The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume I, Issue IV: September 1997

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Mon Sep 01 [0:25]
 * Mistress_Mel thinks she's in the mood for some extreme flattery.
   Maybe I should wake Jason up
<Starfury> Random: you're the coolest person I've ever met
           I worship every word you type
 * Starfury has a shrine to you in her bedroom, and I pray to it
   before I go online
<Mistress_Mel> THe coolest person you've *never" met, shirley?
Mon Sep 01 [1:08]
*** Jondar has quit IRC
    (B.Gates : quality software :: R.McDonald : gourmet cuisine)
Mon Sep 01 [16:17]
 * Nathan_Roberts just switched to a flat rate ISP, and will
   thoroughly abuse his privelages. :)
<SukiF> LOL! Nathan online all the time! Can the internet comunity
        survive? ;)
Mon Sep 01 [20:13]
 * Suki_Sorta_Away wonders why everyone wonders when she'd leaving ;)
<Suki_Sorta_Away> Can't wait till I'm gone, huh ;)
Mon Sep 01 [22:36]
<Starfury> okay girls... PROMISE me that if PAul McGann shows up for the
           gala, you'll get me an autograph? pretty please?
Mon Sep 01 [23:22]
<Starfury> HOLY COW.... *drops dead*
 * MegL tells Starfury to PLEASE clean up that dead holy cow
<Starfury> no no... that was ME who dropped dead.
 * MegL tells the Holy Cow to clean up Starfury then ;)
Mon Sep 01 [23:22]
<Starfury> Chris is listening to CHANT!
 * Starfury was sure she was the only one who ever listened to it
<Starfury> I mean, every time I suggest he play it he goes "NO WAY!"
<Nathan_Roberts> Star: Go gloat. :)
Mon Sep 01 [0:19]
<dse> well I think I'll retire now
<Mistress_Mel> Bit young, aren't you?
<Mistress_Mel> Have you got a pension?
Tue Sep 02 [1:56]
<TheProf> No offence Nathen.
<TheProf> Nathan I mean. I need to pay attention to my spelling
<TheProf> Well sleep calls even to us who have tommorrow off. By Nathan,
          Who and Doc
* Nathan_Roberts suddenly gets all upset... "WAAAAH, He misspelt my name!!" :)
Tue Sep 02 [15:07]
<IRC_Abused_Suki> Don;t you love it when you find things you never
                  knew you had?
<Flump> Suki: So far I've found tons of stuff I forgot I had.  I've
        got this little Casio pocket TV for a start...
 * IRC_Abused_Suki pictures Jason with a hardhat and pick ax, hunting
   for lost items
Tue Sep 02 [16:17]
<MacGhoti> What's up?
 * Nathan_Roberts points at the floor
 * MacGhoti refrains from lecturing on gravity and relativity
Tue Sep 02 [18:06]
<Nathan_Roberts> I was thinking of something I don't think I've
                 seen before; how about Doctor Who Statistics?
<Whomiga> How many time William Hartnell flubbed his lines?
<Whomiga> Oops, take too long - never get the rest of the page done :^)
Tue Sep 02 [0:02]
 * grek goes humdedum for a while..: Hum-de-dum....
 * MrBubonic goes: grek is hum-de-dumb
Wed Sep 03 [9:55] <Nicky_Von_Suki>
Don't ya wish there was a server everyone could get on and no
one was lagged? Ahhh, Server
Wed Sep 03 [10:06]
<Nicky_Von_Suki> Hmmm, looking at RADW saw a post Vogon Vs. Daleks,
                 couldn't help but think of the server.
<Nathan_Roberts> Guess that means the Daleks would win because the
                 Vogons would be too slow. Of course, the question
                 is, are Daleks impervious to Vogon poetry? :)
<Nicky_Von_Suki> Actually, I've always thought Daleks might like
                 Vogon poetry... And think of the horror of a Dalek
                 READING Vogon peotry ;)
<Nicky_Von_Suki> I think even the Doctor wouldn't be able to take that.
                 He'd be crying "No!" even more than in a Kate Orman novel
Wed Sep 03 [19:16]
<Ron5> what have we been talking about :)
<Whomiga> A bit about why more people haven't joined the DW IRC Ring
<Ron5> I don't want to become jewerly myself ;)
Wed Sep 03 [19:20] <Nicky_Von_Suki>
So, other than the sky and ceiling, what's up?
Wed Sep 03 [20:05]
 * Nicky_Von_Suki hates to admit it, but she can't think of any new
   topic involving Sylv
Wed Sep 03 [20:29]
 * SukiF wonders where everyone has went to ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> "Gone to", not "went to"
<SukiF> Thank you Mr. Illicutionist ;)
Wed Sep 03 [22:02]
<Starfury> you watched Voyager? WHY?
<Nathan_Roberts> Star: Blind faith. :)
<Starfury> Nathan: blind faith in what?
<Nathan_Roberts> Star: I'm still figuring that part out...
<Starfury> are you sorry you did it?
<Starfury> what was it about?
<talavera> Introduction for Pair of Two, or whatever her name is
Wed Sep 03 [22:10]
 * Starfury doesn't like Voyager
<dse> we understand that
<Starfury> dse: we? you're a borg now? ;)
Wed Sep 03 [23:07]
<MacGhoti> Screw order and chaos, give me ambiguity! ... Or not!
Wed Sep 03 [23:14]
<Starfury> [Referring to the new Borg crewmember on Voyager]
           She's half computer, on her mother's side.  I think she and
           the ship's computer will probably have a fling in the
           near future.
Wed Sep 03 [23:18]
 * Starfury wants a firm handshake! how come no one ever shakes my hand? ;)
 * AldenB reaches into his bag, pulls out a firm handshake and passes it
   to Becky.
Wed Sep 03 [23:23]
 * AldenB hasn't seen season 3 DS9 yet.
<MacGhoti> Alden: Then you haven't heard the whole station gets killed
           in a freak... OOPS
Wed Sep 03 [23:29] <AldenB>
Mild headache... nausia.... I knew it, I'm dying.
Thu Sep 04 [21:44] <Whomiga>
Oh great - Lack of JavaScript (A Bug or a Feature ? :^)
Thu Sep 04 [22:48] <MrBubonic>
So what's up? (Be quiet Nathan!)
Thu Sep 04 [22:59]
<MrBubonic> Sweden - the land of... the swedes.
<Nathan_Roberts> MrB: Really? I thought Sweden was the land of the
                 potato people?
