The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume I, Issue VII: December 1997

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Mon Dec 01 [19:41]
[Referring to the Snogger puppet]
<DrGrace> "The right man comes along.. and he's a PUPPET"
<Toni_R> "I finally meet the right guy ... and he's got nothing below the
<Israel> "I finally meet the right guy.....and he's FUZZY!":)
Mon Dec 01 [22:01]
[Referring to Jeff Conway mooning the audience at Visions]
<Nathan_Roberts> I heard Jeff C. was being a real butt.
Mon Dec 01 [22:54]
 * Payge suddenly feels like she's being watched...
 * Nathan_Roberts starts throwing Timex's at Payge
Tue Dec 02 [23:48]
<TheProf> Has anyone seen the new DW game in the US yet?
 * TheProf would sell his wife to the Arabs for that game.
<TheProf> Wife you will do as you are told!
 * TheProf is now in pain.
 * TheProf needs medics.
<TheProf> She hit me with a rolled up newspaper.
<Nathan_Roberts> Newspaper?  She's started moving on to more offensive
                 weapons? :)
[Prof's Wife: Can I interest you in the Demat gun? >:) ]
Wed Dec 03 [0:10]
 * Nathan_Roberts just realized that Meg shares her name with the
   abbreviation for the word "Megabyte" :)
 * TheProf did not just realise that Nathan realises weird stuff.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: I know... I realize the most obscure things :)
<Nathan_Roberts> I've been told so :)
<TheProf> I'm glad you realise because it will bring you closer to
          realization of reality.
 * Nathan_Roberts has NO idea what TheProf said, and begins to wonder if
   HE had any idea what he said
<TheProf> I didn't think that the word reality would be understood in this
<Nathan_Roberts> That's probably the problem :)
<TheProf> I realize that now.
 * TheProf remembers never to use words that start with real in #drwhochat.
<Nathan_Roberts> That means I can never REALize any more obscure things!
Wed Dec 03 [0:21]
 * TheProf ease drops on Nathan and Meg.................My God Nathan's
   pregnant with Mels child!
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps the hell out of TheProf.
 * TheProf watches as his hell goes out the window.
<TheProf> Bye wife.
 * MegL wonders what theProf is taking tonight?
<Nathan_Roberts> Meg: Or NOT taking :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Was your wife in the room when you said that?
                 I didn't hear any screams of pain.
<Jondar> Hmmm... away looking at a DS9 site and all hell breaks loose :)
Wed Dec 03 [0:29]
 * Jondar is "borrowing" HTML code from websites :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: "Borrowing"?
<Jondar> Nathan: yes, borrowing
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm... don't think I've ever borrowed someone else's
                 code... Now STOLEN, that's another story. :)
Wed Dec 03 [0:36]
<TheProf> Arnold Swartzenager stars in the New Wizard of OZ as the
          tinwoodsman. He has come to kick some witchy ass.
          Austa La vista witchy.
Wed Dec 03 [18:39]
 * TheProf takes a chainsaw and reprograms nickserv!
Thu Dec 04 [18:03]
*** The_Sentry has joined #drwhochat
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh, hello Nathan
<The_Sentry> Hi Crow
<CrowTRobt> oh dear
<CrowTRobt> theres two of you now
<CrowTRobt> I can do that too
*** SyKo_CyD has joined #drwhochat
<SyKo_CyD> What a fine mess this is
<SyKo_CyD> Whats new on the quote file?
<Nathan_Roberts> Read topic :)
<CrowTRobt> exactly what *is* new?
<Nathan_Roberts> The November quotefile is online
<SyKo_CyD> re andrew
<CrowTRobt> re andrew
<SyKo_CyD> shut up crow!
<CrowTRobt> make me
<SyKo_CyD> don't act so juvinile!
<DrAndrWho> Two clones in here I see....
<CrowTRobt> Who's the juvenile one, syk? you I think!
 * CrowTRobt is reading the November Quote file.
<SyKo_CyD> Yeah right like you can really read!
 * CrowTRobt jumps
*** SyKo_CyD was kicked by CrowTRobt (| TeMPTaTioN |)
*** SyKo_CyD has joined #drwhochat
*** geoffw has joined #drwhochat
<CrowTRobt> hi Geoff
<SyKo_CyD> Oh stop pretending to have friends Crow!
<CrowTRobt> Shut up syd!
<SyKo_CyD> make me!
*** SyKo_CyD was kicked by CrowTRobt (| TeMPTaTioN |)
*** SyKo_CyD has joined #drwhochat
<Whomiga_Away> Crow's multiple personality problems cropping up again?
 * CrowTRobt takes medication
*** SyKo_CyD has left #drwhochat
<CrowTRobt> There I feel much better now
Thu Dec 04
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Drake
<Drake> ouch
<Nathan_Roberts> "Ouch"... you seem to say that a lot, Drake :)
<Drake> what do have,a FWAP ME sign on my back???
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at Drake's back, and pulls off a piece of paper
   taped on it...
<Nathan_Roberts> :: Reads the sign :: "Kick me"
<Nathan_Roberts> Nope, you don't have a "Fwap me" sign there.
 * Nathan_Roberts sticks it back
<Drake> oh good
Thu Dec 04 [22:58]
 * TheProf has Belgan troops at the door! Nathan I told you the UN didn't
   want my picture on the internet!
Thu Dec 04 [23:39]
*** CrowTRobt has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by
*** SyKo_CyD is now known as CrowTRobt
<TheProf> The blood of the nicks flows like water through the room tonight.
Fri Dec 05 [14:31]
 * The_Sentry just "inherited" a copy of Windows 3.0
<TheProf> Nathan that is like getting a stone hammer.
<Payge> but will you ever reach the Hell95? nathan?
<The_Sentry> Prof: Yes it is.  Payge: I prey not.
<TheProf> The new millenium starts in a few years and Nathan should be
          ready for it in about 20 years.
<TheProf> Nathan will probibly take 10 more years and then get Win95.
Fri Dec 05 [14:46]
<TheProf> Nathan my wife read the quote file last night and told me you
          said she could kill me!
<The_Sentry> Prof: Yes I did. >:)
<TheProf> Like I don't live in a dangerous enough world.
