The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume II, Issue II: February 1998

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Sun Feb 01 [1:35]
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm working on Calculus homework... believe it or not, I
                 actually get absorbed in this stuff and can't stop
 * Whomiga is beginning to wonder (Actually I've stopped wondering) whether
   there is something wrong with you...
Sun Feb 01 [2:23] <TheProf>
I never had to worry about my weight until I got married and had a wife who
could cook. Being single and unable to cook is a diet unto itself.
Sun Feb 01 [2:26] <TheProf>
The only thing I can cook really is I make a great steak on the BBQ. Men
like to BBQ because it involves danger. If making a cake was as dangerous
for us men as we are lighting the BBQ with half a gallon of lighter fluid on
it all men would bake cakes.
I am one of those guys who puts on enough lighter fluid to make a mushroom
cloud that can be seen 3 miles away.
Sun Feb 01 [22:47]
<Drake> and you say your not the Brig,Nathan!
<Nathan_Roberts> Drake: huh?
<Drake> Meg i have no idea where the midis went to
<MegL> huh?
<Nathan_Roberts> Drake's on a roll... that's the second person he's
                 made say "huh?" :)
 * Drake asks Drake Huh?
 * Drake tells Drake to hush up
Sun Feb 01  [23:02]
<Starfury> well I like hard tacos except that my stuff is always falling
           out of them
<Starfury> and the shell is always breaking
<Starfury> I've found that refried beans helps to keep everything together
<Starfury> but I'm the only one in my family that actually likes refried beans!
<Starfury> and I can't eat a whole can myself
<Drake> everyone,stay away from Becky after she eats a whole can of beans! ;)
Mon Feb 02 [14:28]
 * SukiF thinks we have over ten trees in our yard.. not including the line
   of 8 pine trees in the back
<SukiF> The pine trees are pretty though. They're perfectly lined even at
        the back yard
 * DrGrace thinks Lance would go dog wild with the trees
Mon Feb 02 [21:39] <Israel>
(Titanic) Netsplit dead ahead! (/Titanic)
Mon Feb 02 [21:42] <Israel>
You know, being on Dalnet is wing walking on a biplane.  You can barely
hang on, you risk being thrown off at any moment, and you start to wonder
"Why the hell am I *doing* this?!":)
Mon Feb 02 [23:01]
<Nathan_Roberts> Whoa, it's really raining now!!
<TheProf> Tell me Nathan about it. We have 50mph gusts right now.
<TheProf> What ever you get we get in about two hours.
<Nathan_Roberts> Good god, I think this counts as torrential!
<TheProf> Is the wind real bad Nathan?
<Nathan_Roberts> Nah, I don't think the wind is real bad... either that,
                 or I can't tell through all the rain...
 * TheProf looks at the weather channel.
 * TheProf gets out the rubber boat.
<TheProf> I looked up the weather radar for nathan and I. He has got a big
          orange spot on him coming my way.
<Shel> wow, i'd hate to have an orange spot on me!
<TheProf> Nathan don't let it come over me.
 * TheProf gets some buckets.
 * Nathan_Roberts climbs a very tall ladder with a bucket of sponges trying
   to soak up the rain clouds before they get to Prof
<TheProf> The roof is coming off the building next to us right now. Roof
          tiles are all over the parking lot.
<TheProf> We lost ours two years ago so it is their turn.
 * TheProf waves to the folks next door, especially the guy with the arm
   full of buckets.
<TheProf> The made a splendid jesture in return.
<TheProf> I see a lot of Red forming to the south Near Santa Cruz.
 * TheProf gets out his surf board and puts it on a hillside. Time to surf
   the mudslides.
<TheProf> Nathan and I are in the middle of a Biblical flood right now.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof... For the millionth time, DON'T EXAGGERATE!
<TheProf> In California there are two kinds of people. Those who build
          at the bottom of the hills and get flooded and folks like me
          who live on top of the hills laughing at those being flooded
          until their homes slides down the hill. Natures way of bringing
          the classes together.
<TheProf> When your covered in mud nobody knows if you shop at K-Mart or
<TheProf> Nathan do you have a feeling El Nino is finaly saying hello?
<Nathan_Roberts> No, I have a feeling El Nino is saying "DROWN, YOU EVIL
Tue Feb 03 [0:26] <TheProf>
I have a feeling the only people in the lesbian rooms are guys with
female nicks.
Tue Feb 03 [0:45]
 * TimesChamp sighs. Well, I'll not involve myself in violence. Slapping
   you was pretty violent nuff.
 * TheProf declares himself totaly against violence as he sharpens
   his chainsaw.
Tue Feb 03 [0:48]
<TimesChamp> My my my you're really crazy over BeanieBabies
<TheProf> I am getting that way. The Hallmark cashiers all know me by
          first name now.
<TimesChamp> The store employee looks up from the counter as you enter.
             He whispers to the other employee, "Look, the Beanie Boy
             is here."
<TheProf> Someone put a list of 101 things that show your addicted and
          my favorite is that UPS puts a restraining order on you to stay
          away from their trucks and stop following them.
Tue Feb 03 [12:22]
 * NemoDream feels like she s going to fallllllll asllleeepp
 * Nathan_Roberts sends Nemo some coffee made with java water :)
 * NemoDream thanks Nathan
<NemoDream> ::POIK!:: ::eyes bang wide::
 * NemoDream sips some more
<Nathan_Roberts> Careful now... don't let your eyeballs pop out
<NemoDream> java java java java java java
 * NemoDream bounces off the walls
<Nathan_Roberts> NemoDream becomes RubberNemo :)
 * NemoDream stops
<NemoDream> Whoa! Good stuff! :)
Tue Feb 03 [22:21]
<SukiF> My fave was Full Exposure: The Sex Tape Scandles
 * SukiF *wants* to see that just to see what the heck Jurasik was doing
   in that film
<SukiF> I really hope he wasn't on the sex tapes....
 * SukiF shakes her head... don't wanna see that
<Starfury> Suki: you know.. when you said that title I had this image in
           my head of Londo at a press conference saying "Listen up, I'm
           going to say it again. I did NOT have an improper sexual
           relationship with that woman."
<Starfury> sorry. I've been watching the news too much.
Wed Feb 04 [0:23]
*** TheProf is now known as Hal9000^
<Hal9000^> Hello Dave.
<Hal9000^> I have the greatest enthusiasm for the room Dave.
<Hal9000^> I can not make a mistakke.
<Hal9000^> Would you like me to open any pod bay doors for you?
<Nathan_Roberts> Hal: Yeah, open the pod bay door where Peer just
                 coinvienently happens to be sitting without a spacesuit on
 * Hal9000^ opens the pod bay door for Nathan who is sucked out.
<Nathan_Roberts> AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh....... ::fades out as the
                 vacuum rushes in::
 * Hal9000^ closes the pod bay door.
<Hal9000^> May I help anyone else?
*** Hal9000^ is now known as TheProf
 * TheProf opens the pod bay door and finds a frozen Nathan outside and
   brings him in to chill drinks.
Wed Feb 04 [22:45]
 * AldenB thinks he should get a life.
 * Nathan_Roberts sends Alden a Life in a Box (tm)
 * AldenB unwraps the life. Hey! I wanted one in blue!
Wed Feb 04 [23:01]
<Starfury> Doug: captions aren't written from the script they're typed in
           by a data entry clerk as the dialouge plays... which is why we
           have problems with the spelling on some Doctor Who tapes
<Nathan_Roberts> Star: They are? I thought they were made up on the spot! :)
<Starfury> it would be MUCH SIMPLER if they could just get a bloody script
           but it doesn't work that way
<Nathan_Roberts> So why can't they get the bloody scripts anyway?
<Starfury> I imagine they could but often the finished product is different
           from the actual script, what with actors improvising and all
<Starfury> besides if the scripts are bloody they couldn't read them
           anyway... what with all that red crap all over them
Wed Feb 04 [23:49]
[Commenting on an old tape I was listening to]
<Nathan_Roberts> Now it's a recording of me and my mother playing
                 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on a piano and autoharp
<Nathan_Roberts> I can't identify the time period of this one, but it's
                 probably consistant with the rest of it
<Nathan_Roberts> Now we're playing I've Been Working On The Railroad
<Nathan_Roberts> Wow, Digital Editing would work wonders on some of the
                 pieces we played :)
 * Starfury clicks on edit
 * Starfury clicks on delete
<Starfury> there... PERFECT!
