The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume II, Issue I: January 1998

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Thu Jan 01 [1:36]
 * Nathan_Roberts prods TheProf with a 3.048m pole
<TheProf> I'm awake!
<TheProf> Is it New Years yet?
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: You missed it; it was over an hour ago :)
<TheProf> Oh man. When is it next year?
Thu Jan 01
 * Nathan_Roberts exterminates the evil Peer
*** TheProf is now known as Peer
*** Peer was kicked by Nathan_Roberts (Nathan_Roberts)
<Nathan_Roberts> Sorry, instinctive reaction
Thu Jan 01 [1:52]
<SukiF> When will I what? Or do I want to know? ;)
<DrAndrWho> When will you profess....?
<SukiF> Profess? Well, you should ask Prof that ;)
<DrAndrWho> Eh?
<TheProf> The Profess is my wife.
<DrAndrWho> No, when will you profess your undying love? ;)
<TheProf> I will.
<TheProf> Sorry.
<TheProf> My mistake.
<SukiF> Well, if you want Prof to ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> :D
<DrAndrWho> LOL! Damn it!
 * SukiF thinks Andrew and the Prof will make a lovely couple ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Hahahahahahahahahaha
<TheProf> Have to ask the wife.
<DrAndrWho> Shush!
<TheProf> She just gave me the weirdest look.
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh, is she in the room now?
<TheProf> Yes.
<DrAndrWho> Ooohh.
<Nathan_Roberts> Is she hitting you with pillows yet?
<Nathan_Roberts> Or just giving you the "You need help.  DESPERATELY" look?
<TheProf> No I haven't. Not yet that is.
<SukiF> LOL! Tell Mrs. Prof she's lost a husband... but gained a
        gay couple ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFL!
*** TheProf is now known as TheProfess
<TheProfess> I'm never going to let him get on here alone anymore.
<Nathan_Roberts> Hahahahahahahaha
<SukiF> LOL!
<Nathan_Roberts> Don't worry... you know I look after him...
<SukiF> We're sane... really we are ;)
<DrAndrWho> I think I E5A9O8B7 you, Nicky.
<Nathan_Roberts> I put anything he says in the quotefile so you can read it...
                 and he knows it :)
 * SukiF gets out the translator for that last line
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at Andrew blankly
<TheProfess> I know. I've read that and go "So this is what you talk about.
             Looks more like a rubber room than a Doctor Who one.
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at Andrew strangely
<DrAndrWho> Watch Red Dwarf: Camille
 * SukiF steals Andrew back.... Prof is all Profess' now ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Hahahahahahaha
<DrAndrWho> I'd rather be in Suki's arms anyhow ;)
Thu Jan 01
 * TheProf is a manly man. "How about those Bulls."
 * TheProf starts talking about football and Nuclear warfare."
<Nathan_Roberts> What about that bull, er, I mean, those bulls?
Thu Jan 01 [2:18] <TheProf>
Peer knoews all, sees all and kills all.
Thu Jan 01 [2:24]
 * SukiF wonders if it would make.... TheProf cry ;)
<TheProf> Only losing money and the sight of Lis in shorts make me cry.
Thu Jan 01 [2:31] <TheProf>
Why did the chicken cross the road?
To infect and kill everyone on that side of it.
Thu Jan 01 [2:33]
<TheProf> Is Nathan dead?
<Nathan_Roberts> No
<TheProf> Thank God your alive! I was not going to be the one to do
          mouth to mouth. You were a dead man.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Thanks for your concern :P
Thu Jan 01 [2:41]
<DrAndrWho> sukisex.wav?
 * SukiF sighs at Andrew.... will he ever learn? ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Andrew, you have all the refined subtleties of a bull
                 in a china shop!
<TheProf> Andrew why don't you just say lets have sex and quit the all this
          dancing around.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Even a bull in a china shop has more refined
                 subtleties than  that :)
Thu Jan 01 [2:44]
<TheProf> When it comes to women and sex we men can do amazing things.
<TheProf> Untill we get married that is.
<DrAndrWho> What happens then Prof?
<TheProf> You do things to avoid sex.
<TheProf> Ouch!
<TheProf> Wife just hit me.
Thu Jan 01 [22:20]
<trinalin> Hiya Becky - thanks :)
 * Starfury sics her pet sloathe (currently in the form of the 7th Doctor)
   on Trina
Thu Jan 01 [23:01]
<CrowTRobt> Nathan: have you seen TheProf lately?
<Nathan_Roberts> He was here last night
 * CrowTRobt hopes speaking his name will make him appear
 * Isolated_Shel awaits nathan usual reply about theprof...
<CrowTRobt> NO it my usual reply
<CrowTRobt> TheProf is eeeeevil
<Nathan_Roberts> *MY* usual response  is  "Crow, you always say that :)"
<CrowTRobt> and my counter reply is "but it is true"
 * CrowTRobt speaks the evil one's name in hopes of conjuring him up
   "TheProf - MrBean - Old Scratch..."
<CrowTRobt> black leg
<CrowTRobt> devil
<CrowTRobt> satan
<Nathan_Roberts> Lucifer
<Nathan_Roberts> Beezlebub
<CrowTRobt> That ought to get his attention
<Nathan_Roberts> Bill Gates
<CrowTRobt> LOL
<dse> Mephistopheles
<Isolated_Shel> memnoch
<dse> Astaroth
<SukiF> BBC
<CrowTRobt> Brian Morris
<Isolated_Shel> xoanon
<Nathan_Roberts> The Master
<CrowTRobt> LOL
<Nathan_Roberts> The Black Guardian
<CrowTRobt> John Nathan Turner
<Isolated_Shel> davros
<Isolated_Shel> adric
<Nathan_Roberts> The Borg
<CrowTRobt> Michael Grade
<Nathan_Roberts> Mary Whitehouse
<CrowTRobt> You win Nathan
<Isolated_Shel> john long
 * Nathan_Roberts sees that we have another Top 100 list in the making :)
<CrowTRobt> LOL
<CrowTRobt> Henry Vizi
<CrowTRobt> David Yaddelle
<Isolated_Shel> gary from toronto/opa
<CrowTRobt> hahaha
<dse> Sender [as in "return to Sender"]
<CrowTRobt> cyberpromo
<Nathan_Roberts> Peer!
<CrowTRobt> Steve case
<Nathan_Roberts> Karen McCoy!
