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IRC Charades

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Dec 5

Greebo_T_Cat has joined #drwhochat
Alryssa [Greebo_T_Cat: "Made from meat by-products!"]
Greebo_T_Cat wanders in from work
random_c: lo
Greebo_T_Clone has joined #drwhochat
Greebo_T_Clone looks at his counterpart
nathanr: #drwhoclones
Greebo_T_Cat has quit (Quit: [EOF])
Greebo_T_Clone attacks nathan with a steel chair
nathanr: #drwhoclone
Greebo_T_Clone is now known as Greebo_T_Cat
Alden: eeek, attack of the clones
Greebo_T_Cat: Ok alden, nows it your turn to play charades
Alden raises two fingers to Ash
Greebo_T_Cat: V: The final battle?
Alden: bloody hell
Alden: I'll pick a harder one next time
nathanr: LOL
Greebo_T_Cat: lol
Greebo_T_Cat: ok my turn
Greebo_T_Cat makes sign for a 'movie'
Greebo_T_Cat holds up two fingers
Greebo_T_Cat points at nathan
nathanr: WTQF?
Alden: The Rock?
Greebo_T_Cat: Alden: your go
Alden: doh! :)
Alden makes a sign for a TV show
Alden holds up two fingers
Alden points at Nate
Greebo_T_Cat: Er... WWE Smackdown?
Alden: nope
Greebo_T_Cat: AH! The weakest link?
Alden: also nope. ;)
nathanr: Which Nate? ^_^
Alden: The other one....
Greebo_T_Cat: Oh.... Er... Blakes 7?
Alden: nope...
Greebo_T_Cat: *sigh* no, wait, let me guess... Doctor. Who.
Alden: I lied when I said I'd pick a harder one. :P
Alden: your go
Greebo_T_Cat punches alden
Alden reels
Greebo_T_Cat makes the sign for a movie
Greebo_T_Cat holds up 4 fingers
Greebo_T_Cat sets light to some oily rags
Greebo_T_Cat points at a slot machine
Alryssa: Ew...
Alryssa: Smokey and the bandit!
Greebo_T_Cat: Alryssas go
Alden: doh!
Alryssa giggles.
Greebo_T_Cat taps his foot
Alryssa: I suck at this.
Alden: join the club :)
Greebo_T_Cat: Ooh! Monica Lewinsky!
Alden: Hahaha!
PeterJF: O.o
nathanr: For someone that sucks at it, you sure guessed it pretty quick
nathanr: LOL
Greebo_T_Cat: How many interns does it take to change a lightbulb? None. you don't need light when you're under the presidents desk.
Alden snickers
Greebo_T_Cat makes the sign for a movie
Greebo_T_Cat holds up 5, count 'em, 5 fingers
Alryssa: Five words.
Greebo_T_Cat makes the sign of the reaper and air guitars
Alden: Uhhh, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey?
Greebo_T_Cat: Alden: your go
Alryssa: Heehee
Alden: cripes
Lyssie: ...
Alden makes the sign for a movie
Lyssie: *tunes back in*
Alden holds up two fingers
Greebo_T_Cat: two words
Alryssa: o.O
Alden picks up a sword and shield and starts hitting people
Greebo_T_Cat: er...
Greebo_T_Cat: Knights Tale?
Lyssie: First Knight?
Alden: nope
Alden: nope
Greebo_T_Cat: Brave Heart
Alden wrestles with a lion
Alden: nope
Greebo_T_Cat: yes, ok, i know thats one word really
Greebo_T_Cat: The Gladiator?
Alden: yup
Alden: Ash's turn
Lyssie: ....
Alden sticks the lion back in its cage
Alryssa: I thought that that was one word?
Greebo_T_Cat makes the sign for a movie
Greebo_T_Cat holds up two fingers
Alryssa: nm
Greebo_T_Cat holds up a picture of nate mooning
nathanr: And the whole channel goes blind
nathanr: And everyone's monitor shatters
Lyssie: ....The Abyss...
