The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume I, Issue III: August 1997

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Sat Aug 02 [0:16] <MacGhoti>
Oh, gawd, we're not still talking about the damned quotefile, are we?  I
figure we could have come up with another topic in 24 hours. :)
Sat Aug 02
<Nesbin> Bad combinations:  Quentin Tarantino directing an episode
         of Sesame Street.
<Drake> Spike Lee directs a Muppet movie (of course with a part for
        himself as a muppet)
<Nesbin> "The Muppets invade Brooklyn"
<Meliphyre> And Aussie director directs the next presidential movie :)
<Drake> Paul Hogan is GHANDI!
<Nesbin> Penny Marshall directs All in the Family: the reunion movie.
Sat Aug 02 [19:39]
<Nesbin> Heck, I use "kids" all the time...even when I'm talking to my
<AldenB> Nesbin: must be an American thing, is it?
<AldenB> My parents call their offspring "kids". :-)
<Nesbin> Alden...that's that a NZ thing?  {:^)
Sat Aug 02 [19:52]
*** AldenB has quit IRC (I am Alden of Borg.  You will be assiMELated.)
Sat Aug 02 [20:01]
<AldenB> What's "The Crow" like?
<talavera> a small black bird that caws, but that isn't important now
Sat Aug 02 [20:03]
<Drake> surely you can't be serious?
<talavera> I am...and don't call me Shirley
Sat Aug 02 <Nathan_Roberts>
Elsa: You only like Time-Flight 'cause that Davidson character's in there.
Sat Aug 02 [21:10]
<Bond-OO7> so how is the old doctor/
<talavera> dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead and in limbo
Sat Aug 02 [21:33]
<Bond-OO7> I'm sure reruns of the waltons have made it past alpha centauri :)
 * MacGhoti wonders what the Vegans thought of them..
<Nathan_Roberts> Ghoti: Eewwwwww.... these people have only 1 head and
                 2 arms... how awful!
Sun Aug 03 [1:21]
<Nesbin> Where are you now, Nathan?
<Nathan_Roberts> Still at home. :)
<Nesbin> Broadly speaking. :)
<Nathan_Roberts> On Earth
Sun Aug 03 [1:22]
*** moonkisser has joined #drwhochat
<moonkisser> a/s/l nesbin
<Nesbin> 19/not for some time/USA
<moonkisser> mf
<Nesbin> m
(A few minutes later)
<Nesbin> Thanks for introducing yourself after we introduced ourselves.
         Very kind of you indeed...I feel as if I've known you for years.
<moonkisser> i have to go now. if u ant to e-mail me. mail at this addy.
*** moonkisser has left #drwhochat
<Nesbin> I'm gonna beat you to it, Nathan...I can't wait to e-mail her!
<Nathan_Roberts> Course, how do we even know if it's a "her"?  it didn't
                 bother to introduce itself. :)
<Nesbin> I'll ask it in my first letter its sex.  :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Waste of bandwidth. :)
Sun Aug 03 [2:57] <Nathan_Roberts>
Now this is the first time I've gotten a 404 error that looks like this:
404 - Go Away
Sun Jan 04 [1:00]
 * MrBubonic wishes everyone to know that he is not sexually deviant.
   Occasionally a necrophiliac at festivities from time to time, but that's
   about it...
Sun Jan 04 [2:07] <MrBubonic>
Well, well... From the quotefile to sheep in lard.  'Discussions' have a
strange way of changing into weirdness...
Sun Jan 04 [3:51] <Grek>
is this a sign of nonreality...we sit here one meter from eachother having
an argument trough IRC..
Sun Jan 04 [14:33] <Meliphyre>
the UPS thing is sooo saaad cuz the UPS guy who comes to the store is
sooo good lookin!!!! <Sniff>
Sun Jan 04 [14:40]
 * DrGrace whispers to Meli... Paaaaauuuuuuuuuuul. Happy?
 * DrGrace adds McGann, NOT Cornel :)
<Drake> we know you meant Paul...................................Ruebans ;)
(DrGrace fwaps Drake.. HARD)
Tue Aug 05 [2:41]
<Nathan_Roberts> Are you sure Sweden isn't just part of the U.S.?  :)
<MrBubonic> No way! I take that as an insult! ;)
Tue Aug 05 [2:49]
<MrBubonic> btw, did you know that two thirds of highschool student in
            North America belive that you can drive to europe by car?
            (Ok, I'm waiting for a 'smart' comment... :)
<Nathan_Roberts> I know there's an ocean between us and them... but you
                 can still drive the other direction and completely around
                 the world... :)
<MrBubonic> So you mean that America and Russia are connected? :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm...
<Nathan_Roberts> Wait a minute... The world's flat, scratch that...
<MrBubonic> Hmm, I think I hit a soft spot... ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> You're getting back at me for my "Sweden part of the U.S."
                 comment, aren't you? :)
Tue Aug 05 [2:54]
<MrBubonic> I'm kicking you while you're lying down, and I'm enjoying it! :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Did somebody say kick?
<MrBubonic> nah...
<MrBubonic> I didn't
<Nathan_Roberts> And Sweden DOES sound like the U.S.!
<Nathan_Roberts> ... kick?