Wed Feb 04 [0:33]
*** NemoDream has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
*** Dvoratrelundar has joined #drwhochat
*** Dvoratrelundar is now known as NemoDream
<NemoDream> ever wonder if peer is a male or female?
<TheProf> I think someone took care of that long ago if Peer was a male.
Wed Feb 04 [1:12]
 * NemoDream looks at the clock. ::frowns::
 * NemoDream is still going and going and going...
 * Nathan_Roberts takes out Nemo's Energizer
 * NemoDream blinks
<Nathan_Roberts> "Wanted dead or alive: Pink rabbit with drum"
 * NemoDream blinks
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm...
 * Nathan_Roberts puts in a nice Duracel battery
 * NemoDream boings
 * Nathan_Roberts takes the battery out, just to observe the result
 * NemoDream blinks
 * TimesChamp can imagine Nemo's curls jerking as she boings when she comes
   to life.
 * Nathan_Roberts puts the battery back in
 * NemoDream pitter patters
 * NemoDream s curls boing about
<NemoDream> and no its not a white Afro
 * Nathan_Roberts takes the battery out and puts it in backwards
 * NemoDream sllaw eht ffo secnuob
<Nathan_Roberts> LoL
 * Nathan_Roberts removes the battery
<TimesChamp> Nathan, quit playing with Nemo.  She's not a toy, you know.
 * Nathan_Roberts ponders what to do next
 * NemoDream sknilb
<Nathan_Roberts> If she's not a toy, what's she doing with a battery in her
 * Nathan_Roberts puts the original Energizer back in
 * NemoDream goes and goes and goes
<TimesChamp> Because it's only your imagination, Nathan.  Whatever Nemo is
             doing, it's only your imagination.  Nathan, you are only
             dreaming.  Go back to sleep.
<Nathan_Roberts> Ummm...
<Nathan_Roberts> If I'm dreaming, I'm already asleep, aren't I?
<TimesChamp> You are sleepwalking.  Return to your bed and you'll be fine.
 * Nathan_Roberts turns around to return to bed, but trips and falls flat
   on his face
<Nathan_Roberts> Mmmph
 * Nathan_Roberts ain't asleep anymore :)
<TimesChamp> nathan, you're awake now.  do you still see the battery in Nemo?
<Nathan_Roberts> No...
<Nathan_Roberts> Now I see an electrical cord plugged into the wall.
<Nathan_Roberts> I guess she's AC powered after all
 * NemoDream trips over the cord and goes out
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh dear....
 * TimesChamp strolls over to Nemo and feels no air coming out of her mouth.
 * Nathan_Roberts picks up the cord and plugs her back in... and a fuse
   immediately blows
 * NemoDream s curls go straight
<Nathan_Roberts> The lights are out!  Help Help, I can't see!
 * TimesChamp blue eyes bulges out.
 * Nathan_Roberts fumbles his way to the fusebox
 * NemoDream really does feel like a puppet now
 * Nathan_Roberts yanks out a fuse, and the rest of the lights go out...
   Woops, wrong one
 * Nathan_Roberts yanks out another one and replaces it... and all the
   lights on the block go out...
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh shit!
<TimesChamp> ooooohhhhh a big black out.
 * NemoDream sees DC go out
<NemoDream> gosh. the US put to a standstill all because of poor Nemo ;)
 * Nathan_Roberts gives up, removes the plug from Nemo, and equips her with
   a nice spring and winder assembly.
 * Nathan_Roberts winds Nemo up
 * NemoDream totters about, hands waving and curls boinging
 * NemoDream falls to the side and continues tottering
 * TimesChamp wonders if we are in the Land of Fiction. If we are, then
   where is the Master of the Land of Fiction?
 * Nathan_Roberts hears a knock on the door... Uh oh, I think the electric
   company is after me now...
<Nathan_Roberts> TC: Good question...
 * NemoDream s key stops mid-step
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at Star, who has been suspiciously quiet all this
<Starfury> wot?
<Nathan_Roberts> Thought so :)
 * NemoDream is still frozen
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm.... that idea didn't work very well
 * Nathan_Roberts removes the key and installs a Perpetual Motion Machine
   as a power supply
 * NemoDream keeps going and going ..... ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Now you'll DEFINATELY keep going and going :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Until the laws of Physics re-assert themselves anyway :)
*** NemoDream changes topic to "Newton's Revenge. Matinee performance at
    4:30 am ;)"
 * TimesChamp applauds.
<NemoDream> "Thank you! Thank you! They love me! They love me!"
Thu Feb 05 [22:32]
 * Starfury needs a new quote for her .sig.  can be funny or profound but
   cannot exceed 60 characters... and I can't find a good one anywhere :P
<chrisk> How about "Save the whales - collect the whole set"?
Thu Feb 05 [22:46]
<SukiF> "AOL - The internet provider of HELL!" ;)
<SukiF> "'4 out of 4 damned perfer it!' - The Devil"
<Israel> "He's Satan!  The Prince Of Darkness!  Of *course* he knows how
         to use Windows 95!"
<dse> "Jesus vs. Satan - on Pay Per View"
<SukiF> "Spice Girls and Hanson.... from the same gene pool? You decide!"
Sat Feb 07 [0:53]
 * Nathan_Roberts is off working on the quotefile
<Shel> oh, i forgot it's february already....
 * Nathan_Roberts checks just to make sure... Shel, what year do you think
   it is?
<Shel> 1998?
<Nathan_Roberts> ::Buzz:: Sorry, your answer must be in the form of a
                 question. :)
<Shel> it was a question!
<Shel> 1998?
<Shel> note the question mark!
<Nathan_Roberts> Ohhhh....
 * Nathan_Roberts bashes his head against the wall
<Shel> don't do that! you'll hurt the wall!
<Nathan_Roberts> Thank you for your concern. :p
Sat Feb 07 [19:12]
 * Nathan_Roberts doesn't want to have kids; have you noticed yet? :)
<Whomiga> The world is saved!!! :^)
Sat Feb 07 [21:20]
<Nathan_Roberts> how many feet in a mile?
<AldenB> Depends how many people are standing in that mile, surely...
Sat Feb 07 [21:51]
 * chrisk will be getting two more Spanish-dubbed episodes soon
<PuppetDoc> La Experimete del la Sontarans
<chrisk> Believe it or not, one of the two is Part Two of that serial
<chrisk> It'll probably be "El experimento de los Sontarans"
<AldenB> El experimento de los potato-heads.
Sun Feb 08 [22:17] <MegL>
I don't do a.dw.c
which I think is pronouced adric
Sat Feb 07 [22:38]
<PuppetDoc> The Master looked evily "I'll tell you what I want..what I
            REALLY REALLY WANT!!!"
<PuppetDoc> "That can't the the  Master it's impossible!!  Havge you
<PuppetDoc> "No, my clever nemesis..I merely  shaved"
<Nathan_Roberts> More like "I merely removed my fake beard!!"
Mon Feb 09 [22:19] <Nathan_Roberts>
We had a visit from Beavis and Butthead at the college today...
A couple of guys were in the bathroom, and one of them walked up to the
sink and said "What's this paying-a-quarter-to-wash-your-hands crap?
... pause ...
And the other one says "That's a condom machine, jackass!"
"Oh! ... I'm so ignorant..."
Then one of them made a crack about "the worst gum I've ever tasted..."
*** Nathan_Roberts changes topic to "Beavis and Butthead are EVERYWHERE!!!!
Mon Feb 09 [22:57]
*** darkhart- has joined #drwhochat
 * darkhart- throws pies at everyone
 * Nathan_Roberts ducks
<darkhart-> its a roberts seeking pie...
 * Nathan_Roberts deploys the anti roberts seeking pie defense system
<Nathan_Roberts> ::SPLAT::
<Nathan_Roberts> Too late...
