The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume I, Issue VI: November 1997

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Sat Nov 01 [0:00]
<Jondar> Nathan: try saying "deopping the deopper when I'm deopped"
         ten times fast :)
<Jondar> then again, try typing it ten times fast :)
<The_Evil_Fwapper> Deopping the deopper when I'm deopped ten times fast.
Sat Nov 01 [0:00]
<Scooby_Do> Do you ever wonder what Froid would think if he came in the
<The_Evil_Fwapper> Scooby: That we all desperately need to get laid? :)
*** Scooby_Do is now known as Sigmond_Froid
<The_Evil_Fwapper> And it's Freud.
<Sigmond_Froid> I may not be able to spell my last name but you are all
                sick. Sick sick sick sick sick.
<Jondar> Scooby: I don't know what Froid would say, but Freud would go all
         pscyhological on us :)
<The_Evil_Fwapper> Jondar: Well, either he'd (a) have a field day, or
                   (b) give up in frustration. :)
<Jondar> Nathan: I'd go for (b) :-)
<The_Evil_Fwapper> I'll take Psychosexual analysis for $100 please.
Sat Nov 01 [0:11]
<TheProf> I saw Barney sing songs from Black Sabath once. and AC\DC.
<Nathan_Roberts> Barney did???
<TheProf> He sang Hells Bells.  We had the Barney tour at the arena and
          before the doors opened Barney came out and sang it for all of
          us ushers.
Sat Nov 01 [0:19]
<Jondar> BRB - getting a drink
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: Aren't you too young to drink?
<Jondar> Nathan: the legal age in Australia is 18... but don't worry it's
         only a glass of lemonade (at least, I _think_ it's lemonade)
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: Ok. I was joking anyway. :)
 * Jondar hiccups... for effect :)
Sat Nov 01  [0:29]
 * Starfury has no idea how much sound cards cost.
<TheProf> $18.99.
 * Jondar counts on fingers: that's cheap! :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: You have 18 fingers?
Sat Nov 01 [0:43]
<Starfury> oh, what rot. it's not lynx friendly. BLAST NETSCAPE and
<Nathan_Roberts> BRAIN DAMAGED WEBMASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 * TheProf is thrown out of his chair across the room and is imbedded in
   the far wall.
 * TheProf pulls his broken body across the room and back to the keyboard.
<TheProf> Medic!
Sat Nov 01 [1:01] <TheProf>
I nwas gosubbed once in a subway. To doctors weeks to remove them Nathan.
Im heving truble weth my houked on foniks taps. E thinc it es mi mashine.
Sat Nov 01 [2:06]
<Jondar> Hmmm... 3827 wavs - and hey still all fit on a Zip disk :)
<Jondar> hey = they
<TheProf> I like And Hey! Still fit on a zip disk. Still works Jondar,
          thats talent when your mistakes make sense.
Sat Nov 01 [2:09]
<TheProf> I is the President of the United States.
<TheProf> I am your President...........give me your women.
Sat Nov 01 [14:45]
<TheProf> Will that work Nathan. :)
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm not sure... it's distorted
<TheProf> It's an explosion. It is suppose to be distorted.
<Nathan_Roberts> No, the WAV file is distorted. It was recorded too loud
<Nathan_Roberts> The peaks and troughs of the waveform have been cut off
<Nathan_Roberts> I can't use this one, it's just too distorted
<talavera> unlike the people who will be listening to it?
Sat Nov 01 [15:29] <ThewimpyProf>
[Referring to UNIBOMB.WAV] Nathan made that. One sick puppy if yopu ask me.
We thought about getting him profetional help but then we thought he is
more fun the way he is.
 * ThewimpyProf gives Nathan a cookie and pats him on the head.
Sat Nov 01 [15:32] <ThewimpyProf>
Webster would have a heart attack in this room.
Sat Nov 01 [21:53]
 * DrAndrWho could have gone to 4 years of college, for the amount he's
   spent on Dr Who stuff.
<Starfury> gee... higher education or Doctor Who stuff... tough choice =)
Sat Nov 01 [22:37] <Whomiga>
Nathan's very active for being away (Get back to the Quote file :^)
Sat Nov 01 [22:38]
 * SukiF wonders if she meets up with Sylv at Visions if she can get him
   to take her tempature again >;)
<Whomiga> He better give it back first (Sorry this is the last time - I
          Promise :^)
Sat Nov 01 [22:45]
 * Drake hugs the she's learned her lesson now Judi
<chrisk> Drake is turning into Yads
Sat Nov 01 [22:48]
*** DrGrace was kicked by DrGrace (ToRrMiNaToR DorkSlap)
*** DrGrace has joined #drwhochat
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DrGrace
 * NathanR_Away looks at Grace blankly...
 * DrGrace blinks whoa
<Anmarc> Judi: you kicked yourself because NickServ already ghosted the nick
<Drake> i would have kicked you Judi,would have been my pleasure :)
Sat Nov 01 [22:50]
 * NathanR takes a break
<NathanR> (Anyobe that makes a joke about Kit-kats dies. :)
<chrisk> We'll look out for Anyobe in case it makes a joke
<Whomiga> Nathan: About a break - would your leg do?
Sat Nov 01 [23:10]
 * Anmarc finds a picture of himself from last year... scanning it now :)
<NathanR_Away> Jondar: Finally!
