by poking his
   head out the window and yalling. The speed of sound is faster than this.
<AldenB> Unfortunately, Sound doesn't propagate nearly as wwelll.
 * AldenB sets up cans on a piece of string.
Sat Jun 13 [0:56]
<Jondar> sorry I've been quiet: trying to get a HTMLScript program to work
         on the server
<MrBubonic> Sorry I've been quiet. I'm trying to break my idling record...
            Oh darn!!!
Sat Jun 13 [0:58]
 * Nathan_Roberts is watching the Tenth Planet
<AldenB> Nathan: New telescope?
<MrBubonic> Nathan: Tenth planet is a nice one. The cybermen do look VERY...
            bad? crappy? silly? stupid?
<dse> all that AND more
<dse> while watching Tenth Planet, didja notice all the similarities between
      the depiction of 1986 in the story, and the real-life 1986?
<Nathan_Roberts> Doug: No, actually
<dse> well, there are probably, um, _tons_ of them.  yessiree, ya just
      gotta look for them
<dse> <very long pause>
<dse> ok ok I admit it, there aren't any!
<dse> I tried to fool you, and I failed, there, are ya happy now? ;)
Sat Jun 13 [1:44]
 * MegL doesn't even own the Tom Baker Cyberman story
<MrBubonic> Meg: I'm happy for you.
Sat Jun 13 [3:56]
[Crow and I are talking about telesnap reconstructions]
<CrowTRobt> And I will warn you not to watch mission to the Unknown if
            you want to keep your sanity
<CrowTRobt> The best thing to do with it is to trun the vcr on hook it to
            the stereo and not even turn the TV on for that one
<TheProf> I do the oposite with Baywatch.
Sat Jun 13 [4:07]
*** Joins: Sausage12
<Sausage12> no
*** Parts: Sausage12
<TheProf> YES you bastard!!!!
<CrowTRobt> that was strange
<MrBubonic> That guy was also on #drugs...
Sat Jun 13 [20:21]
 * TheProf takes his Beanie for a walk.
 * TheProf takes his Beanie for a drag.
Sun Jun 14 [0:11]
 * AldenB wonders about web pages which have the title
   "Insert Title Here"....
<Jondar> Alden: it means that the webmaster used a crappy Web Page Wizard
         to do the page :)
Mon Jun 15 [02:12]
<TheProf> Things have changed a great bit the last ten years I have been
          out of school I think. I don't remember there being a sacraficial
          alter in the classroom before.
 * TheProf must remember to bring a live chicken to class tomorrow.
<Whomiga> Does it help to leave apples for sacrifice on it?
<Jondar> Prof: yeah, it was a new thing they added.
<TheProf> Oh. Thanks Jason...........Jason should I bring a chicken or a
 * AldenB thinks Prof is taking "Creative Devil Worshipping"
<Jondar> Prof: a chicken would be fine :)
<TheProf> The said it was an alter the the Great Gates.
<AldenB> Prof: Ah, sacrifice a Mac then. ;-)
Mon Jun 15
*** Leela was kicked by TheProf (You told me to if you idled for
    over an hour.)
<AldenB> Leela has been idle 1hr 4mins 14secs
<TheProf> I have been sending her an msg for 5 minutes and a few other
          things. She was gone.
<MrBubonic> 1hr 18mins 0secs
<TheProf> She the other day actually told me that if she is gone for an
          hour give her a kick.
<MrBubonic> How come you never kick me? :)
*** MrBubonic was kicked by TheProf (I do.)
<TheProf> He asked!!!
Mon Jun 15
<The_Talus> Sutekh: if you're referring to the Tatooine scenes,
            last official word on that was that those were not going
            to be released.
<Sutekh_> the newer version will probably be a 'directors cut' or some
          BS like that
<Sutekh_> Talus:  dont bet on it....  their official word has
          changed before
<The_Talus> Lucas was talked into adding those Tatooine scenes into the
            script, and even tho he shot them, he felt they did not fit
            with the story, and thus didn't include them.
<Sutekh_> they are most liekly holding them back to include at later
          editons..... look at the horribly contrived 'new' Jabba scene...
          which repeats most of the dialoge form the last scene..... that
          made little sense...
<The_Talus> Sutekh: I can't dispute that, but there was a
            big article in the SW fan club magazine a while back
            about those scenes. Lucas sounded very adament that they
            would not be released, tho he did consent for one public
            showing (the first ever) at a California convention a little
            over a year ago.
<TheProf> I thought the added scene where Luke gives Vader a wedgie
          in that one fight scene was a good addition.
