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Throw The Alden

Jul 3 [02:41]
<Oddone> So: Who's up for a game of "Throw the Alden"?! 
<WeHaveQuotefile> throw... the Alden? 
<Alden> is that like throwing your lunch? 
<WeHaveQuotefile> tossing your cookies? 
<Oddone> Yes. I'm afraid it's rather complicated. You see, you pick up 
         Alden, then throw him. Anywhere, really. Who's up first? 
<Oddone> Right, I'll go first, just to show you what it's all about. 
 * Oddone picks up the Alden. 
 * Oddone thinks about a target..... 
<Oddone> about that bunch of sharp rocks over yonder? 
 * Oddone judges the distance, and prepares to throw..... 
 * Alden coughs 
<Oddone> Damnit, KEEP STILL! 
 * Oddone adjusts his aim..... 
 * Oddone lets the Alden FLY! 
<Oddone> Going.....going....... 
<Oddone> PERFECT! 
<Oddone> nate: Your turn. Assuming he *survived*, of course. 
--> Timelord (~sagar@ has joined #drwhochat 
<WeHaveQuotefile> No fair killing him! 
<Alden> hi Timelord 
<Oddone> Nate: Nah, see, he's still alive!!! 
<Oddone> Barely..... 
<Oddone> Timelord: Would YOU like to throw the Alden? 
<Timelord> why should i ? 
<Oddone> Cause meaningless violence is FUN!! 
<Timelord> ohhh 
 * Oddone hands the somewhat battered Alden to Timelord. "Come on, give it 
   a go!" 
 * Alden whacks Oddone's head with an axe 
 * Oddone dropkicks the Alden into a bush thick with thorns.... 
 * Timelord pommels Alden for all he is worth....come on baby, we can still 
   squeeze some life out of you :) 
<Oddone> Nate: Won't you join in? 
<Alden> ouch 
<Timelord> lol,this is fun 
<WeHaveQuotefile> Nah. If Meg get's wind of this my ass is dust 
<WeHaveQuotefile> See, you're doomed now, but I can still save myself. ^_^ 
 * Oddone pulls out the Tactical Nuclear Warhead of Rassilon. "You don't 
   even *know* the meaning of 'ouch' yet, CHUMP!" 
 * Timelord yells ...TEMPORAL FISSION...he's all mine this TIME :) 
<Oddone> Granted, it'll take out the *hemisphere*, but really, we've got 
         *another* one...... 
<WeHaveQuotefile> Which hemisphere? 
<Oddone> Ours. Western. 
<WeHaveQuotefile> Why not just take out the sothern hemisphere? Alden's in 
                  New Zealand, you know 
<WeHaveQuotefile> That way we don't all have to get up and move before we 
                  set it off 
<Oddone> Well, either that or my Old High Gallifreyan is just *too* rusting 
         and I stole the fucking "Easy Bake Oven of Rassilon" Won't know 
         until I press the shiny red button, will I? 
--> MegL has joined #drwhochat 
--- MegL is now known as MistressMeg 
<WeHaveQuotefile> Game over ^_^ 
<Oddone> Hi Meg! We're going to nuke Alden! We've also been beating him! 
         Care to join us? 
 * Oddone pushes the button...and gets cookies. "Bugger." 
 * MistressMeg bitchslaps Oddone and Time lord hard!!!! 
<MistressMeg> stop that 
<MistressMeg> stop that 
<-- MistressMeg has left #drwhochat 
<Oddone> Ouch. So that "Hell hath no fury" think was right.... 
 * WeHaveQuotefile takes the cookies and to... nah, better not 

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