The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume II, Issue III: March 1998

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Sun Mar 01 [0:04]
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away waits for the perverts to start coming
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> ...and getting their asses booted >:)
<SecondDoc> nathan:  Hi!  My Name is Tammi Fuji, I may not speak good
            english but you can see me and all my friends at
<SecondDoc> Do you have a credit card?  Are you free with Money?  Do you
            believe those letters in Hustler are written by REAL Catholic
            School Girl Lesbian Air Stewardess? Cum to
Sun Mar 01 [3:26]
 * Nathan_Roberts realizes that Prof has gone 15 minuts without asking
   about the quotefile :)
<TheProf> Is it done?
<Nathan_Roberts> yes!
<Nathan_Roberts> Yes!
<Nathan_Roberts> YES!
 * TheProf takes his pointer off the kick button.
<TheProf> You survive..............this time.
Sun Mar 01 [3:33] <TheProf>
A upward socially moving Nathan. Very scary.
Sun Mar 01 [3:38]
<TheProf> I want puff the magic dragon on midi.
<TheProf> There was a final verse to Puff. Puff's friends got mad at the
          boy for no longer believing in dragons and killing puff so the
          strung him up. Sort of changed the song really so they left it
Sun Mar 01 [17:11]
 * NemoDream socks the person that invented spam
 * NemoDream mobs Hormel
Sun Mar 01 [17:18]
<Whomiga> HTQF - For March? :^)
<Nathan_Roberts> Done!
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh
<Nathan_Roberts> FOr March?
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Whomiga
<NemoDream> wow NAthan u must have ESP
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Nemo
<NemoDream> ooh! My first fwap!
 * NemoDream frames it
Sun Mar 01 [17:40]
 * NemoDream got her current 486 from her aunt last year
<Nathan_Roberts> What speed 486?
<NemoDream> Faster than Light speed...  it s 50 mHz ;)
<NemoDream> well.... its taught me patience
Sun Mar 01
 * Nathan_Roberts is away (Working on the Idiot Update)
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Nathan_Roberts_Away
<Whomiga> Nathan is updating himself - from 1.0 to Maintenance updatre 1.1?
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away fwaps Whomiga good and hard.
<Whomiga> Nathan '98 then?
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away fwaps Whomiga into next week.
Sun Mar 01 [19:25]
*** Egg_Man has joined #drwhochat
<NemoDream> Scrambled or Sunny side up?
Mon Mar 02 [21:21]
<AldenB> Chris!  GA... nah, to easy...
<chrisk> How does one easy? :)
<Nathan_Roberts> GARSOH >:)
<chrisk> "Get a Real Sort of Help"?
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps chris good and hard.
<chrisk> OK, Mr. Acronym, what's GARSOH really mean, then?
<Nathan_Roberts> Get A Real Sense Of Humor >:)
Mon Mar 02 [0:51]
 * Shel has a problem with commas staying in place... but periods... they
   can be put anywhere!
<GoodProf> I. Agree. with. you.
Tue Mar 03 [12:16]
<Drake> this maybe a bit early............but the MAster & Rani page maybe
        updated soon.............. :)
<Jondar> Drake: that _is_ a shock! :)
Tue Mar 03 [21:50]
 * Starfury stumbled upon a revelation
<AldenB> Becky: Oh, are you all right now?
<chrisk> Did it hurt when you stumbled?
 * AldenB hopes you didn't fall too hard.
<Starfury> it's been two years since the TVM (well almost)
           and people have picked it apart down to the tiniest detail
           and yet they MISSED one of the biggest plot gaffes.
<Starfury> Ok... you know the scene where the 7th Doctor is on the table
           and they're gassing him and he goes "NO! You don't understand,
           blah blah blah"
<Starfury> well, why didn't he just use his respiratory bypass system?
<Starfury> now, I can handle all that kissing and Master As Gummi-Snake
           and kissing and the new TARDIS and all that... but I really
           can't condone them missing such a minor detail. so I'm going to
           have to declare the movie UnCanon
<Gypsy> Star: then there is the fact they were trying to use a defibrillator
        on someone in asystole;)
 * Gypsy thinks the whole film should be retconned for bad medical practice!!;)
<Gypsy> no wonder Grace killed him,she was a lousy cardiologist;)
Tue Mar 03 [22:33] <Blissful_Grace>
Random has flipped for Paul.  Another convert :)
Tue Mar 03
 * Nathan_Roberts watches Internet Explorer crash, with great satisfaction :)
 * Nathan_Roberts is reminded once again why he sticks with Netscape :)
 * Shel crashes nathan's windows : )
<Nathan_Roberts> Grrrrr
 * Nathan_Roberts nails wooden boards in place of the now-shattered windowds
 * Shel tries to infect nathan with Hell 95
 * Nathan_Roberts installs OS/2 Antivirus to remove the Hell 95 infection >:)
 * Shel then gives nathan the DOS-less Win 98
 * Nathan_Roberts boots up from his OpenDOS disk and types FDISK
 * Nathan_Roberts deletes the non-dos partition
 * Nathan_Roberts decides to get REALLY evil and give Shel Linux >:)
 * Shel puts nathan's computer in a time reversal machine and turns it into
   an XT
<Nathan_Roberts> Ooh goody!  An XT!  Windows-Proof! >:D
 * Nathan_Roberts puts Shel's computer into a time reversal machine and
   leaves it there...
<Nathan_Roberts> ::The computer gets bigger and bigger, crushing Shel::
<Nathan_Roberts> ::The computer turns into a house-sized contraption::
<Nathan_Roberts> Woops... left it in there a little too long... >:)
Wed Mar 04 [0:00]
<Nathan_Roberts> Eep! It's midnight!
<TheProf> It's your imagination Nathan.
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Prof
<TheProf> How come everyone hits me? I live an abused life.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Because you're always asking for it :)
<TheProf> Fair enough.
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps prof because he's sick of hearing that
<TheProf> Fair e..........sorry.
Wed Mar 04 [0:33]
<Starfury> you must cut down the largest tree in the forest with...
           a HERRING!
 * Nathan_Roberts founds a company called Herring Power Tools
Wed Mar 04 [0:42]
 * Shel smacks prof
<TheProf> Shel I have my AintiFwap helmet tm on.
<Shel> prof, i didn't fwap you, i smacked you!
<TheProf> Oh. In that case, OUCH!!!!!!!
Wed Mar 04 [14:37] <TheProf>
Hey had I known FBI agents looked like Scully I would have joined up.
Fri Mar 06 [18:34]
#drwhochat topic is SPRING BREAK IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<AldenB> So who did break Spring?
<AldenB> And are they going to have it fixeD?
Fri Mar 06 [18:50]
<Jondar> does babelfish do Russian yet?
<Whomiga> Does Babelfish "really" do any language?
Fri Mar 06
 * NateServ watches the Pings fly
<Whomiga> New Soap - As the Pings Fly?
<Jondar> "Like messages oin the internet, These are the Pings That Fly"
<NateServ> Take out one letter and you get "Pigs that Fly"...
 * NateServ watches the pigs fly
 * AldenB picks upa pig and throws it over the fance.
Fri Mar 06 [19:01] <Whomiga>
I'm waiting for a genetic scientist to create a flying pig so all the people
that said "When Pigs Fly" have to do what they thought they would never have
to do :^)
Fri Mar 06 [19:03]
[Trading ICQ numbers]
<Shel> 2019476
<AldenB> 2019476?
<AldenB> I am not a number!
<NateServ> I am not a man! I am a free number!
<AldenB> 1-800-NATHAN?
<Brigadier> 1-900-hot-nate? :)
[ * NateServ fwaps Brig into next week. ]
<Whomiga> 1-900-not-brig?
