The #drwhochat Quotefile

Special Feature:

DWC: The Boardgame

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Dec 11

PeterJF has joined channel #drwhochat
Alryssa: RePete!
PeterJF: mesra-ized
Greebo_T_Cat: Tsk. all this channel ever shows nowadays is Repetes.
Alryssa: I was wondering when someone would pick up on that :P
PeterJF: that's a knee-slapper
nathanr_ wonders if Ryss turns into Death when she says that
PeterJF: rip-snorter, that
Greebo_T_Cat slaps pete with his knees
PeterJF: humdinger.
Greebo_T_Cat: you want to rip wantnow?
Greebo_T_Cat: and as for the last one, i ain't humming anywhere near your dinger...
PeterJF: hoot 'n' a holler
PeterJF: kinky
PeterJF: bound last nite
Greebo_T_Cat: should i get the candles?
Greebo_T_Cat: *groan*
PeterJF moves to a new square in the drwhochat board game
PeterJF: MISTRESS LYSSIE remain bound and gagged for two turns, or until you draw a ryss card.
Alryssa: >.<
Alden: o.O
Alryssa: #drwhochatopoly!
nathanr_: o_O
Alryssa: We buy time on servers. *nods*
Alden buys a hotel on Natefair
Alryssa: If we run out, we get peered.
Alryssa: Go To Jail is to split off all by yourself.
Alryssa: Utilities are Chanserv, Nickerv, and Memoserv.
PeterJF: OS INSTALL do not pass nathan. do not collect five pounds.
Greebo_T_Cat: Go directly to Netsplit
Alden: I own nickserv! ph33r me!
Shreela: *snicker*
Alryssa sniggers
Alryssa: DOCTOR WHO DISCUSSION duck and cover
PeterJF: QUOTEFILE! move ahead two spaces
Greebo_T_Cat: Staticshadow goes on 'freedom of speech' rant, miss 6 turns
PeterJF: LOL
Alryssa sniggers
Shreela: Shel uses proper capitalization, stand still for two turns in utter shock.
Greebo_T_Cat: Pretzell joins channel, go directly to kickban
PeterJF: STEEL CHAIR you may take £3 from any player
Alryssa: ROTFL
Alryssa: FLAMING STEEL CHAIR Take anything you want from any player
PeterJF: ROTOFWAPPER send any player back two spaces
Greebo_T_Cat: SCRITCHES Miss one turn while you fall over.
PeterJF: no no, scritches let you draw a JOIN card
Greebo_T_Cat: ooh
PeterJF draws a JOIN card
PeterJF: PETE_WISDOM lose a turn while you look up his lyrics in google
Alryssa: PETE_WISDOM Lose a turn unless you set him on fire
PeterJF: go ahead one space if you knew them
Greebo_T_Cat: GALLIFREY CONVENTION Miss 3 turns whilst 2/3rds of the channel regulars disappear for 4 days.
Alryssa: Or not, if there's a LAN
Greebo_T_Cat: Ryssa: thats the other lan
nathanr_: snap
Shreela snickers.
nathanr_: Brain.
Greebo_T_Cat: GALLIFREY CONVENTION LAN Skip forward 4 spaces for extra geekiness
Alryssa: GEEK .... *eyes Ash* Brain.
Greebo_T_Cat: NO! SHANT! its MINE!
Greebo_T_Cat: My only...
Greebo_T_Cat: My.... precious...
Alden draws a BRB card
Shreela: *snicker*
Alryssa: DRUNK AT KEYBOARD - lose face and 3 turns
Alden: back
PeterJF: face/off
Shreela pounces Alden.
Alden tumbles
Shreela is now known as Lyssie
Alryssa: KICK card - arbitrarily kick someone off the board. :P
Greebo_T_Cat: to do that, you have to roll a double :P
PeterJF: DICKSIZING roll a 6 or get kicked to START
PeterJF: MOOD SWING roll a four or better to avoid going back 3 spaces
Lyssie: WINDOWSXP, Your computer crashes, lose three turns trying to reboot it.
Greebo_T_Cat: Ok, off to work....
Greebo_T_Cat: brb
Alden: bye Ash!
PeterJF: WORK miss a turn
Greebo_T_Cat: IRC FROM WORK Sneak forward 3 spaces whilst boss isn't looking
PeterJF: :)
Greebo_T_Cat rolls snake eyes.
Greebo_T_Cat: bollocks
Signoff: Greebo_T_Cat (Quit: Work. bbl.)
Alden: URL - spend five minutes trying to load a web site which will probably turn out to be pictures of someone's grandma
Alryssa: BITCH-X IRC client crashes and burns. Lose 3 turns trying to install something else.
Oh_sod_it: *drool*
Lyssie snickers.
nathanr_: Ryss: Funny, exactly that happened to me at Gally
nathanr_: Hi all. *BEWM*
Alryssa: Nate: That was the reference ;)
nathanr_: ah
nathanr_: Though the fix wasn't to install a new client, it was to fix my firewall
nathanr_: As it turned out, the problem was that I had firewalled my self off from myself
nathanr_: I hadn't firewalled the rest of the world off from myself
nathanr_: But I had firewalled myself off from myself
nathanr_: As in, firewalled my computer off from itself.
nathanr_: But not any other computers
nathanr_: Confused yet?
nathanr_: Good.
nathanr_: Because I sure the hell was at the time.
PeterJF: /clear
Alden: /clear_as_mud
nathanr_: TECHIE DETAILS: Lose a turn while everyone goes ahead of you
PeterJF: that would be the PADANT card
PeterJF: er, PEDANT
nathanr_: Or the YOTAITM card
PeterJF: :-)

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