<CrowTRobt> The albino
<Isolated_Shel> the "davidson"ers
<Nathan_Roberts> Hahahahahahahaha
<CrowTRobt> Dave (Dark Doctor) Becker
<dse> Dr. Moreau
<dse> Dr. Doom
<CrowTRobt> Danny Beaker
<dse> Bill Rebane
<Isolated_Shel> spice girls
<dse> Jim Mortimore
<Isolated_Shel> hanson
<CrowTRobt> any rapper
<dse> Bill Clinton
<CrowTRobt> hillary clinton
<dse> Pauly Shore
<dse> Adam Sandler
<CrowTRobt> This ain't working
 * CrowTRobt draws a pentagram and chants.."Brian Morris might evil one
   known as TheProf we beg you to appear"
<CrowTRobt> howard Stern
<Isolated_Shel> omega
<Nathan_Roberts> Fenric. Sutehk.
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh, and Meglos
<dse> the Universal Databank lists 6 types of evil
 * Isolated_Shel bets one of those is listed as "women"... : )
<CrowTRobt> I guess the evil one's keeper (known as "wife") will not let
            him on IRC tonight
 * Isolated_Shel pulls out a pic of lis sladen in a bikini, and sees if
   that helps...
Fri Jan 02 [23:22]
<CrowTRobt> The only thing on the ban list is some prono spammer
<dse> as opposed to anti-no
 * Nathan_Roberts keeps trying to read it as "Porno Spanner"...
<Shel> and what exactly would a porno spanner do?
<dse> span pornos, what else?
<talavera> you use it to tighten your ...oh, never mind
<CrowTRobt> Thnk you Tal now I don't have to say it
Fri Jan 02 [23:34]
 * CrowTRobt starts repairing his head again
<CrowTRobt> I need some twine, bailing wire, and scotch tape
Sat Jan 03 [0:28]
<SecondDoc> actually want to know a very good bad joke i thought up
<SecondDoc> pure me!
<SecondDoc> What did the human cannonball say at his last day of work at
            the circus?
<SecondDoc> You can't fire me, I quit!
Sat Jan 03 [0:33] <Sutekh_>
anyone fancy a remake of Timelash with puppets... except for the Bandrils
(which would be played by humans) ? ;-)
Sat Jan 03 [0:39] <SecondDoc>
The Brigadier can't handle being a teacher obviously cause he knows nothing
about maths  "So the hypotenuse of the triangle is equal to...oh bugger it!
...Student on the left, five round rapid!"
Sat Jan 03 [0:56]
 * MegL thinks Becky is missing the point
<Whomiga> Here Becky have a point .
Sat Jan 03 [18:40]
 * SukiF is currently trying to take the smudge marks and straiten a few
   lines in her drawing, no actual color yet
 * Grumpy_Grace read that as "smooch marks" :)
Sat Jan 03 [20:58]
*** Drake has joined #DrWhoChat
<AldenB> Drke!
<Drake> Aden!
Sat Jan 03 [21:41]
<DrAndrWho> I'm here, to stay.
<Whomiga> Nathan - Is'nt that on your famous last words list?
Sun Jan 04
 * Nathan_Roberts finds a web page with Pi to 200 million digits!
<Nathan_Roberts> 94 megabytes.  Compressed.
<Shel> please don't post them here!
<Whomiga> We don't need them on here!!!!
<Nathan_Roberts> Shel, Who, I only have a 33.6 modem. :)
<Nathan_Roberts> I ain't posting it here anytime soon :)
<Shel> or anytime later i hope...
<Nathan_Roberts> Well, let's see... 3k per second, at best
<Nathan_Roberts> 94 megs...
<Nathan_Roberts> About 8 hours
<Nathan_Roberts> Very roughly.
 * Shel wonders if who is missing his amiga calculator...
<Whomiga> Be one heck of a spam - send it to every newsgroup, chat room,
          user on each room, etc....
<Nathan_Roberts> Who: That's not a spam, that's a mailbomb :)
<Whomiga> Be an easy way to lose access to the internet - forever!!!
Sun Jan 04 [3:17]
<Whomiga> Nathan - Found any more Script.ini [worm]'s?
<Nathan_Roberts> Who: No. :/
<Whomiga> Darn - that first was too easy
<Whomiga> I'd make one such that if they msg you they get it
<Whomiga> Thet will get rid of SPAM!
 * Shel writes down, NEVER message who....
Sun Jan 04 [3:34]
<Shel> how do you spell curiousity? or is it curiosity?
<Shel> both look wrong...
<Whomiga> curiosity I think
<Whomiga> I tried various spellings - all look wrong
<Shel> okay, got most of 'em coverd now... : )
<Whomiga> kuriocidy
<Shel> keereeozeetee
Mon Jan 05 [1:12] <MistressSuki>
Adric huh? We're gonna be meeting him at Galley.. I'm thinking about
asking him to sign a pic of an A-Bomb explosion >;)
Mon Jan 05 [1:47]
 * SukiF doesn't think men are anything like primates.... really they
   aren't :::crosses fingers behind back:::
<CrowTRobt> primates are smarter
Tue Jan 06 [3:50] <SecondDoc>
actually that reminds me of the Senator who trie to defend Sparklers
before they made those illegal. "Sparklers aren't dangerous!  I've put
them in my pockets, worn them in my hair, shoved them in my ears and I
haven't once been burned!!!!!!" it was amazingly that debate didn't work!
i haven't had so much fun since the Manson parole hearing on Court TV.
that was classic! see he was doing real well, answering questions all nice
and normal and i was getting bored and then they asked "If you were
released do you think you'd commit the same crimes again?" "Noo...last
time I had to use PEOPLE!  I had to use WEAPONS!!  NOW I USE MY MIND!!
I KILL YOU WITH MY MIND!!!" I cheered aloud..after that point he was a one
man freak show  it was last 3 days after that point!!!
Tue Jan 06 [5:08] <SecondDoc>
I'm intelligent because i had harm the environment, use and abuse other
more benevolent souls, and buy booze.. ;)
Tue Jan 06 [5:11] <SecondDoc>
[upon discovering the quotefile]
now i understand why people scream quotefile when ever i think of possibly
saying anything
Tue Jan 06 [16:30]
<Shel> brb... gotta take my eyes out...
 * CrowTRobt watches Shel in amazement
<CrowTRobt> how'd she do that?
 * CrowTRobt begins yanking on his own eyes
<CrowTRobt> ow ow ow ow ow
 * CrowTRobt 's pingpong ball eyes roll across the floor
<CrowTRobt> I'm blind!!!!!!!!!!!
 * CrowTRobt bumps into Judi "Nathan is that you? help me!"
 * CrowTRobt wanders off and trips over the #couch crashing head first
   into the wall
 * CrowTRobt flails arms and legs like a dying cockroach....
 * Shel walks around the room, and feels something squishy under her
 * Shel picks up what she stepped on... a smushed eyeball...
