The #drwhochat Quotefile

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Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Sep 1

Alden joined the channel
Alden: nreh
StaticShadow: alden!
Alden: Static!
Alden runs in slo mo through a field of poppies towards Static, his arms outstretched
Alden trips over a loose stone and falls flat on his face
Pete_Wisdom is away (catharsis of spurious morality)
PeterJF: Cut! Okay brush yourself off, and we'll take it from the bit where you two call each other's names... wait- 'den you'd better hit wardrobe, yer glasses are cracked.
PeterJF: *slurp* what the hell is this maryann ale? I need a ginger ale! ginger!
Alden giggles
PeterJF: :-}
oDoctorWh: LOL
PeterJF: i woke up too early. serves me right for chompin tastee schnaxx right before crashing
StaticShadow: thete!
NateDoingTheUnthinkable hasn't gone to bed yet
NateDoingTheUnthinkable: and I need to be up at 9
PeterJF: apparently 'staying up all night' is the unthinkable
Alden tsks
PeterJF: random_c staticshadow!
Greebo_T_Deadhead slept from 12 till 4, then from 6 till 8 then 9 till 11.
Greebo_T_Deadhead: i got this shift sleeping thang all worked out
PeterJF: GT: yeah, that's about it
StaticShadow: ash!
Greebo_T_Deadhead declines to do the name shooting and running in slo-mo, and instead guns down static in a John-Woo stylee segment
StaticShadow: aaaah!
Alden: lol
Greebo_T_Deadhead: name shouting. even.
Greebo_T_Deadhead: Dammit.
Greebo_T_Deadhead shoots his script writer
Greebo_T_Deadhead shoots alden
Alden falls
Alden: Medic!
Greebo_T_Deadhead shoots pete_wisdom. twice for good measure
Greebo_T_Deadhead shoots the medic
Alden: Way harsh!
Greebo_T_Deadhead shoots harsh
Greebo_T_Deadhead: did i miss anyone?
PeterJF: Cut! - That was fanTASTIC. Now if you'd be so kind these two officers would like you to come with them to the station to assist tem in their inquiries...
Greebo_T_Deadhead shoots the officers
Greebo_T_Deadhead: fuck da law!
PeterJF: Somebody mop this blood up, and get me Bates' contract.
Greebo_T_Deadhead shoots bates contract
NateDoingTheUnthinkable: Does Blor have that one?
Greebo_T_Deadhead shoots nate
PeterJF keeps rolling
NateDoingTheUnthinkable: So Pete's shooting Ash?
Greebo_T_Deadhead: RARGH!
Greebo_T_Deadhead clubs pete to death with the gun
PeterJF: *twack* *squelch* *squelch* *thud*
Greebo_T_Deadhead: and CUT!
PeterJF bleeds a bit
Greebo_T_Deadhead: thats a wrap people
PeterJF: okay, more than a bit
Greebo_T_Deadhead: quite a bit actually
Greebo_T_Deadhead: in fact, i think theres more blood outside your body than inside.
PeterJF: rather a lot, in fact
Greebo_T_Deadhead: and that brain tissue definitely shouldn't be splattered against the wall
Greebo_T_Deadhead: Oh no, wait, thats just some gum.
PeterJF: no, not at all well placed
Greebo_T_Deadhead: do you want it back anyway?
PeterJF: why not
Greebo_T_Deadhead sticks the gum into petes brain cavity.
Greebo_T_Deadhead: if nothing else it'll provide a refreshing minty aftertaste to all your thoughts.
PeterJF: hmmm suddnly i have the urge for a schoolgirl to blow me
NateDoingTheUnthinkable: TMI
Greebo_T_Deadhead: Pete: and thats new?
Greebo_T_Deadhead shoots TMI
PeterJF: *hi5*
Greebo_T_Deadhead: lol
PeterJF: i must have gum on the brain
NateDoingTheUnthinkable: Better than tribe of gum on the brain
PeterJF: hell yes
PeterJF: although ash has gone stone kal crazy and caved my skull. it's a forest of fear in here now

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