*** MrBubonic was kicked by Nathan_Roberts (Nathan_Roberts)
Tue Aug 05 [3:00]
 * MrBubonic infects Nathan
<MrBubonic> unfortunately there's acure for bubonic plague... :)
 * Nathan_Roberts sends himself through the Transmat beam to remove
   the infection
<Nathan_Roberts> That's what they said about the Cybermat infection. :)
 * MrBubonic blows up the ark
 * Nathan_Roberts is glad he transmatted off it. :)
<MrBubonic> darn!
 * MrBubonic blows up Voga
 * Nathan_Roberts is glad he didn't transmat to Voga. :)
 * MrBubonic blows up Earth
 * Nathan_Roberts is glad he transmatted through the tiem vortex into a
   different century
 * MrBubonic as the root of all evil, unleashes the four horsemen of the
<MrBubonic> Now that should do it!
 * Nathan_Roberts is glad he has a copy of the dove program handy.
 * MrBubonic concludes that Nathan is cheating!
 * Nathan_Roberts types IDDQD
 * Nathan_Roberts types IDKFA
 * MrBubonic is playing blood
 * Nathan_Roberts types t mpkfa
 * Nathan_Roberts types t lara croft
 * MrBubonic quits blood
 * Nathan_Roberts types /kick #drwhochat mrbubonic
*** MrBubonic was kicked by Nathan_Roberts (Nathan_Roberts)
Tue Aug 05 [3:07]
<MrBubonic> I think Grek is on the way...
<Nathan_Roberts> Cool! Now I won't have to kick you anymore. :)
<MrBubonic> Well, we'll see... I might just give you a reason or two... :)
Tue Aug 05 [3:49]
<MrBubonic> Hey, Nathan, Grek thinks I'm sick since I'm going to have a
            cybermen bootpic...
*** Grek was kicked by Nathan_Roberts (Nathan_Roberts)
<MrBubonic> Good! The blasphemer deserved it! :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Now tell him to get his butt back in here so I can do
                 it again! :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Anyway, what's a "cybermen bootpic" ?
<MrBubonic> Nathan: A cybermen picture is shown while I boot my computer...
<MrBubonic> The one I have now is a manga pic... three naked, wellendowed,
            young ladies and a sorcerer...
<Nathan_Roberts> And you'd replace THAT with a Cybermen bootpic? You ARE
Tue Aug 05 [4:48] <MrBubonic>
Well, someday my DW collection is going to be huge... HUGE I tell you!!!
And it will be seen all across the lands - A fearful remainder of who is
the ruler, who decides over life or death, who... oops! hmmm... I lost
myself there... Where am I?
<Nathan_Roberts> You're in #drwhochat and you're Evil Incarnate.  Keep going. :)
<MrBubonic> ok, here goes... :)
<MrBubonic> hmm... Lost my inspiration...  :)
<MrBubonic> Well, since this is my last week at this job, I should do as
            much as possible to get into that blasted quotefile... :)
Tue Aug 05 [4:53]
<Nathan_Roberts> Adn when you get that new job, see if you can get one that
                 doesn't involve as much whining... :)
<MrBubonic> It depends on how much I get paid... :)
Tue Aug 05 [4:57] (Read each line carefully)
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as The_Sentry
<MrBubonic> Tata! "The supehero of the #night has returned so save from the
            evil trekkies!"
<MrBubonic> Tata! "The superhero of the #night has returned so save from
            the evil trekkies!" is even better
<MrBubonic> Tata! "The superhero of the #night has returned so save us from
            the evil trekkies!" is even further better
<MrBubonic> Tata! "The superhero of the #night has returned to save us from
            the evil trekkies!" is probably correct... We'll see...
Wed Aug 06 [2:53]
<MrBubonic> He's always confused... He was born that way...
<Nathan_Roberts> MrB: Let me guess... Feet first. :)
Wed Aug 06 [4:30]
 * MrBubonic hops around like a dalek on illegal, chemical substances
Wed Aug 06 [20:47]
<SukiF> But I hope to God Pamala Lee Ander..whatever NEVER EVER gets on a
        bike and rides it
<AldenB> Suki: You think all the men present will pass out with
         testosterone poisoning?
Wed Aug 06 [21:09]
 * AldenB tries to imagine Robocop two waving its arms and saying "Danger,
   Will Robinson". [In reference to the robot in the Lost In Space movie]
Wed Aug 06 [21:38]
 * AldenB sighs. Next they'll be making Doctor Who with decent effects.
   Oh, wait...
Fri Aug 08 [21:23] <Drake>
they come in the middle of the night, they want your world, they take's the Repo Daleks!
Fri Aug 08 [22:54] <Starfury>
no no no. Weather Beings *make* the weather. they're just not particularly
good at it, which is why it never comes out the way they say it will.
Fri Aug 08 [22:54] <Jondar>
WARNING: sick joke ahead: "I had a friend who dated a meterologist,
they said they had a stormy relationship" :-)
Fri Aug 08 [23:08]
 * Starfury regards meteorologists to be on the same par as astrologists,
   only more respectable.  They're really mystical, they like looking at
   the sky a lot, and what they say never makes any sense to me, and rarely
   has much to do with reality. ;)
Fri Aug 08 <Nathan_Roberts>
Everyone makes typos... unless you're using dictation software, in which
case you'll make Speako's instead. :)
Mon Aug 11 [22:05]
<The_Sentry> What did everyone think of my #drwhochat logo? :)
<Drake> cool... i'm suing of course,unless i get a residual.............:)
Mon Aug 11 [22:06] <SukiF>
I hope Sylvester McCoy NEVER reads those quotes cause I'm sure he'll think
I'm one from the looney bin ;)
Mon Aug 11 [22:11] <Jondar>
Nathan: so should I forward all libel suits to you, or do you want me to
deal with them?