Greebo_T_Cat shakes head
Greebo_T_Cat pushes in a dustcan on wheels
Greebo_T_Cat sticks bagels to the side of alryssas head
Alden: o.O
Lyssie: Star Wars
Greebo_T_Cat: Lyssies go
Alden: bagels?
Greebo_T_Cat: The picture of nate mooning was an obscure QF reference...
nathanr: LOL
Greebo_T_Cat: 'Thats no moon... thats a... SPACE STATION!'
nathanr didn't realise that until you mentioned it
Alryssa tosses the bagels at Nate
nathanr: Alden: Leia Hair
Lyssie tries to come up with something.
Alden: Oh!
Greebo_T_Cat: Er... Bill Clinton?
Lyssie: Right.
Lyssie makes the sign for movie.
Lyssie holds up one finger.
Lyssie attempts to come up with a clue.
Greebo_T_Cat: The Birds? oh wait, thats two
Lyssie gives Ryss a flamethrower.
Greebo_T_Cat: aliens
Alryssa: Woo!
Alryssa charrs the room
Lyssie: Yes. *g*
Alden: eeek!
Greebo_T_Cat: lol!
Alden: Ana: and I was going to guess "Clueless" for a minute there...
Greebo_T_Cat: right...
Lyssie: I considered dropping HR Giger down a well, but that wouldn't have been apropriate.
Greebo_T_Cat makes the sign for a tv show
Greebo_T_Cat holds up one finger
Greebo_T_Cat flogs a dead horse
Alryssa: Doctor Who!
Greebo_T_Cat: ...
Greebo_T_Cat: *bap*
Lyssie: X-Files
Alryssa: Ow.
Alryssa: What?!
Greebo_T_Cat shakes head
nathanr thinks he knows but doesn't have a response prepared
nathanr: response=charade
Greebo_T_Cat sets fire to continuity
Greebo_T_Cat dropkicks retcon out the door
Oh_sod_it: THAT narrows it down
Lyssie: ReBoot?
Greebo_T_Cat ejects a beagel into space
Lyssie: Voyager?
Alden: Enterprise!
Greebo_T_Cat: Alden gets it
Greebo_T_Cat: lyssie was close
nathanr: Yup, it's what I thoght
Greebo_T_Cat: :)
Alden: Yay, me!
Lyssie: Ahhh. I was close, though. ;)
Lyssie: Go, Alden!
Greebo_T_Cat: :P
Alden attempts to think
Alden: Aha
Greebo_T_Cat: President Bush!
nathanr: LOL!
Alden makes the sign for TV
Alden holds up three fingers
Greebo_T_Cat: Deep space nine.
Lyssie: The Love Connection.
Alden plonks down a jewel-encrusted ring and a girder
Greebo_T_Cat: ..
random_c: saphire and steel
Greebo_T_Cat: randoms go
Alden: Heh :)
random_c: erm...
random_c: oops
Alryssa giggles
Alryssa: Bwahaa!
Alryssa: That'll teach you :P
random_c makes the sign for film
random_c holds up four fingers
Greebo_T_Cat: Lord of the rings
random_c stamps repeatedly on a rubber thing with a tube coming out of it.
Greebo_T_Cat: ...
random_c sticks her fingers in her ears
random_c watches the amount of air in a little plastic boat increase.
Alryssa: o.O
Alden scratches his head
random_c notes that the leak in the boat is getting louder
Lyssie tugs on her hair.
random_c sits christian slater in the boat
Alryssa: ....
random_c turns his radio up
Greebo_T_Cat: pump up the volume
random_c: yep
random_c: i never said i was any good at this
Alden: doh!
Alryssa: Never seen it...
Greebo_T_Cat: actually, that was quite good. if a little surreal.
Alryssa: or ehard of it, really...
nathanr: Never heard of it
random_c: it's a grunge film
Greebo_T_Cat: jeez, some of you guys havn't lived.
Alden has heard of it but not actually seen it...
Lyssie: Heathers was my limit, for Slater flicks. I think. Hrm.
Greebo_T_Cat: ok...
