The #drwhochat Quotefile

Special Feature:


Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Sep 24

Greebo_T_Cat: So i have a day off i really don't want to have right now, and... well... fuck
Kiri`: can you telecommute?
DoctorWho: *facepalm*
Greebo_T_Cat: I'm buggered when i go in tomorrow. I don't want to be off today.
Greebo_T_Cat: Kiri: not really...
DoctorWho: *faceoak*
Kiri`: sorry to hear that ash
DoctorWho: *facefir*
Kiri` fwaps nate with a willow tree
Greebo_T_Cat drops a redwood on nate
DoctorWho: *facewillow*
DoctorWho: *faceredwood*
DoctorWho: *facebluewood*
DoctorWho: *faceorangewood*
Kiri` sends nate to Greenwood.
Kiri` watches nate become an anime character with a gender crisis
Jondar causes Nate to facefault: "Nate, meet floor. Floor, meet Nate"
Alryssa facebeeches
Kiri`: We're out on a limb.. it's tree night in DWC!
Lemmy_the_Lemur roots around for a pun
Alryssa boughs. ;)
DoctorWho: qf!
Jondar pines away... he doesn't know any tree puns >;)
Lemmy_the_Lemur: I do not wish to hear that - kindly leaf the stage
Kiri`: i'm tree i'm tree!
Greebo_T_Cat: your barking up the wrong tree there....
DoctorWho: It's all very elmentary, you see
Lemmy_the_Lemur: oak-k oak-k
Lemmy_the_Lemur: willow you give it a rest
Lemmy_the_Lemur: (a free buffy reference too)
Kiri`: josh-ua wait!
Alryssa: haw haw!(thorn)
DoctorWho: I think we've taken this a bit too fir
DoctorWho: ... or, stated another way ...
DoctorWho: We've officially thought about it too mulch
Lemmy_the_Lemur: go with the phloem
Alryssa: No use composting the problem
Jondar: Nah... we simply rose to the occasion :)
Alryssa: Berry nice.
Lemmy_the_Lemur: I'm hip
Greebo_T_Cat: I'm ankle
DoctorWho: I'm hop
Greebo_T_Cat: DoctorWho 2: Electric Boogaloo
DoctorWho instinctly ducks as a reference goes whizzing by overhead

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