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Sat Jan 20 [00:43]
<Jondar> you know when Jondar is addicted to something when he
	 considers using his other addiction (web page design) to talk
	 about it... I'm considering an online DVD catalogue :)
<TheProf> Jason do you have the space? ;o)
<TheProf> brb
*** TheProf has quit (Quit: Small green men are climbing up my pant
    leg. Must be medication time.)
<fuzzyoctopus> lol!
<Jondar> LOL... he quits before I could fwap him! sneaky!
<Jondar> note to self: fwap Prof when he comes back...
<DoctorWho> I saw we all fwap him when he comes back!
<talus> lol
<Jondar> Nathan: LOL!
<talus> a group fwap?  has such a thing ever been planned before?
<DoctorWho> There is a first time for everything
<talus> a dangerous precedent
<DoctorWho> Hm.  Gangfwap? >:)
*** Jondar is now known as DrWhoChat
<DrWhoChat> is this good enough for a gang fwap? :)
<DoctorWho> >:)
<talus> lol
<DoctorWho> No
*** DrWhoChat is now known as Jondar
<DoctorWho> I think us all fwapping in usison would be more effictive
<Jondar> :)
 * Jondar gets out the Lis in bikini pics... anyone want to try a
   summoning? :)
<talus> that'd require precision timing the likes of which would make
	synchronised swimmers jealous
<DoctorWho> I say we all have "/me fwaps Prof" typed into our input
	    lines (or clipboards), or have our fingers on the Fwap
	    Prof button (those of us that have it) so we can fwap him
	    the instant he appears
<talus> unless we just get on join scripts that fwap prof when he next
 * DoctorWho looks at Talus and grins evilly >:)
<Jondar> Oooh...
 * Jondar opens the script window...
<talus> maybe i need to take that test again.  i still wonder how i
	didn't come out chaotic evil
*** TheProf has joined #drwhochat
<talus> ahhh
 * DoctorWho fwaps Prof
 * talus fwaps prof
 * Alden fwaps Prof
 * Jondar fwaps Prof with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM)
<Jondar> blast!
 * TheProf moons the room!
 * Jondar bangs his forehead against the desk...
<TheProf> [DoctorWho ASS]
<TheProf> that showed up in my statuswindow
<TheProf> Keep your ass out of my status!
<DoctorWho> Hey, there's a CTCP FINGER... there should be a CTCP ASS >:)
<DoctorWho> Or a CTCP MOON >:)
<talus> if there's gonna be a moon, i demand a sun as well
<Alden> /ctcp TheProf HAND
<DoctorWho> Please do not throw hands at me
<talus> careful, i may just have to define stuff for these.  like
	annoying .wavs kickless bans, that kind of thing
<DoctorWho> And most people just stop at silly messages.  You truly
	    are chaotic evil
<talus> hmmmm, /ctcp imdb could get you kicked, banned, ignored, and
	autogreeted with shatner singing.
*** TheProf has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<Jondar> Oh boy... Prof has just left... :)
 * Jondar giggles evilly :)
<Alden> oh boy?
<Alden> group fwap time? ;)
 * fuzzyoctopus looks worried
<talus> do i sense a fwap script being written?
<Jondar> Talus: already written :)
<talus> that was quick
<fuzzyoctopus> what's the trigger?
<Jondar> just needs to be tested :)
<Jondar> fuzzy: Prof coming into the channel
<fuzzyoctopus> LOL
<Jondar> Talus: it's only one line of code
*** fuzzyoctopus ( has left #drwhochat
<talus> that never stopped it taking me three days to figure out before
*** TheProf ( has joined #drwhochat
 * Jondar fwaps TheProf
<TheProf> see?
<talus> lol
*** TheProf is now known as fuzzyoctopus
<Alden> LOL
*** TheProf ( has joined
 * Jondar fwaps TheProf
<Jondar> shhhhhh!
<TheProf> Your all against me!!!
<talus> that was classic!
<fuzzyoctopus> LOL!
<fuzzyoctopus> someone mail that to nate!!! - Nate- mail that to yourself!

Thu Jan 25 [01:34]
*** TheProf has joined #drwhochat
 * Jondar fwaps TheProf
<TheProf> And nice to see you too Jason. :o)
<talus> you still have that script?

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