The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume I, Issue I: June 1997

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Tue Jun 03 <Nathan_Roberts>
I'm outta high school next week.
Note that I'm not committing to saying that I'm "graduating" just yet...
Sat Jun 07 <Nathan_Roberts>
My dad always watches one show while he tapes another; I've said that
he watches TV 48 hours a day. :)
Wed Jun 11 [21:16]
 * BGhoti salutes the Brig
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm not the Brig!
<BGhoti> Not you, that shipboard jail over there.
[BGhoti has obviously mistaken me for Brigadier Nathan Rogers]
Wed Jun 11 [21:28]
*** Parts: Chrissy_
 * Cptn_Scarlett hugs the memory of Chrissy.
Wed Jun 11 [21:30]
*** Parts: Bethani
 * Cptn_Scarlett hugs the memory of Bethani.
Wed Jun 11 [21:32]
 * Cptn_Scarlett is a serious-about-hugging kinda guy.
 * BGhoti picutres Cap with a stern look on the "Hug Enforcer"
   recruitment poster.
<Cptn_Scarlett> Nah... More like: "Cptn_Scarlett wants to hug YOU!"
                And when I hug someone... They STAY hugged! LOL
 * LisaG pictures some poor slob trying to get on the subway with
   Cptn_Scarlett attached to their leg...  :-)
Wed Jun 11 [22:53]
<MrBubonic> What's up?
<Nathan_Roberts> <points at the ceiling> That way!
Wed Jun 11 [22:59] [In reference to The Chase]
 * Starfury liked the boom mike plant and the fact that one those
   mushroom trees was wearing sneakers
<MrBubonic> It is a free universe. Trees are allowed to have any kind of
            shoes they want.
Thu Jun 12 <Nathan_Roberts>
And I'm getting money for graduation... and am I gonna use it to get a car
and drive like most normal teenagers?  No, I'm gonna spend it on computer
parts... I have no life... :)
Thu Jun 12 [20:37]
*** Nathan_Roberts changes topic to "Doctor Who rule #1: When in doubt,
    reverse the polarity of the neutron flow"
Fri Jun 13 [19:17]
<BGhoti> Does "Get the f*ck away from me and stop asking me for things!"
         count as socialization?
<IsraelBeta> BG: Of a sort.:)
Fri Jun 13 [19:19] <BGhoti>
Neuroses are for wimps. I go straight for the pychoses, myself.
Fri Jun 13 [19:28]
 * Drake spoils the Titanic sinks
Sun Jun 15 [23:33]
 * Jondar was an extra in the [Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers] movie
<Starfury> Jason, I have never pitied anyone more than I pity you now....
Sun Jun 15 [0:43]
 * Jondar looks at Alden, do you have a cute accent?? I don't :)
<abates> Jondar: Yes, I keep it in a jar.
 * abates unscrews the lid and listens to his accent.
Mon Jun 16 <Nathan_Roberts>
Star: No... Last night I drank 9 cans [of Mountain Dew]... Now THAT was sick!
...And I'm not wired... I'm tired!
I hate it when I rhyme like that...
Mon Jun 16 <Nathan_Roberts>
You see, there's two types of people in the works; Some people can take
12-15 Vivarin and end up in the hospital having their stomach pumped...
Then there's those that can take the same amount and hardly stay awake. :)
Guess which category I'm in... :)
Mon Jun 16 [2:23]
<Starfury> I love The Chase... Ian has one of the best lines in the whole
           story... "Daleks don't like stairs"
<Nathan_Roberts> Star: What would he say if he saw that scene in
                 "Remembrance"? :)
<Starfury> Nathan: probably "BURN THE HERETIC"
Tue Jun 17 [1:12] <Jondar>
Nathan: how many cans tonight?? :-)
Tue Jun 17 [1:34] <Starfury>
[Quoting someone in another chat room and her response]
it's also why i like doctor who, even though some of the companions can
  be flat
<Starfury> the female companions are NEVER flat (oops sorry. tasteless pun)
Tue Jun 17 [1:53]
<MrBubonic> I tried to watch the first episode of Nowhere man last
            wednesday or something but it was so crappy I had to turn it
            of... I didn't like it. Probably because there were no
            rubbermonsters... :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Spoken like a true Who fan. :)
Tue Jun 17 [2:01]
<Starfury> I gotta reboot
* Nathan_Roberts kicks Star's computer... then kicks it again
<Nathan_Roberts> There... Re-booted.
[Insert groan here]
Tue Jun 17 [2:04]
 * MrBubonic finds a knife in his back. Hey! Cut the Agatha Christie crap!
Wed Jun 18 <Nathan_Roberts>
My hard drive is only (don't hurt yourself laughing) 124 megs.