<Shel> crow, is this your's?
<CrowTRobt> Nathan, Shel? did you find my eyes?
<CrowTRobt> put them back on me shel!
<CrowTRobt> I can't see!
 * Shel hands crow the smushed one, and goes in search of the other...
<CrowTRobt> aaaaaaaaaaaaah! what is this???
 * CrowTRobt weeps
<CrowTRobt> my eye!
 * CrowTRobt sticks crushed eye back on face and bumbles around
<Shel> nathan, are hiding crow's other eye?
<Shel> are you...
<Nathan_Roberts> No
 * CrowTRobt steps on somthing round <crunch!> "uhhh... I think I found
<CrowTRobt> Shel help me put some black dots on two new pingpong ball
 * Shel only has a blue marker...
 * CrowTRobt has a sad sad life
<CrowTRobt> That will do
<CrowTRobt> Shel put some dots on these pingpong balls so I can have
            new eyes
 * Shel draws blue dots on the balls...
 * CrowTRobt replaces eyes
<CrowTRobt> there now
Tue Jan 06 [16:49]
 * Shel wonders if nathan is busy....
 * Nathan_Roberts is watching Babylon 5
<Jondar> Nathan: that counts as being busy :)
Tue Jan 06 [17:51]
<Janet118> I think everyone is multi-tasking and not just doing IRC...just
           a guess, though, since I don't really know
<Bob01> janet you think?:)
<Janet118> Me? No, I don't think - I'm against thinking.
Wed Jan 07
 * Nathan_Roberts chhers! He's up to Dec. 20 on the quotefile!
 * Nathan_Roberts boos at his typing!
<Nathan_Roberts> Yes, I've been working on it! Stop bugging me! :)
<LoganM> bugging? me? never! :)
 * LoganM hides the listen device he was going to plant in Nathan's
   pocket :)
<Israel> Nathan: I do not *bug*.  I incessantly wheedle, annoy, pester,
         aggravate, and often times torture but I do not *bug*.  Hmph.:}
Wed Jan 07 [19:09]
*** DrFux has joined #drwhochat
*** DrFux was kicked by Turlough
<Drake> who the Fux was he? :)
Wed Jan 07 [19:26]
<Nathan_Roberts> Yup... Chanserv's lagged. (Read: Normal)
<Turlough> Nathan - I do read nomal
<Turlough> normal even :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Turlough: But you apparently can't type it :)
<Turlough> Nathan - nope.  can't type nornel to save my life
Wed Jan 07 [19:45]
<Nathan_Roberts> SQT: What IS Moonpie anyway?
<Drake> Moonpie is a marshmellow cookie thing,covered in chocolate
<Nathan_Roberts> I learn something new every day :)
<Nathan_Roberts> I take one step closer to having a life every day :) :)
<AldenB> Nathan: Oh, could you give me directions then?  I seem to be
 * Nathan_Roberts points left with his right hand and points right with
   his left hand. "Thataway!"
Wed Jan 07 [19:50]
 * LoganM is still trying to work out why Oreos would be in the "Health
   Food" section of a supermarket
Wed Jan 07 [20:05] <TheProf>
I think the wife wants to kill me. She wants to give me skiing lessons.
<Nathan_Roberts> Sheesh... and she hasn't even seen the latest quotefile
                 yet! :)
<TheProf> Neither have INathan.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: I'm working on it! Don't say anything! :)
<Israel> Nathan: Anything.:)
<TheProf> You haven't finished!? Why are you here then?
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Collecting material for the Jan. quotefile, what
                 else? :)
<TheProf> I plan on saying nothing incriminating Nathan.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Incriminating?
<Nathan_Roberts> You mean you've done something that we could incriminate
                 you for?
[Hint, hint, Profess >:)]
Wed Jan 07 [20:12]
<TheProf> We need to do something about these downunder folks. DCCing
          them takes forever.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Get them import Visas :D
Wed Jan 07 [20:18]
<TheProf> Everyone seems to be questioning my sanity lately.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Lately? :)
Wed Jan 07 [20:21] <TheProf>
Just once in Star Wars I would like to have heard Luke go "If your so smart
Obiwan why are you so dead?
Wed Jan 07 [20:22] <Turlough>
Dad says I should have everyone one of my Internet friends send me a
dollar and then I could pay for the house in cash :)
 * Drake starts writing a check for One Dollar for Trina
 * TheProf sends 100 pennies.
 * Jondar sends Trina A$1.41 :)
 * AldenB works out the exchange rate and ends up sending Trina $NZ300 ;-)
 * Nathan_Roberts sends 10000 coupons redeemable for .01 cents each :)
Wed Jan 07 [20:26]
<TheProf> Does anyone know when DWIA is going to be updated?
<Jondar> Prof: no, be patient
<TheProf> Patients? This is me. The guy who screams at the microwave
          to hurry.
Wed Jan 07 [20:26]
<Shel> so which should i watch first?  snakedance, or the image of fendahl?
<Turlough> Snakedance
<Drake> fendahl,Shel
<Shel> okay, it's a tie right now, 1 for fendahl, and 1 for snakedance...
<trinalin> I vote for Snakedance too
<Nathan_Roberts> I vote for Fendahl
 * Jondar votes for both :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: you're a worse troublemaker than me! :)
 * SukiF votes for Remebrance.. oh wait... wrong story ;)
 * TheProf always votes Republican in DW polls.
Wed Jan 07 [20:31]
<AldenB> Rusty: The Slave Girl from The Mythmakers and Daleks' Master lan.
<AldenB> "Dalek's Master Lan"?  "Internet connection of the Daleks"?
Wed Jan 07 [20:32]
 * TheProf once saw a weird sculpture in an art show once. It was really
   weird and the title of it was "The Thingy of Rassilon"
Wed Jan 07 [20:39]
<Jondar> Alden: Head Games = Head Aches
<TheProf> Head games? You mean marrage?
<Israel> Prof: I'm telling your wife.:)
<TheProf> Tell her! like she can abuse me any more and not get prison time
          for torture.
Thu Jan 08 [21:56]
<CrowTRobt> I have to hit the sack
<CrowTRobt> night all
*** CrowTRobt has quit IRC
<chrisk> What did the sack do to him to merit such punishment?
Thu Jan 08 [23:48]
<Nathan_Roberts> [23:21] <TheProf> I'll be back in a few minutes. I'm
                 going to tweek it and rebuild it. Will only take 10
 * Nathan_Roberts wonders what system of time measurement Prof's using :)
*** TheProf has joined #drwhochat
<TheProf> Back
<Nathan_Roberts> Re Prof... What time system are you using? :)
<TheProf> Stonehenge.
