The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume I, Issue V: October 1997

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Wed Oct 01 [10:14]
*** [Muad_Dib] has joined #drwhochat
<[Muad_Dib]> Hi nathan!
<Nathan_Roberts> Hi Muad
<[Muad_Dib]> How's life?
<Nathan_Roberts> Ok
<[Muad_Dib]> Where do U live in America?
<Nathan_Roberts> San Francisco bay area
<[Muad_Dib]> oh. Not boston then?
<Nathan_Roberts> Nope
<[Muad_Dib]> Are any drwhoers that I know in boston?
<Nathan_Roberts> I don't know
<[Muad_Dib]> Ohwell - mebbe U can answer this - how much does a psion
             5 cost over there?
<Nathan_Roberts> Never heard of it
<[Muad_Dib]> Psion 5 - handheld computer
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh... I have no idea
<[Muad_Dib]> oh well... are there such things as computer hardware
             discount warehouses over there?
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm not sure...
<[Muad_Dib]> darn. Know anyone who might know?
<Nathan_Roberts> (Can you see the next answer coming? :)  No, I don't
 * [Muad_Dib] gives up :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Sorry to be so unhelpful...
<[Muad_Dib]> not a problem - do it myself a lot :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Just find someone in the U.S. that's not totally clueless :)
 * [Muad_Dib] gives Nathan a 'Clueless' sticker
 * Nathan_Roberts sticks it on his forehead
<Nathan_Roberts> Got a "...and damned proud of it!!" sticker? :)
 * [Muad_Dib] produces the required article from one of his many pockets
<Nathan_Roberts> Who do you think you are anyway, the Doctor? :)
 * [Muad_Dib] has MORE pockets....
<Nathan_Roberts> Pockets schmockets... I just carry a whole bag of junk
                 around with me all the time :)
 * [Muad_Dib] inspects Nathan's bag of junk
Wed Oct 01 [10:24]
*** [Muad_Dib] has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** Random_C has joined #drwhochat
<Random_C> Ello
<Nathan_Roberts> Hi Random... just in time to catch me and Muad leaving :)
 * Random_C waves at Muad's receeding back.
Wed Oct 01 [20:28] <Bob01>
our school has netscape i can see it now when crashes with windows the
teachers are going to say what the hell did i do and have a heart attack
Wed Oct 01 [20:30]
<Nathan_Roberts> Bob: If it was at MY school (they're working on that,
                 actually), they'd be coming to me and paying me to help
                 them :)
<Bob01> nathan you just given me the best idea thank you:)
<Nathan_Roberts> Bob: Gonna make 'em pay through the nose, huh? :)
<Bob01> $5 if you need to start up windows and $25 to learn how to cut
        and paste:)
<Nathan_Roberts> $.25 for stupid questions :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Dumb looks still free :)
Wed Oct 01 [22:27]
<Nathan_Roberts> Hey, if I said it was70 degrees, you'd all be dead...
                 I'm taling Kelvin here :)
<chrisk> Does Kelvin know he's being taled?
Wed Oct 01 [22:35]
<chrisk> My dog had a shot at the vet today. He weighs 62 pounds
<talavera> you need a heavier vet
Thu Oct 02 [21:22]
 * Jondar now has every NA but 3 of them, and every MA but 3 of them
<Nathan_Roberts> And if there were that many BBC books, you'd have all but
                 3 of those too, right? :)
<Jondar> Nathan: probably :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Actually, if there were EXACTLY 3 of them, and you had
                 none, you could say "I have all but three of them!" :)
Thu Oct 02 [21:30]
 * Toni_R waves at Nathan :)
<Toni_R> Ummm...does Nathan accept hugs?
<Nathan_Roberts> Certainly :)
 * Toni_R hugs Nathan certainly :)
Thu Oct 02 [21:37] <chrisk>
Is there a certain age threshold whereby programming a VCR suddenly becomes
Thu Oct 02 [21:53]
<Toni_R> Actually, hoping to spot David Warner in what I'm sure will be an
         all too small role.
<chrisk> Does David have any brothers?
<Toni_R> Not that I know of.
<chrisk> If he did, they'd be Warner Brothers
Thu Oct 02 [21:57]
<Toni_R> Chris is on a roll tonight. Tomorrow see him on a bun.
<chrisk> Well, it's o-pun season
Fri Oct 03 [12:47]
<CBowman> argh. Am I seeing double?
<Nathan_Roberts> Cbowman: No  Cbowman: No 
Sat Oct 04 [17:00] <Synaesta>
you and i both know this planet is doomed.  i just have time to get my
hair done before it is time to leave.
Sat Oct 04 [17:17]
<TheProf> What do I do with popupsexample?
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm... Why do I first see the word "sex" in
                 "popupsexample"... :)
<TheProf> Same here Nathan.
<Synaesta> because that is what guys see... who knows why!  :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh, so I'm not the only sick-and-twisted one in here :)
Sat Oct 04 [17:39]
 * TheProf can not find other.
<Vila> It's right next to the "Any" key.
 * Synaesta gets confused
<Synaesta> i cant find an any key.
<Nathan_Roberts> See that big red switch on the side of your computer?
                 That's it.
<Synaesta> what happens when i press THIS key.....?
 * Synaesta is unexpectedly blown out a nearby airlock.
*** Synaesta has left #DrWhoChat
Sat Oct 04 [17:49]
 * Synaesta stares blankly at RustyShoc for a few moments
 * Synaesta stares blankly at Vila for a few moments
 * Synaesta stares blankly at Nathan_Roberts for a few moments
 * Synaesta stares blankly at TheProf for a few moments
 * Synaesta bites her nails
 * Nathan_Roberts stares blankly at Synaesta for a few moments
 * Synaesta bites her nails
 * Nathan_Roberts stares blankly at the mirror for a few moments
<Nathan_Roberts> Whoa... who's that outside the window??
<Nathan_Roberts> Looks just like me...
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh wait, it IS me... How'd I get outside?
 * Synaesta covers her face and groans.
<Synaesta> how did you get out of special ed, dude?
 * Nathan_Roberts attempts to walk back inside, and runs into a wall...
<Nathan_Roberts> Whoa, who put that there?
