The #drwhochat Quotefile

Special Feature:

Gordon Discovers Alcohol

Sun Dec 31 [22:34]
<gordon-r-d> whereas I've just managed to complete a 17Mb download
	     while drunk,. hahahahhaaaaaaaaa
 * talus waites for tomorrow when gordon realises he's download 17mb
   of barney songs
<Whomiga> Is there actually 17MB of Barney songs around?
 * gordon-r-d  has finished the 700ml bottle of Smirnofdf Vodka
<gordon-r-d> I cannopt get ny more drunk tonight
<gordon-r-d> this may or may not be a good thing
<IsraelBeta> Grodon: Yes, you can but it'd involve a trip to the
	     emergency room.
<gordon-r-d> Dormouse : depends on mwhat I'm typing
<gordon-r-d> Israel : Precautions ghae been taken,
<gordon-r-d> prcautions have been taken
<gordon-r-d> There is a completely soberprson in the house to take
	     care of any problems I may hevae
<gordon-r-d> but basically, I had plenty arbohydraates earlier, as
	     long as mmy blood sigar level is fine, then thing are
<The_42nd_Doctor> ooh... suddenly I'm sleepy.
<gordon-r-d> 42 : go bed
<gordon-r-d> dont push yourself too far
<The_42nd_Doctor> not yet :)
<gordon-r-d> like I can talk....:)
<talus> talk about the pot and the kettle!
<The_42nd_Doctor> I'm not drunk, I'm just watching TV and chatting...
<The_42nd_Doctor> <snicker>
<gordon-r-d> it 6:46am
<talus> actually some of gordon's typing actually reminds me he's scottish
 * SupremeDalek watches Gordon do a Yads imitation at the keyboard
<gordon-r-d> Jack: I will remember that slur upon myu character :)
<talus> gordon: come morning you'll be lucky to remember last week :-)
<Brutacus> I think gordon is in jolly old England
<The_42nd_Doctor> Scotland.
<gordon-r-d> Talus : I can type more Scottihsh if you want
<talus> gordon: that's quite alright.  i kind of like being able to
	understand you
<gordon-r-d> She cannae take any mair cap'n Shes gonaae bllow!
<gordon-r-d> six moths from now I wil read a qoutefile and get the shock of my life... :)
<The_42nd_Doctor> Nate, are you recording this?? We can blackmail him
		  with it later.. ;)
<DoctorWho> lol
<talus> i'd give good odds gordon gets his own special feature.
<gordon-r-d> oh shit
<The_42nd_Doctor> :D
 * Alden giggles
<gordon-r-d> rotflm ao!
<talus> hope i didn't scare ya sober.  after all that work getting
	plastered and all
<gordon-r-d> You see, if I were an offensive belligerent drunk I would
	     not come on here, as I would be kicked by someone, I am a
	     hasppy, cuddly drunk
 * gordon-r-d is amazed he can still operarte Agent while complete ly blitzed
<DoctorWho> You're not completely blitzed
<DoctorWho> We can still understand what you're saying
<gordon-r-d> Doc : and evrything I say is being monitored and kept for
	     black amaieli purposes> :)

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