Mon Aug 11 [22:18] <SukiF>
Awwww, tal time to get the book: "Mel Bush's Way to Get Your Voice Heard."
Wait! No don't! ;)
Mon Aug 11 [22:31] <SukiF>
I'm a person who does research for her writing projects, even if it means
watching Nick at Nite.... um.... like I do every night. Hmmm ;)
 * SukiF gets the butterfly net and chases after her life again
Mon Aug 11 [22:33]
 * DrGrace reads the QF and tries to drum up some wit
 * DrGrace thumbs thru the yellow pages for a ghost writer........
Mon Aug 11 [22:37]
 * SukiF tries to deny the fact she's too lazy to get any other good ISP
   than AOL. "I'm in a area with few ISPers." "I'm under Steve Case's evil
   spell." "Ummm."
Tue Aug 12 [2:27]
<The_Sentry> Wanna be Doctor #9. :)
<grek> Doctor dolittle ??? :)
*** grek was kicked by The_Sentry (The_Sentry)
Tue Aug 12 [2:36]
<The_Sentry> Now... With the  kind of  work I'll end up doing, I
             probably won't need to wear a  suit as part of the job...
             It's the interview part that'll get me
 * The_Sentry isn't too keen about getting into costume
<grek> high heels there nathan.
*** grek was kicked by The_Sentry (The_Sentry)
Tue Aug 12 [2:50]
 * The_Sentry starts beating on his keyboard
<grek> what with the keyboard..?
<The_Sentry> My spacebar is acting up... Look at all the double-spaces
             in my text
<grek> hm. wash it..
<The_Sentry> Grek: Where's the fun in that? :)
Thu Aug 14 [1:26]
<MrBubonic> So, Nathan, going back to school soon?
<The_Sentry> Next week, yes.
<MrBubonic> You looking forward to it? :)
<The_Sentry> Yeah, actually. :)
<MrBubonic> You're sick! :)
Thu Aug 14 [1:38]
<The_Sentry> I'm sort of doing a "computer support" type job for my old high
  school... or will be once they school year starts. They're trying to get
  their school wired up to the net... but the computers they have aren't
  Netscapable... and I've been doing some researching, and have found
  some DOS internet software they can use.
<MrBubonic> Do you have glasses and a ponytail? (normal standards
            for computer-geek) ;)
Thu Aug 14 [1:43]
Topic in #drwhochat: Nobody mentions Pavlov's Cat experiments or
Shrodinger's Dog, do they? (Heidi_Linda)
<MacGhoti> Pavlov's cat experiments gave him nothing more than a cat that
           studiously ignored him at the sound of a bell.
           As for Schroedinger's Dog, who really wants to know whether he
           messed on the floor of box? I say, leave the lid on.
<The_Sentry> You're trying for the quotefile, aren't you? :)
<MacGhoti> True talent need never try.
Thu Aug 14 [1:49]
 * MacGhoti just had a thought
<The_Sentry> MacG: Quick! Catch it and frame it! :)
<MacGhoti> Sentry: It's like catching gnats with barbecue tongs...
<MacGhoti> By the time I catch them, they're all mangled.
 * MacGhoti points to the time he came up with the idea of briced sled.
Thu Aug 14 [2:23]
<MacGhoti> But who wouldn't want to be in the minority, eh? :)
<Starfury> well, the majority, apparently... ;)
Thu Aug 14 [2:23]
<MacGhoti> You're bound to get more abstract-type people on the internet...
           especially IRC
<The_Sentry> MacG: Of Course!  The Internet gets all us
             Computer-Geek types! :)
<MacGhoti> That, and when concrete-type people want conversation, they go
           find a live person to bug. :)
Thu Aug 14 [2:48]
<MacGhoti> Becky: Yeah, [Doctor Who]'s gone off the air and then come back
           on in this area. I don't know if Siobahn ever found out
           about it. :)
<Starfury> you're getting Doctor Who again? YOU UTTER, UTTER, UTTER LUCKY
<Meglos> haha
<Starfury> Meglos: and don't get me started on you, Mr. "Doctor Who Once A
           Week Even Though I Already Have Them All On Tape"
Thu Aug 14 [3:05]
<MacGhoti> Besides, I'm a linguist, so what I say about words goes. :p
<Starfury> Brian: oh yeah well I'm a teenager, AND a girl, that makes me
           more qualified to judge teen slang.  and my mom was an english
           major. I'm a word junkie. so words mean what *I* say they mean!
           neener neener!
Thu Aug 14 [3:15]
<The_Sentry> Actually, why girls are attracted to me is really beyond me...
<Starfury> girls are not attracted to me. at least none that I know of.  I
           feel so inferior ;)
<MacGhoti> You just haven't met the right girls, Becky.
<Starfury> however... I have been whistled at when walking down the street
           no less than four times, and have at at least two boys chasing
           after me.
Thu Aug 14 [3:15]
<grek> whats up..?
 * The_Sentry points at the floor...
