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The Phoenix

Tue Dec 07 [22:57]
 * Nathan_Roberts has a rather interesting computer setup at the moment
<Nathan_Roberts> The Changeling is dead.
<Whomiga> Long live the Changeling?
<Nathan_Roberts> The Beast has been assimilated
<Nathan_Roberts> I've literally got pieces of the computer sitting
		 loose on the desk because there's no place to PUT
		 them in the case
 * Alden holds a eulogy
<Nathan_Roberts> It has been reborn into... The Phoenix!
 * Alden 21 gun salute!
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as DrNathenstein
<DrNathenstein> The machine now has a combined hard drive space of 1.1g
<DrNathenstein> 600 megs of which are sitting on the desk.
<NemoDream> Nate. Careful where you put your drinks or extremities --
	    you could turn into Nathenstein
<DrNathenstein> Now can anyone guess what I'm going to do with this
<NemoDream> Bash it with the Mallet of Doom!
<Whomiga> Kill it with Windows?
<ScaryDan> I'm getting a new PC tonight?
<DrNathenstein> LOL Dan!
<ScaryDan> i'm sooooooooo happy!
<ScaryDan> this one's a piece of sh*t
<DrNathenstein> So's this one
<ScaryDan> dad made me rebuild it
<ScaryDan> and i named the HD volume "shitbox" and refused to install
	   anything bar windows as a protest
 * DrNathenstein thinks Dan has been listening to Random
<DrNathenstein> well I was about to start packing the stuff back into
		the case, but with these parts hanging outside,
		there's not much point
<DrNathenstein> ::behind DrNathenstein sits a pile of computer parts::
<DrNathenstein> Ok... This is certifiably the most asinine setup I've
		ever setup
<DrNathenstein> Sitting on top of the power supply: Two IDE hard
<DrNathenstein> Sitting to the right of the computer: SCSI hard drive
		on the bottom; SCSI CD-ROM drive on top of that; and
		two 3.5" floppies on top of that.
<DrNathenstein> In the drive bays: Absolutely nothing.
<DrNathenstein> And I've just realized I don't seem to have a place to
		put the monitor
<DrNathenstein> And my desk is littered with screws, and my bed and
		floor are littered with spare parts
<ScaryDan> you mean you havent yet developed a symbiotic link with the
	   pc? you still need a monitor?
<NemoDream> or worse-  started to walk around with headgear
<Alden> Remember, IRL is only one letter away from IRC
 * DrNathenstein starts the betting pool on whether this will blow a
   fuse or toast the power grid
<NemoDream> fuse, 5 to 1 :)
<ScaryDan> i'm hoping for power grid
<Alden> I say it'll bring down the entire US power grid. ;-)
<ScaryDan> do you reckon the explosion could be seen from here?
<ScaryDan> should i go upstairs and look out the window?
<NemoDream> It'll whiff out the fires in Africa
<Lyssie> *BOOOM*
 * ScaryDan starts singing "Storms in Africa" for no apparent reason
<ScaryDan> Nate - are you still alive? or am i talking to a piece of
	   carbon and ozone?
 * Lyssie thinks Calif just went into the ocean...
<ScaryDan> the new atlantis
<Alden> Is that why Leela went quiet too?
<Lyssie> yeah
<ScaryDan> in a few thousand years time we'll be telling our kids
	   about california and re-filming the Time Monster for
<Lyssie> Except this time the Master will romance...?
<ScaryDan> *grin*
<ScaryDan> or a baywatch chick.
<ScaryDan> the baywatch chick wouldn't need to change into something
	   skimpy like ingrid pitt wears
<NemoDream> Why is it always a baywatch chick?
<Lyssie> she'd already be 99% naked?
<ScaryDan> Ana - exactly
<Lyssie> Nemo: expendable stupid female!
 * Alden would think the Delgado Master would have more taste...
<NemoDream> There ought to be more expendable stupid males too...
*** ScaryDan changes topic to 'The Time Monster 3076 - Set in
    California, starring Leela as Ingrid Pitt and Nate as the evil
<NemoDream> and more shows with muscular men running around half clad!
<DrNathenstein> Let's see... Specs...
<DrNathenstein> 486dx2/66... 32m memory, 200m IDE drive, 300m IDE
		drive, 600m SCSI drive, SCSI CD-ROM drive, two 3.5"
<DrNathenstein> Most of the above is sittong out loose
<random_C> Nate, you're me before I discovered shelving and
	   switchboxes, stop it.
<DrNathenstein> LOL
<DrNathenstein> Shelving and switchboxes won't do me much good in this case
<DrNathenstein> All the parts won't fit in the bloody /case/
<DrNathenstein> This machine could prove to be ... interesting
<DrNathenstein> Actually... shelving would give me a place to put the
<Alden> Nate: What are you trying to achieve, other than the ultimate
	in open-air computer systems?
<DrNathenstein> You haven't figured it out yet?
<random_C> After I gave up and domesticated, Nate has taken over my
	   plans for world domination
<DrNathenstein> What else would I be setting up a spare computer for?
<DrNathenstein> ROTFL
<Alden> You're ot going to dabble in the black arts of Linux again?
<DrNathenstein> Natch
<DrNathenstein> Why else would I have assembled all my resources into
		one system?
 * random_C hands Nate the penguin tie
<DrNathenstein> I hope I don't have anything on this drive I wanted to
 * DrNathenstein crosses his fingers and cfdisks
*** random_C changes topic to 'Format c: - always followed by a deep
    seated feeling of "oh no" whether you know there's nothing
    useful on the drive or not.'
<DrNathenstein> Crup
<DrNathenstein> I don't have my drives in the place I want them
<NemoDream> lol
<Nyssa> Nathan, this is a family channel.
<random_C> since when?
<Nyssa> Since... oh, well I guess not.
<Alden> Prof: Nate's going to install Linux on a computer!  Stop him!!
<TheProf> Nathan! Don't do it!
<DrNathenstein> You haven't heard about my ultimate Frankenstein's
		Monster of a computer
<TheProf> Nathan: I'll promise not to tell you what folks call you
	  behind your back if you stop this insanity.
<TheProf> Actually they just call you Nathan but that's not the point.
*** Alden has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
*** Alden has joined #DrWhoChat
<Alden> Well, that went way past sucking into complete suckiness.
<Alden> Power go off, power go on.
<Jondar> Alden: you weren't experimenting with those clappers again?
<Alden> I only wish.
<Alden> The power cut off for a second.
<Jondar> :/
<Jondar> summer power flicker?
<Alden> Enough to reboot the computer, wipe the time display on the
<Alden> Dunno, Trevor said the power was off over the bridge when he
	was coming home
<Alden> They were probably switching to another power supply or something
<Alden> Wait...  Nate: Did you switch on your computer about ten
	minutes ago? ;-)
<Jondar> Muahahahaha!
<DrNathenstein> LOL!
<DrNathenstein> Actually it's been on for a good half an hour
<Alden> OK, must have been *another* mad scientist...

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