Thu Sep 04 [23:08]
<Starfury> you do realise, Elsa, that if [paul] is [at the Toronto
           Film Festival], the PMEB will die of envy.
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm... Paul is supposedly afraid of the PMEB... Paul
                 shows up at the premiere... the PMEB dies of envy...
                 Conspiracy theory formulation mode on. :)
<Starfury> Nathan: trying to get into your own quote file eh? ;)
Thu Sep 04 [23:44]
 * grek has just deleted Mirc from all the pupils 'puters....moahaha....:)
<Nathan_Roberts> Grek, how could you!
*** grek was kicked by Nathan_Roberts (Nathan_Roberts)
Thu Sep 04 [23:48]
<Whomiga> So that's what you look like
<AldenB> Whomiga: this is why I don't have a girlfrind. :-)
Thu Sep 04 [23:54]
<Sutekh_> let this be a lesson to you all.. never ever accept
          a 'free' mac ;-P
 * grek wants a Mac for free....
 * MacGhoti informs you all that he is very costly to own :)
Thu Sep 04 [23:56]
<Nathan_Roberts> (looks at the picture) Whoa... HE HE HE HE HAH HAH HAH
                 No wonder women don't like you! Hahahaha <choke>
                 erm.. sorry.
 * Random_c considers being very nasty to Nathan, and then realises
   that he'd probbly enjoy it.
Thu Sep 04 [0:09]
 * AldenB has a Power Cray. ;-)
 * grek thinks AldenB is lying !
 * Whomiga knows AldenB is lying!
<AldenB> Grek: No!  It's IBM, MAC and Amiga compatable!  Not to mention
         compatable with my slide rule!  And my pocket calculator.
<TerisaD7> Yeah, and it blows the power grid every time he turns it on. ;-)
<grek> Shure..and i'm the president of your country...:)
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: Prove it.  Go log on using IRCle. :)
<AldenB> Nathan: No!  Don't want to!
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: Then you're lying!  Put your money where your
                 mouth is! :)
 * AldenB sticks a $5 note in his mouth.
 * AldenB renders twelve raytracings in the background while downloading
   the entire contents of twenty tree web pages.
<TerisaD7> And suddenly knocks out the power for his entire area. ;-)
 * grek thinks AldenB has to go to sleep now...he is dilerious...
<AldenB> And for an encore, it can resurrect the missing episodes
         by CGI tracing the missing actors!
 * TerisaD7 now knows Alden is full of it.
Thu Sep 04 [0:27] <grek>
Hiroshima '45, Tjernobyl '86, Windows '95.....says it all....
Fri Sep 05 [19:19] <AldenB>
Brig: Any idea if the rumour about Azzer having had a brain transplant
with a dust mite is true?
Fri Sep 05 [19:49]
 * Jondar smells a barbeque...and I wasn't invited to it... *sulk*
 * Jondar laughs... it's just started to rain on the barbeque :)
Fri Sep 05 [20:07]
 * Janet1 has a picture of George's indoor barbecue
 * Janet1 would LIKE to put her picture of George's indoor barbecue on the
   computer, but hasn't, yet.
<Janet1> your dad is in the picture, George - think he would mind?
<Drake> nope. he's a ham anyway,seems to be a Teacher requirement ;)
<Turlough> You have to be a Ham Radio operator to teach in FL?
Fri Sep 05 [20:08]
<Israel> Jack: No kidding.  It is coming down here in *sheets*!
 * Nathan_Roberts watches numerous pieces of paper fall on Issy's head
Fri Sep 05 [20:36] <Turlough>
What?  Alden isn't American?  And I've snogged him? ACK!
Fri Sep 05 [20:53]
 * AldenB pokes his tongue out at Ghoti.
 * MacGhoti grabs Alden's tongue, stretches it across the room, lets it
   go, and watches it flip around like a Venetian blind
 * AldenB 's tongue does *not* perform parlour tricks.
Fri Sep 05 [22:32]
 * DrGrace hears the linguini in clam sauce calling to her..........
<Gummo> Are the clams going 'help us! Get us out of this sauce!'?
Fri Sep 05 [22:33]
<Jondar> I was watching some NBC coverage... and it just made me think:
         why did the American people stage the revolution, when it turns
         out they are fascinated by the royal family (as Judi said)
<DrGrace> We wanted the right to tax our own selves to death :)
<dse> wasn't George III insane?
<DrGrace> Yep, George III was insane :)
<Drake> hey i'm not insa.....oh that George
Fri Sep 05 [22:49]
 * yatesy is just back from the bar, very inebrianted
 * yatesy wonders when the room started spining?
<Gummo> When you started mixiing beer with mixed drinks in your system.
<Drake> we put a new spin onto #DWC
<talavera> #DrWhoChat (stabilization by Mir, Inc.)
Sat Sep 06 [16:39]
<MegL> Why write in the third person then?
<Nathan_Roberts> I don't know... just wanted to do it that way :)
 * MegL thinks it makes you look a bit nuts though
<Nathan_Roberts> Ah! I KNEW there was a reason I did it that way! :)
<Whomiga> Isn't that a requirement?
Sat Sep 06 [16:40]
 * MegL didn't think [Alden] looked like a nerd
<MegL> and I think in the end my opinion might be a bit more of interest,
       since I'm female >;-)
<MegL> You don't either, Nathan - look like what I thought you would
 * MegL figured you'd look more like Alden actually does
<Nathan_Roberts> Thanks... A LOT! :)
Sat Sep 06 [18:44]
<Snowy> waz up?
<yatesy> snowy: inflation
* Nathan_Roberts points at the sky
<Nathan_Roberts> That way!
<Bob01> nathan cant help your self can you
Sat Sep 06 [19:31]
-Nathan_Roberts- [Channel wallop/#drwhochat] lamb-duck on
                 #drwhochat #Warez!!!
-DrGrace- *WallOp* What??? We have our own warez??? DRAAKE! :)
-Drake- [WallOp/#DrWhoChat]:1 Oh didn't i tell? :)
Sat Sep 06 [19:36]
<Bob01> my site sucks
<AldenB> Bob: Your site is about vacuum cleaners?
Sat Sep 06 [19:49]
<MacGhoti> Which one is Quake?
<AldenB> It's the one with the ducks. ... Oh, wait, that's "Quack"
Sat Sep 06 [20:05]
<MacGhoti> If they pre-empt The Pretender again this week, I'm gonna have
           to kill someone.
<MacGhoti> Somebody work up my bail money, they did indeed pre-empt
Sat Sep 06 [21:34]
<AldenB> Drained ops are falling on my head.