<TheProf> Thanks a lot Nathan. Your out of my will now! Meg gets the
          Popsickle stick collection now.
Fri Dec 05 [20:00]
 * Turlough calls Nine Eleven - ACK! There's no Eleven on the phone!
Sat Dec 06 [02:56]
*** Kamikazi_Torn has left #drwhochat
*** TheProf changes topic to "Your IQ must be as high as this sign to
    enter this room."
Sat Dec 06 [03:16]
<Whomiga> Ask the wide to drive - give you a few minutes to snooze in
          the car
<Whomiga> wide=wife
<CrowTRobt> hahahaha
<CrowTRobt> rich you better be glad she didn't see that
<TheProf> Who that could have gotten you a duel in the old days. lol
<CrowTRobt> my wide's name is paula
<CrowTRobt> hahahahaha
 * CrowTRobt hopes their is no way for her to ever see this
<TheProf> The wide would kill me over that kind of typo.
<CrowTRobt> hahahaha
<TheProf> I plan to send it to Nathan for the quote file. :)
<CrowTRobt> noooooooo!
* CrowTRobt ties a rope aound neck and stands on his chair
<CrowTRobt> This is for the best
<TheProf> I think so.
<CrowTRobt> goodbye cruel world
* TheProf kicks the chair.
Sat Dec 06 [23:54] <[Muad_Dib]>
My hair goes in cycles . hircut....short...shortish....medium...longish...
Mon Dec 08 [13:20]
<SukiF> Or we could be worse.... and tell him how much Judi LOVES him,
        how he's the only Doc for her, not even Paul can compair ;)
 * DrGrace spanks Suki
<SukiF> Ohhhhh, Judi's getting really kinky! ;)
Mon Dec 08 [13:34]
<NemoDream> So.. what do u guys plan to do for Christmas?
<SukiF> Nemo: Open presents!! ;)
Mon Dec 08 [13:49]
 * SukiF and the cats are gonna put out an album next trip to the vet ;)
<NemoDream> Jingle Bells?
<SukiF> Nah, "The Godawful Opera"
<SukiF> "It's so horrible it's fasinating"
<NemoDream> kind of like an accident you cant tear your eyes from..
<SukiF> Yep, exactly, one sobng will be called "Look At the Roadkill!"
<SukiF> I'm afraid Inky will turn into a Diva though, she's so prissy,
        gonna want her own car, silver cat dish, diamond collar
<NemoDream> gold catbox..
<SukiF> Yeah, kitty litter made from the sands of the Sahera
<SukiF> Dozey will just want food luckily
<NemoDream> fresh tuna..
<Whomiga> Platinum name tag?
<SukiF> Nah, she thinks she won't need a name tag, everyone will recognize
        her from the many billboards she'll grace
<NemoDream> her own fan club?  personal mail service?
<NemoDream> more like
Mon Dec 08 [18:45]
*** Menacor has joined #drwhochat
-Menacor:#drwhochat- Salut viens faire un tour sur
                     channel #paradis, #universel cÚ nouveau et francophone!!
                     Merci!! :)
*** Menacor has left #drwhochat
<Israel> Menacor c'est un asshole.
Tue Dec 09 [0:37] <Nathan_Roberts>
Whatever happened to TheProf?  He left in a hurry
Hmm... I think I know why TheProf left so fast...
[0:22] <TheProf> No she marries me next!
[0:22] <mnROGGY> No me!
[0:22] *** TheProf has quit IRC (Quit: Still searching for more Lis Sladen
I think his  wife was there when he said that, and she drug him off
to slaughter :)
Tue Dec 09 [0:42]
 * Nathan_Roberts is an athiest. No fuss, no muss :)
<SukiF> Yeah Nathan, the lazy person's religion... that's the life for us ;)
Tue Dec 09 [11:19]
<Drake> ask Nathan,Roger
<Nathan_Roberts> Ask Nathan what?
<Drake> about  ms lan manager
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh... the answer is "I don't know." :)
Tue Dec 09 [21:22]
<TimesChamp> I need to know if anybody went to UFC.
<Nathan_Roberts> UFC?
<Jondar> Unidentified Flying Chopsticks?? :)
Tue Dec 09 [22:33]
<talavera> from someone named "Jugs" with the subject
 * talavera wonders what it could be?
Tue Dec 09 [22:47]
 * CrowTRobt thinks... Arkham give out $50 for every insane person brought
 * CrowTRobt tries to catch dse in a net
 * CrowTRobt begins to construct an elaborate trap for dse
 * Nathan_Roberts senses that Crow is building a Wile. E. Coyote-esque
   trap... You didn't get any of your parts from ACME, did you?
<CrowTRobt> yeah why?
*** CrowTRobt is now known as wildECoyote
<wildECoyote> hello, my name is Wild E Coyote. I am a genius.
*** wildECoyote is now known as CrowTRobt
 * CrowTRobt gets trapped in his own trap
<CrowTRobt> Nathan! HELP!
 * Nathan_Roberts gets up and walks over to Crow's trap... How does this
   thing work?
 * CrowTRobt falls over a cliff as Nathan ponders trap
<CrowTRobt> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
<CrowTRobt> <distant thud>
 * Nathan_Roberts flips a few switches and levers, unaware that Crow has
   fallen off the cliff, and falls into the trap himself...
<Nathan_Roberts> PROOOOOOOOOF!
 * The_Rescue_Prof scrapes Crow up with a spoon.
 * The_Rescue_Prof rappels down to Nathan and Crow to rescue them.
 * The_Rescue_Prof sees it is a lost cause and looks in their now icky
   pockets for loose change.
<CrowTRobt> I've been robbed!
<TheProf> Crow your married whiuch means you have no money.
<CrowTRobt> Oh then it was paula that robbed me and not you
<Nathan_Roberts> Sheesh...
 * Nathan_Roberts fiddles with some buttons on his watch, and a TARDIS
   materializes nearby
<CrowTRobt> Nathan! drag me to your ship
 * Nathan_Roberts drags the (very) battered Crow into the TARDIS
<Nathan_Roberts> :: TARDIS dematerializes ::
Tue Dec 09 [22:57]
*** The_Troublemaker is now known as Annie_No_Pupils
<DrAndrWho> LOL! ;)
<Payge> annie no pupils?
