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Crow Gets Disassembled

Mon Jul 19
 * Alryssa bounces around
 * Drake can't bounce...he's old and will break
 * CrowTRobt bounces and breaks
<CrowTRobt> ohhh
<CrowTRobt> I've fallen and I can't get up
<Chronotis> quick! get his wallet!
 * Chronotis lightens crow of his wallet, watch, shoes, jacket,
<Alryssa> rotfl!
<CrowTRobt> Ash you can have it It is already empty...
<CrowTRobt> my wife cleans me out of valuables daily
<Chronotis> crow: i'll sell the wallet then
<Alryssa> is it leather?
 * Alryssa bids 0.05 cents
<Chronotis> sold!
<CrowTRobt> it is nawgahide
<Alryssa> LOL! Marvellous!
 * Alryssa releases the wallet back inot the wild
<CrowTRobt> and it is falling appart as well
<Alryssa> go my minion! You;re FREE!
<CrowTRobt> and ther is no watch or jacket or shoes... I don't wear jewelry 
            and I am a robot after all...
<Chronotis> dust-jacket?
 * Chronotis nicks Crows internal chronometer
<Chronotis> dust cover even
 * Alryssa pinches Crow's ears
 * Chronotis unscrews crows lower right limb
<CrowTRobt> help
 * Chronotis takes away crows arms
<CrowTRobt> you evil vile children
 * Chronotis goes to sell the arms to a second hand shop
 * Alryssa runs away laughing
<Alryssa> Now he's mostly armless.
 * Alryssa ducks!
<CrowTRobt> arrgh
<CrowTRobt> now comes the torture
<Alryssa> ear ear!
 * Chronotis takes off crows head and plays catch with ryss
<Alryssa> wheee!
<CrowTRobt> Shel save me!
 * Chronotis sets up a basket-ball hoop
<Chronotis> go for 3 points!
 * Alryssa lobs!
 * Chronotis sets about turning crows remains into a microwave oven
 * Alryssa hits the rim
<Alryssa> darn, guess I have to go again!
<Chronotis> [tinker] *clunk* *thud*
<Alryssa> bugger.
<Chronotis> right... nearly done......
<Chronotis> *ping* anyone want microwave popcorn?
*** CrowTRobt is now known as CrowTMicrowave
 * Chronotis munches on the heated crop based snack
 * CrowTMicrowave burns and destroys everything put into him
 * CrowTMicrowave radiates Ash's food with deadly radiation
<Chronotis> careful crow, or i'll turn you into a tamagotchi
 * Chronotis gathers all the bits of crow and reassembles him as best he can
<Chronotis> that should do it
<Alryssa> oooh, popcorn
<Alryssa> tamagotchi! Nooooooo!
<Alryssa> erm, that's not a crow, Ash... it looks more like a... a...
 * Alryssa tips her head on one side to see better
 * Chronotis turns the reconstructed crow back on
 * Alryssa ducks!
<Alryssa> it looks like a urinal.
<Chronotis> hmmmm
*** CrowTMicrowave is now known as CrowTUrinal
<Alryssa> oops.
<CrowTUrinal> Flush
<Chronotis> ryss, are you taking the Pi- no wait that gag is too obvious even 
	    for me
<Alryssa> Try again, Ash!
<Alryssa> LOL
 * Chronotis sets about with a hammer
<Chronotis> !CRASH!
<CrowTUrinal> ow
 * Alryssa hides
<Chronotis> *whirrrrrrrrrrrr*
<CrowTUrinal> hehehheeheheh stop that!
<Chronotis> *squelookle*
<Chronotis> *bang*
 * Alryssa passes the ratchet
<Chronotis> *ratchetty noise*
*** CrowTUrinal is now known as CrowTJunkheap
 * Chronotis solders in a couple of extra odds and sods for good measure
<Alryssa> No ash, not the photocopier!
 * Chronotis goes to work behind a screen
<Chronotis> right.. plug this here
<Chronotis> hmmmm, is black earth?
<Alryssa> Live?
<Chronotis> never mind
 * Alryssa wears goggles
<Chronotis> there... done..... 
 * Chronotis unveils the new and improved crow
<Chronotis> *whisk of sheet being removed*
<Alryssa> !!
<Alryssa> No, it's a COW!
<Chronotis> well.... its a result
<Chronotis> ah but watch.....
 * Chronotis flicks a switch on crows side, and crow rapidly reforms into....
<Chronotis> hmmmmm
*** CrowTJunkheap is now known as CrowTRobt
<CrowTRobt> I gotta run guys...
<CrowTRobt> bye all
<Alryssa> OK Crow :-)
*** CrowTRobt has quit IRC (Quit: Famous Last Words #24: Glad that's over.
    I'm taking off my armor.)
<Alryssa> Fun disassembling you ;-)
<Chronotis> hmmm, hope he doesn't press that red button
*** Alryssa is now known as CrowTRobt
<CrowTRobt> *BOOM!
*** CrowTRobt is now known as Alryssa
<Chronotis> actually the red button turns him into a deep fat frier!

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