Sat Sep 06 [22:09]
*** Maus has quit IRC (/snog TrinaServ?)
<trinalin> I like that quit message :)
Sat Sep 06 [22:10] <Israel>
Would this work as a sig:
I'm not saying I'm number one
whoops, sorry, I lied
I'm numbers one, two, three, four
*and* five!
Sat Sep 06 [22:57]
 * DrGrace smelled fried chicken... at this time of nite..
<Jondar> Judi: pray for rain... worked for me :)
Sat Sep 06 [23:06]
*** Jondar changes topic to "Philosophy time - Where are we from. And where
    are the going? And who the hell are you? (trinalin) Erm.... pass....
    next question? :)"
Sat Sep 06 [23:22]
<dse> what shall we talk about?
<Nathan_Roberts> Shoes and ships and... no, that's getting old...
<Nathan_Roberts> The answer to Life, the universe, and everything!
<Jondar> What, it isn't 42?? :)
Sun Sep 07 [16:56]
<Bob01> what is wrong with football??
<Flump> Bob: Well, the lack of contact between the foot and the ball for
        a start...
Sun Sep 07 [18:33]
<Gypsy> Trin! you said you wouldnt tell!
<trinalin> Well, you stopped paying the blackmail fee...
Sun Sep 07 [21:18]
 * SukiF has the worst typo's in Cyberspace ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Suki: Really? I hadn't notices
                 (looks at his last sentence) But then, who am I to judge? :)
Sun Sep 07 [21:53]
<Nathan_Roberts> nITE sUKI
 * Nathan_Roberts hits his keyboard with a mooden wallet
Sun Sep 07 [21:54]
<DrGrace> So whatsup?
<Nathan_Roberts> Something you add "per" to to get food
Sun Sep 07 [22:09]
<Lorien> I appear to have been lagged by atout ten munites.
<Drake> munites are worse than minutes
Sun Sep 07 [22:31]
<Drake> adult will robinson,sounds like a porno star ;)
        Will Robinson shows the Jupiter 2 just how ADULT he is now!
<talavera> with who? there is no one he isn't related to, except
           for the robot and Dr. Smith
<Drake> "Will what are you doing with the Robot!"
Sun Sep 07 [23:51] <AldenB>
Plus [Colin] picked up Mel, so he can't be all bad. :-)
Mon Sep 08 [18:48]
<Drake> those bunch of dodods
<Drake> er minus that errant D there
<Jondar> Drake: odods ?? :)
Mon Sep 08 [18:58] <Janet1>
I LOVE the way that showed up.....
 * Sound request: can't find [a-fuse.wav]
can't find a fuse....<g>
Mon Sep 08 [23:42]
<AldenB> You mean there aren't wild orgies at conventions?  Bugger...
<SukiF> LOL! Where are these orgies, and can we get Sylv to one? ;)
<MacGhoti> No orgies?!!
 * MacGhoti cancels his flight to Chicago
Tue Sep 09 [0:31] <AldenB>
Fwap me all you like.  I can take it. (resists the urge to say something
about his manhood here)
Tue Sep 09 [0:48]
<AldenB> Suki: Mines written in Pip and Jane Baker style.  The mind
         boggles as to a sex scene written like that would go...
<grek> i'm feeling a bit dizzy..
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm... Prodded with a pole, exterminated by a death
                 ray, smooshed with a grand piano, and kicked... Sounds
                 normal to me, Grek :)
<Rambling_Suki> Hey, Nathan just described a Pip and Jane Baker EF scene! ;)
Tue Sep 09 [0:54]
<Stjarnvrede> nite grek *HUGS*
<dse> I am leaving not grek
*** grek was kicked by Stjarnvrede (I don't make mistakes.)
<Stjarnvrede> see? Grek was leaving... kinda... ;)
Tue Sep 09 [15:43]
<Nathan_Roberts> Job; what I said yesterday, working for my old school
 * Mistress_Mel would like to work at her old school. In demolition.
Tue Sep 09 [21:31]
 * Jondar wonders if he should email Shannon and tell him that the BBC
   Books will be in Sydney by the end of the month, even though I have
   no confirmation about the rest of Australia (or other Sydney stores for
   that matter)
<Drake> Jason tell him your going to make a Who cartoon, he'll bite at
        that :)
Tue Sep 09 [23:50]
<MacGhoti> You missed our in-depth discussion of the effects of recent
           astronomical discoveries on modern quantum theory.
<Starfury> Brian: DANG!
<MacGhoti> Well, the frantic pace at which modern scientific method
           proceeds has already rendered our points moot. So it's not
           much of a loss, really.
Tue Sep 09 [23:59]
<Nathan_Roberts> Hah... ALden's talking from outside the channel :)
*** AldenB has joined #drwhochat
*** MacGhoti sets mode: +n
<MacGhoti> There. Now we can be rid of him for good :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Ghoti: Too late; he's here now : )
<MacGhoti> So kick him again! Sheesh, am I the only one who thinks of
           these things?
Tue Sep 09 [0:03]
<AldenB> Bah, people keep ruining my McCoy gags by kicking me.
<Nathan_Roberts> Right, go ahead Alden, I wanna see these gags of yours =)
<AldenB> Fah! Shan't now.  You've upset me. ;-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh... well then...
*** AldenB was kicked by Nathan_Roberts
Wed Sep 10 [0:43] <Adric>
Why do Blondes have square breasts? Because they forget to take the
kleenex out of the box.
Wed Sep 10 [0:41]
<Nathan_Roberts> Eep! It's 12:46!
<Adric> 12:42.
<Nathan_Roberts> Whatever!
<Nathan_Roberts> Eep! It's 12:50!
<Adric> 12:46
<Nathan_Roberts> Whatever!!
<Nathan_Roberts> Eep! It's 12:51!
<Adric> 12: oops sorry.
Thu Sep 11 [17:55]
<Nathan_Roberts> Anything compulsory is stupid.
<trinalin> Nathan - it is compulsory that you breath
Thu Sep 11 [22:57]
 * Starfury was woken up by the LOUDEST clap of thunder I've ever heard
<Starfury> it was so loud, that when I woke up, I was completely disoriented,
           and tried to get out the side of my bed which is against the wall.
           I thought (in a petulant, half-asleep way) "hey? who put this wall
Thu Sep 11 [23:56]
<Starfury> Prof: don't forget "bother" and "great googley moogely"
<Starfury> oh, and dagnagit!
