The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume I, Issue II: July 1997

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Tue Jul 01 <Nathan_Roberts>
I don't believe in God... but I'm starting to believe in the devil!
[In refence to my very strange computer problems]
Tue Jul 01 [4:54] <MrBubonic>
So, *I* have returned, and with me the instrument of my vengeance... I
will not be defeated this time, I have prepared myself. You and your legions
will pay for... Oops! Wrong channel... Isn't this #nemesis? Darn... :)
Tue Jul 01 [5:08]
<MrBubonic> Greetings human
<Janet1> greetings um...... alien???
<MrBubonic> Swede. :)
Tue Jul 01 <Nathan>
Of course, anyone on Dalnet can kill Chanserv... just look at it funny... :)
Tue Jul 01
<trinalin> Ack!  What will happen to the world when the
           two Marks meet?
<[Muad-Dib]> annihilation?
[Alternate answer:]
 * trinalin suspects the Blinovitch Limitation Effect will
   prevent their meeting
<trinalin> Muad - in short, Zap
[Alternative Alternate answer:]
* [Muad-Dib] suspects the London Transport Effect will.
Wed Jul 02 [0:19] <Starfury>
but then I like Sesame Street and I'm almost 18 so who am I to question
people's viewing habits...
Wed Jul 02 [0:29] <abates>
Hands up all those who can't spell "href". <sticks hand up>
Wed Jul 02 [1:03]
<trinalin> So how does one prevent [the Windows "Nuke Bug"]?
<Sutekh_> trin: buy a mac ;-)
Wed Jul 02 [1:42]
* Jondar knows that MSIE has no autoresume... I was using that last night :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: Of course... It's MicroSoft... :)
<Jondar> Nathan: well it has almost auto-everything else :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Yeah... auto-crash... auto-screw-up... :)
Wed Jul 02 [1:47]
<Nathan_Roberts> Star: In that case, RTFM. :)
<Jondar> Nathan: RTFM??
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: Read the friggin manual... You've never heard
                 of RTFM??
<Jondar> Nathan: first time I've seen that one
 * Nathan_Roberts thinks that Jondar's web education is sadly lacking... :)
Wed Jul 02 [1:50] <Nathan_Roberts>
My two favorite WWII slang acronyms are FUBAR and SNAFU.... which I've
combined into SNAFUBAR.
Wed Jul 02 [1:51]
<Jondar> Tissue Compression Eliminator of Doctor Who??? :-PPPP
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: 1/2 correct.  Try the other half again. :)
<Jondar> That/The Circus Episode of Doctor Who
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: I was hoping you'd replace the oDW part so I could
                 tell you "No, the OTHER other half!"
Wed Jul 02 [05:28] <Nathan_Roberts>
There, I've just jerryrigged a way to turn off my PC Speaker by hitting the
Turbo switch.
(5 minutes later)
There, I've just jerryrigged a way to crash my computer!
Wed Jul 02 [5:35] <MrBubonic>
You should rig it so that it crashes when you touch your keyboard!
Very efficient...
Wed Jul 03 [0:50] <Starfury>
I've been in about 4 earthquakes. only noticed two of them.  Actually...
5 if you count when my mom slept through one... my dad thought I was kicking
Wed Jul 03 [1:25]
<trinalin> [Drake]'s gonna be FORTY!  :)
(Finally into my age range for prospective lovers...)
Wed Jul 03 [1:28]
<MrBubonic> I've just been named Computer-Gestapo by a guy, just because I
            deleted some games he had installed... :)
<Nathan_Roberts> MrB: Depends on the game... was it some little Tetris game,
                 or Doom? :)
<MrBubonic> It was doom...
<Nathan_Roberts> It's debatable then. :)
Wed Jul 03 [1:46]
<MrBubonic> Btw, Nathan, I'm hungry... and it's warm...
<Nathan_Roberts> Whine, whine
<MrBubonic> It is my right! It's a free world and I whine as much as I want
Wed Jul 03 [1:49]
<MrBubonic> Now I'm going to tell you about all my hangovers... Every
            single one of them... ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> MrB: Go ahead... if you really like hearing the phrase
                 "Serves you right..." :)
<MrBubonic> Darn! Defetead...
Wed Jul 03 [2:25] <Starfury> [Describing her Smilie Lab]
  The lab is a scene straight out of an old horror movie. Cages line the walls
filled with deformed smileys, screaming and gibbering in high-pitched voices
that sound like chipmunks on helium. Frothing beakers in every shape
imaginable and jars of various bits of smiley anatomy, used for grafting onto
live smileys, fill the metal shelves.