<Nathan_Roberts> Ah... that explains your unreasolably long
                 "Ten minutes." :)
<TheProf> It's not real acurate and I can't wear it on my rist but it is
          a great conversation piece.
Thu Jan 08 [0:52]
<TheProf> Where did chickens come from?
<Haem> Prof: Bouillon cubes!
Thu Jan 08 [0:55] <TheProf>
Once chickens roamed central Europe by the millions and then the great
English hunter of the 5th century hunted then all done. The great
Earl of Sanders.
Thu Jan 08 [1:06]
 * Nathan_Roberts attempts to bash his brains out against the wall, only to
   discover he hasn't got any
<TheProf> Walls or brains?
<Nathan_Roberts> Brains!
 * Nathan_Roberts continues to beat his head against the wall
 * Nathan_Roberts beats his head some more, causing the crack in the wall
   to grow...
<TheProf> Nathan why are you inflicting harm unto yourself? Not that we
          don't enjoy it.
Fri Jan 09 [15:52]
 * MegL heard the funniest story yesterday. Her youngest nephew was wanting
   to to buy XRay glasses out of the back of a magazine. When his dad ask
   him why, he said he wanted to watch Baywatch with them!
Fri Jan 09 [19:26]
 * LisaG hugs Jondar & Drake & trina & Grace & Elsa & Issy-Boo & oh, man,
   I can't type this much! :-)  EVERYBODY!
<trinalin> Issy-boo?  :)
<LisaG> trina: yup.  :-)
<trinalin> Lisa - you are sick. :)
<LisaG> trinalinalinaloo - no I'm not!! :-)
Fri Jan 09 [19:28]
<DrGrace> Lisa, I'm officially booked :)
<Jondar> Judi: what did you get booked for, speeding? parking?
Sat Jan 10 [16:12]
*** Suki-Away is now known as SukiF
<SukiF> re all
<Nathan_Roberts> Re suki
<Haem> re Suki!
<Jondar> re Suki!
<SukiF> BRB again
*** SukiF has quit IRC (Quit: I am just going out and may be some time....)
<Jondar> Suki must be like a whale, only coming into the channel to breathe
         or something like that :)
Sat Jan 10 [16:33]
<Nathan_Roberts> I offload my old logs onto a Zip disk
<Nathan_Roberts> Beware; when you're on a long as I am, they become HUGE
<Haem> You're on a long? :>
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Haem
 * Haem FLIES across the room!
<Nathan_Roberts> I didn't fwap you THAT hard! Sheesh
<Haem> Oh.
 * Haem just sorta floats across the room
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Haem again, to MAKE him fly across the room!
Sat Jan 10 [16:46]
<TheProf> By the way Nathan. You want this Yodadead.wav
<Nathan_Roberts> Was that a question or a statement?
<TheProf> Yes.
<Nathan_Roberts> Yes or <kosh>Yes</kosh> ?
<TheProf> Just yes.
Sat Jan 10 [17:52]
<Nathan_Roberts> Shel: Yeah, I just need to mail some quotes and get approbal
<Nathan_Roberts> approvalk
<Nathan_Roberts> approval
 * Whomiga hands big hammer to Nathan for the keyboard
Sat Jan 10 [18:18]
 * Shel has contracted nathan's speeling virus...
<Nathan_Roberts> I don't have a spelling virus!
<Nathan_Roberts> I have a Typing virus! :)
Sun Jan 11 [3:40]
<Atar> Who did the Doctor fear would touch himself turning Mawdryn undead?
<SukiF> Ummmmm, Pee Wee Herman?
Sun Jan 11 [4:06] <SecondDoc>
Umm why did the Sontarans DEVELOP video phone technology if they are all
clones????  Wouldn't like a picture or mirror work??????????
Sun Jan 11 [15:27] <Drake>
my luck if i have a beard at Galley,INS will put me on a bus for Mexico
<SukiF> Drake: Go for the beard of evil instead, then you can TCE them ;)
Sun Jan 11 [15:44]
*** Nathan_Roberts_Away is now known as Nathan_Roberts
 * Nathan_Roberts is back.
 * Nathan_Roberts is away (Uploading quotefile)
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Nathan_Roberts_Away
<LisaG> Dang - that nathan is pretty quick there!
 * Random_c ties Nathan's shoelaces together.
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away trips and goes SPLAT on the floor
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> MEDIC!
 * DrGrace represents Nathan in a personal injury suit
 * Random_c throws Nathan into a bath of yoghurt, ready for DrGrace
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Thanks Grace... knew I could count on you...
Sun Jan 11 [16:25]
<Nathan_Roberts> There were a bunch of people an hour ago... they all just bailed out
<TheProf> Geronamo!!!!!!!!
<TheProf> Did they have chutes on?
<Nathan_Roberts> I dunno... I would hope so
 * TheProf would hate to see half the folks in the room splatting into
   the ground at high speed. Only a few.
Sun Jan 11 [17:06]
<CrowTRobt> Suki: you read JL's posts?
<SukiF> Crow: For fun ;)
<CrowTRobt> Thats not fun... Thats self abuse
Sun Jan 11 [19:24]
<Nathan_Roberts> Some clown made off with a load of towels I was washing!
<TheProf> Someone stole your towels!?
<Nathan_Roberts> Yes
<Nathan_Roberts> Either stole of took thinking it was theirs
<DrDove> Heh! What sad freak wants someone's TOWELS? That's discusting
<TheProf> Go back in about 20 minutes. If it was a mistake they will put
          them back.
<DrDove> What next? Your undies?
<TheProf> Nathan since you don't shower you really don't need the towels.
[ * Nathan_Roberts fwaps TheProf into next week. ]
Sun Jan 11 [20:20]
<DrDove> Anyone got a .wav of McCon saying "Hello, I'm the Doctor" and
         "But I thought you were a doctor!"
<DrDove> McGann even
 * DrDove is too tired tonight :/
<Nathan_Roberts> McCon?  Is that a cross between McCoy and McGann? :)
<DrDove> Yeah, me and Judi fight over him ;)
Mon Jan 12 [11:33]
<Shel> i surprised myself and made homemade applesauce too while i
       waited... : )  without instructions!
<SukiF> Yeah, just get that hammer and some apples ;)
<Bob01> better yet a neoutron ram instant apple sauce:)
<Drake> I bet i know Suki's recipe for mashed potatoes too :)
<SukiF> Hee hee, that calls for a mallet though ;)
<Drake> BAM BAM BAM..................Suki's in the kitchen..............