<AldenB> Becky: You sound like a dysfunctional church bell. :-)
Fri Sep 12 [0:18] <TheProf>
I had a friend online who used a nick that was real close to a girl who
sent naked photos of herself around so she was constantly getting requests.
So I download a photo of Janet Reno for her to send to guys who asked. She
said some were not really amused.
I said I could get one of Mother Teresa if she wanted to make the guys
feel guilty.
Fri Sep 12 [0:28]
<Starfury> my brother Chris had a buzz cut for like 3 years... now he's
           just let it grow out; and he's growing a beard too
<grek> Star : your brother, a hippie ??
<grek> Star : watch out for peace-signs and stuff...
Fri Sep 12 [0:29]
<Starfury> my dad shaves his head, cos the oils from his hair were giving
           him really bad eczema.  my mom has a theory that he won't grow
           it out 'cos he's afraid it'll all have turned grey
Fri Sep 12 [0:38]
 * AldenB covers Suki's DCC with a shroud. The DCC is dead. Long live
   the DCC.
<SukiF> Hey, does it regenerate into Doc 8 now?
<AldenB> Suki: You wish!
<SukiF> No way, you know who I like! ;)
Fri Sep 12 [0:39]
 * AldenB shrinks to the size of a lima bean.
<TheProf> STOMP! Missed him.
Fri Sep 12 [0:48]
<The_real_grek> I'm a ghost...
*** The_real_grek was kicked by Nathan_Roberts (We don't serve ghosts
    in here)
Fri Sep 12 [0:52]
<Nathan_Roberts> Grek: I think Dreamseekerr was an automated user.  A bot.
<Nathan_Roberts> Either that or an extremely stupid human. :)
<AldenB> Nathan: Are you sure it wasn't just someone who'd taken their
         brain out and forgot to put it back in after they'd cleaned it?
Fri Sep 12 [15:37]
<TheProf> What kind of nick is Grabfangs?
<Drake> better than GrabAss
<Nathan_Roberts> A 9-letter one.
<TheProf> Oh. Thanks Nathen. The Prof bangs his head against the wall.
Fri Sep 12 <Nathan_Roberts>
I'm glad I don't have any more classes today. :)
... especially so, becuase I'd be missing them right now if I did :)
Sat Sep 13 [13:42]
<Nathan_Roberts> Trina has 19 minutes to get her butt back in here :)
 * Drake keeps an eye peeled for Trina's bu..........................
   er uhm well you know :)
Sat Sep 13 [14:05]
 * Nathan_Roberts just got a REALLY weird error message in mIRC...
<Nathan_Roberts> * Error allocating moose memory
<Nathan_Roberts> Now it's * Error allocating penguin memory !!!
<AldenB> Nathan: You're using Dave Stone's machine again, aren't you...
<Jondar> Nathan: maybe it's a "feature" :-)
Sat Sep 13 [14:13]
 * SukiF sends mental thoughts to the woman getting in Random's way: "Your
   house is on fire, better go check.." >;)
Sat Sep 13 [14:17]
<SukiF> I wonder what Random told Sylv about me? Wahahaha
 * SukiF thinks something along the lines of "There's this crazy
   American....." ;)
Sat Sep 13 [14:28]
 * AldenB looks confused.
<AldenB> Wait a minute, I _always_ looked confused.  How could you tell the
         difference? :-)
Sat Sep 13 [14:35] <Synista>
hang on, hang on... God is coming HERE??  i am not dressed for God.
are you absolutely certain?
<Bethani> syn: its okay,, the fancy dress party is later:)
<Synista> so my duck costume will fit right in.
<Drake> I wonder what would happen if God got netsplitted?
Sat Sep 13 [14:44]
 * Bethani is confused now
<Drake> your cute when your confused,Kim :)
Sat Sep 13 [14:59]
<SukiF> I'm a soap character, woo hoo! ;)
<Israel> Suki: Have you taken "Cheating, lying, and backstabbing 101" yet?:)
Sat Sep 13 [15:00]
<bob01> my brother is going to die!!! he screw my mirc folder up and have
        to fix it now
<Synista> violence is not the answer, bob. try violins instead.
<trinalin> Stop the violins.  Visualize whirled peas
Warning... This is where the Great Pun War of September starts...
Sat Sep 13 [15:28]
 * Jondar thinks the best way to learn HTML is to "borrow" from other pages :)
<trinalin> Yup - that's how I learned tables - looked at Jondar's page :)
<[Muad_Dib]> trin - 1x1=1, 2x1=2, 3x1=3 ?
<trinalin> Muad - just need to learn your times 6.02x10^23 tables
<Nathan_Roberts> Avagadro's number, right?
<trinalin> Nathan - it's an unlisted number, so don't tell everyone
<Synista> mole like the sauce?
<trinalin> Syn - let's ask the mole if it does
<Synista> okay. i speak molenese. and i have a dead mole here in my hand.
<trinalin> You speak dead molenese?
<Synista> mole... hang on, ive forgotten what the question was.
<Synista> what am i supposed to ask it, trin?
<trinalin> I last did chem 7 years ago :)
<trinalin> Syn - if it likes the sauce
<Synista> mole, that last chem trin did 7 years you like the sauce?
<Jondar> heehee Trina, but you teach it :)
<trinalin> Jondar - ah!  That's why those kids keep asking me chemistry
 * Synista waits and stares
<Synista> i am getting a very low impulse... i think it is a tachion signal
          from the past.
<Synista> the message is... i will not be aliev when you ask me that, and
          the answer is yes, i like the sauce very much. end of transmission.
          i think that is as concise an answer as any of us could expect
          from a dead mammal of any kind.
 * Whomiga examines the 12 grams of carbon on his desk :^)
<Bethani> whomiga: 12.01 danke;)
<Whomiga> So I've got a good spectal analyzer and separator (All I have is
          Carbon 12 Atoms :^)
Sat Sep 13 [15:41]
 * trinalin pulls out the Avocado dip again
 * Jondar takes a nacho, but passes on in the Avocado dip :)
<Jondar> don't like avocado dip :)
<Bethani> jondar: maybe some alvagadro dip then?
<[Muad_Dib]> well, i'll try Avogadro dip faraday. but no longer!
<Bethani> Muad: your capicitors for punning leaves me feeling short
<[Muad_Dib]> It's not my volt!
<Jondar> Watt?? punning without me!! I'm shocked!
 * [Muad_Dib] challenges Jondar to a joule
<Bethani> lenz me hear no more of this!
<Whomiga> Ohm gonna leave if this keeps up
<[Muad_Dib]> Don't take the Lorenz to your own hands
<Nathan_Roberts> Stop batterying me with all these puns!