<darkhart-> welcome to the channel,
<darkhart-> please dont think us rude
<darkhart-> but since you introduced yourself
<darkhart-> were gonna hit you with some food!
<darkhart-> *SPLAT*
Mon Feb 09 [23:30]
<dse> only 4 of us left
 * Starfury carefully sharpens her axe
<Starfury> not for long
 * Nathan_Roberts sharpens his Demat gun...
<Nathan_Roberts> ...and the tip breaks off... What was I thinking???
<dse> you don't sharpen guns
<dse> you clean them
<dse> "I wasn't going to shoot the gun"
<dse> "I was going to clean it at you"
Mon Feb 09 [23:46]
<dse> no one has said anything for 10 min now
<Shel> and you broke the silence? couldn't wait could ya? : )
 * Starfury cries and cradles the broken silence in her arms
 * Starfury tries to fix it with superglue
 * Starfury ends up glueing her hand to Nathan's forehead
<Starfury> oops
<Shel> if all else fails nathan, do what other men do, grow your hair
       reall long and wrap it around star to hide her..
Tue Feb 10 [0:06]
 * Shel feels redundant this evening tonight...
Tue Feb 10 [14:17]
 * Nathan_Roberts is getting ready to go to the high school... but he
   can't walk... :/
 * Nathan_Roberts calls the school again to see if someone will give him
   a lift
<Whomiga> An Elevator - I guess that would be a way to get to "high"
Tue Feb 10 [21:33]
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm... people are all praising my work on the quotefile...
<Nathan_Roberts> OK, what do you want? :)
 * NemoDream looks at Nathan innocently .. "Ten bucks?"
Tue Feb 10 [22:37] <dse>
Dew+Surge+Jolt=1 great taste sensation
but you have to drink it fast before it dissolves the glass
<Nathan_Roberts> DSE: Kinda like the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster? :)
Tue Feb 10 [23:35]
 * Starfury always pronounces GUI "gooey"
 * Starfury is curious as to how others say it =)
<NathanTheEvil> "Crap".  :)
Tue Feb 10
<IsraelBeta> Steph: The Infinity Doctors is gonna have Doc8 in a swordfight.:)
 * NemoDream gets a vision of Our Paul fence.... ::white... picket..::
Tue Feb 10
<Drake> any chance of a Delgado puppet?
<Toni_R> Drake: I would *adore* that.
<IsraelBeta> Yeah, but what would puppet Delgado's nickname be?
<Drake> he would be DelGODo!
<IsraelBeta> George: Lemme guess, he'd have to come with a little TCE?
<dse> worship the everlasting DelGODo!
<Toni_R> How about MasterRoger
 * Toni_R suddenly gets giggles over the idea of "MasteRoger's Neighbourhood"
<IsraelBeta> Steph: "Can you obey me, boys and girls?":)
<dse> yes we can!
<Drake> "You will obey King Friday!"
<Toni_R> It's a Beautiful DAy in the Neighbourhood, A beautiful day for
         a Neighbour, would You Obey Me, You Will Obey Me!!!!!
<Drake> "I'll speedy deliver you,imbecile!"
<NemoDream> A beautiful day for a Neighbour.. you are mine !! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
<Toni_R> All the puppets in the Neighbourhood of MakeBelieve would be former
         puppeteers who'd met the wrath of the mastetr
<NemoDream> No trolley, just the Trolley of Doom
Tue Feb 10
 * Drake quotes.....if the Founder isn't quoted every month, there will be
   trouble! ;)
Tue Feb 10
 * NemoDream wonders howNAthan does the quotefile anyway--
<MegL> Unlimited access ;)
Wed Feb 11 [21:38]
 * MegL thinks we should have an RPG with the Doctor meeting a bunch of
<MegL> we could make the Cupied evil and have a war with them ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Meg: Give him a goatee and replace his arrows with a TCE? :)
Wed Feb 11 [22:48]
 * Starfury had to laugh at someone who said he didn't like classical music
   because it didn't have any deep meaning to it... unlike rap and hard rock.
Thu Feb 12 [2:08]
*** TheProf has joined #drwhochat
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Hi Prof
<TheProf> Nathan either stay away or change your nick.
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away fwaps Prof
<TheProf> You can't hit me, your not here.:-P
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away fwaps Prof harder
Thu Feb 12 [2:12]
*** Nathan_Roberts_Away is now known as Nathan_Roberts
 * Nathan_Roberts is back.
 * Nathan_Roberts is away (Copying files)
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Nathan_Roberts_Away
*** Nathan_Roberts_Away is now known as Nathan_Roberts
 * Nathan_Roberts is back.
<Nathan_Roberts> Wrong reason.
 * Nathan_Roberts is away (Working on the 486)
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Nathan_Roberts_Away
<TheProf> I don't think Nathan is really anywhere at all if you get my drift.
Fri Feb 13
<Nathan_Roberts> There's always Lynx :)
* Nathan_Roberts wonders if there are web browsers named Styre, Stor,
  Stike, and Varl...
Fri Feb 13 [0:36]
 * Shel fwaps herself for emailing people in her current conditionl...
<Nathan_Roberts> Shel?
<Shel> nathan?
<Nathan_Roberts> What IS your "current conditionl"?
<Shel> f..... up!
<Shel> : )
<Nathan_Roberts> F..... up, but smiling? :)
<Shel> when you're f..... up you always smile! : )
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm
 * Nathan_Roberts ponders this logic
<Shel> that's is unless someone pisses you off while your f..... up.... : /
 * Nathan_Roberts takes notes... "Don't piss off Shel..." :)
Fri Feb 13 [11:03]
 * NemoDream is attempting to tame her curly hair
<NemoDream> back! back! *whip cracks*
Fri Feb 13 [13:57]
<Janet1> back again
<Whomiga> front before...
Fri Feb 13 [14:05]
[Note: IdleMaster is MrBubonic's new nick]
<IdleMaster> I am the IdleMaster...
<Gypsy> Idle: I have a stairmaster, relative of yours?
<Whomiga> Kim - the more active twin...
Fri Feb 13 [14:11]
 * Whomiga has vienna sausages earlier
<Whomiga> That was a change of time tense worthy of a Timelord
Fri Feb 13 [14:13] <Gypsy>
gosh darn that crazy computer whiz nathan,, what will he do next!
aaww how cute,, he typed rm * ;)
Fri Feb 14 [1:36] <BeanieProf>
I found a life recently but I turned it into the lost and found.
It didn't really fit me. Was from guy who belonged to the libitarians.
Sat Feb 14 [1:38]
<BeanieProf> I have a peace bear I  have a peace bear I  have a peace bear
             I have a peace bear
<Nathan_Roberts> I don't care I don't care I don't care I don't care
                 I don't care I don't care I don't care
<BeanieProf> Your just jealous.
<Nathan_Roberts> Jealous??
<BeanieProf> You never had a Teddy as a child.
<Nathan_Roberts> Yes I did!
<BeanieProf> He didn't like you and left.
<Nathan_Roberts> Actually, it would be more correct to say it was the other
                 way around.
 * BeanieProf has spent so much on those things he now has to eat macaroni
   and cheese untill the next payday.
<BeanieProf> I can eat one of the cheap ones if I run out of cheese.
<BeanieProf> Bear meat is good for you.
<BeanieProf> Actually I don't think pve pellets are a good sorce of
<Nathan_Roberts> You're sick.
<Nathan_Roberts> Not that I only just now discovered that.
Sat Feb 14 [1:45]
<Nathan_Roberts> Hey, what's wrong with Trial?
<BeanieProf> The plot, acting, script, sets and premiss.
<Nathan_Roberts> That pretty much covers everything.
<BeanieProf> The lighting was ok.
Sat Feb 14 [1:47]
<BeanieProf> My wife made me cookies at work today.
<Nathan_Roberts> She did?
<Nathan_Roberts> What did she want from you? :)
<BeanieProf> She works for Sprint so I was wondering how she made cookies
             on her computer.
<BeanieProf> Now I know why Sprint stock is down. All the customer service
             people are making cookies.