Greebo_T_Cat makes a sign for a tv show
Greebo_T_Cat holds up three fingers
random_c: that sounds like a chick flick
Greebo_T_Cat digs a hole in the ground, throws alden in it, and tips the soil back in on top of him
Alden: eeek!
Greebo_T_Cat goes back to taking a NIC out of a P133
Lyssie: Buried New Zealanders....
Greebo_T_Cat: *shakes head*
Greebo_T_Cat measures how far under the ground alden is buried
random_c: bless this house
Greebo_T_Cat: ?!
Lyssie: Six Feet Under
Greebo_T_Cat: Your go lyssie
random_c: er
random_c: sizx feet under
Alden surfaces ALA buffy and brushes the dirt off
Greebo_T_Cat: the hint was also in my use of alden... who is in new zealand. which is kind of close to Australia which is 'down under'
Lyssie: Alden: Did you have to punch out through the coffin, too?
random_c: ?
random_c had a dream last night that it wasn't james marsters at a con, it was actually spike but nobody believed me and all the chairs were metal and weapons had been confiscated, so I had to kill him with archers and a lighter.
Lyssie goes for the movie signal. Three words.
Alden: Nah, Ash wasn't that extravagant ;)
Greebo_T_Cat: Right. movie, three words
random_c: The living daylights
Alden: View to a... bugger
random_c: that's the stone household
Alryssa: Alden: That a porno version of the bond movie?
Alryssa snickers
Lyssie murders Coleridge, Shakespeare, and Byron.
Greebo_T_Cat: dead poets society
Lyssie: Yup.
Alden: Beaten!
Alryssa watches.
Greebo_T_Cat: hmm...
Greebo_T_Cat makes the sign for a movie
Lyssie: (and remembering a third poet was damn difficult. I worry about my brain, sometimes)
Greebo_T_Cat holds up 6 fingers
Greebo_T_Cat dumps Jondar into the middle of new york on an unlucky day
Alden: Sailor Who Fell From Grace With...doh!
random_c: er...
Alryssa: ....
Greebo_T_Cat: this is actually really fucking easy
random_c: erm...
Greebo_T_Cat gives jondar a big fucking knife
Alryssa: Crocodile dundee three.... and., er...
Alden: Friday the Thirteen something something something
Greebo_T_Cat looks at alden
random_c: crodile dundee er,////
Alryssa eyes Random. Brain.
random_c is off sick
Greebo_T_Cat: thats not a movie
Greebo_T_Cat: Alden is closest thus far
Alden: I'm unfamiliar with that series. >.<
nathanr: If only I remembered which number that was...
Alryssa shrugs.
Alden: FTT: Jason Goes Skiing?
random_c doesn't know either
Alryssa gigglesd
nathanr: wait, it wouldn't have a number would it
nathanr: Friday The 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan (sp?)
Alryssa: Sounds like a crossvoer with the Muppets
Greebo_T_Cat: nathans go
Alryssa: Now theer's a truly scary film
nathanr: ok
Alden: where does he take it?
nathanr makes the movie sign
nathanr holds up a single finger
random_c: i want to see the muppets christmas moulin rouge pisstake
Greebo_T_Cat: goldfinger
nathanr: *headshake*
Alden: Titanic
Alryssa: Goldmember
nathanr: *headshake*
nathanr: *headshake*
Lyssie: Random: It was bloody hilarious.
Greebo_T_Cat: lolita
nathanr runs face-first into the camera, then falls over backwards
random_c: hackers
Alryssa: \Jackass
nathanr: *headshake* *headshake*
Greebo_T_Cat: jackass
random_c: bean
Alden: brb
nathanr flys head-first into a control console
random_c decides to make cake
Greebo_T_Cat: muh....
nathanr runs straight past the altar, down the ramp, and out the door
Alryssa: Spaceballs
nathanr: Ryssa: Your go
random_c: ratrace
random_c: ah
Alryssa makes the film sign.
nathanr: I figured that was a bit too obvious
Alryssa holds up 3 fingers.
Greebo_T_Cat waits patiently
Alryssa digs a mine shaft, then wallpapers it with soft fabric.