<[Muad_Dib]> Try and stay coulomb
<Bethani> hey nathan,, dont be such a bohr!
*** doc1 has joined #drwhochat
<doc1> so whats new ?
<Nathan_Roberts> Look at the CURRENT topic...
<Bethani> it amperes there are no new developments in dr who
<Jondar> I'm going to diode-r and over again from all these puns :)
<[Muad_Dib]> I cannot resistor!
<Whomiga> Isn't the topic simply a plug
 * trinalin dies from the puns
<Bethani> Trina and others argon now?
<trinalin> Bethani - looks like you'll have to barium
<Bethani> trin: shouldnt I call the coppers first?
<[Muad_Dib]> Beth - don't be Lead astray
<Jondar> these Periodic puns will eventually cause the Mendeleev :)
<Bethani> muad: surely the cops could cesium any murderers though?
<Whomiga> Only if it's not punny!
<[Muad_Dib]> The coppers could make the murderers freeons!
<Bethani> we'll just have to sulfer from all these puns..
<[Muad_Dib]> Tins could be worse, this is just a transition phase
<Jondar> I'm not argon-ing to do any more puns... I hope... :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Trina, you're stuck on silly. :)
<trinalin> Nathan - it was all Kim's fault.  When she gets loopy
           with puns, I go ballistic :)
<Whomiga> Trina: Uranium our parade
( later )
 * Bethani wheels Trina into the #hospital
 * Bethani bandages up her boo boos;)
 * trinalin faints at the site of blood
 * Bethani sutures up the cut with a continuous stitch!
<trinalin> Suture Self!
Sat Sep 13 [15:58]
<doc1> [The TVM] seemed to harken to pertwee style story ,i could see jon
       doing it
<trinalin> I couldn't.  He was dead
Sat Sep 13 [22:43]
*** Nathan_Roberts has joined #drwhochat
*** Now talking in #drwhochat
<SukiF> Everyone's going! ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh, they are? Well...
*** Nathan_Roberts has left #drwhochat
Sat Sep 13 [23:52]
<AldenB> Well, I would [join the #Femsubmission&er;slavesex channel], but I
         can't open more than one window in ircII without getting confused.
         Who knows what I might mischannel...
<Nathan_Roberts> Yeah... you might send some derogatory remark to the
                 sex channel :)
Sun Sep 14 [23:03]
 * Nathan_Roberts sneezes his nose off, and it wedges into the wall
<TheProf> God bless you??? ... God help you?
Mon Sep 15 [21:45]
 * Nathan_Roberts prods DSE with a 3.048m pole
 * Israel prods Nathan with a 3.048m Dalek.:)
Mon Sep 15 [21:54]
<Starfury> what's up?
<Israel> Star: The ceiling.
 * Starfury sticks her tounge out at Dan
<Israel> Oh, *fine*, pick on *me*.:)
<Starfury> Dan: well you're the one who made the wisecrack =)
<Israel> Becky: How so?!:)
<Starfury> Dan: oh I dunno. I was just being a smartalek =)
<Israel> Star: Smartdalek?:)
<Starfury> Dan: yes, that's right.  You've discovered my deep dark secret.
           I'm half Kaled on my mother's side! *breaks into tears*
<Israel> Becky: There, there, there's no shame in being half squidgy blob.:)
Mon Sep 15 [22:06]
 * Starfury has to leave at midnight but will be back at one if I haven't
   managed to fall asleep (which I won't, since I had a two hour nap today)
   my provider is upgrading! and the smart guys decided to do it in the
   middle of the night =)
<Nathan_Roberts> Star: How inconsiderate of us poor night owls! :)
<Starfury> Nathan: don't you mean, how inconsiderate *to* us poor night owls?
 * Starfury fwaps herself for being pedantic
Tue Sep 16 [0:19]
<Random_c> I'm thinking of modifying PFJ as well,
<Random_c> My old Dapol dalek. Named after him.
<AldenB> Random: I know some people who's like to modify the _real_ PFJ. :-)
Tue Sep 16 <grek>
bill gates = terrorist..
Tue Sep 16 [18:12]
 * Bob01 drops the pin agian
<Jondar> Bob: can you use a normal sewing pin next time, these bowling pins
         are _very_ noisy...
Tue Sep 16 [22:54]
<dse> what would happen if a vampire bit a Dalek?
<Starfury> dse: he'd need a dentist.
Fri Sep 17 [0:17]
<AldenB> Heh, heh.  Quote from a mailing list I'm on: "Are you seriously
         trying to understand women ?" ;-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: Response: "No, but I wish I were" :)
Fri Sep 17 [20:57]
 * Nesbin gives Issy two thumbs up
<Israel> Thank you, thank you....:)
 * Nesbin now gives Issy three thumbs up
 * Israel told Nesbin not to go swimming near that toxic waste dump.
Fri Sep 17 [22:54]
 * AldenB grumps. It's not _that_ big a deal. I mean, I didn't even have
   to sleep with enyone.
<Israel> Alden: That's not what Bonnie Langford told me...:)
Fri Sep 17 [22:56]
 * Starfury would like to be in a book.  I'm not sure why, but it'd be neat.
 * Starfury would rather have her name ON a book, though.
Fri Sep 17 [23:19]
 * AldenB hacked MSDos to display the word "Bates" instead of "Bytes".
Thu Sep 18 [22:03] <Nathan_Roberts>
Rusty: You can still type, you're not drunk enough. =)
I can't believe I just said that...
Thu Sep 18 [22:47]
 * Jondar is 6'2" or 6'3" depending on which measuring tape you ask :-)
Thu Sep 18 [23:27]
 * Meglos wonders if he's guilty of anything?
<Starfury> Making Tom Baker look like a porcupine-assault victim.
Thu Sep 18 [23:32]
 * Jondar is merely guilty of leading a rebellion to otherthrow a planet...
   no biggie at all...
<Starfury> Jondar: don't you mean "overthrow a government"? it'd take a
           mighty big lever to overthrow a whole planet
Thu Sep 18 [23:33]
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Borusa
<Borusa> This can't be the correct spelling...
<Jondar> it is the correct spelling :)
<Borusa> Is it? Hah!  It's not registered!
<AldenB> "And what of these others?  Do they seek immortality too?"
<AldenB> "Take the ring!"
<AldenB> "No, I choose door number two!"
Fri Sep 19 [0:00] <AldenB>
Torturing books is no fun.  They don't _scream_. :-)
Fri Sep 19 [0:27]
<grek> Aldenb : do not encourage violence...