 * Synaesta gives nathan a magic wand!
<Synaesta> just do it.
<Synaesta> its automatic, no spells required.
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh... cool...
 * Nathan_Roberts turns himself into a toad...
<Nathan_Roberts> ribbit
<Nathan_Roberts> ribbit
<Nathan_Roberts> ribbit
 * Synaesta gets nathan a terrarium
<Nathan_Roberts> ribbit
<Synaesta> we are having a crisis!
<Nathan_Roberts> ribbit
 * Synaesta runs around panicking!!
<Nathan_Roberts> ribbit ribbit
<Vila> Shouldn't that nick be Nathan_Ribbits?
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Nathan_Ribbits
<Nathan_Ribbits> ribbit
 * Synaesta takes the magic wand and sets it for undo and clicks on nathan
 * Nathan_Ribbits turns into a ... something
*** Nathan_Ribbits is now known as Nathan_Roberts
<Nathan_Roberts> There... that's better :)
Sat Oct 04 [17:56] <Synaesta>
oooh yeah, i remember that episode with dax and worf.  :) are they going to
have a little armadillo?
Sat Oct 04 [19:19]
<Synaesta> the lights went out... there was a bright light outside...
 * Synaesta has a block on that information now.
<Whomiga> Syn: how can you tell if you have a block?
<Synaesta> well, i cant remember. its either a block... or all those
 * Synaesta cant recall which.
<Synaesta> in fact, i am starting to have doubts about the whole thing.  i
           am thinking it probably was NOT aliens this time, but more like...
           bad cheese.
Sat Oct 04 [19:31]
<Bob01> brb getting an other drink
<Nathan_Roberts> An other drink?  Is that something like a Rassilon drink
                 or an Omega drink?
<Synaesta> do you drink alone, bob?
<Synaesta> do you lie to others about how much you drink?
<Bob01> yes
<Synaesta> just checking.
Sat Oct 04 [19:35]
 * timbas thinks
<Synaesta> dont do that, timbas! it will end in tears!
Sun Oct 05 [13:21]
<LisaG> Awwww.... you guys are so sweet.  :-)
<Drake> ./msg #DWC we have her fooled! ;)
Sun Oct 05 [14:25]
<yatesy> nathan: how do you dress?
<Nathan_Roberts> Yatesy: Sweatpants, long-sleeve T-shirt, red flannel, and
                 dress shoes. (I like the irony there :)
<yatesy> nathan: sweatpants and dress shoes?
<Nathan_Roberts> Yatesy: Yup. :)
<yatesy> nathan: that doesnt seem weird to you?
<Nathan_Roberts> Yatesy: Yes, it does! That's the whole point! :)
Sun Oct 05 [19:36]
<Nathan_Roberts> I was working on the quotefile earlier, and for some reason
                 staring at those logs makes me tired...
<chrisk> Just think how Abraham Lincoln used to feel, staring at logs all
         the time
Mon Oct 06 [0:01] <grek>
grek and buba had a severe hangover at this picture. (not really, but we
have to blame something)
Tue Oct 07 [16:43]
*** Jondar has joined #DrWhoChat
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: I'm working on it. Quit asking. :)
[In reference to the overdue Quotefile, naturally]
Tue Oct 07 [21:39] <Synaesta>
you can hide... but you cant run.
Tue Oct 07 [21:47]
<Nathan_Roberts> Good grief, I must be dehydrated or something... just
                 sucked down two sodas...
 * Toni_R turns on a fan to direct returning carbonization bubbles from
   Nathan somewhere else...
Tue Oct 07 [22:07]
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmm... I need a JPG of my head exploding, since that's
                 what it looks like it's about to do :)
<Synaesta> i can arrange that.
<Synaesta> get the picture, quick... oh, too late!
<Nathan_Roberts> <BOOM>
 * Nathan_Roberts 's head explodes, showering the channel with blood and
 * Synaesta feels like crying as she tries to clean off her clothes.
<dse> take em off
<Synaesta> dse! whoah!
<dse> kidding
<Synaesta> slow down there, sonny!
 * Nathan_Roberts sprouts a new head out of his torso
 * Nathan_Roberts looks down and sees his ass...
<Nathan_Roberts> OH SHIT!
Tue Oct 07 [22:14]
<Jondar> for all of you Americans. Australia starts it's seasons on the
         first of the month, not the astonomocial seasons like the US and
<chrisk> So the earth spins at a different rate down there? How interesting
Tue Oct 07 [22:15] <Sutekh_>
BTW.. the proper way to spell colour is how I just spelled it, and PAL TV
systems will rule the world!; -)
Tue Oct 07 [22:49]
<Jondar> Nathan: we don't know Random's Jason's surname, do we? :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: Not that I know of...
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: Yes we do!
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: "Slave" :)
Wed Oct 08 [0:03] <Nathan_Roberts>
Hmmm... I just realized... I should probably call the #dwc picture page,
"The Page of Shattered Illusions." :)
Wed Oct 08 [0:09]
[TheProf is trying to make an auto-Ping response script]
 -> [TheProf] PING
-TheProf- Pingalingaling
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh, how tacky :)
<TheProf> That did it. Thanks Jondar.
<Jondar> Nathan: at least it's better than "Insert ping reply here" :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Ok, ping me now ;)
<TheProf> [Reading the response] This ping responce intentionally left blank.
Wed Oct 08 [13:41]
*** trinalin changes topic to "Ronald McDonald is a capitolist stooge! (His
    name is Moe?)"
Wed Oct 08 [13:56] <Starfury>
nite Whomiga *HUGS*
er... bye
(force of habit)
Wed Oct 08 [14:27]
<SukiF> Hee hee, they've p7ulled me off of Sylv finally ;)
 * trinalin sees the Freudian 7 in Suki's writing :)
Wed Oct 08 [14:35]
<TheProf> I wish there was a cheap place to scan photos. Places like kinkos
          charge an arm and a leg.
<Drake> arm and a leg,hmmm you can only go there twice........