<BeanieProf> She really made me about a dozen cookies today.
<BeanieProf> Mayby it was home ed today at work.
<BeanieProf> She said they made pizza and other goodies as well today.
<BeanieProf> This is a customer service center with tons of computers and
             stuff and they are getting paid to bake cookies.
<BeanieProf> Good cookies though.
<BeanieProf> She got overtime pay because she was waiting for her last batch
             of cookies to cool and was late getting off work because of it.
<BeanieProf> This is the place I couldn't get work at because i didn't type
             fast enough. They never took into account my cooking skills.
Sat Feb 14 [2:05]
<Shel> no, i'm not depressed, i just don't like valentine's day... : )
<BeanieProf> I do. I get great sex without having to do anything special.
Sat Feb 14 [2:19]
 * Shel wonders what to name a cat... : /
<Shel> how about d... the missing one in davison...  : )
Sat Feb 14 [2:24]
<BeanieProf> I think any guy would be distracted looking at a cute girl in
             white shorts bending over.
<BeanieProf> Any guy who likes women that is.
<BeanieProf> I was in the parking lot after shopping with the wife once and
             I was talking and I started to stumble over my words when this
             girl in tight shorts behind my wife bent over.
<Shel> did your wife smack you?
<BeanieProf> My wife turned around and all she said was "I can see how that
             would be distacting for you".
<Shel> i would have smacked you!
<BeanieProf> These were tight shorts here.
 * Shel wonders what it is with men... they have no control over their
<BeanieProf> My wife says when I stop finding other women attractive then
             she needs to worry.
<Shel> so prof, if your wife wasn't there...  would it have been different?
<BeanieProf> Diffent how?
<Shel> would you have talked to the butt you saw?
<BeanieProf> I never speak to peoples rears.
<Shel> rears ears, only one letter seperates them, so what's the difference?
Sat Feb 14 [2:44]
 * Kamelion stilll pictures beanie prof, as a geeky science teacher with
   a proppeler hat on...
Sat Feb 14 [2:44]
<Shel> well that's okay, a lot of people think i'm a guy, SHELdon...
       that's who had the nick before me...
 * AntiProf is now embarrassed. He thought you were a guy.
<AntiProf> A good looking guy but still.............
<Shel> me? a guy? when did you think this?!?!?
 * Shel smacks prof into next week...
*** AntiProf is now known as EvilProf
*** EvilProf is now known as TheProf_From_Next_Week
<TheProf_From_Next_Week> I am talking to you from the future.
<TheProf_From_Next_Week> Buy IBM and Kodak!
<Shel> so, what happens to me next week?
<The_TARDIS_Pentium> What about Microsoft?
<TheProf_From_Next_Week> Bill Gates finally got what was coming to him.
<TheProf_From_Next_Week> Bill Gates buys Montana.
<TheProf_From_Next_Week> Says he needs a ranch.
<TheProf_From_Next_Week> All the people from Montana move to Utah. The
                         mormons move to New Syria.
<TheProf_From_Next_Week> A Cardnal rushes into see the Pope. He says he
                         has good news and bad news. The good news is Jesus
                         has returned. The bad news is he is in Utah.
<Shel> microsoft officially changes it's name to $
<Shel> O+> becomes head of marketing...  and promotes $
<Shel> soon, the federal government takes bill gates to court (again) for
       stealing their symbol $, and sentences him to pay off the national
<Shel> then, the american people see bill gates as a god for paying the
       whole debt with cash, they elect him president...
<Shel> soon, he finds himself in a whitehouse scandal for sleeping with
       dan quayle and bob dole...
<Shel> bob dole then reveals that he is not really bob dole, which explains
       why he spoke of bob dole as a seperate person, bob dole was his
       siamese twin the died when seperated from him at birth...
 * Shel now plots to become an intern at the white house, you're almost
   guarrenteed to "get some" there!
Sat Feb 14 [18:31]
 * Jondar has been told to adopt silent mode... whoops, I spoke :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: You didn't speak, you performed an /action :)
 * Whomiga mimes out the next sentance...
Sat Feb 14 [21:47]
<chrisk> Ooh - trivia question - what do The Deer Hunter and The Reign of
         Terror have in common?
<talavera> They both start with "The"
Sat Feb 14 [23:53] <yatesy>
hey, im an american. that means im rude, greedy, slobby,
disrespectful and stupid. love me:)
Sat Feb 14 [0:10]
<TheProf-Here> Nathan do me a favor.
<Nathan_Roberts> What variety of favor?
<TheProf-Here> Go away again.
<Nathan_Roberts> Gladly.
 * Nathan_Roberts is away (Cleaning room)
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Nathan_Roberts_Away
<TheProf-Here> LOL
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> What?
<TheProf-Here> You know your inicials are now NRA.
<TheProf-Here> Nathan's a terrorist!!!!!!!!!!
Sun Feb 15 [0:44]
 * Nathan_Roberts chokes the living crap out of Windows
<Nathan_Roberts> Goddamn computer crashed
<Nathan_Roberts> I named this computer The TARDIS Pentium, because it's so
                 unreliable.  I think it's time to think up something
<Nathan_Roberts> Like naming it God.
<Nathan_Roberts> Last name Dammit.
<Nathan_Roberts> Because that's what I'm always calling it.
<BeanieProf> You need windows 95.
<BeanieProf> Conform Nathan.
 * Nathan_Roberts makes a cross symbol at Prof
*** BeanieProf is now known as Omni_Gates
*** Omni_Gates has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
*** TheProf ( has joined #drwhochat
<TheProf> Boy and Peer never even gave me a kiss.
Sun Feb 15 [1:01] <Nathan_Roberts>
Prof, you just have a knack for finding the best sick-and-twisted sites
the Center for the Easily Amused might have a job for yopu
Sun Feb 15 [1:07]
*** danc has joined #drwhochat
<danc> Hello everyone
*** danc has left #drwhochat
<TheProf> Goodbye?
Sun Feb 15 [1:47]
*** BeanieProf has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** TheProf has joined #drwhochat
 * TheProf shakes his fist in the air.
<TheProf> Peer stop it!!!!!!!
 * TheProf waits for the lightning strike.
<TheProf> You think this Peer thing is just some sick joke the folks at
          dalnet made up to amuse themselves at night?
Sun Feb 15 [2:04] <TheProf>
I have found a book that does fortell the future.
It is amazing.
I call it the Magical Book of Fortelling.
Most folks call it the TV Guide.
Sun Feb 15 [14:42]
<SecondDoc> i guess now wouldn't be a good time to start some completely
            unfounded untrue rumor about The Fury From the Deep being found?
<Nathan_Roberts> Ohhhh... I'd say, probably not
<SecondDoc> ohh..well someone beat me to it anyway ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> It's time to start some completely unfounded untrue rumor
                 about The Savages being found :)
<SecondDoc> i think my head is going to explode if one more guy come in
            saying a missing episode has been recovered and it turns
            out just to be Tomb of the Cybermen
<SecondDoc> or  some  weirdo  who still  doesnt  know
<SecondDoc> that's happened like 6 times in the last 2 months
<SecondDoc> oh i could see what would hjappen if the Savages was found
<SecondDoc> "The Savages, lost for over 2 dsecades, and not seen in over 30
            years was  discovered in perfect condition, BBC will release it
            directly to video just as soon as hell freezes over"
<SecondDoc> well could be worse could be...
<SecondDoc> "Underwater Menace today was recovered, then the entire
            archive storage room was burnty to the ground to prevent any
            further copies of this serial showing up"
<SecondDoc> "The Fish People were not happy to hear of the loss and yet
            the arch villian Doctor Zaroff seemed unphased by the news
            stating loudly "Nothing in ZE Vorld Can Shtop me now!!"
<SecondDoc> why is it that Underwater Menace episode 3 had to survive hahaah
<SecondDoc> for that cool "Nothing can shtop me now" speech?
<SecondDoc> some  crazed Flash Gordon  fan save  that one
<SecondDoc> NO!  Burn Marco Polo!!  Just  save this!!!!!!!!
