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The Grek Encounter, Part 3.14159265358979323846264338

Apr 16 [00:50]
*** Gokemidoro has joined #drwhochat
<DoctorWho> hi MrB
<Gokemidoro> Morning
<Gokemidoro> I am POWERFUL space vampire
<Gokemidoro> Can I have op?
<}-raven-{> Argh! Vampire!
*** }-raven-{ has kicked Gokemidoro from #drwhochat (one stake, medium
    boot, with ketchup)
<Alden> lol
<}-raven-{> whoops. force of habit...
<Alden> bye blor ;)
*** Gokemidoro has joined #drwhochat
<Gokemidoro> I did not see that coming
<Alden> re Blor :)
<Gokemidoro> I AM powerful space vampire
<Gokemidoro> Give m eop
<}-raven-{> Gokemidoro: i can do it again if u want :P
<DoctorWho> LOL!!
*** }-raven-{ has kicked Gokemidoro from #drwhochat (one stake, medium
    boot, with ketchup Take 2)
*** Gokemidoro has joined #drwhochat
<Gokemidoro> I am powerful space VAMPIRE
*** }-raven-{ has kicked Gokemidoro from #drwhochat (one stake, medium
    boot, with ketchup Take 2)
<}-raven-{> take 3. bugger.
<MegL> hehe
<satsuki`> o.o
*** Gokemidoro has joined #drwhochat
<Gokemidoro> Wasnt that take 3?
*** }-raven-{ has kicked Gokemidoro from #drwhochat (one stake, medium
    boot, with ketchup takes 3 4 5 and 6)
<DoctorWho> ROTFL!!
*** Gokemidoro has joined #drwhochat
<satsuki`> hehe
<Gokemidoro> I am POWERFUL SPACE vampire
*** }-raven-{ has kicked Gokemidoro from #drwhochat (Who's yo daddy!
    Squeal Beyatch! Squeal!)
<DoctorWho> Nice to see that somebody has taken up Grek's role.
 * Alden ROTFL
*** Gokemidoro has joined #drwhochat
<Lyssie> He's a powerful space?
*** MegL is now known as Rassilons_bowship
 * Rassilons_bowship flings arrows at Gokemidoro
<satsuki`> *rofl* XD
*** Rassilons_bowship is now known as MegL
<Gokemidoro> Surrender you body to powerful SPACE vampire.
<}-raven-{> Blor: weeelll?
 * Lyssie giggles at Meg
*** Lyssie has kicked Gokemidoro from #drwhochat (NO!)
<}-raven-{> Blor: weeelll?
<Alden> but I'm *using* my body....
 * Lyssie ponders
<MegL> what does a space vampire want with my body?
<MegL> blood I can see
* MegL thinks Gorke is actually in lust ;)
*** Gokemidoro has joined #drwhochat
<Lyssie> Meg: I was thinking the same thing.
<DoctorWho> The Grek Encounter Part 3.1415926535897932384626
<}-raven-{> Blor: and what do u have to say for yourself?
<Lyssie> If he's a 'space' vampire, wouldn't he want to cozy up to
	 some nice space and suck ITS blood?
<Gokemidoro> Did I tell you about the cow on the dark side of the moon?
<Lyssie> Does it give chocolate milk?
<Gokemidoro> No silly people
<Gokemidoro> I am vampire from SPACE!
*** }-raven-{ has kicked Gokemidoro from #drwhochat (Blor and
    services, sittin in a tree, b-o-o-t-i-n-g...)
<DoctorWho> ROTFL
*** Gokemidoro has joined #drwhochat
<satsuki`> *lmao* XD XD
<DoctorWho>  /\/\/\/\/\/\
*** Lyssie is now known as Hollywood_Agent
 * Hollywood_Agent slithers up to Gokemidoro
<Hollywood_Agent> Goke, baby, lemme tell you somthin'. In this town,
		  we got rules, baby.
<Hollywood_Agent> You don't go round declaring yourself a vampire, and
		  we won't go round stakin' ya. Deal? Deal.
*** Hollywood_Agent is now known as Lyssie
<}-raven-{> so tell me Mr.... Gokemidoro: what is u're profession....
<Gokemidoro> I am GOKEMIDORO, Bodysnatcher from HELL
*** }-raven-{ has kicked Gokemidoro from #drwhochat (Gah, that is so passe....)
*** Gokemidoro has joined #drwhochat
<Alden> re Grek.  Er, Blor
<}-raven-{> its not so much an itchy trigger finger, as a compulsive
	    trigger finger...
*** Lyssie is now known as The_Devil
<The_Devil> That's a damned dirty lie!
*** The_Devil is now known as Lyssie
<DoctorWho> As opposed to a damned dirty ape?
<Lyssie> True.
<Lyssie> I dunno.
<Lyssie> Hey, Goke, are you a damned dirty ape?
<Gokemidoro> No. I am space vampire!
*** }-raven-{ has kicked Gokemidoro from #drwhochat (Its fun to stay
    at the Y...M....C....A!!!! C'mon... sing bitch!)
<}-raven-{> No... I don't have these kick lines prepared at all....
*** Gokemidoro has joined #drwhochat
<Gokemidoro> I am...
<Lyssie> Dead?
<Gokemidoro> just testing.
<Lyssie> Human, and you need to be loved?
<Lyssie> Superman?
<}-raven-{> powerful space vampires... bah, no such thing....
*** }-raven-{ has kicked Gokemidoro from #drwhochat (Bite me :P)
*** Gokemidoro has joined #drwhochat
<Gokemidoro> Damn ash, that took you like 3 secs.
*** }-raven-{ has kicked Gokemidoro from #drwhochat (What are you, a
*** Gokemidoro has joined #drwhochat
<Lyssie> the sun? The air?
<Lyssie> Hey, stop me, I'm on a Smiths lyrics kick.
*** }-raven-{ has kicked Gokemidoro from #drwhochat (Quick kick 1)
*** Gokemidoro has joined #drwhochat
*** }-raven-{ has kicked Gokemidoro from #drwhochat (Quick kick 2)
*** Gokemidoro has joined #drwhochat
*** }-raven-{ has kicked Gokemidoro from #drwhochat (Quick kick 3)
*** Gokemidoro has joined #drwhochat
<}-raven-{> quick enough?
<DoctorWho> So, MrB... How does it feel to be on the Grek end of the boot? >:)
<Gokemidoro> Nate: Its quite an experience. Though I feel that I am
	     being much more annoying than he ever was.
*** Alden has changed the topic to: Technology.  Can't live with it,
    can't assimilate your siblings with it.
<Gokemidoro> But you can suck their blood if you are a SPACE vampire!
*** DoctorWho has kicked Gokemidoro from #drwhochat (Suck this.)

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