  In the center of the room, a smiley is strapped to an operating table,
wires of electrodes stuck to its body, and a gas mask pumping what smells
like laughing gas covers its face. With each jolt of electricity, the smiley
screams and giggles.
  At the far end of the lab is a large desk, covered with various bits of
equipment, sheaves and files of research papers, strewn haphazardly across
its surface and stuffed into its drawers. In half opened drawers of counters,
syringes and other evil-looking equipment are visible. Too large to be
stuffed in a drawer, a chainsaw lies on a table, along with some other
odd-looking things, including a peanut butter sandwich.
  In one corner of the room, a faded banner reading "Happy Birthday Professor
Zaroff" hangs above a table, the half-eaten birthday cake long forgotten.
<MrBubonic> I will never look upon a smiley again without suppressing a
            shiver... Starfury, you vile thing, you have destroyed my life...
Thu Jul 03 [5:27] (#drwho)
<MrBubonic> I'm about to make a my own page... An A-Z of
            rubbermonsters. What do you think of that idea? :)
<Nathan_Roberts> It's... uhm...
                 Original. :)
Thu Jul 03 [5:29] (#drwho)
<Nathan_Roberts> I saw you talking about that earlier... How's it coming?
<MrBubonic> I got a lot of pics but I'm looking for more...
            A lot was an overstatement... about 30... heh...
<Nathan_Roberts> Well... You're gonna have to start collecting... else
                 it will only be an a, b, d, g, j, w, and z gallery
                 instead of A-Z. :)
Thu Jul 03 [5:37] <MrBubonic> (#drwho)
I've just finished reading through the quotefile.  There were some really
good ones... That N. Roberts Fella was a major bore, though... ;)
Thu Jul 03 [12:59]
<Whomiga> Why would anyone want to take over the world, I mean it really has
          no value. Plus all the problems of having a world to rule - Just
          too many headaches to deal with :^)
<Nathan_Roberts> Try telling the Master that... :)
Thu Jul 03 [13:37]
<Drake> ack Muad got flooded?
<Whomiga> Too much gas, too little clutch?
Thu Jul 03 [14:03]
* trinalin tells Suki to keep her eyes on her monitor
<SukiF> Put a big ole pic of Sylv up on my moniter, my eyes will be on it then
Fri Jul 04 <Nathan_Roberts>
Of course reading the manual means damnation in my religion... :)
Fri Jul 04 [15:47]
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm; [the Mars Pathfinder coverage] is on CSPAN too;
                 can you say "Simulcast"? :)
<Whomiga> Uh, Simulcast - Yep :^)
Fri Jul 05 [14:23]
 * Janet1 sings a lullabye for Nathan and watches him run in fear with his
   hands over his ears.....
Fri Jul 05 [19:44] <abates>
"Leave the man, it's the girl I want."
Fri Jul 05 [20:32]
 * abates starts finger painting with mud.
<LisaG> Alden - if you want to paint so bad, come to California and let
        me put you to work. :-)
Fri Jul 05 [20:40]
<LisaG> Alden, you freaked when you got a fourth channel -- what
        would you do with cable?? :-)
<abates> Lisa: Wait for Doctor Who to be on it. :-)
Fri Jul 05 [20:43]
<abates> I used to watch it, before we had the evening meal.
<LisaG> Alden: you didn't used to have evening meals? I didn't know NZ
        was *that* backwards! :-)
Fri Jul 05 [20:45]
 * Warpath_Grace is away (walking herself and Lance). Messages will be
   documented and held against you in a court of law.
<abates> Does that mean if I say "Mel" she'll be held against me? ;-)
Fri Jul 05 [20:56]
<abates> Darryl Hannah!
<Israel> Alden: I like my women to be less plastic than your average
         barbie doll.:)
Fri Jul 05 [21:06]
 * Drake had formed a mental image there for a few seconds......
<Israel> Lord, but y'all have dirty minds.:)
 * Adjective_Judi tells Drake to elevate his mind :)
 * Drake looks up,oh hi Judi! ;)
<D_Kowalski> For the record I didn't go as far as making mental images.
Fri Jul 05 [21:07]
 * abates cleans out his mind twice daily.
<Adjective_Judi> ALden, any success yet?  :)
<abates> Judi: Yes, but it all accumulates so fast.