Fri Mar 06 [19:18]
 * Brigadier declares this a pun free zone
<Brigadier> <mccoy>THERE WILL BE NO MORE PUN-NING HERE</mccoy>
<Whomiga> pun pun pun pun pun pun pun pun pun pun pun - Anyone want to
          buy my puns?
<Whomiga> Puns for saallee, Punnnsss for saaallleee!
<AldenB> Oh, this is no pun whatsoever.
<AldenB> Er, fun.
 * Brigadier pun-ders why noone listens
<Brigadier> its pun-gent in here...
 * NateServ waits for something awful to happun
Fri Mar 06 [20:01]
<AldenB> How can Jacks DDC be going when he's looged off IRC?
<Whomiga> looged?
 * AldenB looks at Whomiga. Yeah, looged. Wanna make something of it? >:-)
<Whomiga> looged...lets see...gooled? - goleod? - leodog?
Sat Mar 07 [1:04]
<TheProf> Ok memory test for everyone. What did you have for breakfast?
<AldenB> Um, Grinners and Weetbix.
<Jondar> Prof: crumpets and some milk :)
<Starfury> Prof: one slice of toasted whole wheat bread with margarine
           and apple saice on top and once glass of orange juice.
           next question.
<TheProf> Grinners!? What the Hell is that?
<AldenB> Prof: Cereal in the shape of happy faces.
Sat Mar 07 [1:36]
 * TheProf is mad at Australia for thinking of ditching the Queen. The
   fact that we did it 200 years ago is not the point.
<Jondar> Prof: the distinction with Australia is that it will be done
         peacefully (I hope)
<TheProf> Naw. Jondar the war is half the fun.
Sat Mar 07 [2:09]
 * Jondar double clicks the channel window and discovers a "Channel
   Central" - gee, you learn something new everyday :)
 * Jondar has spent all this time setting channel modes the hard way :)
<TheProf> Your kidding me? You didn't know about that!?
<Jondar> Prof: seriously, I didn't know about that Channel Central thing :)
<TheProf> LOL. Jondar that shocks the hell out of me.
<Jondar> Prof: I always seem to know the hard way of doing things, but
         not the simple way :)
* AldenB watches Jondar boil an egg by holding a match under the saucepan.
Sat Mar 07 [2:17]
*** Claus69- has joined #drwhochat
<Claus69-> Damn...I just saw the best porn site at
   Check it out, you dont want to
           miss this site!!!
*** Claus69- has left #drwhochat
<TheProf> Come back so we can kick you, you weirdo!!!!!!!!!
<TheProf> I can see this pervert cut and pasting his way down the dalnet
          room list.
<TheProf> Lets see next is #Drseuss. Oh no!
<Jondar> no it wouldn't be Drseuss!!
<Jondar> W comes after S!! :)
<TheProf> Not anymore.
<TheProf> Like that guy can spell any better than me.
Sat Mar 07 [2:25]
<lannieM> Are you currently discussing Dr. Who type topics?
<Jondar> lannieM: not really :)
<lannieM> ok
<lannieM> i thought if there was such a chat going on, it would be
<lannieM> but other wise, i will stop bothering you now
*** lannieM has left #drwhochat
<TheProf> You can stay.
 * TheProf didn't think he was that boring.
<dse> I did :)
 * TheProf turns his personality up to 8.
<dse> it's never gone that high before! sure she'll take the strain?
 * TheProf gives it more power.
 * dse takes cover in case of an overload
<TheProf> Oh my God! She's coming apart!!!!!!!!!!!
<dse> nooooooooo
 * TheProf has his personality explode.
[Sound of an explosion]
<TheProf> The room is splattered with TheProf's personality.
<Jondar> Yuck!! icky!! :(
Sat Mar 07 [14:44] <Nathan_Roberts>
Tech support is for wimps.  If I can't figure it out on my own, I'm
not interested :)
Sat Mar 07 [15:28]
<Jondar> Nathan: I think it's flu, but I'll find out for certain tomorrow
 * Nathan_Roberts puts Jondar in a Shel Isolation Bubble (tm)
Sat Mar 07 [16:07]
 * Jondar LOLs at a misprint on a cookie box... both ends say
   "Open other end"
Sat Mar 07 [16:12]
<TheProf> You missed the fun last night Nathan.
<Nathan_Roberts> What fun?  I was sleeping!
<TheProf> I sent you I think 4 e-mails with stuff for the quote file.
<Nathan_Roberts> You didn't send 4, you sent 6!
<TheProf> Oops. I didn't think that many.
<TheProf> Well someone has to gather quotes while your not here.
<Jondar> Prof: it would make more sense to put them all in one email though :)
<TheProf> I cut and paste them and don't know how to gather them up.
<Jondar> Prof: cut and paste them into Notepad, then once you're finished,
         cut and paste them all out of notepad into your mailer
<TheProf> I'll try that.
 * AldenB gut and pastes the Prof.
Sat Mar 07 [16:24]
*** Brigadier has joined #drwhochat
<Brigadier> alden!
<Brigadier> hi jeff, grace, jon, megl, pro, fake nr
<Nathan_Roberts> Fake??
<Nathan_Roberts> FAKE??
 * TheProf looks for his missing f.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof, I just got called a fake!
<Nathan_Roberts> I've been insulted!
 * AldenB notes that Nathan has "This is a fake" written in felt tip across
   his forehead.
<TheProf> At least Nathan I have been polite enough not to call you that to
          your face. The nerve of some folks.
Sat Mar 07 [18:54]
 * Jondar looks around cautiously and drops a pin...
 * Jondar then tosses the grenade over his shoulder
Sat Mar 07 [19:31]
<trinalin> Kel - I know Australians and they type perfectly
<AldenB> Trina: know any NZers who type perfectly? ;-)
<trinalin> Alden - just one :)
<AldenB> Trina: You mean Vila_NZ? ;-)
Sat Mar 07 [19:41]
<Nathan_Roberts> I crashed mIRc
<Shel> nathan, and you don't even use hell95???  wow...
<trinalin> What's Hell95?  A new virus?  :)
<Shel> no, just a new name for an old virus... :)
<Nathan_Roberts> It spreads by restricting the users choices in software
*** AldenB was kicked by Nathan_Roberts (Nathan_Roberts)
<Nathan_Roberts> WTF?
<Shel> what????
 * Nathan_Roberts wonders what key he bumped this time..
<Shel> bill gates must be watching you nathan... ;)
 * Nathan_Roberts flips Bill Gates the finger
Sat Mar 07 [20:00]
<AldenB> You mean everyone left the room??
<AldenB> Does that actually happen??
<Nathan_Roberts> Yeah, it happens when Starfury leaves, usually :)
<Jondar> Nathan: wrong there, I was the last to leave yesterday
<Nathan_Roberts> I said Usually! :)
<Jondar> I know! I know! >;-)
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Jondar
<Nathan_Roberts> talk about picking a fight! :)
<Jondar> :)
<Shel> who's picking a fight??  i want in!
<Nathan_Roberts> So... What do you all think about the NA's being Canon?
 * Nathan_Roberts ducks and runs like hell
<Whomiga> How fast does Hell run?
 * Jondar hells and runs like a duck... :-P
 * Jondar = bored (can't you tell??) :-)
 * Whomiga takes Jondar's bored and nails it over the window
Sat Mar 07 [20:06]
 * Shel doesn't believe in canon... hehehe...
 * Nathan_Roberts takes a canon and fires it at Shel
 * Shel bends over to pick up something on the floor, and feels whoosh go
   over her...
<Nathan_Roberts> D'oh!
<Nathan_Roberts> Missed!
<Nathan_Roberts> Mistered!
