The #drwhochat Quotefile
Special Feature:

The Grek Encounter

This session began on Monday, August 4 at 3:37am pdt, when someone going by the nickname "Grek" entered the room. Turns out that Grek was an old friend of MrBubonic's, and just started working at his job, but I should let you read the rest for yourselves:

*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<Grek> Hi hu !
<MrBubonic> yo!
<Grek> bubba fett ?
<MrBubonic> You little twerp!
<Grek> Ahhh....cannot think of a insult suiting you;;;
*** Grek was kicked by MrBubonic (MrBubonic)
<The_Sentry> Who was that?
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
*** Grek was kicked by MrBubonic (MrBubonic)
*** The_Sentry sets mode: +b *!*Grek@194.18.246.*
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<MrBubonic> He's a friend of mine. We're annoying...
<The_Sentry> Oh... so maybe I shouldn't ban him? 
*** The_Sentry sets mode: -b *!*Grek@194.18.246.*
<MrBubonic> nope... :)
<Grek> no pleeease....
*** Grek was kicked by MrBubonic (MrBubonic)
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<MrBubonic> We can kick him though...
<Grek> Bubba... stop it..
<MrBubonic> He doesn't like dr who som maybe he should be banned...
<Grek> I do,,,a little...
<MrBubonic> He's lying
<Grek> No i'm not....
<The_Sentry> He's just kissing up so he doesn't get kicked. :)
<Grek> got me :-)
<Grek> well, i like plastic monsters...
<MrBubonic> Not as much as I do
<Grek> and all the bloopers in Dr.Who........whoaaa!
<Grek> I also like "Attack of the mushroom-people"...
<MrBubonic> Nathan, Allow me to introduce Grek... He's the newest addition 
            to my job...
<The_Sentry> Hello Grek
<Grek> Hi sentry...
<Grek> this is my job......
<The_Sentry> What, get online and annoy people? :)
<MrBubonic> He borrowed it from me... Well, perhaps I forced it onto him...
<Grek> teaching people how to work with a computer..
<Grek> and annoy people...
<Grek> in both VR and RL
<MrBubonic> He's got the same job as me...
<MrBubonic> and he's an annoying git!
<The_Sentry> What's this "Real Life" thing I keep hearing people talk about?  I 
             just can't seem to grasp the concept... :)
<Grek> has to do with disconnect and horrid things like that...
<MrBubonic> Reejl... Riil...rel... No, I don't understand...
<The_Sentry> Well...
<The_Sentry> Real life doesn't necessarily mean "disconnect", look
             at Meglos. :)
<Grek> heard about girls?
<The_Sentry> Grek:  Girls? What're those? :)
<Grek> they exist in RL.. soft slim things... usually very nice to touch..
<Grek> i've been told.. but..
<The_Sentry> but...
<Grek> it might be a rumour..
<MrBubonic> It has to be...
<The_Sentry> RL itself has to be a rumor...
<Grek> MrBobbaFett....
<Grek> the one and truly greatest bachelor ever...
<MrBubonic> Yep!
<Grek> <yawn>
<Grek> of topic here a bit....
<Grek> what effect on the ozone layer do you think all the plastics in 
       Dr.Who has ??
<MrBubonic> It's not plastic... It's rubber!
<Grek> no its niot
<MrBubonic> Blasphemer!!!
<Grek> hmm...
<The_Sentry> What's the difference? <ducking>
 * MrBubonic maims Nathan... Twice
<The_Sentry> Ow!
<Grek> is this a sign of nonreality...we sit here one meter from eachother 
       having an argument trough IRC..
<The_Sentry> ROTFL
<MrBubonic> half a meter actually
<MrBubonic> Thou shalt not insult DrWho!!! Thou wilt be thrown into the 
            pits of "Lost in space" :)
<Grek> jolly good TV-series that...
*** Grek was kicked by MrBubonic (MrBubonic)
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<Grek> hmm...I'll move a distance here,,
<MrBubonic> opps... sorry... got a bit carried away... You mentioned the 
            dark forces...
<The_Sentry> This is all so silly...
<MrBubonic> yep...
<Grek> stop kicking me dillweed, or i'll kick you..
<Grek> no...
<Grek> hes kicking me again..
<MrBubonic> no I'm not
<The_Sentry> I know!
<Grek> i see it..
<Grek> i look at his screen,,,terror fills me...
<MrBubonic> But he said that "Lost in Space" was good... I had to kick 
            him... :)
<Grek> P9FOS is a good film also...
*** Grek was kicked by The_Sentry (The_Sentry)
<The_Sentry> It's so cool from this end when someone gets kicked...  I
             hear the "Squish" sound from Duke3D. :)
<The_Sentry> What the hell. :)
<MrBubonic> That was fun... :)
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<Grek> G'dammit.. its a conspiracy...
<MrBubonic> Yep!
<The_Sentry> Can't kick ME... I'm on the other side of the planet! :) :)
<MrBubonic> :)
<Grek> :=)
<Grek> Where are you Sentry ?
<The_Sentry> California, U.S.
<Grek> jihaa..
<MrBubonic> A yank!
<Grek> night now?
<The_Sentry> It's almost 4am here
<Grek> GO TO BED !!
<Grek> Its to late for and stuff..u
<The_Sentry> Grek: Bed?  What's that? Is that another of those "real life"
             things? :)
<Grek> Bed; Soft thing on the floor... Not a girl..
<The_Sentry> I'm on vacation right now... I can keep whatever bloody hours
             I like! :) I onlf just woke up a few hours ago...
<MrBubonic> Nathan: 4am..? That's way too early for you to go to bed... :)
<The_Sentry> :)
<Grek> horray, my vacation stopped today,,
<Grek> Nightbreed or??
<The_Sentry> Yeah... a real night owl
<The_Sentry> My vacation is over in 2 weeks
<Grek> lucky B****d
<The_Sentry> Think you left out a *. :)
<Grek> hmmm.....oh...
<Grek> *
<Grek> there does it..