Thu Aug 14 [3:22]
 * Starfury beats grek over the head.  Get your own beer, you lazy bum, and
   get some raw meat while you're at it
<MacGhoti> Not in here, you don't. If you're going to devour dead animals,
           go do it outside.
<Starfury> Brian: we'll cook it first. I promise!
<MacGhoti> Ew, ick. Dead *charred* animal.
<The_Sentry> I smell a vegetarian... :)
<MacGhoti> Nate: Well, tell him he has to wear deodorant, just like the
           rest of us.
<The_Sentry> Ok...
<The_Sentry> MacG: You gotta wear deodorant, juke like the rest of us!
 * MacGhoti stops hugging his boyfriend "Cedar" and puts on some
   Speed Stick
<Starfury> Brian: you're a vegetarian?  you, you, FIEND... carrots have
           rights too you know! *begins sobbing, and tries to console
           her friend the carrot* AND YOU HAVE THE GALL TO CALL YOURSELF
           A TREE-HUGGER!
Thu Aug 14 [4:08]
 * Starfury would actually like to learn swedish but it's a bit hard over
   the internet
 * Starfury is just having fun.
<Starfury> and if I learn something... well then I can go "HEY LOOK ALL YOU
Thu Aug 14 [4:18]
 * Starfury read a quote recently... John Adams said "An american who
   cannot read and write is as rare an occurrence as a comet or an
<Starfury> John Adams said that a LONG time ago.  An american who cannot
           read in modern times is about as rare as a car with bird
           droppings on it.
Thu Aug 14 [4:35]
 *** gulai has joined #DrWhoChat
<gulai> haiii
<gulai> f... you [Censored by quotefile management]
 *** gulai has left #DrWhoChat
<The_Sentry> Well, if you're gonna do something like that, you should
             at least have the decency to stick around so someone can
             kick you...
Thu Aug 14 [15:59]
 * Roundabout thinks that the best thing that Gates did was Commodore BASIC
<Nathan_Roberts> Ooh... Commodore... Bill Gates did that?
 * Roundabout can't answer, he was told to shut up earlier... But Bill did
   do C= BASIC.
 * Nathan_Roberts just lost a lot of respect for Commodore. :)
 * Roundabout doesn't mind, C= tried to screw Bill by not paying him!
 * Nathan_Roberts just gained a lot of respect for Commodore. :)
Thu Aug 14 [16:10]
 * Roundabout starts thinking... Microsoft - The Movie. It's eight times
   too long and the film has to have a special projector four times faster
   and three times bigger than normal.
Thu Aug 14 [16:15]
<Roundabout> I've got the birthday in a note on my drive.
<Random_c> DCC me it.
<Roundabout> The Amiga's drive.
<Random_c> Get it then!
<Random_c> Phone me and read it out!
<Roundabout> Hold on, read *what* out?!
<Random_c> The response!
<Roundabout> I don't *have* the response, just the note.
<Random_c> IDIOT! How oculd you not keep that?
<SukiF> What responce? The responce on 1st base! Who's on 1st base? No you
        dummy, the responce!! ;)
Fri Aug 15 [1:37]
<Stjarnvrede> sheesh grek.. how many languages do you know?
<grek> four.. Swedish, english, french, and some arabic...:)
<Nathan_Roberts> I know 4 languages too! BASIC, Pascal, C,
                 and mIRCScript. :)
Fri Aug 15 [2:03]
<Nathan_Roberts> Grek: Is the sun out?
<grek> sun...hmm big yellow thingie..?
<Nathan_Roberts> Grek: Yeah. Another of those "real life" things. Don't
                 try to look at it... :)
Fri Aug 15 [21:43]
 * Nathan_Roberts smashes his computer with a hammer
<Jondar> Nathan: a wooden mallet works better :)
 * Nathan_Roberts smashes his computer with a IRON mallet
 * Jondar tried using an iron mallet... but the wooden one sounds a lot
   better when it crashes into the keyboard :)
Fri Aug 15 [23:12] <trinalin>
Perfect answering machine message:
Hi. I'm probably home, I'm just avoiding someone I don't like.  Leave me
a message, and if I don't call back, it's you.
<trinalin> Hi! Trina's answering machine is broken. This is his
           refrigerator. Please speak very slowly, and I'll stick your
           message to myself with one of these magnets.
<trinalin> I can't come to the phone now because I have amnesia and I feel
           stupid talking to people I don't remember. I'd appreciate it if
           you could help me out by leaving my name and telling me
           something about myself. Thanks.
<trinalin> Can't come to the phone now because alien beings are eating
my brain. Leave a message anyway, and after the alien beings assume my
shape, one of them will get back to you.
Fri Aug 15 [23:18]
<lisag> tal: and this was just washing down the walls - still have to mask
        & paint!  Waaaah!
*** MacGhoti has left #drwhochat
<lisag> figures, I mention housework, and the one person withint commute
        distance bails. :-0
Sat Aug 16 [1:22] <Turlough>
Who knows, you may see Trina and the Earthlink Dilemma :)
Sat Aug 16 [19:38] <AldenB>
Dennis: You _really_ want to use the TARDIS wardrobe?  the free ions in
there cause you to lose your fashion sense, you know.
Sat Aug 16 [20:18] <AldenB>
There once was a man from Nantucket,
Who had a hole in his bucket.
With many a frown,
He jumped up and down.
And finally said "Oh, bugger it"
Sun Aug 17 [19:00]
*** Bethani has joined #drwhochat
<Bethani> good morning vietnam!