Lyssie: Y'know, if you had six fingers, three fingers might BE flipping the bird.
Greebo_T_Cat: velvet goldmine
Alryssa finds gold.
Alryssa: Ash gets it :)
Greebo_T_Cat makes a movie sign
Greebo_T_Cat holds up 8 fingers
random_c: argh
Alden: back
Alden: Octopussy
Oh_sod_it: I can't think of 8 words at a time
Alryssa baps Alden
Greebo_T_Cat kills alden and gives him a tour guide for a certain part of colorado
Alryssa: Graham: Well, that was nine :P
random_c: things to do in las vegas when you're dead
Greebo_T_Cat: thats 9
Lyssie: Things to do in Denver when you're dead
Greebo_T_Cat: lyssie gets it
random_c: whatever i have flu
Alden: that's a movie?
Lyssie: Yes.
Greebo_T_Cat: confusing Las Vegas and Denver?
Greebo_T_Cat: you should get to a doctors
random_c: I've not seen the film
random_c: i can't be expected to remember obscure things and count at the same time
Lyssie holds up the movie sign. And a six-fingered hand.
random_c: I was thinking of fear and loathing in las vegas
nathanr: Mutant!
Alryssa: Vegas is in Nevada, not Colorado :)
Lyssie: It ain't MY hand.
nathanr: oh.
Lyssie conducts a drag race in the desert.
random_c: the princess bride
nathanr: ran: brain
random_c: wha?
random_c: I think lee has it
nathanr: As in, "Brain, give"
Greebo_T_Cat scratches his head
Greebo_T_Cat: any more clues?
Lyssie orders a vodka, and gets dust in the glass along with the alcohol.
Greebo_T_Cat: er...
Lyssie types late into the night while high on a combination of various halucinogens...
Greebo_T_Cat: fear and loathing in las vegas?
Lyssie: Yup.
Alryssa: ok, got me.
random_c: ...i didn't think you'd use one I'd just said
Lyssie really ought to watch that agin soon....
nathanr: Talk about recycling ^_^
Lyssie: <--tired.
Greebo_T_Cat makes the sign for music
Greebo_T_Cat holds up 2 fingers
Greebo_T_Cat sits in a corner staring at a lava lamp
random_c: song or band?
Greebo_T_Cat: band
Alryssa: Erm...
Alryssa: Matchbox Twenty?
Alryssa: I dunno.
Greebo_T_Cat finds a load of happy deceased people
random_c: grateful dead
Greebo_T_Cat: your go
Alden foreheadslaps
random_c makes the TV sign
nathanr: doh
random_c hold up one finger
Greebo_T_Cat: angel
random_c wears a yellow dress
Greebo_T_Cat: er
random_c falls down a manhole
random_c eats strawberries
Greebo_T_Cat: *blank&
Alden: o.O
random_c walks away by lifting her legs straight up
Greebo_T_Cat: er
random_c sees her aunt talking to a postman
Oh_sod_it: fawlty towers :-)
random_c: a policeman joins them
Alryssa: ...
random_c is bald
Alryssa: ....
Greebo_T_Cat: Bod
random_c: greebos' go
Greebo_T_Cat: hmm...
Alden: what's Bod? :)
nathanr: New one on me
Greebo_T_Cat makes a movie sign
Oh_sod_it: it's one of these turing tests, isn't it?
Greebo_T_Cat holds up 3 fingers
Greebo_T_Cat flogs a dead horse again
Oh_sod_it: nemesis?
nathanr: The Phantom Menace?
Alden: Star Trek: Voyager?
Alden: oh, wait
random_c: the scorpion king
Alden: movie, never mind
Greebo_T_Cat looks between OSI and Alden
Greebo_T_Cat: full title...
Alden: Star Trek: Nemesis?
Greebo_T_Cat: aldens go
random_c: highlander 3: endgame
Greebo_T_Cat wanders off to get a cup of coffee
Oh_sod_it: bestiality & Bondage?
