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The Grek Encounter
Part II

Sun May 24 [4:34]
[Grek's big return!]
[And with his nick capitalized!]
*** Joins: Grek
<The_Sentry> Grek!!
<Grek> Ohoy !
<Grek> long time no seen...
<The_Sentry> I haven't seen you in months!
<Grek> Wahts up ?
<The_Sentry> Microsoft stock? :)
<Grek> hmm...Adobe takes a lot of time ...
<The_Sentry> Adobe?
<Grek> yep, Swedish Adobe Support. thats me..
<Grek> do you use Photoshop by any chance ?
<The_Sentry> No
<Grek> :-)
<The_Sentry> I'm not really much into image editing and such
<Grek> well, thats ok..:-)
<Grek> i seen Mr B been here when i harrased him, but havent got time to
       install Mirc until now...
<The_Sentry> :)
<The_Sentry> I've seen him popping in and out quite a bit.
<Grek> so, how is life ?  getting late/early for you ?
<The_Sentry> I was wondering when you'd show up
<The_Sentry> It's about 4:38am where I am
<Grek> yeah, we are at the same company again...
<The_Sentry> I've heard
<Grek> never get rid of that ...perk..
<The_Sentry> :)
<Grek> hes getting very serious and so, hes got a girlfriend now..
<The_Sentry> I've heard that too
<Grek> :-)
<The_Sentry> What's up with THAT? :)
<The_Sentry> Is this the same Mr. B? :)
<Grek> hm...the roof ?!
<The_Sentry> hahaha
<Grek> well, i don't know..hes acting strange..taking showers, use cologne..
       is nice to people...
<The_Sentry> Whoa... OUR MrB?
<Grek> probably some kind of possesion..
<The_Sentry> How apalling!
<Grek> utterly..
<Grek> but ofcoz, he doesn't talk about in public...not good for the image..
<The_Sentry> I can imagine
<Grek> ahwell..hes here at the company now, but he is playing Q2..
<The_Sentry> Is he now...
<Grek> yep, but totally ignoring the rest of the world..
<Grek> he's become a <gasp> computer addict !
<The_Sentry> Wait, wait, wait
<Grek> tam-tam-tam-tam-taaaaa !
<The_Sentry> He's got a girlfriend, taking showers, using cologne,
            *AND* becoming a computer addict?
<Grek> yep,  paradoxal, i know...
<The_Sentry> Tilt.
<Grek> freaked out...
<Grek> but i'm still the same..smelly, bad skin, no girlfriend and Comp.
<The_Sentry> :)
<The_Sentry> Well, I guess one out of two ain't bad :)
<Grek> it ?..:)
<The_Sentry> Well, it sounded good anyway :)
<Grek> i hpe so, when i talk to girls and say that i work with computers,
       they arent that impressed ...
<The_Sentry> Really now...
<Grek> sorry..
<The_Sentry> Hmm
<Grek> hmm..smoking time..
<The_Sentry> Not impressesd, huh?
<Grek> no, strange,,,
<Grek> they should be...
<Grek> but oh interest in OS's and stuff, how to format a HD...
<Grek> no interest at all..
<The_Sentry> Hmmm... formatting HD... that's something I
<Grek> brb
<The_Sentry> I'm familiar with :)
<Grek> smoking!
<Grek> brb
<The_Sentry> Ok I'll shut up now :)
*** Joins: MrBubonic
 * MrBubonic EXT-ER-MI-NATEs Grek
<The_Sentry> Hey MrB!
<MrBubonic> Hi Nathan
<The_Sentry> Together again for the first time in months :)
*** The_Sentry sets mode: +o MrBubonic
 * MrBubonic EXT-ER-MI-NATEs Grek
 * MrBubonic EXT-ER-MI-NATEs Grek
 * MrBubonic EXT-ER-MI-NATEs Grek
 * MrBubonic EXT-ER-MI-NATEs Grek
 * MrBubonic EXT-ER-MI-NATEs Grek
<The_Sentry> You can just kick his butt you know >:)
*** Grek was kicked by MrBubonic (Ok!)
<The_Sentry> Target destroyed!
<MrBubonic> Roger! Over and out. :)
*** Joins: Jondar
<The_Sentry> Hi Jondar
*** The_Sentry sets mode: +o Jondar
<MrBubonic> Hi Jondar
<The_Sentry> Guess who just showed up?
<Jondar> Nathan: Tim?
<The_Sentry> Nope
<Jondar> then who?
<The_Sentry> Grek.
<The_Sentry> He'd still be here now except MrB just booted him and he's
             off on a smoke break :)
<Jondar> Ah! and I missed this cataclysmic event?
<The_Sentry> By a mere few minutes. :)
<MrBubonic> Well, I didn't ban him... :)
<Jondar> :)
<The_Sentry> MrB, Grek and Me together again...
<MrBubonic> Evil will triumph!
<Jondar> Well, I should be here for a while, I've got link-checking to do :(
<The_Sentry> Now if we could get Prof and Crow here too...
<Jondar> ROTFL
<The_Sentry> One of the seven signs of the apocalypse or something :)
<MrBubonic> Oh my god! The apocalypse is at hand!
<The_Sentry> LOL
<Jondar> :)
<MrBubonic> Well, five at least...
<The_Sentry> I'm just glad I didn't sneak off and go to sleep :)
<MrBubonic> The sixth sign would be that DW is coming back on the air...
<Jondar> Yads would be one of the seven, but apparently he can't come
         in here :)
<The_Sentry> LOL!
<Jondar> LOL Joachim :)
<The_Sentry> We'd need Alden too :)
<Jondar> :)
<The_Sentry> Ack!  Grek just logged out of IRC
<Jondar> Argh!
<MrBubonic> Well, I'm going too... Going to watch Event horizon with
            my girlfriend... Not that she likes horrormovies...
<Jondar> :)
<The_Sentry> Hahaha
<MrBubonic> At least it's not dark outside... :)
<Jondar> :)
<The_Sentry> >:)
<MrBubonic> Have a nice day everyone...
<The_Sentry> Bye MrB
<Jondar> bye MrB
*** Quits: MrBubonic (Quit: THE APOCALYPSE IS (almost) HERE!!!!!)

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