The #drwhochat Quotefile

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Nathan Roberts: Help me! I'm insane!
Alden Bates: We knew that
Nathan Roberts: Oh, then that's OK

The #drwhochat Quotefile was a collection of memorable quotes spoken by people in the #drwhochat chat room on DALnet, and later on Anime-Chat, before it went defunct. It is retained here for the benefit of myself, and other DWC regulars that might wish to revisit old times.


The Quotefile is currently undergoing some minor remastering, removing old cruft, updating the code to be standards-complaint, and reformatting it in an easier-to-read (hopefully) layout.

Among the layout changes are: The color scheme has been changed to a simpler, less flashy, but more common and easier to read black-on-white, to match the rest of Tardis Labs. The chat logs have been reformatted from the old fixed-width text to a more modern variable-width, with speaker names suffixed with colins (:) instead of encased in angle brackets (<>).

Another feature of the new formatting: The timestamps at the start of each quote link to that quote, so a URL linking to an individual quote may be copied and pasted elsewhere.

Currently, Volumes VII and VI have been remastered. The older volumes are still the original, broken copies.

Volume VII

Volume VI

Volume V

Volume IV

Older quotefiles moved to a separate page in an attempt to cut clutter. (For now.)


The Quotefile management (read: me) would like to thank "Sutekh_" for suggesting the idea of the quotefile, Mark Jones ([Muad_Dib]), Jason Fraser (Jondar) for providing web space for the first few issues, and George Solana (Drake) for creating #drwhochat in the first place.

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