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Fancy a Fuck?

Apr 6 [04:23]
<NathanR> "Wish I could get rid of my waist as easily" - Doctor, seeing a 
          waste container being hauled away 
<NathanR> "Don't throw in the towel, Mel" - Doctor, discovering Mel in the 
          waste container, covered by a towel, about to be dumped into the 
<NathanR> "Don't make jokes like that, Doctor" - Sarah, in an unrelated 
<Jondar> :) 
<Jondar> "Oh a voice from the grave" "No, a grave voice" :) 
<NathanR> "Well now perhaps you'll accept that I'm not responsible, I've 
          been in your custody!" - Mel "The perfect alibi, Commodore" - 
<NathanR> "Carrot juice!?" - Doctor 
<NathanR> "Thank you" - Mentor "For your life? It was nothing" - Ycarnos 
          "No... for not shouting" - Mentor 
<NathanR> "It is my intention to shut him up for good" - Doctor "Oh, how 
          spendid" - Mentor "I thought I'd try one of those brain implant 
          things" - Doctor "Oh, for one moment I thought you were going to 
          kill him 
<NathanR> "His name is Dorf, and you are scum!" - Ycarnos 
<NathanR> "Everyone has a point nowadays" - Ycarnos 
<NathanR> "Destiny... Isn't that just a fancy name for blind chance?" 
<}-raven-{> "Hello Mel. Fancy a F**k?" The Doctor, @ the trial wrap party 
<}-raven-{> Mental image for you all.... 
<}-raven-{> Colin Baker naked bar the multicolored coat and a gimp mask 
            being straddled by mistress Mel... 
<}-raven-{> Oh wait, alden already wrote that one 
<NathanR> ROTFL 
<Jondar> LOL 
 * Alden pouts and looks innocent 
<}-raven-{> Alden, you forget, i read the entire times mistress.... 
<}-raven-{> looking innocent no longer works 
<Jondar> :) 
<}-raven-{> Or shall i paste the scenes between a tetrap and Peri... 
<Alden> That wasn't written by me. That was written by the *other* Alden 
<Jondar> Oh... the *other* Alden Bates... Hmmm... :) 
<}-raven-{> Oh, so the 2000 cheque i have for the author will have to go 
            somewhere else... 
 * Alden coughs. wellllll 
<}-raven-{> Apparently Big finish wanted to use it for the 40th anniversary 
<}-raven-{> Going out with a gang-bang.... 
<Meglos> I wouldn't mind getting a UKP2000 check. 
<}-raven-{> Meglos: neither would I 
<Alden> that's just enough to buy a replica Black Dalek 
<}-raven-{> Alden... you get given 2000 quid, and you think of buying a 
<}-raven-{> that says volumes about you... 
<Alden> hehehe 
<}-raven-{> The only problem being, i don't speak the language its written 
<NathanR> "Five rounds rapid should do the trick" - Glitz 
<Jondar> Nathan: now theres an injoke if ever I heard/saw one :) 
<}-raven-{> "Hello Glitz, Fancya Fuck?" The Doctor- @ Trial wrap party 
<}-raven-{> "Hello JNT! Fancy a... actually, no." The Doctor @ trial wrap 
<}-raven-{> "Why! If it isn't a physical embodiment of the future of Doctor 
            Who on television... I won't even ask, you already look like 
            you've been well and truly f*cked!" - Anyone @ the Trial wrap 
<Jondar> actually... if they'd kept the box the same size before... it 
         would've cut straight across the eye of the middle Dalek in the 
         cover artwork... 
 * Jondar can see it now... Dalek: "MY VIS-ION IS IM-PAIRED I CAN-NOT 
<Alden> Jason: Is this The Daleks [Remastered]? 
<Jondar> Alden: yeah 
 * Alden nods 
<}-raven-{> "Hello Dalek... Fancy a Fu- 
<}-raven-{> *extermination* 

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