        BAM BAM BAM
Tue Jan 13 [0:20]
<SecondDoc> yeah i have an anicent compouter and these things happen ;)
 * TheProf thinks seconddoc has one of those computers with the stone
   keyboard keys.
<SecondDoc> yes i have an abacus, it's compatible with wooden block 95 AD
Tue Jan 13 [0:59]
[For those of you that have heard Prof's STARDOC.WAV]
<TheProf> I have this wonderful vision from that wav of Vader on an
          exercise bike.
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL!
<TheProf> Mel Jedi Personal Trainer.
<TheProf> I can see Mel going "Come on! Get your metalic butt going."
<TheProf> I wonder if Alden has heard it yet?
<Nathan_Roberts> He would not be happy :)
<TheProf> I think Alden would like Mel in a nice rebel uniform with the
          grey tights.
<TheProf> Now Vader attacking her with a chainsaw and then shooting her in
          the head that might be different.
<Nathan_Roberts> Hahahahahahahaha
<TheProf> Use the force Luke! To hell with you old man! I'm using
          Black and Decker.
Tue Jan 13 [2:56]
 * Nathan_Roberts waves a chocolare bar under Star's nose :)
 * SukiF thinks about going shopping today
 * Starfury eats the chocolate bar
 * Starfury is careful not to eat Nathan's hand in the process
Tue Jan 13 [3:12]
*** Starfury changes topic to "Who said anything about Doctor Who?
    We're Babylon 5 fans!"
Tue Jan 13 [3:24]
 * darkhart_ is simply going to marry whoever can make him happy
<Starfury> dark: sorry, she's already married.
 * darkhart_ hires a hitman to take out the husband
 * Starfury hires a hitman to take out the hitman
 * darkhart_ hires a hitman to take out the hitman of the hitman
 * Nathan_Roberts hires a hitman to take out the hitman of the hitman of
   the hitman, ad naseum...
 * darkhart_ runs out of money and says "Ah screw it"
 * Starfury drops a nuclear weapon on the hitman's union meeting
<Starfury> problem solved.
<Nathan_Roberts> Star: That was my next idea :)
<Starfury> Nathan: oh sure, you say that NOW
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Starfury
 * darkhart_ protects star from the evil Nathan
<darkhart_> waitaminute
<darkhart_> thats not right
 * darkhart_ protects star from the good Nathan
<darkhart_> there much better
<Nathan_Roberts> YOU'RE protecting Star from the Evil ME?
<Nathan_Roberts> Ahhh... that makes more sense :)
<darkhart_> heheheh
<darkhart_> Star is NOT evil, she is merely chaos personified
<Starfury> who needs protection?
<Nathan_Roberts> Star: I'm not sure anymore :)
 * darkhart_ was simply doing the macho male chivalry thing
 * Starfury has PPG cannons
 * Nathan_Roberts has the Demat gun
 * darkhart_ has a twinkie
<Starfury> twinkie?  AAAH! RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!
 * Starfury fears darkhart
 * Nathan_Roberts takes potshots at Darkhart
 * darkhart_ sticks the twinkie up Stars PPGs
 * darkhart_ sticks another twinkie up Nathans demat gun
 * Starfury dies of twinkie poisoning
<Starfury> the pain! oh, the pain!
<Nathan_Roberts> Where's Evil Incarnate and his bumbling sidekick
                 (I.E. MrBubonic and Grek) when I need them...
 * darkhart_ hooks nathan to star via the alien life force sucking device
   and brings her back to life
 * Starfury throttles darkhart with her remaining strength, and as she
   dies rigor mortis sets her hands in an unbreakable death grip around his
 * Nathan_Roberts dies
<Starfury> oh hey... what's this?
 * Starfury is alive again
 * Nathan_Roberts isn't!
<Starfury> drat...
<darkhart_> yeah i couldnt let ya die
 * Starfury no longer has an excuse to be choking dark to death
<darkhart_> no one to throw pies at then
 * darkhart_ hooks a chocolate pie to Nathan via the alien life force
   sucking device and throws the switch
 * Nathan_Roberts turns into chocolate cake
<darkhart_> ack!
<Starfury> wo hoo!
 * Starfury gets a knife and fork
 * darkhart_ watchs nathan die horribly at Beckys hands
<darkhart_> and mouth...
 * Starfury hasn't done anything yet!
<Starfury> my mother taught me never to eat food that talks back to you.
 * darkhart_ waits patiently
 * darkhart_ gags nathan
<Starfury> thank you.
 * Nathan_Roberts just gags
 * Starfury eats the chocolate cake
 * darkhart_ watchs nathan die horribly at Beckys hands
 * Nathan_Roberts 's clone comes in from the next room
<darkhart_> well becky just consumed nathan
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Nathans_Clone
 * Starfury couldn't help it, he was chocolate.
<Nathans_Clone> Good thing I plan for EVERYTHING
Tue Jan 13 [3:44]
 * TheShadowAndTheFlame slaps SukiF around a bit with a large trout
 * SukiF ties Dark up and dresses him like SylvDoc and sets him
   lose at the next SMCSB meeting
 * Nathans_Clone slaps Dark around a bit with a large dalek!
 * TheShadowAndTheFlame wonders how nathan picked the dalek up
<Starfury> Shadow: well it's like this.... he walked into a single's bar
           and said to the dalek "what's a nice genocidal maniac like you
           doing in a place like this?"
Tue Jan 13 [3:47]
*** TheShadowAndTheFlame is now known as IAMNOTACROOK
*** Starfury is now known as YESYOUARE
*** IAMNOTACROOK is now known as NOIAMNOT
*** YESYOUARE is now known as PROVEIT
*** NOIAMNOT is now known as IWASFRAMEDSEE
*** SukiF is now known as INSERTCLEVERTEXTHERE
<MEFALLDOWNGOBOOM> Ok, guess wich Pres I am ;)
 * MEFALLDOWNGOBOOM falls down the steps
 * MEFALLDOWNGOBOOM picks himself up...
<MEFALLDOWNGOBOOM> Live from New York!! It's Saturday Night!
*** THEREONCEWASAMANFROMNORWAY is now known as DenisLeary
 * MEFALLDOWNGOBOOM thinks what nick to use next....
*** MEFALLDOWNGOBOOM is now known as DrDove
*** DenisLeary is now known as StarUpset
<StarUpset> im not quite furious
*** Nathans_Clone is now known as THISISBEYONDSILLY
*** StarUpset is now known as YEAHAINTITCOOL
*** THISISINSANE is now known as BITE^ME
 * YEAHAINTITCOOL bites biteme
*** BITE^ME is now known as NOT_LITERALLY
<YEAHAINTITCOOL> but you taste good, need a little salt,
<YEAHAINTITCOOL> maybe a little oregano
Tue Jan 13 [17:03]
*** The_Sentry is now known as Nathan_Roberts
 * Noo-Noo waves at The Sentry
<Noo-Noo> Okay, I'll wave at Nathan instead...