Mon Jun 15 [3:11]
*** Sutekh_ was kicked by The_Sentry (Idleing)
*** TheProf was kicked by TheProf (Yodeling.)
Mon Jun 15 [4:15]
<TheProf> I found a site with ads for both sex sites and children sites
          as well.
<AldenB> Prof: You mean sites with pictures of Smurfs having sex?
<TheProf> It was rather odd seeing Big Bird and a women in leather with
          rather obvious toys right next to each other.
 * AldenB must have missed that episode of Seaseme Street
 * AldenB sings "D is for Dildo, and dildo is for meeeee."
Tue Jun 16 [1:31]
 * TheProf wonders what Bill Gate's email addy really is. I mean he
   has to have one.
 * MegL figures it's
 * TheProf tries $$$$$$$$$
Tue Jun 16 [1:33]
 * TheProf got Office 97 today! :o)
<AldenB> Prof: Ah, "Yesterday's software today"
<AldenB> Microsoft's new slogan. ;-)
Tue Jun 16 [1:41]
*** TheProf is now known as Bill_Gates
<Bill_Gates> With nickserv away the mice will play.
*** AldenB is now known as TheProf
<TheProf> Yes, they will.
*** Bill_Gates is now known as AldenB
<AldenB> Now to ruin Alden"s reputation!
<TheProf> Heheh.
 * TheProf would ruin Prof's reputation, but Prof's name is already mud. ;-)
 * AldenB now starts browsing through the kinky chat rooms.
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as CrowTRobt
<TheProf> I thought you were going to _ruin_ it.  I _already do that. ;-)
 * AldenB begins beating himself with leather whips.
*** AldenB is now known as MegL
<MegL> Now for the real fun.
*** CrowTRobt is now known as AldenB
<AldenB> I hate Mel!
<MegL> ROTFL!!!!
<AldenB> I've always hated Mel!
<TheProf> I hate Lis Sladen
<AldenB> All that stuff about liking mel was just an act!
<MegL> Boy, I tell you. Paul MCGann really sucks.
<AldenB> Ooh.... I have an idea...
*** AldenB is now known as Doctor1
<Doctor1> Believe it or not, I'm a sensible guy in real life.
Tue Jun 16 [3:41]
*** Joins: chezwho
<chezwho> sup in indio?
<chezwho> any "good" gossip?
<Nathan_Roberts> Indio?
<abates> Hello chezwho
<chezwho> i'm real good at interferring with things.....
<chezwho> stark news huh?
<chezwho> i didn';t ask for ugleee balloons did i?
<chezwho> nope
<Nathan_Roberts> [Onotice] What's this guy smoking? >:)
<abates> WTF are you talking about?
<chezwho> anywayz, what's the latest gossip in indio?
<abates> [Onotice] Dunno, but I want some. =)
<chezwho> #21 here
<chezwho> no plans to move
<chezwho> no plans to share
<Nathan_Roberts> What or where is Indio?
<chezwho> not on anyone elses script
<chezwho> never hello for you abates
<chezwho> never
<chezwho> filthy pig
*** Parts: chezwho
<Nathan_Roberts> D'oh!  Too quick to kick!
<abates> Errrr....
 * abates sprouts a little tilt sign out of the top of his head.
Tue Jun 16 [6:53]
<CrowTRobt> Hey bubonic when Chanserv dies did it go to hell?
<MrBubonic> We don't let that trash inside our gates!!!
<The_Talus> Crow: I thought it was when Chanserv dies, Dal-Net goes to hell
<MrBubonic> No, haven't seen dalnet yet...
Tue Jun 16 [19:38] <dse>
today I went to Borders and they had all of the pre-Kursaal/Face BBC Books!
I finally get to read 8 Doctors! <pause> wait a minute...that's not good...
Tue Jun 16 [21:18]
<K^9> Ops, please
 * Drake advises K^9 to compile a complete resume and promptly send it to
   AT&T in order to become the operator that you so strongly wish to become.
Wed Jun 17 [3:05]
<The_Talus> hmm, that alias didn't work entirely as predicted....
*** Quits: The_Talus (Ping timeout)
<AldenB> An alias to ping timeout?  Cooooool!!!!
Wed Jun 17 [18:58]
<TheProf> I don't unfortunately have Netscape anymore as an option on
          Prodigy. I can stay with my Netscape 3.0 or go to IE4.0.
<Nathan_Roberts> DUMP PRODIGY!