<The_Sentry> Just not the nsame now... :)
<MrBubonic> Kick him!!!
<MrBubonic> heh ;)
<Grek> i kick ouy
<Grek> ops, you...
<Grek> I kick in RL...on Bobbafett here
*** Grek was kicked by The_Sentry (The_Sentry)
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<MrBubonic> hehe
<Grek> This is getting annoying...
<The_Sentry> That's the idea!! :)
<Grek> op me... pleaseee...
*** The_Sentry sets mode: +o Grek
<The_Sentry> Now... try and kick me!!
<Grek> moahaha...shiver thou deadly lakeys !!
<The_Sentry> Go ahead!  Kick me!!
*** Grek was kicked by Grek (Grek)
<MrBubonic> Estupido!!! He kicked himself!
<The_Sentry> ROTFL!!! Someone doesn't know how to use IRC!! :)
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<Grek> that was fun...geee
*** The_Sentry sets mode: +o Grek
<Grek> try it!! its like a rollercoaster,,,
*** MrBubonic was kicked by Grek (Grek)
*** MrBubonic has joined #drwhochat
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o MrBubonic
<Grek> cool huh?
<The_Sentry> Go on now!! Kick me!
<The_Sentry> It's rubber, not plastic!!
<The_Sentry> Lost in space sucks!
<The_Sentry> Plan 9 sucks!
<The_Sentry> Go on, bastard, kick me!
*** The_Sentry was kicked by Grek (Grek)
*** The_Sentry has joined #drwhochat
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o The_Sentry
*** The_Sentry sets mode: -o Grek
<The_Sentry> Muahahahaha!!
<Grek> oh no
<The_Sentry> Grek is unaware of the existance of K-9!! :)
<MrBubonic> Lost in space is a vile piece of utter crap!
<Grek> ah well--- i dont like autoscripts,,, but robots are fun..
<MrBubonic> K-9's cool... :)
<The_Sentry> MrB: My K9 or DW's K9?
<MrBubonic> eeh... I'll have to say both... :)
<Grek> tap tap on the board....
<Grek> btw Sentry, how fast is your connection?? :-)
<The_Sentry> Just 28.8 I'm afraid
<Grek> I'm going to be kicked again
<The_Sentry> Grek: If you insist.
*** Grek was kicked by The_Sentry (The_Sentry)
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<Grek> heee...
<Grek> 30KB/Sec...
*** Grek was kicked by The_Sentry (The_Sentry)
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<Grek> ok got the mess...
<Grek> :-)
<Grek> jealous ....?
*** Grek was kicked by The_Sentry (The_Sentry)
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<Grek> jepp...
<The_Sentry> There's your answer. :)
<Grek> :-)
<Grek> hmm..maybeeee i should DL something......just for the fun of 
*** Grek was kicked by The_Sentry (The_Sentry)
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<MrBubonic> Nathan: You're enjoying this, aren't you? :)
<The_Sentry> MrB: HELL YEAH! :)
<Grek> there now....
<The_Sentry> That's why /KICK isn't working properly... have to
             specify the channel
<Grek> hehe..
<The_Sentry> I love this job... :)
<The_Sentry> ABUSE OF POWER!! :)
<MrBubonic> He just told me how fast our connection is...
<Grek> I prefer AmIRC...
<The_Sentry> AmIRC?
<Grek> hee
<Grek> here we go again
<Grek> fasten youe seatbelts..
*** Grek was kicked by The_Sentry (The_Sentry)
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<Grek> ops?
*** The_Sentry sets mode: +o Grek
<Grek> i will NOT fall for temptation to abuse my new powers..
<Grek> U know Amiga...
<The_Sentry> You wanna get kicked?  Tell me something about Plug-n-Play
<Grek> ehumm... Plug-n-Pray ?
<The_Sentry> Well, I hate to say it, but you're right there...
<Grek> i heard about that...Bobba speaks in the phone now..
<Grek> On the Amiga, it works.. thats real P-n-P...
<The_Sentry> Well, on the PC it's a JOKE!
<Grek> hum-de-dum.....
 * MrBubonic bounces around imitating a Grek with mustard up his a##
<Grek> ouch..
<MrBubonic> Those nasty swedes and the evil californian...
<Grek> Swedes, not swedes....a small differnce there...
*** Grek was kicked by The_Sentry (Whatever!)
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<Grek> dammit... took me by surprise there,,, oh no..
*** Grek was kicked by MrBubonic (MrBubonic)
<MrBubonic> ooops!
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<The_Sentry> ROTFL!
<MrBubonic> an accident!
<Grek> this is good, i'm prepared...
*** Grek was kicked by The_Sentry (Oops, another accident)
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<Grek> arghhhh'
*** Grek was kicked by The_Sentry (Hey, I don't even need a reason!)
<MrBubonic> LOL!!!
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<The_Sentry> I'm gettin' carried away here... :)
<MrBubonic> It's easy, ain't it? :)
<The_Sentry> Too easy... :)
<Grek> once you get the hang of it..
<Grek> ah well---
*** Grek was kicked by MrBubonic (MrBubonic)
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<Grek> puh
<MrBubonic> oops! Sorry!
<Grek> annoying !!!!
<MrBubonic> Yep!
<Grek> dillwed
<MrBubonic> and damn proud of it!
<The_Sentry> Next time Earthling...
<Grek> ah well...time to do some DL's....
*** Grek was kicked by The_Sentry (The_Sentry)
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<The_Sentry> Shaddup about the Downloades already!!
*** Grek was kicked by MrBubonic (MrBubonic)
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<MrBubonic> darn!
<Grek> heeee....
<The_Sentry> Let me guess... another accident? :)
<Grek> here we go again...
<Grek> mmmm....nope..
*** Grek was kicked by The_Sentry (Guess again!)
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<Grek> indeed !!!
<Grek> ahhhh.....30Kb/Sec......taste it...
*** Grek was kicked by The_Sentry (Shuddup!)