*** NathanR_Away is now known as NathanR
 * NathanR is back.
<DrAndrWho> Are we taking you away from your work again?!
<NathanR> Andrew: Yes and no
<NathanR> Diverting me from one duty, and into another :)
<Whomiga> This should be termed as the Nathan - go to work thread
Sat Nov 01 [23:13]
<DrAndrWho> You ought to see my state ID! ;) It looks as though I'm
            a serial killer!
<SukiF> So that's where I've seen you Andrew! ;)
<Whomiga> Andrew: You aren't? - I'm crushed!
<SukiF> He killed John Long though! It was for us!
Sat Nov 01 [23:35]
 * Anmarc sees a cable ad for DW: 18 hour DW marathon on the weekend of the
   23rd -- I wonder why? :)
<NathanR> Jondar: To commerate the assassination of Kennedy? :)
Mon Nov 03 [19:40]
 * Whomiga looks sternly at Natha
<Whomiga> Nathan rather
<SukiF> Natha? You mean Nathan's drag act? ;)
Mon Nov 03 [23:58]
<MrBubonic> Has grek been in?
<Nathan_Roberts> MrB: Not tonight
<MrBubonic> He won a computer last friday... something with 200mhz...
            Please ban him...
<Nathan_Roberts> MrB: Ban him?  I'll KILL him! :PPPPPPP
<Jondar> MrB: gloating too much, is he?? :)
<MrBubonic> Jondar: I haven't actually met him after he won it... I don't
            think I wan't to... :)
<MrBubonic> Nathan: You wan't his adress? Just in cae you would
            like to send him something nice...
<Nathan_Roberts> MrB: I think I already have it.
<MrBubonic> Nathan: His home adress?
<Nathan_Roberts> MrB: Oh... are we talking Snailmailbombs? >:)
<MrBubonic> Nathan: I didn't say anything... (YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES)
<Nathan_Roberts> MrB: How far away from him do you live? :)
<MrBubonic> Nathan: Damn... He's moving to an apartment this week, I
            think... It's about 150 meters from me... Although I could see
            to that I'm not in the country at the time. Make it a
            BIG one... :)
<MrBubonic> Hmm... gotta run... Have a nice night/day/cannibalism... bye!
 * MrBubonic vanishes into the abyss
*** MrBubonic has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<Nathan_Roberts> Anyone want to bet that Grek just arrived and he's going
                 off to strangle him? :)
<Mistress_Terisa> Well, that would explain the cannibalism. ;-)
Tue Nov 04 [21:15] <chrisk>
"'97 Honda Accord Special Edition" underneath this it says
"autonmatic with dual air bags"
The autonmatic Accord has an MSRP of $21,845. Those Nestenes are greedy.
Tue Nov 04 [21:34]
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm... Toni didn't give me consent to put her in the
<Toni_R> No problem, Nathan -- consider consent given. :)
<AldenB> We're all consenting adults here. ;-)
<Toni_R> No, Alden, you're only consenting if you've sent me or Elsa your
         consent to join EF. ;-)
<chrisk> EF?
<Toni_R> Errr....the "Elsa Frohman" list.
 * Toni_R ducks waiting for cosmic thwap from Elsa
Tue Nov 04 [21:37] <Nathan_Roberts>
Somebody in my English class has a daughter who voted in the election here.
She's 10 years old. She grabbed a registration form to fill out just for fun.
She actually wrote down 10 for her age.  She wanted to mail it in, and
eventually did.  A week later, she gets a letter asking to confirm her age.
So she sends back a letter confirming that she's 10 years old.  A week after
that... she gets a voter registration card.  She's a registered voter.
 * AldenB laughs himself into a coma.
Tue Nov 04 [21:45]
<Israel> Hey, here's a Millenium idea: Get on a plane in Australia just as
         the sun comes up.  Spend the whole day racing the sun, watching it
         come up all over the world.:)
<Jondar> Dan: you'd need Concorde to do it effectively
<Israel> Jason: true, but wouldn't it be *cool*?:)
<AldenB> Is: It's be OK, until the world exploded when the Eye of
         Harmony opened.
<Israel> Alden: Party pooper.:}
<AldenB> Hey, blame Eric Roberts. :-)
<AldenB> Nathan: Hit your brother for me. ;-)
Tue Nov 04 [23:19]
<Nathan_Roberts> [Grek] won a new 200mhz computer last week. Bastard.
 * MegL is happy for him
<Nathan_Roberts> Meg: Easy for YOU to say... Your computer isn't inferior
                 to his! :)
Tue Nov 04 [23:37]
<Israel> Lisa: Go pack.
<lisag> Issy: but if I do, I'll realize everything won't fit in the bag!!
 * Nathan_Roberts gives Lisa a dimensionally trancendental bag
 * lisag thanks Nate and checks to make sure nobody is hiding in it...
 * Jondar sheepishly steps out of Lisa's suitcase :)
Wed Nov 05 [23:59]
 * Jondar sighs: Australian political parties don't have animals :(
 * Agent_Starfury thinks Jason should start a new political party called
   the wallabies.
Wed Nov 05 [0:45]
<DrAndrWho> So where's everybody? ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> They left.
<DrAndrWho> Argh! they can't leave!
