The #drwhochat Quotefile

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Guess Who?

Sun Dec 31 [01:36]
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh!
<Nathan_Roberts> That reminds me
<Nathan_Roberts> Guess who was here this morning?
<Alden> Saint Nick?
<JokersWild> My real sister?
<JokersWild> Jean-Marc Lofficier?
<Alden> The Easter Bunny?
<JokersWild> Randy Lofficier?
<Alden> Paul Cornell?
<dse> Keith Topping?
<Alden> (are we getting warm?)
<JokersWild> Ingrid Pitt?
<Mosquito> Dave Stone?
<dse> Kate Orman & Jon Blum?
<Alden> Godzilla?
<dse> Jill Peel?
<Mosquito> Random & Ash?
<JokersWild> Emma Peel?
<Mosquito> Emma peel?
<Mosquito> ;P
<JokersWild> snap
<dse> DoctorBun?
<JokersWild> whoa, DoctorWbun
<Alden> Bill Gates?
<Shel> "IT" was here????
<JokersWild> ltns on that one
<dse> yeah
 * Shel doesn't think you can find "it" online...
<dse> Tom Baker?
<dse> Sophie Aldred?
<Mosquito> Romana?
<JokersWild> Bob Baker and Dave Martin?
<Mosquito> Tom Baker and Steve Martin?
<Alden> Robert Holmes?
<JokersWild> John Flanagan and Andrew McCullough?
<dse> I hope not, Holmes is dead
<Mosquito> Basil Rathbone?
<dse> if he was here it was his spirit
<dse> Terrance Dicks?
<Shel> Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin?
<JokersWild> Dick Cheney?
<dse> Queen Elizabeth?
<Mosquito> Rasputin!
<Shel> Lon CHeney?
<Mosquito> The Queen Mary!
<JokersWild> Chaney :-P
<dse> Methuselah?
<JokersWild> Ultraman?
<Alden> That guy with the hat?
<Shel> Me?
<JokersWild> Her?
<dse> You?
<Shel> The ugly guy with the hat from Roberts?
 * Shel notes that's a joke around here becaue every guy from roberts
   is ugly and wears a hat
<Mosquito> Alfred Hitchcock bound to the hip of Henry the VIII!
<JokersWild> The Cigarrette-Smoking Man?
<Mosquito> what's Roberts?
<Shel> Your mom?
<Shel> it's a town near here
<Mosquito> Roberts is my mom?
<Shel> that i grew up in
<Mosquito> ahh
<Alden> A man with a tea cosy on his head?
<Shel> A man with a detachable penis?
<Shel> sorry, downloading detachable penis by king missile ;)
<JokersWild> A man with three buttocks?
<Mosquito> OK, who asked the question?
<JokersWild> Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson?
<Shel> nathan did, and he hasnt' responded since, so i'm guessing no
       one has gotten it right
<Alden> Nate asks us to guess who was here this morning
<Mosquito> I wonder if Nate asked that and went to bed.
<Alden> probably
 * Alden gets a cattle prod
<Alden> *ZZAP*
<Mosquito> Nate is bovine?
<Nathan_Roberts> Are you finished generating quotefile material? >;)
<Shel> :P
<Shel> cheap trick!
<dse> maybe we should all stop guessing so he can tell us
<Nathan_Roberts> You want me to guide you, or should I just spell it out?
<Shel> he's not going to tell us, he's an evil evil man... hehehe
<JokersWild> Are they a mineral?
<Nathan_Roberts> No, but they're about as smart
<JokersWild> Yads!
<Shel> yads!
<Nathan_Roberts> Nope
<Shel> snap!
<JokersWild> lol
<Alden> Chezwhom?
<Shel> lol
<Nathan_Roberts> Nope
<Nathan_Roberts> Not that dumb
<Shel> lol
<dse> just remember, Yads is an anagram for Say D
 * JokersWild hits doug
<dse> ouch
<Shel> that chick who wanted to make doctor who cartoons?
<JokersWild> *fwack*
<Nathan_Roberts> Nope
<dse> just tell us already
<JokersWild> George W. Bush?
<Shel> random's cousin toasty?
 * Nathan_Roberts cringes at the thought
<Nathan_Roberts> Nope
<Shel> or i mean alryssa's
 * Shel is running out of idiots that would know how to log on here
<Shel> my roommate?
<JokersWild> you know, toasty might have been at gally and i didn't notice
 * Shel smacks herself
<Nathan_Roberts> Nope
<JokersWild> sorry, doug
<Shel> my roommate wouldn't even know how to turn the computer on
<Shel> can you give us a first letter?
<Shel> were dead in the water here...
<Nathan_Roberts> Ok, I'll give you a major hint.  
<JokersWild> Lawrence Miles?
*** Nathan_Roberts has kicked Nathan_Roberts from #drwhochat (Nathan_Roberts)
<Shel> grek!
<Alden> uhhh, Grek?
<DoctorWho> Yup
<Shel> yeah! i win! ;)
*** Nathan_Roberts has joined #drwhochat
 * dse is not sure if he remembers Grek
<Alden> greif, LTNS
<JokersWild> whooda hack is grek?
<Nathan_Roberts> You don't know the Legend of Grek??
<Shel> grek, aka the annoying kickme friend of blor ;)
<JokersWild> i don't know the Legend of Grek
<JokersWild> you shoulda logged it
<Shel> theta, read the quotefile special on him
<Shel> i believe it was his first visit
<Nathan_Roberts> Grek: The man with "Kick Me" tattoed on his ass
<Mosquito> heh
[After reading The Grek Encounter]
<JokersWild> So that's Grek.
<JokersWild> I don't think #DrWhoChat has ever more closely resembled
	     a scene from a three stooges movie before or since.

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