<Whomiga> Mastered!
<Nathan_Roberts> Mrsed!
<Shel> missessed!
Sat Mar 07 [20:19]
 * AldenB gives Dejanews a workout
<AldenB> Come on!  shift those bytes!
Sat Mar 07 [20:20]
 * Nathan_Roberts is going to bed
 * AldenB looks at NAthan in horror.
Sun Mar 08 [18:50]
<Jondar> "Blame it on El Nino" - The excuse of the 90s :)
<JGarthW> Better excuse than "Bad hair day"
Sun Mar 08 [20:33]
<Jondar> would the real people please step forward?? :)
 * Shel steps foward...
 * Perky_Grace steps
 * Whomiga steps forward
 * chrisk1 steps forward tentatively
 * Kamelion steps backward
*** Kamelion was kicked by Jondar (killing ghosts)
 * IsraelBeta asks Jondar to define "real".:)
 * Jondar fwaps Issy with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM)
<IsraelBeta> Jondar: I refuse to answer to "real", "real" is a
             judgment word.:)
<Jondar> Dan: well how about non-clone?? :)
<IsraelBeta> Jason: That'll do.:)  I step forward.:)
Mon Mar 09 [10:22] <Whomiga>
Hi Nathan - What are you doing here this time of day?
Or should I be asking myself that?
Mon Mar 09 [20:51]
 * Jefferys fwaps Whomiga.
 * Whomiga evades Jefferys's fwap.
 * Jefferys fwaps Whomiga, Whomiga, and Whomiga.
 * Whomiga evades Jefferys's fwap 3 times.
Mon Mar 09 [21:13]
<chrisk> Does MS sell things that *don't* break down on a regular basis?
<Whomiga> Chris - In a word...NO!
Tue Mar 10 [22:36]
<Whomiga> Nigth Elsa
<Whomiga> Nigth?
<Whomiga> Hmm...
<IsraelBeta> Rich: Are dyslexic you?:)
<Whomiga> semit ta spahreP
Tue Mar 10 [22:42]
 * Shel awaits the arrival of morentis...
<Shel> should we all give him a welcome fwap? ;)
 * Shel hides...
 * Sherlock_Nathan hunts down and fwaps Shel instead
 * Shel zaps Sherlock_Nathan into a black hole to replace Omega
 * Sherlock_Nathan ducks
<Sherlock_Nathan> Ahh... how about a generic Duck key? :)
<Shel> rubber duck key?
 * Sherlock_Nathan fwaps Shel with a rubber ducky
Tue Mar 10 [22:48]
 * Shel thwaps Whomiga with a copy of War & Peace (unabridged version)
<Starfury> ouch! that must hurt
 * Sherlock_Nathan twaps Shel with a copy of War & Peace (Unabridged, large
   type version) >:)
 * Shel thwaps Sherlock_Nathan with a copy of War & Peace (Unabridged,
   hardcover, large type version)
 * Sherlock_Nathan twaps Shel with a copy of War & Peace (CD-ROM version,
   complete with computer) >:) >:)
 * Shel thwaps Sherlock_Nathan with a copy of War& Peace (Tape version,
   complete with Main Frame)
*** Sherlock_Nathan is now known as Smooshed_Nathan
 * Shel cackles evilly...
<Starfury> aww
 * Starfury sprinkles some magical glowing TARDIS Eye-of-Harmony dust on
<Starfury> voila!
 * Smooshed_Nathan springs back to life
*** Smooshed_Nathan is now known as Nathan_Roberts
Tue Mar 10 [23:44] <AldenB>
"Those thinkg can tear a man in half!"  "What about a woman?"
"A woman can tear a man in half as well..."
Wed Mar 11 [11:37]
 * Nathan_Roberts is getting ready to leave
<Drake> bye Nathan
<Nathan_Roberts> I said "Getting ready to!" :)
 * Drake takes back the Bye then!
Wed Mar 11 [21:28]
<Nathan_Roberts> Shel: What was it this time?
<Shel> nathan, same old thing... men suck... ;)
 * AldenB sucks on command. ;-)
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Alden
 * AldenB hoovers around the floor.
Thu Mar 12 [1:17]
[Prof is asking me to listen to some WAVs for one of his parodies]
<TheProf> Alright Nathan I have several canidates for the laugh. Tell me
          which you like.
<Nathan_Roberts> I can't hear them over my music :/
 * TheProf fwaps Nathan.
<TheProf> Turn down the music.
<TheProf> Can you hear them or not?
<Nathan_Roberts> I can just barely kinda sorta hear them if I turn the
                 computer's volume all the way up
<TheProf> Listen really carefully.
[Sound of explosion]
<TheProf> Oopsy.
 * Nathan_Roberts is suddenly blown clear through the wall
 * TheProf pulls nathan's broken body out of the wall and lays it in front
   of the speakers.
<Nathan_Roberts> MEDIC!
<TheProf> No medic but I found a vet from the race track.
Fri Mar 13 [1:40]
<JellyBaby> Also I think the perfect companion would be, seriously,
            Genenien Gerophilo
<JellyBaby> She's just so unbeliving the she'd be perfect
<Starfury> "no way"
<Starfury> "yes way"
<Starfury> "no way"
<Starfury> "yes way"
<Starfury> "no way"
<Starfury> *compaion gets blasted by the dalek*
<Starfury> "told you so"
Fri Mar 13 [2:23]
 * Jondar pokes Nathan and Becky with a ten foot pole :)
 * Nathan_Roberts pokes back with a 3.048m pole
<Jondar> you have to be technical, don't you Nathan... 3.048m indeed :)
 * Starfury remains idle till Jason uses chocolate or Paul McGann... after
   all I have a reputation to uphold =)
Fri Mar 13 [3:53]
 * Nathan_Roberts chokes the living crap out of Pegasus
 * TheProf notices a mess on the floor now.
<TheProf> I hope you plan on cleaning that up.
<Nathan_Roberts> Pegasus Mail just ate a message I was trying to send
 * Nathan_Roberts is pissed now!
<TheProf> Did you feed it first? No you didn't. It's your own fault.
 * Nathan_Roberts shoots Prof for aggrivating him, further
 * Nathan_Roberts feels much better now!
Fri Mar 13 [4:01]
<TheProf> Is that guy the biggest idiot ever or what?
<Nathan_Roberts> Second biggest.  Biggest idiot is an honor reserved for you.
[Sound of a 9mm pistol]
[Sound of a 44 magnum gun]
[Sound of an ak-47]
[Sound of an explosion]
[Sound of a laser blaster]
[Sound of another laser blaster ]
[Sound of yet another laser blaster ]
[Sound of a car bomb]
[Sound of a hellfire missle]
 * TheProf throws the kitchen sink at Nathan.
 * Nathan_Roberts is blasted across the country by a one-man army
Fri Mar 13 [17:50]
 * Jefferys kicks his 9600 baud modem.
 * Jefferys strangles his 9600 baud modem.
 * Jefferys thwacks his 9600 baud modem with a Timelash video.
 * Nathan_Roberts accellerates Jeff's 9600 baud modem. At 9.8 m/s^2
Fri Mar 13 [18:24]
<Jondar> Term: that WA ad has been shown in the U.S>
<Jondar> er - > + .
<trinalin> Took me awhile to realize that Jason wasn't pointing at a cross
           and a dot
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: That looks vaguely like a mathamatical expression :)
<Jondar> Nathan: I know
<Jondar> minus is greater than plus decimal?? :)
<Nathan_Roberts> tilt
<trinalin> Jondar - only in Minusland
 * Nathan_Roberts wonders if there's a mathematical symbol for "Tilt"
<Jondar> Nathan: how about ?! :)
<trinalin> &*(^(^*%  <----- What a mathematician says after an equation tilts
Fri Mar 13 [18:28]
 * trinalin forgot that Hot doesn't autoplay in computer CDROM players -
   so I've not been listening to it :)
<Jefferys> Trina: Hot?