<AldenB> GARISP. :-)
Wed Jun 17 [19:42]
<TheProf> Alden did you get Betrayed.wav from Drake? I'm having trouble
          with it.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: You expect Alden of all people to get a better
                 DCC than you? :)
<AldenB> Nathan: Looks like I did!!
 * Nathan_Roberts chokes
 * AldenB looks out of the window for flying pigs.
Tue Jun 17
[Time for the Contents of Alden's Drawers thread]
[20:28] * AldenB finds a com port in his desk drawer.
[20:29] <AldenB> IDE cables...
[20:29] <AldenB> Dunno what this one is.
[20:29] <AldenB> Oooh, blank tape.
[20:29] * AldenB finds his remote control
[20:32] * AldenB finds some more screws.
[20:35] * AldenB wonders when he had an account at the National bank
[20:36] <AldenB> Wow, there's stuff in here still in the original wrapper,
                 hasn't been opened!
[20:40] <AldenB> ISP bill from December '95....
[20:43] * AldenB finds a plaque saying "Do it now! Tomorrow there may be
          a law against it!"
[20:44] <AldenB> Oooh, rubber balls!
[20:44] * AldenB plays with his.... er, no, let's not.
[20:45] <AldenB> Half a dozen 9-pin to PS adapters...
[20:45] <AldenB> A "quick and simple guide to MMP".  No such thing.
[20:45] <JGarthW> Found any lost Who yet Alden?
[20:46] <AldenB> Not yet...
[20:46] <AldenB> A Trust bank pen??
[20:46] <yatesy> alden: what drawer is this?
[20:47] <AldenB> The top drawer of my desk.
[20:47] <yatesy> alden: is there a nz soccer team?
[20:47] <AldenB> Nicole: Haven't found one yet,
[20:47] <yatesy> alden: not in your desk i mean:)
[20:47] <AldenB> NZ to Australia phone adapter.
[20:48] <AldenB> bright pink spinning top.
[20:49] <AldenB> Bright blue spnning top
[20:49] <Drake> can Alden top himself?
[20:50] <AldenB> 33.6k card modem.  Didn't know I had that!!
[20:50] <Whomiga> What would Alden top himself with? - Hot fudge?
[20:50] <AldenB> Bag of jumpers.
[20:51] * AldenB finds an empty tupperware container and takes it out to mum.
[20:51] <Nathan_Roberts> What is Alden cleaning out?  A TARDIS?
[20:54] * AldenB 's drawers are bigger on the inside.
[20:54] <yatesy> alden: did the container have mold?
[20:54] * Nathan_Roberts waits for Alden to pull out a sheep
[20:55] * AldenB pulls out a piece of C64 joystick.
[20:55] <Whomiga> A piece?
[20:56] <AldenB> A piece.
[20:56] <Nathan_Roberts> Which piece?
[20:56] <AldenB> The top of the base.
[20:57] * AldenB finds another bit - the fire button from the top of
          the handle.
[20:57] <Nathan_Roberts> New quotefile special feature: The contents of
                         Alden's drawers
[20:58] * AldenB finds an old driver's licence
[20:59] * AldenB finds a letter from the BBC asking if he has any old
          Who episodes in his drawers.
[20:59] * AldenB finds a film reel.
[21:00] <AldenB> Oh wait, my mistake, it's the ribbon reel from a typewriter.
[21:01] * AldenB finds a baby padlock. So they _do_ reproduce!
[21:01] * AldenB finds the mommy padlock too.
[21:01] * AldenB finds an old electric motor...
[21:01] * AldenB wonders if it still works.
[21:01] <AldenB> Hmm, a matchbox filled with springs.
Wed Jun 17 [21:24]
 * AldenB turns Godzilla into a huge sandwich.
 * AldenB uses the sandwich to feed the worlds starving millions.
<Toni_R> What about the starving vegetarians?
<AldenB> I'll wait for a Krynoid invasion and make some salad.
Wed Jun 17 [23:32]
*** AldenB is now known as SportyDalek
<SportyDalek> The Spice Daleks?
<SportyDalek> All I really, really want is zap-a-zap boom!
 * SportyDalek jumps on a table, and the table collapses. Ooops!
 * SportyDalek takes its top off.
 * SportyDalek waves a little mutant out the top.
 * SportyDalek puts its top on again.
Wed Jun 17 [23:52]
<dse> Jay Leno's doing his Jaywalk thing again where people on the
      streets fail to answer extremely simple questions right
<AldenB> Doug: Like "What is your name"?
<dse> no, tonight it's questions about health
<AldenB> Oh, like "Do you bathe regularly?"