<Trinalin> Drake - unless you are part centipede
Wed Oct 08 [14:39]
*** Random_C changes topic to "What did the cross-dressing Cybercontroller
    say? "Give me the bow""
Wed Oct 08 [18:55]
*** Romana has joined #drwhochat
<Whomiga> Hi Romana  :)
<Drake> Hi Richard's Mom
<DrGrace> Oh, Hi Richard's Mom :)
<lisag> Hi Whommies Mommy.  :-)
<lisag> So, Mom, you want the dirt on what your son's been saying when
        you're not around? :-)
 * lisag ducks and runs. :-)
Wed Oct 08 [20:06]
*** Israel changes topic to "Now hosting International Mime Convention 1997"
 * Whomiga walks against the wind
 * Drake shoots the mime
<Drake> with a silencer of course
 * Israel pwangs Drake
<Nathan_Roberts> SSSHHHHHH!  oops
<Whomiga> Oops! (Quietly :^)
Wed Oct 08 [20:10]
*** Israel changes topic to "The best things in life are free. There's just
    a big ass shipping and handling charge. :)"
Wed Oct 08 [22:32]
 * Synaesta gives nesbin a better job!
<Nesbin> what? A video-game tester? A chocolate-tester?
<Synaesta> as... as...
<Synaesta> chief engineer aboard my nuclear wessel.
 * Nesbin don't look -that- much like Chekov. :)
Thu Oct 09 [17:23]
<Bob01> nathan im begining to agree with you on your theory of microsoft
<The_Hydra> Which theory?  A) it sucks, b) it's crap, or c) it's
            really shitty?
Thu Oct 09
<Bob01> suki you see live ER?
<SukiF> Well, my mom has seen live ER ;) She's a nurse
Thu Oct 09 [17:33] <Nathan_Roberts>
Today I saw someone with a "bald eagle" T-shirt, and asked them, "Is there a
Hair Club For Eagles?"
Thu Oct 09 [17:44]
<SukiF> Tavern was very good, but NO Dave Stone
<lisag> Suki:  :-(
<SukiF> Yeah, you think after proposing he'd at least show up ;)
<lisag> Suki: *snort*  Well, his fiance might've had something to say about
        that. :-)
Thu Oct 09 [22:21]
<SukiF> Tom didn't look half bad at Panop actually. Only the hair
<Pandora3> only one hair?
Fri Oct 10 [17:36]
<Jondar> Lisa: it seems I've been employed as a voice actor :)
<lisag> Jason: Oooooooh!!!  Coool!!!  :-)  Just make sure it's not that
        Karen McCoy wacko.  :-)
Fri Oct 10 [18:03]
<Nathan_Roberts> OK, that's what Yads was talking about; a simulcast script
<Nathan_Roberts> I can even theoretically voice other users, going through
<MacGhoti> Hmm. I would not like that. I like to make a fool of myself
           face-to-face :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Heh... imagine me simulcasting everyone on #drwho and some
                 sex channel or something :)
<MacGhoti> From what I've heard, all the juicy stuff happens off-channel :)
<Nathan_Roberts> From what you've HEARD... sure. :)
<MacGhoti> Hey, I don't know where else my words are going... have to
           maintain my image ;)
Fri Oct 10 [23:20]
<talavera> Ellen is gay?
<Israel> Talavera: Welcome back from under that rock.:)
Sat Oct 11 [14:31]
<Vila> Just showing a friend what IRC looks like.
<lisag> Vila: so, you want the rated PG version? Or the rated R?
<Nathan_Roberts> Hi Vila's Friend... Are you female? And if so, are you
                 single? :)
<Vila> Nathan, she's married, and talking to her husband on the phone
       right now.
<Nathan_Roberts> D'oh! :)
<lisag> Vila: oh, poo. I was hoping it was a cute single guy...
Sat Oct 11 [14:49]
<swarm> Nathans regenerated I see
<The_Great_Talvero> he will be out of lives, soon, just like the Master
 * The_Great_Talvero will not touch any grandfather clocks for the next
   few days
Sat Oct 11 [16:57]
*** Dr_\N|-|O has joined #drwhochat
<Nathan_Roberts> Hi Dr. Lu... er... Who
Sat Oct 11 [17:11]
<Jefferys> What did my dad do to this computer?
<Jefferys> Sorry...that was a rhetorical need to answer...
<Nathan_Roberts> What's wrong with it?
<Jefferys> I can't call up IE 3 and I'm now reduced to NAvigator 2.02, ugh...
<Jefferys> I'm in the process of reinstalling IE
 * Jondar has no problems like that: I'm the only one who uses this
   computer, so therefore all problems are my fault :)
Sat Oct 11 [17:36]
<Jefferys> Hmmm....I wonder what "pax vobiscum" means?
<Vila> Well, pax is latin for peace...  But vobiscum stretches my latin WAY
       past the breaking point.
<Vila> But if I had to guess...
<Vila> vobi would mean something like among and scum, as we all know, meand
       the lowest of the low. So, I say that pax vobiscum means "Peace
       among those rednecks that have the nerve to live outside of Rome
       like us Upper-class folks."
<Whomiga> Vobis is You
<Vila> Then it means "Peace? You wish!"
<Jondar> perhaps it is "Peace be with you" -- then it has biblical
<Vila> Oh well, shoots the hell out of my translation.
<Jefferys> bbl--I have to setup IE 4
*** Jefferys has quit IRC (Leaving)
<Jondar> Jefferys: pax vobiscum is: "Peace be with you"
<Nathan_Roberts> Jefferys is gone :)
<Jondar> Nathan: and I spent 10 minutes looking for a translation :)
Sat Oct 11 [17:52]
 * Bob01 drops a pin
<Bob01> hello?
<SukiF> I guess he dropped it into a hay stack
<Jondar> Suki: Well, I'm not going to look for it :)
 * Whomiga starts looking around for a magnet
<SukiF> Well, just say you dropped Paul McGann in there and set the PMEB
        loose, they'll find it ;)
<Bob01> what about GOD mccoy?
<SukiF> Drop McCoy in a haystack, set me loose and he'll be running like
        a cat on fire out of there ;)
Sat Oct 11 [18:11] <Bob01>
the peguins and the frogs are sueing bud for low pay (not enough beer and
Sat Oct 11 [19:01] <Whomiga>
He hates me, I hate him - lets hang Barney from a tree. (Just sing it
to the theme song)
Sat Oct 11 [19:02]
<Jefferys> Anybody who isn't on Hebron, don't raise your hands.