Fri Jul 05 [21:08]
 * Adjective_Judi has not had a bad thought in the last 2 mins
<Israel> Judi: A record.:)
Fri Jul 05 [21:09]
 * abates hasn't had a bad thought since Umm... Now... no, now.... Erm,
   no, there it goes again.
Fri Jul 05 [21:20]
 * Bob01 bob wavs to all and asks if you all voted
<Drake> I did,but Dewey lost!!!! damn Truman!
Fri Jul 06 [5:35] <Nathan_Roberts>
Stupid question time...  Why are Hercules and Xena even ON this survey??
There's a reason it's called "Science Fiction Survey??" :)
Fri Jul 06 [14:47] <SukiF>
My copy is hanging out with all the unlabled tapes I have. My system of
watching tapes now is picking one up, throwing it in the VCR and
watching it ;)
Fri Jul 07 [8:50] <Jondar>
"Hello, you have reached the number of ChanServ, sorry I can't answer
your inquiry right now, but if you leave your nick and channel, I'll
auto-op you shortly"
Tue Jul 08 [1:01]
<Jondar> Nathan: I know snippets of about 5 foreign languages, each
         enough to be able to survive.... just :)
<abates> I know snippets of English.  Just the good bits.
<trinalin> Alden - so I've seen. You use them to write your EF, don't you?
Tue Jul 08 [1:03]
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: I know snippets of 1 foreign language... not enough
                 to build a sentenc with... :)
<abates> Nathan: Starting on English next then?
Tue Jul 08 [1:37]
<Jondar> Nathan: doesn't bother me either way, but at least a date [on the
         quotefile quotes] would be helpful
<trinalin> Jondar - I offered to take you on a date, but you turned me
<Nathan_Roberts> Psst... Trina... he's changed his mind!!
<Jondar> Nathan: how did you know?? I got a nice trade-in on the
         old one :)
Wed Jul 09 [13:46]
 * DrGrace is FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!
 * DrGrace jumps up and down
 * [Muad_Dib] jumps up and down exactly 1/2 phase out of step with her,
              to confuse anyone watching
Wed Jul 09 [14:42]
 * Jondar is back.
 * Bethani is front
[This is not the first time this combination has occured]
Wed Jul 09 [14:49]
 * DrGrace will move to england and pick up a dead sexy man :)
<[Muad_Dib]> both dead and sexy? That'll be hard to find.
Wed Jul 10 [12:31]
<Drake> what's up?
 * Nathan restrains himself from giving his usual response.,... :)
Wed Jul 10 [13:58] <BGhoti> (#TARDIS)
So much to do, so little desire to do it.
Wed Jul 10 [14:22]
 * Vila got his first official "Sir" today. Some young girl I spoke to
   outside a theater thought my gray hair meant that I was an old man!
Wed Jul 10 [14:41]
 *** The_IRC_Warrior is now known as An_Ice_Warrior
<Jamie_MacCrimmon> wait a minute, are you an Ice Warrior from when
                   they are friends or when they are enemies?
 *** An_Ice_Warrior is now known as A_Nice_Warrior
Fri Jul 11 [10:16]
<The_Sentry> Hi Bethani
<Bethani> hello:)
 *** The_Sentry has quit IRC (Leaving)
 *** The_Sentry has joined #drwhochat
<The_Sentry> Think I hit the wrong key... Z)
<Bethani> I zink so:)
<The_Sentry> Think I hit the wrong key again... :)
Fri Jul 12 [1:21]
<Starfury> so what's up?
<Nathan_Roberts> <points to the sky> That way!! When are people gonna
                 learn?? That's up!!!
Fri Jul 12 [1:30]
<Nathan_Roberts> Trina suggested a system of people emailing me quotes
                 as they come in...
<Starfury> That's a good idea... Can you nominate yourself?
           (cue Becky stuffing the box)
Fri Jul 12 [2:15]
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm... just heard on the radio... Someone in Washington
                 was taken to a hospital for mental evaluation for shooting
                 his computer...
<Starfury> oh I heard about that =)
           my dad says "did they check which OS he was using?"
Fri Jul 12 [19:45] <abates>
I also went to see "The Lost World" last night. I've decided that I don't
enjoy seeing people being eaten alive.