Lyssie snugs. I'm off to bed
Oh_sod_it cuts up a bit of spleen
Lyssie has quit (Quit: Bev: And we here in Subreality teach our guards to use the hilt of the sword instead of the long, pointy thing connected to it . . .)
Alden makes the sign for TV
Alden holds up four fingers
Alryssa: K....
Alden starts tossing clowns through the air
Greebo_T_Cat: buffy the vampire slayer
Greebo_T_Cat: oh
nathanr: Monty Python's Flying Circus?
Greebo_T_Cat: nates go
Alden: Nate's go :P
Greebo_T_Cat: :P
nathanr makes the TV sign and holds up two fingers
random_c: changing rooms
nathanr gets sunburnt and shrinks down to half his size
Greebo_T_Cat: Fantasy island
nathanr shakes his head
Greebo_T_Cat: red dwarf
nathanr: Ash: Your go
Alden: doh!
Greebo_T_Cat makes a movie sign
Greebo_T_Cat holds up 6 fingers
Alden: The Matrix
Alden: doh!
random_c: no
Greebo_T_Cat watches a baby dance to make the rain go away
random_c: argh! ally macbeal!
Greebo_T_Cat puts a decidedly burly man next to the baby
random_c: butch cassidy and the sundance kid
Greebo_T_Cat: close
Greebo_T_Cat makes the burly man a baby also
Greebo_T_Cat looks at the time and realises that he got up at 5am
Greebo_T_Cat throws calenders in the air
random_c knows not
random_c: ?
Greebo_T_Cat: you were *so* close
Alryssa: ...
random_c: erm
Greebo_T_Cat: you got the characters right
Greebo_T_Cat: i think i've run out of clues
random_c gives up
Greebo_T_Cat: Butch and Sundance: The Early Days
random_c: ergh
Greebo_T_Cat finishes his coffee
Greebo_T_Cat: Ok, easy one
Greebo_T_Cat makes a movie sign and holds up one finger
Greebo_T_Cat ties bruce willis to a big rock and twats it into the ground
nathanr: Armageddon
Greebo_T_Cat: nates go
nathanr makes a TV sign, and holds up 2 fingers
Alden: o.o
Greebo_T_Cat: V: The series?
Greebo_T_Cat: oh, thats three. kinda
nathanr builds a tower up to the heavens
nathanr builds four more to go with it
Greebo_T_Cat: er...
nathanr starts speaking in tongues
Alryssa: ...
random_c: ?
Greebo_T_Cat: The Legacy?
nathanr: nope
Greebo_T_Cat: northern exposure?
nathanr: nope
Greebo_T_Cat shrugs
nathanr thinks
Alryssa: Babel summat
Alden: Fish!
nathanr looks at Ryss
random_c: babylon 5
nathanr: Ran: Your go
Greebo_T_Cat: randoms go
Greebo_T_Cat: lol. good one nate.
Alden: *foreheadslap*
random_c makes the TV sign
random_c holds up 2 fingers
Alryssa is tired.
random_c looks at small pastel coloured squishy confectionary
Greebo_T_Cat: the flumps
random_c: yep
Greebo_T_Cat: ok,
Greebo_T_Cat makes tv sign, and holds up 2 fingers
Greebo_T_Cat bitchslaps alden to the floor
Alden: Ow
Alryssa: o.o
Alryssa: smack down?
random_c: smack down?
random_c: jinx!
Greebo_T_Cat: almost
Alryssa eyes. Brain.
Alryssa: :P
random_c: monday nitro
Greebo_T_Cat shows the threebrain squirrels
Alryssa: Weeeeeeeeeeee!
Greebo_T_Cat: so...
Greebo_T_Cat notes a load of panda lovers recently won a court case resulting in a name change
Greebo_T_Cat squishes the words 'smack' and 'down' together
Alryssa: WWF Smackdown
Alryssa: Er. E.
Greebo_T_Cat: Ryssa won
Alryssa gets image of pandas hitting each other with steel chairs
nathanr: LOL
Alryssa: Now THAT'S entertainment!
Alden giggles
Greebo_T_Cat: i think the World Wildlife fund missed a massive oppurtunity there...