<DrAndrWho> Sorry, role playing again ;)
<Annie_No_Pupils> Back with one of Daddy Warbuck's money sacks and a drink ;)
 * Annie_No_Pupils tells Sandy to stay put
*** DrAndrWho is now known as Daddy_Warbucks
<Annie_No_Pupils> LOL!
<Daddy_Warbucks> Hi there little girl!
<Annie_No_Pupils> Ohhh Daddy.... what a bald head you have!
<Daddy_Warbucks> Strange freudian thoughts running through my head.
<Annie_No_Pupils> LOL! Was that a Freudian slip Daddy?
<Daddy_Warbucks> ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 * Annie_No_Pupils jumps on Daddy Warbuck's lap and asks him to tell her
   a story of the evil Miss Billiagan
<Daddy_Warbucks> Argh! I can't stand it! I can't talk!
<Daddy_Warbucks> Where's Sandy, Hon?
<Annie_No_Pupils> He's off hiding
<Daddy_Warbucks> 'The Sun will come out, Tomorrow...'
<Annie_No_Pupils> Ok, who;s gonna play Rooster?
<Daddy_Warbucks> <quotefile material no doubt! ;)>
<Nathan_Roberts> (Very interesting QF material... The Musical Annie, with
                 Looney Toons playing in the background)
<Payge> i wanna be tim curry...
<Annie_No_Pupils> I must remind you Tim Curry played Rooster.. therefor I
                  will like him ;)
<Annie_No_Pupils> Eaaaaaassssssyyyyy Street!!
 * Annie_No_Pupils thinks the guy playinf Daddy can have a duel role... he
   can play Rooster too
*** Payge is now known as Sandy_the_dog
 * Daddy_Warbucks likes his new daughter, a lot ;)
 * Sandy_the_dog barks...
<Annie_No_Pupils> Hee hee.... can you buy me a Sylvester McCoy Daddy?
 * Sandy_the_dog growls at daddy...
*** DrAndrWho has joined #drwhochat
*** DrAndrWho is now known as Rooster
<Annie_No_Pupils> Ohhhhh!
*** Rooster is now known as Rooster01
<Rooster01> So now what do I do ;)
 * Annie_No_Pupils likes Rooster's moustache
<Annie_No_Pupils> Sing and dance!
 * Rooster01 starts dancing a neat dance step.
<Rooster01> Dang blast it! That darn dog!
<Annie_No_Pupils> Now say Eeeeeeaaaaassssy Street!
<Rooster01> Eeeeeaaaassssy Street!?
 * Sandy_the_dog growls at Rooster...
 * Sandy_the_dog is just a bitch... : )
*** Lilly^^^ has joined #drwhochat
<Lilly^^^> Hee hee
<Rooster01> Lilly! my wife!
 * Lilly^^^ jumps Rooster
[I left after this, and didn't see the rest of the conversation]
Wed Dec 10 [13:32]
<CrowTRobt> TheProf=evil
            Nathan=voice of reason
<TheProf> Nathan! Reason??????????
<Nathan_Roberts> Unfortunately, nobody ever listens to me... :/
<TheProf> For a good reason Nathan. Your the one who bombed Hula.wav!
Wed Dec 10 [13:33]
 * Jondar has returned. Bwahahaha!
<TheProf> Oh. Very scary.
<Jondar> Prof: at least it's better than * Jondar is back... and then having
         all the front, side, top, bottom jokes :)
Wed Dec 10 [14:26]
 * TheProf counts his marbles.............He's missing quite a few.
 * CrowTRobt produces a marble "whats this prof?"
<TheProf> That's your brain on Star Trek Crow.
Wed Dec 10 [19:09]
<CrowTRobt> please no spoilers
<Israel> No, will give no spoilers.:)
<DrGrace> Well, the Docto's name is really ---- woops :)
 * Drake puts everything in tupperware,so's not to spoil
Wed Dec 10 [23:05] <Israel>
Robin Williams on chat rooms: "You never wanna go into the ones where
everyone is typing with one hand".:)
Thu Dec 11 [16:26]
 * SukiF was just currently trying to figure out a way to get out more....
   in a town with nothing to do
<Drake> just go to be out Suki
<SukiF> Yeah, I'm heterosexual, and proud of it... wait.... that's not the
        right out huh? ;)
Thu Dec 11 [17:52]
<Bob01> what the heck IE isnt showing any pics!
<Nathan_Roberts> Go to View | Options and make sure Show Pictures is checked
<TheProf> I usually point a gun at mine and say "Doit!"
Fri Dec 12 [0:49]
*** Starfury is now known as Lorien
<Nathan_Roberts> Hey Lorien... How's it going beyond the rim? :)
<Lorien> Nathan: I lost the poker game last week. other than that, fine./
Fri Dec 12 [14:07]
<trinalin> Finally have cable on my room
<SukiF> LOL! What channels Trina? ;)
<trinalin> Suki - a shitload of channels :)
 * Nathan_Roberts wonders how many a "shitload" is...
<Nathan_Roberts> I keep hearing that term, and even use it myself, but I'm
                 still not sure how much a shitload is :)
<Israel> Nathan: More than a bucketload, less than a mess.:)
<Whomiga> Shitload is a little more than a fuckton...
<trinalin> Shitload is Metric.  Fuckton is English System
Fri Dec 12 [15:40]
<SukiF> Peter sings alot in this actually
<TheProf> What is a shower?
 * TheProf thought he was on Jeaperty.
 * TheProf failed first grade spelling...............last week.
Fri Dec 12 [16:28]
<TheProf> Nathan was born in the year of the rat I think.
<NathanTheOxymoron> Prof: 1978
<TheProf> Yep. The rat year.
<Jondar> if we're using DW things... I was born in the Year of the Nimon :)
 * TheProf was born in the year of the bikini clad companions.
 * NathanTheOxymoron fwaps TheProf
 * TheProf has always had a fondness for ladies in bikinis.
<NathanTheOxymoron> Prof: You're just saying that because the wife is too
                    sick to hit you for it,  right? :)
<TheProf> Yes Nathan. True.