<DrAndrWho> It's against my will! andI'm the all pwerful!
<Nathan_Roberts> Erm... that didn't appear to stop them! :)
Wed Nov 05 [0:57] <DrAndrWho>
:::Curse of Peladon runs in the background::::
...A big Penis wrapped in a shower curtain enters the room....
"Ahhh, the Delegate from Alpha Centauri..."
Wed Nov 05 [19:17] <Drake>
i've noticed birthdays always seem to happen at least once a year........
Wed Nov 05 [19:16]
*** Nathan_Roberts changes topic to "Two more days!"
<SukiF> Two more days? Till what? Hope not the end of the worl because then
        my plane ticket is shot ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Suki: My birthday. :)
<SukiF> Ahhhh, Happy Pre-Birthday
*** SukiF changes topic to "Two more days! (Nathan_Roberts) And about 175
    till mine! Woo Hoo! ;)"
<Nathan_Roberts> Suki: Happy Pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-
                 pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre (etc.)
Wed Nov 05 [20:34] <SukiF>
Mom was real helpful in critiquing my art today, I asked her if it looked
anything like that actress I drew and she says "Something like her"
Wed Nov 05 [21:17]
<Attracta> I'll be the girl chasing after Sylvester McCoy in 98 >;)
           Or anyone dressed like his Doctor
 * AldenB dress as SylvDoc so Suki will chase him.
Wed Nov 05 [21:28]
 * AldenB burns his modem and dances naked sprinkling the ashes about.
 * Nathan_Roberts shoots Alden's ISP, then his modem, then his server,
   then throws them in a pile and blows them to pieces, then jumps up and
   down on the pieces; then...
<AldenB> Nathan: I was going to that too, but I didn't want to.
<SukiF> <Bones McCoy> It's dead Nathan! </Bones McCoy>
<Vila> Calm down Nathan, take a stress-pill.
<AldenB> Nathan: Better swtich to decaf. ;-)
Wed Nov 05 [21:40]
 * chrisk just found out that there are ads for other BBC Videos on the US
   Warriors' Gate
<AldenB> Chris: Horrors!  They trying to broaden your minds??
<chrisk> Alden: they are ads for tapes not available in the US and also for
         the BBC Books
Wed Nov 05 [21:50]
<chrisk> Bring the Baseball Bat of Rassilon with you for protection
<AldenB> Isn't that the Baseball bat of Omega?
<chrisk> Alden, that's some Other baseball bat
Fri Nov 07 [0:02] <DrAndrWho>
'I went to Telos and all I got was assimilated!'
Fri Nov 07 [0:13]
<MistressSuki> LOL! Don't flatter me too much, I might think you're just
               doing it ;)
<DrAndrWho> I have to flatter someone. ;)
<MistressSuki> Hee hee, go ahead then ;)
<DrAndrWho> Come one, come all, and worship the Great Mistress Suki!
 * Nathan_Roberts bows down to worship
 * DrAndrWho , the head priest, does as well.
<MistressSuki> LOL! Now don't sacrfice me to an even mightier god ;)
<DrAndrWho> LOL! Are there any mightiest than thou?
<MistressSuki> Yes, he is called ....God McCoy ;)
Fri Nov 07 [0:58] <MrBubonic>
Nathan: Happy birthday!  19... Is that in dog years? ;)
<DrAndrWho> 19? you're a young'in then, eh?
 * Jondar is slightly younger, and I think Suki is slightly younger still :)
<SukiF> Yep, I'm the youngest, act it too ;)
<DrAndrWho> I'm slightly older , argh!
<SukiF> Well, you could be 50 ;)
<DrAndrWho> Just a year to go actually ;)
<SukiF> LOL! And I'm 40 tomorrow ;)
<DrAndrWho> Really? You sure don't look it!
<SukiF> Hold my youth well don't I? ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> 40 going on 18... :)
<SukiF> LOL! Nathan, you've described my mind >;)
Fri Nov 07 [1:06]
 * Nathan_Roberts has a memory like a... um... er... uh...
   what was it again?
<Jondar> sieve! or is it dromedary? never can remember :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Yeah, that's it!  A ... uh, ... what was it?
<SukiF> Nathan: Tom Baker after chuging a case of guiness?
Fri Nov 07 [1:07]
<Nathan_Roberts> Eep! It's 1:07!
<DrAndrWho> Eep! it's 4:07!
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Andrew
<Jondar> Eep! it's 20:07! :)
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Jondar
<Nathan_Roberts> You're supposed to tell me to go to bed, not recite
                 the time! :)
<DrAndrWho> Go to bed, don't recite the time!
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Andrew
<Jondar> bed? what's that?
<Nathan_Roberts> One of those real life things... In Grek's words, "Soft
                 thing on the floor... not a girl."
<DrAndrWho> Are you soft, Suki?
<SukiF> Well, not actually, I'm a bit hard headed >;)
 * SukiF is still debating whether she's soft at all ;)
<SukiF> Sylv's touched me, ask him >;)
<DrAndrWho> Will do, at next year's Visions.
<DrAndrWho> During a panel, no doubt.
<SukiF> He can test me out for softness again if he likes >;)
<SukiF> LOL! I could see it "Ummm Mr. McCoy, you see that girl over there?
        Is she soft?"
<DrAndrWho> I can picture it too! It's very surreal too.