<Nathan_Roberts> Hot?
<trinalin> Jeff - Squirrel Nut Zippers second album
 * Jondar gives Trina the Cold album :)
<Jondar> 75 minutes of people coughing, sneezing and wheezing through classic rock and roll hits :)
<Nathan_Roberts> lol
 * trinalin listens to Lukewarm by Squirrel Nut Zippers
Fri Mar 13 [21:36]
 * Whomiga has decided to try a stupid thing...I'm gonna set up mt MacOS
   Emulator to try running a AmigaOS emulator...
 * Whomiga has seen screen shots of a MacOS emulator running SoftWindows
   emulating an Amiga Emulating a PC...
<chrisk1> ...and hope the Master doesn't step out of that strange fireplace
          near your Amiga :)
Sat Mar 14 [3:19]
<BeanieProf> I have this game I am playing called Creatures where you breed
             these really cute creatures called Norns.
<BeanieProf> I named my second generation after Star Trek characters.
<BeanieProf> I have one Norn who is a sex maniac. Half the children born so
             far are his.
<BeanieProf> His name by chance is Kirk.
<BeanieProf> You have these Tomatos you can feed them to increase their
             chances of breeding. I set 3 out for the norns. kirk ate all
             3 and proceeded to get 2 female Norns pregnant.
Sun Mar 15 [2:26]
 * Jondar 's little sister wants a computer. If she gets it, I'm going to
   network mine and hers. Problem is where I'm going to put the cabling :)
<Jondar> the computers aren't going to be in the same room
<Nathan_Roberts> Just tack the wires along the walls :D
<Jondar> Nathan: that's the tricky bit considering the layout of my house :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Eh?  What IS the layout?
<Jondar> very open plan, tacking cabling around the walls would take 4 times
         as much cable as a direct cable through the ceiling
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh... well, just drill holes in the ceiling then :)
<Jondar> :)
 * Jondar pictures his fathers reaction... "Er, Dad, I'm going to drill
   several holes in the ceiling"
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: Screaming and yelling and jumping up and down? :)
<Jondar> Nathan: something like that :)
 * Nathan_Roberts imagines his reaction if he said "Er, Dad, I already drilled
   several holes in the ceiling and it's too late to say No..." :)
Sun Mar 15
<Nathan_Roberts> This is the way it should be!  MrB here late at night with
                 me, often my only companion while I conduct my
                 mad-scientist-like experiments :)
<IdleMaster> Nathan: Yezz mazzter... What izz thy bidding, Mazzter?
<Nathan_Roberts> Remember those late nights (well, afternoons for you) while
                 I was working on the prototype for K9 :)
<IdleMaster> Yep... A long time ago...
<Jondar> Nathan: I suppose Joachim was the guinea pig? :)
<IdleMaster> I seem to recall getting kicked a few times... :)
Sun Mar 15 [3:09]
 * Jondar just discovered a CD-ROM full of "Great literature of the World" -
   I never knew I had it :)
<Jondar> Unfortunately, Doctor Who stories aren't considered "great
         literature" - can't find any on this CD-ROM :)
Sun Mar 15
<Nathan_Roberts> Ok, I'm turning on Frankenstein for the first time... prey for no blue flashes!
 * Jondar hides under the #table
 * Nathan_Roberts hides under the #bombshelter
<IdleMaster> I'm scared...
<Nathan_Roberts> here it comes!
 * Jondar is half expecting it to fizzle, splutter and then short out half
   of the power grid of the U.S. :)
Sun Mar 15 [3:33] <Nathan_Roberts>
Aha!  This bath is too hot!
(English for "Eureka!")
Sun Mar 15 [3:40]
<Jondar> did you really put it in the dresser? or were you pulling my
         chain there?
<Nathan_Roberts> Yes, it REALLY IS in the dresser drawer.
<Nathan_Roberts> (Well, it's not being put to any kind of use otherwise :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Hey, it sure as hell beats taping it to the wall!
<Jondar> Nathan: true
<Jondar> and putting it in a drawer proves to be an efficent
         storage system :)
Sun Mar 15
<Nathan_Roberts> AARGH!!!!
 * Nathan_Roberts runs screaming into the night
<Nathan_Roberts> My backup computer has gone to pot!
<chrisk> Serves it right for smoking... :)
Mon Mar 16 [1:42]
 * Nathan_Roberts finally got a TILT.WAV :)
<Nathan_Roberts> (For those of you that haven't heard)
<TheProf> You must be very proud Nathan.............sad when you think
          about it.
<Nathan_Roberts> Eh?
<Nathan_Roberts> Proud? Prof explain that rubbish
<TheProf> It's very sad when your proud of something so simple.
<Nathan_Roberts> Did I say I was proud?
<TheProf> You seemed very proud to have found that wav. It was a joke.
<TheProf> I hate explaining my jokes.
<TheProf> Takes all the fun out of it.
<Nathan_Roberts> Don't make such bad ones then! <gd&r>
Mon Mar 16 [2:07]
*** Jondar has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** Jondar has joined #DrWhoChat
<Nathan_Roberts> Re Jondar
<Jondar> re all
<Jondar> what was my quit message?
<TheProf> *** Jondar Quit (He thinks your all weenies)
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Prof
 * Jondar fwaps Prof with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM)
<TheProf> Everyone is always hitting me!
<TheProf> I need the shield of Rassilon.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: For the 1001th time, it's bevause you're always
                 asking for it!
<TheProf> I have never asked for bevause once! I never eat Polish food.
 * Jondar fwaps Prof with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM)
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Prof
*** TheProf is now known as PulpedProf
<Nathan_Roberts> I didn't hit you that hard! :P
 * AldenB steps in the pulp. Oops.
 * AldenB scrapes Prof off his shoe.
 * Jondar wonders if it's "Gang up on Prof day"?? - If so, I'm enjoying it :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Me too!
 * AldenB anvils Prof.
 * dse mallets Prof
<PulpedProf> If I wanted to be abused I would wake up the wife.
<PulpedProf> She would be mean and beat me with beanie babies.
<PulpedProf> I can see the court room now at her murder trial. The
             procecuter waving the murder weapon. A bloodied beanie baby.
Mon Mar 16 [2:26]
 * AldenB counts the number of Bonnie fans in the channel....
 * AldenB looks at Jondar.
 * AldenB looks at Prof.
<AldenB> I can count at least 3...
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof???
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof?????
<AldenB> Prof likes Bonnie. :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof, what have you not been telling me?
<TheProf> That I've joined a convent.
*** TheProf is now known as SisterProf
*** SisterProf is now known as SisterMaryProf
<AldenB> Oi!
<Nathan_Roberts> Sister??? You've REALLY been keeping things from me!
<SisterMaryProf> I forgive you Nathan.
*** SisterMaryProf is now known as SaintProf
<SaintProf> Moving up already. :)
<Nathan_Roberts> That was fast!
 * SaintProf blesses MNathan with the Mallot of Rassilon (tm)
<Nathan_Roberts> Ow!
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as MNathan_Roberts
<MNathan_Roberts> That was the most painful blessing I've ever recieved!
<SaintProf> There are times i think this room is more violent that #WWF.
*** SaintProf is now known as TheProf
<MNathan_Roberts> Prof: You and I seem to contribute to most of it
<TheProf> I am as innocent as a lamb...............armed with an ak-47.
