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Wed Dec 13
*** TomFODW has joined channel #drwhochat
<TomFODW> rehi all
*** Pete_Wisdom has joined channel #drwhochat
<Pete_Wisdom> BORK!
<Pete_Wisdom> ?
<TomFODW> Should I have said BREYER?
<Pete_Wisdom> EDYS!
<DoctorWho> LOL
*** Blor has joined channel #drwhochat
<Pete_Wisdom> BLORK!
<TomFODW> Well, you won't get me to say SCALIA
<Pete_Wisdom> Tom - You just said it
<TomFODW> i didn't
<Pete_Wisdom> yes you did
<TomFODW> did not
<Pete_Wisdom> didd so
<TomFODW> i never have and never will say SCALIA
<TomFODW> Nothing in the world could get me to say SCALIA
<Pete_Wisdom> you said it again
<Pete_Wisdom> and there it is again
<TomFODW> I defy you to prove that I said SCALIA
<Pete_Wisdom> but you just said it now
*** Razornak has joined channel #drwhochat
<TomFODW> ...No I didn't
<Pete_Wisdom> yes you did
<TomFODW> Did not!
<Razornak> Did I just walk in on a panto?
 * Razornak cups his hands around his mouth
<Razornak> He's be-hiiiiiind you!
<TomFODW> Jeff thinks I just said SCALIA, and I'm trying to convince
	  him that no only did I not say SCALIA, I never have said
	  SCALIA and I never will say SCALIA
<Pete_Wisdom> DID SO!
<TomFODW> Lies!
<TomFODW> Jeff, spreading that awful rumor about me that I said SCALIA
	  is actionable, and if you don't stop telling people that I
	  said SCALIA, I'll sue you for libel, slander, defamation of
	  character, and being a silly person.
<Pete_Wisdom> It is true--you have no short-term memory
<TomFODW> Not only that, but I have no short-term memory
<Pete_Wisdom> I rest my case
<TomFODW> Why, is it heavy?

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