<SukiF> In my version he says "Well I don't know... let me check..." in
        yours he says "I don't know, but I know Wendy is, wanna try
        her out?" >;)
<SukiF> Hmmmm, is Nathan logging this randy chat? ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Suki: You think I'd pass up a chance at prime quotefile
                 material? :)  (Eep! It's 1:18!)
 * SukiF has been quoted for Sylv comments before ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Suki: The question is, have you been quoted for
                 Non-Sylv-Related comments? :D
<SukiF> LOL! Yes I have! ;) And you should know of all people ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> I was being facetious. :)
<SukiF> LOL! Don't use big words around me after 4 AM, they go over my head
        like another launguage ;)
<DrAndrWho> Sarcasm again?
<Nathan_Roberts> Andrew: Yes.
<SukiF> Sarcasem? What's that? ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Suki: Facetiousness. >:)
 * DrAndrWho will have to think up some great long words for use on Suki
   at Visions at 4 in the morning. ;)
<SukiF> Floridation! ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Antidisestablishmentarianism
<DrAndrWho> Defenestration anyone?
<SukiF> Excafragilisticexpealidosios
<DrAndrWho> Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcaniconiosis?
<Nathan_Roberts> Amazing what comic effect is produced by throwing in a
                 random nonsense word at the right time :)
<SukiF> You're just pounding the keyboard with your head Andrew, no fair! ;)
[No, it's an actual word...]
<Nathan_Roberts> Eep! It's 1:28!
<Jondar> Nathan: that ratio is getting larger, isn't it? :)
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Jondar
Fri Nov 07 [1:29]
 * DrAndrWho fwaps Jandar for the hell of it!
 * Jondar looks around for Jandar...
 * Jondar also adds Jandar to the list of misspellings of his name :)
 * Nathan_Roberts now waits for somebody to misspell "Jondar" as "Gender" :D
Fri Nov 07 [21:07] <Israel>
Cyberguns have three settings: Big Hole, Really Big Hole, and Crater.:)
Fri Nov 07 [21:08]
<Meliphyre> <htrosxlmn> puh-lease...I'm the most imaginative person on irc
            this minute (and yes, I do believe that) <--- you know.. it's
            really no surprise his isp is University of Memphis
<Whomiga> I think that the fact that he thinks that he is the most
          imaginitive person on IRC is the most imaginitive thing I've seen
          on IRC recently :^)
Fri Nov 07 [23:41]
 * Lady_Suki likes all the Doctors, but one
<Mistress_Terisa> Well, I know which it isn't.  :-)
<Lady_Suki> Weeelllll, I can't really say ;)
 * Lady_Suki will be pumled in fwaps for saying ;)
<OpenDOS_Nathan> Suki: One of his admirers is in here, aren't they? :)
<OpenDOS_Nathan> his rather
<Lady_Suki> Your right naththan, it's Sylvester McCoy! I hate the wee
            git!! ;)
<OpenDOS_Nathan> tilt
<Mistress_Terisa> Well, know I know Hell's frozen over.
*** Lady_Suki is now known as Sarcastic_Suki
<Sarcastic_Suki> Yeah, he's an ugly little sprout ;)
*** Sarcastic_Suki is now known as SukiF
<SukiF> Oh no, John Long possed me there!
Sat Nov 08 [18:28] <trinalin>
Yes, come to #drwhochat - we have the answers
"I don't know"
"I'll have to look that up"
"I'll ask my supervisor"
Sat Nov 08 [20:50]
 * chrisk bought a car three-and-a-half years ago
<chrisk> I used First National Dad
<chrisk> Paid the whole $12,000 something the day I took delivery
 * chrisk had to pay his father $250 per month for 35 months
<Whomiga> Pretty good - a negative percentage rate
<chrisk> Some of the money was mine
<Whomiga> Oh
<Whomiga> If your portion was greater then $3250 you paid more than
          $12000 - If not then you did a good job!
<chrisk> Well, let's not get into that now :)
 * Whomiga has no idea why he's calculating all this :^)
 * Whomiga just forced himself to put away the calculator...
<Whomiga> I say calculator - It's actually a Psion3C with the Calc3C
<Nathan_Roberts> You have a palmtop?
<Whomiga> Yep
<Nathan_Roberts> ihateyouihateyouihateyou
<Nathan_Roberts> Of course, if I had one, I'd probably break it inside of
                 a month... I got an electronic organizer.  After a few
                 months, it fell out of my pocket onto hard ground.  The
                 LCD crystal broke. So, I borrowed my dad's old one (he had
                 recently bought a new one), and within 2 weeks, broke the
                 exact same part.
<Whomiga> Nathan: If I ever see you, I have to remember not to let you
          hold my palmtop :^)
Sat Nov 08 [21:23]
<Whomiga> How many episdoes to a tape (On Average) - I stand back for the
<Nathan_Roberts> Who: Average 3 full stories on a tape for Doctor Who
                 8 eps on a tape for the typical 1-hour American show
                 7 per tape for Blake's 7
                 568 hours, according to the index.
<Whomiga> 24 Days of watching TV!
<Nathan_Roberts> Who: Put that "calculator" back away! :)
Sat Nov 08 [21:44]
 * Nathan_Roberts hits hits his keyboard with the Mallet of Rassilon
<Nesbin> Nathan, eliminate the middleman and just buy the
         Keyboard of Rassilon.