Mon Mar 16 [2:51]
*** Jefferys has joined #drwhochat
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Jefferys
<Jondar> Hi Jeff
<Jefferys> Hi guys
<Jefferys> Don't ask what I'm doing up at 10 minutes before 6 in the morning,
           but I think it has to do with a carrot, a blue police box, and an
           alarm clock..
<Jondar> Jeff: oh dear, Mel appeared in your dream? :)
<Jefferys> Along with a bunch of singing daleks, Jason, yes.
<TheProf> LOL!!!!!
<MNathan_Roberts> ROTFLMAO
<Jondar> singing daleks?? :)
<Jefferys> They were performing "A Chorus Line"
 * Jondar pictures Daleks singing "One Singular Sensation", fails, then falls
   off his chair laughing :)
<MNathan_Roberts> Ummmmmmmmmmmm....
<MNathan_Roberts> Isn't a singing Dalek a contradiction in terms?
<MNathan_Roberts> Since Daleks can only talk in a monotone voice? :)
<Jondar> Nathan: not if they're from the Mistress Mel universe... :)
<Jefferys> Well, you can always tune 12 seperate daleks to the 12 pitches on
           a keyboard and you use the harmony thst way.
Mon Mar 16 [20:47]
#drwhochat topic is Pledge money for #DWC! All donations over $10 will
receive a free copy of Tenth Planet 4.
 * Shel finally reads the topic... she'll pledge $10.01 :)
Mon Mar 16 [23:20]
<NemoDream> you have a cat?
<AldenB> Yup.
<AldenB> Her name's Gypsy. (No relation)
 * Gypsy will name her next cat alden;)
Mon Mar 16 [23:40]
<Nathan_Roberts> The Frankenputer is nearing completion!
<AldenB> Is it actaully going to work??
 * AldenB wonders if Nathan has to wire it to a pole and wait for a
   lightening storm.
<Gypsy> frankenputer?
<Gypsy> do I want to know?:)
<Nathan_Roberts> A computer without a case
<AldenB> No lawyer would take that one on...
Mon Mar 16 [23:57]
<Gypsy> You know.. I never knew [Morentis's] name was eric.
<Nathan_Roberts> You DON't??? How in the name of God's Green Earth could
                 you have not known such a piece of vital, life-essential
<Nathan_Roberts> </overacting>
 * AldenB gives Nathan an Emmy.
Tue Mar 17 [0:33]
 * Nathan_Roberts performs surgery on a ribbon cable to make it fit
<Nathan_Roberts> Anyone watching me would be VERY relieved to know that I'm
                 not a medical doctor :)
<Starfury> Nathan: but you play one on TV! right?
<Nathan_Roberts> Sometimes I say to myself, "You know?  I'd make a good
                 Ninth Doctor..."...
<Nathan_Roberts> And then Myself responds, "Nathan, you're delusional!" :D
Tue Mar 17 [16:42]
<CrowTRobt> is everyone celebrating St. Paddy's day?
<Jondar> Crow: I celebrated it last night by going out for an "Irish dinner"
 * Jondar had some Guiness, and for the 2nd year in a row, vowed never to
   have it again :)
 * Nathan_Roberts has a green shirt on, but only because it was the first
   shirt in the basket that wasn't inside-out :)
Tue Mar 17 [22:35]
 * Shel is going shopping tomorrow, any who vidoe suggestions?
<Nathan_Roberts> I recommend that you buy VHS
<Shel> any specific VHS nathan ;)
<chrisk> Yes, NTSC VHS.
<Shel> okay, any specific NTSC VHS?
<chrisk> Shel: one that's not blank.
<Shel> okay, any specific prerecorded NTSC VHS tape?
<chrisk> Yes, one made by CBS/Fox.
<Shel> okay, any specific prerecorded CBS/FOX Dr. Who NTSC VHS tape?!?!?!?
 * Shel threw in dr. who to speed this up a bit...
Tue Mar 17 [23:48]
<Gypsy> Oh, this was dreadful.. a radio station in town today was calling pubs
        in dublin and asking for patrick fitzgerald and gerald fitzpatrick...
<Aka_Raine> Hey, at least they weren't asking for Patgerald Rickfitz.
Thu Mar 19 [0:52]
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm...
 * Nathan_Roberts thinks again...
 * Nathan_Roberts thinks harder...
 * Nathan_Roberts finds that thinking harder doesnt work, and just
   ceases to think
 * Nathan_Roberts discovers, to his surprise, that this is what he
   does normally....
Thu Mar 19 [1:18]
 * TheProf loves Buffy the vampire Slayer. Nothing like a cute Blonde with
   weapons to turn a guys head.
Thu Mar 19 [1:33]
<NathanThePervertSlayer> In fact, I'm still using [mIRC] 5.11 myself
<TheProf> Nathan isn't that an advanced version of any program for you?
<NathanThePervertSlayer> Probably
<TheProf> I mean you prefer to be at least 5 years behind Mr Netscape 1.0.
<NathanThePervertSlayer> Prof: Hey, I only use Netscape 1.0 on my backup
<NathanThePervertSlayer> I use 4.03 on this machine
<TheProf> Very scary nathan.
Thu Mar 19 [1:52]
<TheProf> I will brb.
 * TheProf rises from the dead.
<TheProf> Neat trick. Wows them at parties.
Thu Mar 19 [2:12]
 * Aka_Raine snugs. Thank you for the files..I really have to get going,
   tho. G'night.
<BeanieProf> Night Raine. Take care.
<NathanThePervertSlayer> Nite Raine
*** Aka_Raine has quit IRC
<BeanieProf> Night Raine? She's here a half hour and now you speak?
<BeanieProf> Nathan you have got to learn about picking up women.
<BeanieProf> First step. SAY SOMETHING!
<BeanieProf> If I hadn't talked to my wife she would have ended up married
             to a Hollywood producer and living in Beverly Hills. Best revenge
             a man can think up against his wife when she ticks you off. :)
Thu Mar 19 [16:27]
 * Nathan_Roberts is working on integrating K9
<Jondar> integrating K9 into what?
<Nathan_Roberts> Actually, it's the other way around
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm integrating a lot of my little scripts into K9
 * Jondar nods
<Jondar> So, this integration makes it K9 Mk ??
<Nathan_Roberts> 2, I guess
<Jondar> :)
 * Jondar imagines Nathan sliding in a large cardboard box into the
   control room :)
Thu Mar 19 [23:15]
 * AldenB wonders WTF his ISP is going to ring him back
<AldenB> Doesn't help that my brother keeps using the bloody phone.
<Starfury> kick your brother!
<Nathan_Roberts> /kick #drwhochat AldensBrother
Fri Mar 20
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmm... while I'm thinking about it, do you all know how
                 to use my IRC pager?
<AldenB> Beep beep bepp
<AldenB> In other words, no.
<Jondar> /msg Nathan_Roberts PAGE ???
<Nathan_Roberts> Yes
<AldenB> What does that do?
<Nathan_Roberts> It emits a continuous siren at me until I respond
 * Jondar will make sure that he won't page Nathan in a crowded room...
   people could get annoyed :)
<Jondar> the big question... Does Nathan have a script to do the quotefile
         for him? <VBG>
 * AldenB thinks: Cool! New way to piss off Nathan! <makes an alias to set
   off every 5 minutes...>
 * Nathan_Roberts thinks: Hey, easy way to counteract it! /IGNORE AldenB >:)
Fri Mar 20 [0:24]
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh, Jondar... I think I killed the Frankenputer :/
<AldenB> It's not alive!  It's not alive!
Fri Mar 20 [0:30]
<TheProf> The wife says hi.
<Nathan_Roberts> Hi Profess
*** TheProf is now known as TheProfess
<TheProfess> Are you boys behaving yourselves?
<AldenB> No.