<NathanTheOxymoron> Prof: Well, I'm just gonna have to make sure to put it
                    in the quotefile. >:)
<TheProf> I will not bow to blackmale Nathan!
<TheProf> or blackmail either!
<NathanTheOxymoron> Prof: How about blackfemale?
<NathanTheOxymoron> Prof: This isn't blackmail; I'm not asking you for
                    anything, I'm just gonna put it in the quotefile
                    period! :)
<TheProf> What is wrong with wanting to have a picture of Lis Sladen in a
          bikini I ask you?
<NathanTheOxymoron> Prof: Ask your wife. :)
<TheProf> Not on your life.
<TheProf> She's to week to hit me right now.
Fri Dec 12 [21:15] <Toni_R>
If we eat like animals, we'll probably throw up.
Sat Dec 13 [23:24]
<dse> any suggestions on how I can improve [my mst3k web page]?
 * talavera suggests a dozen frames, each with it's own java applet
Sat Dec 13 [23:54]
<Jondar> anyone know how to disconnect toy cellular phones?? :)
<Jondar> 2 year old next door has been playing with his for the past hour...
         it's driving me nuts!
<DrAndreWho> Well if you take a gun and aim it right at.....
<Whomiga> Oh - you could remove and hide the batteries
<Whomiga> Open it up and disconnect the speaker...
<Nathan_Roberts> I think Maus had the simplest and most elegeant solution...
                 Just throw it up and let it go splat on the ground :)
                 Or "smash" as the case may be :)
<Jondar> Nathan: I have to agree... "Come here Mark... what a nice toy phone
         you've got there.... Ooops!!"
<Whomiga> Mine at least left the thing intact - and the speaker version
          would really leave the neighbor wondering why it isn't working....
Sun Dec 14 [0:14]
 * SukiF isn't tired, so isn;t going to bed ;)
<DrAndreWho> Oohh, I haven't tired you out yet? ;)
<SukiF> LOL! Nah, us old men have weird times of sleepin' ;)
 * SukiF hits Andrew with his cane
*** SukiF is now known as Old^Man
<DrAndreWho> Not the brolly ;)
<Old^Man> Brolly? What's that? When I was young we had ta go without... got
          nemonia like you get a cold
*** DrAndreWho is now known as Old^Woman
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Dennis^
<Jondar> Dennis??
<Dennis^> Jondar: The nicks just reminded me of the scene in Monty Python
          and the Holy Grail
<Jondar> Aah!
<Dennis^> "Old^Woman" ... "Man" ... "Man, sorry"
<Old^Woman> I was in a DW episode years ago....
<Old^Man> Ohhhh, that be Planet of the Spiders eh?
 * Old^Man looks at the Woman
 * Old^Woman looks at the Man
<Old^Man> Why, when I was young god hadn't even invented the woman...
<Old^Man> We had to go around lookin' at each other funny... wonderin' if
          that guy was attracted ta me... but we were men back then.... we
          didn't say nuthin'
<Whomiga> Must have been lonely...
*** Old^Woman is now known as Old^Man^s_younger_lover
<Old^Man^s_younger_lover> Nowdays he has me ;)
<Old^Man> Lover? Why when I was a lad we didn't even have love! Had to
          either hate someone or like them mildly
*** Jondar changes topic to "Welcome to the SukiF and DrAndreWho show!"
<Old^Man^s_younger_lover> Now you have me ;).
<Old^Man> Me? When I was young we didn't have me? Had ta call yourself Alan
*** Whomiga changes topic to "Welcome to the SukiF and DrAndreWho show! -
    Starring, Well, just guess :^)"
 * Old^Man^s_younger_lover listening to 70s.wav played over and over
*** Jondar changes topic to "Welcome to the SukiF and DrAndreWho show! ---
    Starring, Well, just guess :^) --- please leave your coats, hats, and
    wallets at the door...."
*** Old^Man changes topic to "Welcome to the SukiF and DrAndreWho show! ---
    Starring, Well, just guess :^) --- please leave your coats, hats, and
    wallets at the door.... Door? When I was a boy...."
<Dennis^> Yes, we know, we know... no doors either.
<Old^Man> 70s? When i was a lad the year didn't even go up ts 70!
<Dennis^> How about the wheel? Had they invented that yet?
<Old^Man> Nope, we had ta cart stuff around on squares
<Old^Man> Sometimes triangles, but ya had ta be well off to do that
<Whomiga> Wasn't that a little bumpy?
<Old^Man> Bumpy? So many volcanes was goin off in our back yard we hardly
          felt a thing
<Old^Man^s_younger_lover> Pretty bad back then wasn't it hon?
<Old^Man> Bad? When I was young bad was good!
<Old^Man> We prayed things would get bad
<Old^Man^s_younger_lover> LOL!
<Old^Man> Ya darn kids and your LOLs! When I was a lad we didn't have LOL's,
          we only had Ha Ha's!
<Dennis^> Eep! It's 12:31!
<Old^Man^s_younger_lover> Eep! It's 3:31!
 * Dennis^ fwaps OMYL
<dse> your clock is 4 or 5 minutes fast
 * Dennis^ fwaps dse
 * Whomiga notes it's 3:26 here!!
 * Dennis^ fwaps Whomiga
<Old^Man^s_younger_lover> 3:24 actually....
 * Dennis^ fwaps OMYL
 * Whomiga notes it's now 3:27 here!! - He also ducks :^)
 * Dennis^ fwaps Whomiga
<Dennis^> We really have this routine down, don't we?  I say "Eep,
          it's xx:xx", you all correct me, and I fwap you :)
*** [Muad_Dib] has joined #drwhochat
<Dennis^> Hi Muad... welcome to the looney bin
<[Muad_Dib]> dennis - i'll feel quite at home thank you....
<Nathan_Roberts> Eep! It's 12:34!
<Whomiga> Nope - I won't say it..............................................
          It's 3:30 (Darn - couldn't resist)
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Whomiga
 * SukiF hopes someone was logging that ;)
<Jondar> Nathan's in the channel, and you're worried about somebody logging
         the chat :)
Sun Dec 14 [0:35]
<Jondar> what's the diameter of a dime?
