The #drwhochat Quotefile
Special Feature:

Crow's Trip to the Future

Sun May 17 [1:02]
 * Whomiga took one year of Spanich in High School - that was enough to
   decide I didn't like Spanish
 * Nathan_Roberts took one day of Spanich in High School - that was enough
   to decide I didn't like Spanish
<CrowTRobt> I don't like Spinach either, but I thought sailors ate it...
 * CrowTRobt runs
 * Whomiga fwaps Crow into next century
<Nathan_Roberts> Hey, Crow, what's it like i nthe 21st century? :)
<CrowTRobt> ooo it is neato
<CrowTRobt> look every one had a personal robot and a flying car
<Nathan_Roberts> Who's the president?
<CrowTRobt> Clint Eastwood
<Nathan_Roberts> What?  Not Bill Gates?
<CrowTRobt> Microsoft was split in to a bunch of baby Bills
<CrowTRobt> Bill Gates was killed when he tried to make an alliance with
            the cybermen
<Nathan_Roberts> Bwahahahah!
<Nathan_Roberts> The world is safe!
<Whomiga> Nathan - From whom, Cybermen or Gates? :^)
<CrowTRobt> uh oh
<CrowTRobt> how can this be?
<Nathan_Roberts> Uh oh
<CrowTRobt> it seems Dick Clark is still alive in the next century
<Nathan_Roberts> Tilt!
<chrisk> Yeah, he played the game of Rassilon.
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<Nathan_Roberts> Now...
<Nathan_Roberts> The question is...
<Nathan_Roberts> Did he win or lose
<CrowTRobt> He must be well over 200 now
<CrowTRobt> He still has jet black hair too
<chrisk> When's he gonna regenerate?
<Nathan_Roberts> What happens to me, Crow?
<CrowTRobt> I need to get back to my century now
<CrowTRobt> hmmm
<Whomiga> Crow - just fwap yourself back
 * CrowTRobt fwaps self back to 1998
<CrowTRobt> well that was a interesting experience
<Whomiga> re Crow
<CrowTRobt> re all
<Whomiga> BTW - I very much dislike Spinich
<CrowTRobt> Uh Nate get your driver's license before next century is all
            I have to say about your future
<Nathan_Roberts> That bad, huh?
 * CrowTRobt nods
<CrowTRobt> Whomiga: I was just picking with the spinach remark
 * Whomiga relized that but thought it would be a good time to get a
   report from next century
<CrowTRobt> Oh I see
<CrowTRobt> You wanted to see what the ultimate fate of Gates was
<CrowTRobt> BTW there were some strange anomilies in my journey... Like
            Brigade Leader Colin Powell was running the Octagon
            in Washington...
<Nathan_Roberts> Uhhh... WHICH future did you see Crow?
<Nathan_Roberts> The one from Inferno??
<CrowTRobt> Could I have slipped sideways?
<Whomiga> Couldn't have been Inferno - wouldn't have seen much other than
          a very Hot Earth
<CrowTRobt> There are an infinity of alternate universes
<Whomiga> Like in Sliders
<CrowTRobt> or so I have heard
<CrowTRobt> Time travel is a neat concept but scary
<CrowTRobt> Please don't Fwap me back there :)
<CrowTRobt> It is getting late
<Whomiga> It's getting early
<Nathan_Roberts> Earlate?
<Whomiga> Nathan that sounds more like listening Late - then early late
<Nathan_Roberts> Huh?
<Whomiga> Earlatte - A Special type of Coffee
<Nathan_Roberts> Huh?
<CrowTRobt> More like tea
<CrowTRobt> Earlate Gray
<CrowTRobt> what? no fwap? no boos?
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at Crow blankly
<CrowTRobt> Hae I returned to the correct universe
 * CrowTRobt looks about in fear
 * Nathan_Roberts adjusts his glasses
 * Nathan_Roberts straightens his tie
<Nathan_Roberts> Far as I can tell, yeah
<CrowTRobt> Nate I never knew you wore galsses!
* Nathan_Roberts looks at Crow even more blankly
<CrowTRobt> You wear glasses?
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh yeah.....
<CrowTRobt> Where is your beanie, Nate?
<Nathan_Roberts> What beanie?
<CrowTRobt> OH Help I'm in the wrong universe!!!
<Nathan_Roberts> Where's Prof when we need him... He's such a kind soul,
                 he'd be glad to help you...
 * CrowTRobt is very frightened now
<CrowTRobt> no no the Prof is supposed to evil....
<Nathan_Roberts> Evil??
<Nathan_Roberts> EVIL??
<Nathan_Roberts> No, Prof's not evil in the slightest.  Now, those Netscape
                 people... THAT'S what I call Evil...
<CrowTRobt> I suppose next you will tell me grek is articulate and MR. B is
            a saint
<CrowTRobt> OH good god!
<Whomiga> You Mean St B?
<Nathan_Roberts> Trying to butt-in on the great Bill Gates's business
<Nathan_Roberts> Crow: Haven't they always been?
 * CrowTRobt runs Screaming from the room
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm
<Nathan_Roberts> He looks like the kind of guy to get totally smashed out
                 on booze...
<Nathan_Roberts> That's not OUR Crow...
<CrowTRobt> ahhhh
<CrowTRobt> stay away from you fake Nate
 * Nathan_Roberts examines Crow
<CrowTRobt> get back
<Nathan_Roberts> Hmmm.... Yes, you were right all along...
<Nathan_Roberts> He's not from this reality plane!
<Whomiga> Geez - as much as I don't like to fwap people - looks like
          I need to fwap this Crow
<Nathan_Roberts> Yes, yes.  Fwap him back to where he came from
<CrowTRobt> oh no you don... ::FWAP::
 * Whomiga attempts to fwap Crow back into his reality - and send our crow
   back while you're at it!!!!
*** Parts: CrowTRobt
           :: as crow departs, the whole room is unexpectedly ::
                      :: swallowed up by a lava flow ::

