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Quotefile: The Motion Picture

Sun Dec 31 [17:33]
<talus> nate: you know, if we keep up at this rate you could just do a
	streaming quotefile.
<DoctorWho> LOL
<DoctorWho> That's it!
<DoctorWho> Quotefile: The Motion Picture!!
<talus> rofl
<DoctorWho> Forget Quotefile: Dead Tree.
<talus> and here i was thinking something like "live from dal-net,
	it's #drwhochat!"
<DoctorWho> Get Theta-G and company together and film the movie version of DWC
*** MrBreonTheNewYearsVardan has changed the topic to: Coming from
    #DrWhoChat/TARDISLabs Productions to a theater near you...Quotefile:
    The Motion Picture!
<Alden> Nate: That's just insane!
<MrBreonTheNewYearsVardan> Nate: Will you pay the airfare? :)
<DoctorWho> More like, Theta-G Productions, in association with Tardis Labs
*** MrBreonTheNewYearsVardan has changed the topic to: Coming from
        Theta-G/#DrWhoChat/TARDISLabs Productions to a theater near
        you...Quotefile: The Motion Picture!
<talus> can we get denis leary to play me?
<Alden> Ooo, my head
<gordon-r-d> soory I've not been paying attention, speaking to Mum :)
<Alden> brb
<MrBreonTheNewYearsVardan> talus: No, you have to play you... you
			   aren't going to get out of this one, too
			   lazy to be apathetic one :)
<talus> damn
<talus> but half the fun of making a movie is the casting rumors
<talus> "talus as talus" ain't gonna get the rumormills buzzing
<MrBreonTheNewYearsVardan> ok...
<Whomiga> Have each of use play each other on it - just not ourselves...
<talus> lol who
<MrBreonTheNewYearsVardan> we can rumor Denis Leary will play you, but
			   in actuallity, you will play you :)
<talus> rofl steve
<Alden> back
<DoctorWho> Hey, we can make it in the style of a Beatles movie or something
 * MrBreonTheNewYearsVardan wants to play Drake... the youngest (not
   counting TimJR) should play the oldest :)
<CrowTRobt> the perfect actor to play me is dead :(
<CrowTRobt> Benny Hill
<satsuki`> o_O?
<DoctorWho> >:)
<talus> hmm, we could each play our opposites.....
<MrBreonTheNewYearsVardan> the perfect actor to play me...  the mad
			   genius from Road Trip :)
<DoctorWho> Hey, I've got an idea!  We make it in the style of Hard
	    Day's Night...
<DoctorWho> A bunch of DWCers go to a con... chaos ensues
<Alden> i've never seen hard day's night...
<MrBreonTheNewYearsVardan> Nate: Galaxy Quest (which I haven't seen)? :)
<talus> lol steve
<CrowTRobt> Visions?
 * gordon-r-d would be played by Mick Foley
<Whomiga> Nate - Umm... plain home video of any con...
<MrBreonTheNewYearsVardan> Boston Who Party?
<DoctorWho> Visions, Galley, whatever
<CrowTRobt> watch in mirth as Anti and Crow see who can get the drunkest
<DoctorWho> Rich: No, I mean with some sort of vague plot, and gags and such
<talus> do we get to sing?
 * talus works on his neil young / kermit voice.....
<Whomiga> Um, well - the Virtual IRC at Visions '98 was a bit interesting...
<CrowTRobt> See Shel avoid the drunk with all her might but is forced
	    to room with them
<DoctorWho> See?  Bill's just full of plot ideas
<Alden> Ah yes, the great con songs: All We Need Is Beer
<CrowTRobt> Nate this *was* the plot to visions 98!
<Whomiga> Plot ideas? He is talking about real life at Visions '98
 * talus needs to stop laughing now, it's starting to hurt again
<talus> i was just thinking.  on quotefile : tmp, if we wanted to make
	an art film we could have all the dialog be things from past
	quote files, but all from different conversations, so it
	doesn't make any sense, just like in a regular art film
<Whomiga> Talus - for the most part they could be left in the original
	  conversations, most STILL wouldn't make sence...
<talus> hehe who
<Whomiga> At least not to anyone but us
<talus> then we may have a problem getting a distributor for this movie....
<Whomiga> How about Artisan pictures - they did the Blair Witch Project
<DoctorWho> Distributor?  We need a distributor?
<DoctorWho> This thing isn't much more than what amounts to a fanvid
<talus> only if we want this movie to be seen
<sallyh> What movie is this?
<talus> damn, there goes my chance at stardom
<talus> quotefile: the motion picture
<DoctorWho> I mean, I only intended this thing to be one big in-joke
<Whomiga> the Quote File Project...
<talus> then we should make an in-joke distribution company....
<Alden> Talus: who's going to want to watch it other than us? :)
<talus> all the people we threaten with bodily harm if they don't?  :-)
<talus> okay, that would've been funnier if i was waering the
	cookiemobster nick...
<DoctorWho> Course Bill has a point... the real con might be funnier
	    than anything we could invent
<sallyh> The movie I want to make is Bypass: You Will Be Moved
<gordon-r-d> heh
<Whomiga> Visions '98: The Curlers of Doom...
<DoctorWho> Oh, and we would all go by our nicks, naturally
<DoctorWho> There'd be Prof, Crow, Anti...
<DoctorWho> (Not Brian, Bill, and Kris)
<DoctorWho> And of course...
<talus> which one in the case of those with multiples?
<Whomiga> Depends on the current personality surfacing in their
	  paranoid delusions?
<DoctorWho> It wouldn't be complete without, "The Doctor"
<talus> hehe
<DoctorWho> (Ok, I really AM getting delusions of grandeur)
<talus> just make sure when you tell people about this, you tell them
	you're playing *the* doctor, not just playing doctor....