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Alden
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh of course! ::looks innocent::
<TheProfess> Ok. Brian can come out and play then.
<Nathan_Roberts> Wait a minute, is this Prof's Wife or his mother?
<TheProf> Yes.
<Nathan_Roberts> I kinda figured that, Kosh... :)
Fri Mar 20 [0:39]
<TheProf> brb. Cops making a drug bust acroos the street!
<Nathan_Roberts> No way!
<AldenB> And I thought the correct response was supposed to be "again?"
Fri Mar 20 [0:42]
<Jondar> Nathan: can you tell me the nearest major city to you? I have no
         idea (roughly) where you live :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Martinez
<Nathan_Roberts> Or, if you don't know wher Martinez, Concord
<Nathan_Roberts> Or, if you don't know Concord, San Francisco
 * Jondar nods - I knew where Concord is :)
<AldenB> It's that supersonic plane that was in Time Flight.
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Alden
 * AldenB should start collecting fwaps.
Fri Mar 20 [0:53]
[Star is having trouble with a nick-completion script]
<Starfury> how do I do Alden without the dumb B?
<Starfury> (no offense)
<AldenB> Hey!
<AldenB> That's alright then. :-)
<Starfury> it just seems so pretensious to type the whole nich
<Starfury> I mean if I go around calling you AldenB people will think I
           respect you ;)
Fri Mar 20 [1:02]
<Jondar> Alden: would you believe that NZ and Australian TV are showing the
         exact same episode? :)
<Jondar> Alden: perhaps it's further proof that Australia should invade :)
 * AldenB thinks Australia should invade while Auckland's power is out. The
   radar won't seen them coming. :-)
Fri Mar 20 [1:23]
[Leela is taking about geeky things like IPs and Domains]
 * TheProf is ruler of his domain but it isn't on the computer though.
<TheProf> I should say I rule my domain when the wife lets me.
Fri Mar 20
<Nathan_Roberts> I don't want Win95
<TheProf> Nathan refuses to get a new stove. He says his wood stove is fine.
<TheProf> And why get a new hammer when the stone one works so well. ;)
Fri Mar 20 [2:45]
 * Jondar wonders how he can do light and dark blue on standard Win95 color
<Nathan_Roberts> Just mix up some fingerpaint until you get the right color
                 and slop it on the screen
 * AldenB does not want to know what conversation he just walked in on...
Sat Mar 21 [16:45]
<AldenB> What's "Auld Lang Sine" mean then?
<Nathan_Roberts> And while you're figureing out that, What's "Auld Lang
                 Cosine" mean?
Sun Mar 22 [17:44]
<CrowTRobt> What is Pleasent Hill close to, Nate?
<Nathan_Roberts> Crow: Know where Concord is?
<CrowTRobt> It's that supersonic jet right?
Sun Mar 22 [17:57] <trinalin>
Okay - here's my first (and probably last) drabble:
The story of the girl who tried to write a drabble for the first time but
failed miserably, by Trina Short (which says nothing about the story itself.)
One day, Trina tried to write a drabble consisting of only 100 words
(including the title). She tried to think of an exciting plot.  Perhaps,
she thought, a spy story.  Or maybe a mystery.  Could she possibly come up
with a cohesive story with an exciting climax and realistic characters with
only 100 words? She sat back to her task and then counted the words again.
She failed her task by one word.
Sun Mar 22 [20:28]
<LisaG> My PMS station is playing it tonight. Just 4 epis though --
        it's 6, right?
<Nathan_Roberts> PMS station?
<LisaG> Nate: well, during pledge break, it's appropriate. :-)
Mon Mar 23 [21:57]
 * Jondar 's dog brings in yet another golf ball...
<Whomiga> How many you got so far Jason?
<Jondar> Rich: three today... on top of 21 she's brought in since I
         moved here :)
<Whomiga> I guess the question would be - Is she going to the course, or are
          they hitting the balls to her?
<Jondar> Rich: the course isn't there any more... it got redeveloped for
<talavera> temporal anomaly?
Mon Mar 23 [22:53]
<Starfury> in other news, I'm trying to get a job as a nanny for some
           REALLY rich people
 * Starfury would have to move
<MegL> where?
<Starfury> I'm not sure. they have 3 mansions
<Starfury> I'd have a private apartment AND a car (sheesh!)
<Starfury> one of their houses is SO nice that it's been used in movies
<Starfury> the dad is a pilot, and there's a chance that when they
           travelled, I might travel with them
<Starfury> that's IF I get the job
<Nathan_Roberts> A socially upward moving Becky... Very scary... ;)
Mon Mar 23 [23:07]
<Nathan_Roberts> .play -sctBad-word-checker k9help.txt 0
<Nathan_Roberts> oops
<Whomiga> Nathan?
<Nathan_Roberts> Who: Trying to write a help system for K9
<Whomiga> Try harder :^)
Mon Mar 23
 * Nathan_Roberts begins to think that HE deserves the Conversation-killer
   award, not Jondar :)
<MegL> Actually, that was interesting
<MegL> I'm just fading :/
 * Nathan_Roberts turns up Meg's contrast
Tue Mar 24 [0:28]
<TheProf> Another day, another skiir.
<TheProf> Another person died today at the same ski resort that Sonny Bono
          died at. It was the third person this year to die there from
          hitting a tree. She did it 30 feet from where Bono died.
          All three died in the same area. Seems those trees eat skiers.
          I never knew skiing was so dangerous. I think I will stick to
          inner tubes.
<TheProf> Anyway what is up folks?
<Whomiga> Death rate of Skiers?
Tue Mar 24 [0:44]
 * TheProf fwaps Nathan within an inch of his life!
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Prof to within 2.54cm of his life!!
Tue Mar 24 [0:58]
 * TheProf would put on a Bill Clinton Mask but Nathan's script
   kicks perverts.
<Aka_Raine> Well, the perverts probably enjoy it anyway.
<TheProf> Only if you use a leather boot when you kick them.
Tue Mar 24 [1:17]
 * Nathan_Roberts sees from his logs that he's starting to use the
   quotefile as a reference, and gets a brilliant idea... Nathan's Familiar
Tue Mar 24 [21:18]
<Gypsy> of course,, these are my last few weeks of IRCing:)
<Gypsy> once I start, I'll be working 5-2am
<CrowTRobt> You can IRC in the wee hours after work
<Gypsy> not many people on at 3 am on IRC I'll wager;)
<Whomiga> Nathan probably will be :^)
<Nathan_Roberts> That's midnight here...
<Nathan_Roberts> Yeah, I'm usually on that time
<Nathan_Roberts> And Prof
<Nathan_Roberts> And Becky
<Nathan_Roberts> And sometimes MrBubonic
<Nathan_Roberts> (Now known as IdleMaster)
*** MegL has joined #drwhochat
<Nathan_Roberts> And sometimes Meg, now that you mention it :)
Tue Mar 24 [21:32]
 * MegL is fading out again
 * Nathan_Roberts adjusts Meg's antenna
Tue Mar 24 [21:37]
<MegL> My mother use to keep her cartons in the Freezer
<MegL> kept the cigarettes fresher
 * MegL mother hasn't smoked in years though
<CrowTRobt> It does
<CrowTRobt> I buy a pack a day Meg
<CrowTRobt> otherwise I would chain smoke
 * MegL thinks that chain smoking would be worse though
<chrisk> Smoking chains sounds even worse.
<CrowTRobt> 99.99% of all chain smokers do not smoke chains
<Nathan_Roberts> Crow: I'm really worried about the other .01%
Wed Mar 25
 * chrisk bookstores Nathan_Roberts_Away.
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Oops
*** Nathan_Roberts_Away is now known as Nathan_Roberts
 * Nathan_Roberts is back.