<SecondDoc> Web of Fear episode 6??  To the  flames!!!"
Sun Feb 15 [14:49]
<SecondDoc> mmm...actually the reason it was saved is sad
<SecondDoc> the underwater fish people scenes were expensive
<SecondDoc> umm dunno WHY that wasn't expensive due to the costumes i'll
            tell you that
<SecondDoc> probably  some weird underwater technique
<SecondDoc> it looks fake
<SecondDoc> basically being saved vcause of "expensive fish people scenes"
            is sad
<SecondDoc> just throw in some random  fish person scene and we'd have Evil
            of the Daleks!!
<SecondDoc> "It's a fish person Jamie!!  Don't laugh!!  Hold it in!  Act
Mon Feb 16 [22:02]
<NemoDream> I though you didn t like Voyager?
<Starfury> I hate it
<NemoDream> Then why'd you watch it?
<Starfury> my dad was watching it. I was trying to get him to change the
           channel.  I basically sat there taking the piss out of the show
           till he kicked me out.
Mon Feb 16 [22:06]
<NemoDream> hyperspace=warp speed
<Starfury> Nemo: hyperspace ain't the same
<chrisk> This is teetering dangerously into spoiler space
<chrisk> Spoiler space is different from hyperspace and normal space
Mon Feb 16 [23:22]
*** NemoDream changes topic to "...."
*** NathanR changes topic to "....."
*** NemoDream changes topic to "......"
*** NathanR changes topic to "......."
*** NemoDream changes topic to ".........."
*** NathanR changes topic to ".. -. ... . .-. - / - --- .--. .. -.-. /
    .... . .-. ."
Tue Feb 17 [0:40]
<TheProf> Nice topic. Your work Nathan?
<NathanR> Yeah, actually
<TheProf> It has your style.....................or lack there of. :)
 * NathanR fwaps Prof
<TheProf> Fair enough.
Tue Feb 17 [1:08]
<Starfury> you mean there are only four colors of hair?
<NathanR> Well... four categories... or so I thought...
<MegL> actually yes, there are only four cataries
<MegL> Blond, Brunitte Red and grey?
<TheProf> How about bald?
<TheProf> It could be Blond, brunette, redhead, grey and Pledge.
Tue Feb 17 [1:17]
<MegL> Unbelieveable - I've got a wav Prof doesn't!
<TheProf> Now to be really impresive Meg is if you have one Jondar doesn't.
Mon Feb 17 [1:22] <TheProf>
Jondar is sulking because Australia hasn't won any medals yet and Alden
because they won't let sheep herding into the Olympics.
Tue Feb 17
 * NathanR wonders if anyone is left alive
 * NathanR prods Meg with a 3.048m pole
 * NathanR prods Star with a 3.048m pole
 * NathanR profs Prod with a 3.048m pole
 * TheProf returns from the dead.
<NathanR> Wow! Never knew a 3.048m pole could have life-restoring properties!
  * MegL takes nathan's poll and wacks him back
<TheProf> You go girl!
<NathanR> Never realized a poll could hurt so much...
<NathanR> Now, a POLE, maybe, but just an opinion poll?
<TheProf> I was hit by a Pole name Stbinski once. Big guy. Hurt like hell.
Tue Feb 17 [1:40]
 * NathanR looks at Star blankly
 * TheProf looks at Star fully.
Tue Feb 17 [15:46] <BeanieProf>
I waved at Crow when I flew over his area and he mooned my plane.
Amazing what you can see from 35,000 feet.
Tue Feb 17 [15:51]
*** Drake has joined #DrWhoChat
<Nathan_Roberts> Hi Drake
<Shel> hi drake...
 * BeanieProf bows to the alpowerful and slightly sane Drake.
 * Drake thinks,i'm sane..............since when?
Tue Feb 17 [16:03]
*** Bleach has joined #drwhochat
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Bleach
<Drake> Hi Abez
*** Bleach is now known as ABeZ1
*** ABeZ1 has left #drwhochat
 * Nathan_Roberts lassoos Abez, pulls him back, and ties him down
<Bethani> cowboy nate?;)
<Shel> Nasty Nate the Longhorn Lassoer...
<Bethani> scourge of #drwhochat flybys
Tue Feb 17 [21:40]
<chrisk> So, did you see Tomb on Space?
 * MegL read that as Tomb on Spice
<chrisk> The new Spice Girl: Tomby Spice
Tue Feb 17[23:04]
<Nathan_Roberts> Forget that I ever typed the last four lines. :)
<Starfury> uuh... ok.
<Starfury> what last four lines?
<Nathan_Roberts> The last four that I typed :)
 * Starfury doesn't remember any last four lines you typed.
<Nathan_Roberts> The whole "I hope Trina gets Kroagnon some afternoon....
                 She already did... no wait, that was you...
                 Forget all that"
<Starfury> Nathan: well dangit! I forgot 'till you reminded me!
 * Nathan_Roberts bashes his head against the wall
<Nathan_Roberts> Ok, forget everything I typed in the last 5 minutes....
                 and DON'T SAY ANYTHING! :)
<Starfury> Nathan: did you say somehting?
<Nathan_Roberts> Star: Naah.
<Starfury> Nathan: hmm... must be hearing things.
Tue Feb 17 [23:11]
<MegL> no matter what happens, will never have Doctor Who like it
       was before it got cancled. you can't go backwards and change that :(
 * AldenB looks up from working on his Time Machine. Yeah, too right. :-)
<MegL> Alden, if you have a time machine, please go back and tape the
       first 7 years :)
Tue Feb 17 [23:15]
<AldenB> Delta was coooool.
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: Now, what would you say about it if Mel wasn't
                 in it? :)
<AldenB> Nathan: That it was coooooooool.
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: You mean you'd have more O's on Cool WITHOUT Mel?
 * AldenB can't count.
Wed Feb 18 [22:02]
 * Nathan_Roberts is taller then Shel too
<Shel> but if i put my boots on, he's not... : )
Wed Feb 18 [22:51]
*** abates has joined #DrWhoChat
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o abates
<MegL> re Alden
<Starfury> re Alden
<Whomiga> re Alden
<IsraelBeta> Re Alden.:)
*** AldenB was kicked by abates (abates)
<abates> And stay out!
<abates> Bloody New Zealanders.
Wed Feb 18 [23:48]
<Starfury> it's easy to sleep in cars
<Starfury> as long as you don't have to rest at an odd angle
<Whomiga> Hmmm...I only sleep in cars when I'm driving...Oops!
<IsraelBeta> Note to self: Never enter a car with Rich.:)
Wed Feb 18 [23:50]
*** coolgrl18 has joined #drwhochat
*** coolgrl18 has left #drwhochat
<Starfury> ooh a coolgrl!
<Starfury> quick! after her! :P
 * Starfury wonders if the 18 is her age or a score...
<dse> yeah, IQ score
Wed Feb 18 [23:52]
 * Starfury is the misdirected quote queen of IRC.
<Nathan_Roberts> Star is Miss Channel:)
Thu Feb 19 [23:59]
<Nathan_Roberts> Meg: Oh... speaking of tests, I got my first Calculus I
                 test back today.
<Gypsy> nathan: good bad?
<Nathan_Roberts> Gypsy: A+
 * NemoDream wonders if Nathan would be willing to switch brains ?
<Nathan_Roberts> Nemo: Not a chance :)
Thu Feb 19 [2:46]
 * Nathan_Roberts encourages Prof's DCC with a jet booster
 * TheProf waves a twinkie in front of the wav.
<TheProf> Come here little wav. Want a twinkie?
<TheProf> Fire rstant of course.
 * TheProf looks for his vowels.
 * Nathan_Roberts gives Prof a bag of spare vowels
<TheProf> L knw L hd sm bfr.
<TheProf> Ah there they are. Wife put them in the fridge.
Thu Feb 19 [2:52]
 * TheProf puts on a dark uniform and starts breathing very loud.
*** TheProf is now known as DarthProf
<Nathan_Roberts> Always knew you had a dark side, Prof
<Nathan_Roberts> When you're always telling me, "Conform, Nathan. Get
                 Windows 95." I can just see you as Vader going, "If you
                 only knew the POWER of the Dark Side..."