*** grek was kicked by Nathan_Roberts (Why the hell not? :)
Fri Sep 19 [0:42]
<grek> is there a way to list all nicks that are registered..???
<Starfury> grek: I don't think you'd want to
<grek> hmm...probably because people have to slow connections....
<grek> is that why Star?
<Starfury> grek: because it's a very very *long* list and you'd get spammed.
<grek> Star: remember i have a bit faster connect :)
<grek> uh oh..
*** grek was kicked by Nathan_Roberts (Yes, I remember)
Fri Sep 19 [0:54]
<grek> how come my time is : Friday September 19 1997 -- 03:54 -04:00
<Nathan_Roberts> Grek: You went to work early? :D
<grek> must have....hmm..that explains 1. why i'm so tired 2. why
       i'm alone here...
Fri Sep 19 [1:00]
<grek> Natahan : ap,ap, homemade nuclear no ..
 * Starfury wants some!
<Nathan_Roberts> Star: What, heavy water or homemade nuclear weapons?
<Starfury> Nathan: you mean i have to choose *one*?
Fri Sep 19 [1:04] <MrBubonic>
I remember the last time we tried to make a bomb... We were thrown out of
the apartment...
Fri Sep 19 [17:51] <Synaesta>
i keep hearing this hula wav. does anyone else hear it... or should i stop
eating those fancy mushrooms?
Fri Sep 19 [19:16]
 * DrGrace tracks Alden in the corner for his bday spanking......
 * AldenB runs from Judi. Wait... Why am I running?
Sat Sep 20 [13:42]
<chrisk> Aren't you going to ask me how I got my Tomb CD?
<Nathan_Roberts> Well... since you insist ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> How did you get your Tomb CD?
<chrisk> It cost me an arm and a leg in New York City. Wanna guess the
<Nathan_Roberts> Um... $100?
<chrisk> Nah, lower. (Even I'm not that fanatical)
<chrisk> OK, it was $28. Must have Usurians working there
<chrisk> That's more than $1 per minute. makes 1-900 numbers seem like
         a bargain
Sat Sep 20 [14:21]
*** Razar has joined #DrWhoChat
<chrisk> What a cutting name.
Sat Sep 20 [17:54] <Drake>
didn't the Cheesen form an aliance with another alien species and are know
as Cheesen and Krackers?
Sat Sep 20 [18:20]
 * DrGrace puts on her name badge..... Judi, Goddess
Sat Sep 20 [23:08] <AldenB>
Rusty: Of course, I'm a genius, you see.
Modest, too.
Sun Sep 21 [0:08] <AldenB>
If we fight like animals, we'll roll around on the ground like animals!
Sun Sep 21 [0:35]
<AldenB> Modem exploded.
<Nathan_Roberts> Exploded?  I hope you have a spare (Obviously you do :)
<AldenB> I assemblesd a spare out of matchsticks and rubber bands.
Sun Sep 21 [0:56] <Nathan_Roberts>
Trinalin is a pain killer? Ironic to share its name with someone who's such
a pain :)
Sun Sep 21 [1:17]
 * Turlough rehugs Nysser, but not like in those pictures
<[Muad_Dib]> is this the no-a conspiracy? Nysser? Trinerlin? What next?
             Jonder? Nerthern? Muerd_Dib?
Sun Sep 21 [21:19]
<Nathan_Roberts> Anyone know a home remedy for a painful neck?
<Whomiga> Nathan: Any specific pain in the neck you wish to get rid of?
Sun Sep 21 [21:23]
<chrisk> If I'm 15, how could I have driven to Toronto?
<Israel> Chris: Who's to say you drove with a license.:)
<chrisk> Nah, I drove with a car. Those Canadian border guards are so
Sun Sep 21 [22:01]
<chrisk> OK got the issue. This issue's trivia question is: The Second
         Doctor addressed the Brigadier with the same line in two
         different stories. What was the line in reference to and which
         stories were they?"
<Nathan_Roberts> "Run!" :)
Sun Sep 21 [22:11]
 * Starfury points toward the sky.  (this is crypto. it means "what's up?")
<Starfury> (by the way. I don't know what crypto means. I'm making all
           this up)
<Whomiga> hjfhkjhkjjshkjdjhflkjlkjshgdkjhfkjhk (Crypto for "no idea - what's
          up with you)
Sun Sep 21 [22:39] <Starfury>
oh and don't forget that Diana was really killed by aliens working for the
queen of england, who's really a servant of the devil impersonating the rEAL
queen, and Charles is, of course, really a muppet.
Sun Sep 21 [22:42]
<dse> now tell us who was really responsible for the Beatles breakup, the
      Tupac Shakur assassination, and Superman's costume change :)
<Starfury> dse: Karen McCoy.
Sun Sep 21 [23:58]
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh, if I lost my work on the quotefile I'm gonna scream...
 * Jondar covers his ears just in case...
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm... looks like I had the good sense to save it...
                 What's happening to me? :)
<Jondar> You had a sudden bout of insanity?
Mon Sep 22 [0:09]
<Jondar> Alden: has the drumming started up again?
<AldenB> Jondar: No, my sister is buried in a shallow grave in the back
         yard. :-P
Mon Sep 22 [0:15] <AldenB>
When I die, I want to have a centrifuge installed so I'm perminantly
spinning in my grave.
<grek> "a whinning noice was heard from the distant graveyard......."
Mon Sep 22 [0:21]
<AldenB> Oh, my sister has just started up again. OK, who raised the dead?
Mon Sep 22 [0:40]
 * Starfury dissapears in a puff of lutefisk
Mon Sep 22 [1:04]
 * grek is trying to teach Excel...
<AldenB> What are you trying to teach it?
Tue Sep 23 [16:19]
<Nathan_Roberts> Hi Dr. "Don't call me Dr. Lurker" Who.
*** Dr_\N|-|O has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<Drake> he can't lurk when he gets killed by his ISP :)
Tue Sep 23 [22:49]
 * Starfury is beginning to look like rudolph the red-nosed babysitter...
<Sutekh_> Star: you drinking again on the job? ;-)
Wed Sep 24 [0:25]
<MegL> Some cons even have Dead Guest of Honors
<Nathan_Roberts> Meg: Wouldn't that be "Ghost of Honor"? :)
Wed Sep 24 [9:59]
*** Whomiga changes topic to "The Few Doctors" (AlryssaOG) also with
    "The Few Chatters"
<Nathan_Roberts> Just don't try #drwho... That's "The NO Chatters" :)
Wed Sep 24 [19:43]
<Whomiga> Anyone try to get a copy of the Elton John Single?