Fri Jul 12 [20:09] <LisaG>
Well, it said "To Audra, happy birthday, how many more times do I have to
sign this bloody book? Cheers Paul" so it wouldn't have felt right to keep
it. :-)
Fri Jul 12 [20:27]
*** Bob01 is now known as elvis
*** elvis has quit IRC (Killed ( (NickServ Enforcement)))
<Israel> Elvis has left the channel.:)
Wed Jul 16 [12:44] <Heidi-von-Lindt>
I speak about 12 languages, as long as I only want to talk to 3 year olds.
Wed Jul 16 [19:20]
<BGhoti> BBL, folks
*** BGhoti has left #drwhochat
<Janet1> Bye Brian_the_quick
Wed Jul 16 [19:40]
*** Nathan_Roberts has joined #drwhochat
<Drake> Hi Nathan (not the Brig)
Thu Jul 17 [12:12]
 * Nathan_Roberts doesn't watch soaps
<BGhoti> I like to check in on them from time to time, see who's dead
         and who's cheating on whom ... They ran out of plotlines about
         twenty years ago...
<Janet1> usually about 1/2 are dead or dying and the other half are
<Nathan_Roberts> Janet: What about the percentage that are both? :)
<BGhoti> "I'm leaving you for John, Hank." "But John's DEAD!" "I
         know, but I love him anyway..."
Fri Jul 17 [14:16] <Ron5> (#No.6)
I had a college professor who could make me laugh and laugh hard :).
he used to see how far under the table I would get from laughing so
hard.  all the students loved it :)
Fri Jul 17 [19:25] (#No.6)
<Ron5> oh Deputies, over yonder is leading Trakken suspect, please catch
       and detain :) ... "We obey......Catch and detaincatchanddetain"
       Daleks make such good deputies ;)
Sat Jul 19 [1:12]
<Starfury> hiya Marcus! what's up?
 * Nathan_Roberts is about to respond with his usual "That way" answer, but
   stops as he realizes that the question was not directed at him
Sat Jul 19 [1:27] <[Muad_Dib]>
Your NASA experts sure are highh powered. In the paper i've got here it
has a headline :"Nasa Expert says astronatuts must be rescued before it's
too late." Fat lot of good it would be rescuing them _after_ it's too late
Sat Jul 19 [3:25] <Starfury>
half of it has got to be a sendup, though, cos nobody's that kinky (well,
maybe somebody was but they died of a heart attack or maybe a bizzare
accident involving nipple clamps and chocolate glue a long time ago)
Sat Jul 19 [3:29]
 * whophd has an inferiority complex
 * The_Sentry has an inferiority simple
<The_Sentry> Here's a worse one for the math-inclined... I have an
             inferiority real and an inferiority imaginary
Sat Jul 19 [2:04] <The_Sentry>
When services go down, the Warriors of #drwhochat take up arms and
stand their ground! :)
Sat Jul 19 [19:34]
<Whomiga> Hey, Drake - the person with Drake just left - Get it
<TheDrake> good :)
*** TheDrake is now known as Drake
<Drake> ahhhhhhhhhhhh feels better :)
Mon Jul 21 [0:47] <abates>
Becky must be revived.  <clears throat> PAUL MCGANN!!!!
Mon Jul 21 [0:48] <The_Sentry>
STOP EVERYTHING (that is not required for you to continue to live)!
Mon Jul 21 [1:23]
 *** Meglos2 has quit IRC ("Mr. Worf, scan that ship."  "Aye, Captain...
     300 DPI?")
Mon Jul 21 [15:32]
 * Suki_the_Sylved would rather get Doc7 nice and drunk for obvious reasons
Mon Jul 21 [15:43]
 * Dopey_Grace turns different colors at the mention of The [McGann] Rumor
 * [Muad_Dib] thinks DrGrace looks pretty in different colours
 * Israel watches Grace turn an interesting shade of purple.:)
 * Dopey_Grace passes out at the rainbow effect taxes her strength
 * Israel catches Grace and helps her to a chair.
 * [Muad_Dib] looks for the pot of gold at  DrGrace's feet........
Mon Jul 21 [15:47]
<Israel> What is SOP, BTW?
<[Muad_Dib]> SuperDooperUltraMegaPowerfulOperatior; But SDUMPO sound
             silly, so SOP was used....
Mon Jul 21 [15:49]
 * Suki_the_Sylved pictures herself and Random fighting over Sylv time ;)
 * Heidi_von_lindt thinks there's enough Sylv to share.....
Mon Jul 21 [15:50]
<Heidi_von_lindt> Though if Paul's there, we have to pretend to be really
                  normal people and not scare him off.
                  Read: Not try and rape him in the bar.