Alryssa makes the movie sign
Alryssa holds up three fingers.
Greebo_T_Cat: 'Austin 3:16 says i just endangered your ass!'
nathanr: LOL
Alryssa sniggers
Greebo_T_Cat: 'If you wanna see me turn fluffy the mink into a coat, gimme a hell yeah!'
Greebo_T_Cat: three words, movie
Alryssa: Those pandas. Ruffians, I tell you.
random_c: the italian job
Alryssa sets something on fire, then fills the bathtub, turns on an industrial fan, dumps a truckload of sand into the room and then stands in the middle.
random_c: withnail and i
random_c: the fifth element
Alryssa: Random got it ;)
Alden blinks
Alden: doh!
Greebo_T_Cat: hehe
Greebo_T_Cat: hey, heres a quick one
Greebo_T_Cat makes a movie sign, 1 word
Greebo_T_Cat tries to get nickserv to kill himself
nathanr: ghost
Signoff: Greebo_T_Cat (Quit: [EOF])
Greebo_T_Buster has joined channel #drwhochat
Greebo_T_Buster: muh
nathanr: Was I right?
Greebo_T_Buster: ok, forget that.
Greebo_T_Buster: I missed it
nathanr: ghost
Greebo_T_Buster is now known as Greebo_T_Cat
Greebo_T_Cat: no, my nick just then was a clue
Alryssa: ghostbusters
Greebo_T_Cat: ryssas go
nathanr: *facepalm*
Alryssa: ....twattinghell.
Alryssa: um.
Alryssa makes movie sign
Alryssa holds up one finger
Alryssa squirts sticky stuff and swings around the room.
Greebo_T_Cat: er...
nathanr: spiderman
Greebo_T_Cat: oh
Alryssa: Nate's turn :P
nathanr makes the movie sign and holds up 6 fingers
nathanr starts chanting and beating his head with a book
Alryssa: MOnty Python and the Holy Grail?
nathanr: I knew that was too easy.
Alryssa cheers :)
Alryssa: um.
Alryssa makes the TV sign
Alryssa holds up one finger.
Alryssa restarts her computer.
nathanr: reboot
Alden: Reboot :P
Alryssa: Nate was first ;D
Greebo_T_Cat: kojak
nathanr makes the movie sig and holds up 4fingeres
nathanr throws a bone in the air
Alden: 2001: a Space Oddessy: P
Greebo_T_Cat: 2001 a space odyssey
Alryssa giggles
nathanr: Alden gets it
Greebo_T_Cat: argh!
Greebo_T_Cat kicks his connection
Alden makes the movie sign
Alden holds up one finger
Signoff: Greebo_T_Cat
Alden takes his clothes off
Alryssa: Striptease!
Alden: yes :)
Alryssa: Woo!
Alden: Ryssa's turn!
Alryssa: Um. Buggery.
nathanr almost guessed Showgirls on that one
Alryssa makes the movie sign and holds up three fingers
Alryssa rolls a Camberwell Carrot
Alryssa invades a posh tea room and offends the clientele with her drunkenness.
Alryssa hammers some nails.
Alden: o.O
Alden: brb
Alryssa is arrested and told to get in the back of the van
Alryssa watches richard e grant wander about in the rain
Alryssa: Oh, you people suck. :P
Alden: back
Alryssa: Ash would have got it, if he hadn;t wandered off
Alden: Withnail and I :P
Alryssa: Finally :P
Alryssa: And... I need to go to bed.
Alden: night Ryssa!
Alryssa: Night all. =)
Alden: so do I, in fact
Alryssa hugs Alden
Alden: night all!
Alryssa: Good luck, dude.
Alden hugs Ryssa
Alden: cheers :)
Alryssa: NIght Nate
Signoff: Alryssa (Quit: Feel the raw naked Bob of the road!)
Alden: Nate: you can play with... er, yourself. :)
Alden: no, on second thoughts..
Alden: strike that last thought :)
Signoff: Alden (Quit: A little less conversation, a little more sleep'n)

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