Tue Jan 13 [19:05]
 * DrGrace points at her bad word script
<Shel> bad word script?  interesting...  how many words on it?
<DrGrace> Wel, there is --- and --- and ------------ and ........
<DrGrace> It contains words nobody has any business saying :)
<CrowTRobt> Hey judi put "Davidson" on the wirty dord list
Wed Jan 14 [19:37]
<Drake> well you see Susan had gotten pregnant by a Dalek (love is blind
        you know) and the Doctor had to leave her on Earth!
 * DrGrace won't get into that. That is soooooo trekkie :)
Wed Jan 14 [22:27]
<chrisk> You got electricity up there, _Mike_? :)
<Whomiga> No - he has a bicycle powered computer :^)
<Whomiga> If he pings out - we know he got tired
Wed Jan 14 [22:30]
<Whomiga> Has anyone heard anything from TimesChamp or NemoDream lately?
<Nathan_Roberts> Who: No
<Nathan_Roberts> Their nicks have expired
<chrisk> Nicks can expire???
<chrisk> Where are their sell-by dates kept then?
Fri Jan 16 [20:22]
 * Drake thanks Trina for remembering the Master/Rani URL :)
<trinalin> Drake - but of course.  Be nice to the founder, I always say :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Founder?  We have a changeling in here?
Sat Jan 17 [1:13]
[Prof and I are loading strange fonts into mIRC]
<TheProf> Oh this is weird.
<Nathan_Roberts> Can you see anything? :)
<Nathan_Roberts> How many fingers am I holding up? :)
<TheProf> 12 fingers.
Sat Jan 17 [1:33]
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh shit. My mono monitor is going psycho
<TheProf> This is your Moniter Nathan. Give me a cookie!!!!!1
<Nathan_Roberts> Actually, it looks like a problem with the card
<TheProf> No I told you I want a cookie!
 * Nathan_Roberts gives the monitor an oreo
 * Nathan_Roberts gives the card an oreo too, just to be sure
<TheProf> Chips Ahoy or the mouse gets it!
<Nathan_Roberts> I ain't got Chips Ahoy! How can you not like oreos??
<TheProf> Say bye bye mouse!
<Nathan_Roberts> I will not stoop to blackmail!
<Nathan_Roberts> Wait, yes I will!
<Nathan_Roberts> Say, bye-bye power cable!
<TheProf> OK I'll take an oreo but next time I want Chips Ahoy.
Sat Jan 17 [15:02] <TheProf>
I don't see the attraction of a truck running over some crushed cars.
I can see it as kinda fun for about 5 minutes like ok that's kinda cool
but 2 hours is very boring. After a while ypou start rooting for the crushed
Sat Jan 17 [18:40]
<Nathan_Roberts> Huh huh?
<Bob01> Huh huh huh?
<Whomiga> Huh huh huh huh?
<Bob01> Huh huh huh huh huh eh?
<Nathan_Roberts> Huh huh huh huh huh huh eh eh?
<Whomiga> Huh huh huh huh huh huh eh eh eh?
<Shel> huh huh huh huh huh huh eh eh eh huh?
<Nathan_Roberts> Huh huh hu... ah, bugger it...
 * SukiF wonders how Beavis and Butthead got in here
<Bob01> uh hehehe heheh ehehe SLAP shut up bevis:)
<Whomiga> The name's Head, Butt Head :^)
Mon Jan 19 [17:41]
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm in California
<trinalin> Nathan - ah, so you aren't in America
<Nathan_Roberts> Trina: Not last time I checked :)
Tue Jan 20 [23:49]
<TimesChamp> I'd love to see how Tom [Baker]'d respond if you were able
             to tell him he should curl his hair. I'd die laughing.
             Imagine him giving you that widened, bulge-eye stare.
             After his staring respond, he finally said, "Curl it?"
<Starfury> well if I ever saw him at a con, and his hair was all stright...
           I'd probably attack him with a set of hot curlers... I mean, I'd
           get arressted and banned from every con in the country... but it
           would be worth it! fangirls everywhere would thank me!
<TimesChamp> Headlines screaming: TOM BAKER ATTACKED BY FAN WITH HOT CURLERS!
Wed Jan 21 [22:59]
 * chrisk uses Atari 5200 cartidges to prop up his NAs
Thu Jan 22 [2:51] <TheProf>
I hear Hillery Clinton is writing a new book. It is called "It takes a
Village to Keep an Eye on my Husband."
Thu Jan 22 [3:02]
*** TheProf changes topic to "Can Nathan set the record for the most
    crashes in one night? Stay tuned and see."
<TheProf> Nathan two words. Windows 95.
 * Nathan_Roberts makes a cross symbol at TheProf
Thu Jan 22 [3:08] <TheProf>
Well I slaughtered hundreds of Good people tonight and burned their village
to the ground and turned them into zombies. Need to remember though to
pilage before I burn. Keep forgetting that.
Thu Jan 22 [22:28]
 * LisaG hugs Issy & Nate & Issy & Drake & Issy & Suki & Issy &
   Meg & Issy etc. etc. etc.
 * SukiF may be just seeing things.. but she thinks Lisa likes Issy ;)
Fri Jan 23 [1:55]
<TheProf> Nathan?
<TheProf> Earth to Nathan.
<TheProf> Nathan this is Houston over.
<TheProf> Nathan1 this is Houston do you copy?
<TheProf> My God he's dead!
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmm?
<TheProf> Your alive!
<TheProf> Cancle the funeral guys he's alive. There goes all that good
          food at the wake.
Fri Jan 23 [1:59]
<TheProf> Are you recording that [WAV file] for me?
<Nathan_Roberts> No
<TheProf> AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
<TheProf> Fine I'll spend all night looking for something like that the wife
          will kill me and you will have to live with it.
<TheProf> I'll be dead and she will be in prison with ther cell mate
          Squeeky Frome.
<Nathan_Roberts> <kosh>Good.</kosh>
Fri Jan 23 [19:49]
 * Nathan_Roberts fiddles with his new laptop
<AldenB> Nathan: Try fiddling with a violin.  It generally works better.
Fri Jan 23 [20:50]
<Nathan_Roberts> OOOOOOoooooooooooppppppppppppppsssssssssssssss!
<CrowTRobt> re nate
<Whomiga> re Nat
*** AldenB sets mode: +o Nathan_Roberts
<AldenB> Natahn you op begger!