<Bethani> Jondar Drake! Toto! aunty em!
Sun Aug 17 [21:35]
*** Israel changes topic to "Welcome to the place where chaos doesn't
reign, it pours. :)"
Tue Aug 19 [13:42]
<Synesis> hang on, what did i just buy..?
<Nathan_Roberts> Sunesis: I don't know, but I think you just paid your
                 soul for it. >:)
<Synesis> does anyone know where nathan is REALLY from...?
<Nathan_Roberts> Syn: See these horns and this red suit? <points>
<Synesis> why yes, yes i do.
<Israel> Nathan: So, you're from Cleveland?:)
 * Synesis bites her nails
<Synesis> i'll tell you what, nathan roberts... if that really is your
          name... the soul's in the mail... via ups.
[13:46] <Israel> Syn: Ups and the unions just signed an agreement.:)
<Synesis> nathan, is there nothing you cannot do?
<Nathan_Roberts> I cannot walk and chew gum at the same time.  Everything
                 else is fair game. :)
<Israel> Nathan: Wow, the devil's a bimbo.:)
Tue Aug 19 [13:55]
<Synesis> nathan! nathan!!! what is WRONG with you, man???
<Nathan_Roberts> Syn: I'd try to tell you, but I'm unconscious. :)
 * Synesis administers New York first aid by standing near nat and
Wed Aug 20 [13:38] <SukiF>
When aliens land on Earth, I'll have a .wav for that occasion.  When Hell
freezes over, I'll have a wav for that occasion ;)
Thu Aug 21 [18:06]
<doctor1> DG Your mind is corrupted!!
<DrGrace> Yads, thank you for noticing :)
Thu Aug 21 [18:20]
<doctor1> Of course there is the nuclear bunker to rush into!!
 * Nathan_Roberts breaks out one of those new bunker-buster Nukes
<doctor1> I dare you Roberts, you will kill us all 90 times over!!
 * Nathan_Roberts weighs his options.... Kill Yads.... Kill
   everyone... hmmm...
<Vila> Tough choice, Nate.
Fri Aug 22 [18:41]
<Nathan_Roberts> Suki's on Raptor... Suki's Lagged.... Yads is on Raptor...
                 Therefore Yads is lagged.... This is gonna be fun... :)
<trinalin> Yads may make more sense with this lag
<Nathan_Roberts> Trina: Yads might make more sense if you take his words
                 and run a ROT-13 on them.
<trinalin> Or he may make more sense if you put them through the shredder
<Whomiga> Add Water - and then throw thim against the wall - then read
<Nathan_Roberts> Trina: Or he may make more sense if you just burn
                 the words and toss them out the window... WHo knows. :)
Fri Aug 22 [19:14] <Ron5>
#1 rule of common sense, Don't make an OP mad at you if you don't have opps ;)
Fri Aug 22 [19:57]
<Drake> we'll crash at Tala's!
<Bethani> err maybe we should ask him first guys;)
Sat Aug 23 [20:26]
<AldenB> Dse: If [Doc6] hit his head on the console, how do you explain the
         fact that he's lying pointed away from it? And how do you explain
         the fact that he's bumped his head on the console many times
         before and not regenerated. :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: Here's one possible explanation for both of those
                 concerns... He smashes his head into the console so hard
                 that he a) causes tremendous physical damage, and b)
                 completely "bounces" away from the console....  Well, I'm
                 trying, allright!! :)
<AldenB> The sixth Doctor has a rubber head? :-)
Sat Aug 23 [21:14]
 * lisag is rather clueless tonight.
 * Ron5 gives Lisa the boardgame.
<Ron5> now your not clueless ;)
<Ron5> Nathan in #DWC with the fwapper
Sat Aug 23 [22:48]
 * Jondar is trying to get all of the wavs back that I collected... hard
   disk died again 2 nights ago, and I lost of all them :(
<Drake> my evil plan to crash Jason's HD and erase all his wavs worked!
Mon Aug 25 [15:16]
<Nathan_Roberts> Hey Synesta... Wanna be in the quotefile?
                 Fame... Fortune... well, maybe not fortune... :)
<birdmann> living in the limelight, the universal dream?
Mon Aug 25 [15:25]
<birdmann> muad dib, i have missed you.
<[Muad_Dib]> Try aiming next time :-)
Mon Aug 25 [21:01] <Jondar>
the only browser problem I've had so far was when I tried to download more
than about 20 files at once :)
Tue Aug 26 [22:48]
<Nathan_Roberts> Look out everyone, I'm about to fire up Netscape...
 * Jondar runs for the fallout shelter
Tue Aug 26 [23:18]
 * Starfury doesn't have kids either
 * Starfury has a computer instead ;)
Tue Aug 26 [23:53]
 * Sutekh_ thinks he's rather have the 'good old days' when there was a
   Tenth Planet 4 runor every week, rather than some animation lackey
   getting everyong all whooped up
Wed Aug 27 [0:23]
<Starfury> 2 and 2? er.... 10?
 * Nathan_Roberts checks his calculator...
<Nathan_Roberts> It's 4!  That's 150% Error!
<grek> it is ?....
 * grek is going to take a long talk with his old math-teacher...