<Whomiga> Any one who isn't wearing deodorant, don't raise your arms :^)
Sat Oct 11 [19:02] <SukiF>
You should of heard us at Panopticon making The Prisoner jokes about it ;)
This yellow ball starts flying away from this demonic kid in one scene...
were just laughing about the Prisoner, I said "I am not a play thing....
I am a free ball!"
Sat Oct 11 [19:09]
<AldenB> Ew, Teletubbies are actually people dressed up???  And there I
         thought they were animated.
<SukiF> Actually they are sorta animated.... by the forces of hell and all
        that's evil >;)
Sat Oct 11 [22:27]
 * Pandora3 screams suddenly
* Nathan_Roberts covers his ears
<Pandora3> tension breaker. had to be done.
<Nathan_Roberts> WHAT? WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU...
 * DrGrace smacks Nathan HARD. There you go
Sat Oct 11 [23:07] <TheProf>
Nathen after listening to several of your wavs I have a question to ask.
Do you have a door on your microwave oven?
<TheProf> This could be important Nathan and explain many things.
<TheProf> This is only an example but could be a call for help or
          a microwave door.  Folks we need to figure out how to save Nathan.
          He could be a threat to the entire world.
Sat Oct 11 [23:30]
 * TheProf is practicing pings and other things on Nathan.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: I was wondering about that....
<TheProf> I pinged Nathan and it says his self destruct is activated!
<TheProf> Nathan is going to explode!
 * Nathan_Roberts 's head explodes, sending blood and brains all over
   the room
 * TheProf gets a spoon to collect Nathan off the walls.
<Nathan_Roberts> You know, I really am sadistic at times... >:)
<Aka_Raine> Nathan: And this is a bad thing?
<Nathan_Roberts> Ok, just for the sake of explanation... Prof was sending
                 a barrage of CTCP requests, so I thought I'd send back a
                 legitimate-looknig one just to mess with his head. :)
<TheProf> Nathan doesn't have a door on his microwave and the long term
          effects are starting to show.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Yes I do! I'm just this way naturally! Muahahahah!!!
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps himself
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps himself
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps himself
 * Nathan_Roberts beats his head into a wall repeatedly...
<Nathan_Roberts> Sorry... I'm acting weird tonight...
<Aka_Raine> Nathan (repeats) And this is a bad thing?
<TheProf> Don't hit yourself Nathan. That's our job.
 * Nathan_Roberts beats his head into a wall repeatedly...
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm... it worked for Kryten...
 * Nathan_Roberts beats his head into a wall repeatedly...
 * Nathan_Roberts checks the ingredients on the soda he's been drinking...
<TheProf> Nathan, two words....... Caffene Free.
<Aka_Raine> Caffeine is the stuff life is made of. Without it, all shall
            wither away and die. Only thing more precious to life as we
            know it is chocolate.
Sat Oct 11 [23:49]
<TheProf> Jondar is making a Sarah Jane theme for me and won't tell me
          anything about what it will have. Says it is a surprise. I need
          someone to snitch for me.
<TheProf> Nathan your pretty shifty.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Sorry... I'm also an honest man :)
<TheProf> Darn.  I had lower hopes for you.
Sat Oct 11 [23:52]
<TheProf> I've learned the suttle art of bugging the wife makes life fun.
<TheProf> Ouch!
<TheProf> She hit me with a pillow.
<^Anduril^> why not flatter her to death?
<TheProf> To much hard work.
<TheProf> Ouch!
<Whomiga> Another pillow?
<TheProf> Yep.
<TheProf> She only has two more.
<TheProf> Now she wants me to get the first two back for her.
<Aka_Raine> (psst. Prof's wife: throw other things when you run out of
            pillows! :) )
<Nathan_Roberts> (psst. Prof's wife: Specifically, heavier things :) )
<Nathan_Roberts> Psst.  Prof's wife: Can I interest you in a Fwapper of
                 Omega (tm)? >:) It's very affordable. >:) Easy credit
                 terms available. >:)
<TheProf> She says she will take one.
Sat Oct 11 [0:01]
 * Nathan_Roberts begins to drill a hole in his desk with a pair of scissors
<TheProf> Nathan should you be handling sharp objects?
Sat Oct 11 [0:28]
*** Aka_Raine has quit IRC (
<Whomiga> There goes the Raine :^/
*** Aka_Raine has joined #drwhochat
<Nathan_Roberts> Here comes the Raine again :)
Sat Oct 11 [0:34]
<Whomiga> Aka, You need to change to
<Nathan_Roberts> Or Barovia
<Whomiga> Nathan: I said that already :^)
<Nathan_Roberts> Who: I know :)
<TheProf> More signs of microwave leakage.
[Is this horse dead yet?]
Sun Oct 12 [13:55]
<Nathan_Roberts> OK, I've found a program that'll batch convert soudn files
<Jefferys> brb--going to get a knife
<trinalin> Jeff - NO!  It isn't worth it!  Don't end your life simply
           because Nathan batch converts his files!
<talavera> don't do it! surely this conversation isn't quite that boring
<Jefferys> There we go; I needed to spread mayo on my cold cut sandwich
<trinalin> Jeff - what an anti-climax
<JellyBaby> This channel is beginning to scare me greatly
<trinalin> Jelly - we try
Sun Oct 12 [19:33]
<chrisk> Then again, Suki lives at least 100 miles south of me
<SukiF> Oh no, he's looked me up on the map ;)
<chrisk> No, I just know that 08- zipcodes are way down south in NJ
<Nathan_Roberts> Chris DOES work at the post office :)
<SukiF> So Chris, seen my Panopticon photos over there in the mail? If they
        come bent I'm coming to you ;)
Sun Oct 12 [19:36]
<chrisk> Some people have the most atrocious handwriting
 * Whomiga does - My mother says I write backwards better then I do
   forwards :^)
Sun Oct 12 [20:31]
<Ron5> Did you have a nice time Suki??
<Nathan_Roberts> Ron: Don't get her started :)
<Ron5> Did you meet Syl, Suki?