<Nathan_Roberts> (says to Whomiga) So, how long you think it'll take me
                 to break it? :)
Sat Nov 08 [21:48]
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar? This is your field :)
 * Anmarc is away from the keyboard right now, if you'd like to leave
   a message, please do so after the Mel scream
Sat Nov 08 [22:51] <Whomiga>
According to Nickserv,  God is Cheesy (I didn't say it)
Mon Nov 10 [0:22] <SukiF>
I'm sure I told you all about the Indian S**t Trick ;)
On AOL I was making horid typos, I jokes about doing the Indian Shirt
Trick on someone for being mean, and typed "Indian Shit Trick" ;)
Tue Nov 11 [1:45] <SukiF>
LOL! Guess who's Yads B-day is on?! My moms! ROTFL!
Well now I'll have to think of Yads each time we celebrate mum's birthday ;)
Wed Nov 12 [15:22]
 * MegL is blue but doesn't know why exactly :(
<Nathan_Roberts> Spilled paint on yourself?
Wed Nov 12 [19:07] <Drake>
nope i can't talk,that's why i'm on a Chat network
Thu Nov 13 [16:40]
*** Leela has joined #drwhochat
<Nathan_Roberts> Hi Leeka
<Nathan_Roberts> Leela
 * SukiF wonders what a Leeka is
<SukiF> I think you've created a whole new Doctor Who monster Nathan ;)
Thu Nov 13 [22:05]
*** SloPokn has joined #drwhochat
*** SloPokn has left #drwhochat
<Israel> Slo was rather fast.:)
Thu Nov 13 [22:02]
 * SukiF thinks about it... how to make the ultimate 7th doctor fan panel
<Israel> Nicky: What sort of focus do you want?
<SukiF> Issy: Not sure, what would you want to hear about?
<Israel> Suki: Tis *your* idea, you think of something.:)
 * SukiF is trying to think of this from the veiw of non-Doc7 fans too
<SukiF> It's just hard trying to think of what to center it on... what
        would keep everyone entertained, etc.
 * SukiF would like to see a discussions about why people such as John Long,
   Azzy, etc. seem to center on his doc
<chrisk> What if Azzy or John Long are in the audience?
<AldenB> Chris: Lynching!
<SukiF> Hee hee, see the shouting match down this way ;)
<Israel> "John Long is in the audience."  "Lock the doors.....":)
 * Nathan_Roberts sees the scene... Suki hands John Long her card...
   "Suki F?" - "Read the other side" - "Sylv Partol... Undercover..."
<chrisk> "Time to get really depressed." :-)
<SukiF> Patrol!!!!
<Israel> "You *will* be Sylved!":)
 * SukiF covers John with the Spoon Gun ;)
<chrisk> A shameless display of public unsubstantiated rants!
<SukiF> Time to send John to The Ferret Man!! Wahahahaha!
Thu Nov 13 [23:06]
*** An_Ice_Warrior is now known as Nathan_Roberts
<Starfury> oh.. it's you Nate! didn't recognise you under all that rubber =)
Fri Nov 14 [0:11]
*** Elsa has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<Whomiga> Darn - missed her
<Starfury> Whomiga: next time, use a cannon. much harder to miss when
           the bullets are so much bigger =)
<Starfury> nuclear weapon. I dare you to miss with a weapon of global
           destruction! =)
<Whomiga> Oh Darn - I destroyed Mars (Missed Earth entirely)
Fri Nov 14 [0:58]
 * Nathan_Roberts needs to go to bed
<DrAndrWho> YOu need too try caffeine!!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Fri Nov 14 [22:18]
<chrisk2> Hey Nathan, could you please make something exciting happen?
 * Nathan_Roberts causes the Red Sea to part
Fri Nov 14 [22:22]
 * Starfury 's very good friend of 15 years is the son of the only american
   allowed to do archaeological work in Egypt
<chrisk2> Hope he doesn't meet anyone named Scarman down there...
Thu Nov 20 [23:43]
Top Ten (which turned into twelve) Ways of Dealing the with K. McCoy Problem
1.  firing squad <AldenB>
2.  a metal baseball bat <Mistress_Terisa>
3.  cement shoes <AldenB>
4.  How about a public lynching? <Mistress_Terisa>
5.  Stick her in a cage with a hungry lion <AldenB>
6.  Made to sit through the Gunfighters, Creature from the Pit, and
    Timelash <Nathan_Roberts>
7.  Drawn and quartered? <DrAndrWho>
8.  tarred and feathered <Starfury>
9.  Stick her in an echo chamber and play recordings of Bonnie's screams
    at 160 decibels... <AldenB>
10. I say we let her have her panel at Visions... and I say that we
    organise it so that persons in authority can be there to debunk her.
    then I say we leave her to the angry, rabid fan horde. <Starfury>
11. About we use her as UNIT target practice? <Mistress_Terisa>
12. All-expenses-paid trip to Varos. <Nathan_Roberts>
Sat Nov 22 [14:00]
*** TheProf was kicked by TheProf (He was bugging me.)
*** TheProf has joined #drwhochat
 * Nathan_Roberts covers his face and groans...
*** TheProf was kicked by Nathan_Roberts (He was bugging me too.)
Sat Nov 22 [14:37]
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh dear... my VGA monitor is trying really hard to die
                 on me...
