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Sun Dec 31 [17:05]
<CrowTRobt> Talus have you seen the Priceless collection on
<talus> no
<DoctorWho> Does he want to?
<talus> parodies of the mastercard commercials?
<talus> i can just see how one of those would go.  "tickets to the
	superbowl $5000.  getting your girlfriend to flash her tits on
	national television: priceless."
<talus> can you say "tits" in the quote file?  they always bleep it on tv here.
<gordon-r-d> I dunno, Nate?
<Whomiga> You've said it in channel
<DoctorWho> You can say "fuck" in this quotefile
*** gordon-r-d has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<Whomiga> fuck
<Whomiga> lost gordon
<Whomiga> :-)
<talus> nevermind then.  the f-word was gonna be my argument
<talus> hehe
<DoctorWho> I fucked him right off the channel
<talus> lol
<Whomiga> I was trying to think of a good reason to use the word -
	  gordon left quite well
<talus> lol
<DoctorWho> You don't need a reason in THIS channel
<talus> gordon fucking dempster, scotsman and inspirer of swearing
<talus> wonder if i could convince him to put that line on his resume.....
<DoctorWho> Fuck, no!
<Whomiga> No, No, No, No, Yes!
<talus> lol
<Whomiga> Name the show referrence :-)
<DoctorWho> Heh, reminds me of some annoying people that used to sit
	    behind me in US government class
<DoctorWho> These three guys behind me kept making snide remarks
<DoctorWho> So finally I turned around, and said to each of them, in
	    turn, "Shut up, shut up, and shut up."
<talus> hehe
<talus> i was just thinking how much more fun "you bet your life"
	would have been if they could've used "fuck" as the secret
	word.  contestant misses a question.  "fuck!  i got it wrong"
	"yeah, but you said the secret word!"
<MrBreonTheNewYearsVardan> lol
 * MrBreonTheNewYearsVardan eats his onion bagel... 30min till I leave
<talus> which gives you 30 mins to fix your breath :-)
<DoctorWho> LOL
 * MrBreonTheNewYearsVardan points talus to my box of altoids
*** gordon-r-d has joined #drwhochat
<gordon-r-d> can we say "oops!" boys and girls?
<talus> re gordon, you missed all the fucking fun
<DoctorWho> "oops!" boys and girls?
<gordon-r-d> eh?
<gordon-r-d> did I get a message out before I vanished?
<gordon-r-d> The new musicplayer I installed rebooted my system...
<talus> nope
<gordon-r-d> I thought the cry of Shhhhhhiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt!!! may
	     have gotten through :)
<gordon-r-d> MARRY CHRISTMAS NATE!!!!!!!!!!!!
<gordon-r-d> oh fuck

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