<Nathan_Roberts> Ron: DON'T GET HER STARTED! :) :)
Sun Oct 12 [20:53]
 * lisag tackles Issy for the biggest squeeze hug of all!!
 * Israel goes down in a heap.
 * Israel issues a pitiful squeak from under Lisa.....
<lisag> Oh, come on, Dan, I'm on a diet!!
Sun Oct 12 [21:01]
 * Drake being part Native American boos Columbus
Sun Oct 12 [22:13]
<TheProf> Ok Nathan how can you talk and be someone else!
<Nathan_Roberts> I was on two servers at once :)
<TheProf> I see...... no I don't........never mind......
Sun Oct 12 [22:15]
<dse> I have over 470 wavs on my computer but I'm not on my computer
      right now
<TheProf> Good. I try not to stand on mine as well.
Sun Oct 12 [22:24] <TheProf>
Nathan that is a good question. How do you look in a bikini? Enquiring
minds want to know.
<talavera> no, they don't
Mon Oct 13 [0:38]
<grek> flash...hmm...USR ? no?
<grek> flesh modem..
<Nathan_Roberts> flesh modem.... vorlon technology?
Mon Oct 13 [1:12]
<grek> ah..dammit i'm stupid..
<The_Sentry> Oh, what took so long to realize? :D
Mon Oct 13 [1:13] <grek>
i'm a bit unsyncronized with the world...
The World = 50 Hz, Grek = 45 Hz..
Mon Oct 13 [1:42]
<Whomiga> I'm in the state of Florida in USA
<grek> Whomiga : i understood that ofcourse, i'm not stupid, right,...USA...
       that base on the moon right???
Mon Oct 13 [19:11]
 * The_Sentry is beginning to get confused
 * Nathan_Roberts is too
 * The_Sentry is three
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps The_Sentry
 * The_Sentry beats up Nathan Roberts
 * Nathan_Roberts pounds The Sentry into the ground
<Whomiga> Wow - multipersonality conflict!! :^)
 * The_Sentry is bored... can you tell? :)
 * Nathan_Roberts is too
 * The_Sentry is three
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh, shaddup! :)
Tue Oct 14 [15:48]
<SukiF> Jason: The premise, Doc lands in 1840 Collinsport shell shocked, a
        mortician finds him ....a witch is there, and a crazed family
<Noo-Noo> Where do you want to wind up?
<SukiF> Well, the Doc normal again, and witch dead
<Noo-Noo> Why do you want to kill the witch?  Got a reason?
<Nathan_Roberts> Reason? This is Dr. Who we're talking here :)
<Noo-Noo> No, it's fanfic, it's supposed to be deep! =-)
<Jondar> Nathan: I think "Reason" went out the same window that "Plot"
         did :)
Tue Oct 14 [21:51]
<Israel> Night all.  I'm gonna crash.
<chrisk> Hope you've got your seatbelt on
Tue Oct 14 [23:51]
<TheProf> I was doing it wrong. I only learned how to cut and paste URLs
          yesterday so give me a break.
 * Nathan_Roberts pulls a break out of his pocket and hands it to TheProf
<TheProf> Thank you Nathan. Always ready to do PRECICLEY as you ask.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Go jump in a lake. >:)
Wed Oct 15 [0:08]
<Nathan_Roberts> Eep! It's 12:08!
<Nathan_Roberts> Eep! It's <slap!>
<TheProf> 12:09 Nathan
<Nathan_Roberts> WHATEVER!
<TheProf> Just trying to be helpful.
<Nathan_Roberts> Eep! It's 12:09! (Next person to correct me dies. :)
<TheProf> 12:10 now Nathan.
 * Nathan_Roberts shoots TheProf
Wed Oct 15 [20:00] <SukiF>
Hey, I have similar writing styles to Kate Orman.... we torture the 7th
Doc, make him scream >;)
Wed Oct 15 <Nathan_Roberts>
I want a wav of someone (like Grace for instance, who was VERY unhappy with
HULABOOM.WAV :) screaming "IS NOTHING SACRED???", followed by gunshot, and
me saying "No. Nothing is. Not as long as I'm around." >:)
Wed Oct 15 [23:29] <TheProf>
I haven't seen Alden for a while. You don't suppose he decided he liked
those sex rooms do you?
Fri Oct 17 [13:54] <[Muad_Dib]>
Didja hear about the agnostic dyslexic insomniac? He lay awake all night
wondering whether or not there was a dog
Fri Oct 17 [14:56] <Random_c>
I've just been pondering the question of what people do when their PCs are
broken. I've discovered that they attempt to phone people who aren't in,
read a Stephen Fry book for a while, then finally nick bits out of their
mum's machine. :)
Fri Oct 17 [18:10]
<Haem> Hey Trina! What's with the address?
<Trinalin> The address?
 * trinalin looks at her dress
<trinalin> Oh, you like it? It's by Dijour
Sat Oct 18
#drwhochat topic: Hmmmm......empty...... (Janet1) still empty (Bob01)
And still empty (Nyssa) And, Yes you guessed it...Empty (Xirtam)
Hey, people here!...Only joking... [Muad_Dib]
If this is empty, then what is not empty? Wow! Peoples! (Ela)
Sat Oct 18 [18:00]
<SukiF> Shouldn't of been eating that anion pizza I guess
<SukiF> onion even
<Nathan_Roberts> Anion Pizza?  I didn't know they had ionized Pizza
 * SukiF fwaps Nathan with an onion ;)
Sat Oct 18 [18:16]
 * SukiF use to have to buy about 10 blank tapes every two week for DS
<Nathan_Roberts> Suki: Wow... now THAT'S what I call Obessive... :)
 * Nathan_Roberts retires his title of "Obsessive Video Collector" :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Suki: Now... do you have every single episode of every
                 single series on every single tape INDEXED? :)
<DrDove> Nathan: Nope ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Suki: Hehehe... I do :)
 * Nathan_Roberts reclaims his title of "Obsessive Video Collector" :)
Sat Oct 18 [18:42]
*** ChanServ changes topic to "Hmmmm......empty...... (Janet1) still empty
    (Bob01) And still empty (Nyssa) And, Yes you guessed it...Empty (Xirtam)
    Hey, people here!...Only joking... [Muad_Dib]  If this is empty, then
    what is not empty? Wow! People!"