 * TheProf tries to help Nathan's monitor from the inside. I'll just move
   this wire ZAP!!!!!!!.
 * TheProf is lit up like a Christmas tree.
 * Nathan_Roberts watches Prof get hit by a 10000v shock and turn black
   all over
 * Nathan_Roberts turns off the monitor
 * Nathan_Roberts separates TheProf from TheMonitor and turns it back on
 * DrGrace keeps away from the walking cinder
 * TheProf is medium well done now.
 * Nathan_Roberts serves up TheProf with a bit of barbecue sauce
Sat Nov 22 [15:15]
 * TheProf has no pictures on the internet of himself.
 * TheProf was order by the UN not to.
Sat Nov 22 [23:18]
[regarding the famous Troughton "sexual air supply" blooper]
 * DrGrace wonders what he meant to say?
<SylvDoc> Secondary
<Haem> secondary
<DrGrace> ahhhh
<Haem> A slight stretch from secondary to sexual - what WAS he thinking
<SylvDoc> Sex, I shouldn't wonder :)
<Haem> Trina, you think so? ;>
<SylvDoc> That or pudding
Sat Nov 22 [23:20]
 * SylvDoc hugs Judi and Haem in case they vacate me
<DrGrace> TRina, I won't vacate you.  There was never a motion to dismiss :)
Sun Nov 23 [14:34] <Whomiga>
My first suggestion to someone who asked me to help fix their Packard Bell
was get a new computer
Mon Nov 24 [19:54]
 * Drake say the toilet is backedup...........where's a Dalek when you
   need one?
Wed Nov 26 [19:48]
 * Vila did not claw his way to the top of the food chain to eat carrots!
<Drake> i'm not [a vegetarian] ,just anti-turkey, do to my new pseudo
        religion i just made up ;)
<Drake> i think a pizza with some ground up dead cow is in order
Wed Nov 26 [20:00]
<Nathan_Roberts> Ooh, shit!
<DrGrace> Not you Lance!!!
 * DrGrace quickly ushers Lance out
 * DrGrace warns Nathan not to yell Oh shit with Lance in the room :)
Thu Nov 27 [0:50]
<TheProf> Drake gives ops for the room and can take it away. So we
          love Drake.
 * Meliphyre lights incense
<Meliphyre> BUT Drake also annoints us Queens and Princesses and we
            protect our domain
<TheProf> Drake created the room and is the Top Op for here.
<Starfury> we worship the all powerful Drake, giver of strength and
           taker of pathetic schmaltzy suck-up compliments (like this one)
Thu Nov 27 [23:09]
<TheProf> I couldn't make a web page if Nathan's life depended on it.
          Now my life is another story.
<Nathan_Roberts> Thanks... A LOT!
Thu Nov 27 [23:20] <TheProf>
So how are the Visions (may they rot in hell) folks doing?
Thu Nov 27 [23:40]
<TheProf> Ok Vial Masterego is almost finished. Tell me what you think.
<TheProf> Sorry for the Fruedian slip on your nick Vila.
 * Vila wonders whether to kick the Prof, or just torture him a little.
<TheProf> Torture please.
 * Vila gene-splices the Prof with Adric.
*** TheProf is now known as AdProf
<AdProf> I suddenly have this rabid need to act assinine.
<Vila> How are we supposed to tell that from your normal behavior?
<AdProf> Come on folks. Do you really believe the Doctor couldn't get the
         console working in time to save Adric?
<AdProf> He had just had enough!
<AdProf> Plus he then had the babes to himself.
Fri Nov 28 [0:27]
<AldenB> Nice guy, that Davidson chap.
 * Starfury carefully rips Alden's fingernails off his hands
<AldenB> Ooo-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow!
<Starfury> D - A - V - I - S - O - N
<Starfury> <--- the Davison Avenger's sidekick
 * AldenB bandages his fingers sadly.
 * Starfury will give Alden a tissue regenerator if he promises to spell
   Davison properly =)
 * AldenB knows how to spell Davidson, oh yes he does.
<Starfury> fine then :P
 * Starfury goes to find her Bonnie picture and some tacks
<AldenB> No!  Not the toenails!
 * AldenB shudders.
<AldenB> All right, all right, anything but that!
 * AldenB swears to spell Davison correctly forevermore.
<Starfury> thank you =)
 * Starfury gives you a tissue regenerator and the bonnie picture =)
Fri Nov 28 [0:38]
<Jondar> Hmmm... 179Kb compressed with NetShow
<AldenB> "Help, help!  I'm being compressed!"
Fri Nov 28 [0:40]
<Jondar> Nathan: any ideas on making the timestamping permanent in mIRC?
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: What have you tried?
<AldenB> Options|Switches|Timestamp events???
<Jondar> Nathan: tried setting through options, the menu on each window and
         editing the mirc.ini file...
<Jondar> Alden: tried that, when I opened mIRC again, the timestamping
         disabled itself
<TheProf> Try sitting on your monitor and singing Harri Krisna songs.....
          couldn't hurt and it would amuse us.
Fri Nov 28 [0:55]
 * Nathan_Roberts hits his keyboard with the Mallet of Rassilon
 * AldenB hits his mallet with the Keyboard of Rassilon.