<[Muad_Dib]> Twice as long as its radius
<Nathan_Roberts> Or, two times the square root of its area times pi...
<[Muad_Dib]> Nathan, that's just silly :-)
Sun Dec 14 [0:49]
 * Whomiga thinks - I could watch Full Circle with Closed Captions off and
   make a long file of Errors to sent to TimesChamp for his Closed Cpations
   Error Page...
<Whomiga> Closed Cpations on rather
<[Muad_Dib]> Closed captions on rather....
<Whomiga> Cpations=Captions (Where ever I wrote it)
<Suki^s_Honey> Typing leaves the room......
<Jondar> *** Typing ( has left #drwhochat.
 * Nathan_Roberts pounds Whomiga's keyboard with the Mallet of Rassilon
<[Muad_Dib]> nathan, can I borow that mallet?
 * Nathan_Roberts hands the mallet to Muad
 * [Muad_Dib] strikes Whomiga with the mallet and hopes he becomes a
   reformed character
 * Whomiga changes from A to B
<Nathan_Roberts> Muad: Hit him again!
 * [Muad_Dib] hits him. Harder!
 * [Muad_Dib] jiggles the mallet menacingly
<Whomiga> What character do want me to be?
Sun Dec 14 [0:56] <Whomiga>
Ever seen any Men in Black around there?
Or would you know if you did (See any bright flashes - with sudenly missing
Sun Dec 14 [1:01]
<Nathan_Roberts> Eep! It's 1:05!
 * Nathan_Roberts redies the fwapper...
<Whomiga> Should I? - Nah...
<SlaveAndrew> Eep! It's 4:05!
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Andrew
<Jondar> Eep! it's.... heck... what time is it?? :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Eep! It's 1:07!
<SlaveAndrew> Eep! It's 4:07!
* Nathan_Roberts 's arms are tired from the fwapping
<SlaveAndrew> <--4:00 actually
<SukiF> Eep! It's 4:00 by my clock!
 * Nathan_Roberts wonders which clock he should go by...
<SukiF> 4:01 now actually
<SlaveAndrew> 8:00pm
<Jondar> it's 2003 by my rocket clock :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: You're a few years off there :)
<Jondar> Nathan: yep! of course... that international date line again :)
<Jondar> 20:04 Sunday
<Nathan_Roberts> Sheesh, a year went by alread!y!
<Nathan_Roberts> Nite all
<SlaveAndrew> Eep! It's 4:02!
<Jondar> good grief... I've outlasted Nathan! :)
Mon Dec 15 [0:03]
*** Payge changes topic to "What happened to all the fruitcake?"
*** MegL changes topic to "What happened to all the fruitcake? We're still
    here, Payge >;-)"
Mon Dec 15 [0:22]
 * SukiF wonders what would happen if the actors started to post on the
   threads! LOL! Maybe everyone would shut up then ;)
<SukiF> I could see it now.... posts by Colin Baker.... "Now why does my
        Doctor *suck* so bad?" just an ammusing thought ;)
<Starfury> Hi, guys.  I'm new here.  the best companion was definitely
           Grace.  - Paul McGann  *entire PMEB dies right then and there*
<Starfury> yes, that would shut people up for sure =)
Mon Dec 15 [22:28]
<chrisk2> I can't drive a stick either, but I can drive a car with a stick
 * Nathan_Roberts can drive a stick... into the ground with a hammer
Tue Dec 16 [21:11]
 * yatesy is proud of herself, she got a friend online today!
<lisag> Yatesy: I've got friends who won't speak to me anymore because I did
        that to them! :-)
Tue Dec 16 [21:14]
 * TheProf is enjoying himself greatly. The wife lost her voice. :)
Tue Dec 16 [21:31]
 * LisaG hums the $6,000,000 Man theme while she hugs Alden
<AldenB> Lisa: I'm not _that_ rich. ;-)
Tue Dec 16 [21:32]
<Nathan_Roberts> Crow? Beavis and Butthead??
<CrowTRobt> yup
<Nathan_Roberts> Crow: Has anyone yet told you that you have absolutely no
                 taste? :)
<CrowTRobt> yeah nathan whats your point?
Wed Dec 17 [16:58]
 * SukiF thinks about registering the nick Old^Man
<Bernice> Suki - you're Dax?
Wed Dec 17 [17:06]
 * Payge is wondering whay adric would give the doc for x-mas...
<Bernice> Payge - an electronic calculator
Wed Dec 17 [17:30]
 * Jondar got "invited" to try out AOL Australia yesterday... i.e. metallic
   coaster landed in my letterbox
Wed Dec 17 [17:52]
 * DrGrace 's puter crashed and she lost most of her Gaaaaaame
 * DrGrace wails disconsolately
 * DrGrace pulls her hair... aargh
 * TheProf pulls Grace's hair as well. Weeeeeeee. That's fun.
 * DrGrace beats her head on the desk
 * TheProf helps Grace do severe damage to her head by singing a Peri Como
 * DrGrace glares at Prof
<TheProf> Oops!
 * TheProf notices he has Belgian troops at the door. It's the UN!
<TheProf> The UN has order TheProf not to sing. UN resolution 6078.
<TheProf> The troops also search my closet for song lyrics of mass
 * TheProf has his lyrics from the musical A Corus Line confiscated by
   the UN.
Thu Dec 18 [17:37]
 * SukiF fave song at the mo is Kashmir
 * LoganM hasn't heard of it :(
 * LoganM sighs... my fault for being on the wrong side of the Pacific...
   as usual :)
Thu Dec 18 [17:50]
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh, and another problem we had... the original system had
                 a RAID system set up.  6 510meg drives set up in
                 a mirrored configuration.  Took me the first hour to
                 finally get the configuration program running so I could
                 separate them into their component 6 drives so we could use
                 the full 3 gigs of storage space
<Whomiga> Hey - instead of RAID killing you - You killed the RAID :^)
Thu Dec 18 [18:36]
<Drake> strange thing,the day just got all dark............darndest thing
<Nathan_Roberts> Drake: It's called "Night".  Really, you need to get
                 out more :)
<Drake> Night?!
<Drake> when did they start that?