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Nathan_Roberts_Away
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Vila
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DrDove
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Elsa
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DrGrace
Sat Oct 18 [22:39]
<Nathan_Roberts> I've got 4 computers... 7 if you include the 3 that don't
                 work :)
<Starfury> hahaha! the internet equivalent of a redneck!
Sat Oct 18 [22:43] <Nathan_Roberts>
You know... I bet SOMEWHERE there's SOME Sit-Com with a scene in it where
somebody actually picks up the computer and throws it through the window...
Sun Oct 19 [1:00]
<Whomiga> I always wanted to get ahold of a 1 Ferad capacitor
<Nathan_Roberts> Why?
<Whomiga> Sucker would have to be pretty big
<Whomiga> In size - just look at the equation (Which I currently can't
<Whomiga> Would Charge it up and see what city I could run with it :^)
<Nathan_Roberts> Or see who you could fry with it >:)
<Whomiga> I wasn't gonna say that, but yes :^)
Sun Oct 19 [2:52] <Nathan_Roberts>
Hehe... good old procrastination at work, eh? :)
Hmmm... Procrastination at work... seems like a bit of a contradiction,
doesn't it?
Sun Oct 19 [19:35]
 * Nathan_Roberts pounds on his keyboard with a wooden mallet
<Whomiga> Nathan: There's nothing you can't solve with a liberal
          application of wooden mallet
Sun Oct 19 [19:42]
<Nathan_Roberts> No, you can get [OpenDOS] from the internet.  It's free
                 for non-commercial use
<Whomiga> Probably the best selling point :^)
Sun Oct 19 [19:50]
<Nathan_Roberts> Sheesh... I almost don't have enough usable disks to copy
                 the installer files... I'm scrounging here...
 * Vila loand Nathan a few extra MEGs.
<Nathan_Roberts> It's not megs I need... it's floppy disks
<Vila> Maybe I should put the beer down before  I start typing, eh?
<Drake> never drink and might start making sense ;)
<Vila> I do not drink to make sense. I drink so that OTHER people seem to
       make sense.
<Drake> hopeless task there Dan :)
<Whomiga> When it comes to Yads you can never drink enough
Sun Oct 19 [20:11]
<MrRex> Hi, nickserv killed me.
<Bethani> mean mr nickserv!
 * Nathan_Roberts exterminates the master criminal NickServ
*** MrRex is now known as Vila
<Vila> Still, can we put out a contract on nickserv? Please?
<Whomiga> Vila: You need to go to #Hitmen
<Vila> I AM #Hitmen!
<MegL> I think I'm going to run a room list. I'll be lagged bad for a
       few secs
 * MegL chats to herself to hopefully not time out :)
<MegL> I think I'll tell everyone when I reach certain points in the list
       down load :)
 * MegL is heading for the 3000 mark
 * MegL is now heading for the 4000 mark
<Vila> Sell the stock before it peaks, Meg.
Sun Oct 19 [22:13] <Whomiga>
The awooga.wav reminds me of something we came up with at work a long time
ago. We had the idea to announce "This is a drill, (cutaway to another sound)
No this is a drill, NO - that is a cordless screwdriver, (Cutaway to a drill),
No This is a Drill!!
Sun Oct 19 [23:35]
 * grek says whats happening???...knowing the standard answer to : Whats up ?
Sun Oct 19 [23:47] <grek>
we all know the joke about american beer...
Whats the similarity of American beer and making love in a canoe ??
It's fucking near water...
Sun Oct 19 [23:57]
<NathanR> You just reminded me that I had a tape in the tapedeck rewinding
          all day... :)
<grek> that tape is probably rewinded by now...
<NathanR> I'll check just to make sure
Mon Oct 20 [0:23]
 * DrDove must now find pics of Rowan Atkinson, Patrick McGoohan and
   Tim Curry
<DrDove> Hmmm, maybe I should do a links page on my home page
 * DrDove has a heart attack realising she added an s to he when reffering
   to Patrick McGoohan
Mon Oct 20 [20:34]
 * lisag can't stay long ... just got home from work, and have no clothes
   for tomorrow... ANd my hands are killing me.
<DrGrace> Lisa, does that mean you're going au naturel tomorrow?
<lisag> Oh, thanks Grace.  :-)  You'll see the news about a collective
        seizure in California.  :-)
Mon Oct 20 [22:49]
 * DrGrace saw those dolls at the Tower
<DrGrace> Where Trina bought the most morbidly fascinating guillotine set
<SukiF> LOL! "Off with the Sylv haters head!"
<SukiF> Trina can do cut rate curcumsisions now! ;)
<Vila> "Attention K-Mart Choppers!"
Mon Oct 20 [23:24]
<SukiF> No, I just had to do everything ;) I moved around, I got Sylv
        there ;) Then I talked his ear off, bwahahahahaha!
 * DrGrace will wait to see if Elsa outdoes Suki at Visions :)
Mon Oct 20 [23:30]
 * DrGrace thinks Chicago has a very bizarre rap. The hotel is out by the
   airport. It isn't even really in Chicago
<Vila> Grace, think I should loan Suki my Tommy-gun?
 * DrGrace fwaps Vila
 * Vila blows Grace a kiss and treasures the fwap in the spirit it was
<Random_c> Hang on...someone flirting here, and it's not me? What is the
           net coming to...
Tue Oct 21 [8:36]
*** chrisk has joined #drwhochat
<chrisk> I should have guessed it'd be Nathan here :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Shutup. :)
Tue Oct 21 [8:37]
<chrisk> How's this Game of Rassilon?
<Nathan_Roberts> It's a Dr. Who quiz game.  It looks OK, but had some bugs
                 last time I checked. It requires JavaScript
<chrisk> Do the winners get turned to stone?
Tue Oct 21 [21:10] <chrisk>
Just heard on Politically Incorrect that there's a guy who had a heart
transplant and now has two hearts. Did he get a respiratory bypass system
Bill Maher says give him three more and he'll have a flush
Tue Oct 21 [21:12]
<Synaesta> all's i know is what i told ya. thats alls i know.