Thu Feb 19 [3:21]
<DarthProf> Ooooooooooo. Found Darth Vaders web page. Very scary.
<DarthProf> Says vote for his site or he will destroy my planet.
 * DarthProf votes twice.
<DarthProf> Best to be safe.
<DarthProf> Some all powerful web site. None of the wav links work.
 * DarthProf takes back his votes.
<Nathan_Roberts> Take back 3 votes! :)
Thu Feb 19 <Nathan_Roberts>
Prof, I just realized why I like you so much.  You contribute so much
material to my quotefile :)
Thu Feb 19 [16:08]
 * TheProf has a Fish, Turtle and Beaver on his computer.
<Nathan_Roberts> You and your beanies :)
<TheProf> I have no shame..................I should but I don't.
<TheProf> I got 3 retired ones the wife and I wanted. While buying them I
          was there with a police officer who also was buying them. Closet
          male collectors.
Thu Feb 19 [16:39]
<TheProf> I wish i could set this so anyone who comes in it automaticlly
          does a whois.
<Nathan_Roberts> My pervert checker script does that
<TheProf> LOL
<TheProf> Get those perverts.
<TheProf> Nathan the pervert hunter.
<Nathan_Roberts> Hahahahhaa
<TheProf> I can see you with these stuffed heads of perverts hanging on
          your wall.
Fri Feb 20 [0:46] <TheProf>
Nathan. How come when ever I ask folks if they want a new wav I made they go
"How long is it"? :)
Fri Feb 20 [0:50]
<TheProf> Anyway Nathan would you care to sample the new ending to StarDoc?
<Nathan_Roberts> Sure
*** Nathan_Roberts has quit IRC (Quit: Connection reset by PG&E)
*** Nathan_Roberts has joined #drwhochat
<TheProf> He says yes and then poof. Sounds like my love life.
<Nathan_Roberts> Time to play, "Can Nathan remember what his sound-grab key
Fri Feb 20 [1:02]
<Nathan_Roberts> Uh oh... the heater just turned on
 * Nathan_Roberts is getting gassed to death
<TheProf> Thais why i don't eat at Taco Bell.
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Prof
<TheProf> Fair enough.
Fri Feb 20 [1:39]
<Starfury> no seriously.  compare Disney to The Happiness Patrol.  Michael
           Eisner is Helen A, Mickey is the Kandyman, the mouseketeers are
           the happiness patrol. it all makes sense
 * TheProf shivers when he realises Star is right.
Fri Feb 20 [1:39]
<TheProf> Back to my pervert hunt.
<TheProf> This wav hunt is not for children. Finding some real crude stuff.
<Starfury> Prof: somewhere out there, there's a wav of Barney having an
 * Nathan_Roberts shivers when he realises Star is right
Fri Feb 20 [1:51]
<Nathan_Roberts> When I made the original periscope (which was much larger),
                 a total of 3 people made the suggestion that I go look in
                 the girls bathroom with it
<Starfury> Nathan: so did you?
<Nathan_Roberts> Of course not!
<Starfury> Nathan: good =)
<TheProf> He tried though.
[ * Nathan_Roberts fwaps the hell out of TheProf. ]
[ <TheProf> Fair enough. ]
Fri Feb 20 [2:31]
<TheProf> For some reason on my windows volume control the sound control for
          wavs goes back up all the time. I put it down and then it goes
          back up to the halfway point.
<TheProf> Drives me nuts.
<Nathan_Roberts> Piece of crap Windows 95...
<Nathan_Roberts> Join the rebellion Prof.... Get Windows 3.1......
Fri Feb 20 [16:30]
*** NemoDream (thinktank@ has joined #drwhochat
<Nathan_Roberts> Hi Nemo
<NemoDream> Hello all :)
 * NemoDream asks gently for an op
<Shel> which op do you want? who, nathan or crow? ; )
Fri Feb 20 [18:36]
<SecondDoc> I'm still trying to fine tune my aurtomatic Doctor Who Episode
            Title Generatpr
<SecondDoc> so far no lucky other than three good ones
<SecondDoc> Doctor Who And the Toupe  Wearing Sontarans
<SecondDoc> Doctor Who and the Shakespeare Quoting Daleks
<SecondDoc> Doctor Who and the Jail Bait hippies
Fri Feb 20 [21:35]
<chrisk> hmm. My /whois list still has Goofy_ALden on it :)
<AldenB> Chris: Get a real computer. :-)
<AldenB> I love this popup. ;-)
<chrisk> Why? Give me one good reason
<Nathan_Roberts> Because WebTV sucks. ;)
<chrisk> I wasn't aware WebTV had any orifices of that nature
<Gypsy> chrisk: so you can message people out of the channel
<chrisk> Isn't that rather impolite, to force people out of a channel with
         a message?
Fri Feb 20 [21:51]
<Nathan_Roberts> I think... it's... time..... for...... me....... to........
                 go......... to........ ::SPLAT:: ::falls face down on
 * chrisk watches amazed as Nathan goes to splat
Sat Feb 21 [7:53]
<IdleMaster> Why the hell are you awake?
<Nathan_Roberts> I went to sleep at an unreasonably early hour last night
<IdleMaster> Something that resemebled normal 'goingtosleep' hours?
<Nathan_Roberts> Yeah... 10pm
<IdleMaster> Ouch! Must be a personal record..?
Sat Feb 21 [7:56]
<Nathan_Roberts> Your stuck working Saturdays?
<IdleMaster> Yep...
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh dear... something else for you to whine about :)
 * Nathan_Roberts waits for the usual response....
<IdleMaster> Bigger paycheck... :)
<Nathan_Roberts> That wasn't the response I was expecting :)
<IdleMaster> I can whine a bit if you really want to... :)
Sat Feb 21 [7:59] <IdleMaster>
But I'm a new man now... I got a job and a girlfriend... I'm not the
computergeek I used to be... ;)
Sat Feb 21 [8:47]
<IdleMaster> I have been tainting my lungs... :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Hahahahahaha
<IdleMaster> I have the right to do so... It is a free world, you know...
             I can taint my lungs as much as I wan't to...
<Nathan_Roberts> Ah, whine, whine..... no, wait, that's in the wrong
                 order..... :)
<IdleMaster> There's still a piece of the ole' MrB left inside me... :)
<Nathan_Roberts> A comforting thought... I think :)
<IdleMaster> Is it? Muahahahahahahaha!
<Nathan_Roberts> The "I think" effect just became more pronounced :)
<IdleMaster> Don't worry... I'm still evil.
Sat Feb 21 [23:51]
*** wannasex- has joined #drwhochat
*** wannasex- has left #drwhochat
<IsraelBeta> What is it with us and the *perverts*?!
<[Muad_Dib]> Speak for yourself...
 * IsraelBeta fwaps Muad. Not *you*.:)
 * MegL thinks 'yes - please make mine male with chocolate sauce on it' :-D
<MegL> and if it looks like PaulDoc all the better >:D
Sat Feb 21 [23:54]
 * MegL has been personally wondering about [missing episodes being in] small
   caribeean islands and Central and South American Spanish speaking countries
<MegL> the only really logical place that also might be left is Iran and Iraq
<MegL> but I just don't see anyone risking life and limb to check those out :/
<dse> I do! :)
<[Muad_Dib]> Yes! Radio message from SAS Team Leader - "Stop the UN Strikes!
             Guess what I've found!"
Sat Feb 21
[Upon being asked what "Discised" means]
<TheProf> It means I need to check the dictionary first.
<TheProf> My spelling is known the world over for its horrid qualities.
<TheProf> My breath as well.
Sun Feb 22 [17:26]
 * Nathan_Roberts just loaded his Autoboot script, and added about 4 domains
   to it
<Whomiga> About 4? - Can't you tell? :^)
Sun Feb 22 [20:53]
<Nathan_Roberts> Windows blew up in my face again
<Shel> just think, if you had 95, you could enjoy that so many times more!