<AldenB> "Yes, of course, once a year without fail."
<AldenB> <Jay takes three steps back>
Wed Jun 17 [0:58]
 * Nathan_Roberts sees a pile of stuff piling up on his bed
<TheProf> Nathan it is called a poltergeist. You need a priest or
          Steven Spielburg.
Thu Jun 18 [1:08]
<TheProf> Eureka!!!!
 * TheProf has a flash of genious!!!!
 * AldenB pulls the plug out of Prof's bath.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof had a flash of genious?
 * Nathan_Roberts is now worried.
 * AldenB looks out of the window for flying pigs.
<AldenB> Nathan: It would have been more impressive if he'd spelt
         genius right....
Thu Jun 18 [1:13]
 * Nathan_Roberts goes and unplugs his backup computer,
   his backup backup computer, his backup backup backup computer,
   his backup backup backup backup computer,
   and his not-even-worth-using-as-a-backup computer.
 * Nathan_Roberts now has the fire marshall come by to congratulate him
   for removing a public menace.
 * AldenB has a backup computer, but doesn't get to use it much. :-)
 * TheProf has a backup computer but it uses a squirrel in a cage for
   the power supply and poor Rocky gets tired real fast.
Thu Jun 18 [2:30]
<AldenB> Someone please tell me WTF happened?
<TheProf> I have no idea. I lagged suddenly but stayed on. Both of you
          two were gone.
<TheProf> When I kicked you you suddenly came back at that second.
<AldenB> Well, my ICQ went down too, so it wasn't just DalNet
<TheProf> I was effected as well but not like you two. My ICQ also went
          down but came back right away.
<Nathan_Roberts> I disconnected and reconnected several minutes later
<TheProf> And I was only lagged here not blown off.
 * AldenB wonders: The entire Internet hiccuped????
 * AldenB sees four horsemen in the distence.
 * AldenB notices one of them looks a bit scrawny. Needs to get some
   meat on those bones.
 * TheProf sees them too. They are Moe, Larry, Curly and Shemp.
   MY GOD! It's the four Stogges of the Apocolips!
Thu Jun 18 [3:02]
<chickenhawk1> well i am 16
<chickenhawk1> female
<chickenhawk1> single
<AldenB> Really.
<TheProf> I should hope so at 16.
<chickenhawk1> yep
<chickenhawk1> well i mean single as in no boyf
<AldenB> Age of consent in Australia is 16. :-)
<chickenhawk1> what do u mean consent
<AldenB> Oh, I guess consent is different to having a boyfriend though.
<chickenhawk1> of course
<TheProf> Age for that is five.
<Nathan_Roberts> Hahahaha
<AldenB> If you start sharing that information around, you're going to
         find yourself being chatted up by all manner of sick people though.
<TheProf> So stay out of rooms like #Plague.
<Nathan_Roberts> Watch out.  MrB goes there.
*** TheProf changes topic to 'Plague! Come on in and don't forget to bring
    a rat.'
 * TheProf brings his Congressman into the room.
 * AldenB brings in a lawyer. >:-)
 * AldenB starts with the impressions. "You dirty rat!"
*** Quits: chickenhawk1 (Quit: Leaving)
<TheProf> Your bad impression drove off the female. Stick to jokes Alden.
Thu Jun 18 [5:27]
*** MrBubonic is now known as Idlemaster
<Idlemaster> I am the Idlemaster. You will do nothing. You WILL do nothing!
Thu Jun 18 [7:03]
*** Joins: Loloo
<Nathan_Roberts> Re Janer
<Nathan_Roberts> Janet
<Loloo> You can call me Janer, if you wish, Nathan - we're friends.  :)
*** Loloo is now known as Janer
<Nathan_Roberts> Hahahahaha
<Nathan_Roberts> That's it, just go on making fun of my typos. :)
<Janer> LOL!
<Janer> Your typo is now registered.  :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Ah, the term for that is, "Milking the joke for all
                 it's worth," I believe. :)
Thu Jun 18 [7:32]
 * The_Talus knows now why he's not in broadcasting. I've flubbed this
   .wav I'm making like 12 times now.
Thu Jun 18 [7:53]
<SheLove> byebye *KISSES*
*** Parts: SheLove
<Nathan_Roberts> Whoa, is she a flirt or what?
<CrowTRobt> I think she likes us
<Nathan_Roberts> duh
 * CrowTRobt goes all googleeyed
<Nathan_Roberts> Ummm... Crow...
<CrowTRobt> %-D
<Nathan_Roberts> Need I remind you that you're married?