<chrisk> OK, Popeye
<Synaesta> please, call me descartes.
<chrisk> Do you set descartes before the horse?
Tue Oct 21 [22:59] <TheProf>
I invented the Pummle me Elmo doll. You beat the hell out of it and it
screams and cries. For those who hate Elmo.
Tue Oct 21 [23:00]
<TheProf> Ok. That [WAV file] was a weird one. Suki you made that? Have you
          told your theropist?
 * TheProf is still leary of Suki.
<SukiF> You and Sylv both ;)
<TheProf> You add that to the fact you are wearing leather on irc and you
          come up with one twisted little lady. ;)
<SukiF> Me? Leather? ;)
<SukiF> Who's been telling fibs about me? ;)
<TheProf> No wonder Sylvester was afraid of you. And why he was interested
          as well.
Tue Oct 21 [23:05]
*** TheProf changes topic to "Which DW companion looks best in black
<TheProf> Now we'll get all the weirdos from Sexchat.
<Nathan_Roberts> /join #drwhosex
Wed Oct 22 [21:49]
<chrisk> It's snowing in Bradford, PA in case anyone's interested :)
<Bethani> chrisk: what is snow? ;)
<chrisk> Snow is what you see on NTSC TV sets far too often. Doesn't it
         snow up there?
Wed Oct 22 [23:29]
<NathanR> So, you want me to go ahead and put that up?
<SukiF> The one of me &er; Sylv where he looks a bit wasted ;)
<SukiF> Sure, why not! ;)
 * NathanR considers putting a caption in there...
<NathanR> "Yes, that really is Sylvester McCoy.  Yes, that is a beer in his
<SukiF> Nathan: Remember to caption "The one on your left is Suki" hee hee ;)
        I don't need wild rumors going about that I'm sylvester McCoy ;)
Thu Oct 23 [23:47]
 * Sutekh_ thinks these telesnap reconstruction guys are going to get so
   good they'll edit in the audio of Tom flubbing a line and saying the
   F-word into one of the existing stories ;-)
Fri Oct 24 [14:20]
<SukiF> Nyder was back, I toyed with him a bit after he said nasty things
        about Sylv, then kicked him ;)
<trinalin> Suki- you're worse than a cat who plays with a mouse :)
Fri Oct 24 [14:21]
*** SukiF has quit IRC (Killed ( ( <-[])))
*** DrDove has joined #drwhochat
<DrDove> re
<DrDove> Hmm, IRC is not treating me well tonight
<DrDove> But anyway.... What did I miss?
<trinalin> Dove - McCoy.  He was here for five minutes asking if you were
           here. We said you hang out on Efnet
Fri Oct 24 [14:30] <SukiF>
Not to change the subject, but after seeing Nyder today I'm positive he's
John Long ;) Just the way he'd apologize and then get back to cursing you
out. He didn't like it when I kicked him all of a sudden, after he'd been
a bit quiet, but the conversation was getting about how attractive the
companions were and I thought it best before he opened his mouth.
 * SukiF admits she liked toying with him though >;)
When he was talking nasty about Nicola Bryant wanting him to examine her you
knows it got discusting, but I tried to use levity, I said Nicola musta
started laughing when he took his trousers off >;)
Sat Oct 25 [18:39]
*** Dramatic_Grace is now known as Fill_in_the_Blank_Grace
<Fill_in_the_Blank_Grace> Okay folks, let's play Find that Adjective!
<NathanR> I'll take Sexually Suggestive Adjectives for 100, please :)
Sun Oct 26 [20:16]
<AldenB> What's a good virus buster for Win95?
<NathanR> Alden: FORMAT.COM
Sun Oct 26 [21:07]
 * chrisk prods everyone with a 3.048m pole
 * Drake pokes back with a 10ft pole
<chrisk> Do slow-moving things centimeter along in metric countries?
Sun Oct 26 [22:34]
<NathanR> I've never really been interested in EF... wonder what's wrong with me... :)
<AldenB> Nathan: You've had your libido removed? :-)
<NathanR> Alden: Must be... :)
<NathanR> Hmmm... that might explain why I'm still a virgin, and why I don't
          have a girlfriend... :)
<AldenB> Nathan: That doesn't explain me being in an identical position
         though. :-/
<NathanR> Alden: Well, remember that I'm more or less in this position by
          *choice*! :)
 * AldenB looks at NAthan in awe.
 * NathanR looks at Alden in AWE32
 * AldenB looks back at Nathan in AWE64.
<NathanR> D'oh! Alden's got me beat! :)
Sun Oct 26 [22:49]
<NathanR> Alden: Oh, what, you mean you're MALE? :)
<AldenB> Nathan: Last time I looked, yes. And I don't think I've had any
         distressing accidents since then.
Sun Oct 26 [23:31] <dse>
my spell checker must be a liberal: it won't recognize Nixon or Reagan but
does recognize Johnson, Carter, and Clinton
Mon Oct 27 [1:00]
 * Vila slaps SupremeDalek with a Fill in the blank... Generic
   slapping tool !
Mon Oct 27 [22:00]
<TerisaDr7> Hey, Nathan, where are Suki's pics on your webpage?
<NathanR> Terisa: The #drwhochat picture page
<TerisaDr7> Where?  I was just there.  :-\
<NathanR> Click on Suki's thumbnail to get the full picture
Mon Oct 27 [22:29]
<The_Sentry> Sorry for the flooding
<TheProf> Nathan we are use to you being a butt. :)
Mon Oct 27 [23:13]
<TheProf> Meg I don't have nlaugh.wav
<MegL> oops
<The_Sentry> Prof: That's because I just recorded it!
<TheProf> She asked me for it though.
<MegL> wrong person again
<The_Sentry> OIC :)
<MegL> the_Sentry nlaugh.wav
<MegL> !the_sentry nlaugh.ave
 * The_Sentry covers his face with his hands and groans
<TheProf> .ave!!!????
<TheProf> Meg you need to stop typing with your nose and use your toes
          more often.