 * Nathan_Roberts has his VGA monitor unplugged,. and can't see that he's
   still away :)
 * Nathan_Roberts also can't see what he's typing!
<AldenB> Nathan: How the hell are youreading what we're saying then???
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: I'm psychic :)
<Nathan_Roberts> No, really!
<AldenB> Nathan: great!  what are the Lotto numbers for next week?
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6!
 * AldenB writes them down quickly.
 * CrowTRobt realises just how gullable Alden is
<CrowTRobt> Hey Alden, want to buy a big ol' bridge in Brooklyn?
Wed Mar 25 [21:49]
[Alden is talking about what being rich would be like]
[Note, that I mean, talking about being rich, not about being Rich]
<AldenB> OK, so it would be immesnely boring, having servants at your beck
         and call, beautiful, shallow women begging you for sex all the
         time, bank figures with multiple zeros....
 * Nathan_Roberts has a bank figure with multiple zeros
<CrowTRobt> Nate $1.00 does not count
Wed Mar 25 [23:49]
<MegL> oh good grief. They are selling a set of South Park Shot glass at
       Starland (it's an SF store in Denver that has a web page)!
<AldenB> "Oh my god, they drank Kenny!"
Thu Mar 26 [0:14]
 * Starfury likes Yanni too. but a lot of people think he's wussy.
<Starfury> 'course these are the same people who refuse to listen to
           classical music. they're on crack anyway.
<Starfury> John Tesh wrote the Bobby's World theme song. only decent piece
           of music he ever wrote if you ask me.
Thu Mar 26 [0:25]
<TheProf> Alvin and the Chipmonks!
<CrowTRobt> Chipmunks you dope
<AldenB> Chipmonks was that episode where they joined a monestary.
Thu Mar 26
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Alden
[Half a minute later]
 * AldenB evades Nathan_Roberts' attack.
 * Nathan_Roberts notices that Alden doesn't evade too well :)
<AldenB> Don't i?
<TheProf> Doesn't do to well to evade 45 seconds later.
 * Nathan_Roberts can see Alden in real life... A piano falls onto him...
 45 seconds later, he crawls out and goes "ow"
<AldenB> At least my script doesn't have any bookshops in it. ;-)
 * CrowTRobt bookshops AldenB
 * CrowTRobt can see Alden in real life... A bookshop falls onto him... 45
   seconds later, he crawls out and goes "ow"
 * AldenB wouldn't be in any fit state to crawl anywhere, let aloe
   say "ow" :-)
 * Nathan_Roberts can see Alden in real life... A bookshop falls on him and
   it takes 45 seconds for him to go Splat
<AldenB> Every time a bookshop has been about to fall on me, I've always
         gotten out of the way in time.... Every single time...
Thu Mar 26 [0:53]
[Prof is trying to think of an idea for a new parody involving Sarah Jane]
<Starfury> Prof: how about Sarah gets dropped off on sesame street?
<Starfury> she could meet the "yup yup yup" aliens
<TheProf> LOL!!!!!!!!
<CrowTRobt> Thats it
<Starfury> just occurred to me =)
<TheProf> Star your a genious!!!!!!!!!
<Starfury> thank you =)
 * Starfury takes a bow
<AldenB> Prof: She has to kill Elmo though. :-)
<CrowTRobt> and the evil Bert attacks her
<TheProf> I can do that!!!!!!
<CrowTRobt> LOL
<Nathan_Roberts> Yes! Yes!! Some Sesame Street characters MUST die bloody
                 deaths, or else I don't want to hear it!!
<Starfury> PRof doesn't want to do violent wavs anymore Nate. Sarah will
           have to have sex with them instead.
[ * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Becky good and hard. ]
Thu Mar 26 [1:03] <Starfury>
I'm the only member of my family never to have worn a cast.
kinda hard to cast a tailbone ;)
I really wish my cousin had broken her toe.  Life is so unfair.
she kicks my in the rear and re-breaks my not-fully-healed tailbone, and
she gets off with getting to do extra chores.
oh well. I guess it's my fault for not trying to kill her.
Thu Mar 26 [22:50]
<Nathan_Roberts> My 486's 124mb hard drive which, a few weeks ago, became
                 convinced that it was an 80mb hard drive now thinks it's a
                 124mb drive again :)
<Whomiga> Nathan - Just as long as it isn't a 124MB thinking it is a 512MB
          drive (Having delusions of Grandure)
Fri Mar 27
 * Nathan_Roberts has torn a considerable amount of hair out tonight
<TheProf> Been doing your taxes?
<Nathan_Roberts> Worse
<TheProf> Listening to Bill Clinton speeches?
<Nathan_Roberts> Just installed Windows 95
<TheProf> He's one of us now.
<TheProf> Welcome to the modern world Nathan.
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps the hell out of Prof.
<TheProf> Leave the wife alone nathan.
<Nathan_Roberts> Let's just say that Satan is going through Hell with a
                 snowblower right now
 * TheProf feels the pillers of Hell shake over Nathan getting Windows 95.
<Nathan_Roberts> As soon as I get the 32-bit winsock working, know what the
                 first program I'm going to download and use is gonna be?
<Nathan_Roberts> Take a WAG.
<Nathan_Roberts> Go on, guess.
 * Jondar tries a silly guess... MSIE?? :)
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Jondar into next week.
[Incidentally, the answer was Lynx]
<Nathan_Roberts> What really surprises me is that Stacker is still running
<Jondar> Nathan: why didn't you say you were running Stacker!
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: Does it matter?
<Jondar> Win95 doesn't like Stacker
<Nathan_Roberts> It appears to like OpenDOS's stacker just fine
<Jondar> especially if you install Win95 to a Stacked drive
<Nathan_Roberts> I didn't
<Jondar> OK :)
<Nathan_Roberts> I just have an auxiliary stacked drive
<Jondar> Ah, I see
 * TheProf prefers just his women stacked. Not his computer.
<TheProf> I get more abuse here than I do from the wife.
<TheProf> Am I paying for this abuse or is it extra?
Fri Mar 27 [3:38] <AldenB>
A tip: It's easier to catch with a catcher mitt, than to catch with
your face.
Fri Mar 27 [6:02]
 * Nathan_Roberts sees that he's still got a fatal IRQ conflict with his
   sound card in Win95
<Nathan_Roberts> So much for Plug'n'Play
<Jondar> Plug and Play = more like Fumble, Grope and Hope :)
Fri Mar 27 [17:26]
<Jondar> CBowman: I'm getting the file now, I'll send it to you :)
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away is getting the file too... Race you to it, Jondar :)
Fri Mar 27 [21:24]
<Jondar> <plug> Take a look at If you
         haven't seen it already :) </plug>
 * Whomiga shorts out Jondar's plug and all the lights go out
Fri Mar 27 [21:46]
 * Acute_Alden likes his food to be happy.
<Whomiga> Alden, better not make the "Dish of the Day" upset then :^)
<Nathan31> Don't spell its name with an extra D :)
Fri Mar 27 [22:02] <CrowTRobt>
running Windows 95 is not unlike getting up every morning and tieng your
shoes and one day your shoe explodes
Sat Mar 28 [14:07]
*** Jondar has quit IRC (Quit: There is no vaccine against stupidity.)
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at Jondar's quit line... Yeah, too bad, huh?
<CrowTRobt> really!
<CrowTRobt> I'd go get innoculated if there were one
<Nathan_Roberts> I'd drag all our school administrators out to get
                 innoculated if there was one
<CrowTRobt> Hey it would be the best AIDS vaccine they could make!