<Wh0miga> It was just a catostrphic failure of day :^)
Fri Dec 19 [19:29]
<chrisk> Where exactly is old Zealand?
<chrisk> That must be the American pronunciation, the British would
         pronounce it Zedland
Fri Dec 19 [19:30]
*** AldenB changes topic to "http://www.john.long' |
    Error 404: File Not Found"
Fri Dec 19 [19:32]
<chrisk> The world's longest place name - is it in Wales?
<AldenB> Tamatawakatungihungikauaoatumateapokaiwhenuakeinatahu
<AldenB> I've probably spelt that wrong too.
<TheProf> Alden you just made that up!
<AldenB> Prof: I didn't!
<TheProf> Did too!
<TheProf> Like you know that name by heart.
<AldenB> It means something along the lines of "The guy with a flute who
         went up a mountain and did some stuff..." :-)
<AldenB> Prof: There was a song written about it.
<AldenB> I remember it from the song.
<chrisk> Hate to hear what rhymes with it
<TheProf> Alden if that is the full name and you know it you REALLY need to
          get a life. ;)
<AldenB> Prof: You noticed!
 * AldenB writes out a mail-order form for a life.
Fri Dec 19 [19:39] <chrisk>
Matthew Waterhose?
(Spot the omission)
Fri Dec 19 [19:39]
 * AldenB picks Gypsy's mind up out of the gutter. Here, you dropped this.
<Gypsy> alden: hmmm must have floated up there,, I usually keep my below
        the gutter;)
Fri Dec 19 [20:21]
<chrisk> There was a silence still as death...
*** AldenB is now known as Death
<Death> I'm not still!
Fri Dec 19 [22:21]
 * AldenB tried chasing a tornado, but couldn't run fast enough.
<TheProf> Alden ran out of island.
Fri Dec 19 [23:38]
<SukiF> I think we need to make a boom.wav with Ace going "BOOM!" from
        Battlefield first, hee hee ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> We need a wav of Adric going "Boom!" from Earthshock >:)
Sat Dec 20 [0:01]
<Nathan_Roberts> <sylv>humans...</sylv>
 * SukiF thinks the Doc in gonna materialize at Nathan's place and sue him
   for use of trademark lines ;)
Sat Dec 20 [17:35] <AldenB>
Dunno what having a bird called "The Common Loon" for your state bird says
about you either...
Sat Dec 20 [17:36] <AldenB>
The other day when I walked back into work, I almost said "Re" to our
office manager...
Sat Dec 20 [19:02]
<Jondar> Drake: Oh, and I thought you were going to attempt to stump me
         again :)
<Drake> not yet,but i have a few ideas brewing :)
<TheProf> No more ideas.
<TheProf> Ideas bad. Slothing good.
 * Drake turns off the annoying light bulb over his head
Sun Dec 21
Top Ten (Ok, eight) "I Survived..." T-Shirts:
I survived the War of the Daleks! - MegL
I survived DALnet! - Nathan_Roberts
I survived Frazer Hines and Dr.LoveCon at Visions '97 - SukiF
I survived Head Games - AldenB
I survived the Moderation of RADW Thread! - Whomiga
I survived the #DrWhoChat Quotefile - AldenB
I survived reading my quotes in the #DWC Quotefile - SukiF
I survived the Top 10 I survived the Top 10 I servived the ...... - Whomiga
Sun Dec 21 [20:16] <AldenB>
Pehaps I should stuck all the disclaimers on my pages in German, just for
the hell of it.
Sun Dec 21 [22:21]
<MegL> Death to the Daleks?
<K^9> Meg: That's Pertwee.
<Jondar> Meg: that's a Pertwee story
<MegL> Oh. I mean the Romana/TomDoc one
<K^9> Meg: That's Destiny of the Daleks
<Jondar> Meg: oh, Destiny of the Daleks
<K^9> Jondar: Stop repeating me!! :) :)
<Jondar> Nathan: stop typing faster than me!!
<Shel> btw... which ep. does romana regenerate?
<K^9> Shel: Destiny of the Daleks
<K^9> Jondar, don't say it. :)
Mon Dec 22 [18:51]
 * MegL hugs Everyone not huged already :)
<Wh0miga> huged - is that the opposite of what the Master does with the TCE?
Mon Dec 22 [19:24]
<Jondar> I do know I was born when a Fraser was Australian PM :)
<trinalin> Jason - any relation to you?
<Jondar> Trina: no, but I like to think so :)
<trinalin> Jason - you should have run up to him once shouting "DAD!"
Mon Dec 22 [20:34]
 * AldenB does a search for /who *.nz
<AldenB> Someone in #ChildSexChat  Blech.
<AldenB> Ewwww!  There's on in #DrWhoChat!  Oh...
Mon Dec 22 [20:56]
 * AldenB remembers a sig line of long ago: "I'm a Windows programmer, but
   don't tell my Mom, she thinks I play piano at a whore house"...
Mon Dec 22 [21:20]
<chrisk> What's been happening?
<Whomiga> Well - there was a big explosion, then the universe started to
Mon Dec 22 [21:25]
<chrisk> Though those Florida pledge drives are sooooo boring :)
<Whomiga> I don't drive Pledges - ther're worse than any other vehicle
Mon Dec 22 [22:10]
<Nathan_Roberts> Is the Caeser Salad made of real Caeser?
<Whomiga> Are girl scout cookies mad from real Girl Scouts?
<Israel> Who: Yeah, I'd imagine those are some pissed off cookies.:)
<abates> Are afghan biscuits made from real afghans?
<dse> was the Partridge Family really partridges?
<dse> do carnivores really eat cars?
<abates> How can you have fish fingers when fish don't have fingers?
<dse> and why are they called fingers when they don't finge?
<Whomiga> Does a Thumb always Thumb?
<Whomiga> Does a plumber plumb?
<abates> Why can you have a chip on your shoulder, but if you have fish on
         your shoulder, people look at you strange, like?
Tue Dec 23 [1:15]
*** PRR has joined #drwhochat
<PRR> any girls
<PRR> here
<PRR> ?