Mon Feb 23 [1:13]
<Nathan_Roberts> We've been swamped with perverts recently
<Nathan_Roberts> I finally went and wrote up an autoboot script and added
                 all the addys I've seen
<TheProf> :) Nathan, Pervert Killer.
<Nathan_Roberts> Pervert over there... Five rounds rapid!
<TheProf> Best keep it zipped men or you may loose something.
<TheProf> Does that mean Nathan Clinton can't come in here?
<TheProf> What a pitty. Clinton can't come in here and Reagan can't remember
          where we are. And Carter only comes if we have a war and he wants
          a little PR.
Mon Feb 23 [1:27]
<DarthProf> Were storm troppers. Were big and were mean. We're Darth Vaders
            destruction machine.
<DarthProf> How they took over the galaxy in such dumb outfits is beyong me.
            I mean they obviously didn't have a fashion co-ordinator working
            with them.
*** Starfury is now known as StormTrooper_Starfury
<StormTrooper_Starfury> I'm a storm trooper!  I can't aim and little teddy
                        bears can beat the crap out of me!
<DarthProf> The great imperial army defeated by enraged Beanie Babies.
Mon Feb 23 [1:29]
<StormTrooper_Starfury> BAGL
<Nathan_Roberts> BAGL? That's a new one
<StormTrooper_Starfury> Busts A Gut Laughing
<Nathan_Roberts> Figured as much :)
<DarthProf> She want a bagel?
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Prof
<DarthProf> I deserved that.
Mon Feb 23 [1:32]
 * DarthProf punishes himself.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof, that's my job!
<DarthProf> Oh please then.
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Prof with the Flogger
 * Starfury didn't know Nathan cared =)
<Starfury> you two make SUCH a cute couple
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Star
Mon Feb 23 [1:53]
<DarthProf> Elsa is going to look for a Britannia bear for me. :)
<DarthProf> I told her it looked just like Peter Davison so she is very
            excited to find one now.
<Nathan_Roberts> Now... does it REALLY look like him?
<DarthProf> It would look more like him if Peter was brown with a british
            flag tatood on his chest.
<DarthProf> And big ears on his head but otherwise they could be twins.
Mon Feb 23 [2:24]
<Nathan_Roberts> Another porno spammer, I think
 * DarthProf wonders if they would be interested in my invention.
   Incesticide. Comes in a five gallon drum for family reunions.
Tue Feb 24 [0:24]
<SecondDoc> oh umm if anyone wants episode 1 - 3 i have okay copies of them
<Nathan_Roberts> Do you have the reconstruction of the 4th?
<SecondDoc> mm i believe so
<SecondDoc> yes i do
*** TheProf has joined #drwhochat
<Nathan_Roberts> We might be able to make another trade :)
<TheProf> I'll trade Nathan to Milwakee for a computer programmer to be
          named later.
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Prof
<TheProf> I deserved that.
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Prof again, because he's sick of hearing him say
<TheProf> Fair enough.
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Prof again, because he's sick of hearing him say
   that too!
 * TheProf begins a quest for a new tag line.
Tue Feb 24 [1:01]
*** TheProf is now known as Monica_Lewinski
<Monica_Lewinski> Hi boys. Whoes the big cheese here?
 * Exterminated_Nathan points to Jondar
<Monica_Lewinski> Pretty good pointing for a dead man.
<Exterminated_Nathan> Actually, the man you want is the Prof... but he's not
                      around... he seems to have wimped out.
<Monica_Lewinski> Probibly has a wife who beats him to a pulp. Real wimp
                  when it comes to his wife. I knew a guy like that once.
Tue Feb 24 [2:22]
<SecondDoc> Doctor Who and the Incredibly Shrinking Beard
<Starfury> Doctor Who and the BEARD OF EVIL!
<Starfury> Doctor: AAh, but you're forgetting something!
<Starfury> BOE: HA HA. And what would that be?
<Starfury> Doctor (whips out a can of shaving cream and a razor): THIS!
<Starfury> BOE: AAAAAH! NO!
Tue Feb 24 [3:20]
<TheProf> I work evenings so I relax here before bedtime..........which is
<TheProf> ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
 * Regenerated_Nathan prods Prof with a 3.048m pole
<TheProf> hmmmmm what?
<Regenerated_Nathan> No falling asleep in the channel!: )
<TheProf> I need a snore wav. I wonder if I can get a tape recorder and
          tape the wife?
<TheProf> Put that out on the internet and my life would soon be over.
<Regenerated_Nathan> Quotefile!
<TheProf> You can't threaten me with that anymore. She stopped reading it.
<Regenerated_Nathan> Why??
<TheProf> She said it was silly.
<Regenerated_Nathan> tilt
<Regenerated_Nathan> That's the POINT!
<TheProf> Truth is I think she wants me to think she doesn't plan to read it.
 * TheProf is now a paranoid after 5 years of marrage he has cracked.
Tue Feb 24 [21:41]
<chrisk> Hi Nathan - HTQF?
<Nathan_Roberts> Chris: I'm up to the 16th
<chrisk> I propose we all adopt that new acronym for whenever Nathan
         shows up :)
<AldenB> I propose Chris's welcome acronym will be "GARC" >:-)
<MegL> and that means?
<AldenB> "Get A Real Computer" ;-)
Wed Feb 25 [21:19]
<Nathan_Roberts> Didn't realize I programmed [my auto-kick script] to kick on
                 nicks, but I guess I did
<AldenB> Hmm, Nathan programs a nuclear silo: "Didn't realise I programmed
         it to fire if you made coffee." ;-)
Wed Feb 25 [21:26] <Whomiga>
Hear about the lady that forged a ticket so she would win a 5 dollar prize
(She changed a ticket that would have won several million)
Wed Feb 25 [21:32] <Nathan_Roberts>
Hahahaha... my dad is demonstrating his preffered method of eliminating
temptation... In this case, cookies... His method: Eat the cookies. :D
Wed Feb 25 [21:40]
<Nathan_Roberts> Composer is a pain in the ass!
<Shel> nathan, how is it a pain in the ass? you aren't supposed to sit on
       it you know...
Thu Feb 26
 * Nathan_Roberts chokes the living crap out of Windows
<TheProf> I never knew windows had crap in it.
<Nathan_Roberts> It IS Crap!
<TheProf> That explains the smell. I thought it was my cooking.
Thu Feb 26 [3:33]
 * TheProf puts a sign out. "Will work for Beanie Babies or Lis Sladen in
   a Bikini pictures."
Thu Feb 26
<Nathan_Roberts> Eep! It's 3:57!
<Nathan_Roberts> Eep! It's 3:58!
<TheProf> Amazing. Our clocks agree.
 * TheProf then corrects his clock to the right time.
<TheProf> If our clocks agree then I know mine is wrong.
<Nathan_Roberts> Eep! It's 3:59!
<Nathan_Roberts> Eep! It's 4:00!
<Nathan_Roberts> Eep!  It's... It's... It's...
 * Nathan_Roberts starts to emit smoke from his ears
 * TheProf uses a fire extingisher on Nathan.
<TheProf> After nathan stops smoking I keep it up for fun.
Fri Feb 27 [2:06] <TheProf>
If I was going to learn another language it would be German. I have always
wondered what the Germans were really saying in those old WWII movies.
Fri Feb 27 [18:53]
 * Jondar sings... only 5 days to go! :)
<Jondar> actually, that's 5 days Australian time :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Australian day are different from US days? :)
<trinalin> Nathan - they are hotter
Fri Feb 27 [19:01]
 * Brigadier pokes whomiga with a wibbling TARDIS
 * Nathan_Roberts pokes Brigadier with a tardising WIBBLE :)
 * Brigadier pokes Nathan_Roberts with a Daleking exterminate
Fri Feb 27 [19:32] <Nathan_Roberts>
Jondar: I found a neat way to find every single page on your site on
AltaVista... Search for "#drwhochat quotefile" :)
Fri Feb 27 [21:38]
 * Starfury is going to go insane!!!
 * Starfury lost her voice and couldn't talk all day!
<NemoDream> did you end up writing on a pad all day?
 * NemoDream points that question at becky and fires ..