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Alden
<Nathan_Roberts> Yes, I'm a horrible op begger!
                 JUST SPELL MY NAME RIGHT!! :)
<AldenB> Oh, sorry Nthaan.
<AldenB> Er nnaath.
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps AldenB good and hard.
<AldenB> Er, Nathan.
Fri Jan 23 [1:38]
 * TheProf puts some Beanie Babies on his moniter.
 * TheProf has a killer whale, a tiger and a worm on his monitor.
 * TheProf notices the worm is staring at him.
 * MegL wonders when they'll put out a Tequilla Bennie for the Worm?
Fri Jan 23 [2:23]
<Whomiga> Impossible is not in my Dictionary...along with the other
          words that were ripped out...
<Whomiga> Actually I'm missing everything from DAL to LEK :^)
<Whomiga> Hey - Terry Nation must have gotten it
<Whomiga> Am I talking to myself?
<Nathan_Roberts> Yup
<TheProf> Yes.
<TheProf> I am not here.
<TheProf> Nobody is writing in the room.
<Nathan_Roberts> We're all just figments of your imagination :)
<Whomiga> Wow - What an imagination
Fri Jan 23 [2:30]
<Whomiga> See how many variations of *Elvis* have been registered?
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Elvis____________________
<Elvis____________________> Try sending a DCC to THAT nick :)
<Whomiga> I always feel like Signing the __________________________ part
          of that nick
<Whomiga> Or writing in Presley
<Nathan_Roberts> Don't put any pen marks on your screen there :)
<Whomiga> If I did that I'd have to clean off the white out too
Fri Jan 23 [1:00]
*** TimesChamp has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<Nathan_Roberts> *** Peer has quit IRC (Connection reset by God)
Sun Jan 25 [2:54]
<MegL> do any of you guys remember 1974?
<Nathan_Roberts> 1974?
 * Whomiga was 4 years old
 * Nathan_Roberts was -4 years old :)
Sun Jan 25 [3:09]
 * Nathan_Roberts melts and slides off the chair and onto the floor
   from exhaustion
 * MegL looks at Nathan and isn't sure what to do
<Nathan_Roberts> Meg: Tell me to go to bed! :)
<Whomiga> Just go to sleep on the floor
 * MegL likes talking to you ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> You two are not a very big help you know :)
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm not suer I have enough energy to get up out of the chair
 * Nathan_Roberts immediately proves himself wrong :)
<Whomiga> Don't you mean off the floor? :^)
<Nathan_Roberts> Chair? Floor? At this point, I'm too tired to tell
                 the difference :)
Sun Jan 25 [14:22] <Whomiga>
68060 50MHz and a PowerPC 604e 200MHz system
Duel Processor System
Or should than be Dual - Don't want them fighting :^)
Sun Jan 25 [20:42]
*** Israel has joined #drwhochat
<Nathan_Roberts> Hi Is
<Israel> Hi Nathan.  Did I just miss everybody?
<Nathan_Roberts> Yup
<Drake> Meg,Meli,Nemo,Crow,Whomiga
<Israel> Nathan: Oh poo, when did they all leave?
<Drake> Meg left about 5 minutes ago
<Nathan_Roberts> Meli and Nemo left about 6 minuts ago
<Nathan_Roberts> That's about when I wandered in
 * Israel sees the puddle of gummy substance under Nathan and Drake's rumps.
   Oh, so that's why y'all are still here. You were *glued* here!:)
Sun Jan 25 [22:31] <Starfury>
the only flying saucer I ever saw turned out to be a frizbee... and my out
of body experiences are really boring.  See, I have no life anyway, so
watching myself do nothing is extra boring.
Mon Jan 26 [0:18]
<NemoDream> icestorm in Australia -- lol!
<TimesChamp> Nemo you never know!  Remember El Nino
<SukiF> Ok, new saying: "When Australia freezes over!" ;)
Mon Jan 26 [0:21]
<NemoDream> I think Nino is spanish for child?
<SukiF> El Nino means: "Problem Child" ;)
<NemoDream> A little boy caused floods in NC snow in Missippi and mischief
Mon Jan 26 [1:11]
 * Starfury wants to know why Jerry Doyle shaved his goatee though.
   he was darned cute.
<Starfury> so he looked like a mafia thug... so what?
 * MegL wants to know what's up with his bald head
<Starfury> well he's going bald... so every year he cut it shorter and
<MegL> Yes, but this is out picarding, Picard
Mon Jan 26 [1:14] <SukiF>
You know what I just wondered? How do the Centari go to the movies or
theatre? It must be: "Move your hair up front!" all throuout the film!
Mon Jan 26 [2:22]
<NemoDream> yeah -- at my universty if youre so sick you can t go to
            class you can go to the SHS and get a sick notw
<Nathan_Roberts> They don't have anything like that here :/
<Nathan_Roberts> Here, you just don't show up.  Some instructors don't even
                 take roll.
<Nathan_Roberts> Only thing i really have to worry about is missing the
                 lecture :/
<NemoDream> then you can borrow ur friends' notes?
<NemoDream> If they refuse to give you their notes you could always
            breathe on them
Mon Jan 26 [13:48]
 * Nathan_Roberts is sick, but getting better
<Bob01> nathan you got that BUG thats going around think you need to call
        the orkin man:)
Mon Jan 26 [14:37]
 * Nathan_Roberts is back.
 * Whomiga puts on Armored vest
 * Whomiga is front
<Whomiga> :^)
 * Nathan_Roberts shoots Whomiga
 * Nathan_Roberts shoots Whomiga with the Demat gun
<Nathan_Roberts> See how good an armored vest is against THAT >:)
<Whomiga> I've also got a portable black hole in my pocket
<Nathan_Roberts> What keeps you from getting sucked into it then?
<Whomiga> It absorbs all time distortions - it's balanced against the
          gravitational field of the white dwarf alloy in the other pocket...
          It's hell to walk around though  :^)
 * Whomiga has portable TARDIS mechanism in shoes - doesn't have to walk -
   just materialize there
Mon Jan 26 [14:42]
#drwhochat topic is "I'm on Earthlink! Woo hoo! No more AOHell!" (SukiF)
<Bethani> suki: sob! you've betrayed us!;)
Mon Jan 26 [15:00] <Bethani>
suki: noone can hang about this channel for long without becoming a computer
nerd. look at me,, I used to be a biology nerd,, now I've been corrupted to
the dark side!;)
Mon Jan 26 [22:24]
<Nesbin> Oh well.  I've been spacey all who knows.
<Nathan_Roberts> Come back down from the Mir, Nesbin :)
 * Nesbin offers Nathan some Rold Gold pretzels
Tue Jan 27 [1:29]
 * TheProf plays the midi backwords and finds that Nathan is the walrus.