<Alden> Nate: you'd have to go by Doctor Who, unless Yads is taking part... ;)
<DoctorWho> Of course there's the people whose nicks ARe their real name...
<Alden> Yads can be the villian
<talus> yes there are :-)
<CrowTRobt> nono
<CrowTRobt> Yads is comic relief
<DoctorWho> Blor is the villian!
<talus> jar-jar yads?
<talus> that way yads could be comic relief and villian all in one
<Alden> Oh yeah, the villian is Peer
<DoctorWho> And his bumbling sidekick, Grek
<gordon-r-d> heh
<Alden> I could go with Blor.  He'd make a great villian. :)
<sallyh> Can I be in it? :)
<DoctorWho> Talus: Please, no
<talus> okay
<DoctorWho> Jar-Jar isn't comic relief.  He's just plain annoying
<gordon-r-d> that's Yads in a nutshell
<DoctorWho> Of course, the upside is, we get to kill him at the end
<Alden> Yes, we must have at least cameos from everyone who've ever
	been in #DWC. ^_^
<sallyh> I don't find jar jar annoying
<DoctorWho> Oh, and just for the sake of irony..
<gordon-r-d> yay! me! me! me!
<Whomiga> Good place for a nutshell...
<DoctorWho> In Hard Day's Night, they had Paul's grandfather.
<DoctorWho> In Quotefile: The Motion Picture, we'll have some hot babe
	    as my girlfriend.
<talus> but the potential for dialog.  "youse a gonna unban me, or
	myse ajedi friends is gonna hurts you"
<gordon-r-d> We could turn lryssa into Sailor Gallifrey just to see
	     her in a Japanese schoolgirl outfit :)
<sallyh> Jar Jar is there for the kids to relate to, not for adults
	 and the kids love jar jar
<talus> lol nate
<DoctorWho> Of course, me getting a girlfriend causes Hell to freeze over...
 * talus gets dibs on holly from page 3..... (and can we make this an
   r-rating.... please!)
<DoctorWho> And Blor suddenly appears in a puff of smoke, and he's
	    pissed off, and we spend the entire film running away from
<DoctorWho> Hey, there's the plot!
<DoctorWho> And of course, we have to get in the immortal line, "Next
	    time earthling, we will utterly destroy you.  Bork, Bork"
<talus> hehe
<satsuki`> hehe
<DoctorWho> Better yet, Grek says something annoying, and Blor kicks
	    him and he disappears in a puff of smoke
<sallyh> Can I be the blonde bimbo who everyone ignores until its to late? :)
<talus> sally: we'll answer that later :-)
<sallyh> :)
<DoctorWho> Just like getting kicked off the channel
<Whomiga> But he has to keep popping back in
<Whomiga> Ok, just for laughs, how many people have logging on right
	  now (Or always)
<DoctorWho> And Blor would constantly be kicking Grek in the butt
<talus> i do, unless the damn this is full again
 * Whomiga puts his hand up :-)
<DoctorWho> I don't have logging on.
<talus> you don;t?!?!?!?!
<DoctorWho> You didn't really believe that, did you?
<Whomiga> Nate: hehe
<talus> not really.
<talus> well for a second or two
<Whomiga> Who kidnapped Nate :-)
<Whomiga> And who is this imposter?
<talus> but see how great this rolling april fool's day thing is?
	it's easy to fool people when they don't expect it.
<Whomiga> Could start with everyone from Gallifrey coming to kidnap
	  Nate from infront of the computer...
<DoctorWho> Hm.  There's an idea
<satsuki`> i dunno what i could be ^^;
<Whomiga> Hmmm... Could spend the entire film trying to understand
	  what Nate's last message on IRC means...
<Whomiga> Like Citizen Kane...
<talus> yes, a group goes to kidnap nate from in front of his
	computer, only to find him making out with a total babe, at
	which point hell frezzes, blor appears, and much running and
	madness ensues
<talus> neela: you're the mostly quiet one who moves the obstacles out
	the way right before people go running by them.  (closest i
	could think of to your auto-op script)
<satsuki`> heehee
<talus> and you could have a subplot where you're sad because no one
	appreciates what you do, until there's this really big
	obstacle and everyone sees you move it, and they're all really
<talus> (and that folks is why i am not a writer :-)
<Whomiga> And we appreciate your lack of that as a career choice :-)
<talus> who: as does my wallet
<DoctorWho> You know, it'd be great if we all could go to Galley,
	    Thete could bring his film equipment and we could film
	    QF:TMP on the spot or something...... or maybe not
<Whomiga> I do have two video cameras and a Video-8 VCR deck
<Whomiga> I doubt I could get them all there though
<talus> omega, you guys aren't just joking about filming this
	thing....  if i'd known that i would've made totally different
<DoctorWho> Actually I'm not serious... but I wish I was
<talus> whew
<satsuki`> i dunno if i could go to galley.. its too far away :(
<DoctorWho> Actually I'm semi-serious, but I rather doubt it'll ever happen
<DoctorWho> But now that you mention it.........
<DoctorWho> What suggests /would/ you have made?
<talus> well i would've left off the distributor line for one
<talus> prolly more of what i wouldn't have said come to think of it
<talus> though i do think maybe keeping the cast down to a dozen tops
	would be a good idea.  course that gets into ego issues..
<DoctorWho> Actually that doesn't have to happen... the cast would
	    probably be decided by whoever manages to get to Gallifrey
	    in any given year
<talus> all told, much better as a non-serious idea.  but then so are
	most ideas come to think of it

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