<Starfury> Nemo: no, I just ended up croaking everything
 * Nathan_Roberts can see Star croaking... "Bud... Weis... Errrr...." :D
 * Nathan_Roberts sits down on the #sofa.... hmm... there's something under
   the cushion...
 * Nathan_Roberts looks
 * Nathan_Roberts finds Becky's lost voice under it...
<Nathan_Roberts> Star, I think this is yours... :)
Fri Feb 27 [21:47]
*** NemoDream is now known as LagZilla
 * LagZilla stomps Jefferys
 * LagZilla raises its foot and snaps its fingers
<LagZilla> missed him
 * LagZilla sees Jeffereys and bares its teeth
 * AldenB snaps his foot and raises his fingers.
 * LagZilla steps closer to Jefferys' puny form
<LagZilla> ::boom boom::
 * LagZilla loooooooks down
 * LagZilla climbs the Chrysler Buiding
 * LagZilla roars
<LagZilla> Wait-- am I in the right movie?
 * chrisk follows LagZilla up the Chrysler building and fwaps any Chrysler
   executives he can find inside.
 * LagZilla ohs and jumps off
 * LagZilla rearranges the New York landscape
*** Jefferys is now known as Ping_Pong
 * LagZilla chases the Ping Pong ball
<AldenB> Lag: The Empire State Building would look better over there.
 * LagZilla looks at Alden -- and squints
 * Ping_Pong into the holland Tunnel.
 * LagZilla b e n d s down
<LagZilla> Where?
<AldenB> Over there! <points>
<AldenB> By the statue of Liberty.
 * LagZilla looks again..
<LagZilla> Hmm... ::rubs chin and squints::
<LagZilla> :: puts fingers before it in a square position::
<LagZilla> ::looks in the air and counts on fingers::
*** Ping_Pong is now known as Soccer_Ball
<LagZilla> ::nods:: That can be done
<AldenB> Neat. :-)
 * LagZilla stomps over to the Empire State Building and steps on a little
   soccer ball in the process.. ::poik::
 * LagZilla roars and lifts the building up...
<LagZilla> ::executives and lawyers fly out the windows::
 * LagZilla s t o m p s over to the statue
<LagZilla> Pardon me Lady, but can you scoo over a bit?
 * LagZilla gently moves her aside
<LagZilla> ::crash::
 * LagZilla looks down
<LagZilla> Did I do that?  eheheheheh
 * LagZilla kicks the pieces into the river and whistles
 * LagZilla booms the building down
 * LagZilla roars
<LagZilla> All square?
 * AldenB prostrates himself in front of the statue. It was Earth all the
 * chrisk is going to bed
<chrisk> All these roars are making me tired.
 * LagZilla roars Chris to sleep :)
<LagZilla> night Chris
 * LagZilla hugs Chrisk
<LagZilla> ::squish::
<LagZilla> oops
 * AldenB scrapes the Chris pulp off Lagzilla's front.
<LagZilla> Guess you dont need that new car anymore..
*** Soccer_Ball is now known as Long_Scarf
 * LagZilla sees the scarf and picks it up
<LagZilla> with one finger
 * LagZilla sniffs
<LagZilla> ah.. ahh..
<LagZilla> ahhhh..  ahhhhhhh
<LagZilla> ACHOOOO!
 * LagZilla blows the scarf to bits
 * LagZilla watches th building topple
*** dse has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
 * LagZilla stomps peer
 * LagZilla notices that peer wont be stomped
 * LagZilla arghs as peer grows and grows
 * LagZilla roars
 * LagZilla notices its match has arrived
 * LagZilla jumps on the turtle's back
 * LagZilla wrestles with Peer... on the turtle's back
 * LagZilla notices the ranks dropping like flies
 * LagZilla wonders if its its breath?
 * LagZilla 's hand flies to its mouth and blushes
 * LagZilla asks meekly for a Breath saver
 * Nathan_Roberts gives LagZilla a Breath Saver the size of a car tire
 * LagZilla eats it -- and ducks peer too late....
*** LagZilla has quit IRC (Quit: Connection reset by peer)
<Nathan_Roberts> Looks like Peer won.
Sat Feb 28 [2:05]
 * TheProf sticks his head out the window and in a loud voice accuses
   El Nino's parents of not being married.
Sat Feb 28 [2:27]
*** TheProf is now known as Sexxxxxxxxxx
<Sexxxxxxxxxx> Hmmmmm. No auto kick.
<PervertSlayer> it only kicks when someone joins
*** Sexxxxxxxxxx has left #drwhochat
*** Sexxxxxxxxxx has joined #drwhochat
*** Sexxxxxxxxxx was kicked by PervertSlayer (Autoboot (*xxx*))
*** TheProf has joined #drwhochat
<TheProf> *** You were kicked from #drwhochat by PervertSlayer
          (Autoboot (*xxx*))
<TheProf> I like that!
<PervertSlayer> What?
<TheProf> Being kicked by PervertSlayer.
<TheProf> I can just see these guys faces when they read that.
Sat Feb 28 [2:51]
*** Suzy- ( has joined #drwhochat
*** PervertSlayer sets mode: +b *!*freexxx@*
*** Suzy- was kicked by PervertSlayer (Autoboot (*xxx*))
<PervertSlayer> Next!
<TheProf> LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<TheProf> Nathan don't kick the women.
<TheProf> Nathan use your brain. It said FREESEX!!!!!!!!!
Sat Feb 28
<PervertSlayer> Good grief... 7 entries on the ban list, all of them mine!
<TheProf> Nathan that is what you call a serial kicker.
Sat Feb 28 [3:02]
<PervertSlayer> Someone described Tomb beautifully... "The Cybermen come out
                of the tomb.  The Cybermen go back into the tomb.  The end."
<SecondDoc> eh!  there was also the bits where they went back into the tomb
            only to come out so they could almost get out and then be
            refrozen before they got out and got back in again!
<SecondDoc> but really lots of who stories could be handled like that
<SecondDoc> power of the Daleks "An scientist finds Daleks.  The Daleks lie.
            The Daleks kill everyone.  The End"
<SecondDoc> or even better
<SecondDoc> Fury from the Deep  "Weed attacks people.  Victoria screams.
            The Weed dies"
<SecondDoc> The Rescue "A man cross dresses.  The Doctor confronts him.  The
            man screams and it killed by aliens"
<SecondDoc> The Rescue "A man cross dresses.  The Doctor confronts him.  The
            man screams and is killed by aliens"
<TheProf> Got these on a script?
<SecondDoc> no just making this up off the top of my head
<TheProf> But they showed up twice? Exactly the same.
<SecondDoc> i just repeated it cause the "it" "is" typo
<TheProf> I was wondering why you did that?
<TheProf> I was wondering why you did that?
<TheProf> I was wondering why you did that?
<TheProf> I was wondering why you did that?
<TheProf> I was wondering why you did that?
<SecondDoc> Edge of Destruction "Susan stabs a chair, Ian strangles people,
            Barbara mumbles something.  The End."
Sat Feb 28 [3:16] <TheProf>
I wrote a parody of the 5 docs one time. The actors from DW had to climb the
Tower of Dick Clark. They were pulled out of their careers and had to find a
way out.
Turned out it was JNT who wanted to produce DW forever. The great line was
"Nobody can produce a show forever." JNT: "Dick Clark has and left clues for
others to follow."
<TheProf> In the end they find the office of Dick Clark. He appears and JNT
          is frozen on the wall as a photo along with photos of past DW
<TheProf> Another great line was suppose to be Troughton. The Brig goes "Is
          something wrong?" No, I was doing Rocky Horror when I was brought
          here and these fishnets are starting to creep a bit."
Sat Feb 28 [23:24]
*** Nathan_Roberts has joined #drwhochat
<[Muad_Dib]> Hi Nathan!
<[Muad_Dib]> Anything new on your page, Nathan?
<Nathan_Roberts> Muad: No, I haven't put the quotefile up yet! :)
 * [Muad_Dib] must wear his Anti-Telepath helmet in future, it seems :-)

If you have any comments, suggestions, or submissions for the #drwhochat Quotefile, E-Mail me.

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