 * CrowTRobt comes crashing down to earth
<CrowTRobt> thanks Nate
 * CrowTRobt limps away
Thu Jun 18 [8:00]
 * The_Talus hopes [Brig1963] manages to hang himself while in there.
<Nathan_Roberts> Just give him rope.
<CrowTRobt> |-O<-<
[A hung smiley?]
Thu Jun 18 [22:51]
 * TheProf wishes Jondar would show up so I could send him the
   Dalke theme update.
<TheProf> What is this with me misspelling Dalek?
<AldenB> Prof: You could write a Dalek novel and never have to ask for
         permission from Roger Hancock.  Just spell it Dalke. :-)
<TheProf> I also sometimes spell it Dlake.
<SupremeDalek> Those who misspell Dalek will be EXTERMINATED! :)
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as SupremeDalke
 * SupremeDalek EXTERMINATES SupremeDalke
*** TheProf is now known as SupremeDlake
 * SupremeDalek EXTERMINATES SupremeDlake
*** SupremeDalke is now known as SupremeNathan
*** AldenB is now known as SupremePizza
 * SupremeDalek eats SupremePizza
<SupremeProf> alden, i always  knew you were a meatball!!--the profess
 * SupremePizza smiles cheesily
 * SupremePizza is going to send out for people
Fri Jun 19 [7:25]
 * Nathan_Roberts is running: K-9 Mk. II Beta8619 (c)1998, Nathan_Roberts
 * CrowTRobt is running: K-9 Mk. II Beta8616 (c)1998, Nathan_Roberts
 * MrBubonic is running: Like hell Mk. II
 * The_Talus is sitting: Comfy Chair Mk I Gamma, (c)1997, Some Chair Maker
 * The_Talus bows to Gaos's quicker fingers
 * MrBubonic aknowledges the fact that Talus sentence was longer
<The_Talus> cool, we've got us a mutual admiration scoiety going here. :-)
Fri Jun 19 [8:30]
*** Nathan_Roberts_Away is now known as Nathan_Roberts
 * Nathan_Roberts is back.
<MrBubonic> with a vengeance?
 * The_Talus is back with a Vengeance on Varos
Fri Jun 19 [10:00]
<The_Talus> you missed a weirdo
<Nathan_Roberts> I did?!?
<The_Talus> [12:57] *** {{{^-_-^}}} has joined #drwhochat
<The_Talus> yeah, that person did a flyby.  He was also on a channel
            called #turkey, which I figure is more apt.
<The_Talus> I wonder what people with that kind of nicks get called.
<The_Talus> besides "idiot" :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Here's one idea.... "Prince." >:)
Fri Jun 19 [9:56]
<Nathan_Roberts> Good lord, EVERYTHING around here is falling apart!!
<Nathan_Roberts> My color monitor
<Nathan_Roberts> My mono monitor card...
<Nathan_Roberts> The tape decks on my stereo...
<Nathan_Roberts> The CD player on my stereo...
<Nathan_Roberts> My DAD's stereo (both the CD player and the amp)
<Nathan_Roberts> And while I'm at it, my sanity.
<The_Talus> Warning: Nathan's Apartment is a High Entropy Zone, Enter
            at Own Risk
Fri Jun 19
<Nathan_Roberts> Mark: So, what exactly are you #testing? :)
<The_Talus> maybe he's testing to see who's nosy enough to do a /whois
            and ask questions like that :-)
 * The_Talus has considered joining some off the wall channel
   like #bats4lunch just to see what kind of reaction I get.
<Nathan_Roberts> #drwhosex? :)
<EgonSpengler> #ferrets is always a good one to get people worried....
<The_Talus> nahh, thaat's too obvious :-)  besides, I'd be more
            interested in #FemaleCompanionSex :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Ah, I know a good off the wall channel... #offthewall! :D
<Nathan_Roberts> And its companion channel, #onthewall!
<Nathan_Roberts> And their companion compaion channel,
<The_Talus> and for those on hallucinogenics there's #inthewall
            and #underthewall
<Nathan_Roberts> And finally, the immediately obvious one...
<The_Talus> and to really beat a dead horse, for the Floyd fans there's
<MrBubonic> My fave's #ducttapehamster
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at MrB like he's nuts... Wait a minute, he IS nuts!
 * MrBubonic stares at Nathan
 * MrBubonic stares at Nathan
<MrBubonic> Now, where's that axe..?
 * Nathan_Roberts finally found the perfect channel to get reactions from...
<The_Talus> #NathanRobertsIsGod?