Mon Jul 21 [15:54]
 * Suki_the_Sylved wonders if she can acto hnormal in Sylv's presence ;)
<Suki_the_Sylved> act normal I mean ;)
<Heidi_von_lindt> Normal or hormonal?
<Suki_the_Sylved> LOL! I can do the latter >;)
Mon Jul 21 [19:55]
*** Inspectre1 has joined #drwhochat
<Ron5> Hello Inspectre
<Janet1> Gu Ubsoectre...  Opppe
 * Janet1 can't type! LOL!
<Nathan_Roberts> Janet: I was beginning to think that was a mis-channel
                 from a foreign language channel or something... :)
Mon Jul 21 [20:05]
<Israel> From what I hear, 8 Docs is a really eco friendly book, as large
         chunks are apparently recycled.
Tue Jul 22 [1:01]
#drwhochat HAPPY BIRTHDAY BONNIE LANGFORD!  And many happy returns =)
<Nathan_Roberts> Lemme guess... Alden set the topic... :)
Tue Jul 22 [2:02] <dse>
WAR = We Are Right
Tue Jul 22 [15:00]
*** AquaTeg is now known as Tegan
<Ron_the_Zoeied> Are you out of the water Tegan???
Tue Jul 22 [15:02]
<Suki_the_Sylved> One of these days I'm gonna try and do pics of all
                  the Doctor's. Most likely Tom next
 * DrGrace gasps at Suki.. Not PAUL??????
Tue Jul 22 [22:25]
 * Israel shows Becky to the group gift, a Type 90 TARDIS, the very
   latest model.:)
<Israel> Becky: So, what do you think of the TARDIS?  We all chipped
         in.  It's the latest model, y'know.:)
<Starfury> oooohah!
<Meliphyre> But if you see a Chris Cwej in it he's mine :)
Tue Jul 22 [22:30]
 * Israel starts running after a bouncing blue blob. *Who* got Becky a
   pet Sgloomi?!:)
Tue Jul 22 [22:37]
<Israel> Lisa: I thought you wanted me to think you were angelic
         and pure?:)
<LisaG> Issy: Where the hell did *that* come from???
Tue Jul 22 [22:37]
 * Starfury is angelic and pure. but I still want PaulDoc =)
Tue Jul 22 [22:38]
<MacGhoti> Say, can't the sloathe turn *into* Paul McGann?
<Starfury> then I'd have two of him.... hehe
Tue Jul 22 [22:38]
<LisaG> Issy: If you can do backrubs or foot rubs you're not getting out
        easily...  ;-)
<Israel> Lisa: Hmm, I can do both.:)
<LisaG> Issy: well, get to work, then! My feet hurt! :-)  Tal, you too!!
<Nathan_Roberts> Lisa: Um... WHOSE birthday is it?
Tue Jul 22 [22:41]
<MacGhoti> Star has two Pauls to massage her feet. (And the first person
           to make a "pair o' Docs" joke gets shot.)
 * Nathan_Roberts shoots Ghoti, being the first to make a joke about it
 * LisaG thwacks Brian upside the head, then throws him in Becky's
   harem. :_)
 * MacGhoti 's corpse lies in Becky's harem and slowly decomposes
 * Israel sticks a can of Rhedi Whip up brian's nose and squeezes.
 * MacGhoti 's corpse swells like a balloon.
 * Israel fwaps Brian. I only squeezed a *little*, geez.:}
 * MacGhoti 's ghost looks at his corpse... Guess we have the party
   game, now.
Tue Jul 22 [22:54]
<LisaG> Nate: it's not crap! It's perfectly useable! :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Lisa: Not mutually exclusive.  Windows is another example.
Tue Jul 22 [23:08]
 * Nathan_Roberts is NOOOOOOOOOOOT a morning person.
<Nathan_Roberts> Unless "morning" means I stayed up all night. :)
Tue Jul 22 [23:09]
 * LisaG thinks StarFury would wake up at 7 if PaulDoc woke her up. :-)
<Random_c> If Pauldoc turned up early in the morning, I'd grab hold of
           him, use him as a pillow and go back to sleep.
<LisaG> Random: better hold tight - he's a slippery little cuss! :-)
<Random_c> Yeah, well, I think I have ways of keeping him still, I've
           been studying the PMEB fanfic.