Wed Jun 18 [21:39] <Meliphyre>
Chanserv i think acts alot like K-9 is just there running away, breaking
down, running, trying to work; I guess that's why i feel the need to pet
chanserv when he behaves :)
Wed Jun 18 [23:04]
*** Jondar changes topic to "How to play Head Games... I don't know,
    it's a big Conundrum to me..."
[Insert groan here]
Wed Jun 18 [23:07] <Starfury>
Jondar, there's No Future in ghastly puns. You'd better take a Transit to
Sanctuary before Drake plays your Infinite Requiem (Sorry, I couldn't help
it. Bad jokes are Human Nature)
[Insert Extremely Loud groan here]
Wed Jun 18 [23:08]
*** Drake changes topic to " how to play Head Games,you put the Foriegner
    CD into the CD player and press PLAY"
[Insert groan here, if the previous two haven't given you a sore throat]
Thu Jun 19 <Nathan_Roberts> [Referring to the new hard drive]
It's like suddenly being let out of prison!
Sat Jun 21 <Nathan_Roberts>
Well, I said earlier that "Windows thinks that COM2 is actually COM4... or
sometimes COM3, depending on the phase of the moon." :)
Sat Jun 21 <Nathan_Roberts>
WTF?  I told Nickserv to kill my ghost, switched back to my old nick, and
Dalnet promptly killed me! ...Phase of the moon again...
Sun Jun 22 <Nathan_Roberts>
It's sufficiently advanced technology... (I.E. Magic)
Sun Jun 22 [1:18]
<Nathan_Roberts> Maud: That's not the problem... The problem is that
                 Windows is FUBAR.
<[Muad_Dib]> Tell me something new....
Sun Jun 22 [1:20]
<Nathan_Roberts> Maud: No need... I've got it all working... in the TARDIS
                 sense of the word "working".
<[Muad_Dib]> What, bang it and hope :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Maud: Well... that too. :)
<abates> In the sense, I don't know what I did, but it works, and I ain't
         touching it?
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: Exactly!
Sun Jun 22 [1:24] <[Muad_Dib]>
Something that really annoys me about my computer : the manufacturers, in
their infinite wisdom, gave it software control of the power supply. So now
it switches itself off when it feels tired. Generally about every couple of
hours. This is my proof that computers have already developed free will.
Other examples include anything by Mircosoft.
Sun Jun 22 [1:25]
*** Quits: [Muad_Dib] (It's just a jump to the left)
 * abates realises he's been calling him "Maud" the whole night.
<abates> Serves him right, I suppose. :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> How so?
<abates> Well, if he _would_ chose a nick that's so easily mistakenly spelt
         as a woman's name.
Sun Jun 22 [23:22]
 * Starfury would like to be horribly murdered in a book... but I would much
   rather be an emergency paramedic sent to help an injured 8th Doctor...
Sun Jun 22 [23:30]
 * LisaG just has trouble walking period.  :-)
<abates> I have that trouble; when I get up from my computer, all the blood
         rushes back to my head and I fall over. :-P
Sun Jun 22 [0:06] <Sutekh_>
Beck: even my 20-something friends try to avoid getting into deep
converstations with me.... all they are thinking about right now is how
much money they can make/scam... and how much of the opposite sex they
can catch
Mon Jun 23 [2:26]
<MrBubonic> What's up?
<Nathan_Roberts> <points at the sky> That way!
<MrBubonic> Why do I keep asking that? I get just about the same reply
            every time... :)
Mon Jun 23 [3:34] <MrBubonic> [Later that morning]
What's down?
Tue Jun 24 [1:55]
 * Starfury [played on a dirt pile] the other day, actually... was walking
   to the store and saw this huge dirt pile... couldn't resist
<Starfury> it was on a busy street too; but I don't care
           it was fun =)  I don't care cos nobody knows me anyway
<Nathan_Roberts> Star: You mean that nobody would walk by and say "Becky,
  what the hell are you doing?"  :)
<Starfury> but my little brother was there; he said "I must be adopted. you
           can't be my real sister"
Tue Jun 24 <Nathan_Roberts>
Hmmm... ever realize that "Ice water" is an oxymoron?
Wed Jun 25
<Nathan_Roberts> My Sci-Fi video index is getting too large to load into my
<MrBubonic> That's good, isnt it? :)
<Nathan_Roberts> It's good for bragging rights... :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Bad for my ability to maintain it... :)
Wed Jun 25 <Nathan_Roberts> [Discussing the merits of recording videos
                             using a faster speed]
On top of that, my DW station usually has such crappy reception that using
a better [recording] speed would be pointless... The best I can do there is
make a better bad copy. :)
Wed Jun 25 <Nathan_Roberts>
 * Nathan_Roberts sifts through his messy desk for a pencil
<finds one on the other side of the room>  Ah!... How obvious...