Sun Mar 29 [20:57]
 * ComputerKiller95 pulls a great big fan out of the case [of an old computer]
 * ComputerKiller95 wonders what he can use this fan for
<CrowTRobt> use the motor to power your beenie nate
Sun Mar 29
 * ComputerKiller95 gets bored and starts feeding the fan bits of toilet
<Whomiga> CK - As long as it isn't used toilet paper..then the sh*t may hit
          the fan :^)
<NemoDream> ::splat splat splat::
<NemoDream> ::cloud of putrid stink::
Sun Mar 29 [22:53]
 * ComputerKiller31 just threw out half his spare computer parts
<TheProf> About time Nathan. Isn't that hard on your garbage man? He would
          have to make two trips at least!
Sun Mar 29 [22:57]
<ComputerKiller31> TCI is a piece-of-crap cable company in the US
<TheProf> Nathan obviously doesn't own stock in the company.
Mon Mar 30 [0:45]
<Nathan95> Prof, you're not taking my meaning, are you?
<TheProf> I would never take something you don't have.
Mon Mar 30 [2:15]
*** The_Sentry is now known as An_Ice_Warrior
<TheProf> Nathan has gone Martian.
 * An_Ice_Warrior changes personalities
*** An_Ice_Warrior is now known as A_Nice_Warrior
<TheProf> He also changes diapers. Makes a good nanny.
*** A_Nice_Warrior is now known as An_Ice_Warrior
 * An_Ice_Warrior changes his personality back to the original
<TheProf> Oops! Didn't like the idea of dirty diapers.
<TheProf> COWARD!
 * An_Ice_Warrior shoots Prof down in cold blood
*** TheProf is now known as DeadProf
*** DeadProf is now known as UnDeadProf
 * UnDeadProf tries to eat Nathan's brain.
 * UnDeadProf can't find enough for even a snack and turns on the rest
   of the room.
<UnDeadProf> Just because I'm the walking dead doesn't mean I can't boogie
             with the best of the living.
Mon Mar 30
<DrGrace> ohhhh, that's a tardis!!  It *is* my bday present!!!
 * DrGrace pounds on the door: Doctor!! <BAM BAM> Let me in!
 * Drake sees Troughton pop his head out and lets Judi in ;)
<DrGrace> Eeep!
<Drake> try the next TARDIS
 * DrGrace tries the next tardis
<Drake> oh wait i think this TARDIS is waiting for Elsa
 * DrGrace glares at Drake and moves to the next Tardis
 * DrGrace bams on the door
<Drake> oh you don't want this TARDIS,it's got some little known British
        actor in it........ ;)
<Drake> Paul..................McGoo or something........
 * DrGrace bams harder
 * Nathan_Roberts pulls a spare key out of his pocket and hands it to Grace :)
<Drake> i think he already has a companion............Sam somebody
 * DrGrace grabs the key, unlocks the door and dashes in
 * Whomiga watches Sam get thrown out of the TARDIS by DrGrace... (Grace
   yells...He's mine - not yours...)
 * Drake sees McGann shriek and run from the mad Judi
 * DrGrace fwaps Drake
 * Drake sees Drake get fwapped by the Mad Judi and passes ou.........
 * DrGrace slams the door again
Mon Mar 30 [21:27]
<chrisk> BRB Going to Gothic.
*** chrisk has left #drwhochat
*** chrisk1 has joined #drwhochat
<Drake> re Chris
<chrisk1> Is this better?
<Drake> oh if i could ping you,i could tell you :)
<Whomiga> Should I? - GARC Chris :^)
Tue Mar 31 [20:06]
<MegL> That's Judi's party :)
 * Doc8 starts to sing, "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I
   want to..." :)
*** CrowTRobt is now known as ProfessorWagg
 * ProfessorWagg fiddles with his berillum atomic clock
<ProfessorWagg> It *was* my party until someone messed about with my clock!
 * Doc8 looks at the Professor... I do humbly apologize.
<Doc8> But it was a matter of Universal importance, I tell you! :)
<Toni_R> Can I borrow your pass?
<ProfessorWagg> I don't have my pass anymore. ask that gentleman over there
                he swiped it
<Doc8> Who, me?
 * Doc8 looks at everyone with an air of supreme innocence.
<Doc8> I'm just visiting from England... and I have a secret to tell you... :)
 * Doc8 conjures up a recliner and sits down.
 * DrGrace looks at Doc and smirks
<ProfessorWagg> Yeah yeah. what's that hanging out of your pocket?
<ProfessorWagg> my pass no doubt
<Doc8> What?  Oh, that.  That's... um... my special polkadotted handkerchief
       from the Traveling Magicians of Graxis IV. :)
 * ProfessorWagg yanks out pass and berillium chip falls to floor
<Doc8> Eeep!
<ProfessorWagg> ah ah!
 * Doc8 makes to grab Grace and the chip and run like hell... :)
<Doc8> Oh, so sorry, must dash.  Entire Universe to save and all that.
       Come on, Grace!  We have to get to the TARDIS! :)
<ProfessorWagg> After them!
 * Doc8 pushes his way through the crowd...
<Doc8> Excuse me, pardon me, excuse me, oh, very sorry, excuse me,
       pardon me...
 * ProfessorWagg trips and falls as crowd tramples him
 * Doc8 looks back... oh, he'll be fine.  Someone cushioned his fall. :)
 * ProfessorWagg makes pitiful muffled cry of help
 * Doc8 ignores the cry for help... the Many over the Few.
 * DrGrace rolls her eyes. Doctor, can we leave now?
<Doc8> Yes, we should go now.  Come on, Grace!  We've got work to do! :)
<Doc8> Ooops, sorry.  <smacks his head>  Wrong regeneration. :)
Tue Mar 31 [22:07]
<Whomiga> The file Alden was referring to receiving earlier "life.exe" wasn't
          working because it was uuencoded for transmission
<Quotefile95> Guess a UUencoded life is better than no life at all :)
<Whomiga> Did he want to make it hard to get a life? :^)
 * IsraelBeta fwaps Nathan *and* Richard.
 * Whomiga evades IsraelBeta's attack.
 * IsraelBeta sproings Richard
<Quotefile95> Sproings??????????
<Whomiga> Sproing?
<IsraelBeta> First word I could think of.  Sound of a frying pan
             hitting a head.:)
<Quotefile95> Doesn't count if it's not in Webster ;)
<IsraelBeta> Nathan: Pedant.:)
*** Quotefile95 is now known as Pedant95
<IsraelBeta> Okay, Pedant, you're a Quotefile.:)
*** Pedant95 is now known as Quotefile95
<IsraelBeta> Nathan: Wow, I feel all powerful and stuff.:)
<Whomiga> Should I say ouch now?
<IsraelBeta> Rich: Nah, the effect is ruined.:)
<AldenB> Who: Oh dear, it needs VB300 to run....
<AldenB> Typical.  I get a life and I don't have an essential component.
Tue Mar 31
 * Quotefile95 disassembles a fried hard drive
<IsraelBeta> Nathan: We can rebuild it....we have the technology....
<Quotefile95> Not after I'M through with it you won't :D
*** Quotefile95 is now known as ComputerKiller95
<IsraelBeta> Kill the computer, kill the computer!  Will you be doing
             it with your spear and magic helmet?:)
Tue Mar 31 [23:20]
<ComputerKiller95> Now I'm trying to recreate my master data disk
<ComputerKiller95> The floppy disk that I keep with me to transport data
<Whomiga> Oh
 * AldenB hums
 * Whomiga has a palmtop to do that
<AldenB> What, hum?
<ComputerKiller95> I'm trying to decide if I should use the briefcase
 * AldenB briefly considered that.
<AldenB> Briefly... breifcase... geddit?
 * AldenB sees Nathan's humour is running thin.:-)

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