<Nathan_Roberts> No, even more blatent!
<Nathan_Roberts> #WhyAreYouDoingAWhoisOnMe?
Fri Jun 19 [10:42]
*** Quits: The_Talus (Quit: If the slayer thinks that he kills and if
    the slain thinks that he dies, neither knows the ways of truth.
    The Eternal in man cannot kill; the Eternal in man cannot die.
    - Katha Upanishad)
<EgonSpengler> "stop being pretentious" - Mark Jones :-)
Sun Jun 21 [6:23]
<Whomiga> Talus - I've heard that there is no way that CPU's can go
          above 500MHz - at that point they start putting out as much
          radiation as a medium sized Microwave oven...
<Whomiga> Full fledged combination computer and Microwave oven...
<The_Talus> hehehe, then IRC really would fry your brain
<Whomiga> The ultimate geek system - no need to get up to fix your food...
Sun Jun 21 [6:33]
<The_Talus> yeah, I'd be more worried about the idiots in the capital
            passing a law making it a capital crime to be in an altered
            state of consciousness
<Whomiga> Wouldn't that disqualify at least half of them from being in the
          job in the first place?
<The_Talus> Whom: actually, I think that's more "alternate view of reality",
            not quite the same thing
Sun Jun 21 [6:55]
*** Quits: Jefferys (Quit: The Sunday paper is bigger than the daily paper.
    This is good because I can pound you with it.)
<The_Talus> wow, remind me not cross Jeff on Sundays
Sun Jun 21 [7:08]
 * Nathan_Roberts is here (Auto-here)
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Nathan_Roberts_Here
 * Nathan_Roberts tries another alias that would fit Leela even better...
 * Nathan_Roberts is idle (Auto-idle)
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Nathan_Roberts_Idle
<Nathan_Roberts> And one more...
 * Nathan_Roberts is gone (Auto-gone)
*** Quits: Nathan_Roberts
Sun Jun 21 [7:16]
<The_Talus> I DLed an atuo-away system, but I don't completely understand
            it yet, so I've not installed it
<Nathan_Roberts> I don't suppose you'd care for a copy of K9? >:)
<The_Talus> actually, Crow was telling me I outta ask you for a copy of K9
<Nathan_Roberts> Really now!
<The_Talus> yeah, he said it was the coolest script he'd ever seen
<Nathan_Roberts> I didn't know he was prostheletising (sp???) :)
<The_Talus> hehehe, yeah, give him time he'll have all of Dal-Net
            running it :-)
Sun Jun 21 [13:07]
 * EgonSpengler away sorting out parents
<The_Talus> you'll be gone a while Egon :-)
 * The_Talus has been trying to sort his parents out all his life and
   has yet to meet with any real success. They're just too stupid to
   be trained. :-)
 * EgonSpengler back
<Nathan_Roberts> Gave up so easily? :)
Sun Jun 21 [13:10]
 * EgonSpengler away sorting parents again...
 * EgonSpengler back parents once more firmly sorted out
 * The_Talus shakes his head at Egon. Don't you ever learn?
   Parents *never* stay sorted. You've gotta watch them constantly or
   they're into all kinds of mischief. They're a total burden. I'll
   not have any more.
Sun Jun 21 [13:13]
 * EgonSpengler away sorting out parents AGAIN
 * EgonSpengler is back. he hopes
Sun Jun 21 [13:12]
*** EgonSpengler changes topic to 'Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm'
<The_Talus> Hey, careful with the power words dude, you don't wanna be
            responsible for someone short circuiting their soul.
Sun Jun 21 [14:12]
<NemoDream> There's a rumor going around that Nathan took a walk outside
<Nathan_Roberts> That's nothing but a filthy lie spread by the evil
                 Mr. Bubonic!
<NemoDream> oh and Mr Bubonic said he killed nathan today and accused the
            present company of being a doppelganger
 * NemoDream looks at Nathan out the corner of her eye
<Nathan_Roberts> It's all lies I tell you!
<MegL> Well since MrB lives in Sweden or the Netherlands or some such, I
       doubt that last statement was true >;)
<MegL> if it's true, he's got a transporter and I want it!!! ;-)
 * MegL can't barely belive how dead it is today in here :(
 * NemoDream points at the tombstones on the wall
 * MegL wonders who put the pizza's up as decoration?
 * NemoDream reads a certain tombstone "R.I.P. Nathan Roberts. He
   walked outside."
Mon Jun 22 [10:31]
<Borusa> Still you are still the Brower King, Nathe!