Tue Jul 22 [23:08]
<LisaG> Nate: you're too young - you need your sleep. <ducks and runs>
<Nathan_Roberts> Lisa: I do sleep!  I just sleep during the dayl
<Random_c> I sleep during the day as well, but then the boss wakes me
           up and makes me get on with listening to the stations.
Tue Jul 22 [23:17]
 * Random_c wishes there was some way to cool this room down without using
   the fan that moves the curtains and takes the posters down.
 * Bethani throws a snowball at Random
Wed Jul 23 [0:33] <Starfury>
I think the sgloomi is in the closet with Alden.  last I saw it had
morphed into Mel and grabbed the whipped cream off the cake....
<Starfury> Alden: just do me a favor and tie her up when you're done so
           I don't have to chase Sgloomi again
<abates> Wait aminute....  "When I'm done"?  What about before? ;-)
Wed Jul 23 [1:05]
<dse> why would Leela be tied up?
<abates> dse: You asking that of someone who habitually wears leather?
Wed Jul 23 [1:29]
 * Starfury is shocked
<Starfury> you mean the BBC aren't that organised?  They actually don't
           plan ahead?
 * Starfury never would have guessed =)
Wed Jul 23 [18:33]
<Bob01> yo nate any girl problems
<Nathan_Roberts> Bob: Yeah... complete and total lack of them. :)
Wed Jul 23 [18:44] (#tardis)
<Janet1> and if you REALLY want to get technical, I'm 40 years, 6 months,
         and 5 days today  :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Well, happy 40/6/5th birthday!! :)
Wed Jul 23 [19:06]
 * MacGhoti changes the fluid in DALNet's I.V. and fluffs its pillow
<Nathan_Roberts> Ghoti: What did you change the fluid TO?
<MacGhoti> NR: Something to make it comfortable in its final days.
Wed Jul 23 [19:23]
<MacGhoti> Arrrrraareeerrraaagghr! DALNet's servers are full and
           Netcom's are lagged back to the first century...
<Whomiga> Ping time 1897 Years, 7 Months, 24 Days
<Nathan_Roberts> Whomiga: But what are the hours, minutes, and
                 seconds??? Can't you be precise? :)
<Whomiga> GMT, EDT, CDT, What?
<Bob01> edt
<Nathan_Roberts> Whomiga: GST (That's Gallifreyen standard time)
<Vila> LSMFT
<Nathan_Roberts> Vila: De-acronise, please
<Vila> "Listen Smarta** the Motherf***ing TIME!"
Thu Jul 24 [18:09]
<Nathan_Roberts> Ok... back to square one... except it's silent
                 with 3 people, instead of silent with 1 person... :)
<MacGhoti> Too many more, and we could topple small nations with
           our silence.
Thu Jul 24 [18:28]
 *** Jondar has quit IRC (If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back?)
Mon Jul 21 <The_Sentry> (#drwho)
Wow, for once #drwho is more active than #drwhochat. :)
Mon Jul 21 [19:47] (#drwho)
<Nathan_Roberts> I had the idea to WinNuke him, but noone had the nuker... :)
<Bob01> yo nate i hate to say this but last night my brother script had
<Nathan_Roberts> Now you tell us... :)
Wed Jul 23 <Nathan_Roberts> (#tardis)
And here I was saying to myself a few days ago, "For the most part,
services are usually pretty reliable..." :)
Wed Jul 23 [19:06] (#tardis)
*** Bob01 changes topic to "the only place where a old police box and
eight guys, a robot dog take center stage and chanserv needs a to get
with it :)"
Wed Jul 23 [19:16]
 * Janet1 throws a party for chanserv to butter it up for next time.....
<Janet1> Gotta get on it's good side.  <g>
<Nathan_Roberts> Didn't know it had one.
Fri Jul 25 [1:02]
<Starfury> hey would a .22 stopped by books crack your ribs?
<abates> Depends.  What is the semotic thickness of the performed text?
 * abates does carry hisd copy of Millennial Rites in his breast
   pocket, just in case. ;-)
<Starfury> Alden: if it were me I'd carry Head Games.  You don't want MR
           *damaged* do you?
<abates> Of course, HG is crap, and crap doesn't have as nuch stopping
         value as solid gold. :-)
Fri Jul 25 [1:13]
<The_Sentry> Anyway... did you people hear what happened earlier today?
<abates> Sentry: I ate lunch?