Wed Jun 25 [2:15]
* Nathan_Roberts sifts through his desk some more looking for his VCR
<Nathan_Roberts> <finds it under the bed> Ah!... How obvious...
<MrBubonic> You know those things always crawl to the same location.
            You learn the pattern after a while. Always check the bathroom
            for remotes...
Wed Jun 25 [4:24] <Starfury>
 * Starfury is up WAY past her bedtime...
cos I was having an interesting conversation on #disney; mainly, I was
showing off my impressive knowledge and he was totally buying it and
stroking my ego so I kept going =)
Wed Jun 25 [4:33] <Starfury>
 * Starfury dissapears in a puff of chocolate chip cookies ;)
Thu Jun 26 <Nathan_Roberts>
I'm downloading Linux right now.  I've been working on it all night, just
on the downloading part... You see, I just got a 1.6 gig hard drive and I
want to torture test it... and myself in the process... :)
<MrBubonic> Heck, it's a free world. If you want to be a masochist you
            are allowed to. :)
<MrBubonic> Remember to do it the hard way... ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> I didn't know there was an easy way! :)
Thu Jun 26 <Nathan_Roberts>
Now might be a good time to back up a) my Turbo Pascal source code,
b) my proposed web page, and c) my science fiction video index
Here's where you really appreciate having a Zip Drive... :)
<MrBubonic> Dammit, that's cheating. 720k disks. That's how men do it! :)
<Nathan_Roberts> If I tried to back up my critical files [on diskette],
                 chances are that one of the 100 disks I'd need would go
                 bad... Or, more likely, all of them...
Thu Jun 26 [4:31]
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm afraid I'm not a "real man"... I'm an "intelligent
                 man"... :) (Which often seems like an oxymoron)
<MrBubonic> Something you wouldn't say out loud in public...
Thu Jun 26 [20:54]
 * trinalin likes Sylv MORE than Suki, Meliphyre, and Elissa put together :)
 * SukiF thinks Trina is WRONG!!! ;-)
<trinalin> Ah - yes, times three
 * trinalin likes Sylv THREE TIMES MORE than Suki, Meliphyre, and
   Elissa put together :)
Thu Jun 27 [0:51] <abates>
From that, we see that Alden likes resonably intelligent characters.  Two
computer programmers, a scientist, an archeologist, and a superior being.
Thu Jun 27 [0:54]
<abates> The Flintstones movie is going to be on TV.  Someone kill me now.
<Starfury> Alden: don't worry. if you don't die now that movie will finish
           the job
Thu Jun 27 [1:18] <Starfury>
 * Starfury agrees with Winston Churchill... democracy is the absolute
   worst form of government, except for every other form
Thu Jun 27 [1:46]
*** Fakefury is now known as Have_pity_on_me
 * Nathan_Roberts has pity on Have_pity_on_me
<Nathan_Roberts> ... Hard not to with a nick like that.. :)
Thu Jun 27 [1:51]
*** Nathan_Roberts changes topic to "Musical Nicks"
*** Fun_with_nicknames is now known as Nick_the_violinist
 *  Nathan_Roberts groans
Thu Jun 27 [2:11]
<Nesbin> Hey!  No advertising in #drwhochat!
<dse3> you can't advertize for something that's no longer there
<Nesbin> In a time-travel based channel like #drwhochat, you never know...
Sat Jun 28 [0:35]
<Whomiga> Have a good morning/night/whatever Nathan
<Nathan_Roberts> Mornight...
Sat Jun 28 [21:09]
 * DrGrace tells Drake he should know his computer stats, like it was or something
Sat Jun 28 [21:12]
 * abates has the sudden urge to get blindly, drooling drunk. But he won't.
 * Bethani sneaks up behind abates, and sudddenly shows him a picture
   of Mel,, well, we got the drooling part so far..
 * Nathan_Roberts wraps a towel around Alden's head... got the "blind" part... :)
 * abates suddenly clutches his head in agony.
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm... Alden's gone into the "hangover" part even before
                 we got him into the "drunk" part... :)
Sat Jun 28 [21:28]
*** abates has quit IRC (Leaving!)
 * DrGrace missed Alden
 * Drake shoots Alden for Judi
<Nathan_Roberts> Drake: Good one... That'll put him out of his misery FAST...
                 ... or depending on how well you shoot, create ten times
Sat Jun 28 [21:35]
 * DrGrace wonders what Elsa is shocking her page with
<Bethani> drgrace: she has some odd idea that davidson doesnt have a
          d in it..
Sat Jun 28 [21:51]
 * DrGrace only ops people on sheer capriciousness and large bribes
<Meliphyre> in other words, you bring DR Grace paul in a nice big red bow,
            your chances of getting opped are pretty good :)

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