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm also the ScriptMaster :)
<Borusa> Woooo.
 * Borusa is impressed.
<Borusa> OK...... I'm the missing ScriptMaster 8-)
Tue Jun 23 [5:57]
<MrBubonic> -,
<MrBubonic> Hmmm... There's an annoying git here, messing around with
            my keyboard...
<Nathan_Roberts> That annoying git wouldn't happen to be Grek would it? :)
<MrBubonic> Nathan: Nope.
<MrBubonic> But he works about 3 feet away from me...
<MrBubonic> He was in earlier today, using my nick and said: "I am gay"
<MrBubonic> Mature.
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFL
<Nathan_Roberts> Why does that not surprise me, considering who it came
                 from? :)
<MrBubonic> Of course, I momentarily got him banned from a channel he's on
            after that...
Tue Jun 23 [6:04]
 * Nathan_Roberts is away (Taking a walk)
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Nathan_Roberts_Away
*** Nathan_Roberts_Away is now known as Nathan_Roberts
 * Nathan_Roberts is back.
<MrBubonic> So, IT has returned!
<MrBubonic> The walking thing!!!
<Nathan_Roberts> MrB, will you ever learn....
<Nathan_Roberts> Nothing is sacred when I'm around. :)
<MrBubonic> Next time you'll probably be talking about DW or something...
<Nathan_Roberts> Only too possible.
<MrBubonic> Dear lord!
<Nathan_Roberts> Yes?  You called?
<MrBubonic> Hmmm.... I will have to pay someone to put you out of
            your misery...
<Nathan_Roberts> Misery?!?
<Nathan_Roberts> Misery!?!
<Nathan_Roberts> Misery indeed!
<MrBubonic> You are clearly suffering greatly!
<Nathan_Roberts> Howso?
<MrBubonic> First of all:
<MrBubonic> Your body is straining to respond to the new activities your
            twisted mind have begun to put in action... It's taking great
            damage, Nathan... You'll probably be dead within months!
<Nathan_Roberts> Rubbish!
<MrBubonic> Secondly:
<MrBubonic> Your head will explode any day now.
<MrBubonic> Of course this will not mean any differences in your general
            behaviour but it will be messy.
<MrBubonic> Brain is hard to remove from your clothes. I should know.
<MrBubonic> "The mind is a terrible thing to taste"
<MrBubonic> Blablabla
 * MrBubonic likes to rant uncontrollably
<Nathan_Roberts> It shows. :)
 * MrBubonic turns into...
*** MrBubonic is now known as Annoying
<Nathan_Roberts> It fits you.
Tue Jun 23 [7:34]
*** Joins: MrBubonic
<Janet1> Hi MrB
<Janet1> Hmmm...that's what my children called their elementary school
         principal - Mr B.
<MrBubonic> Janet: Dont worry. I'm twice as nasty as he is, at least!
Thu Jun 23 [10:55]
 * Nathan_Roberts decides to give MrB the shock of his life.
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm gonna go work out for a while
<MrBubonic> What did you say?
<Nathan_Roberts> Yes, that's right
<MrBubonic> Whats wrong with you, man?
Wed Jun 24 [4:29] <Jondar>
Win98: designed to love your entire computer... except scanners
Wed Jun 24 [6:29] <Whomiga>
Drake is the almighty founder of the channel - All hail the Great Architech
Wed Jun 24 [6:30]
<Whomiga> Drake - Any local plans for celebrating your birthday?
<Drake> nope,i got no plans
<Drake> probably pass by unnoticed :)
<Whomiga> Not by the maintainer of the #DWC/RADW Database :^)
Wed Jun 24 [13:46]
*** Joins: MrBubonic
<MrBubonic> Howdy
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Hi MrB
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Hey MrB... I'm thinking of going out on another walk.
<MrBubonic> Nathan: Ok...
 * MrBubonic cuts off one of Nathans legs
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Don't worry... It's just to the store to get some
                      caffeine. :)
<MrBubonic> Nathan: There's some decency left in you... ;)
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Hahahah
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Oh and jellybeans too, can't forget the,m
<MrBubonic> Oh, I forgot
 * MrBubonic gives Nathan his leg
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Danke
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Be back in a while.
Quits: Nathan_Roberts_Away
Fri Jun 26 [3:04]
 * AldenB mentions that having a figure like Nicola Bryant isn't
   everything. :-)
<TheProf> True Alden but Nicola also is very pretty. She has a pleasant
<AldenB> Yes, she is.