<TheProf> !the_sentry nlaugh.wav
<TheProf> I had to type that sound request in perfect or Meg would have
          nailed me to the wall. :)
Mon Oct 27 [23:25]
<The_Sentry> Eep! It's 11:24!
<TheProf> Your right it is 11:24. :)
<The_Sentry> Whatev.... Oh, we agree...
 * TheProf set his computer clock from Nathans a few days ago. :)
<The_Sentry> Eep! It's 11:55!
<TheProf> 11:51.
<The_Sentry> Whatever!
<TheProf> You changed your clock you slime.
<The_Sentry> Did I?
<TheProf> Talk about someone trying to pick an argument.
<The_Sentry> Well? :)
<TheProf> Nathan you liar! Your clock says 11:51!!!!!!
<The_Sentry> Hah!  I'm referring to Wall Time! >:)
<TheProf> liar,liar,liar.
<TheProf> liar,liar,liar.
<The_Sentry> I'm reading the time off my wall clock! Try setting your
             computer to that! :P
<TheProf> liar, liar, liar.
<TheProf> liar, liar, liar.
<The_Sentry> Eep! It's 11:56!
<TheProf> LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<The_Sentry> Liar liar liar WHAT?
<The_Sentry> I told you! I'm reading the wall clock!  Now I'm reading my
             alarm clock!
<The_Sentry> Altight!  It's 5:28am!
<The_Sentry> And It's May 18th! 1951!
<TheProf> Not even close you son of a small rodent with real big sharp
          pointy teeth and a long hairy tale and that makes a sound like
          a little..........................
<TheProf> My wife came in and read what we have been doing and thinks I
          need theropy now.
<The_Sentry> EEp! It's 12:01, 12:06, 12:05, and 12:00!
Tue Oct 28 [0:00]
<The_Sentry> Payge: I don't drink.
<TheProf> Don't you get thirsty?
 * TheProf thinks Nathan would start to look like a raison in about a week.
Tue Oct 28 [21:42] <dse>
oh btw do ya know what really caused the stock market to fall?
the paparazzi. they were following it around when it crashed
Wed Oct 29 [19:44]
 * Jondar_ hits the MS Natural keyboard he is using (against his will)
 * The_TARDIS_Pentium hits Jondar's keyboard with the Mallet of Rassilon
Thu Oct 30 [23:03] <Nathan_Roberts>
Adobe Photoshop: Official image editor for the National Enquirer. :)
Thu Oct 30 [23:16]
 * dse hugs Becky to pieces and pieces
 * Starfury picks up the pieces...
<Nathan_Roberts> How do you pick up your own pieces? :)
<Starfury> Nathan: uh... magnets! yeah that's it... =)
 * dse hugs the pieces to pieces
<Starfury> dse: careful... I'm getting all microscopic =)
 * Nathan_Roberts hugs the pieces and pieces to pieces and pieces (should
   we go for the sub-atomic? :)
Fri Oct 31 [22:50]
 * Theprof loves wavs. :)
 * SukiF bets Prof likes the beach then >;)
Fri Oct 31 [23:12] <Nathan_Roberts>
Someone asked me last year if I wanted to be involved in the Internet Club
at my school.  He said, "We need people that know what they're doing...
people that  don't ask, 'Who's [URL?]'", and I replied, "I hate to say this,
but Who IS Earl?'" So much for THAT opportunity :)
Fri Oct 31 [23:14]
<Israel> Nathan: When should the quotefile be up by?
<dse> mid-March :)
Fri Oct 31 [23:15]
<Attracta> We're just too witty for our own good, aren't we Nathan? ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Suki: Where do you think the quotefile comes from? :)
<Attracta> Nathan: Ummm, let me try to guess.... I know this one >;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Suki: Don't say, "It comes from Nathan!" :)
<Attracta> Nathan: Ha, I'm not sucking up that much to get in the Quotefile!
<Israel> Nicky: You're sucking up more than a Hoover upright on steroids.:)
<Attracta> Issy: Well there goes you off my Xmas card list ;)
Fri Oct 31 [23:26]
<Fwapee> Ok, go crazy, I deserve it tonight ;)
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Suki
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Suki good and hard.
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Suki with a pillow.
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Suki with the Pillow of Rassilon.
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Suki with the Fwapper (tm)
<Theprof> Oh my! Fwap me too? Please! Wimper wimper.
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps TheProf
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps TheProf good and hard.
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps TheProf with a pillow.
 * Israel fwaps Nathan with the Fwapper Of G-d (TM)
Fri Oct 31 [23:34]
<Theprof> They spent $3000 to make a frog underpass so frogs on this one
          stretch of road would not get run over. Problem is the frogs
          prefer the road over the tunnel.
<Israel> A waste of funds like that would get me hopping mad.
<Starfury> yummy. frog pudding! just scrape it off the road....
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Oh, come on... you don't expect PEOPLE to be that
                 intelligent, let alone frogs... :)
<Starfury> yes no kidding. who cares about the smegging froggies. nobody
           likes the french anyway.  Oh... you didn't mean those frogs, did
           you? sorry...
Fri Oct 31 [23:45]
*** TheProf is now known as Nathan__Roberts
<Nathan__Roberts> :)
*** Nathan__Roberts was kicked by Nathan_Roberts (Nobody impersonates me!)
*** Nathan_Roberts^ has joined #drwhochat
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Nathan_Roberts^
<Nathan_Roberts> Hey, I can kick myself if I want to, can't I? :)
<Nathan_Roberts^> :)
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as The_Sentry
<Nathan_Roberts^> Uh oh!
<Nathan_Roberts^> I was hoping he couldn't figure out which was which.
*** Nathan_Roberts^ is now known as The_Sentry^
*** The_Sentry is now known as Nathan_Roberts^
*** The_Sentry^ is now known as Nathan_Roberts
*** Nathan_Roberts has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by
<Nathan_Roberts^> Hahahaha!  HE FELL FOR IT! :)
*** Nathan_Roberts^ is now known as Nathan_Roberts
*** TheProf has joined #drwhochat
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o TheProf
<Nathan_Roberts> I was waiting for you to do that. >:)
<TheProf> I'd make a bad spy I think.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or submissions for the #drwhochat Quotefile, E-Mail me.

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