The #drwhochat Quotefile

Special Feature:


Jul 24
 * TheProf solves his Netscape mystery. 
<TheProf> Judi shut off the view atatchemnts inline 
<Whomiga> Ah, Netscape Mail? 
<TheProf> Yeah. Judi accidently turned it off and then chewed my butt when 
          the e-mail started having a problem. 
<TheProf> Mind you since I accidently called her a cow on british radio I 
          guess we're even. 
 * Heptite blinks. 
<Heptite> You were on British Radio? 
<TheProf> Yep. Live from KC 
<random_C> which station? 
<Heptite> And how do you accidentally do that? 
<TheProf> Both on the BBC and another station in Northern England. 
<random_C> Yergh 
<random_C> and what pray tell did you say? 
<TheProf> I was doing the interview on the radio on our cordless phone 
          getting ready for our Wade Fair. 
<random_C> right.... 
<TheProf> We had to be at the hotel at noon and had to leave in 20 minutes 
          so I am running arounfthe house and talking on the phone doing 
          the interview at the same time 
<random_C> kay.... 
<TheProf> Judi was in the bathroom with the door shut and I was walking 
          down the hallway when she blew her nose right behind the door as 
          i walked past. 
<random_C> yes... 
<TheProf> They heard this rather odd noise on the other end and had no idea 
          what it was. 
<random_C> so you said it was a cow? 
<TheProf> Now when your married your spouse does stuff and you get use to 
          it and ignore it. In this case I totally did not pay attention to 
          the fact she did this as i was trying to concentrate on the 
<TheProf> The interviewer asked me "What was that? It sounded like a cow" 
<TheProf> I said "Yeah, that was my wife" 
<TheProf> In my mind I immidiately screamed 
 * Heptite chokes on his popcorn... 
<TheProf> The interviewer starts laughing hystericaly 
 * Alden giggles 
 * Lyssie rofls 
<TheProf> Within 10 minutes on the Wade Yahoo Groups list it's all over 
          what i did as several members in the UK heard the interview 
 * Heptite laughs... 
<Alden> doh! 
<TheProf> We make it to the hotel and meet our partners in the convention 
          who look at me and the first thing they do is go "Mmooooooooooo" 
<Heptite> Yow... 
<Heptite> Question is, how did she react to this? 
<raven_evermore> ROFLMAO 
<TheProf> It's all over the convention. Fortunately Judi found it very 
          funny although in the dealers room when she found something she 
          wanted. She would simply say "Can i buy this?" then look at me 
          with a serious look and go "mmmoooooooo". She got to buy it. 
<Whomiga> hehe 
 * Lyssie snickers 
<random_C> You married Drusilla? 
<TheProf> It was one of those moments when you say something and that very 
          instant you want to reach out and grab back the sound waves your 
          voice made. 
<Theta-G> quite a moostake 
<Heptite> So you didn't /quite/ end up in the doghouse over this one? 
 * Lyssie giggles at Random. 
<TheProf> I think Judi had some fun with it but I definately got some 
          ribbing over it for the weekend. It was even mentioned in the 
          Wade quarterly magazine in the article about our convention 
<Theta-G> it cud have been much worse, i suppose 
 * Whomiga fwaps Thete for that last one 

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