<AldenB> My point is just that woman don't have to have her figure to be
<AldenB> But no doubt you know that all ready. :-)
<TheProf> True Alden. Lis is hardly what you would call stacked.
<Nathan_Roberts> Drivespaced then?
 * TheProf slaps Nathan_Roberts around a bit with a large Beanie Baby
<AldenB> Nathan: FWAP!!!!
 * TheProf punches Nathan
<TheProf> Take that you swine!
 * Nathan_Roberts goes down
 * TheProf raise his hands in victory!
 * AldenB raises Prof $50
 * AldenB folds.
<TheProf> Alden you keep more of your money if you fold BEFOR you raise.
Fri Jun 26 [3:21]
 * TheProf is making a desktop theme to honor the world cup in France. It
   will have a rubber batton waving for the cursor. The icons will be police
   helmets and tear gas grenades. The sound effects will be of things
   crashing like cars getting overturned and rubber bulllets being fired
   and the wallpaper will be a picture of a line of riot police advancing
   on you in full gear. It will be just like you were there.
Sat Jun 27 [8:20]
 * Nathan_CRL has not had the... pleasure... to have done business with AOL
<The_Talus> Nathan: consider yourself lucky.  If there was a Truth In Naming
            Law, AOL would be called "We Suck"
<The_Talus> but then so would a lot of other companies :-)
<The_Talus> "We McSuck"
<Nathan_CRL> lol
<Nathan_CRL> MicroWe Suck
<The_Talus> "MicroSuck"
<The_Talus> GMTA
<Nathan_CRL> :)
<The_Talus> then of course, there's the Government Departments.
            "Department of SuckyJustice"
<The_Talus> "The Supreme Suck"
<Nathan_CRL> The House of Suck
<The_Talus> "The ExSuckutive Branch" (very apt with Clinton & all)
<The_Talus> okay, big finish......
<The_Talus> The Federal Reserve would become "Sucky Meddlers Who Haven't
            a Clue Waht They're Doing"
<The_Talus> of course that could apply to Congress & the President too,
            coem to think of it :-)
<Nathan_CRL> Just call the whole thing "Goversuck."
Sat Jun 27 [15:38]
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmm.m.. I've been trying to figure out how to get
                 to BART by bus, but maybe I can get my dad to drive me
                 to BART and I can just take BART down
<Alden> BART?????
<Nathan_Roberts> Bay Area Rapid Transit
<Nathan_Roberts> It's the public transportation system in my area
<The_Talus> hehe in a couple hundred years that'll be
            Bay Area Rapid Transmat :-)
Sat Jun 27 [16:04]
<TheProf> This is all Aldens fault. I will go insane trying to figure out
          these two programs and it was all part of Alden's evil plan to
          drive me mad.
*** TheProf is now known as InsaneProf
<Alden> Prof: "drive you mad"?
<Alden> I thought it was too late already.
<CrowTRobt> dive? you already were insane, you ninny
<InsaneProf> Alden has pushed me over the edge and now the only thing I
             have to look forward to is life in a rubber room writing insane
             slogans on the walls with my toes in crayon.
<The_Talus> at least it's not in blood, that's something :-)
 * InsaneProf is now typing with his toes. Notice my typing has improved.
Sun Jun 28 [12:01] <TheProf>
Fuzzy you know your really lagged when you look outside and see dinosaurs
roaming around your yard.
Sun Jun 28 [12:24]
*** Quits: The_Talus (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by Pertwee)))
<Nathan_Roberts> The Ghost of Pertwee killing people now?

Mon Jun 29 [0:45]
<Doctor2> "BE GONE , EVIL GNOMES."
*** AldenB has quit IRC (
*** Whomiga has quit IRC (
<Doctor2> it worked.
<TheProf> It definately did!
 * Doctor2 is amazed.
<TheProf> You are evil.
Mon Jun 29 [11:25]
 * The_Talus is looking forward to the new anti-spammer feature which
   sends real live Belgian troops to the front door of anyone who spams
   the channel.
<The_Talus> tho what I'm really waiting on is for cloning technology to be
            perfected so we can send clones of Prof to play on the
            computers of anyone who spams.  I think that'll finish
            spamming once and for all :-)
<The_Talus> tho that'd prolly get thrown out as being cruel and
            unusual punishment :-(
Mon Jun 29 [15:46]
 * TheProf uses his computer as a laptop computer as well. Trouble is the
   17 inch moniter gets really heavy, not to mention the tower.
Tue Jun 30 [10:13]
 * Borusa remind himself to get some computer insurance before letting
   Nathe near my PC. 8-)

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