<yatesy> whomiga: id gave a better shot of trying to parachute into fort knox
Wed Sep 24 [23:12] <Sutekh_>
No.  Wait.  *I'm* Peter Davison....  I know how many moles that Sandra
Dickenson has on her right thigh
Wed Sep 24 [23:13] <Sutekh_>
has anyone bothered to challenge the joker who says he's Peter by asking
him his real given name?
Wed Sep 24 [23:14]
 * Starfury wonders... anyone know a cure for the common cold?
<Sutekh_> star: yes... but it involves changing species; -)
Wed Sep 24 [23:20]
<Sutekh_> look at the modern toilet (not to take the conversation into the
          scatological)...  it's a completely horrid design
 * MegL thinks Sut should try outhouses
Thu Sep 25 [0:00] <AldenB>
Random: I have a fertile mind... yes, I'm full of sh<fwap>
Thu Sep 25 [10:03]
<Nathan_Roberts> It's only 10am here, and I don't have class. :)
<Toni_R> Au contraire (sp?) Nathan! You've got plenty of class.:)
Thu Sep 25 [17:23]
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm putting together one of those silly key-to-time puzzles;
                 I'm sort-of paying attention
<Bob01> nathan your a git:) (lets see how much)
 * Bob01 ducks ands run for cover
 * Nathan_Roberts tracks Bob with a supersoaker and shoots him down in
   cold water
<Bob01> ok your his MOSTLY paying attention=)
Thu Sep 25 [21:49] <chrisk1>
Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. Prov, and you provolone
Fri Sep 26 [16:44]
<Luna_moth> heavens to betsy!! something has got to be done about this!!
<Nathan_Roberts> Demonstrations!
<Nathan_Roberts> Walk-outs!
<Nathan_Roberts> Looting and rioting! :)
 * Luna_moth thinks about mobilising something... but decides the looting
   and rioting would be the best idea
<Nathan_Roberts> No... that's what we NEED! Our own private militia! :)
<Luna_moth> yeeeah!!
<Luna_moth> nooo!!
<Luna_moth> insurance!! very expensive.
Fri Sep 26 [16:47] <Luna_moth>
bye, bozzie. dont loot and pillage too late now.
wait a second, its not a school night. i guess he can loot and pillage all
weekend if he wants to... unless he has homework.
Fri Sep 26 [17:26]
*** ElissaH has quit IRC (off to burn dinner)
Fri Sep 26 [17:34]
<Bob01> hay nathan bill gates do anything today?
<Synaesta> nathan?
<Synaesta> nathan?
<Synaesta> nathan? nathan roberts?
 * Nathan_Roberts is busy. Go away! :)
<Synaesta> but we came all the way from kansas!!
Fri Sep 26 [18:27]
<Drake> did anyone see the IRS hearings? one of the secret witnesses had
their voice altered and they sounded like a Dalek to me :)
always knew the Daleks worked for the IRS :)
<Bob01> we must take your money we must exterminate your FUNDS!!! exterminate!!!
<Jondar> Drake: are you sure the voice was altered? it could've been one of
         those humanoid dalek agents...
Fri Sep 26 [18:38]
<Whomiga> Did ya'll hear about the guy that ran his car into the side of
          a mountain last year?
<Turlough> With the Jet engine in his car? The winner of the Darwin award?
<Whomiga> With a set of Solid rocket boosters, Yes
<Whomiga> Everybody at work was trying to figure out how he kept them
          connected to the car
<Whomiga> A rather macabre joke was, What was going through his mind when
          he realized he couldn't stop? - The Mountain!
<Drake> always heard that as what was going through the mind of the bug
        hitting the windshield.....his butt
Fri Sep 26 [18:50]
*** Gypsy has quit IRC (
*** JellyBaby has quit IRC (
*** Whomiga has quit IRC (
*** Terminus has quit IRC (
*** Turlough has quit IRC (
*** Jondar has quit IRC (
*** Bob01 has quit IRC (
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh blast, here we go again...
<Jondar> Nathan: waggle K9's tail :)
Fri Sep 26 [18:54]
<Jondar> davis is lagged to hell :( trying gothic now
<Turlough> Wow - I wanna go to Davis then - no temptation if you're lagged
           to Hell :)
Fri Sep 26 [18:59]
*** Turlough is now known as Everybody_is
 * Everybody_is on vogon
*** Everybody_is is now known as trinalin
Fri Sep 26 <The_Sentry>
The Daleks Masterplan Part 13: The Death of Dalnet
Fri Sep 26 [19:18]
*** Anmarc changes topic to "vogon vogon vogon vogon vogon vogon vogon
    vogon vogon vogon vogon vogon (get the idea??)"
<The_Sentry> yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
             yes yes yes yes yes yes
<The_Sentry> I'm already there I'm already there I'm already there
             I'm already there I'm already there I'm already there
 * Anmarc fwaps Nathan with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM)
<The_Sentry> ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch
<The_Sentry> What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What?  <SLAP!>
             er... sorry
<trinalin> Nathan - you are beating a dead horse
<The_Sentry> Trina: I like to milk a joke for all it's worth :)
<Whomiga> No, that would be a cow - Trina said a horse :^)
<trinalin> Joke wasn't worth that much, Nathan :)
Sat Sep 27 [0:00] <dse>
Dr Who joke: how come Jamie never died during his stint as a companion?
answer: he was a Highlander
Sun Sep 28 [1:07]
 * [Muad_Dib] has a collection of Lewis Carrol pots
<trinalin> I have a collection of poetry written why Lewis Carroll was
           ON pot :)
Sun Sep 28 [1:14]
   tOOLS AND sWEET FLUX AND i've had capslock on and can't be bothered to
Sun Sep 28 [1:19]
 * Nathan_Roberts replaces his TARDIS background with Jondar's
 * trinalin replaces her Sylv background with...
<trinalin> The same Sylv background
Sun Sep 28 [1:21]
<Jondar> Ack the bitmap crashed his computer :(
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: No, it was Windows having a conflict with a MS-DOS
                 prompt that didn't exist.
<[Muad_Dib]> nathan - you sure know how to explain things
 * Nathan_Roberts decides not to make a comment about reversing the polarity
   of the neutron flow :)
 * [Muad_Dib] never bothers about neutron flows - just kicks the damn thing.
   Always works for me....