Wed Aug 27 [0:25]
 * Starfury knows why nathan did bad at math... he was distracted by
   the "bra" in algebra
<Starfury> what you don't expect me to JUSTIFY my illogic do you?  I'm not
           Freud! I can't come up with rubbish theories at the drop of a
           phallic symbol! (aka: cigar)
Wed Aug 27 [0:29]
<Nathan_Roberts> Is that REALLY MrB or is Grek up to his old tricks again? :)
<_mrBubonic_> It is actually me... There's no other computer available...
<Nathan_Roberts> Well... the fact that you capitalize your sentences
                 and spell correctly is a clear indicator that it's you... :)
Wed Aug 27 [0:35]
<Nathan_Roberts> Well... College is going pretty well so far... I got
                 lucky... all 4 professors have a sense of humor. :)
<MrBubonic> They're only making you feel comfortable before they feast
            upon your soul... :)
Wed Aug 27 [14:50]
<SukiF> Yeah, I love what Colin Baker asked Sylv about his typing: "Is the
        cat typing for you?"
<Random_c> Danny John-Jules can type?
Wed Aug 27 [18:57] <Gummo>
My freshman year in HS we did Oklahoma. Opening night and the leading man
didn't remember 'Oh what a beautiful morning.' The casat is backstage
singing it for him and eventually the audience helped him out as well
in between fits of laughter.
Wed Aug 27 [19:24] <trinalin>
Spare webspace? what's that?  :)
Thu Aug 28 [12:36]
<Bob01> not mel though dont know what the hell people see in her i get
        earaches everytime i watch an ep with her in it
<SukiF> Ohhhh, now what would Alden say Bob? ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Suki: Bang. :)
Thu Aug 28 [14:13]
 * Random_c is considering making three SoF Benny dresses, and having Me,
   SukiF and Jac wandering round Panoption saying "Hi, We're Benny"
Thu Aug 28 [14:15]
<Drake> <Astababy> Hi, come to #TeenUK!
<trinalin> Drake - tell them your 93 and you eat teens for breakfast
Thu Aug 28 [14:33]
 * Semi_Grace is back.
<trinalin> Judi - which half?
<Semi_Grace> Trina, well, not the brain half :)
<trinalin> Ah, we're talking to Judi's bum :)
Thu Aug 28 [14:55]
 * Semi_Grace refreshes Bob's memory on the female anatomy and puts down a
   chart in the corner
 * Drake grabs his favorite model of the female anatomy,to refresh his
<Semi_Grace> Drake, how long have you been into Barbie dolls?
Thu Aug 28 [15:00]
*** ellure has joined #drwhochat
<ellure> hi
*** ellure has left #drwhochat
<Drake> she was soooooooooo elluring................
<trinalin> Drake - pity s/he couldn't spell ellusive correctly :)
Thu Aug 28 [23:27]
<Nathan_Roberts> Who is Tracy Scoggins?
<Sulky_rc> No, Who is Paul McGann.
Thu Aug 28 [23:34]
 * AldenB is waiting for Ship of Fools to hit the country. :-)
<TerisaD7> Alden:  I hope it doesn't do much damage when it hits. ;-)
<AldenB> Terisa: I'm hoping the iron-plated underwear offers some protection.
Thu Aug 28 [23:42]
<AldenB> BTW, I hear Australia has started buying cruise missiles.  Must
         be gearing up for the invasion of NZ...
<SuprDalek> Alden: Could that be in retaliation for the joke NZ made about
            the Austrlian yacht during the last America's Cup?
<TerisaD7> Hey, Alden, what about when the cup was destroyed?
<AldenB> Terisa: Hey, we fixed it, didn't we?  Good as new!
 * AldenB holds up the cup and the handle falls off.
 * AldenB picks up the handle and sticks it back on with chewing gum.
 * TerisaD7 thinks Alden is trying to copy either MacGyver or the Doctor.
<MacGhoti> MacGyver would've made an epoxy out of toothpaste and cat litter
           The Doctor would've pulled a replacement out of his pocket.
[For the uninformed:]
<SuprDalek> During the 1995 America's Cup, one of the Australian yachts
            sank. A freind of mine visiting Oz in 1996 told me that a NZ
            brewery had made a commercial claiming their beer went down
            "faster than an Australian boat".
Fri Aug 29 [14:38]
<Flump> I've developed a new weapon, one that will give me infinite power,
        one that will allow me to (strokes beard of evil) take over the
<Mistress_Mel> What a new c64 Demo?
Fri Aug 29 [14:46]
<Mistress_Mel> Drake are you feeling alright?
<Drake> i'm sarcastic and a smartass,yes i'm fine Random :)
<trinalin> Drake's a smartass? WOohoo! That's one smart ass!
<Drake> trina wants my butt
Fri Aug 29 [15:48]
 * SukiF thinks "Dear Miss McCoy, what the ^$#@ do you think you're doing?
   Blaming my pals at the PMEB for Paul not wanting to be the Doc. And
   you SHAME the name McCoy..."
Fri Aug 9 [23:09]
<Starfury> heh, what's the topic?
           err, subject even... YKYBOIRCTMW... hehe =)
<Nathan_Roberts> YKYBOIRCTMW you know what YKYBOIRCTMW stands for... :)
Sat Aug 10 [18:48]
 * Bob01 thinks nick and chan serv need to go to jamicaserv and take a
Topic in #TARDIS: "Ever get sick of seeing these topics that are weeks old?