<TheProf> Sorry my mistake. It says Nathan is the walaroo.
 * Nathan_Roberts wonders what people are saying about him behind his back
<Starfury> psst.. let's all sneak out while nathan isn't looking.
Tue Jan 27 [21:01]
<Nathan_Roberts> Hang on, I think I'm about to crash my computer
<Whomiga> Crash in Progress?
 * TimesChamp can imagine Nathan going like this, "Crash in progress!
   *CRASH* Damage report!"
Wed Jan 28 [22:46]
<TheProf> Never seen the show.
<SukiF> Me either
<TheProf> Suki you rarely see the sun.
 * SukiF eyes Prof evilly
<TheProf> I'm just being obnoxious tonight I think.
<SukiF> You know.. your soul might reject that body of yours oneday..
        your concience too heavy a burden on your heart.... and noone
        else in here saw tonight's ep of B5 so on'y I'll get it ;)
<SukiF> Ok, next DW RPG: "The Very Long Night of The Prof"
<SukiF> Look behind you Prof.. look behind you ;)
<TheProf> Where!?
 * SukiF notices Prof can't turn around and see Alden glaring down evilly
   at him, Mel dolly in hand
<Nathan_Roberts> Hahahahahahahaha
<SukiF> Do you want to live Prof?
<TheProf> He has promised revenge.
<SukiF> Do you want to live?
<TheProf> I am unafraid of some skinny kiwi.
<SukiF> I am sorry, i'm not allowed to ask you that questuion any more
<TheProf> Know what they do for a marathon in New Zealand? Run around the
          island 5 times.
 * MegL watches Prof be bitchy
<SukiF> No, he's just having a heart attack ;)
<TheProf> LOL
<SukiF> Hee hee
<TheProf> Careful I'll scratch your eyes out.
<MegL> You'll have to get through my glasses and the computer monitor first,
       dear ;-)
*** SukiF is now known as Dr_Franklin
 * TheProf grabs his chest and falls backwards.
 * Dr_Franklin picks up the funny looking defribulators
<Dr_Franklin> CLEAR!
 * TheProf hopes it is Meg or Suki who gives cpr not Nathan.
<TheProf> Shel would be good too.
<Dr_Franklin> Whoops, forgot something...
<chrisk> Unclear.
 * Dr_Franklin rips Prof's shirt open to administer the electrical
<Dr_Franklin> Oh my god! You're hairy! And flabby!
<Dr_Franklin> Ok, clear again!
 * chrisk sends Ambassador Kosh in to stop Dr_Franklin from doing any damage
 * Dr_Franklin sends the current down Prof
 * Dr_Franklin cackles.... I use to be a vet you know!
<TheProf> LOL
<TheProf> Later folks.
<Dr_Franklin> Bye Prof
*** TheProf has quit IRC (Quit: That's it! I'm taking my ball and going
    home! :P)
<Dr_Franklin> You'll get my bill in the mail
<Dr_Franklin> Darn.. he cheated me
<Kosh^Naranek> wow!@ it's not registered!
 * Kosh^Naranek is shocked
 * Dr_Franklin blows on his difibulators... any time Kosh ;)
Thu Jan 29 [2:22]
[In reference to YODADEAD.WAV]
<TheProf> I love this idea of R2D2 killing Yoda and Luke trying to
          explain to Obiwan.
<TheProf> I didn't know he was a Jedi master?
<TheProf> I sent you there to learn from him not kill him!
<TheProf> And you never knew R2 had a 45 on him did you?
<Nathan_Roberts> He's got just about everything else
<TheProf> Yep including a handy bottle opener.
<Nathan_Roberts> Flashlight, periscope, electrical outlet, eggbeater
Thu Jan 29 [2:48]
*** BeanieProf has joined #drwhochat
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o BeanieProf
<Nathan_Roberts> Re Prof
*** TheProf was kicked by BeanieProf (TheProf is a dumb nick that's why.)
Thu Jan 29 [2:52] <BeanieProf>
I am up late doing paper work for work. I am suppose to do it tommorow but
if I finish it tonight I can play tomorrow.
 * BeanieProf loves his computer. He gets to work at home in his jammies.
Do a whole days work and not shave.
The wife on the otherhand thinks I will be working tomorrow on the paper
work so I can play my Dungeon Keeper and she thinks I'm doing the work for
Thu Jan 29 [21:55] <SukiF>
The TVM shot Sylv up, so naturly I'd have some dislike of it ;)
Thu Jan 29 [22:06]
 * chrisk wishes he wouldn't get a busy signal when he calls 1-800-AAA-3021
<Shel> what number is that chris?
<chrisk> That's the Triple-A travel agency
<chrisk> as in "American Automobile Association"
 * chrisk jumps up and down some more.
 * Shel slaps chrisk around a bit with a large trout
 * Shel starts throwing stale jellybabies at chrisk
 * chrisk packs the trout and jellybabies into a large box and ships them
   back Express Mail
Thu Jan 29 [22:10]
 * chrisk will NOT pay $800 in airfare to fly to and from LA
<chrisk> To and from Burbank is about $1100
<Shel> sounds like you're flying Micro$oft airlines...
Thu Jan 29 [22:11]
<chrisk> Why is it so bloody expensive? <whine>
<Israel> Chrisk: Would you like some cheese with that whine?
Thu Jan 29 [22:53]
<TheProf> I have 35 Beanies. A full zoo.
<NemoDream> what next? beanie habitats?
Thu Jan 29 [23:46]
[Referring to Twinkies being recalled due to asbestos]
<TheProf> I find it comforting to know my twinkie is fire resistant.
Fri Jan 30 [0:56]
 * BeanieProf drops a pin.
<BeanieProf> CLANG!!!!!!!!!
<Nathan_Roberts> Clang??
<BeanieProf> The pin hitting the floor in this quiet room.
<BeanieProf> I heard louder libraries.
<Starfury> *clears throat*
<Starfury> La la la la la la la
<Starfury> La la la la la la la
<Starfury> that better?
<BeanieProf> Almost. You need better pitch.
<BeanieProf> Try a slider or a fastball.
Fri Jan 30 [18:16]
*** Shel is now known as Weng_Chiang
<Weng_Chiang> while you wait, step into cabinet of death...
 * Nathan_Roberts steps into the cabinet
 * Weng_Chiang shuts door, and locks it...
 * Weng_Chiang gets out a barrel of swords...
<Weng_Chiang> who would like to take a stab at nathan in the cabinet of death?
 * Nathan_Roberts is suddenly seen walking off the stage

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