<Starfury> nope, no girls
*** PRR has left #drwhochat
 * Nathan_Roberts was considering the response, "You shouldn't say that
   when you enter a room... it makes people think you're just coming in to
<Starfury> the sick thing is when they find out you're not really a girl
           after all.  mess with their minds
<Starfury> tell them you have jugs the size of mt. everest and legs longer
           than the nile... then tell them you're actually a 600 lb male
           gorilla in a genetics lab. for some inexplicable reason, this
           makes them mad.
Tue Dec 23 [3:06]
<TheProf> Nathan have you thought that mayby you could find something more
          entertaining than a news show's screensaver?
* TheProf tells Nathan to lie down and he will phsyco analise him.
<TheProf> Zoe Nathen. Tell me why you hate your parents.
<Nathan_Roberts> Zoe?
<Nathan_Roberts> Nathen?
 * CrowTRobt takes notes
*** TheProf is now known as ZiggyFreud
<Nathan_Roberts> I hate my parents because... because... Well, they're my
                 parents!  I'm SUPPOSED to hate them!
<CrowTRobt> velly interstink
<CrowTRobt> but shtupid
<ZiggyFreud> I see you suffer from penis envy.
<Nathan_Roberts> Eh? How d'you figure?
<ZiggyFreud> Unusual in a male I zink.
<ZiggyFreud> It is ok. President Clinton also suffers from it.
 * CrowTRobt scribbles some more on his notepad
<Nathan_Roberts> Ooooo
<Nathan_Roberts> Cheap shot!
<ZiggyFreud> And Janet Reno of course.
*** CrowTRobt is now known as Dr_Crow
<ZiggyFreud> With Janet Reno it is not so much she hates men it is she hates everyone.
<Dr_Crow> Dr Fraud, My ask zee patient zome questions?
<ZiggyFreud> Ask Dr Crow.
<Dr_Crow> zo nathan, how many hours *do* you zit at your computer a day?
<Nathan_Roberts> Well... let me check my counter... (Yes, I have a counter
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh, 5 or 6 hours a day I think
 * Dr_Crow scribbles more notes
<Dr_Crow> und vat are lookink at all zis time?
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm not looking at anything; I'm here on iRC
<Dr_Crow> Dr. Fraud, I zink I haf figured it out
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh?  What's wrong with me Doc?
<ZiggyFreud> Yes! Nathan is not the sicko. We are!
<Dr_Crow> eggzactly
<Nathan_Roberts> No Shit!
 * ZiggyFreud puts on his jacket with the long sleeves and buckles up.
 * ZiggyFreud starts typing with his toes.
<ZiggyFreud> Hard to reach the Q button with my little toe.
<Dr_Crow> ve must exper^H^H^H^H study zis shome more.
 * ZiggyFreud giggles and talks wildly about why he hates his mother.
 * ZiggyFreud drools
 * ZiggyFreud screams about his need for tinfoil and a hat.
<Dr_Crow> Nathan, ve must take you a special place vere zay vill giff you
          a special jacket to vear.
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at the jacket...
<Nathan_Roberts> It's not my proper color!
 * Dr_Crow dials a number and whispers into the phone
 * ZiggyFreud begins to chew on the couch.
<Dr_Crow> <two hulking men dressed in white enter the room> There he is! No
          not Dr Fraud!
<ZiggyFreud> Wife just came out and read the screen. She thinks we all
             need help.
<Nathan_Roberts> And this is new?
<Nathan_Roberts> Hasn't she said that a hundred times before?
 * Dr_Crow points at Nathan "Zis vun"
 * ZiggyFreud begins to argue about socialism with a chair.
 * ZiggyFreud is losing the argument.
 * Dr_Crow is carried off kicking and screaming by the men in white
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as VoiceOfReason
<VoiceOfReason> You people are NUTS!
*** VoiceOfReason is now known as Nathan_Roberts
<Nathan_Roberts> I almose made a typo and said "You people are BUTTS!" ...
                 describes the problem even better I think :)
*** ZiggyFreud is now known as VoiceOfStupidity
<Nathan_Roberts> Voice: You're Dilbert's Boss?
*** VoiceOfStupidity is now known as TheProf
Tue Dec 23 [3:25] <MrBean>
Ooooooo. Sex movie on Showtime.
Scary. This movie stars Dom Deluise and it says it has strong sexual
content. That scares the hell out of me.
Tue Dec 23 [3:31]
*** CrowTRobt changes topic to "This channel is rated "S" for Silly"
Tue Dec 23 [3:54]
[Prof says something irrelevant]
<CrowTRobt> Prolly
<TheProf> Prolly want a cracker?
Tue Dec 23 [17:54]
<Nathan_Roberts> I was  also hoping to put together some end-of-the-year
                 special.  The Best of the Quotefile 1997 or something
<trinalin> That sounds ideal :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Trouble is it's hard to decide what the "best" is
<trinalin> Nathan - just scroll down to trinalin or Turlough and you got
           the best ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Trina: I was hoping  for a less-biased opinion :)
<Gypsy> just scroll down to trinalin or turlough and you got the best!
<Gypsy> is that less biased?
Tue Dec 23
 * Nathan_Roberts just thinks the whole idea of organized religion
   is silly :)
 * Nathan_Roberts ponders the concept of ... organized athiesm :)
<Gypsy> we can convert people!  bring texts of darwin and knock on doors
Wed Dec 24 [20:26]
<DrAndrWho> I'm earning $24 an hour to 'watch' the grocery store overnight
            while it's closed. They told me I could so anything I want so
            I brought in my computer ;)
<Whomiga> Sounds like it's time to go rob the store :^)
Wed Dec 24 [20:32]
<Israel> Can anyone give me some hints about what I might be able to do,
         dinnerwise, tomorrow night?
<Whomiga> Eat it?
Wed Dec 24 [21:34]
 * Attracta listens to some guy singing on this soundtrack.. no idea who he
   is but his voice is VERY high, don't wanna know how it got that way ;)
Thu Dec 25 [23:37]
<Nathan_Roberts> Wha?  Becky got her own thread on RADW?
<MegL> Yep Nathan :)
 * Nathan_Roberts bows down and worships Starfury :)
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!
Fri Dec 26 [0:02]
<Starfury> it's BOXING DAY!