<The_Sentry> Alden: Too general
<abates> I had two peanut butter sandwichs and an apple for lunch, un
Fri Jul 25 [1:24]
 *** FadeAway has quit IRC (If love were a subject in school, you know I'd
     flunk. And if you asked me to swim the deepest ocean for you, I know
     I'd be sunk. So I'm going to go away to... where we wear robes and
     and wear beanies on our heads... I'm gonna become .. a monk.)
<The_Sentry> Guiness-book-of-World-Records-longest-IRC-quit-line award
<The_Sentry> Guiness-book-of-World-Records-longest-award-name award
Fri Jul 25 [18:37]
<Doctor1> Question of the day:  When is McGann as Who going back
          to TV production?
<Israel> Dave: If any of us knew the answer to *that*, we'd be
         screaming it off the rooftops.
Fri Jul 25 [18:49]
<Israel> What kind of idiot designs a web page where the *text* blinks?!
<The_Sentry> Israel: An idiot kind of idiot.
<Jondar> Dan: a very silly idiot :)
<LisaG> Issy: Somebody even more idiotic than me.  :-)
<Lindenwold> Probably the same kind of idiot who plays golf and
             spends the entire time being a jerk and hitting on top
             of people.
<LisaG> Lindonwold: And how do you *really* feel?  :-)
<Israel> I know!  This mah has got to be a class A idiot.
<Doctor1> What a BLINKING idiot ALL right!!
Fri Jul 25 [1:47]
<The_Sentry> [Directed at Meglos] She should take an example from you...
             stayy online 24/7 and go do other things anyway. :)
Fri Jul 25 [18:55]
<The_Sentry> This guy is in the same class of people that write software
             and don't even check to see if it runs before releaseing it.
<Lindenwold> Then he works for microsoft? ;)
Fri Jul 25 [18:57] <Lindenwold>
I think [MS, I.E. Microsoft] it stands for Missing Sense.
Fri Jul 25 [19:34]
*** Brigadier has joined #drwhochat
<Drake> Hi Brig(who is not Nathan)
Fri Jul 25 [19:35]
 * LisaG doesn't want the entire set [of books]... that would mean owning
   The Pit. Hell - might mean *reading* the PIT!  :-)
Fri Jul 25 [19:40]
<Bethani> guys look so sexy in suits:)
<Lindenwold> dead sexy?
<LisaG> Lindonwold: No, I prefer them breathing, thanks. :-)
Fri Jul 25 [19:49]
 * abates has all consuming fire.
<abates> I keep it in a jar so it doesn't burn the housedown.
Sat Jul 26 [1:07]
<Starfury> they're talking about testing [a damaged CD-ROM drive] using a
           John Tesh CD we got from a thrift store >:]
Sat Jul 26 [17:40]
 *** ElissaH has quit IRC (tons to do, house to paint, cat to get off the
     table for the 1,000 time and wash to avoid)
Sun Jul 27 [19:14] <Israel>
Three crap songs in a row on Capital.  I think they're trying to tell
me something.
Sun Jul 27 [19:32]
<Bob01> is there any new who rumors ?
<JGarthW> I've heard that Leela and Andred are getting a divorce!!!
Sun Jul 27 [19:51] <MrBubonic>
As long as there are some nice rubbermonsters one can ignore all the
faults... Unfortunately, there were none in the tvm... :)
[What, no rubbermonsters or no faults? :) ]
[No, don't answer that.]
Sun Jul 27 [19:58]
<Bob01> is the master dead by the way ?
<Nathan_Roberts> Bob: I don't know... We SAW him die... for about the third
                 time... :)
Mon Jul 28 [5:03] <MrBubonic>
There's no crap on my 124mb drive... It's all carefully selected... 10mb
Who samples 10mb DW txt files... 20 mb of my own mods... and some other
<The_Sentry> Well... one man's crap...... :)
Mon Jul 28 [5:17]
<The_Sentry> That's not necessarily good... I know the realities of using
             the "minimum" requirements... Like Windows on a 286 with 1mb of
             memory... :)
<MrBubonic> ouch!  You've tried that I gather?
<The_Sentry> MrB: Yup
<MrBubonic> Just for fun I suppose... You are a masochist, right?
<The_Sentry> Hey, I tried Linux, remember? :)
<MrBubonic> yeah... You sick bastard... ;)
<The_Sentry> Don't let Meglos hear you say that... :)
Mon Jul 28 [5:20]
<The_Sentry> I also tried a (believe it or not) Free version of DOS...
<MrBubonic> You're still alive? Wow!
Mon Jul 28 [5:22]
<MrBubonic> Wanna hear something nice?