Fri Nov 28 [0:59]
 * AldenB counts his toes. Wait a minute... 11??
<AldenB> I'm much better now my fingernails grew back.
<AldenB> All 12 of them...  Hey, wait a minute!!!
 * Jondar thinks Becky gave Alden some faulty merchandise :)
 * Starfury snickers
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden's a Muto!  Bwahahahaha!
 * Jondar sends Alden to the wasteland between the Kaled and Thal domes :)
<AldenB> I'm a Muto Man.  Muto, muto man.  I want to be, a muto man...
 * AldenB thinks he better lay off the Prozac for a bit.
 * TheProf ckecks and finds he is missing a toe.
<TheProf> Alden give me my toe back!
 * AldenB DCCs a toe to TheProf.
 * TheProf performs microsurgery on himself but accidently put the toe on
   his foehead.
<AldenB> Prof: Footloose, eh??
<MrBubonic> Has there been a radioactive leakage in #drwhochat? I mean, you
            didn't have all these toes and fingers last time I was here.
 * TheProf waves to everyone with his forhead toe.
<TheProf> Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.
<AldenB> Hmm, toeing the hairline, eh?
<TheProf> There is a dirty joke in here somewhere but I won't say it.
 * Nathan_Roberts does not ask what you DO with the toe :)
<AldenB> Nathan: It's for holding your glasses on.
<TheProf> I can now please two women at once.
 * TheProf ducks!
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps TheProf good and hard.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: No you can't, you're married!
<TheProf> I can speak freely tonight the wife is asleep. No risk of head
 * AldenB records all for TheProf's wife to hear later.
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: QUOTEFILE!  :)
<TheProf> NO!
<Jondar> Oh yes!!
<TheProf> She reads that!
 * TheProf makes funeral arangements for himself.
 * TheProf makes out his will. For the guys in #drwhochat..........SQUAT!
[Note to Prof's Wife: Funeral arrangements have been made.  Feel free. >:) ]
Fri Nov 28 [1:14]
<Jondar> Oooh: UFO night... something about the well-publicised 1979 UFO
         sighting in New Zealand
 * AldenB admits it was a hoax. I threw the pie plate myself.
<AldenB> It was.... a really _big_ pie plate.
Fri Nov 28 [1:17]
 * AldenB pats his lovely gleaming new 56K modem.
<Jondar> Alden: does it work at 56K?
<AldenB> Hell no. :-)
<AldenB> You need some sort of flex thingy. X-)
 * AldenB realises he's actually connected at 28.8k. Whups
 * AldenB looks embarressed.
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: Wow, you really know how to put that 56k to use
                 don't you? :)
<AldenB> Nathan: I though I'd start off slowly, y'see... So as not to get
         too carried away.
Fri Nov 28 [1:26]
<TheProf> I saw the Barney ballon in the parade today got ripped in half
          right in front of all those kids. I can see theropists making
          hordes of money in 20 years.
*** TheProf changes topic to "Today we mourn the death of Barney."
*** Nathan_Roberts changes topic to "Today we mourn the death of Barney.
Fri Nov 28 [2:18]
<Starfury> pick a number between 1 and 34
<Nathan_Roberts> Pi!
 * TheProf fwaps Nathan.
<Starfury> pick another number
<Nathan_Roberts> Ok......
<Nathan_Roberts> E!
 * TheProf fwaps Nathan so hard his nick becomes Nthn_Rbrts. I wacked the
   vowels out of him.
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Nthn_Rbrts
 * Nthn_Rbrts pities TheProf
<Nthn_Rbrts> Erm...
 * Nthn_Rbrts pis ThPrf
<TheProf> Earth to Nathan. Come in Nathan.
<Nthn_Rbrts> oops... that wasn't right either
 * Nthn_Rbrts pts ThPrf
<TheProf> Ground control to major Nathan.
<Nthn_Rbrts> Thts Mjr Nthn t y
 * Nthn_Rbrts fwaps himself silly
*** Nthn_Rbrts is now known as Nathan_Roberts
<TheProf> Your breaking up. Please close the door. Your letting all the air
<Starfury> nthn, r y tkng ny mdctn?
<Starfury> r r y lk ths ll th tm?
Fri Nov 28 [2:44]
 * TheProf twiddles his thumbs. Twiddle, twiddle, twiddle.
<TheProf> Must be careful. Last time I twiddled my thumbs it took the
          Doctors hours to untwiddle them.
Fri Nov 28 [16:52]
*** Jefferys changes topic to "Were you mauled at the mall?"
*** Nathan_Roberts changes topic to "Were you malled at the maul?"
Fri Nov 28 [21:48]
<TheProf> Heard from any of the slimy Visions folks?
<Nathan_Roberts> They're in #pmeb
<TheProf> What does that stand for Pre Meniacal Evil Bums.
Fri Nov 28 [23:57]
<TheProf> I have message.wav as the sound for notify except for you Nathan.
          For you I have Hulaboom.:)
<TheProf> Ialso have Donkey.wav for when Alden comes on. :)
Sat Nov 29 [2:09]
 * TheProf pokes the lifeless body of Nathan.
<Nathan_Roberts> Ouch
 * TheProf pokes the lifeless body of Starfury.
 * TheProf puts a lamp shade on Starfuries head.