<Shel> it's chuck the christmas tree out into the street day!!!
Fri Dec 26 [13:45]
<Drake> i wonder where the usual crowd is?
 * [Muad_Dib] looks under the carpet
<[Muad_Dib]> No, not there!
Fri Dec 26 [13:54]
*** [Muad_Dib] changes topic to "Nathan has the coolest radio-control car
    in the WORLD!"
 * Whomiga would like the car from Back to the Future (Complete with Radio
   Contral and Time Traveling Capability)
 * [Muad_Dib] sees the signs now - "Objects in your mirrors may be earlier
   than they appear"
<[Muad_Dib]> Mr Fusion eats ANYTHING! (Even kraft dinner)
Fri Dec 26 [15:06]
<Nathan_Roberts> You want good reliable webspace, you gotta pay for it.
<Gypsy> or go to school:)
Fri Dec 26 [19:55]
<DrDove> [reading a very interesting spam]
         You can, however, induce at will, natural urges that would
         otherwise lie dormant. It is simply a fact that any natural
         human desire such as sleep, hunger or sexual impulses can be
         GREATLY INTENSIFIED by using subliminal commands.
<Whomiga> Give me some commands to sleep (I don't get enough)
 * AldenB whaps Whomiga over the head with a baseball bat. That subliminal
   enough for ya? ;-)
 * DrDove wonders if Andrew's gotten this spam before she has.... hey..
   wait a minute ;)
Sun Dec 28 [21:13]
 * SukiF misread Golden Condor as Golden Condom ;)
Mon Dec 29 [14:21]
 * TheProf fwaps Nathan to within an inch of his life.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: I was reading EMail
<TheProf> Yeah right Nathan. We know the latest issue of Playboy came out
[Prof?  How did YOU know?]
Mon Dec 29 [14:34]
<Nathan_Roberts> [Referring to Duke Nukem 3D]
                 It's bloody and violent, sick and twisted, controvertial,
                 and funny.  What more do you want? :)
<TheProf> Sex.
<TheProf> Yeah I'm married. That is why I miss sex.
Tue Dec 30 [16:10]
<Gypsy> I'll have to check out australia one of these days then :) though
        its behind england and dublin first;)
<Gypsy> maybe go to new zealand and see Xena;)
<Nathan_Roberts> New Xenaland? :)
Tue Dec 30 [16:46]
<Gypsy> we got a few inches of beach sand today;)
<Gypsy> blew in from the south!
Tue Dec 30 [22:45]
 * MegL says hi to Doug, Fenric1, Dan, Jondar, Nathan, Becky R, Suki, Prof
   and CC
<Nathan_Roberts> Meg: Just say Hello *.*  :)
Tue Dec 30 [23:03]
<TheProf> Ok folks how about this. The most overated film of all time.
<TheProf> For me it is 2001.
<AldenB> The Prof: Gee, your clock must be really fast...
Wed Dec 31 [0:48]
<TheProf> The seismographs near Parkfield went bonkers today. They
          registered a 6.9 earthquake there. I was looking at the reports
          on the web. They thought it was real at first but it turned out
          a truck hit the shed where the seismograph is at.
<TheProf> I can see all these scientists going bonkers.
<AldenB> "Wait a minute, did _you_ feel the floor shake??"
<TheProf> It also pulled the phone pole over so they called the station and
          the phones were down so they thought it was real for a bit. The
          automatic compiter got the readings and automaticly put a notice
          up on the internet.
<TheProf> I was here and going Nathan did you just feel a quake? And
          Nathan is going no.
<TheProf> I was looking at this and going I should have felt that.
<TheProf> They pulled the notice after ten minutes which really confused
          me. I'm waiting to see what the magnitude was and then it was gone.
Wed Dec 31 [19:33]
<Bob01> to lighter subject then death you all see tomorrow never dies or
        titanic yet?
<AldenB> Bob: So you pick a disaster movie and a movie with "dies" in the
         title to get away from death??
Wed Dec 31 [19:55]
<CrowTRobt> Sarah ( my daughter ) wants to type.
<CrowTRobt> fddfdfdfdffdffdfffddccc\\\\
<CrowTRobt> eeeeeee
<CrowTRobt> eehhhjjpppwwgggbbbaaddxxxzztttiijjkjjkkliiooooppppppppppppppppp
            pppoollzaasssdddttreqwwx xxddxxdxxc  sssssssssdd
 * AldenB thinks Crow's making more sense recently. ;-)
<CrowTRobt> wwwsssffdddqqqwwqwwree88oi8iiii9111dff8ukuujujhukkjjkjjmjz,mzzz
            x775754452fgggdgg  .,,,,,,kkk,kkk,,,,,,,,i...../././iiokkkjkkjj
            kjuikuu uuiusissuuu2222323322`1222233445566
 * AldenB runs away before Crow fwaps him.
<CrowTRobt> errrrrrrrrtrttriooopolklkklkeeeeeeeesdddddxxxxcccgvggfgfdfsdddd
 * AldenB wonders if Sarah is into tapdancing on keyboards.
<CrowTRobt> fffffffffffffdddaaassssssssssssddddddddxciuukii7778888802222222
<Bob01> my gods it the lanuage of bill gates!!!:)
<CrowTRobt> \ssssssssssssddddddfeerrrrrrrrrre1222223333444556667888809-----
<CrowTRobt> esdxbgvgbftcxsxxxfdroip;ploo;oo55475777/////111222
<CrowTRobt> 4445sdsss d   eeeqwseqaswqrssssssssdrdszdeww44ere5555455
<SukiF> I think I see a future for her in stenography.. or whatever you call
        those typists in court rooms
<AldenB> Suki: She'd be good at Windows programming...
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: You know how Microsoft wrote Windows...
<Nathan_Roberts> Monkeys with keyboards :)
Wed Dec 31 [20:49] <SecondDoc>
Win2000, nick named Crash2000, due out in stories August 2004!
Wed Dec 31 [20:51] <Whomiga>
Jay Leno just showed an "Exclusive footage of a dynasaur being wiped out
by the asteroid" - Footage of Barnie being hit by a large rock!!!
<MegL> Should have shown Earthshock

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