<The_Sentry> What?
<MrBubonic> 22.7 kb/sec... ;)
<The_Sentry> Shut up!
Mon Jul 28 [5:24]
<The_Sentry> Holy shit, the entire filestructure of my 486 is corrupted!!
<MrBubonic> What!? They're taking bribes?
Mon Jul 28 [5:39]
<The_Sentry> This old 486 is "semi-donated"... or "semi-scrounged", if
             you like. :)
<MrBubonic> You catched it when someone threw it out of a window?
Mon Jul 28 [5:43]
[The_Sentry tells a long, complicated story of how he got his 486]
<The_Sentry> Got all that? :)
<MrBubonic> What? ;)
<The_Sentry> I know, it's confusing. :)  Maybe that's why the teacher
             agreed to let me keep it, because he had no idea what the
             HELL I was talking about. :)
<MrBubonic> Did he end any sentence with "or I'll call the police!"? :)
Tue Jul 29 [23:04]
*** dse has joined #drwhochat
<Starfury> hiya Doub! *HUGS*
<Sutekh_> just got back from seeing Contant.... loved it.
* Nathan_Roberts sends Starfury and Sutekh to a typnig class
* Nathan_Roberts sends himself in after them
Tue Jul 29 [23:54]
<abates> Apparently men are better at parking than women.
<Random_c> Ballcocks. If they are, it's because for years women have been
           lied to about how much constitutes 6"
<Random_c> Anyway, women have been proved to be more intelligent than men.
<abates> Random: Yeah, but that was proven by Women. ;-)
Tue Jul 29 [0:26]
<Stjarnvrede> guys... imagine if you will, Evin Incarnate saying
              "bork" happily
<abates> Becky: Is evil's hat quacking?
Wed Jul 30 [0:46]
<abates> I've probably been desensitised.
<dse> then we must RE-sensitize you!
 * abates will not ask what that entails.
<dse> well....ever see Clockwork Orange? mwahahahaha...
 * Stjarnvrede gets the Crown of NAils
<dse> just like Paul McGann wore in the TVM
<Stjarnvrede> dse: yup that's the one
 * abates looks at the crown sceptically. I don't think that's my size.
Wed Jul 30 [0:59]
<dse> only 884 days left until AD 2000
<Stjarnvrede> gosh... d'you think the world will end, guys?
<Nathan_Roberts> No... The Doctor'll save us, remember? :)
 * Stjarnvrede is personally hoping that Doctor Who returning is one of the
  signs of the apocalypse... that way we could be sure of seeing it
Wed Jul 30 [23:19] <Random_c>
[My friend Darren] mentioned watching a film where someone steals a
moped, and this guy comes running out and yells "My Car!"
Wed Jul 30 [23:21]
*** abates has joined #drwhochat
<trinalin> Alden! You;re just the man I've been waiting for
<abates> Trina: Uh oh, what've I done now!
Thu Jul 31 [0:04]
<Starfury> was anyone else paying attention to my lego thing? 'cause I've
           just figured out where you can get the head =)  you can get a
           white one from the Ice Planet set "Blizzard Baron".  but it works
           better if you use all grey pieces =)
<Nathan_Roberts> Two words: Spray paint! :)
Thu Jul 31 [0:47]
 * Starfury waves a glowing fish at Lazy
<Starfury> Radiation is our friend!
<Starfury> did I mention I live about an hour's drive from a nuclear
<Nathan_Roberts> So THAT's where you get your supply of radioactive
                 fish... :)
<Starfury> it's also why I've got that extra head, and why all my hugs glow
Thu Jul 31 [17:25]
 *** Vila has quit IRC (So sorry, must dash!)
<Nathan_Roberts> So sorry, must hyphen
Thu Jul 31 [23:26] <Meliphyre>
My best friend has this theory that pertwee saw the new movie and keeled
over :)
Thu Jul 31 [23:49]
 * Nesbin thinks it will be nice to be reunited with his girlfriend once
   school starts...
<abates> Nesbin: You have a girlfriend???  Freak!
<Nesbin> abates:  I'm going to the ospital to have her
         removed on Tuesday.  It's outpationt surgery now.  :)
Thu Jul 31 [23:59]
<Nathan_Roberts> Quotefile closes in one minute... If you have any witty
                 remarks, now is the time... :)
<MacGhoti> Nathan: Thanks. I needed more pressure in my life.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or submissions for the #drwhochat Quotefile, E-Mail me.

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