 * TheProf moves her to the corner of the room and checks to see if she
   matches the wallpaper.
<TheProf> She does so I'll leave her there.
Sat Nov 29 [2:12]
 * TheProf thinks we may need a maid to clean up all the blood that seems to
   be spilt in this room.
Sat Nov 29 [2:13]
 * TheProf has such a dirty screen on his monitor he can barely see.
 * TheProf leaves it that way. Gives him the feel of being in London in the
<Nathan_Roberts> Anything to keep from cleaning it, eh? :)
<TheProf> You bet.
Sat Nov 29 [17:16]
<Vila> BRB... rented beer.
<Vila> OK, the lizard is drained.
<Nathan_Roberts> Wha?
<Vila> Nathan, I had to go piss. Now I done with that and I'm back. OK?
<Nathan_Roberts> I see... I've never seen it referred to like that before...
 * Vila is a redneck, remember? Odd speach patterns, strange accents, that
   sort of rot.
<Nathan_Roberts> It's all geek to me. :)
Sat Nov 29 [17:23]
 * Vila lights a cigarette and tries to relax.
<Vila> Maybe that two gallons of coffee was a bad idea after all.
Sat Nov 29 [17:40]
 * Vila hires some strippers to come in and dance in the channel, just to
   get everyone else to say something.
<Nathan_Roberts> Ooo!
<Vila> Thought that might wake someone up.
<Vila> Now if someone will just chat up the one with the 47 inch bust so
       I can see to type...
<Vila> Get those out of my face, honey. I can't play right now, I'm busy
       talking to my friends.
*** Drake has joined #DrWhoChat
<Vila> You missed the strippers, Drake.
<Drake> i missed the strippers again!
 * Vila hired them to wake Nathan up.
<Vila> 8^)
<Vila> It worked too!
<TheProf> The problem was they got male strippers by mistake.
<Drake> full monty male strippers?
<Vila> First time I ever saw a male stripper with a 47 inch bust, Prof.
<TheProf> They got Boris the Bad Russian and Chuck the chunky.
<TheProf> Chuck is usually available at the last minute.
 * Vila hands the Prof his glasses. Here, you need these more than I do.
*** TheProf is now known as ChuckChunky
 * ChuckChunky strips for your viewing pleasure..............or horror.
 * Nathan_Roberts has a cardiac arrest
<ChuckChunky> DW Nesds Women!!!!!
 * ChuckChunky Needs Hooked on Phonics!
<ChuckChunky> I'm a lot a man.
 * ChuckChunky has problems finding g-strings in his size.
<Drake> this is an image i don't need in my head Prof :)
<Nathan_Roberts> For the record, I didn't go as far as making mental images :)
Sat Nov 29 [17:58] <Vila>
I had my wife shot and stuffed, just so I could hang her head on the wall and
win an argument once in a while.
Sat Nov 29 [17:59]
<Drake> Girlfriend still in Florida?
<Vila> Yep, but she'll be here in 16 days.
<Vila> Just gives me time to catch up on the laundry.
Sat Nov 29 [18:04]
*** Jefferys_ has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
*** Jefferys has joined #drwhochat
 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Jefferys
<Jefferys> Well, I'm closer to Dalnet services now.
<Jefferys> But farther away from you.
 * Drake squints to see Jeff, waaaaaaaaaay over there
 * Vila passes out telescvopes.
<Vila> How did that V get in there?
 * Vila tries to get the stripper away from the keyboard so he can type.
<Jefferys> The "V" is from your nick.
 * Drake wonders where the V in ila went?
<Vila> I should change it to Dyslexic Illav.
*** NateServ is now known as ateServ
<Jondar> Oooh! a restaurant bot! :)
<Jondar> /msg ateServ FIND RESTAURANT Sydney
Sun Nov 30 [2:05]
<TheProf> Nathan. You fooled my notify list. :)
<The_Sentry> :)
<TheProf> But not me.
<The_Sentry> Your notify list is inaccurate. :)
<TheProf> Well I will only put you on once. I will not have two enties for
          you Nathan.
*** The_Sentry is now known as The_TARDIS_Pentium
<TheProf> And definately not THREE!
*** The_TARDIS_Pentium is now known as The_IRC_Warrior
<TheProf> Your really pushing it aren't you.
*** The_IRC_Warrior is now known as Mr_Pedantic
 * TheProf has had enough. Die you evil nick creator!
*** Mr_Pedantic is now known as Dead_Nathan
<TheProf> That's better.
 * TheProf would perform cpr but he's afraid Nathan has Kooties.
 * Dead_Nathan sneezes on TheProf, making sure to spread his Kooties to
 * TheProf runs around the room sceaming "KOOTIES! KOOTIES!
[Sound of Shotgun]
 * TheProf kills the kooties.
<Dead_Nathan> Didn't know you could kill Kooties with a shotgun
<TheProf> I think my wife has kooties. I heard girls do.
<Dead_Nathan> I would advise that you NOT use the shotgun on your wife. :)
<TheProf> They frown on that don't they.
<Dead_Nathan> Fraid so.
<TheProf> It would make an awful mess as well.
<Dead_Nathan> That too
*** TheProf has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
*** TheProf has joined #drwhochat
<Dead_Nathan> Re Prof
<TheProf> I'm alive!
<Dead_Nathan> Wish I were :)

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