Sun Sep 28 [1:28]
<trinalin> It's 6:30pm at Casa de Jondar
<Jondar> yeah, 6:30pm - dark and rainy
<Nathan_Roberts> Send some of that rain over here :)
<Jondar> /dcc send Nathan_Roberts
<[Muad_Dib]> jondar - you need Weather Transfer Protocol to do that !
Sun Sep 28 [14:36]
<chrisk> Still talking about the fried harddrives?
<Bethani> nope, we were discussing your sex life:)  Is it true you like
Sun Sep 28 [14:48]
 * Jefferys kicks his nntp server.
 * Jefferys tells his nntp server that he would like to read radw today.
<Nathan_Roberts> Jeff's NNTP server tells him to go to the devil
<Whomiga> Jeff was trying to go there (RADW :^)
Sun Sep 28 [14:53]
<Nathan_Roberts> Erk... I wish Windows 3.1 did preemptive multitasking...
                 Copying stuff back a nd forth from a zip drive eats most of
                 the time slices (Anyone that says "Get Windows 95" dies. :)
 * Whomiga says get an Amiga :^)
Sun Sep 28 [14:54]
<Bethani> amiga's are evil!
<Whomiga> Amiga's don't use Microsoft software  - Therefore they arn't evil
Sun Sep 28 [15:03] <Jefferys>
I, Jefferys, do solemnly allow Nathan_Roberts to use any of my quips and
quibbles for the #drwhochat quotefile.
Sun Sep 28 [15:17]
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm... an entire month of archival logs have gone missing!
<Jefferys> Ack!  In search of the lost archives!
<Whomiga> The music from Indian Jones just popped into my head!
*** Jefferys changes topic to "In search of the lost archives"
<Nathan_Roberts> Eureka! I found the missing logs!
*** Whomiga changes topic to "Lost archives found - News at Eleven"
Mon Sep 29 [22:37]
 * Nathan_Roberts just had an image of the Enegizer bunny being made into
   a kids show...
Mon Sep 01 [15:28]
<Your_Toaster> have you gone to my site before?
<Nathan_Roberts> No, I don't think I have
<Your_Toaster>  it is at
<Nathan_Roberts> So... Is there a too? :)
Fri Sep 05 [19:03]
 * Turlough has given the crystal to Tegan for Christmas
<Jondar> Turlough: I thought *I* had the crystal!! :)
<Turlough> Jondar - ah!  Tegan finally gave it to you?
<Jondar> it's sitting on my desk now... oh no! it's glowing!!
Fri Sep 05 [19:06]
 * Janet1 plays around a bit with her marbles.....before losing them......
 * Janet1 finds a few marbles on the floor in the corner, but they aren't
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm... Who ELSE has lost their marbles in here?
<Drake> never had any to lose
Sun Sep 07 [15:03]
<Synaesta> she how to do some stuff.
<Nathan_Roberts> What then?
<Synaesta> she just didnt know how to do some stuff is what i was trying to
           type.  :) i am not sure where the other words went.
<Nathan_Roberts> The IRC monster must have eaten them. :)
<Synaesta> i dont believe in the irc monster
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh... Well, then, neither do I. :)
<Synaesta> yeeeeah, i saw you with the light on, not wanting to get out of
           bed for a glass of water.
Sun Sep 07 [16:05]
<Cecropia> what did i miss? anything?
<Nathan_Roberts> You missed all of us; aim better next time. :)
<Cecropia> i am taking my wide-area death ray back to wal-mart.
Sun Sep 07 [16:14]
<Cecropia> violence is not the answer, ron. cant we all just get along?
<Nathan_Roberts> What do you think this is, Traken? :)
<Cecropia> yeah!!
<Cecropia> i mean.. yeah.
<Cecropia> isn't it?
<Cecropia> a land of peaceful peacefulness?
<Cecropia> and friendly friendliness?
<Ron5> If this was Traken, Syn here would be gathering Moss right now ;)
Sun Sep 07 [16:25]
<Ron5> Where are you from Nathan?
<Cecropia> hes from outer space.
<Nathan_Roberts> No, I'm from Pleasant Hill, CA. I just work in outer space.
Sun Sep 07 [16:33]
*** The_Rani is now known as Aslan
<Aslan> ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Synaesta> he has an ENORMOUS litter tray.
Sun Sep 07 [16:38]
 * Synaesta shakes her head to shake out the dust
<Ron5> stop dusting with your hair Syn, and you won't have to do that ;)
Sun Sep 07 [16:46]
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm serious!
<Bob01> my god nathan serious what the hell is going on?? aliens invade:)
Sun Sep 07 [16:53] <Synaesta>
but you know, alcohol increases the pressure in your head, just like some
kinds of head injuries. and bricks are okay foir kids of all ages.
Fri Sep 12 [15:55]
*** Auntie_Proton has joined #tardis
<Nathan_Roberts> Hi Syn :)
<Auntie_Proton> hello
<Nathan_Roberts> Another nick, eh? This is gonna be hell keeping track of
                 you when I do the quotefile. :)
<Auntie_Proton> i promise i will not say anything funny with this nick.
Mon Sep 15 [19:41]
*** pimp has joined #tardis
*** pimp has left #tardis
<Janet1> I think I'm glad that person left.
<Drake> me too
<Nathan_Roberts> Why? Wouldn't it be more satisfying to kick them? :)
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm at my school/job right now.  I've just declared myself
                 "Unpaid Scientific Advisor" :)
<Drake> demand a raise Nathan! ;)
*** Tegan has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
*** Turlough has joined #drwhochat
<Nathan_Roberts> Re Trina...
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm... Tilt
<Nathan_Roberts> Tegan gets disconnected, but Turlough comes back
                 in instead :)
<Turlough> It's one of those odd things in physics
<Turlough> It's  called equilibrium
<Turlough> If one 5th Doctor Companion leaves, there must be another to take
           its place
<Turlough> If Nyssa shows, I have to hug her (not like the BBC photos) and
           leave to maintain balance
<Nathan_Roberts> Turlough: That's going in reverse! :)
<Turlough> ecnalab niantniam ot evael dna (sotohp CBB eht ekil ton) reh guh
           ot evah I ,swohs assyN fI
Thu Sep 25 [14:27]
 * TheProf braces himself.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Shouldn't you have an orthodontist do that for you? :)
<TheProf> All I need are some plyers and some wire.
Thu Sep 25 [14:44] <TheProf>
I always tell my wife I'm invincable. After my auto accident my wife came
to the hospital and asked if I still thought that and I said "Of course,
I'm still here aren't I."

If you have any comments, suggestions, or submissions for the #drwhochat Quotefile, E-Mail me.

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