- At this point I was disconnected and switched to another server -

<Grek> ahwell...
<Grek> U got kicked ?
<The_Sentry> My server rebooted
<Grek> thats what YOU think...
<Grek> I did it...
*** Grek was kicked by The_Sentry (Think again!)
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<Grek> or maybe not...
<Grek> see you again...
<The_Sentry> Well, the message I got from the server SAYING it was
             gonna reboot was a dead giveaway... :)
<Grek> blasted...
*** MrBubonic is now known as NotQuiteHereAtAll
<Grek> smoke brake,,, brbr hhh
<The_Sentry> Here's your chance to kick 'em!
<Grek> dammit..
*** The_Sentry sets mode: +o Grek
<Grek> thanx !!!
*** NotQuiteHereAtAll was kicked by Grek (Grek)
<Grek> Moahahahahaha!!! lovely...
*** NotQuiteHereAtAll has joined #drwhochat
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o NotQuiteHereAtAll
<The_Sentry> Ah, he's got autorejoin on...
<Grek> w8
<Grek> where that in Options ?
<The_Sentry> IRC Switches
<Grek> ok
<Grek> ¨here we go..
*** NotQuiteHereAtAll was kicked by Grek (Grek)
<The_Sentry> Target destroyed. :)
<Grek> and hes out...
<The_Sentry> He's out... and he's gonna be pissed... :)
<Grek> smoke me to....brb

- A few minutes later -

*** NotQuiteHereAtAll has joined #drwhochat
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o NotQuiteHereAtAll
*** NotQuiteHereAtAll is now known as MrBubonic
*** Grek was kicked by MrBubonic (MrBubonic)
<The_Sentry> ... Just had to do that. :)
<MrBubonic> Hah!
*** Grek has joined #drwhochat
<Grek> asch... surfin time.. see you...
*** Grek has quit IRC (Leaving)

This was not to be the Grek's last appearance in #drwhochat... In fact, he made several returns, initially with results similar to the above, but a little calmer as time went on. We now only kick him occasionally. :) Grek has also said that he reads and enjoys the quotefile, so he can't be all bad.
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