(Nathan Roberts) No, not really. Everyone is invited to my 1994 New Year's
Party next week! (talavera) Damn! I'm busy that night! :-( (Jondar)"
Sat Aug 10 [18:29] <Nathan_Roberts>
And PacBell is a commercial entity, so I can threaten them saying I'm gonna
switch to another ISP... :)
Sat Aug 10 [18:56]
 * Janet1 offers a choice of coke, sprite, root beer, coffee, or Earl Grey tea
<Ron5> Earl Grey is too beneath me, I will take nothing less than a
       Duke Grey ;)
Sat Aug 10 [19:01]
 * DrGrace sits quietly in a corner
 * Nathan_Roberts consoles Grace
 * DrGrace screams irrationally :)
Sat Aug 10 [19:16]
 * Pandora3 files her nails and waits
<Ron5> Under what? N for nails or F for fingers?
Sun Aug 17 [19:42]
<Grumpy_Grace> Texas?  Is that a new country?  :)
<Pandora3> its lahk a WHOLE other country, yessum. we got horny toads and
           armadillos for breakfast. everyone raises cows and oil wells.  ;)
Sun Aug 17 [19:42] [20:09]
<Pandora3> his mastery of the language is stunning... if i could just
           figure out which language....
Sun Aug 17 [20:21]
<Pandora3> girls learn from dating total idiots that those are not the
           sorts of men they want to have as a life-partner...
<D_Kowalski> Unless they are total idiots themselves., And then it's a
             perfect match.
<Pandora3> then they save all their food stamps and burn down their
           trailer park.
Sun Aug 17 [20:29]
<Drake> Bob,Yankee is a tourist who goes home,a DamnYankee is one
        that stays :)
<Bob01> they both cant drive drake:)
<Drake> no one can drive drake... except a pretty smile from a pretty
        woman :)
Sun Aug 17 [20:41]
 * Pandora3 is startled by a beeping sound from her pocket
 * Grumpy_Grace hopes Syn has a pager
 * Pandora3 takes out a small device and presses a button to stop the
<Pandora3> ;) yes. my planet needs me.
<Pandora3> well... i say that, actually i just have them beep me anytime
           there is a crisis, whether i can actually do something or not.
Mon Aug 18 [18:53]
<Janet1> Issy - are you in college?  I just realized that I have NO idea
         how old you are
<Israel> Janet: I'm all right.  Enjoying my one week vacation.:)  I'm 23.:)
<Janet1> ah...same age as my daughter's boyfriend  :)
<Israel> Janet: Was that supposed to make me feel young or you feel old?:)
Fri Aug 22 [19:02]
 * Jondar _really_ needs a new hard disk... I think this "replacement of a
   replacement" is also a dud... it keeps crashing on me :(
<trinalin> Jondar - could it be your motherboard?
<Jondar> might be, I don't know
 * Jondar will have to check later
<Jondar> where was that screwdriver :)
<Drake> i use a hammer in my computer repairs
[19:05] <Jondar> Drake: I need the screwdriver to access the inner parts so I
   can use the hammer :)
Fri Aug 22 [19:05]
 * trinalin is going back into #drwhochat as her brain can't function with
   more than one channel
 * Nathan_Roberts suggests a mainboard upgrade for Trina's head
Fri Aug 29 [14:35]
<Janet871> Hi Nathan.  how's it going?
<Nathan_Away> Fine
<Janet871> I have a cold and will gladly share it with you if you don't
           WANT to be fine....<g>
Sat Aug 30 [0:32]
 * AldenB makes a note to post the first chapter of his story.
<Starfury> Alden: PLEASE tell me it's not ef :P
<AldenB> Becky: It's not EF.
 * AldenB hates it when he has to lie like that. ;-)
 * Starfury baps Alden
<Starfury> WRITE A NON-EF STORY, you GIT!
Sat Aug 30 [14:57]
<_STeveB_> okay here's a good question, How can we get Dr Who back on TV
<JellyBaby> By making it a claymation thing, done with playdough
            Music done by Ken Spivey's Project.  Just alot of G minors and
            a few A sevens for the back ground music, done on a sitar
            And the theme song done entirely with a slide whistle and a
<_STeveB_> jelly: Hasn't that already been done? (Delaware version :)
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> I have a WAV of it
<JellyBaby> CAn I have it?  If you would give it to me I'd send you my
            soul in a self addressed stamped involope and operating
            instructions OR a tea bag
Sat Aug 30 [15:06]
<JellyBaby> I found a friend at school who's a whovian :) We sit at lunch
            and scare the people at the table when screaming "NI", saying
            42 to every question, and calling the salt shakers daleks and
            running in fear
Sat Aug 30 [15:09]
<JellyBaby> Wow Nathan thinks I'm cool
 * DrGrace checks nathan to see if he's feverish :)
Sat Aug 30 [15:10]
 * _STeveB_ always wanted to take the Next generation title sequence and
   alter it so when it goes "and to boldy go where no one has gone before,"
   the camera pans over and we see the tardis and the doctor says something
   like, 'Excuse me, but I think I was here first'
<JellyBaby> I used a enterprise on a pipe cleaner, my humming the theme
            song and getting it confused with the empire strike's back
            theme, and a black sheet of paper all punched up with a hole
            puncher with red paper in the back to make stars
Sat Aug 30 [15:25]
*** Littlefoot` has joined #drwhochat
<JellyBaby> LittleFoot = blonde, from my other chat
<JellyBaby> She's 16 or 15, I forget... but she's perty so no throwing
            ice at her
Sat Aug 30 [15:29]
 * Mistress_Mel looks down the front of her shirt. No, still there,
   definately female.