                                  * * * * *

*** Joins: CrowTRobt
 * CrowTRobt lands
<Nathan_Roberts> Look, he's back!
<Nathan_Roberts> Crow, we were starting to wonder if you would ever show
                 up again...
<CrowTRobt> Nate do you have a beanie?
<Nathan_Roberts> How was 2098?
<Nathan_Roberts> Beanie?  Only the one you drew on me, you dope.
 * CrowTRobt looks about dazed
<CrowTRobt> I went to an alternate universe
<Nathan_Roberts> An alternate universe, indeed!
<CrowTRobt> Grek was dexterious and Prof was nice
<Whomiga> Yikes!!! Nightmarish!
 * Nathan_Roberts attempts to imagine such a universe, and fails miserably
<CrowTRobt> My counter part was not a Drunk
<CrowTRobt> Bill Gates was worshiped
<CrowTRobt> It so frightening
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh god, no!
<Whomiga> Yikes - You're lucky you got back
<CrowTRobt> Yeah
<Nathan_Roberts> Crow, what was my alternate like>
<Nathan_Roberts> ?
<Nathan_Roberts> Did he actually manage to keep from hitting the Enter key
                 before he was done typing>
<Nathan_Roberts> ?
<CrowTRobt> He wore a suite and tie and had glasses
<Nathan_Roberts> AARGH!
 * Nathan_Roberts hits his keyboard with a large wooden mallet
<Nathan_Roberts> Ugh, a SUIT!
 * Nathan_Roberts makes choking gestures
<CrowTRobt> I was scared of him
<Nathan_Roberts> Scared of him?
<Nathan_Roberts> You mean, more than you're scared of me? ;)
<CrowTRobt> There was a Whomiga that didn't like to fwap people too
<Whomiga> Yikes!
 * Nathan_Roberts looks over at Leela
<Nathan_Roberts> What about Leela?  Did she stay idle for hours on end like
                 Ours does?
<CrowTRobt> They were so *nice*
*** Quits: Leela (Quit: connection reset by beer)
<CrowTRobt> I hated them all
<Nathan_Roberts> Sounds HORRIBLE!
<CrowTRobt> they said there was a helpful prof and a Saint named Bubonic
<Nathan_Roberts> I'll bet the other Nate didn't even keep a Quotefile!
<CrowTRobt> I'm so glad to be home
<Nathan_Roberts> And didn't have the sick and twisted mind to come up
                 with creations like this...
[SOUND] dalekfly.wav
<CrowTRobt> home home there is no place like home
<Nathan_Roberts> Wow... That universe must be hellish in there...

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