Sat Aug 30 [15:51]
*** Mistress_Mel has joined #drwhochat
*** DrPooh has quit IRC (Leaving)
<Mistress_Mel> Oh dear I scared him off...
*** Littlefoot` has quit IRC (WiTh JeSuS yOu'Re NoT jUsT oNe Of ThE cRoWd!!!)
<Mistress_Mel> Both of them. Okay, who told them what I'm like late at
Sat Aug 30 [16:54]
 * MacGhoti has the feeling he's only getting half the conversation here...
 * Flump isn't getting much of any conversation, he's playing Slamtilt...
<MacGhoti> And yet still, Flump is generating most of the conversation.
           Coincidence? :)
<DrGrace> Brian, the others are clones of Jason :)
<Flump> Not clones, other regenerations...  We tried that at MOMI, thirteen
        of us arrived and claimed to be several regenerations of one Time
        Lord, so could we have one adult ticket for all of us please...
Sat Aug 30 [17:49]
<trinalin> I have Ops on all the other channels I visit! I'm a SOP in most
           channels I know! I should have OPS!
 * MacGhoti looks down his nose at trina
<MacGhoti> Bloodly peasants... don't know their place
Sat Aug 30 [17:52]
<MacGhoti> Me hatches his plot...
<trinalin> Think you laid an egg :)
Fri Aug 29 [22:36] <Israel>
"Hi, my name is Dan, I'm an internet addict and I have no life... I didn't
think I had a problem at first.  I mean, a little web surfing, the odd
newsgroup, what was wrong with that?  But then, it started getting worse.  I
started staying up till all hours.  And IRC, man, that was the worst.  I
knew I'd hit bottom when I started reading alt.spam just to satisfy my
newsgroup fix.  *SOB*  I'm so ashamed!"
Fri Aug 29 [22:55] <Starfury>
Drax... sounds like a drain cleaner.
Sun Aug 31 [1:08]
<Nathan_Roberts> Netscape crashed and almost took Windows with it
<AldenB> Better upgrade to MSIE. :-)
* Nathan_Roberts makes a cross symbol at Alden
<MacGhoti> You're much kinder to Alden than I would have been, Nathan :)
Sun Aug 31 [1:12]
 * Jondar uses MSIE as his main browser... and only uses Netscape to check
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: Traitor!!! :)
Sun Aug 31 [14:39]
<[Muad_Dib]> right, Drake and his hi8 camera are under attack by massed
             dalek forces adn 1 cleaner robot, whilst the rest are hiding
             in a TARDIS disguised as a shed. Clear?
<Drake> we need red shirts,oh wait that's Trek........
Sun Aug 31 [14:35]
<Drake> ok,i'm making new Who,filming it in my backyard with a super8
        film camera
<[Muad_Dib]> super8! That's higher budget than the original tv show!
<Drake> a garden shed is painted blue and will be the new TARDIS
Sun Aug 31 [14:54]
 * Flump thinks that everyone shouldn't take the rise out of Mistress
   Mel's spelling. She *does* have a whip, y'know...
Sun Aug 31 [14:56]
 * Mistress_Mel plays cartoons at Yensid. Backwards.
Sun Aug 31 [15:01]
<Drake> i've got to run!
 * [Muad_Dib] lobs drake a pair of Nikes
Sun Aug 31 [15:07]
 * Mistress_Mel tightens the corset and wonders if it's stretching or she's
<Flump> Mistress: I'm bound (ahem) to say you're getting thinner... =-)
 * Flump starts grovelling...
<Flump> Nononono, just thinner than you were when you was just thin...
        Maybe I should run now...
Sun Aug 31 [19:14] <Bethani>
Dough, the stuff that buys me beer
Ray, the guy who sells me beer
me, the one who drinks the beer
fa, along way to the john
so, lets have another beer
la lalalalalala
tea, no thanks I'll have a beer...
and so its back to do re me fa so..
Sun Aug 31 [20:44]
<Aristaeus> How do you kick a ghost?
<Bethani> you cant.. you foot goes right through them
<trinalin> Kim - nah, ghosts today are more corporeal.  Their union
complained that they were always falling through the floor
<Israel> Trina: In fact, I heard ghosts protested the movie "Ghost".
Claimed it promoted a stereotypical view of ghosts.  That, and none
of them would ever want to go into the body of Whoopi Goldberg. :)
<Whomiga> Who signs the contracts (And how? :^)
Sun Aug 31 [21:22]
<Israel> A statue of Jesus is found to contain the corpse of
         a self-proclaimed antichrist, leading to all sorts
         of strange happenings...
<Nathan_Roberts> Issy: Someone killed howard stern and buried
                 him under a statue of Jesus? :)
 * Israel fwaps Nathan.
<Nathan_Roberts> Alright then...
<Nathan_Roberts> Issy: Someone killed Yads and buried him under
                 a statue of Jesus? :) :)
 * Israel fwaps Nathan
Sun Aug 31 [21:27]
*** Razar has joined #drwhochat
<Razar> just dropping in
 * Nathan_Roberts puts a pillow under Razar to break his fall

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